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ToffeeNet Mailing List

The long-surviving email discussion list for Evertonians

ToffeeNet, run in conjunction with, is the mailing list for discerning Evertonians. If you've been part of the Everton online community with which the name ToffeeNet is synonymous for some time, you'll know that the list has quite a history, but you should also be aware that the subscription instructions have changed.

To sign up e-mail
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This page has everything you need to know about joining, leaving and living on the ToffeeNet list. If you are or want to be a ToffeeNet subscriber, please remember this address: which will bring you to this page.

List Guidelines
Frequently Asked Questions
ToffeeNet Nostalgia

The ToffeeNet Discussion List

The word discussion more or less sums up the intent behind the establishment of ToffeeNet in that the list is meant to be the antithesis of the more irreverent and boisterous Evertonia (the mailing list, not the old website!) or the depths to which the first incarnation of ToffeeNet sank before its demise in mid-1998.  Some of the unique characters and pranks that defined the earlier incarnation of the mailing list were recently captured in this posting from the highly esteemed Professor Paul Preston, OBE our most revered and respected contributor.

ToffeeNet is intended more as a forum for news, information, discussion and debate as opposed to general chat and banter.  If the latter is your bag, then Evertonia is for you.

In order to preserve a good on-list atmosphere, this list is moderated along a set of friendly guidelines that you are requested to follow as much as possible.  Common sense and a healthy respect for your fellow Blues and the character of the list will render these restrictions pretty meaningless but please read the following all the same:

ToffeeNet list guidelines:

ToffeeNet is a busy list. For many of the 300-odd subscribers it's their chief source of information about the club so we try and keep things as orderly as possible. Basically, we ask you to limit the number of posts you make to the list to as few as possible per day. There is an art to condensing all your replies to one post per day and people will love you for it! Remember that the majority of subscribers have to pay dial-up charges so the more messages that are posted, the more they have to download or sift through.

Personal slanging matches (a.k.a. flame wars), racist or prejudicial behaviour have no place on ToffeeNet and the latter two are strictly forbidden. Contravention of these guidelines may result in you being warned about your conduct or thrown off the list for the good of the other subscribers.

The posting of news flashes, media reports and rumours are all welcome on ToffeeNet and actively encouraged.  Score-flashes during games are unnecessary as most people will be on IRC or the Forum.

In the case of news stories and match reports, PLEASE quote your source wherever possible.  The source will often have a bearing on how truthful or reliable the story might be!

In the case of rumours, the source would be nice to know but cannot always be given freely.  This right to confidence is acknowledged but may not be very well respected!

ToffeeNet Content:

Anything posted to ToffeeNet (except press news, stories and reports etc) technically belongs to the person who posted it.  Please ask the author for permission before posting their content to another list, discussion forum or web site.  An exception is made for the ToffeeWeb site because we operate the list, and will make use of information or reports for the benefit of our website readers.  Obviously we do this with discretion, and will respond to any reasonable request to remove contentious material from the website that was obtained via Toffeenet.

Region-specific posts concerning possible meet-ups and get-togethers should be prefaced at the top of the message with something like the following, for example:

Subject:  NTAS Australia Branch

Posting binary attachments

Images and/or executable files or anything non-text sent to the list is now automatically stripped out by the server. This was an unfortunately necessary step to prevent the spread of viruses. To share binary files, use either the ToffeeNet Files or Photos sections provided by YahooGroups (you will need to be a registered YahooGroups user to gain access to this section) or host them on a personal website and post the link to the list.

Subscriber moderation:

The list has so far been an intelligent and friendly forum that has required very little moderation thus far and has surpassed all expectations in this respect.

Contravention of the guidelines may result in a "3 strikes-and-you're-out penalty system" if it is thought to be absolutely necessary.

How to subscribe/unsubscribe:

Post message:



List owner:

Reading on the Web:

How to post to the list:

If you are having problems:

If this page does not provide the answers, please contact the listowner by visiting the contact us page if you are having problems subscribing, unsubscribing, receiving messages etc.


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