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If the various rumours and tabloid website reports are correct, Sam Allardyce travelled to London yesterday looking for assurances over his future but was left largely in continuing limbo. The simple lack of definitive backing for the manager was significant. If true, it suggests that Farhad Moshiri wants time to secure a more permanent appointment to lead Everton forward.

Lyndon Lloyd 27/04/2018 36comments  |  Jump to last

It looks as though Everton might go into the last three games of the season in the midsts of further uncertainty about who will be in the managerial hot seat come the start of next season.

If the various rumours and tabloid website reports are correct, Sam Allardyce travelled to London yesterday looking for assurances over his future but was left largely in continuing limbo. (Expect questions from the television media and, perhaps, some indignant responses during today’s press conference!)

The simple lack of definitive backing for the manager was significant enough, though. If true, it suggests that Farhad Moshiri wants time to secure a more permanent appointment than the current incumbent and the remaining year of his tenure. The lack of clarity in a World Cup year and newly truncated transfer window might not be ideal but it’s a necessary trade-off if the board feel they can land the man they want within the next month or so.

At least Everton have nothing really to play for between now and 13th May, save for the outside possibility of finishing 7th or, more realistically, claiming 8th spot from Leicester who are themselves considering further upheaval in the dugout themselves following a lacklustre run of form if reports are to be believed.

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It won’t please Allardyce but Everton have to take the time to get right what feels like a pivotal decision in the club’s recent history and one that has felt inevitable since the turn of the year. Indeed, Allardyce can’t have been under many illusions about Everton’s rationale in hiring him or the risk that Moshiri might turn around at the end of the season, thank him for a brief fulfilled, and send him off with a healthy, multi-million-pound payoff for less than six months’ work.

After all, it was said at the time that Everton, with their sights trained narrowly on Premier League salvation, were initially only prepared to offer Allardyce a deal until this summer which is why talks with the 63-year-old broke down last October. It was only after Moshiri’s other avenues, which included a rebuffed approach for Shakhtar Donetsk’s Paulo Fonseca and a firm hands-off warning from Watford with regard to Marco Silva, were closed off that he went back to Allardyce ready to accept a compromise agreement on an 18-month term.

Since then, the disgraced former England boss has failed to grasp successive opportunities to pass what has, essentially, been an extended interview for a plumb job in English football, the kind at which, he has complained, he always felt he deserved a crack. Despite the addition of two highly promising signings in the form of Cenk Tosun and Theo Walcott, Everton on his watch are boring, unadventurous and uninspired; a team and fanbase desperately in need of fresh ideas and, above all, a central ethos and path forward.

Moshiri appears to be making a serious move to partially address that need with his pursuit of Marcel Brands. The Dutchman has been heavily tipped to come on board at Finch Farm in the same technical director role as he currently holds at PSV Eindhoven while, having overseen well in excess of £200m in expenditure with little to show for it, however, Steve Walsh’s position at Everton is also believed to be under review. In that respect, the potential hire of Brands could bridge the gap between the present and any new managerial appointment.

Under normal conditions, a fully operational director of football model can lessen the impact of a change in personnel in the dugout. Certainly, the head coach can have significant input into whom the club signs but, if the right person or people are in place and in charge of the overall direction of recruitment, the manager’s office could effectively be served by a revolving door without too much disruption to squad development.

There have even been reports suggesting Brands has his first three transfer targets lined up. While that is highly likely to be mere speculation on the tabloid press’s part, he would surely have players in mind whom he feels could kickstart squad reconstruction at Everton and he wouldn’t necessarily need a manager in place immediately to start greasing those wheels.

So, if Moshiri and the board feel that there is a good chance that they can tempt to Goodison Park the manager capable of providing that new direction then, again, it makes sense that they take all the time required to get that done, even if it means a replacement for Allardyce isn’t confirmed until after the season has finished.

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Reader Comments (36)

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Tony Everan
1 Posted 27/04/2018 at 09:47:48
It is great news, albeit not unexpected, that Mr Moshiri does not see Sam Allardyce as the man to take us forward over the next few seasons and beyond.

It mirrors the feelings of the vast majority of fans and that has to be a good thing. It is the first tentative step on the road to recovery for us as a footballing force.

The new manager and regime need to hit the ground running June 1st . Delays and deliberations will be detrimental to next season.

Mr Moshiri has his work cut out over the next 6 weeks, he needs to know we are all behind him and appreciate that he is trying to do his best for the club.

Chris Gould
2 Posted 27/04/2018 at 10:04:34
SSN reported this morning that we were in the bottom 3 when Allardyce took over in November and that he has guided us up to 8th.

That clearly isn't true. They are implying that we are a bunch of ungrateful fans who should be very thankful for what Sam has achieved.
Personally, I think 8th represents a decent turnaround considering the shambles we were in, but he has to go. He is simply a very bad fit for the club and must now be aware of that.

We are at (another) pivotal moment and we need to get the right man in. Bloody tough task.

Brian Porter
3 Posted 27/04/2018 at 10:07:49
Great article as usual Lyndon. My one bone of contention however, is that this meeting appears to have done nothing in terms of moving us forward as a football club.

Here was a perfect opportunity to let Allardyce know he wouldn't be in charge next season, and to announce a 'mutual parting of the ways,' or something similar. Instead, at least in my mind, it further demonstrates Moshiri's all too predictable indecisiveness. The man may be a billionaire, but I suspect his fortune has been mostly built on the labours of others, those who work for him at various levels within his business empire.

When the buck stops at his feet, he seems incapable of making a hard and fast decision, one which, in this case, could bring about some much needed stability to the club on the playing front.

If he knows, and he'd need to be deaf, dumb and blind not to know, that Sam Allardyce is not the man to take us forward, and that his mere presence at Everton FC is the cause of devisivness at almost every level within the organisation, I see no reason, with only three games left this season, for him to dilly and dally and dither around, fiddling while another section of the club slowly crashes and burns.

By his blatant criticism of our Marketing department in the relation to the recent survey, Allardyce again displays no loyalty to the club that pays his wages. Rather than turn it into a personal public relations campaign to try and elicit sympathy for HIMSELF, Allardyce should have voiced his concerns to the management of the club, his employers, rather than trying to hang another long-standing club employee out to dry.

Next we have his Koemanesque statement to the effect that Luke Garbutt needs to leave Everton if he wants to further his career. As soon as I read that I immediately thought of Oumar Niasse.

In terms of his attitude towards the club and his appalling lack of man-management skills, he is starting to remind me of Koeman with almost every word he speaks.

Then again, there is also his Martinez-like self delusion, as evidenced by his belief that the Swansea game was a great result and that the one shot, one goal win over Newcastle was an excellent performance.

Surely, even Moshiri cannot be so naive as to believe the rubbish the man is spouting every day.

So, back to the beginning, and I say again, stop dithering Mr. Moshiri. If you truly want this club to have a future that will excite the fans, bring quality players to Goodison Park, and see us growing enough to challenge for the top 6 in the league, it's time to get rid of Allardyce, sooner rather than later, as every day he remains in the job will only serve to give him belief that he can somehow hang on to the job, against the wishes of the vast majority of those who pay money to watch the appalling brand of football he has the team producing every single week, regardless of the opposition.

We expect to be entertained Mr. Moshiri, not go home feeling as if we've just watched the latest round in the World Watching Paint Drying contest..

Phil Walling
4 Posted 27/04/2018 at 10:55:58
Much of the self-aggrandizement which spews forth in every Allardyce presser comes over as interview material for his next job. That should give us some hope that change is afoot.

However, Moshiri's penchant for prevarication and uncertainty once again prevented him from announcing anything approaching a decision on the big man's future and just how his bumbling style goes down with candidates identified as possibles for the job is anybody's guess !

We do know that neither Walsh nor Sam were anywhere near first choices for the jobs they eventually landed so there is every reason to believe he and his money leave something to be desired.

With this in mind, both the present incumbents may well find themselves still in post come next season simply because nobody else fancies the gig !

Jim Bennings
5 Posted 27/04/2018 at 11:06:25
We can clear up now anyway that Allardyce will still be here next season after his press conference this morning.

More great football to look forward to next season eh?

Jimmy Hogan
6 Posted 27/04/2018 at 12:11:43
I'm not so sure. His body language was strange. The arrogance had gone. We live in hope...
Paul Birmingham
7 Posted 27/04/2018 at 12:15:03
No-one knows the agenda, outputs and actions, of this meeting, but maybe Allardyce and Walsh and the club have signed an non-disclosure agreement, effective until the end of this season or mid June... so the uncertainty continues.

Ifs and buts, but my gut instinct is that nothing is going to change and the same coaching staff will be in place next season.

God grant us supporters strength but the future is not clear in my view.

Andrew W James
8 Posted 27/04/2018 at 12:36:13
Sam is definitely off. Moshiri clearly does not want to sack him before the end of the season. Too much instability and a little embarrassing having to ask Unsy to come back and take over the reins for a 3rd time.If Moshiri was going to keep big Sam, he would have come out and backed him publicly.

Whatever happens over the last few games of the season is not going to be pivotal in Mosh's decision making over whether Sam stays or goes. He's made his mind up Sam's going simply by not backing him now.

Si Turner
9 Posted 27/04/2018 at 12:38:35
According to Sky Sports News, Fat Sam insisted he is staying next season – and even discussed next season's plans with Moshiri.

I still believe Farhad's silence on Allardyce is deafening though... and, like Lyndon states, he is carrying out proper due diligence and taking the necessary time to make the appointments at all levels of the club. Rumour has it Van Gaal is the man Moshiri wants to link Brands up with, which I would be disappointed with given his clear defensive, conservative style...

Chad Schofield
10 Posted 27/04/2018 at 12:54:33
Watching the presser, he immediately brought up London... almost defying anyone to question him on it. He snarled slightly at the guy dollying up the initial questions to him when asked about next year, only to be asked "for clarity".

I think he's off (thank God), but has been told in no uncertain terms that he'll face x, y, z if he continues mouthing off to the press. Or he's staying, and Moshiri is just too busy to publicly back him.

Pete Clarke
11 Posted 27/04/2018 at 13:05:56
That ugly word “if” has popped up again. So, only “if” Moshiri gets his man, will Sam step aside – otherwise, he will be here next season.

I would not be surprised if Moshiri lets Sam stay at the club regardless, since he is paying his wages for the next year anyway... and then, if it goes tits up with the new man, then he has the fireman at the ready.

Mike Doyle
12 Posted 27/04/2018 at 13:43:01
Didn't see the presser - and can't be bothered to find it online - but BBC Sport reporting his claims to be staying in place for next season. See:

Sam Allardyce says he will stay after talks with Farhad Moshiri

In the absence of a contradictory statement from the Club (via Jim White?) then it's probably safe to assume it's correct.

Brian Williams
13 Posted 27/04/2018 at 13:43:14
Well I heard the man himself (on TalkSport news) say that he's here next season.

I've emailed the club and enquired about giving up my season ticket and getting a refund. If that's not possible, I informed the club that every home games ticket will go on Stubhub as I refuse to watch matches with the present manager in charge next season.

Extreme? Stupid? Childish? If nobody does anything, then they shouldn't moan about him still being here.

I'm sick because me and my matchgoing mates were sure he'd be gone. They're going to do the same as me.

Si Turner
14 Posted 27/04/2018 at 13:49:49
Unai Emery would be a great replacement given he has just announced he is leaving PSG at end of season...
Ian Burns
15 Posted 27/04/2018 at 13:53:36
Another article hits the spot, Lyndon, and a great post, Brian Porter – agree with every word (almost as good as your detective stories Brian!!).

I have a dilemma here. If Allardyce knows he is going then he has blatantly lied in his press conference this morning. If Moshiri has decided he is going, then he must have lied to Allardyce because I cannot believe he would have said those things in his presser had he known he was on his way.

My thoughts are that Moshiri is waiting for Brands who will advise and point him in the right direction as to who should be taking over the reigns.

As I said on another thread, Allardyce might think he has his feet under the table but it won't be long before he puts them back in his mouth claiming to all and sundry he saved EFC from relegation and should be given a lifelong contract!

Si Pulford
16 Posted 27/04/2018 at 13:54:52
He's staying isn't he? They probably think he's a safe pair of hands in a transitional period.

Another season playing for draws away from home versus the bottom-half teams beckons!!

Ciaran O'Brien
17 Posted 27/04/2018 at 14:17:52
I know Allardyce said he is staying next season but why are we still getting linked to other managers? Allardyce, of course, is gonna say he's staying and planning for next season because who wouldn't?

However, what is the point of keeping him on for a whole other season with him having a £50-100million budget and spending it on relegation fodder, disregarding all our away games and games against the top teams???

The fans have already voiced their displeasure with the football on show. He has always been a long ball merchant who specializes at shit clubs trying to avoid relegation. Our style won't change and we will have another crap season playing shite football.

Why would Brands come hear with Allardyce still here? It makes no sense. If this turns out to be the truth and is definitely staying then Moshiri is a fucking fraud and talks total bullshit. How are we supposed to improve with a dinosaur at the helm? Every team above us will have younger coaches at the start of the season who play modern football.

The people who support him have no ambition whatsoever and truly believe in the “plucky little Everton” tag and “People's Club “ nonsense that Moyes coined. None of the top clubs fans would tolerate him as manager and would voice their displeasure by not turning up. Our fans need to start doing that and not filling up Goodison Parkas usual.

Emery is now available and he could do a better job. So would Howe, Silva, Fonseca etc.

Allardyce even has the cheek to liken himself to “El Cholo”, Simeone who is 100 times the manager he is.

He is a charlatan and has admitted to accepting bungs, we are a club whom pride ourselves on the community aspect of the club and he is the antithesis to that.

Howard Greene
18 Posted 27/04/2018 at 14:31:45
It's a sad state of affairs that – after 75 years – my love affair with all things Everton looks to be coming to a close. Simply put, if HE stays, then I go.
Danny Broderick
19 Posted 27/04/2018 at 14:37:03
The vast majority of candidates to replace Allardyce are employed elsewhere. We would not be able to employ any of these candidates until the summer, so the only way it would make sense to get rid of Sam now is if we were going to choose someone out of work to replace him immediately – like Marco Silva. I am assuming that, if we are going to replace Allardyce, Silva (or anyone out of work like him) will not be his replacement, as surely it would be happening now if it was.

I wonder what the odds are on the PSV Manager (Phillip Cocu) following Brands to Everton? I don't know the first thing about how they worked together at PSV, the only thing I know is that PSV have won the league a couple of times in recent years, and they are renowned for their recruitment, particularly of young South American players. Could be a good outside bet to replace Allardyce, IF he is going to be replaced.

Brian Williams
20 Posted 27/04/2018 at 14:45:32

Email him, everybody!

Tim Michael
21 Posted 27/04/2018 at 14:52:33
I said some months ago that Allardyce is a dead man walking and still believe that to be true.

This uncertainty at the moment is not uncommon in football. We've seen it before with other clubs. I believe that Moshiri always intended Allardyce to be short-term but unfortunately got cornered into a slightly longer contract. Allardyce will continue to remain bullish and make claims because he cannot lose. It's a win-win. His so-called reputation is intact and he will leave with his usual gusto.

Claims that the club could have gone into greater things under him but Lyndon is absolutely right when he says the quality of the football is just not there. That's the key to all this. The possibility of moving into a new season playing this type of non-existent football must have already been seen by Moshiri. Perhaps, as Lyndon suggests, he is using a careful business approach with due diligence.

I am sure that this will happen and I too will rejoice when he finally leaves. We all need to get the passion back

Pete Clarke
22 Posted 27/04/2018 at 14:52:52
Don't give up Howard.

As difficult as it is to take with these clowns in control of our club, you must get it off your chest with fellow blues and with the club to create an atmosphere so toxic that we win.

After all, the club are not very good at winning things so surely they can't beat us.

Ron Sear
23 Posted 27/04/2018 at 15:00:43
Just a passing thought. If a new manager next season cocks it up and drops us into the relegation zone, who are we going to call in to save us?
Paul Birmingham
24 Posted 27/04/2018 at 15:05:26
Typical spineless and gutless indecision caused by this board. How the hell would any decent manager, coach of DoF, want to work with such people! The Road to Nowhere looks like it's entering another year, and I'd say Bramley-Moore Dock will also be put on the back burner, as it seems the club can't find backers or partners...

Yep, who knows... what's next?

Keith Harrison
25 Posted 27/04/2018 at 17:12:34
Never mind waiting – walk out on 78 minutes next week if the fraudster is still here.
Paul Birmingham
26 Posted 27/04/2018 at 17:31:54
The Southampton Game at Goodison Park.
Ian Riley
27 Posted 27/04/2018 at 17:59:54
Ron (#23). You make an interesting point and, let's face it, Sam has done a good job. This style of football we should be playing is based on what? Under Moyes, was the football any more eye-watering? Sam brought two players in. Sadly we are 8th in the league with a poor start to the season.

Okay, it might be Sam in charge next season. At least the players will know where they stand. Sam has had time to evaluate the squad and, yes, changes will happen. What we do know the feedback from the survey was not all bad.

Next season is four months away. A lot can still change. I actually think Sam loves being the manager of Everton Football Club.

Brian Porter
28 Posted 27/04/2018 at 18:03:23
Ian Burns (#15), pleased that you are in agreement with me, and am I being too hopeful to think that your comment also means you may have read one or more of my Mersey Mysteries?

Quick plug... A Mersey Mariner is FREE to download from Amazon on special promotion until the 30th.

Back to the main subject, I have added my email to what I hope is an ever-growing number now being received by Elstone.

I noticed on another thread that the lads over there are hoping to try and organise a mass walk out on 78 minutes at the Southampton game. I hope and pray also, that the travelling fans give Allardyce hell for the full 90 minutes of tomorrow's game at Huddersfield.

If the board continue to blatantly ignore public (fan) opinion it can only lead to long-term discord and disconnect between the club and its support. I fear a Villa/Leeds future for us if apathy sets in.

Keith Harrison
29 Posted 27/04/2018 at 19:07:26
Brian, just downloaded the book off Amazon for free. If it's crap can I have my money back mate? 😎😎
Winston Williamson
30 Posted 27/04/2018 at 19:18:20
I'm working on the proviso that Sam Allardyce is remaining as manager. The result being that I'm refusing to watch the games, but will continue to read the match reports on TW.

The sight of the man in EFC's home dugout sickens me.

I'm tired of checking in to see if he's gone. Each passing day weakens my belief in our new owner (it took a massive hit when he hired him)...

Chad Schofield
31 Posted 27/04/2018 at 22:02:57
Perhaps (and let's face it, it's all.wild speculation at the moment given the silence from everywhere other than Sam's largest face hole), with DoF structure and all these new fangled titles (Head Coach, U23s head of recruitment "Jamie Hoyland" (does that mean the younger purchases last season should be credited to him rather than Walsh?), super deluxe something or other), that contractually although Sam's title can't change from "Manager" (his solicitors wouldn't miss that), his job description could? As in, toe-the-line Sam or you'll be front of house in Everton 2 as "Manager" or sweeping up at Finch Farm...

Yeah, Ok, I know wishful thinking.

Jack Convery
32 Posted 27/04/2018 at 22:08:57
My email is sent - come on one and all we all know it makes sense. Time to do our bit instead of being like sheep and accepting what comes are way.
Keith Harrison
33 Posted 27/04/2018 at 22:34:50
Is right Jack.


James Hopper
34 Posted 27/04/2018 at 22:47:21
I hate that utter fuckwit with a passion. I never wanted him and the sooner he’s gone the better... however...

Moshiri and co must know that Allardyce is not the long term answer. If it’s true that he is staying next season than I must assume that they’ve weighed up the situation, decided to bring in Brands and are being cautious not to change too much too quickly.

It may welll be the case that Brands will have complete authority and autonomy over the recruitment (and sale) of players in the summer. Bring in more pacey, creative players and address our needs for a top striker, top centre back and left-back cover.

Meanwhile, the 18/19 might well see Allardyce see out his current contract while the new staff bed themself in. With Allardyce relegated to a mere head coaching rule, it will soften the blow of replacing him, Shakespeare and Lee come next summer.

Given the choice I would, of course, get rid immediately but if Moshiri chooses to keep Allardyce next season, I have to believe it’s part of a longer term, coherent plan.

Ian Hollingworth
36 Posted 28/04/2018 at 17:56:50
A walk out on 78 mins would be fitting but it has to be the majority and that just won’t happen.
A few seasons ago the blue union tried to organise protests against Bill Kenwright. The club put his picture on the screens and he got a lot of applause.
The club will not believe it’s the view if the majority of match going fans unless we prove it to them.
Brian Porter
37 Posted 29/04/2018 at 00:05:02
Keith Harrison #29. Thanks for taking advantage of the Free offer which is now finished. I have been delighted that the book has shot to #1worldwide on Amazon during the 5 day promotion. P

If you enjoy it please leave a good review on Amazon. If you don't you can have twice the price back. Lol.

Just noticed I have an email

The fifth book in the series is currently being edited and will be released on approximately two months.

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