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Crossing the Rubicon

By Dave   Arrow  ::  15/04/2012   38 Comments (ğLast) I?ve taken 24 hours to reflect on Saturday?s abject capitulation; however, my opinion hasn?t changed from the one I expressed to mates immediately after the game ? and was roundly derided as having a jerky knee...

Most of the lads I go with haven?t missed a home or away game this season and I?ve clocked up 12 aways so we are all hopefully well placed to provide an objective opinion on what the consequences of this result should be. I now find myself at odds with mates whose opinions I value highly; the Rubicon that has been crossed is David Moyes.

I have been in the pro-Moyes camp for 10 years but the good-will and tolerance has run out after Saturday. For me, going into the game, his debit column was greater than his credits this season and the only way he would reverse this in my mind was winning the FA Cup.

After the dire first half of the season and his Indiana Jones ?knife at a gunfight? quote, he had a good January window and something clicked. We built some momentum and were getting stronger until he decided to throw the Castle Grey Skull derby. This decision proved two things to me about David Moyes:

  1. Firstly, even after 10 years, he doesn?t understand what it means to us;
  2. Secondly, he is just too comfortable in the job. He might only have a knife but he does have a bulletproof vest as far as Kenwright is concerned.
Then out of nowhere we produced performances at Swansea, the best quality I?ve seen in many a year and Sunderland, the most tenacious. Followed up by some really attractive performances, consequently I went in to the semi-final not forgiving the derby surrender but prepared to forget.

Having followed Everton for 45 years, I should have known better than to go into a derby with confidence but I did. It just felt like it was going to be our day, providing we went into it with a positive attitude and concentrated on our strengths rather than trying to nullify theirs.

We went into the game on a crest and had nothing to fear but fear itself. Before the game, we all picked the same starting 11 so no complaints there... but what unfolded was horrendous and wasn?t acceptable on any level.

Let?s not kid ourselves, we were fortunate to go ahead but, when we did, we should have pressed the advantage home. The second half was the worst I have ever endured against them and we have no-one to blame this time but ourselves. Apart from Jelavic and Fellaini, the rest should hang their heads.

No bottle and no pride and we made an average team look good. Yes, we made two fatal mistakes but they had 3 or 4 other clear cut opportunities that they didn?t take whilst their 3rd choice keeper could have got his deckchair out.

You could smell our fear and we stunk the place out. When Distin, the French Yobo, self-combusted, how many Evertonians really believed we would go on and win the game? The players certainly didn?t.

?I thought we would see it out? gave away what the half-time team talk was and speaks volumes about David Moyes?s philosophy ? and it is this approach that has finally broken me.

In all my time following Everton, through occasional thick but mainly thin, I?ve never booed the players or called for the manager to be sacked and I don?t intend to start now. But I do think that David Moyes should call it quits after the Newcastle game. We all know that Kenwright won?t sack him so, as a man of immense integrity, he should look deep into his soul and not his bank balance and walk away.

Yes, I know all the well-rehearsed arguments about retaining the status quo? "Be careful what you wish for"? "We?ll go in to free fall without him holding us together..." but now is the time to recognise that we should be given the opportunity to take this calculated risk. It will only happen though if David Moyes deems that it will happen. And, no if it does happen, I don?t know who we?ll get to take over... but I know we?ll have plenty to choose from.

During his 10 years, David Moyes gave us our pride back but progressively this season he has taken it away from us again and I can?t see him changing. Saturday encapsulated it for me: he had the chance to right some wrongs but reverted to type and we got what we deserved.

Do I think change will happen? On balance no and all this article will do is get me the dog?s abuse from mates who have kept the faith.

The paradox is that I?ll be renewing mine and my daughter?s season tickets later this week and will still do my share of aways next season because I follow Everton, whoever plays for us or manages us.

Stay or go, nothing will take away the taint following the disgrace that Saturday represented, and there is only one man responsible for that. Which is why this particular Evertonian has crossed the Rubicon and is now looking at things from the other side of the river bank.

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Reader Comments

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Bob Willis
934   Posted 15/04/2012 at 19:25:00

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Dave Arrow, I commend your post.

Spot on, I feel exactly the same but I cannot claim to be an away supporter.

I do not agree with your Distin comments - yes be cocked it - but!!!

Everything else I am in total agreement with. Moyes should really look deep into himself and come up with the only answer available to him!.

David Smith
941   Posted 15/04/2012 at 19:26:37

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Good article Dave, I agree entirely.

I'm starting to think that Moyes is a PR master, akin to David Cameron. The leading character in one of Kenwright's odious productions. The more time goes on the more I am beginning to lose trust in him, I really don't think he cares about the feelings of the fans,either that or he doesn't understand the ramifications of loosing derbies.

I went to the game yesterday and I still feel utterly deflated, what an anti-climax. I bet you Moyes' wife has the same feeling on their Anniversary: every year, she expects and hopes it might be different, but each time it's a tin of baked beans and Tesco flowers from the reduced aisle.

I can't get the images of Coleman scything down Gerrard, Caveman rising, the ball going into the net and that 1 second of silence as the sound travels from the opposite end of the ground to my seat.

Bollocks ? what a wasted opportunity.
Charles Barrow
960   Posted 15/04/2012 at 19:48:17

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I agree ?- what a wasted opportunity! Moyes has some explaining to do, but won't as he thinks he's untouchable as the media and Kenwright keep on telling him 'what a great job he's doing'.

I've been supporting the blues since the 1960s and seen great sides and shite sides (and managers). But, unlike quite a few fans, I have never been a great fan of Moyes ? I think he's poor tactically, plays out-of-form players for too long (like Cahill), out of position (Anichebe et al), seems to mistrust youth (Barkley), makes bizarre substitutions usually with minutes to go, and ? worst of all ? has a defensive mindset, which becomes a seige mentality when we go one-nil up ? a tactic that very rarely results in a win; usually a narrow defeat.

The worst indictment of yesteday's result was when a red told me this morning that he thought Liverpool 'were there for the taking' and that Liverpool would have folded under pressure after the first goal. But what did the Blues do? ? press on and humiliate Liverpool for once? No, they defended and so lost all offensive momentum, so it was only a matter of time before the RS scored. A very sad day.
Tony Marsh
968   Posted 15/04/2012 at 20:13:24

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Good read, Dave. Like me and many others, you and your pals have put the time and effort in to watching the Blues whenever possible. I remember being shite loads of times in the past but there was always a feeling of optimism and we actually enjoyed the experience of watching us play. Now it's horrible and dreary. It's no fun at all. The enjoyment has been sucked out of the club, players and fans by the MANAGER.

What is the point of it all if the manager has convinced himself and his players that winning games is only for the elite? Why continue if we must bow down and shit our kecks every time a Red Shite team takes to the pitch? Why play not to lose and think winning doesn't really matter?? I just don't get none of it.

As for the tactics, Moyes has and his obsession with long-ball shite why not play hoofball but have 3 up front? We by-pass the midfield anyway and at least if one of ours wins the header, some twat might get on the end of it... I mean what was Jelly suppossed to do when he won a long ball yesterday??? Head it down to himself beat 3 men then score???

How much more fucking Idiotic can Moyes get??
Brian Waring
975   Posted 15/04/2012 at 20:26:43

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My other half made a good point, she said "he'll be the death of you" (Moyes)
Sean Patton
995   Posted 15/04/2012 at 21:05:25

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He is not going anywhere this summer maybe please god he wont sign a new contract and leave when his deal runs out.

Like the Anfield debacle he doesnt realise or accept he made a mistake he couldnt give a shit nor do the players about losing 3 derbies in a single season.

The errors from Distin and Coleman were bound to happen when you try and defend a 1-0 lead it is the refusal to try something different that grates, its clear this gameplan does not work but Moyes still ploughs that furrow.

James Stewart
999   Posted 15/04/2012 at 21:23:51

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Moyes broke me a long time ago. Newcastle at home 0-1 defeat was when I said enough was enough. Nothing since has made me regret that decision.
Kunal Desai
019   Posted 15/04/2012 at 21:49:38

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I find it incredible that a player who hasn't performed for the last 2-3 seasons now is still a regular in the side. It's not as though Cahill is even used from the bench, he gets a starting role in every game, his contribution has been fuck all and with his goals drying up it beggars belieft what a manager see's he really offers. Would any of the 19 managers still persist with a player who has been so out of form for this long? I doubt it.
Dick Fearon
033   Posted 15/04/2012 at 22:04:27

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Moyes is running out of excuses: this season, he has blamed the weather, the officials, the state of the pitch, divine intervention, the FA fixtures, lack of cash, the 'knife to a gunfight'... and now he is turning on his own players.

Not once has he owned up to any fault of his own, not even a tiny one.
Peter Mills
058   Posted 15/04/2012 at 22:25:14

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I try to be measured in my reaction to the performance of our team, but that is very difficult after yesterday. I saw our capitulation in the same way as most people, we had a golden opportunity to go for the jugular in the second half but chose not to. I can only assume that is down to whatever the manager said to the players at half-time.

As I was the driver for the day, I sat down on my own an hour after the match while the boys had a few lagers. My reflection was that I had just witnessed a re-enactment of the 1971 semi-final. Since that day, apart from a few seasons out of 40, I have been disappointed on so many big occasions, particularly against Liverpool.

The club just does not have the mental strength to beat them; as soon as something goes wrong (the referee disallows a last minute winner, the referee does not spot a handball on the line), we cave in. However, even when something goes right ( Lineker scores first against them, McCall equalises in the last minute, Jelavic gives us the lead) - we still cave in

The only thing of real strength about Everton Football Club is the support, and listen up you millionaire manager and players: you don't deserve us. I was by the corner flag near the front when Distin came over holding his hands up. I turned my back on him, which was ungracious of me but I doubt he will be agonising over the match in 40 years time. I probably won't be alive to do so, but my son and daughters will be.

There, I feel a fraction better for offloading that and getting it off my chest.
Brian Denton
063   Posted 15/04/2012 at 23:14:09

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Peter Mills - you and me both. I remember that semi-final like it was yesterday. Also my dad had come up on the horses or something a few weeks before, so he took me to the Panathinaikos European Cup QF game in Greece. Knocked out of the European Cup on Wednesday (or maybe Tuesday, can't remember) and then knocked out of the FA Cup S-F by the RS on the Saturday. Set the pattern for my Everton supporting life ....!
Andy Hegan
069   Posted 15/04/2012 at 23:46:00

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James Stewart, you should have seen the Bolton game!
Christopher Leyland
075   Posted 15/04/2012 at 23:52:17

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I've supported Everton from birth- I'm 41. My first game was in 1977. One of my first memories was the Clive Thomas Semi., I wasn't there but I can remember what happened. Since then we have always been second best to Liverpool. Even when we briefly stepped out of their shadow in the mid 80's we soon reverted to type.

We had a fantastic team in 85/86 and we were reigning champions, head and shoulders above everyone else. We had signed a 40 goal a season striker. What happened? We lost the double to the other mob. I was at the 86 final and it hurt like hell. But somehow yesterday hurt even more. We had not only the opportunity but we also had the better form going into the game.

This was it, our chance to lay some of those ghosts to rest. A chance to show that we won't always be in their shadow. A chance to bury their season and make ours. A chance to show that despite what everyone says, it isn't all about money and team spirit and togetherness counts. But is was a chance we blew and one we blew without it being the refs fault or a cheating gobshite from the other side.

Christ, we even scored an offside goal to lead at half time. For me the blame lies at Moyes door for this and his negative sneak-one attitude but it also lies with the players too. They were on the pitch and they could have chosen not to sit back and defend but instead they could have chosen to press higher up the pitch to not drop deep, to not constantly give the ball back to the shite and to not give away needless free kicks in dangerous positions.

However, I also blame history and our own views of what we are and who we are. This runs through then club from the staff to the fans. We are forever in their shadow and will always be unless and until we find a way to rid ourselves of the inferiority complex that pervades all of us.

Mark Riding
077   Posted 16/04/2012 at 00:19:07

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Christopher.. your 3rd paragraph sums it up perfectly for me as well..
We werent even cheated..
Andrew Keatley
079   Posted 16/04/2012 at 00:05:10

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Excellent article.

I think the capitulation at Wembley was very much of Moyes' making. He's done relatively well for an extended period of time with limited resources, but in my opinion he is not capable of moving the club much further. But worse than that - I think Moyes thinks the same. He's like a poker player who does not want to pay to see the flop until he has a pair of face cards; and with that kind of safety-first approach you run the risk of missing good opportunities. Fortune favours the brave and all that - and Moyes spends a lot of his time cowering in the corner.

We have to believe that there is a manager out there who is capable of taking us into a game like an FA Cup Semi-Final with Liverpool - and not spending those 90 minutes paralysed with the fear of failure.

I also thought the way that Moyes spoke about Coleman in one post-match interview - saying that he made "a poor decision" - was unhelpful, and left him out to dry. Chastise him on Monday morning away from the TV cameras by all means - the challenge was a poor decision - but in truth I think he passed the buck, when on this occasion the buck actually stops with him.
Dennis Stevens
082   Posted 16/04/2012 at 00:59:07

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Sporting Lisbon (Away) was the occasion of my losing any remaining faith in Moyes. My only expectation of him now is that he will keep us in the top flight, probably in the top half & occasionally challenge for a european spot - achieving one or having a cup run are bonuses. I have no expectation of Everton ever winning anything whilst he's manager.
Tom Fazal
089   Posted 16/04/2012 at 01:51:06

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You live up to your name Dave, an arrow straight to the heart of the matter - a great post which is very well written.

No abuse from me, I look forward to meeting you across the river.

Adam Cunliffe
149   Posted 16/04/2012 at 10:17:49

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I don?t know what I want anymore. And I think many Evertonians are in exactly the same boat. I was there in the Green Man pub, full of optimism. Ringing my Dad during ?Everton oh we love Everton.? Then at half time; I paid £4.50 for a beer but didn?t give a fuck as it went flying everywhere to a chorus of ?Jela Jela Jelavic.? I saw a little kid, no older than about 3 on his Dad?s shoulders and his face was just pure Joy. Honest to God. I saw him again after the game, still on his Dad?s shoulders only this time he was in bits. I just thought to myself ?Why oh why do we put ourselves through this?? there is very rarely pleasure in following Everton these days.
Sitting there, in bits with my flag draped over me, as they sang YNWA was the loneliest feeling ever. I waited for the lad who I went the match with in the concourse after the game and we just didn?t say anything, he just gave me a massive hug as it was obvious he?d been crying too and needed one too! I?m 18ffs, yet I just KNOW we?ll never ever ever do it on a big stage. Ever.
I?m moving to Sheffield for uni this September, and although I know I?ll miss it so much when I?m gone, I?m almost glad I don?t have to put myself through it. That I can follow from afar for a few years. God help me when I?m 21 though, because I?ll move back to Merseyside and put myself through it all again. Yet Moyes will still be manager, Kenwright still Chairman, Everton finishing about 8th and we?ll still be second fiddle to the shite.
NIL SATIS NISI OPTIMUM? There just isn?t any happiness in following us anymore, and that?s the worst part about it all.
Yet I?ll be there at Old fucking Trafford, and I don?t know why. Oh to be an Evertonian. It?s just a life of false hope, no explanations and massive contradictions.
Jason Lam
151   Posted 16/04/2012 at 09:50:54

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What an excellent article. You Sir are the one keeping the faith. You're willing to question what the fuck is going on. That is a brave act of your love for Everton. To not accept second best for our Everton.

The best thing that came from this game is shedding light on the true sadness of Moyes and what he's done to Everton, on a very public stage. I too can only hope for better days ahead. But I won't be holding my breath. For all our mocking of the redshite they played with honour in their red shirts. It meant to their players, it meant to Bellamy, master of club transfers, of all people! Moyes boasts about our togetherness and team spirit, players that have been at the club for aeons, and when it matters most poof! the spirit has gone like a lame fart.
Dave Arrow
159   Posted 16/04/2012 at 10:58:23

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Are we now beginning to see the first worms turning in the media?

Most of the influential football journalists are assigned the big teams every week and get to see us play about 4 or 5 times a year, because they rarely set foot in Goodison.

So, their opinion of Everton is generally based on the plucky, backs to the wall underdog approach that we usually take when we play most big teams away.

On Saturday however we were in the spotlight and they saw us for what we were.

They know Liverpool are a poor team but they saw an Everton side that was scared of them. One that was over coached, drilled to defend deep and get behind the ball when we scored whilst displaying zero attacking ambition.

Tony Marsh made the point about Jelavic being more and more isolated as the game progressed and how many times have we seen that with a lone striker? Hoof ball out of defence, by pass midfield and guess what it comes straight back at us.

If the media love affair with David Moyes is beginning to show some cracks, perhaps something good might come out of Saturday?s debacle after all.
Peter Green
191   Posted 16/04/2012 at 12:25:33

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I have been anti-Moyes for the last few years. The mis-spending of the Lescott money was criminal ? we were crying out for pace and he bought two defenders and an attacking midfielder who he played out of position for his entire spell at the club.

I know this won't be very popular but I actually think he is starting to take us in the right direction again and I think next year we will qualify for the CL.

I feel he gets more things right than he does wrong. And I feel he should be given a bit of a break by some fans.
Stephen Kenny
212   Posted 16/04/2012 at 13:32:19

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You seem a very middle-of-the-road Evertonian which most on here aren't. I think Moyes has burnt his bridges with the majority after this season, regardless of where we finish or who we beat when it doesn't matter.
Anthony Hawkins
223   Posted 16/04/2012 at 13:22:17

Report abuse

There's a LOT wrong at Everton right now. A LOT.

For a number of seasons it's been easy to see there's been limited money and then no money. That's not even an excuse on the table any more. Particularly since January we've had the squad. A GOOD squad to take on most if not all teams. We're lacking top quality in a few areas such as rightback but the overal squad makes up for that.

The Drenthe situation really annoyed and annoys me. Just how far do you go in chastising a player? So far that it ruins all hope for progressing the team? If he was that bad he should have missed the final, not the semi's.

At one point Osman made me laugh AT HIM in a hysterical manner. Because the lines weren't being used, he came inside to get the ball. Okay, I thought. THEN he went to pass the ball out wide TO WHERE HE SHOULD HAVE BEEN!! You're passing to yourself, lad - what is that all about???

Fellaini played his arse off. Gibson did well but is clearly not up to speed.

Even Baines seemed a little out of sorts and no one - absolutely no one wanted to take players on. They'd go forward and literarily stop when confronted with a red shirt. WHY?? I've seen Baines and Gueye skin players before. I've even seen Osman give it some. But Saturday, nothing.

Did the players get stage fright? Was it coached into them? Until the team believe in themselves they will not progress any further. Money doesn't buy confidence and belief.

Moyes is in a solid position because, he can blame lack of funds when he fails. When he wins - look at what a great job he's done!!

Here's the crux of the 'Moyes' problem for me:

Is there a better manager who can spot the 'cheap' talent? Because that's what Everton need. There are better managers out there (there I said it!) but they will ALL request pots of cash.

When Moyes goes, Kenwright will be in the sh!t and he knows it.
Dave Arrow
225   Posted 16/04/2012 at 13:38:00

Report abuse

Sean (995)
He?s stubborn that?s for sure.

I?m struggling to forgive him for the team selection in the league game against them and for the way he set the side up on Saturday, particularly after we went ahead.

He always said that if the supporters didn?t want him then he?d walk away and whilst the away support hasn?t turned, there are certainly rumblings but everyone held out for Saturday and some form of absolution.

It didn?t come and through his own fault has heaped a load of pressure on himself.

I think most fair-minded supporters recognise the job he?s done in difficult circumstances and to some extent a glimmer of potential success has raised expectations which he clearly can?t fulfil.

The reaction of the crowd home and away in the last 5 games will play a big part in decisions that happen over the summer.
Dave Arrow
229   Posted 16/04/2012 at 13:57:22

Report abuse

Stephen (212)
I?m not sure that it?s middle of the road just try to balance situations with circumstances.

I recognise what he has done for the club over the past 10 years but I think this milestone has now become a millstone and we have all gone stale.

Getting us to a semi-final is no mean achievement but to play the way we did isn?t acceptable particularly against them.

The game seemed to magnify all that is wrong with his style of management when the chips are down and we need to deliver.
Christine Foster
232   Posted 16/04/2012 at 14:01:54

Report abuse

Dave, an excellent post, one which I almost fully agree with ( except for Dustbin) We have seem on numerous occasions all our centre backs do exactly the same thing.

No, that game was there for winning and the players played to instructions, timid management, no caution to the wind even when they went ahead, we didn't even use all our subs...
Mark Jensen
382   Posted 16/04/2012 at 18:33:13

Report abuse

I haven't commented on here for a while as last time I was on got slated for having a go at Moyes.
Everything i said which was negative was 'spun' into someone elses fault, i.e. players, Kenwirght, the supporters.

There is no hiding place from Saturday's defeat.
The blame lays solidly at the managers door.
I have believed for the past few seasons this squad of players is better off without Moyes.
We have no attacking flair, no pace and no passion.
We are a team in the managers image.

I have also said that we should be looking for someone like Martinez from Wigan. A FOOTBALL manager.
I like watching the way Wigan try to play football. It is the same as Swansea where Martinez got the ball rolling there.

Just imagine of we had a manager who could coach rather than flog our so-called superstars.

Never felt so gutted and was was a teenager when the 86 and 89 finals where lost.

Will never have any confidence in Moyes and I believe a lot of fans are starting to feel the same.

Ten years is a long time to still be nearly men.
Jamie Barlow
386   Posted 16/04/2012 at 18:46:20

Report abuse

How can you say the blame lies solidly at Moyes' door?

It might be negative and shite to watch a lot of the time but how can Distin and Coleman ( and quite a few others) get away with it scott free.

I agree Moyes is at fault for being negative but whatever we was doing was working. I understand that it's shit to watch but we were winning 1-0 before the two fuck ups.

Unless Moyes trains Distin to play balls like that. Something I haven't heard on here, yet.
Ian Pilkington
418   Posted 16/04/2012 at 19:23:10

Report abuse

If Moyes departs, how could Kenwright be trusted to find a decent replacement? The appointment of Moyes - career highlight, Championship Play Off loser at Preston - was a lucky gamble for Blue Bill. The well known lack of funds suffered by both Moyes and Walter Smith would be unlikely to attract any manager from the Premier League or anyone with a good reputation in Europe.
As much as I detest Moyes' negativity, Kenwright must go first. New ownership with suitable investment is a far more important priority. A new manager with Blue Bill still in charge would leave us heading towards certain relegation.
Chris Stone
441   Posted 16/04/2012 at 20:38:54

Report abuse

Agree to some extent that perhaps our tactics weren't 100% correct, especially in the 2nd half. But what was glaring to me is that we were wasteful in possession, the players just didn't perform. That can't really be blamed at Moyes, can it??
David Hallwood
455   Posted 16/04/2012 at 20:48:01

Report abuse

Sorry Chris, I'm neither pro or anti Moyes, but even St John was baffled why we didn't put a rookie goalie under pressure. I posted in another thread, what makes me usually howl in frustration, that's a player on the wing who hasn't got the bottle to beat a defender and hit the byline instead launches a ball into the box, that's food and drink to the CBs, Saturday was tailor made for it.

Throw Jelevic & Anichebe futher forward and just throw balls into the box from anywhere. Instead Jelevic was isolated up front-the RS must have thought Christmas had come early.

Rookie goalie with an easy afternoon-unforgivable
Jamie Sweet
563   Posted 17/04/2012 at 03:07:28

Report abuse

Moyes always cacks his pants in the big games against the top teams.

He has done well to build a team capable of competing at the top level with the resources he has had - but now it's time to step aside and hand the reigns over to someone with a win at all cost mentality, who can make our team believe they are a big fucking tank turning up to that gunfight!
Mark Jensen
893   Posted 17/04/2012 at 18:05:14

Report abuse

Jamie #386 - This is not a knee-jerk reaction. This defeat and the defeat to the shite a few weeks ago are nothing new!
We have not been trouncing Shite, Manure, Citeh, The Arse, etc for the past few years and suddenly this is a blip!
This is what we have been served up year in year out for the past ten years.
YES the blame lays right outside the managers door.
And if you want further convincing Wigan beat Arse at Emirates and Blackburn beat Manure at Old Trafford, why? because they wanted it more.
We have a manager, and unfortunately a team, who just don't seem to want it enough.
Jamie Barlow
898   Posted 17/04/2012 at 18:17:45

Report abuse

Mark, my point was that the blame doesn't lie with Moyes alone and you obviously agree with me judging by your last sentence.
Paul Kelly
956   Posted 17/04/2012 at 20:45:44

Report abuse

To Jamie, 386. The blame lies at Moyes' door because he brought Coleman on when its clear to see he's been shite when he's played this season.
Mark Jensen
389   Posted 19/04/2012 at 08:23:35

Report abuse

Jamie - my final sentance only reinforces my point. It is Moyes fault as it is HIS team.
Roman Sidey
739   Posted 20/04/2012 at 10:29:29

Report abuse

Anthony Hawkins, agreed. I actually laughed out loud AT Osman when he was running down the wing and a Liverpool player just waltzed in between him and the ball and took it for himself. Not what anyone being paid to play should be guilty of. Fucking shit heap.
Phil Martin
740   Posted 20/04/2012 at 11:20:25

Report abuse

A lesser team with lesser players (purchased with a lesser budget) loses to a better team with more expensive players (purchased with far bigger funds).

Why is this so shocking for some? This is modern day football.

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