Everton is a massive part my life, and always has been. But sometimes other things take over, even for me.

My wife passed away yesterday at a relatively young age. The fighter she was, she fought to the end, but sadly, she didn’t make it, even though I said I would take her to Goodison.

We met in Germany and never looked back. Our first day out was a bit rocky. We headed to a theme park in Belgium. My treat. I stopped to fill up and insisted she paid half of the cost. She looked at me, but I told her equality was equality.

We had great times in Germany, Cyprus and Italy. She had to live in Speke with my mother, which I think was a bit of a shock, but we moved to Woolton, a place she liked. My son went to nursery at St Christophers in Speke before going to Much Woolton school. She worked at Anfield, which was handy for derby tickets, even though my sister won’t give me them now as she doesn’t trust me!

She was eventually happy in Liverpool, but was always a West Midlands girl who took me for my first Indian meal and introduced me to a whole new type of food. Her dad used to take me to a pub in a place called Gornal for those who know it. I have to confess, I could barely understand what the locals were saying.

She hated Everton, mostly because of my almost uncontrolled obsession, but she let me get on with it. She fought against Everton all of our 32 years together. It was a losing battle, but I will carry an Aston Villa banner to her funeral. I promised not to put anything Everton over her. She would wake from the grave if I did.

Light-hearted, at least she now can’t follow through her promise that she would scatter my ashes over Anfield.

Probably her worst Everton moment was when we stayed up against Wimbledon and, alongside another friend, she and his wife had to escort us both home as we were muttering to each other and had had one too many.

God rest my Melanie. We had great times and I know you deep down liked Everton. She will curse me for saying that.

You always asked me who I loved the most. You or Everton. I always told you it’s just different. Well you know it was always you.

Sorry for my rambling. Emotional times.