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Some Fresh Blood

By Sam   Hoare  ::  15/05/2012   48 Comments (Last)

So I thought I would get ahead of the rush and single out 3 players that I think we should pursue over the summer. I am choosing to be positive and assume that miraculously we may have around £8M to spend from the sale of fringe players or what have you (don't think I realise the crazy optimism of this but hey, it's called silly season for a reason!).

1. Steven Pienaar

No surprises here. He has been instrumental in the second half of the season turnaround and seems to have returned from Tottenham even better than before having added some end product to his fabulous build-up play. The bad news is that his superb form will not have gone unnoticed by Harry and we can only hope that Stevie P fights to come back to us or else he may still be at Spurs. If he does come, I imagine the fee to be around £3-4M.


Matt Jarvis ? Younger and a clever player who brings goals and assists

Lee Chung-Yong ? Spent the year injured but Bolton's Player of the Season in 2010 and only 23.

Adam Johnson ? Surely must leave Man City, if available on loan, would be a great signing; otherwise, out of our price range.

2. Junior Hoilett

There will be no shortage of competition for this talented youngster but perhaps the promise of guaranteed starting and not having to move from the North West may appeal. He has pace and skill to burn and would be capable of playing with, behind or on the flanks next to Jelavic. He would surely increase in value over next 5 years. Out of contract but sign-on fee and compensation would probably amount to at least £4-5M. Worth every penny.


Matt Phillips ? A similar player with pace and trickery and thunder in his right boot. If Blackpool don't win the playoffs, he could be available for £3M.

Rodallega ? Another on a free, he can be great on his day.

Steven Fletcher ? Will surely leave Wolves and could form a great partnership with Jelavic.

3. Danijel Pranjic

Bit of a wildcard but a Moyes-esque player capable of playing at left back, right back or left wing. He is available on a free and was on record saying he wanted to come to Everton in January. He is experienced at highest level and will be in the Croatia squad with Jelly this summer (so may be good to bring one of Jelly's mates)


Nathaniel Clyne ? A specialist right back in the Kyle Walker mold, out of contract at Crystal Palace this summer, I believe.

Martin Olsson ? A pacy fullback at Blackburn who will move on this summer, probably for more than we can afford.

Other targets:

Victor Moses ? Likely to stay at Wigan or be too expensive for us.

Clint Dempsey ? Would be great but likely to cost upwards of £5M, perhaps an alternative to Pienaar.

Mark Davies ? Quietly effective Bolton man is out of contract and would be a good squad player.

Jean Beausejour ? Tasty winger who Wigan will want to keep hold of but would be useful.

Eden Hazard ? If only.....

So let's say we get my three, then I reckon we line up next season as:

Pranjic Heitinga Distin Baines
Hoilett Gibson Rodwell Pienaar

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Reader Comments

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Shane Corcoran
190   Posted 15/05/2012 at 14:45:14

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Could you sort out the pre-season tour now, Sam?
Terry Smith
196   Posted 15/05/2012 at 15:00:10

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Pienaar is a must and can play in the middle if required. Johnson would make a great loan signing and balance to the team.A striker like Doyle from Wolves is realistic and would be a ideal partner for Jelavic.Shouldnt think that would go over £10m and with Drenthe out we should be able to cover some wages for Johnson on loan
Paul David
199   Posted 15/05/2012 at 15:11:06

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Fletcher not Doyle,he is great in the air and when you consider how many crosses we put in the box it makes more sense.
John Daley
202   Posted 15/05/2012 at 15:19:27

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Don't get your hopes up Sam. There's another three months of torture left yet. You're just setting yourself up for another summer of fruitlessly searching the web, scanning the papers, swearing at some smarmy twat on Sky Sports News and sighing loudly whilst waiting for the slightest hint of Everton transfer activity. Then on deadline day we'll probably get Cameron Jerome on loan and an unknown19 year old defensive midfielder who looks like Eddie Munster.
Stephen Kenny
210   Posted 15/05/2012 at 16:25:55

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Pranjic is a left sider and has signed for a chinese side I think.

I agree about the other two. If we don't have a proper transfer budget we need to go all out for players like Hoillett who are about as free as anything comes these days.

Looking at the amount of players available cheap or free this year I can see QPR, Sunderland and maybe Stoke building themselves a really good side. Though Stoke wont play like one.
Jeremy Benson
213   Posted 15/05/2012 at 16:42:32

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The first place to look for new players is usually picking the bones clean from the 3 relegated teams.

I'd quite fancy Bogdan from Bolton - he's been a decent keeper with some excellent saves this season.

Fletcher from wolves would be another one.

And surely Yak will leave blackburn and be back in the premiership next season. Question is, who is going to take a punt on him? Any team that finished in positions 11-17 would be my guess.
Mike Allison
239   Posted 15/05/2012 at 19:02:24

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Nice bit of Football Manager there, Sam, and I don't disagree with much of what you've said. Personally I'd look at Scott Sinclair from Swansea, maybe you've ruled even him out as unrealistic but he'd be top of my list (after Pienaar).
Richard Murray
269   Posted 15/05/2012 at 21:18:00

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Lewis Holtby please!
Denis Richardson
301   Posted 15/05/2012 at 23:16:46

Report abuse

Sam - some good players there and a lot that would be available to us if we just made room in the wage bill and got rid of over the hill players like Neville and Cahill and once Drenthe, Macrooney and Straq go......

I like Pranjic and if he can also play on the right that would be even better. Hibbo is a solid squad player but would rather have a bit more quality at RB.

We definitely will not get anywhere near Hoillet and need a right winger. Johnson would be great but not sure we could afford his wages even if we got him on loan. (Average wage at city is 85k/week!)

Re your final team, maybe its just me but I really dont want to see Fellaini playing behind Jelavic. He's supposed to be a DM. Would much prefer a fast, tricky, creative player in that role (like a cheaper version of a Mata or Silva). We bought the guy as a DM so play him in his proper position.
Jimmy Sørheim
308   Posted 15/05/2012 at 23:52:14

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All I can say we missed a vital chance once we let Drenthe go, he WILL blossom and he is on a free.
Even after his being late for training one could argue he would do better once he signs permanently.
He does seem to have suffered in Real Madrid and still does because of it.
All he needs is for a manager to give him time to recover and to forget about his unlucky / unfair past.

I want both Pienaar and Drenthe, if not Drenthe then Hoilett, but I doubt we can afford him.
Fast and tricky wingers cost money which we do not have.
Jim Knightley
309   Posted 16/05/2012 at 00:10:58

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Blah blah blah Jimmy. Same old rubbish. He was unlucky in the last three club's was he? Twice out on loan, and twice he disgraced himself. Everyone else must be wrong...Can't be Drenthe can it? And do you really think all Drenthe did was to be late for training? come off it.

Re. the realistic targets. Peinarr has to be the first priority. After that, Hoilett would be fantastic, either as a future left sided option or a second striker (instead of Cahill). Dempsey is unrealistic, he would cost nearer 10million than 5million, and there would be too much competition. Clyne would be a clever buy, and if we somehow got a little bit of money, Matt Jarvis has alot of potential.
Mark Riding
311   Posted 16/05/2012 at 00:17:25

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I liked the look of Zaha who is very quick, plays for Palace.
Klasnic from Bolton, plays with Jelly for Croatia ( before they both score loads in euro 2012 !! )

Jimmy.. your scaring me a bit now.
Andy Crooks
312   Posted 16/05/2012 at 00:14:58

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Respect, Jimmy. No one is going to stop you championing Drenthe. I really do know how you feel. I actually wouldn't have him anywhere near Everton again but, I champion Shane Duffy in much the same way.

No one else sees what we see ,Jimmy, and it is so fucking annoying. To be right and to be scorned. I'm right about Duffy, though.

Back to Sam's post. Sad days indeed when , and I agree with you Sam, £8 million to spend will seem wonderful.
Andrew James
316   Posted 16/05/2012 at 01:02:42

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Jimmy, please stop this ridiculous stuff about Drenthe. We ended the season as one of the best sides going and, guess what, without him!

Turning up late for work, yes. Turning up late for work when you are meant to be an athlete and the staff detect you drank heavily the night before?

Poor little Royston...he gets paid a fortune for being a liability. He won't amount to anything as a footballer and will be placed in the Shandy category.

Get over it and stop slamming Moyes who actually has a proven record of delivering the goods rather than flattering to deceive like your lovechild.
Leung Chi Ho
336   Posted 16/05/2012 at 06:29:00

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Just give us back Peanut, Donovan, a fit-again Yaks and add Dempsey and a right back can be good IMO...

don't know if we will sign Straqs but Drenthe is a better-than-what-we-have player, can dribble, pass, long-range shot, pacey, 4 goals and 5 assist. Just don't know his personality, may be better than VD Meyde
Can't imagine if we cannot sign peanut back and don't give a chance to Drenthe, what this team looks like? we will struggle like the start of the season IMO...
In a business view, Drenthe worths 5m-8m, it should be cover his wages and make profit if we sell him next season, or even in January.
Stephen Kenny
371   Posted 16/05/2012 at 10:03:05

Report abuse


Theres a case for championing Shane. A young lad with obvious talent who should go on to be a player for us.

Drenthe is a joke who has disrespected our club time and time again. Most people take Jimmy about as serious as Martian flu anyway, but his constant bleating about the fella who doesn't even want to play for Everton is now bordering on deranged.
Mark Murphy
383   Posted 16/05/2012 at 10:48:03

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whilst i agree that Drenthe has pissed on his own chips "one of the best sides around" would almost certainly have done better at Wembley, Stoke and Wolves with him in the side!
Shame hes a knob but he did add something on the pitch - thats undeniable!
James Morgan
390   Posted 16/05/2012 at 11:45:16

Report abuse

Bloody hell, Jimmy let it go! He showed flashes of brilliance but clearly isn't wired right, time to move on.
If we got Pienaar and Hoilett plus a decent right back I'd be quite content until we could add maybe a striker and left back in January. I'm not overly keen to see Rodwell back in the side, I think he is over rated and more of an athlete than a footballer.
I want to see more of Barkley, plus is anybody else quite curious about what the young Francisco can do?
Daniel A Johnson
392   Posted 16/05/2012 at 12:05:07

Report abuse

All this moaning about Drenthe,

Maybe its me but I just dont see the superstar player everyone is banging on about.

Considering he was supposed to be here to impress the ocasional burst of pace and odd goal cant disguise the fact that he ultimately had no respect for the club, the fans or his fellow pros.
Daniel A Johnson
395   Posted 16/05/2012 at 12:10:34

Report abuse

Funny how we as fans get obsessed with players

First it was Manuel fernandes, then Landon donovan now its Royston Drenthe
Michael Brien
411   Posted 16/05/2012 at 12:58:08

Report abuse

Either of the 2 Wolves lads - Fletcher and Doyle - would be a good signing. Both played well in a struggling team. But Strac may be worth a permanent deal - he may not be a Royle or a Latchford but neither is he a Brett Angel - and he would not cost a great deal.

I think Felli playing a more advanced role as he has towards the end of the season is the best position for him.

If we can get Pienaar back then that would be great. If not then I hope that Moyes will look at other options and sooner rather than later. There are good players out there, at decent prices if you look hard enough. And loan deals as well. Remember Pienaar was originally a loan signing as was a certain Mikel Arteta. Clubs such as Real Madrid and Barcelona have Reserve teams that play at a very high level ( I think Barcelona's Second team play in the Spanish equivalent of The Championship). These clubs will surely have talented youngsters who they will be prepared to loan out.
Chris Davies
423   Posted 16/05/2012 at 12:56:13

Report abuse

Jimmy, Jimmy, Jimmy.
Give it a rest
David Chait
440   Posted 16/05/2012 at 14:20:20

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For me there are 2 key weaknesses: LW and RW.

These are no issue with Pienaar and Donovan, and I would go after both if we had the money. I can see Matt Jarvis as being a Moyes type of player... but he is not as good as the two players mentioned. Junior Hoillet does sound good... and I think we have a good shot at him... although we need an ACM. Felli can cover this role until Barkley comes of age or Baxter is given a go.

We need cover for Jelavic as 3rd priority; hopefully, if we get a new ACM, he can cover.
David Chait
454   Posted 16/05/2012 at 14:58:12

Report abuse

Got interrupted during writing above... hence its complete lack of logical sequence...

besides that.. wiki'd Hoillet... think we have issues with Gosling and Lescott... this guy takes the cake... they bring him over at 13.. manage to get him into Germany while they sort out his permit.. eventually get him in.. make a name for him and he is going to leave on a free.. now that's loyalty!

the amount of Vitriol leveled at Lescott when he moved still mind boggles me. another point, another day.
Peter Bradshaw
469   Posted 16/05/2012 at 15:10:30

Report abuse

Gents, Tigres have put a value of 5 million on Strac, he is okay as a freebie but that's it. Let's put it toned now
Tony Rice
487   Posted 16/05/2012 at 15:59:40

Report abuse

Business as usual.... no money = no signings.... We'll sell a "name" in the last week of the window after garnering 2 pts out of a possible 9 and it will be too late to bring anyone in.....
Explain why anyone would think things are different now as opposed to the last 4 seasons.....
Peter Barry
509   Posted 16/05/2012 at 16:51:40

Report abuse

Tony Rice # 487 I'm with you all these 'Pie in the Sky' dreamers need to tell us where the money is coming from for all their 'wishful thinking'. We all know the script and it will be the same old same old - i.e. we sell a star or even a couple but late on so all we can get as replacements -IF WE ARE LUCKY- will be some last minute no hopers on loan.
Davey has just set it up by saying he would 'love' to be able to spend but he 'understands' our financial position.
So a Win Win then for Davey Boy what a pity he cant send an Everton team out with that same 'win win' attitude.
Andrew Ellams
586   Posted 16/05/2012 at 21:04:06

Report abuse

David, to be fair Hoilett is currently at a club that is an absolute mess. They have been relegated and are a total joke off the pitch.

This lad has a bright future and there is only so far that anybody's loyalty can be pushed before they have to look after number 1.
Bobby Thomas
592   Posted 16/05/2012 at 21:14:47

Report abuse


Couldnt have put it better myself. As you eruditely outlined at the beginning of your post.....that is literally all you can say.

Jimmy Sørheim
593   Posted 16/05/2012 at 21:08:25

Report abuse

Great asessment David!
AS I said Drenthe is on a free, but it is unlikely that Moyes will go for him.
If not then I support Pienaar and Donovan/Hoilett.

Problem is money though.
I fear we will struggle to get Pienaar even.
So if we do the only way we can get another winger is by looking at a free transfer.
With Drenthe we know he can deliver, but if he is beyond repair then Moyes has to find another just as good or better on a free.
And how is he going to do that?
Hoilett will cost around 4 million in compensation money, plus Donovan will cost about the same or more.

My tip is that Moyes will only manage to get Pienaar.
Without selling Fellaini or Jagielka we are stuck.
Derek Williams
597   Posted 16/05/2012 at 21:52:02

Report abuse

Pienaar, Pienaar or possibly Pienaar.

Any of them would be fine for me, if we've only got a few quid in the kitty spend it wisely and get the man who makes us tick. That'll be, er, well, you know .......
Jason Lam
657   Posted 17/05/2012 at 09:35:17

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Del Piero as impact striker. But you'll need to convince his agent that Everton are located in London.
Sam Hoare
666   Posted 17/05/2012 at 10:20:45

Report abuse

I see Michael Owen is now released on a free.

Personally i wouldn't touch him with a barge pole. My bet is he'll go to QPR who can offer big wages for a faded star and he'll score a few goals before getting injured and they finish mid table.
Stephen Kenny
708   Posted 17/05/2012 at 12:37:06

Report abuse


Neither would I. He's only been fit enough to get on the pitch 52 times in over 3 years.

If Tigres do want anyhting over a million for Straq then I can't see that happening.

That would leave us with Vellios and Anichebe as back up for Jelavic. Considering Anichebe's injury record it would be akin to going into a season with two strikers, one a very young, inexperienced player.

For that reason I think we will be in the market for a player who can go up top. I think the most likely looking player will be AJ unless we can convince Hoillett to come to us, which I doubt. Klasnic from Bolton who's also on a free is a good finisher too.

I'd even consider N'gog if it was for a low fee or free.

IMO it also means that Cahill will be around for another season. Moyes has used him as a lone striker in the past and if injuries bite we could need to again.
James Stewart
733   Posted 17/05/2012 at 14:48:34

Report abuse

god the likes of Jarvis, Phillips, Fletcher, Beaujsour, Doyle scare me to death. Is that really the kind of players we should be looking at!? Relegation fodder.

Hoilett, Pienaar & Rodhegella yes but the others no thanks!

Am Glad a lot of people on here arn't in charge of transfer targets!
Sam Hoare
763   Posted 17/05/2012 at 17:10:38

Report abuse

James Stewart, if you don't think that Jarvis and Beasejour are an improvement on Coleman and Gueye and that Fletcher is better than Big Vic then thank god youre not in charge of scouting!!
Ray Roche
766   Posted 17/05/2012 at 17:27:58

Report abuse

I've told you.
Jimmy and Drenthe are an "item".
Jon Ferguson
767   Posted 17/05/2012 at 17:16:11

Report abuse

Jimmy - I feel your pain!

Watching Drenthe at times was a revelation in a Moyes team. He has pace, trickery and an amazing shot. Some said he was too much of a maverick for Everton, but I think that is exactly what the team needed, one exceptional talent to go with the hard workers. There hard work could cover the times he goes missing and he in turn could win some of the big games.

You've got to think to yourself though, why is this match winner being dropped by Madrid? Why has he failed at other clubs?

Unfortunately it is because he is a liability. We can afford to carry him at times on the pitch, on the basis that he could win games but we can't carry him in life generally. We can't allow him to live a party lifestyle and turn up when he feels like it. Ever since he signed there have been stories of his antics. He was given 'compassionate leave' and then even after couldn't turn up on time TWICe before the semi final against our biggest rivals. You can't accept that.

The right decision has been made, Drenthe has been binned and we are left to lament the fact that he is an idiot (although if he wasn't he would probably still be at Madrid and have never come to us in the first place).

End of story!

With the monopoly money I have lent the club I would like Holtby for the left wing (big Evertonian) and Narsingh of Heerenveen for the right wing.

More realistically I would go for



Rodellega - Striker
Hoillett - Right wing
Jennings - Bayern (going for less than a mil if you believe the papers)
Clyne - Right back.

All available Bosman style.

I would take Jarvis if he was available for about £3 mil. Haven't seen much of Beasejour.

I would grudgingly let Coleman go for £5 mil and show Anichebe and Yobo on the door for whatever I could get for them.
James Stewart
771   Posted 17/05/2012 at 17:54:35

Report abuse

Not sure I would class them as an improvement Sam. I would see it more like replacing dross players with more of the same. All those players fit in well at bottom half of the table clubs and no club with aspirations of getting into the top 6 would touch them. We need to be more ambitious than the likes of those.
Sam Hoare
774   Posted 17/05/2012 at 18:09:25

Report abuse

Well if you don't see them as an improvement James then i think your in the vast minority. Not that that means your wrong necessarily but i would love to hear who you think we should be buying in the range on 2-4m?

All very well being ambitious but you need the money to back it up....
Paul David
781   Posted 17/05/2012 at 18:45:40

Report abuse

Fletcher has scored 22 goals in 61 league games for a shit Wolves side.For strikers in our price range he would probably be my number 1 target.
James Stewart
786   Posted 17/05/2012 at 18:26:13

Report abuse

I would go for Pienaar first and foremost Sam but its hard to say really as none of us know how much money is available. I would move on Jagielka & Cahill if funds needed to be generated. Cahill more just save on wages.

I would then go for
Hoilett - albeit long shot but we can offer him first team football.
Rodhallega - Excellent backup for Jelavic and has pace.

If we have any funds players like Zaha at palace and Sigursson from hoffenheim.
If we don't Josh Mceachran - Try get him on loan. Excellent partnership with Barkley through the youth set up would be interesting to see them link up again.

Snodgrass from Leeds would be a typical Moyes signing. Can play on either wing.
Leslie Wee
969   Posted 18/05/2012 at 15:22:18

Report abuse

Jimmy, you are driving me crazy!

Moving on, good shout regard concerning Del Piero.
Andrew Gilbert
971   Posted 18/05/2012 at 15:32:35

Report abuse

Has anyone mentioned Drenthe? Why we don't sign him on a permanent, I don't know.
Mike Allison
983   Posted 18/05/2012 at 16:23:49

Report abuse

I'd love to sign Drenthe from a talent point of view, I'm sure lots of us would, but Moyes isn't going to, and although we don't have all the facts, he's probably quite right to as he seems to be a nut case.

Also, consider our previous experience of maverick Dutch wingers
Gordon Blair
089   Posted 19/05/2012 at 01:57:06

Report abuse

Moutinho, Riquelme and Dickov... nailed on

God I love this time of year :-)
Mark Pierpoint
121   Posted 19/05/2012 at 10:12:05

Report abuse

I think that Klasnic would be a good target, a free, scored goals and gives us another option up front. I for one would not rule out Owen, lacked fitness, but goals to games ratio is good given his appearances. I think is stock has fallen to a level that is wages would not make him a massive risk on a years deal.

Pienaar is the only priority though.
Bjørn-Ivar Pedersen
378   Posted 20/05/2012 at 14:19:11

Report abuse

There is one player I would love to see in the Royal Blue jersey... and it is Jonathan Viera from UD Las Palmas. He is the perfect replacement for an aging Tim Cahill. He is an offensive midfielder and can also play as front man. And the best of all, he will be ours for just around £1-1.5 mill.

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