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Duncan Ferguson
Nick Armitage tells Everton fans a few home truths about the Big Yin

27 September 2003

Back to full fitness

Last season there were many who called for the tearing up of Fergusons contract.  Certain members of the local press instigated a witch-hunt to oust him and his apparent lack of commitment was even spun out into a full article in one broadsheet.  His reluctance to talk to the media further fuelled their appetite to see him finished.

Lets not forget that these journalists were the ones who wanted us to keep Walter Smith.  These journalists describe Gravesen as a tough tackler.  These journalists flew into a frenzy when eight men pushed each other for eight seconds at the Theatre of Dreams last week.

This season Ive seen fans walk out of Goodison because Duncan Ferguson has taken to the pitch in a blue shirt.  Fans have labelled him a disgrace, scum and a thief for daring to take a salary to which he is perfectly entitled.

Strangely enough I didnt see a single Everton fan not cheering after he scored his last minute penalty that earned us a point against Newcastle.

What people dont see, or what they dont want to see, is what really happens.

Unfortunately for us and for Duncan Ferguson he has been desperately, desperately unlucky with injuries during both spells at the club.  I get the feeling that some fans think he has enjoyed his time on the sidelines.  No sane man alive could have enjoyed the sheer volume of surgery, intensive physiotherapy and gruelling rehabilitation that he has had to go through, no matter how much money they earned through it.

Whether he should have been resigned is irrelevant, he was and he is an Everton player for the remainder of his contract.  What salary he has earned or is currently earning is what was offered to him by the club, not us, so get over it.  If he is earning too much then its because the game is sick, not him.  There are players who have taken plenty and given absolutely nothing to Everton.  Im sorry but Duncan Ferguson isnt even near to being in that category.

I wish fans would give the big man a break.  Im the first one to admit that hes no angel and has in the past been his own worst enemy, but those afflicted with short memories seem to forget that he kept us in the Premiership during the dark days.  I dread to think where our great club would be now without him and without Kevin Campbell.  They both deserve some respect.

Duncan Ferguson is now approaching full fitness. Because he is fit, every time he has played this season he has been our best player and to be honest its been a joy to watch.  If what has been said is true, then it finally appears that the root cause of his appalling injury record has been found and at long last corrected.

For those fans that cant see further than the end of their own nose just remember a very simple fact, Duncan Ferguson fully fit is the best player at Everton Football Club.

Nick Armitage

Sender: Lisa Butterworth

I would just like to respond to the comments made by Nick Armitage by saying that I am in total agreement with everything he said about the big man!  I am a huge Everton fan and that also means being a huge Duncan fan!  I find it very frustrating going to the match week-in and week-out and hearing fans shouting about what a waste of space he is. 

Fans are very fickle and only seem to have a very short memory! It is about time fans backed their players as Duncan always gives 100% to every game he plays and this has shown in the last two games against Stockport and Leeds.  I would also like to add well done to James McFadden for his performance on Sunday, and the performances of each and every player in a blue shirt.  They looked as though they were wearing their shirts with pride which lifted the spirits of the fans, and brought a well deserved win at a crucial time!!

2003 ToffeeWeb


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