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Martin Tyler says that Manchester United should 'to go back to basics' and appoint Sean Dyche as successor to Erik ten Hag in what would be an astonishing move by Sir Jim Ratcliffe.

Commentator Martin Tyler thinks Sir Jim Ratcliffe would be wise to look closer to home instead of going for yet another high-profile foreign manager and go back to basics by appointing Sean Dyche.

“I’ve said Sean Dyche should be considered by Manchester United,” Tyler said on the Joy of Football podcast. “Gareth Southgate is being considered by Manchester United, we believe.

“And Sean maybe as well, because it is a fresh point of view and they need some freshness, they need a different point of view, a different sense of purpose.

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“And maybe if you were sitting around a table with all those new influences at Manchester United, you could make the point and make the case that actually what you do need is something a bit closer to home.

“It was tough for David Moyes because it’s straight on the back of Fergie. It’s a terribly difficult job to follow. And since then, obviously people have come and gone without… have Manchester United lost that DNA that they had?

“I would suggest probably they have, so maybe somebody who’s grown up in the country where Manchester United have had all those years of success and looked upon with reverence by so many people, that maybe that’s the way forward. But you have people that are way above my pay grade.”

Dyche has worked wonders since taking charge at Goodison Park. The 52-year-old has twice steered the club to safety in spite of an extremely modest transfer budget, the club’s off-field drama surrounding the potential takeover as well as a hefty points deduction.

Dyche has also been lauded for transforming the current Everton side into a defensive juggernaut. Indeed, only Arsenal, Manchester City and Liverpool have conceded fewer goals than Everton’s total of 49 in the Premier League so far  this season.

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Reader Comments (46)

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Michael Kenrick
1 Posted 09/05/2024 at 09:40:15
Some light relief this morning amidst all the stress and angst of the takeover saga…
Eric Myles
2 Posted 09/05/2024 at 09:55:07
Why poach Dyche when his mentor Allardyce is available?
Stu Darlington
3 Posted 09/05/2024 at 09:59:37
Dyche or Southgate, what about Fat Sam or Joey Barton?

Every Pantomime has to have a villain!

Brian Harrison
4 Posted 09/05/2024 at 10:07:51

I don't think you are taking this possibility seriously enough. Dyche has just won 4 home games on the bounce — when did Ten Haag do that???

Dyche is a lot more experienced in the Premier League than the current incumbent. Dyche would give them a structure to work with. And, as a lot of my fellow Blues keep saying, imagine what he could do with the right resources.

I would imagine Ratcliffe and Brailsford must be considering this option very carefully, and maybe it would make the transfer of Branthwaite to Man Utd so much easier.

John Williams
5 Posted 09/05/2024 at 10:13:37
Martin Tyler??

Thats as bad as suggesting that a Right Wing Tory MP would cross the floor and join the Labour Party!

Ian Jones
6 Posted 09/05/2024 at 10:15:07
Dyche to Man Utd. Brian, it will never happen and doubt it would even warrant a conversation amongst the upper Man Utd management team.

As Michael says, light relief.

John Pickles
7 Posted 09/05/2024 at 10:24:39
Koeman is the one they need, then we can give them Moshiri as an 'advisor'.

Re-unite the Dream Team.

Tony Abrahams
8 Posted 09/05/2024 at 10:40:51
You would think so, Ian, but I always remember a Liverpudlian ringing me up to tell me that David Moyes was going to be the new Manchester United manager.

Dyche could be anything. He might never have the talent or wisdom to get a team playing scintillating football but, because he's never had the tools and has only worked absolute wonders in keeping many poor teams in the Premier League, then who knows?

Can anyone remember the game when Dwight McNeil scored an absolute worldy and Dyche's Burnley tore Ancelotti's Everton apart? Only a fool doesn't try and get the best out of the tools he has been given and, until a manager gets the chance to work with better players, then who knows?

We can guess or use our judgement on what we have witnessed before, like I did when I told a Man Utd fan that Moyes wasn't good enough to keep them at the top but, until someone gets the chance, we will never really know, imo.

Andy Crooks
9 Posted 09/05/2024 at 10:54:44
David O'Leary will be appointed on Monday if personal terms can be agreed.

You heard it here first.

Brian Harrison
10 Posted 09/05/2024 at 11:05:13
Ian @6,

Sorry, I was just winding Michael up – not in a million years would Man Utd go near Dyche, he is the complete antithesis of what Man Utd are about as a football club.

Since Matt Busby, they have tried to play an open and attacking game and have always promoted their kids to the first team; those two things alone are why they would never appoint Dyche with his agricultural-style football.

Tony, the reason Allardyce, Dyche and Pulis and the like never get offered top jobs is because they are simply not good enough. The reason Ferguson recommended Moyes is because he got a team with no money regularly finishing in the top 7 – something the 3 I mentioned have never done.

I understand that managers have to work with the tools they are given but when did Dyche improve any player? We can see from his signings of Young and Harrison that he places workrate above skill every day of the week.

I really can't fathom why you bring up Burnley beating Ancelotti's Everton – the man is set to win his 5th Champions League as a manager and you are comparing Dyche to him?!?!

Derek Thomas
11 Posted 09/05/2024 at 11:10:08
[First off, checks it's not 1 April...], but from a non-footballing point of view it could be just what they need.

Somebody to tell that gang of gold Bentley overpaid slackers their fortunes, kick the teacups and hair-dryers about. The hard part of that is actually making it stick.

But we all know what they really need – the pre-sir Sir Alex Ferguson to come in and do all of the above.

Danny O’Neill
12 Posted 09/05/2024 at 11:13:28
Andy @9 I had to check twice. For a moment, I was getting myself ready for an offer!

On a serious note, I think Ten Hag would be a better fit for Everton than Manchester United. Coming from Ajax, he's used to developing players rather than managing those with big egos.

He might even be able to entice the Ajax U18 coach, Steven Pienaar to join. Ifs, buts an maybes. Sean Dyche won't be going anywhere soon.

Mark Taylor
13 Posted 09/05/2024 at 11:13:32
Personally, I think Big Dunc could do a job there.

Great managerial track record and a unique way of dealing with players who cross him.

Dave Abrahams
14 Posted 09/05/2024 at 11:14:44
Tony (8),

Moyes was well mentioned as a future Man Utd manager well before he got the nod off Fergie that he had got the job months before he took over.

Coming out of Wembley after we had beaten Man Utd in that semi-final a United fan said to me he was sorry they were taking our manager off us. I told him he was fuckin welcome to him.

I bet that fan was really and truly sorry Moyes went there 6 months after he took over. The job was too much for Dour Davey, he never ever had the qualifications to manage a big club like Man Utd, his ego wouldn't allow him to acknowledge this.

Dyche would certainly lower the egos of a lot of these Mancs' over-inflated opinions of themselves and the club could benefit from that.

Tony Abrahams
15 Posted 09/05/2024 at 11:16:00
Seriously, Brian? I haven't compared Dyche to anyone, I was just thinking about some of the awful football that Everton played under Ancelotti.

Was this the great Ancelotti's fault? I personally don't think so, because I believe that knowledgeable people usually work things around the players that they have been given.

Work rate above skill every day of the week, Brian? Isn't that what the great Ancelloti had to do whilst he was managing Everton?

Dyche couldn't get better players playing better football? It's a pity you couldn't have elaborated on this statement the other day, Brian, instead of trying to say I am implying things that I'm not.

Dave Lynch
16 Posted 09/05/2024 at 11:29:32
The fact it's come from Martin Tyler makes it the biggest load of bullshit ever.
Mark Murphy
17 Posted 09/05/2024 at 11:30:50
Martin Tyler says… 'Could' and 'maybe' …

I “could maybe” be the first 65-year-old man to fly to Mars.
It's just speculation and bollocks.

Danny O’Neill
18 Posted 09/05/2024 at 11:32:48
Mark, I'm going to take that as sarcasm.

Dave, like our former Chairman, Moyes overstayed his stay and, as I often say, he's a relative. I think a second cousin removed. Our grandfathers were brothers. Mine moved to Liverpool, his to Scotland, so I have to differentiate. I was told I had a relative playing for Celtic.

He done a decent job for a while at Everton, but couldn't go that step further. The Man Utd job was too big for him and those after. Even now, despite having landed them a European Trophy, he's leaving West Ham at the end of this season.

I will say he is a very good person. He hosted my sister and youngest brother at Bellefield and met with my cousins at a wedding reception in a hotel near Preston.

Barry Rathbone
19 Posted 09/05/2024 at 11:37:58
I loved the line about Moyes having a difficult job post Ferguson when the remit was "steady as she goes everything is cushty" – an easier job in the Premier League didn't exist.

Except the actuality was Man City had supplanted Man Utd at the top of the money tree and the annual pilfering of top Premier League stars was no longer their unchallenged right. Mindless Moyes had been sold a pup by the equally deluded but ruthless Ferguson but, being a clueless buffoon, he couldn't see it.

I came to the conclusion long ago that the least knowledgeable people about football are ex-pros and media flunkies… Tyler just provided confirmation.

Dave Lynch
20 Posted 09/05/2024 at 11:39:34
As far as Moyes goes...he will always be a devisive manager.
He buys players with talent and then does his best to stifle that talent.

How many decent strikers did he turn into useless channel runners? Beattie and Johnson spring to mind.

James Hughes
21 Posted 09/05/2024 at 11:42:50
We need to keep Dyche even though the football we are seeing is not easy on the eye. But not a lot of other managers' teams weren't exactly free-flowing either.

I do wish people would stop giving Carlo respect for his time with us. He was about as committed to this club as Koeman and proved his point.

He had a 'walk away' clause in his contract, sued us for money after walking away for minimum compensation. Then compared us to a Fiat Punto after taking his seat at Real Madrid.

I do believe if the crowds had been at the grounds during his tenure, then it may have been a bit different.

Christine Foster
22 Posted 09/05/2024 at 11:48:42
Tony, I think you hit the nail on the head.

A good manager can get the best out of what he has. Irrespective of the quality, he makes the total worth more than each individual. In short, he makes a team that compliments each other.

Not many managers can, some can do it to a point, some fail miserably. That's not to say any of them can turn bad players into great ones, but the good managers get the best out of each for the benefit of the team. Hope you get what I am trying to say.

The same could be said of both Dyche and Ancelotti, both didn't or don't have the individuals or squads with enough quality or depth to improve significantly, both found the levels they could achieve.

The difference is down to a multitude of obvious stuff, most obviously the quality of what's available but the skill of the manager is both tactical awareness, communication and the ability to instill the professional dedication to do what they ask.

Ancelotti is amongst the best in the business, that does not mean he can turn a sow's ear into a silk purse... neither can Dyche.

Money buys quality, but a good manager creates teams.

Simon Jones
23 Posted 09/05/2024 at 11:59:20
Tbf this is only Martin tyler's opinion and not an *actual* rumour. However, I thought several times in the last couple of weeks that Sean Dyche could well be coveted by a number of PL clubs and not necessarily the usual suspects. There may be some veracity in Tyler's opinion.
Paul Hewitt
24 Posted 09/05/2024 at 12:02:43
I'll drive him united myself.
Sean Mitchell
25 Posted 09/05/2024 at 12:24:22
Concentrate on your over-the-top commentator job, Martin Tyler.

Don't be pulled into the "Manchester United trying to stay relevant" circus.

They'll be linked with Phil Mitchell next…

Michael Kenrick
26 Posted 09/05/2024 at 13:02:32
I can't believe the lazy journos at The Mirror have picked up on this 'story'.

Sky Sports legend Martin Tyler says Man Utd should hire Sean Dyche to replace Erik ten Hag


Tony Abrahams
27 Posted 09/05/2024 at 13:53:41
The obvious beneficiary of this media talk is Sean Dyche. It feels that quite a lot of Evertonians don't like him but there will be absolutely loads of people throughout football who are aware of the fantastic job he has done for Everton this season, meaning his next contract or new job within football will make him a lot richer than he already his.

Christine, I knew what you were trying to say. How many times have people sat in the pub and talked about lads they knew who were much better players than lads they knew who made the grade?

We all love skill but hard work has got to come first in the ultra physical Premier League and the team has always got to come first.

Jamie Crowley
28 Posted 09/05/2024 at 14:03:56
I actually laughed out loud when I read this.

The Man Utd fans would torch Old Trafford if this actually happened.

That doesn't mean Martin Tyler isn't on to something. Man Utd are a train wreck and they could do with a strong, discipline-based coach over there.


File under "never".

Mark Murphy
29 Posted 09/05/2024 at 14:09:04
It's not sarcasm, Danny, it's true. The words “could” and “maybe” etc used in such stories mean that it can't be disproved. “Could” Sean Dyche be Man Utd's next manager? Certainly!

No-one can say Martin Tyler is wrong because it is possible.
But it's as highly unlikely as my example. It's just a non-story and only a story because Martin Tyler is a commentator.

There are stories like this every day that are just pundits' opinions and thoughts that get reported as actual news, and they are not!

Even reprinting the story on here irritates me – it's just a pundit making a massive nonsensical supposition to stir up debate and generate rumour, discourse and media interactions with the gullible masses.

Oh, hang on….. 🤔

Dennis Stevens
30 Posted 09/05/2024 at 14:11:50
My only concern is that this ridiculous idea might actually happen… and then we end up with the return of the Moyes!
Les Callan
31 Posted 09/05/2024 at 14:37:38
Well that's Tyler isn't it.

Always was full of garbage. Tons of it. Useless commentator.

Dave Lynch
32 Posted 09/05/2024 at 14:50:44
"Sky Legend"

I'll go to the end of our road. [Bursts out laughing…]

Jamie Crowley
33 Posted 09/05/2024 at 15:06:47
I actually like Martin Tyler. He's a great voice, very good at calling a game IMO, so sue me.

I adore Tom Rennie. My favorite to call a game when listening on satellite radio here in America.

But calling a game and giving your opinion on managerial appointments are two different things, and this whole charade is insane.

Tyler says Dyche would be good for Man Utd. Journos run with it to stir up clicks and shock folks into thinking it might happen. It won't.

Raymond Fox
34 Posted 09/05/2024 at 15:07:03
Tony has already said what my thoughts are about Dyche.

What Top 6 quality players has Dyche coached? He can only use the tools he is given. Martinez tried to play City-style football with our class of players, it worked for a short while but floundered in the end.

Anyone would think football tactics are rocket science, it's the players and fans who can't see past the end of their nose that get managers sacked.

Moyes's face didnt fit at Man Utd, Potter has been another the 'stars' and fans didn't fancy.

Mike Hayes
35 Posted 09/05/2024 at 15:09:17
Martin Tyler, a legend? Bellend more like.

Maybe Dyche will consider it: more money to work with, the possibility of not fighting relegation again, a different kind of pressure, and a fatter wedge if it all goes tits up!

Gerry Quinn
36 Posted 09/05/2024 at 15:11:33
Moyes is set to join talkSPORT as part of the broadcaster's team to provide coverage for Euro 2024. "Give it Moysey for the Euros," talkSPORT posted on social media to announce their coup.

"David Moyes joins the talkSPORT team to provide his expert insight and analysis throughout the tournament."

The Premier League veteran will be joined by the likes of Emmanuel Petit and Ashley Young in providing coverage this summer. Former adversaries of Moyes, Alan Pardew and Graeme [obnoxious dirty twat] Souness will also be in Germany as part of talkSPORT's team.

Alan J Thompson
37 Posted 09/05/2024 at 15:17:17
Martin Tyler has been past retirement age for some time now but otherwise, the compensation fee could come in handy.
Alan McGuffog
38 Posted 09/05/2024 at 15:37:07
Stephen...are you pleased or appalled?

In an ideal world, Seamus would have been put out to grass. As it is, I'm pleased that we have a real Evertonian on our books for another season. We need him.

In time, I hope we make him our man in Ireland, searching out talent in all 32 counties.

Mike Gaynes
42 Posted 09/05/2024 at 17:58:10
I'm with ya, Jamie. I've always enjoyed Tyler immensely... great sense of humor.

In fact, I was just reading this morning how he was apologizing to Bruno Fernandes for deliberately mispronouncing his name... couldn't properly deliver the Portuguese pronunciation.

(All the announcers do the same with Digne.)

I wouldn't be sure that Tyler was 100% sincere in his recommendation. Maybe he secretly hates Man Utd as much as I do!

Paul Kossoff
43 Posted 09/05/2024 at 23:54:49
For you to post successfully on this site, you must not be sarcastic or criticize the moderator, you have been warned!
Kieran Kinsella
44 Posted 10/05/2024 at 00:18:24

Tyler is a charlatan not a patch on Brian Moore. Him and Big Ron before he turned racist were quality. Then half time and an inebriated Denis Law. Much better than the faux intellectual Neville who utterly failed to bring his tactical acumen to life at Valencia.

Mark Taylor
45 Posted 10/05/2024 at 00:19:00
Danny 18

You would be accurate. Forest Green are my local team and Dunc was their worst manager in living memory and there have been a few contenders.

And Paul 43, that must mean I now leave the thread (the sarcasm bit, not the moderator abuse)

Don Alexander
46 Posted 10/05/2024 at 00:39:09
Christine, once again I agree with your point of view but when you say, "Money buys quality, but a good manager creates teams" it seems to me that that's not the case in the "IMMEDIATE" world of the Premier League, where there's at least one team who've hired and fired/released 10 so-called managers (a few of some ability mind you) in the past eight years, none of whom can/could get any sort of tune out of the hapless squads at their disposal courtesy of the DEEP, plainly obvious to the entire professionally successful football world beyond Finch Farm and its governors, contempt/mockery we're long since considered to be worthy of.

And it'll be way worse next season, and the one after that, and so on, for years to come regardless of whichever millionaire manager is appointed to try, again, to make a silk purse......... etc. etc.

Laurie Hartley
47 Posted 10/05/2024 at 05:11:51
I think United should go after Marcelo Gallardo.
He is the sort of coach and man manager they need.

Dyche has the wrong DNA for United. He would probably do well in Italy where defensive expertise is held in high regard.

Eric Myles
48 Posted 11/05/2024 at 03:51:46
Dennis #30, apparently Moyes is revered at Everton.

Moyes revered

John Williams
49 Posted 14/05/2024 at 09:48:13
I switched in to GBNews Breakfast this morning (not saying you should) pressed wrong buttons.

Listened to a conversation between Eamon Holmes, Clive Allen (great goalscorer) and some other guy.

All of them saying that Dyche had done a brilliant job at Everton and just think what he would be capable of at a club with much more resources.

Holmes reckoned he would be the perfect fit for Man Utd., and so did Clive Allen (who was raving over Dyche).

See how different it is outside the Blues bubble and how other people see things.

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