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Everton will kick off their final season at Goodison Park with a home fixture against Brighton and play their last top-flight game at the Grand Old Lady against Southampton.

At the Club's request, the Blues' final match of the season will be away from home so that the farewell to Goodison won't be lost amidst any final day drama and have been given Newcastle as the opponents on Sunday 25 May.

The two Merseyside derbies have been provisionally scheduled for 7 December (home) and 2 April (away).

The Boxing Day fixture is a trip to Champions Manchester City at the end of what is, on paper, a difficult four-game run of December matches that will see Sean Dyche's men play Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea and City.

Everton’s 2024-25 Premier League Fixtures

Sat 17 Aug – Brighton & Hove Albion (h)
Sat 24 Aug – Tottenham Hotspur (a)
Sat 31 Aug – Bournemouth (h)

Sat 14 Sep – Aston Villa (a)
Sat 21 Sep – Leicester City (a)
Sat 28 Sep – Crystal Palace (h)

Sat 5 Oct – Newcastle United (h)
Sat 19 Oct – Ipswich Town (a)
Sat 26 Oct – Fulham (H)

Sat 2 Nov – Southampton (a)
Sat 9 Nov – West Ham United (a)
Sat 23 Nov – Brentford (h)
Sat 30 Nov – Manchester United (a)

Tue 3 Dec – Wolverhampton Wanderers (h)
Sat 7 Dec – Liverpool (h)
Sat 14 Dec – Arsenal (a)
Sat 21 Dec – Chelsea (h)
Thur 26 Dec – Manchester City (a)
Sun 29 Dec – Nottingham Forest (h)

Sat 4 Jan – Bournemouth (a)
Tue 14 Jan – Aston Villa (h)
Sat 18 Jan – Tottenham Hotspur (h)
Sat 25 Jan – Brighton & Hove Albion (a)

Sat 1 Feb – Leicester City (h)
Sat 15 Feb – Crystal Palace (a)
Sat 22 Feb – Manchester United (h)
Tue 25 Feb – Brentford (a)

Sat 8 Mar – Wolverhampton Wanderers (a)
Sat 15 Mar – West Ham United (h)

Wed 2 Apr – Liverpool (a)
Sat 5 Apr – Arsenal (h)
Sat 12 Apr – Nottingham Forest (a)
Sat 19 Apr – Manchester City (h)
Sat 26 Apr – Chelsea (a)

Sat 3 May – Ipswich Town (h)
Sat 10 May – Fulham (a)
Sun 18 May – Southampton (h)
Sun 25 May – Newcastle United (a)

*Fixture dates subject to change


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Rob Halligan
1 Posted 18/06/2024 at 09:22:29
Last ever game at Goodison is against Southampton. Not the best opponents to bring the curtain down on the old lady.
Ian Jones
2 Posted 18/06/2024 at 09:26:46
Rob, December looking the best month to pick up maximum points
Liam Mogan
3 Posted 18/06/2024 at 09:27:47
Another example of where we sit in the Premier League's eyes. The last game of the season should be at home as we say goodbye to Goodison, not the week before.
Peter Carpenter
4 Posted 18/06/2024 at 09:34:15
18th May is a Sunday. The FA Cup final is on Saturday 17th. Our last game at Goodison should be a Saturday 3pm. This is a total fuck up. I wouldn't be surprised if they even moved it to a Monday 8pm to spite us.
Ian Jones
5 Posted 18/06/2024 at 09:35:54
Liam, agreed about last game should be at home. Unless Bramley Moore is completed by then and we start in the new stadium in January. Unlikely. You never know with Everton!
Brian Williams
6 Posted 18/06/2024 at 09:40:02
Stop fucking whingeing, the club requested that the last game of the season wouldn't be at Goodison.
Liam Mogan
7 Posted 18/06/2024 at 09:43:14
Ha ha. Fair enough Brian
Liam Mogan
8 Posted 18/06/2024 at 09:44:44
Wouldn't be surprised to see it moved to Monday night. Seem to remember West Ham had their last home game at Upton Park moved to an evening?
Brian Williams
9 Posted 18/06/2024 at 09:46:25

Maybe read that and stop almost hooping for a negative ffs. ;-)

Gotta stop developing this victim mentality. Leave that for them lot across the park.

We're Everton! UTFT.

Ian Jones
10 Posted 18/06/2024 at 09:50:41
Brian, I stand corrected. Brilliant decision by the Premier League to agree that for Everton.


Peter Mills
11 Posted 18/06/2024 at 09:52:49
Brian#12 - do you know why?
James Marshall
12 Posted 18/06/2024 at 09:57:06
The club asked for the last game to be AWAY from Goodison so that the send-off wouldn't be lost in the narrative of league places, title challenges and relegation matters.

It makes sense to have it the week before for the most exposure.

All the final games are at 4pm on the last day, so the last game at the Old Lady would have been a footnote on the day - this way it can be a big deal the week before.

Also we have a decent run-in with Ipswich, Fulham, Southampton, Newcastle.

Liam Mogan
13 Posted 18/06/2024 at 09:57:48
I actually wouldn't mind it moved to an evening. Last game under lights would be fitting (I appreciate that mightn't suit everyone especially those who travel)
Brian Williams
14 Posted 18/06/2024 at 09:59:02
Thanks James. Saved me a job, despite there being a reference to the full story @#15.
James Marshall
15 Posted 18/06/2024 at 10:03:39
I just noticed the end of November into the Christmas period - we have a 6 games streak of Man Utd, Wolves, RS, Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City.

Plenty of points to be had in December then!

Brian Harrison
16 Posted 18/06/2024 at 10:04:56
I just hope our Premier league status wont be in jeopardy when we play Southampton in our last ever game at Goodison, leaving Goodison will be bad enough to have the added pressure of having to get something from the game is something I hope doesn't happen. With no major international tournaments next year why couldn't the club organize a friendly the week after the final game to say a proper goodbye rather than wrap it up on our last league game there.
Brian Williams
17 Posted 18/06/2024 at 10:09:27
Brain. You think a friendly after the season has finished would be a fitting goodbye?

I don't. I think the club have got it just right in their request.

Danny O’Neill
18 Posted 18/06/2024 at 10:40:47
The last match at Goodison will be when it is. I don't necessarily care when it is. Either way, it's going to be a very emotional occasion, with many not leaving the ground or the streets around Goodison and County Roads.

I know of someone (Steve!!) who is planning to smuggle a saw into to ground so he can take his seat with him and put it in his bedroom.

Whenever the last day comes, it's going to be tough. But we have a lot to look forward to and before then, a season to get on with.

Brian Williams
19 Posted 18/06/2024 at 11:16:22
Danny. It's not a saw you need it's an adjustable that'll manage 20mm, or Imperial equivalent. 🤫
Bobby Mallon
24 Posted 18/06/2024 at 12:02:01
I will be at Goodison last home game ticket or not. I will probably be in the Saints' end as my mates in Andover don't normally go. What is the score for season tickets at BMD
Peter Mills
25 Posted 18/06/2024 at 12:17:32
Brian, James, thanks for the info (I don’t think the Echo reference was on here when I posted my question - that’s my excuse, anyway).
Danny O’Neill
27 Posted 18/06/2024 at 12:30:00
Bobby, there will probably be more supporters outside than in it.

Tony Abrahams
28 Posted 18/06/2024 at 12:48:27
This is exactly why I feel so disillusioned with my football club right now.

The last game at Goodison, should definitely be the last game of the season, because for many people who have been going to that ground for a very long time, it is not just going to be a very emotional day, it’s going to be a very emotional week.

It is very unprofessional, asking for this fixture not to be played on the last day of the season, imo, because I believe it should be a day of massive celebration, and will leave most people connected to Everton, completely drained.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe we are going to win the FA Cup!

Tony Abrahams
29 Posted 18/06/2024 at 12:54:15
Carrying on with the emotional side of things but if I was in any way connected to Everton, I would be asking Sir Elton John, to perform a concert, after the fixture on the last day that Glorious Goodison Pk, will ever be used for top flight football, ever again.

I even reckon he’d say yes, because I’m sure that FA Cup final, when we played Watford, will have also been one of the most emotional days, in his life.


Paul Hewitt
30 Posted 18/06/2024 at 13:05:17
Why the hell are we leaving an 800 million stadium empty for 8 months. I'm sure we could move in much earlier. Spurs did.
Jeff Armstrong
32 Posted 18/06/2024 at 13:24:16
I’ve looked at the fixings on my seat in the TB for the above mentioned reasons, it looks like a pozi head or possibly philips cross type screw, and a few of them too on each seat,it has had years of painting and is also fixed to a rail like bracket, I believe only a decent 18v battery drill with multiple torque settings will suffice on the day, Speedy Hire will make a right killing that weekend.😜
Andy Duff
33 Posted 18/06/2024 at 13:32:37
Everton as per usual, have dropped a ball.

How they can request the last ever league game at Goodison not be the last game of the season is beyond comprehension.

1. They now have no idea what day the last game will be until a few weeks before so can't plan major events

2. They requested the same weekend as FA cup final so did they just assume us or whomever we might have got would not be in it?

3. Another game could be scheduled midweek after the Saints game at short notice so they can't even get plan programs merch etc as Saints might not even be the last game

4. There's a very good chance the last game will now be an evening kick off. So what about families and kids especially those that go the game. The build up pre and post match is not the same for evening games. It's a terrible slight against families and those that want to go the ground and area for the last game even if they might not have a ticket.

If the club had asked fans I'm guessing the vast majority would have wanted the last game of the season.

I really can't believe how short sighted and stupid Everton are. Considering some of the stuff they have done it takes a lot to shock me at their stupidity but this is right up there.

Brian Williams
34 Posted 18/06/2024 at 13:45:37
Andy Duff. Having read, digested, and considered the reasoning behind the request I for one totally disagree with your post.

The club, IMHO, have requested the "most likely" best option for the last game at Goodison which may well be beyond YOUR comprehension.

Lots of things can happen over which the club has no control whatsoever.

And your "guess" I think is well wide of the mark bearing in mind the clubs reasoning for not going for the last game of the season.

Christy Ring
35 Posted 18/06/2024 at 13:45:55
Why did we not want to play our last game of the season at Goodison, Would it not have been a good send off? Will be an emotional day, but definitely won't miss the pillars.
Brian Williams
36 Posted 18/06/2024 at 13:47:57
Christy scan through the thread, follow the "link."
Kevin Molloy
37 Posted 18/06/2024 at 13:47:59
He could also swap Goodison for Norma Jean Tony, he'd bring the house down.
Joe McMahon
38 Posted 18/06/2024 at 13:57:38
Can't be 100% sure but I think West Hams final game before they moved was also evening midweek. Not ideal for Everton supporters but not everything is anti Everton.
Andy Duff
39 Posted 18/06/2024 at 13:59:51
Brian Williams if you disagree with my post please explain in your opinion why this is such a good idea?

The only way they can guarantee the kick off time and date is having it the last day of the season.

This would have allowed proper celebrations before and after the game, maybe a big screen set up somewhere for fans without tickets. A proper family day out for generations to attend. What about all the fans worldwide who might have wanted to come say goodbye
a weekend is easier than midweek.

Instead we now have no idea when the last game will be played until a few weeks before, it's more than likely now going to be an evening kick off Monday or another day during the week. Especially if Everton or Saints get to the final, or should we now all hope Everton get knocked out the cup?

It impacts families, worldwide fans and makes planning the event far more difficult. So please do tell me how I'm wrong and why you think this is such a brilliant idea? Maybe counter my argument, as you've offered nothing at all to the debate.

Geoff Cadman
40 Posted 18/06/2024 at 14:09:29
Tony #36 I hope you are right, it would be typical Everton, all these carefully laid plans, messed up by shooting themselves in the foot, and winning the FA cup the day before
Andy Duff
41 Posted 18/06/2024 at 14:13:20
Not if they rearrange a fixture for the last week. This is very possible
Brian Williams
42 Posted 18/06/2024 at 14:14:08
As are lots of things!
Paul Hewitt
43 Posted 18/06/2024 at 14:22:51
Some sentimental nonsense on here. Kenwright stank of it and was hammered for it. Goodison will always be special and our memories will never fade. But we should move soon as the new stadium is ready.
Pete Day
44 Posted 18/06/2024 at 14:27:01
Bobby Mallon @24 Do they have more than one ticket? I live in Southampton and would love to get up to Goodison for the last game, even in the Saints end!
Tony Abrahams
46 Posted 18/06/2024 at 14:31:07
It’s not sentimental nonsense imo, Paul, because we are talking about one day and not years and years of phoney bullshit.

Your own sentiment is correct, we should move on, but the last day of the season should be an Everton day, or more to the point a Goodison day, and I think the club have shown their total ineptitude by not grasping this.

I don’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks, or the closing of Goodison being overshadowed by events elsewhere. It’s going to be all about Everton, so nobody else should matter when we say goodbye to a place that is full of memories.

Brian Williams
47 Posted 18/06/2024 at 14:33:58
Andy. Having our last game at Goodison on the last day of the season would not get the same attention due to the simple fact that it IS the last day of the season.

It "could be" that on the last day, the premier league winners, champions league places, European places and relegation places are ALL still to be decided.

It's likely that SOME of those mentioned above will be decided on the last day.

The last day also tends to be covered by switching emphasis from one game to another very quickly though I accept that could be the case on the second to last day, but less likely.

In short there's very likely to be lots going on on the last day of the season that would detract from what, for Evertonians in particular, will be a very poignant and significant day.

The club have requested the week before with this in mind.

I know the FA Cup final is the day before but if Everton or Southampton are in it I'll buy "everyone" at Goodison a drink.

Yes it's possible, as are some of the other things that you mentioned, but there are lots of possibilities whenever it would be.

Personally I feel the club have made their request using common sense. It was either gonna be the last game or second to last game of the season.

They opted for the second last which I think makes sense.

I didn't say you were wrong by the way, just that I totally disagree with the reasoning behind your post which, to me, came across as a rather querulous anti club rant.

Si Cooper
48 Posted 18/06/2024 at 14:46:08
I don’t think the opponents for the last game matter in the grand scheme of things.
Most people will be flicking through their own mental catalogue of memorable matches at Goodison I would expect and so a good home record over-all for the season is probably going to be of more significance than a show-piece game as a send-off. Having a fixture we may win in style may be worth more for the fond memories than seeing us on the ropes against someone chasing the title.
Penultimate or ultimate? Good reasons for and against. Decision now made, let’s hope for a fairytale end for the grand old lady.
Ian Jones
49 Posted 18/06/2024 at 14:48:20
Brian, just to clarify. When you say...

'I know the FA Cup final is the day before but if Everton or Southampton are in it I'll buy "everyone" at Goodison a drink.'

What day will that be. If either team are in the final, I assume there'll be very people at Goodison to take you up on your offer.


Andy Duff
50 Posted 18/06/2024 at 15:19:51
Brian fair enough, we'll agree to disagree, if you asked fans I'm guessing the vast majority would prefer the last day of the season, this gets rid of all uncertainty about when the fixture takes place and ensures families and worldwide fans can attend.

As for the clash with last day and other things, it's all irrelevant. On that day the only thing that will matter to Everton fans is saying goodbye to Goodison. If the club had thought about the fans they would realise this.

Either way I'll look forward to a pint as Everton are going to win the cup, I tell myself this every year one year I'll be right.

Brian Williams
51 Posted 18/06/2024 at 15:25:03

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. ;-)

Brian Williams
52 Posted 18/06/2024 at 15:31:53

I believe the club want the occasion to be as big as it can be and I feel they club HAS thought about the fans.

And there'll be lots families and worldwide fans who won't be able to attend anyway because every game at Goodison is a sell out and chances of getting a ticket for that game as a one off is very low.

Anyway, last word on it as you're affecting my positivity. ;-))

John Raftery
53 Posted 18/06/2024 at 15:40:08
In terms of issues facing the club I think the actual day of our last fixture at Goodison is one of the least important. While I personally would have preferred it to be the last day of the season there are pros and cons and I will not lose sleep over it being on the penultimate weekend or even the following midweek if a fixture needs to be rearranged.
Mike Gaynes
54 Posted 18/06/2024 at 15:51:58
Would I be off target to guess that the "last-last" game Everton plays at Goodison will be long after the season is over? A charitable fundraiser for EitC or a testimonial for Seamus or something like that?
Denis Richardson
55 Posted 18/06/2024 at 16:18:16
That’s not a bad first dozen games or so to get some points on the board and build confidence (and get distance from the drop zone).

Sad to say goodbye to the old lady but looking forward to BMD as well.

Let give the girls a great send off.

Will Mabon
56 Posted 18/06/2024 at 16:21:47
Last day of the season, last ever game at Goodison, needing a win and four goal margin for the goal difference to survive the drop, while also relying on other results to go our way... and achieving it.

That would be an Everton send-off.

Kieran Kinsella
57 Posted 18/06/2024 at 16:22:14
Utter farce. Corrupt EPL making us play EVERY team home and away. Masters out.
John McFarlane Snr
58 Posted 18/06/2024 at 16:23:31
Hi John [53] I take the same view as you, and if 'God spares me' I will be approaching my 87th birthday this time next year. I appreciate that there are some who aren't season ticket holders, but walking away from Goodison 'whenever' the last game is played, will be a wrench for all the regular attenders.
Brian Williams
59 Posted 18/06/2024 at 16:26:23
Mike G.

Yes. :-))

Will Mabon
60 Posted 18/06/2024 at 16:26:31
Mike - anything's possible, since it really will be the "last chance".
Billy Bradshaw
61 Posted 18/06/2024 at 16:36:28
Please Everton 40 points by first week in February.
Andy Duff
62 Posted 18/06/2024 at 16:50:55
Mike I'm guessing there won't be many seats and much grass left on the pitch after the last league game, based on some comments I've been reading. So unless they announce the testimonial in advance it won't happen.

I was thinking the same thing though it would be fitting to do that like when Hibbo scored and the pitch was invaded it made sense. They could say to the fans there will be testimonial on this date then it won't have any impact on Premier league etc.

I just hope if they do that us season ticket holders are given the chance to buy our own seat for the game before they go on general sale.

Billy Shears
63 Posted 18/06/2024 at 16:59:04
Good move by the club regarding our final home game at the "Old Lady".

Let's just hope we can pick up some points early doors,so that we can focus on giving Goodison the fitting send off it deserves and not worrying about the dreaded drop.

The day will be very emotional as it is!


John Raftery
65 Posted 18/06/2024 at 17:14:11
I trust the Lord will spare you John @58! You must be one of the club’s longest serving supporters. By this time next year you’ll be only three years from a free season ticket which I believe the club issues to those over 90 years old. There’s an incentive to keep going, my friend!
Michael Lynch
66 Posted 18/06/2024 at 17:14:22
In my opinion, we should have requested a home game on the last day of the season, for the simple reason that the last day is the only day when the timing can't be changed.

Whatever happens, we would have been kicking off at the agreed time on the agreed day. As it is, our game against Southampton could be on the Sunday, it could be postponed to the Wednesday if either team makes it to the cup final, and it's generally at the whim of Sky and TNT what time it kicks off. It's also possible that another game might be shoe-horned in after the Soton game if there has been postponements earlier in the season.

I would have thought the important thing is long term planning for an event like this. Also, the idea that it would have got "lost" among the excitement of the final day is laughable. The only people who actually care are us, the Everton fans. Nobody else gives a flying one.

Brian Wilkinson
67 Posted 18/06/2024 at 17:40:01
Michael as far as I know every game is a 3pm kick off the Sunday we play our final game at Goodison, so cannot see tv changing the fixtures for that Sunday for anyone.

Everton requested this and to be honest, I cannot blame them, all sorts of relegation deciders and top 6 places to be decided final game, makes sense to me where it will not get overlooked as much.

They could not have given us a better home game, winnable and chances Southampton will only have the lower bullens, giving Evertonians a better chance of having upper Bullens.

But like I said before, everyone will be descending on Goodison, ticket or not, best solution would have been having a double header stadium for the last home game.

Open Bramley Moore stadium to allow fans to test the new stadium out, while showing the game on the two giant screens at Bramley Moore, they reckon there are around 30,000 on the season ticket waiting list, that’s 30,000 that could have an option to test the new ground out along with official members, no brainer for me.

Brian Williams
68 Posted 18/06/2024 at 17:42:03
You'll get 5 weeks notice of any change in the Everton v Soton game schedule.
Is that enough for you?
Steve Brown
69 Posted 18/06/2024 at 17:46:45
Having the last game of the season at Goodison would have been fitting for the only people who matter - the Everton fans.

I am guessing that not many of us would give a damn what was happening in other matches kicking off at the same time. It would have been the chance for the players and fans to say goodbye to the Old Lady together.

Brian Williams
70 Posted 18/06/2024 at 17:53:34
It would have been the chance for the players and fans to say goodbye to the Old Lady together.

And why is that not possible the week before? 🤔

Danny O’Neill
71 Posted 18/06/2024 at 18:01:38
Tony, great shout about Elton.

If he's on the pitch belting out I guess why they call it the blues, we'll all be crying within seconds!

Let's give her a final season to remember. Those players need to remember their place in history.

For me it began in 1976, for others much longer. Goodison and Everton have been with me all of my memorable life. I know I'm going to struggle walking away. It will feel like a divorce.

Danny O’Neill
72 Posted 18/06/2024 at 18:24:18
Here you go.


I challenge anyone not to get emotional. It was being sung with gusto in the Winslow recently.

Dale Self
73 Posted 18/06/2024 at 18:26:02
Brian, to quote Richard Hell, "just one?"
Goodison will be a rock n roll club that final day. UTFT!
Brian Wilkinson
74 Posted 18/06/2024 at 18:30:56
Danny, what if Elton also does a remake of candle in the wind, like he did for Diana, about goodbye grand old lady for an encore.

Or could do a medley with goodbye yellow brick road, goodbye Goodison park.

Andy Duff
75 Posted 18/06/2024 at 18:49:34
Michael 66 that's my exact same sentiment. Everton have missed a massive opportunity here.
Not knowing what date the final game will be, or even who it will 100% be is rediculous. This should have been planned well in advance massive fan zone in the park big screens a full day of events not shoe horned into an evening midweek at the whim of sky or tnt.
Having it in the evening which is what it will definitely now be is terrible for young fans who should be there witnessing this moment in history.

Everton never plan things properly and never learn, guaranteed if that lot over the park were leaving our old ground it would already be planned and merch would already be on shelves

Brian Wilkinson
76 Posted 18/06/2024 at 18:53:45
Got me on one now Danny, crocodile rock

I remember our alex Young

Little Bally had so much fun

Andy king in the top left corner

Latch on his knees, 30 goals please

But the biggest kick I ever got

Was the 2 nil victory against that lot

Goodison bouncing, the title had gone

Na, na, na na na, na

And I guess that’s why they call us the Blues.

Brian Wilkinson
77 Posted 18/06/2024 at 19:25:18
Standing by the phone Danny, but not had any calls yet from the record industry :-)
Jeff Armstrong
78 Posted 18/06/2024 at 19:34:53
Wonder if the club consulted the FAB about the last fixture? isn’t that what they’re there for?
agreeing with the posters saying it should have been the final day of the season, guaranteed on a Sunday with a daytime kick off and a carnival atmosphere created by series of fan zone events and using Stanley Park as part of the fan zone.
Could have been a great day, instead it could be a midweek damp squib with people unable to get there for various midweek workday reasons.
Andy Duff
79 Posted 18/06/2024 at 19:56:18
Jeff I asked them on twitter to ask the club why they simply told me to read the Echo article. The club could have easily asked fans and had a vote. Could have asked the 30k season ticket holders when renewing what they thought.

I genuinely can't believe how short sighted and stupid it is

James Swinscoe
80 Posted 18/06/2024 at 20:00:14
First time post on here, so TW's please be kind. Tony [29] fabulous idea. You have me welling up mate. Andy [33] Brian [34] both could argue you are right. Could Everton not televise our FINAL game of the season v Newcastle from the Grand Old Lady? Not only give her a rousing send off, but bring in much needed revenue. It's not as if we are flooded in money.Not yet anyway.
Danny O’Neill
81 Posted 18/06/2024 at 20:13:28
Welcome James.
Brian, keep that hotline open!
Open the new Everton stadium and put the final match on big screens. It will be built by then
Chris Thornton
82 Posted 18/06/2024 at 20:57:51
If we win the cup then our final game at Goodison will be under the lights in midweek. With a trophy to parade…..
Steve Brown
83 Posted 18/06/2024 at 21:33:06
Brian @ 70, I simply don’t agree with you that the occasion will be the same.

Plenty of other posters don’t agree with you either. Despite your 14 posts on the subject.

Your attempt to bore us all into submission has not worked.

Brian Williams
84 Posted 18/06/2024 at 21:45:30
I think 14 is somewhat of an exaggeration and we're allowed to disagree on here.

And if my posts bore you don't read 'em. 😉

But if you do read this. Will you be going to the game?

Christy Ring
85 Posted 18/06/2024 at 21:46:54
I still believe it would have been a fitting tribute to play our last game ever at Goodison, on the last day of the season. I can't see how playing a week earlier makes sense. I hope the takeover goes ahead quickly and smoothly and we can enjoy our last season without shitting bricks and move into our state of the art stadium. I believe our first game in the new stadium will be Seamus testimonial.

James Marshall
86 Posted 18/06/2024 at 22:27:34
The thing is, does the rest of the world give a shit about our sentiment when it comes to the stadium? I highly doubt the majority cares so why would then let us cherry pick our final game? Some people were even suggesting we choose our opponents! (Villa/Wolves)

Can you imagine, in the Premier League where league positions and scrutiny are so important and so high, that any club could choose when, where or who they play against for any fixture? Putting sentiment aside, in the cold light of day it's absurd when you think about it from the perspective of the wider world, and the competition itself.

Last game at Goodison, or first game at Bramley Moore, we get what we're given.

Derek Thomas
87 Posted 18/06/2024 at 22:41:48
Tickets for Southampton already being advertised on one web site for AU$1018 - Too rich for me.

And I doubt they'll get any cheaper as the fateful day approaches

The Derby on the 7th of December, almost 55yrs to the day of Sandy's famous OG

*blinks* where the fuck did that all go?

Brian Wilkinson
88 Posted 18/06/2024 at 22:47:18
The only reasoning I can come up with Christine is with it being such a big occasion, it will get more airtime and fitting send off the week before, whereas on the last Day all the Day and evening viewing will be about champions, relegation etc so would not get as much coverage in the sports news etc.

Will not make a difference fans attending or local, but for other Evertonians far a wide, they will get more of a chance getting more airtime and cameras staying on the Everton game, rather than the whistle going and they head over to another stadium of celebrations.

To be honest Everton requested it and I think whoever broadcasts our game will want the cameras to remain on the final whistle and the moments afterwards as well.

Again makes no difference for Evertonians attending,we could have asked for it to be the final game, but for those watching far and wide the final Day normally focuses on various games at one time, often showing a goal from the other game, now imagine those watching the final game, they kept interrupting the Everton game by showing a goal from another match, be up in arms saying typical Premier league keep showing other goals.

I think it’s a good idea the week before, so we can get all the tv and media coverage for our final home game.

Swings and roundabouts, I was all for hoping for the final Sunday, but now I think we will get more coverage far and wide with it being the week before.

Brian Wilkinson
89 Posted 18/06/2024 at 23:26:35
Heres a thought what if we get in the f a cup final the day before the Southampton game, long shot but possible.
Paul Kossoff
90 Posted 18/06/2024 at 23:54:01
My prediction, 43 points. A few good wins, some unexpected lucky draws, and a few well earned battles. We Should do well enough to be not in a dog fight at the wrong end. Any chance of Europe? all depends on money out, money in before seasons start. But hopefully we are all set for B M D or what ever our new owner names it. Ps, I wish all you toffees good health and happiness for the coming season.Coyb.
Kieran Kinsella
91 Posted 18/06/2024 at 00:00:29
Brian Williams,

Be honest. Was it your idea to play the penultimate game at home? 😉

I’ll be honest I don’t have any skin in that game as I won’t be able to attend either which way. But it does reflect a loser attitude to assume we won’t be in the cup final. Yes of course they can rearrange it if that happens. But let’s be real. There will be Evertonians crawling out of the woodwork from around the world wanting to make plans to get to the last game even if they’re stuck outside without a ticket. You can’t exactly change your flight from Australia, Oregon or wherever at short notice if we get to the cup final and instead pop over on a random Tuesday announced five weeks beforehand. At least last day of the season would be definitive. As it is, this date could change even if we don’t get to the cup final but Soton do! Unlikely? Yes but wasn’t unlikely Cameroon would beat reigning champs Argentina after having two men sent off at the 1990 WC? Wasn’t it unlikely Iceland would be England? Wasn’t it unlikely Shandy Andy and Gosling would be FA cup derby day heroes? Wasn’t it unlikely Hibbert would score with his first ever shot in his testimonial? Stranger things have happened.

Paul Ferry
92 Posted 19/06/2024 at 04:07:24
Danny - and others - I absolutely detest the Watford lad's "I Guess That's Why They Call it the Blues" with a passion.

What shite plastic cheap lyrics:

"And I guess that's why they call it the blues / Time on my hands could be time spent with you / Laughin' like children, livin' like lovers / Rollin' like thunder under the covers /And I guess that's why they call it the blues".

Dead Everton that.

Jesus wept: "Rollin' like thunder under the covers".

Brings tears to my eyes that line: meaningful, profound, deep, emotional, dead Everton/footy.

"Wait on me girl / Cry in the night if it helps".

Shite lyrics, shite song with its boss b-side: "Choc-Ice Goes Mental"

Hey presto moment: it says "the blues".

I've said this a few times now. How on earth did we end up with this worthless dirge when we could have turned to a song that came out a year earlier, from our area (sadly a kopite but fuck me the Z Cars thieves are embarrassing), with lyrics that actually matter and have meaning and resonance for us, now and then.

I am speaking, of course, of Wah's majestic anthemic "Story of the Blues".

The very last thing I want is syrupy Reg Dwight singing that song on our last day at The Old Lady on his marble piano, followed by heavy full-on frantic jiving in the Street End as he launches into "Crocodile Rock".

Join in one and all in a rousing Everton rebel yell:

"Just stare into space / Picture my face in your hands ... And never forget I'm your man".


"First, they take your pride / Turn it all inside / And then you realise / You've got nothing left to lose / So, you try to stop / Try to get back up / And then, you realise / You're telling the Story of the Blues".

Kieran Kinsella
93 Posted 19/06/2024 at 04:29:24
Paul Ferry

Gotta agree. Why the hell would we want the weeping Watford owner — a team who bizarrely adopted the z cars anthem to perform at the end of the Goodison era. Watford weren’t even a team of note till after Zcars ended aside from the fact they’re nowhere near Merseyside. Then we are assuming Elton who has nothing to do with Merseyside would want to celebrate the team that broke his heart in 1984? We may as well ask Chas and Dave to perform on account of the Amokachi semi final as they were on the losing side say may remember it. I like Elton as a musician as I’m Sure Tony does but football is football. I’d turn away Tchaikovsky if he showed up with a Spartak Moscow flag in his pocket. When Goodison says goodbye it’s a day for Evertonians not just celebs. Maybe we can put Paul McCartney to the test and see if he’s truly a blue.

Danny O’Neill
94 Posted 19/06/2024 at 06:12:00
Paul, it was great hearing it in the Winslow after that Palace match!

Kieran, from what I've read. I think he grew up an Everton support but I think McCartney falls into that strange category who has said he supports both teams in the city.

I personally don't comprehend that or how someone would think like that. Although I don't believe he is a football person. I don't think any of the Beatles were.

I think I read that his dad was an Evertonian and sat in the Upper Bullens.

Paul Ferry
95 Posted 19/06/2024 at 06:33:29
I get that Danny mate, and I'm glad you loved it. It's just such a shit song mate, but blue is blue
Derek Knox
96 Posted 19/06/2024 at 06:40:22
Paul @ 92, how about 'Follow that Spellow Brick Road' all the way to BMD ?

Or even 'Follow The Yellow Prick Toad' ?

Don't think they will need to demolish The Old lady after the last game, everyone, seemingly will walk away with a seat, a brick etc. The only thing left will will be The Maggot's old Seat. Ah just demolish it, he almost demolished us !

Paul Ferry
98 Posted 19/06/2024 at 06:44:05
Good point Kieran, who could we get as a blue to sing on that last day.

Sadly, Shane MacGowan is no longer with us, Isn't Hyacinth from Keeping Up Appearances one of us - she has a boss voice. We have a bit of Atomic Kitten don't we? Ian Astbury. Tony Blackburn. Harold from Neighbours. Sharon Corr, Sonia, Mary Whitehouse was a blue I believe.

It has to be Lee Mavers, doesn't it?

Or/and the lads from 1984-87 belting out "Spirit of the Blues" and, I suppose, "Here We Go", bouncing balls.

Mark Murphy
99 Posted 19/06/2024 at 06:51:59
I vote WAH - now THATS a tune!
Paul Ferry
100 Posted 19/06/2024 at 06:52:48
Surely 'Goodbye Spellow Brick Road' Knoxy?
James Hughes
101 Posted 19/06/2024 at 06:54:24
Kieran if you want Chas n Dave you will have to dig Chas up he died in 2018.
Paul Ferry
102 Posted 19/06/2024 at 06:59:07
The rabbits are eating our Chas? That's not right.
Mark Murphy
103 Posted 19/06/2024 at 07:09:32
Tony Blackburn? I never knew that. You sure you’re not mixing him up with Ed “stewpot” Stewart??
I’d like a bit of Atomic kitten now you mention it.
Frank Fearns
104 Posted 19/06/2024 at 07:12:39
I had a dream last night that not only was it our last game at our wonderful ground but we'd won the league then I woke up, but wouldn't that be some send off.

Sing whatever you want - do the lot but preferably with an Evertonian leading it. I'll be too emotional to care as I'll also be celebrating 70 years a blue. 1955 in the boys pen - I wonder who else was packed in there with me?

Paul Ferry
105 Posted 19/06/2024 at 07:27:39
Nope Mark mate, legend is that Tony is a blue. Fond memories of Stewpot and his early Saturday kids show before we headed off to the Classic Cinema in Crosby for the 11AM kids matinee or whatever it was called,
Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
106 Posted 19/06/2024 at 07:32:42
It was only Liz that was a blue in AK.

Our kid had a photo of her modelling an Everton shirt and I remember it said Atomic Kit-On.

Mark Murphy
107 Posted 19/06/2024 at 07:34:57
I’m a big, soppy nostalgic get Paul. I still well up when I hear Puff the Magic Dragon…

Another option for last game - The Farm?

Paul Ferry
108 Posted 19/06/2024 at 07:37:19
Our Kid Phil!

They could have an emotional reunion at The Old Lady on the last day. The Street End would be in bits with smart phone lights swaying.

Frank Fearns
109 Posted 19/06/2024 at 07:37:53
Leighton Baines and his mates from Birkenhead?
Paul Ferry
110 Posted 19/06/2024 at 07:41:33
The Farm are reds mate except for my old mate from Waterloo Keith Mullen, who I used to go away with c.1978-1982. I remember an especially nasty time at Bristol City when we won with a Trevor Ross goal and it pissed down all match long and our end was 100 per cent open. Keith was on the nutty edge of things.

The Farm's lead singer, Pete Hooton, born in Everton, is a huge red, like on fan organisations/committes and something with Shankly in the title. He lives in Crosby.

Danny O’Neill
111 Posted 19/06/2024 at 07:51:52
Get this guy on!!


Colin Glassar
112 Posted 19/06/2024 at 08:03:38
I must admit, Danny, I’ve never seen or heard that before. Where can I watch it? That was funny and appropriate
Paul Ferry
113 Posted 19/06/2024 at 08:13:11
Fookin brilliant Danny. He has to be there.

May I suggest.

St. Luke's Choir

this fella, The Ballad of Dixie and Kenny

Sonia, Better the Devil You Know

Ronald Koeman, I'm Sorry

Frank Lampard, Don't Blame it on the Boogie

Paul Ferry, We are Evil ... You'll Never Make the Station ... You're Going Home in a Fucking Ambulance ... I Was Walking Down Lime Street Swinging My Chain, Saw a Cockney and Asked Him His Name, Kicked Him in the Balls and I Kicked Him in the Head, Now That Cockney is Dead ... I'm a Bone Legged Chicken and a Knock-Knee' Hen, I haven't Been Wanked Since I Don't Know When, I Walk With a Wiggle and I Walk With a Squalk, Doin the Everton Bootwalk ... Jesus Christ Was an Evertonian ... We Are the Scousers the Cock of the North ... Fck em all Fck em all, Paisley's red army and all, took 14 to West Ham oh isn't that great, they are the bastards that we fucking hate, so, I'm singing you blues fuck them all, 'coz we won't be mastered by red and white bastards, 'coz we are the cream of tha them all ... KOPITES ARE GOBSHITES ... EVERTON

Lee Mavers

1984-87 heroes

Rob Halligan leading the 3000

Brian Harrison
114 Posted 19/06/2024 at 09:27:59
Trying not to think to much about going to Goodison for the last time, next season will be my 70th watching Everton, although compared to Dave Abrahams and John Mc Farlane Snr that's small beer. I just hope that we are well clear of the relegation zone when we play Southampton, and I am sure the club will make it spectacular for the final time.
James Hughes
115 Posted 19/06/2024 at 09:30:06
Paul F I went to school with one of Our Kid and was a red. He was the year above me at Alsop, can't remember which one he was as it is 45 years ago mate
Mike Doyle
116 Posted 19/06/2024 at 09:50:54
Paul F (105). As I recall, back in the 70s / early 80s the only 'celebrity' Evertonian was Ed 'Stewpot' Stewart. He also made a brief appearance in the Mike Lyons testimonial match.

James (115). Not wishing to brag, but in the early 70s Bernard Jewry (then better known as Shane Fenton) lived a few doors away. In the mid-70s he was reinvented as Alvin Stardust and the family moved away not long after. His house should have a 'blue plaque' on the wall - perhaps I'll start a campaign.

Tony Abrahams
117 Posted 19/06/2024 at 10:36:34
Any mention of Liverpool, should be forbidden on this occasion, because it is simply going to be about our love for Everton football club, and the end of an era for a place that holds so many memories.

The greatest memory would be if our younger generation of unbelievably passionate supporters could finally see us win a cup, or am I asking for too much, after the way we have been beaten into submission over many soulless years?

We might get down but we will never be beaten, singing - WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED!

Barry Rathbone
118 Posted 19/06/2024 at 10:36:37
I Was Walking Down Lime Street Swinging My Chain, Saw a Cockney and Asked Him His Name .

I'm a Bone Legged Chicken and a Knock-Knee' Hen

Fuck me Feral I know you misinterpret everything but Everton songs????

All together those who actually went:

Walking down lime street swinging a chain along came a copper and he asked my name .

I'm a bow legged chicken and a knock kneed hen

Oh dear!

Frank Fearns
119 Posted 19/06/2024 at 10:44:31
117 - I stopped saying the L word years ago - if anyone asks - "I'm from Merseyside"
Dave Cashen
120 Posted 19/06/2024 at 10:47:36
Tony Bellew will be there with his mates and family anyway, but do we really need celebs ?

Forty thousand giving the most raucous ever rendition of "Spirit" will have everyone in floods anyway.

This is not just a game. It's celebration of all Evertonian's. Past and present.

Those lucky enough to be inside Goodison will spend the time looking around the ground to where their dad's used to stand. Where their departed uncles and brothers and sisters would sit. Where they congregated with dear friends who are no longer with us. I firmly believe they'll all be there.

The record books will state that 40,000 people attended the game, but I'm expecting at least a quarter of a million to turn up.

Martin Farrington
121 Posted 19/06/2024 at 11:09:41
I now live in Spain. So the opportunity of gowinthmatch is not an option.
I do have fond memories. I have fantastic memories. I have sad memories and I have bitter memories. Like in that song @111 posted by Danny (what a gem he dug out there).
Sadly the last 30 years have been mainly shit, interspersed with a rare moment of something euphoric.
I don't know why, but I don't get attached to personal nostalgia. Like when you walk into someone's home and there walls are festooned with galleries of photos of their kids and them.
When they point out the display I just ask them if they have a short term memory problem.
And when they move house, claiming how they loved that home and the memories and tears and
Its a building !!!! Cold bricks. Cement.
You could have lived next door or three streets over and had the same experiences.
Goodison is the same. Its an old and not very attractive stadium with a football pitch.
Cobbled together grandstands from various eras that are out of visual synchronisation and compatibility And lets face it, fairly uncomfortable seating with plenty of restricted views of the action, due to huge support girders.
Walk around it when empty and it is like any place, cold and without soul.
Those special moments. The singing from 30,000 passionate supporters which electrifies an entire ground. The unison of cheering, screaming, booing, cajoling and insulting as an entity occur for a brief few hours once or twice a fortnight, are the memories. Not where you were sat or stood. You remember the action on the pitch. Not the turnstyle ticket collector, or the trudge up the stairs to find your seat or the being swept along in the crowd flowing out after a game all of whom have suddenly have ceased being a unified choir of blue voices.
Everton could be anywhere. Its YOU that makes that brick, steel and wooden structure a living breathing monument.
Not the ground.
Matchday resembles the birth of something special.
The fans are the lifeblood slowly seeping in. Forming a throng of something that is alive.
A crescendo of expectation finally gives birth to that moment of seeing the teams emerge to rapturous noise.
The match is the child, infant, juvenile, adult that is formed into something memorable or to be forgotten.
After which the gates are sliced open and the oozing out of the lifeblood occurs, fans seep away and the arena resumes its cold lifeless form steadfast but without use until the next game.
Goodison is an appointed base to watch Everton.
The next one will be BMD.
The previous one was Anfield.
The last day will be filled with emotion, emotions, emotional people reacting and over reacting to something that ordinarily they care little for other than on a match day.
Will I miss it.
Did I love it.
John Pendleton
122 Posted 19/06/2024 at 11:39:32
Martin (121) Shhh with your pragmatism!!!!!!

You'll drive down the price of BMD's naming rights.

Geoff Cadman
123 Posted 19/06/2024 at 12:02:06
For me its Mc Cartney and a re-mix of Hey Jude
Pete Lloyd
124 Posted 19/06/2024 at 12:15:51
Ed Stewart was once asked in an interview, “Why did you become an Everton supporter?” He replied “that he’d been watching the results in 1958 when Everton lost 10-4 at Spurs and he felt sorry for us!!!!
Brian Williams
125 Posted 19/06/2024 at 12:27:46

Probably the most profound post I've read in a long time!

Nice one.

John Burns
126 Posted 19/06/2024 at 12:38:06
Martin 121. Goodison is not just anywhere. It’s where my dad and granddad stood. It’s where my ancestors came to, and cheered. It’s the place they dreamed as I did. It’s the place where the boy me, first stood and looked in awe at my heroes. The place I gazed at Alan Ball in the flesh.

The memories of that place are embedded in my soul, and they remain handcuffed to who I am.

Martin, Goodison is not just another place.. it’s not just anywhere.

Lynn Maher
127 Posted 19/06/2024 at 13:16:57
From a more unusual point of view. We got married at Goodison Park on the 21st June, 2008. An absolutely fantastic day.
So definitely mixed emotions. And yes we are still married 🙂.
John Pendleton
128 Posted 19/06/2024 at 13:30:52
As for the send off song, no artist will beat the sound of the actual fans present and no artist deserves the accolade of the last match soundtrack more than the match going fans themselves. The song?

Tell me da, me da
It's the last time we'll be, we'll be
Part of Goodison history
Tell me da, me da

Tell me ma, me ma
Our next home will be, will be
The Royal and Blue Mersey
Tell me ma, me ma

Geoff Cadman
129 Posted 19/06/2024 at 13:34:19
Regarding the schedule for Goodison's last game I can see both points of view. I think the final game of the season is best as I can't be changed. I wonder if the club could ask the premier league to rearrange the home and away fixture dates with Newcastle, also Liverpool and Palace which are also on the same dates.
Christine Foster
130 Posted 19/06/2024 at 13:37:13
Martin 121# if only it was that simple, that black and white, it's just bricks and cement? No, it's not. For it carries hopes, dreams, memories, loves, anguish of the millions who passed through it's doors. It is the Spirit of the Blues. knock it down, build whatever you want on it but the echoes will linger, time held, listen and you will hear the laughter, or perhaps see a golden vision walking silently past you with a smile, his curly locks standing out in the street light as a small man with a squeaky voice and red hair greets him..

Bricks and mortar indeed..

Lynn, Sat 19th August 1972.. got married at midday, stood in Gwladys street in the afternoon as the blues beat United. The two loves of my life.. but Everton came first..

Jack Convery
131 Posted 19/06/2024 at 14:56:23
Martin@121. You are so wrong when you state - Walk around it when empty and it is like any place, cold and without soul.

Once I attended a seminar at Goodison with a female work colleague. At lunch time I asked the guy in charge of the catering would there be a chance of seeing the ground, as my colleague has never been inside a football stadium before. He was brilliant. He took us through to the Main Stand and we came out by the Directors Box. There before us lay Goodison. It was a beautiful day and my colleague thought Goodison was brilliant. I however had become overcome. Never being inside before when it was empty, the feelings and emotions were overwhelming. It was Goodison and it's presence was unmistakable. I shed a few tears. This was my Goodison. Home of My team and a ground full of memories. It's a feeling I will never forget as long as I live. Goodison is alive believe me. It's Spirit will be badly missed and we can only hope that BMD will develop its own in short order.

PS: I loved you short term memory jibe - priceless.

Paul Kossoff
132 Posted 19/06/2024 at 14:59:47
Does anyone else smell a rat in these fixtures? We are playing the same teams in December that we play in April. Are the premier League still after us?

Tue 3 Dec – Wolverhampton Wanderers (h)
Sat 7 Dec – Liverpool (h)
Sat 14 Dec – Arsenal (a)
Sat 21 Dec – Chelsea (h)
Thur 26 Dec – Manchester City (a)
Sun 29 Dec – Nottingham Forest (h)

Wed 2 Apr – Liverpool (a)
Sat 5 Apr – Arsenal (h)
Sat 12 Apr – Nottingham Forest (a)
Sat 19 Apr – Manchester City (h)
Sat 26 Apr – Chelsea (a)

Lynn Maher
133 Posted 19/06/2024 at 15:07:34
Same here Christine.
Andrew Ellams
134 Posted 19/06/2024 at 15:26:39
Paul K. Are you accusing the PL of making us play the same teams twice?
Ray Roche
135 Posted 19/06/2024 at 15:48:51
Andrew, don’t be absurd. As if! 🤦🏼‍♂️
Paul Ferry
136 Posted 19/06/2024 at 17:35:19
Nice try Gripes of Rath. You're wrong on Lime St - little bit cobwebby up there. Unlike you, I never missed a match wherever it was until I crossed the ocean. Nice try though, full of pathos.
Brent Stephens
137 Posted 19/06/2024 at 18:07:27
Jeez, I’ve just realised that the Premier League have been doing this for years - making us play the same teams twice! Corrupt as feck!
Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
138 Posted 19/06/2024 at 18:32:00
'corse Brent. Because they actually make us play the top 8 four times and then 9-11 twice and we never play the teams at the bottom.
Tony Abrahams
139 Posted 19/06/2024 at 18:39:15
Your opinion of Goodison Pk, is a lot different from mine Martin F.

It’s a place with a lot of memories, and whenever I drive past the stadium, my thoughts always drift towards someone or something that I have witnessed at this very old, but still very beautiful, decrepit stadium!

I agree with that post Jack, and remember agreeing with Peter Mills, when he said he could feel the spirits inside Goodison pk.

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
140 Posted 19/06/2024 at 18:49:43
For those who would like a ready reckoner.

Last Season's results would give us
August P3 4 points
September P3 2 points (= 6 by end Sept)
October P3 6 points (= 12 by end Oct)
November P4 7 points (= 19 by end Nov)
December P6 9 points (= 28 by end of year)
January P4 3 points (= 31 by end Jan)
February P4 6 points (= 37 by end Feb)
March P2 null points (= 37 by end March)
April P5 3 points (= 40 by end April)
May P4 8 points (= finish on 48)

Pretty scary March and April where based on last season we only beat Forest (a) and lost the other 6, although April is Liverpool, Arsenal, City and Chelsea. May we won 2 drew 2. So we could have reached safety by end Feb!

With Spurs and Villa our first two away games then 13 away games without a win is a distinct possibility to match Fat Frank in 22/23. Don't beat Leicester and into matching FSW's record in 21/22. Don't beat Ipswich and we are into Koeman territory. No away win in the first 8 games then worst ever beating Dave Watson/HK MkIII in those dark days.

Marcus Leigh
141 Posted 19/06/2024 at 19:38:14
I know people who believe, absolutely, that the past is the past and that anything that happened in the past is nothing more than a memory. The events that took place in the past are just facts, devoid of emotion. And they have every right to hold those views. After all, we are each of us different in our own way.

I was a season ticket holder at Goodison Park from being a young teenager in the early ‘70s (my dad took me to my first match at Goodison in the late ‘60s) until a decade or so ago when I moved away from the North-West to put down roots elsewhere. If I can scrounge a couple of tickets from an old mate, me and my brother try and take in a match or two every season.

These days I live in a remote rural location surrounded by history that includes everything from neolithic burial cysts and forts to Roman roads and the sites of abandoned medieval villages. It's impossible not to feel the sense of history. Of the past.

Whenever I go back to the Grand Old Lady, I get the same tingle in my skin. This is where important events took place, both good and bad. Just like the forts and the burials and the abandoned villages, it's where people came together with common purpose and shared beliefs. It's where stuff that mattered happened.

Will I miss Goodison Park? Of course. Do I wish we were staying there for old-time's sake? No. The world changes and moves on, it always has. But that tingle will still be with me whenever I'm reminded of the place.

Barry Rathbone
142 Posted 19/06/2024 at 19:48:50
Ha! Feral, you're such a blustering buffoon your propensity for lies extends to ignoring "lime st" in your quote. As for " bone legged chicken", what an utter clown

The notion you are involved in education beggars belief.

Alastair Donaldson
143 Posted 19/06/2024 at 21:50:49
This will be the PL twits last chance to fine us for the pitch invasion.. before the move!

Haven’t been since 2005, but fantastic memories, mainly from 85. Never getting a ticket for this one but will be there in spirit.


Ernie Baywood
144 Posted 20/06/2024 at 03:44:16
Interesting viewpoint Martin F.

As a fellow expat my trips back to Goodison have always felt as much about the old lady as anything else.

To be honest, I miss very little about England - except for going to Goodison. It's home to me and for the last twenty years, every time I've been there and the final whistle blows, I've taken one last look around just in case it's my last time there.

My last time really was my last time and, almost a year out, I'm feeling that already.

I'm aware that I might just be a sentimental young boobie.

James Marshall
145 Posted 20/06/2024 at 09:54:33
I see a few posts about music on here - am I alone in hoping hey ditch all the old songs played at Goodison once we move to Bramley Moore?

Grand Old Team and all that at the end of games needs to be left to history in my view, and the same goes for all the other 50 year old songs they bleat out. I'd even get rid of Z Cars if I was in charge.

Ditch all the old shite, and modernise finally.

Mick O'Malley
146 Posted 20/06/2024 at 14:07:24
We'll have to change the words to "Spirit of the Blues", To "Come on Come on get down to Bramley Moor Dock, Whoooo", I'll have to admit I despise that song, I find the "Whooo" bit embarrassing along with the "We don't know the meaning of losing" which over the last few seasons should be changed to winning. I'd like us to keep the siren and Z cars. I'm gutted we're leaving Goodison, some of my Happiest Memories have happened at Goodison, Destroying United 5-0, in 85, Bayern Munich semi final beating Villa in the Milk Cup semi, Trevor Steven and Andy Gray finishing off sweeping moves against Sunderland, shaking the Great Howard Kendalls hand outside the main stand before his first game as manager against Birmingham, we won 3-1, Wayne Rooney's goal, Andy Johnson's double against the other shower in the 3-0 win, I will miss Goodison but what a fantastic stadium we have to replace it, somewhere new for present and future fans to cherish and make lasting memories 💙
Michael Styles
147 Posted 20/06/2024 at 19:08:31
I can confirm Danny @ 94. My Dad had 2 season tickets in the Upper Bullens on the half way line for him and me. He couldn’t go one Saturday ( late 1963 or 1964) I took my mate from school and he spotted Macca with his Dad around row S or T. We went up at HT and my mate said to Macca “ how are you getting’ on? “ Macca said “ left leg over first “ Meant nothing to a 10/11 year old who had led a sheltered life ( still do). I have so many happy memories from my first game in 1960. UTFT!
Alex Parr
148 Posted 21/06/2024 at 03:35:24
My first game was EFC v Southampton in May 1986. I absolutely have to get tickets for the EFC v Southampton May 2025 game!
Martin Farrington
149 Posted 21/06/2024 at 09:35:48
I am glad my post garnered reflection and emotion and thoughtful, eloquent replies.
You all agree that the most overwhelming sensation is a memory of an event, occasion or occurrence.
They (hopefully) will remain as long as your faculties.
If I may, when you are either going to the match every home game or returning from abroad for a one off game, it will of course bring tingles and excitement.
But that is because it is the match. You are seeing Everton. Everton has the most genuine and loving of all fans in the world, which includes you.
Upon approach and seeing the old bricks and mortar of the Gwladys Street or Bullens Road. The 70's towering corrugated and brick Main Stand or the New build Park End, will of course bring an intake of breath and warm feeling. And also a feeling of "thank fk. That long hike to get here is over."
Goodison is in a nightmare place for all transportation to and from. Parking you all know.
So viewing its stands peeping above the roofs of the terraced housing after the long walk brings mixed positive emotions.
I dare say that maybe (apart from the industrial hike) most will feel exactly the same upon approach to BMD with the possibility of a more vibrant buzz for the eye candy stadium.
Goodison has had many facelifts and alterations. The turf aint the same stuff some of our legends stood upon in battle.
Like an old tenament block. Full of cherished memories. The families have long since moved to newer modern more suitable homes.
Lets be realistic too. The last three decades in her have been terrible. Little to celebrate other than avoiding the drop on numerous occasions. It hasnt been the happiest home.
Goodison has had its day. Lets do what we do best. Support our team and then say our goodbye's with no sorrow or regrets whilst looking ahead to something new, exciting and holds a bright and better future.
Dave Abrahams
150 Posted 21/06/2024 at 09:55:15
Martin (149), Yes I think your original post made a lot of fans stop and think.

We are all different in our emotions, some show them more than others who may have the same feelings but keep them hidden.

I don’t know how I will react on that final day, I know I will think, as I often do, of the people I went to the game with from the very beginning in 1948 right up to now, lots of them gone including my mate Mick who I often think about and our times following the Blues which never fail to make me smile.

I think Goodison Park will packed inside and out on that final day and tickets will be like gold and no matter the result lots tears will coming down lots of faces as we leave The Grand Old Lady for the last time.

Keep posting Martin you always talk a lot of sense and make food for thought.

Martin Farrington
151 Posted 21/06/2024 at 12:04:11
Dave you made my day there.
More than an away win at Wimbledon in the Simod Cup.
Compliments don't come better my friend.
Danny O’Neill
152 Posted 21/06/2024 at 12:22:24
Dave, I think you and Tony will have to hold me up on that last day. I can't bear thinking about it and I've only been going since 1976.

I can't imagine walking away from her.

As you say, it won't just be Goodison Park, the streets will be rammed with very emotional people.

We are doing the right thing, but for generations, this going to be painful.

Rokas Grajauskas
153 Posted 23/06/2024 at 09:36:00
Saw a rumor online that the final home game will also be broadcasted on a huge screen at Bramley Moore? Has anyone heard anything about this?
Brian Williams
154 Posted 23/06/2024 at 09:57:44
Rokas. No that's not happening mate.

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