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Everton Books - In Search of Duncan Ferguson

 In Search of Duncan Ferguson
The Life and Crimes of a Footballing Enigma
Alan Pattullo, 2009.  
Mainstream;  (240 pages)  ISBN: 978-1-84596-392-7

Duncan Ferguson came to prominence at an early age, making his international debut for Scotland aged just 20. A tall, lean striker with the world at his feet, Ferguson seemed destined to develop into one of Scotland's most successful exports but anger, and a number of injuries, arguably hampered his progress.

Ferguson has scored the most goals of any Scot in the Premier League, but he also shares the record for Premiership red cards with Patrick Vieira (eight). This figure is one greater than the caps he earned for Scotland, despite having made such an impact on his debut.

In 1994, he became the first professional footballer to be jailed for an offence committed on the pitch. It earned him a three-month stretch in Glasgow's infamous Barlinnie Prison, of which he served forty-four days. Understandably bruised by the experience, he walked away from the Scotland international team and blanked the media from then on.

Featuring contributions from numerous top players, this explosive biography uncovers the real Duncan Ferguson. The author delves into Ferguson's personal and professional life and reveals that there is more to the man than the media portrayal of him as a Scottish hard man.

During a time of relegation battles every other campaign, when the club was in dire straits and needed someone to look up to, this guy delivered when he could. Sold to keep the club afloat and then bought back for a song.

For those that had season tickets during the 90s and where too young to enjoy the 60s, 70s & 80s, this guy gave you heart to watch some of the worst football to grace the Goodison pitch.

There are too many classic Duncan moments to choose only one! All I can say is that Goodison has not been the same since he left and I don't think it ever will be.

He has obviously got a few critics but who else could change a game like he could? Who else could put the fear of god up defences across the country? Who else in the modern game would take a 15 grand pay cut to come back with his tattoo still proudly embedded in his arm? Nobody!

Duncan is a legend, nobody has been worthy of the Number 9 shirt since!

Long live the Legend that was DUNCAN FERGUSON.

Price: 9.99   Published: 2 October 2009


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