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Adverts on ToffeeWeb

ToffeeWeb is currently free to access but in order to cover our costs and to make some small return for the many hours it takes to keep the website running and up to date, we rely on online advertising, mostly through Google's Adsense delivery system.

Which ads are delivered to a particular user are based on a combination of factors relating to the browser with which the website is being used – e.g. geographic location, browsing and search history, etc. Google uses that information to tailor many of the ads to a given user; we at ToffeeWeb play no role in selecting which ads you see, although we are able to filter out ads that we deem unsuitable to our readers.

If you see an ad promoting either a rival club or inappropriate material, please contact us so that we can make an assessment and take measures to filter the ad in question out if we deem if to be unsuitable for our viewers.

» Information about advertising and site sponsorship opportunities


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