Dean statue disrespected but undamaged

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In the latest example of unconscionable vandalism and disrespect of notable Everton emblems in the City by Liverpool fans, a flare was planted on the Dixie Dean statue outside the gates of Goodison Park over the weekend.

Video footage posted to social media showed the red incendiary device burning on the front of statue which is used as a shrine and memorial by Blues fans to commemorate their loved ones.

As such, there has been outrage in the City at the act which comes on the heels of an incident at the Liver Building after the reds officially secured the league title.

Fireworks were aimed at the iconic landmark which now houses Everton FC's headquarters and one ignited a fire that caused £10,000 worth of damage.

Everton released a statement indicating they were working with police to expose the culprits and provided assurances that neither the statue nor the wreaths and tributes at the site were damaged.

"Everton is assisting Merseyside Police with enquiries in relation to a flare ignited on the Dixie Dean statue outside Goodison Park.

"We encourage anyone with information relating to this disappointing and disrespectful incident to contact Merseyside Police.

"Following inspection - and cleaning of the memorial and the site - we can thankfully confirm no permanent damage has been done to the statue of our greatest-ever goalscorer - or the floral tributes laid at the foot of the statue."

Per the Liverpool Echo, anyone with information on this incident, or the storage and possession of flares and smoke bombs, is asked to contact @MerPolCC or 101.

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Alternatively, you can pass information anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Evertonians have reacted on social media with disgust at these incidents which mark an escalation in acts of vandalism against the club. There is a feeling that a failure by Liverpool's official supporters groups and club officials to roundly condemn the actions of a minority of their fans is leading to more of them.

Matt Jones of The Blue Room podcast and host of Team Talk Radio tweeted: "This sort of thing is the result of half-baked club statements, whataboutery from sections of the media and mental gymnastics from other prominent red voices when it comes to fan misbehaviour.

"It needs calling out and condemning..."


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Brian Porter
1 Posted 07/07/2020 at 06:53:52
Perhaps if Liverpool FC did the decent thing and publicly announced that anyone identified and/or convicted of committing such acts of mindless (and potentially dangerous) acts of mindless vandalism will be banned from Anfield for life, it might just resonate with their so-called fans.

There's enough of this type of thing happening in the political arena at present. It definitely has no place in football. Or are those responsible so feeble-minded that they think it's okay to copy what they're seeing in the media almost every day?

Jim Bennings
2 Posted 07/07/2020 at 06:53:53
Really classy people those Liverpool fans aren't they,?

I wonder why so much trouble follows them around when they travel abroad, hmmn difficult to work out that, considering they are all such nice folk just having a good time.

Bellends get everything they deserve.

Michael O'Malley
3 Posted 07/07/2020 at 07:13:27
The RS should ban the disgraceful yob who set of the flair on Dixie but they've probably never stepped foot inside Mordor.
Jeff Spiers
4 Posted 07/07/2020 at 07:20:22
Fucking knuckle-dragging Neanderthals.

Oh, I forgot, "Worrea pikkin on us for?"

Ian Bennett
5 Posted 07/07/2020 at 07:30:34
Seems to be a growing trend and nothing really gets done about it. It's just accepted that the Liverpool fans do as they want.

1. The above.

2. Trying to pin the blame for the Liver Building fire on an Everton fan. It wasn't, it was their near rioting during a health crisis.

3. Fake anti semitic news created by RS fans to discredit Everton.

4. Footage of a red urinating over the funeral flowers by Dixie.

Jim Bennings
6 Posted 07/07/2020 at 07:40:29
Let be honest, sharing a city with Liverpool fans is like sharing a building block unit with the criminally retarded.

They should be enjoying celebrating their long-overdue title success instead of that the shit for brains firework crew try to destroy the city centre and trash streets.

I hope when fans are allowed to games again, and they are back in the Champions League they get a nice little group with friendly away ties in Turkey and Rome again, they can blame someone else then when the shit hits the fan can't they.

Les Moorcroft
7 Posted 07/07/2020 at 08:01:46
Take the Sky dishes off them. No more football for them. J39.
Martin Nicholls
8 Posted 07/07/2020 at 08:05:16
Joe McMahon
9 Posted 07/07/2020 at 08:47:12
It was Chelsea Fans, oh and the National Front.

Seriously what was the point of this?

Daniel A Johnson
10 Posted 07/07/2020 at 08:57:10
I know what I want to write but I won’t.
Anthony Murphy
11 Posted 07/07/2020 at 09:21:40
Daniel. you are not alone.

I just hope there isn't some sort of retaliation because we will get hammered by the media if that happens and will drag us down to their level.

And just when you thought it was impossible to dislike them any more...

Rob Halligan
12 Posted 07/07/2020 at 09:38:48
RS fans on the red echo website saying it wasn't them, and no true Scouser would do that. FFS, someone even blaming Mancs for it, although doesn't say if Man City or Man Utd fans.

Anyway, two things here:

1) If RS fans say it wasn't them, then that means to me they know who did it, so step forward and tell us who it was?

2) "No true Scouser would do that". So true, which proves the theory that RS fans aren't Scousers.

They really are a bunch of Neanderthals.

Colin Glassar
13 Posted 07/07/2020 at 10:09:01
Disgusting but, sadly, not surprising. They are scum and they know it.
Steve Ferns
14 Posted 07/07/2020 at 10:17:09
It is disgusting but I fear this is step one in an escalation. Remember when they put red paint on Dixie and then there was blue paint on the Hillsborough memorial? Guess which incident made the national headlines? We can’t give them the chance to play their victim card so I’ll be praying that none of our lot get drunk and have a moment of madness.
Brent Stephens
15 Posted 07/07/2020 at 10:29:53
Rob #12 - wise words!
Michael O'Malley
16 Posted 07/07/2020 at 10:47:12
I absolutely despise kopite badge wearing, scarf around the wrist, flag waving gobshites.
Len Hawkins
17 Posted 07/07/2020 at 10:51:05
As far as I am concerned I want nothing to do with any rider on the RS bandwagon. This just about shows how classless you have to be to even mention them in a positive way. I'll admit that I hate them with a passion, I never used to but they have forced it on themselves if I never heard the words Liverpool Football Club again I would be happy but the maggots are everywhere even one of our GP's who supports Liverpool is an obnoxious fool who I tell the receptionists I don't want to see. He is the only doctor I have fallen out with in the surgery.
Ed Fitzgerald
18 Posted 07/07/2020 at 10:53:07
Concluding excerpt from Tony Evans talking about Heysel on the Anfield Wrap

The unspoken question perplexed everyone. But instead of admitting our own culpability, seeing how our bad attitudes and fear created a situation where people would die,we immediately found other guilty parties to blame and put the victims out of our minds.
Hillsborough brought some empathy for those who died at Heysel. But even that was paltry to the point of insult.

One of the few LFC fans to be honest about the events at Heysel. If they can’t face up to that they are never going to take blame for damage to Dixie Deans statues, the Liver Buildings, Rupert’s Tower. There are plenty of decent reds however they are mostly mute when it comes
to facing up to their poor behaviour repeatedly it would seem.

I used to respect them back in the 1970’s when Shankly and Paisley were in charge they had some humility as well as being great managers and I used to enjoy the banter with their fans now they are just reviled and not just by Evertonians.

As an EFC flag states I’d rather die with out history than live with theirs.

Jay Evans
19 Posted 07/07/2020 at 11:06:38
Please, please no retaliation.

We are not them and we will never will be, thankfully.

They are lower than a snakes belly.

Or a rat’s ball bag.

Colin Hughes
20 Posted 07/07/2020 at 11:22:04
The Sun was right about them,just the mob mentality in this city brainwashed everyone to believe otherwise.
Steve Ferns
21 Posted 07/07/2020 at 11:30:01
Colin, that’s out of order.
Steve Brown
22 Posted 07/07/2020 at 11:31:08
The sun wasn't right about shit Colin.
Ed Fitzgerald
23 Posted 07/07/2020 at 11:33:28
Apologies that line about the flag should read with our history! - a combination of myopic vision and rage contributed to the error
Paul O'Neill
24 Posted 07/07/2020 at 11:34:13
It is worth pointing out In the interests of balance, amongst the maelstrom of hatred against our red neighbours printed above, that in 2001 blue paint was thrown over the Hillsborough memorial, and last year, vile stuff about Hillsborough was also daubed on the side of the Anfield Road Stand, complete with ‘EFC’ graffiti. In the wake of Liverpool’s success it feels good to take the moral high ground but let’s not forget that people who do this stuff (like that idiot with the rockets at the Liver Building) are a brain dead feral minority who aren’t proper footy fans. I’m a lifelong blue but a bit of solidarity amongst genuine supporters wouldn’t go amiss.
Jeff Spiers
25 Posted 07/07/2020 at 11:45:13
Paul, totally agree. But, sadly there will always be a feral breed
Lee Mandaracas
26 Posted 07/07/2020 at 12:34:57
Paul #24 I refer you to Steve #14

Retaliation is no excuse but it seems even our own fans are at times willing to portray it as instigation. I am not excusing the disgusting acts of vandalism by anybody. However, look at the frequency and gravity of acts for a good indicator as to what proportion of fans are imbeciles. It won't take long to find our share, though they clearly exist, are minute in proportion. Theirs, on the other hand....

Brian Harrison
27 Posted 07/07/2020 at 12:59:15
I really despair at the behaviour of our neighbours fans, they have waited 30 odd years to win the Premier league, yet instead of enjoying that, they seem more intent on defacing anything to do with Everton why?

Have they forgotten the way we behaved after the disaster that was Hillsboro, where there were nearly as many blue scarves tied to the Shankly gates as red scarves the day after the disaster. I still believe our tribute to those fans that died was the most moving of all the tributes paid, when we had a boy and girl dressed in Liverpool and Everton kits and with the numbers 9 & 6 on the backs of their shirts. Seeing that the recent incidents outside Anfield and then what happened at the Pier Head were truly disgraceful, cant be supporters who live miles away, these were caused by local fans. I am still waiting to see Spirit of Shankly apologise to Joe Anderson who predicted what would happen, and the only apology to the people of Liverpool over what happened at the Pier Head was in conjunction with the Red Echo. So I am not holding my breath waiting for them to say anything about the flare set alight on the Dixie Dean statue.

I am old enough to remember when there wasnt this nastiness between the fans, banter yes, but why or where this hateful behaviour has come from I don't know.

Mike Corcoran
28 Posted 07/07/2020 at 13:15:18
Glad there’s no damage, the statue can go into Midfield for the next game
Neil Copeland
29 Posted 07/07/2020 at 13:20:42
I can’t understand why the RS fans, given their success over the past 2 seasons (and before) are so obsessed with us. I thought we were supposed to be the bitter ones? They seem to live in a world that is isolated from everyone else and one where anything goes as long as it’s red. Are they so jealous of our past history and class as a club? I thought they were the only team in the city so why bother with us?

It makes me both very sad and absolutely boiling with rage to see how their fans behave. Like others, I would like to think that it is not scousers who are responsible but not sure it really matters where the culprits are from.

Time for Mr Moshiri to show his teeth and take LFC to task, it’s got to stop before it’s gets out of control. EFC should be insisting on an immediate apology and condemnation. Difficult to see how there will be retribution taken by our supporters unless strong action is taken now.

Neil Copeland
30 Posted 07/07/2020 at 13:22:45
Typo - should read “no retribution”
Derek Knox
31 Posted 07/07/2020 at 13:24:10
Jeff@4& Rob@12, I think you are both doing a dis-service to knuckle dragging Neanderthals there, even they (hypothetically) wouldn't react like that. Why just destroy things that basically have nothing to do with them?

Even calling them animals is to cast aspersions on animals, who again would rarely behave in such a way, they are scumbags. Like many on here, I have a few Liverpool supporting friends, who equally abhor these actions, and are ashamed that these cretins not only (allegedly) support the same side, but are allowed to steal oxygen on a daily basis.

Derek Knox
32 Posted 07/07/2020 at 13:26:10
Mike @28, brilliant there mate. :-)
John Wilson
33 Posted 07/07/2020 at 13:32:16
Some fans are just football mad, quite literally. The reds are a clear demonstration of that. A cause of Hillsborough as unpalatable that sounds. They were not the sole cause. Similar thing in Madrid turning up with no tickets. It's almost like a bizarre type of psychology reminds of Eminem's Stan, about a fan who was manic and killed himself and girlfriend because the star didn't treat him right. It's all about perception. Football is meant to be a hobby not an obsession. You can criminalise people but it doesn't stop people who lost sense of reality. There is some psychology supporting fans would let the other teams fans suffer harm and not help them. It's just crazy. The red fans personnify that. Bit like the blues fan shadow boxing whilst carrying a young child, probably his son, to help Everton player who got into s scuffle with the European side. He was banned from Goodison for life and I think got a short prison sentence. Football clubs in the Premier League need to speak out or it's s case of monkey see monkey do. Ie black lives matter and destroying statues.
Tony Abrahams
34 Posted 07/07/2020 at 13:36:11
Very good post Paul@24, because we know what’s coming otherwise and it won’t be pretty.

Craig Walker
35 Posted 07/07/2020 at 13:57:04
A RS fan I know was the first to tell me about Moise Kean during lockdown and Ancelotti’s tax affairs. Couldn’t wait to tell me.

Paul above is right. We do have our fair share of dickhead fans as well. If you are getting gates of 35 to 40,000, you’re gonna get a minority of idiots. What I don’t like is how the media suppress their wrongdoings. Spitty back on Sky. The alleged Suarez racist incident then the t-shirts, Sakho and the banned substances, bricking the Man City team bus, fireworks at Barca’s hotel, Pier Head (38 mins before Sky News even mentioned it the following g day) and so on.

Patrick McFarlane
36 Posted 07/07/2020 at 13:59:01
Unfortunately, those 'idiots' who think it's fun to aim rockets at the Pier Head or set alight the Statue of Dixie, are getting exactly what they want - plenty of attention.

Merseyside and both sets of fans should be very careful as each crazy act and the reactions to them divide the two groups even further. I'm no lover of the other side or of its supporters, but at the same time, I don't want to face a similar situation that we sadly see in Glasgow and other cities, when the two clubs meet.

We all label the other sides fans, as this or that, but we know that those descriptions are simply not true or accurate, they have a bigger share of idiots than we, but we still have them.

There are many reasons for our negative reactions towards their fans and that club, and many of them are legitimate, but to hold the higher moral ground - if that even exists in the tribalism of football - we must not stoop to the lowest levels of behaviour that those who perform these idiotic acts exhibit.

Criticise the idiots by all means but we should try and refrain from tarring every fan of theirs with the same brush. We have some very tough times to face as a community in the coming months and years, therefore, it is very important that we all do a little bit to repair the damage that has been done to the relationship between both sets of fans in recent times.

That applies to any LFC fans too, who should realise that seeing them winning things is unpleasant to us as Evertonians, but it isn't half as unpleasant as the constant over the top berating and barracking of our club by many of their fan-base. Live and let live, should be the motto, but both sets of fans and the rest of those involved in the game should condemn the excessive use of inciteful language or actions that only help to divide us.

A healthy rivalry should not be allowed to continue along this path to a hate-filled one. I for one hope it isn't too late to alter course.

John McFarlane Snr
37 Posted 07/07/2020 at 14:13:16
Hi all, fans like Dave Abrahams, John Boon, Myself, and many others will remember when we walked to matches with our Liverpidlian mates, and stood beside them on the Kop, or at the Gwladys Street end. Of course there was banter which was sometimes overstretched, but in the main it was a friendly interaction, unlike the situation that exists today. It appears to me that the "Heysel Tragedy' was the catalyst for what we are facing today, I too hope that we don't witness a tit-for-tat reaction, because I fear that we could expect there to be a more damning reaction to our fans, with the actions of the initial idiots air-brushed which is usually the case.

HI Mike[28] and Derek [32] I have been described as a 'snowflake' by some on this site, so I feel I should attempt to live up to my reputation, I don't find the remark aimed at the performance of Everton's midfield either 'Brilliant', or appropriate, for a thread of this seriousness. [No offence intended]

Jeff Spiers
38 Posted 07/07/2020 at 14:58:55
Derek@31. Apologies to all Neanderthals!!
Roger Helm
39 Posted 07/07/2020 at 15:09:52
I wasn’t that surprised TBH and I don’t suppose anyone in Turin or Manchester or any of the European cities visited by Liverpool FC were either.
Ray Jacques
40 Posted 07/07/2020 at 16:20:13
The horrible bastards openly displayed a massive Munich banner in the ground in full view of all for years and years, until something happened in 1989.

They say we are bitter, they cannot even enjoy their success without resorting to type.

Simon Dalzell
41 Posted 07/07/2020 at 16:27:10
Mike @ 28 and Derek @32. I for one find your comments to be light hearted, and in no way inappropriate. I may well be wrong, but would imagine the majority would see it the same.
Billy Roberts
42 Posted 07/07/2020 at 18:33:13
Thank you Ed @18
I thought even our fans had suffered collective amnesia in regards to the vandalism of Prince Ruperts tower, I am sure I am right in saying it was vandalised twice.
For a bit of balance I think some Liverpool fans helped clean it up, a welcome gesture to embarrass the morons who had let their club down.
Its amazing what some kind of apology like that can do, imagine say if the Spirit of Shankly or the friggin club had volunteered to clean up the Pier head the next day ?
It would have reversed a lot of this spitefulness, maybe set an example for the fans who are vandalising/ disrespecting the Dixie statue and flowers.
Jeff Spiers
43 Posted 07/07/2020 at 18:54:35
When will Kopites ever be happy?
Tony Cawson
44 Posted 07/07/2020 at 19:44:19
They should be stripped of using the name of this city.

Should never have been entitled to it in the beginning.

Anfield Dons or something.

Simon Lloyd
45 Posted 07/07/2020 at 20:07:45
I understand that Liverpool FC are preparing a press briefing on this matter. They intend to rely on the tried and tested pattern of laying the blame fairly and squarely where it should be.
At the feet of somebody else.
A senior official has a prepared statement blaming Everton FC for "failing to provide adequate protection for the statue of Dixie Dean" before adding " had Everton erected a 2 metre high fence, dug a protective moat and hired 24 hour armed guards then this incident would not have occurred."
There we are, in light of that it was simply not their fault.
Neil Copeland
46 Posted 07/07/2020 at 23:16:57
Simon #45. Very good

My brother, who is a red, told me that they (whoever they actually is) believe they were not RS supporters that put the flare there. sort of says it all really.

Tony Abrahams
47 Posted 08/07/2020 at 08:21:53
Says it all Neil, because even rational genuine red noses, turn the other cheek and shift the blame, one of the reasons it’s going to be so hard to find some middle ground.
Tony Everan
48 Posted 08/07/2020 at 09:22:02
They are further embarrassing and shaming Liverpool football club.

These acts like firing red flares into the Everton offices, Liver Building and attaching red flares onto Dixie Dean's statue are the acts of cowards.

Only a brain dead moron would see anything funny in it. It is a dangerous trend, will cause hatred and social disharmony. I hope they find them and stick the bastards in the stocks for a few days.

Mike Corcoran
49 Posted 08/07/2020 at 10:34:20
John McF Snr - I don’t mean to cause offence. It was a light hearted dig at Everton’s performance. Let’s face it, casual acts of vandalism are performed throughout the city on a regular basis, I think this is being afforded a relevance and significance far beyond any premeditated abilities of, what I might wrongly assume is, the braindead kids who probably did this to share a TikTok or Snapchat. I enjoy this website, some great posters such as John Daley have me smiling. Some of the banter goes beyond light hearted and can be vain bulging violence and hatred for all things red though and can be far beyond reasonable, these supporters are our family, friends, workmates etc. I like a laugh, no need for straighteners over footy.
John McFarlane Snr
50 Posted 08/07/2020 at 11:10:15
Hi Mike [49] I accept your explanation, and on reflection I was out of order to remonstrate with yourself and Derek, for which I apologise. I do possess a sense of humour, but I felt it was the wrong thread to express any kind of lighthearted remarks. It's now become apparent to me that there must be some truth in the suggestion that I'm a fully paid-up "Snowflake." Once again apologies to you and Derek.
Mike Corcoran
51 Posted 08/07/2020 at 11:43:16
John I too err to the flake not the gammon. You remain a well respected poster!
Patrick McFarlane
52 Posted 08/07/2020 at 13:57:54
Kudos to Bill Shankly's Grandson for issuing this statement.

To the idiots who went and vandalised the Dixie Dean statue; seriously assess your life and actions.

You’re the same people who simply fuel the nation's false opinion on Liverpool fans that we’re ‘outraged by everything and ashamed of nothing.’ You’re not Liverpool fans and you’re the same people that have soured our celebrations following the long wait for a league title by shooting fireworks at buildings and attacking police. If the statue of me grandad was attacked in this manner you’d be calling the perpetrators scum and a disgrace. There is a word for that. Hypocrisy.

If you even remotely knew the history of Liverpool FC you’d know that my grandad and Dixie Dean were great friends. You’d know that my grandad visited Dixie weekly long into his retirement to chat about football and keep his spirit high. You’d know my grandad was with Dixie the day he died. You’d know he was devastated at losing him. And you’d know he read the eulogy at his funeral. You’d also know that we as the Shankly family are great friends to this day with the Dean fmily is including the truly amazing Melanie Prentice David Prentice Scarlett Rose Prentice and Danny Prentice

You see they had respect for each other my grandad and Dixie. Fierce rivalry yes. But respect. They came from a different era that has sadly long disappeared. It’s ok to be rivals. But do yourselves a favour and go and get some respect. For yourselves and others!

Barry Rathbone
53 Posted 08/07/2020 at 14:20:21
The unique trait of Liverpool fans is their absolute obsession with sneering and denigration celebration is not complete without attacking someone or something. The dreadful stereotype of scally scousers is reinforced every time the heathens win something.

Emlyn Hughes didn't know what he was starting all those years ago.

Steve Brown
54 Posted 08/07/2020 at 14:36:06
John @ 50, you are a proper gent with good values that we could all learn from.

I know who called you a 'snowflake' in their comments. My first thought when I read that was 'well, it's better to be.a snowflake than a pompous ass'.

Brent Stephens
55 Posted 08/07/2020 at 14:54:14
Patrick #52 - outstanding comments. Class.
Danny ONeill
56 Posted 08/07/2020 at 15:01:17
My cousin sent me a link to that earlier Patrick. Kudos indeed. That's what rivalry is about; it can be fierce but doesn't have to get disrespectful.
John McFarlane Snr
57 Posted 08/07/2020 at 16:16:22
Hi Steve [54] thank you for your kind words, I'm sometimes disappointed by the reactions I encounter, but then I remember my distant childhood days, and the words, "Sticks and stones" etc.
Brent Stephens
58 Posted 08/07/2020 at 16:22:13
Steve #54 - quite right - wouldn't want to be abusive.
Steve Brown
59 Posted 08/07/2020 at 16:58:42
Brent, tedious as ever.

Plenty of posters saw how John was treated - I guessing including you. It evidently still upsets him. so since no-one spoke up to support him I am happy to do so. I wouldn't expect you to of course, as that would require a backbone.

Steve Brown
60 Posted 08/07/2020 at 17:02:02
John @ 57, you are most welcome. Keep posting as I really enjoy reading your thoughts and especially the great memories you often share.
Brent Stephens
61 Posted 08/07/2020 at 17:12:15
As I say, no room for abuse.
Steve Brown
62 Posted 08/07/2020 at 17:16:22
Brent, stroll on. You are strictly in the zero interest category of poster on here. But at least you are consistent in that regard.
Brent Stephens
63 Posted 08/07/2020 at 17:17:43
I hear what you say, Steve.
Steve Brown
64 Posted 08/07/2020 at 17:19:27
Go on Brent, say something interesting...
Jeff Spiers
65 Posted 08/07/2020 at 20:29:44
Barry @53, funny enough, it was Emlyn Hughes's little ditty that lit my fuse. At 68 years of age, I should have calmed down by now!!
Danny ONeill
66 Posted 08/07/2020 at 21:33:59
I've been quite vocal over my opinion on Liverpool fans and I come from the 80s generation that feels particularly aggrieved by the trigger they pulled on us. I don't blame them for everything that happened after that, but they denied us our greatest opportunity and, as the saying goes, who knows what could have been?

I reiterate what I say above. Fine words from Shankly's Grandson, which optimise the relationship I still have individually with family reds and good friends. But only on an individual basis. As collective fan bases we have now drifted so far apart it more resembles the Merseyside-Manchester bitter rivalry than the "fierce but respectful" one we used to have with each other.

Sadly, this was initially driven by the events of history and the subsequent footballing paths our clubs took. Linked to this, it is now fuelled by the media frenzy and band wagon jumping associated with Liverpool FC that goes beyond even what we saw in their hey day of the 70s & 80s.

Jeff, my 48 years may not match your 68, but maybe I too should have calmed down by now. I can't!!

George Stuart
67 Posted 09/07/2020 at 00:41:53
Jeff Spiers(65).

I was there that day. With me mates. Happy for them. Happy for the city. In the full belief our European Cup was just a matter of (little) time.

The first real nail in the coffin. Apart From a brief sparkling during the 'friendly final' (sic) of 1984 and the solidarity following Hillsborough, it's been getting worse ever since.

I had a piece prepared about how the Liverpool Team deserved their title and played good football. How I didn't really mind Klopp, apart from his constant moaning and blame shifting. In the end, I couldn't be bothered. In the end, it was not worth the effort.

John Wilson
68 Posted 09/07/2020 at 13:23:07
Are we playing drama queens, cliques, or just plain ignorant? Not one of you commented on what I said yet go out of you way to argue with each other. Was my post not relevant, or too hard to understand? I'll post it again in quote.

"Some fans are just football mad, quite literally. The reds are a clear demonstration of that. A cause of Hillsborough as unpalatable that sounds. They were not the sole cause. Similar thing in Madrid turning up with no tickets.

It's almost like a bizarre type of psychology reminds of Eminem's Stan, about a fan who was manic and killed himself and girlfriend because the star didn't treat him right. It's all about perception. Football is meant to be a hobby not an obsession. You can criminalise people but it doesn't stop people who lost sense of reality.

There is some psychology supporting fans would let the other teams fans suffer harm and not help them. It's just crazy. The red fans personnify that. Bit like the blues fan shadow boxing whilst carrying a young child, probably his son, to help Everton player who got into s scuffle with the European side. He was banned from Goodison for life and I think got a short prison sentence.

Football clubs in the Premier League need to speak out or it's s case of monkey see monkey do. Ie black lives matter and destroying statues." Try again shall we?

Steve Greir
69 Posted 09/07/2020 at 13:24:39
Jeff (65) and George (67), me too! Funny that, isn't it.
Patrick McFarlane
70 Posted 09/07/2020 at 13:35:08
John #68
Some of us have posted full articles on this site and received no feedback whatsoever, it doesn't mean that the articles weren't read or that they were deserving of a comment by the reader.

Because you have posted a comment on a thread doesn't mean you automatically begin a debate or that readers will respond to it.

However, by highlighting your original post, your final paragraph raises some questions, the destruction of a statue by people who have in their opinion, just cause to do so, is not remotely similar to mindless acts of vandalism, so it really isn't a case of 'Monkey See, Monkey do!'

Kieran Kinsella
71 Posted 09/07/2020 at 14:34:33
John 68

Are you the poor man’s Kelvin Mackenzie craving attention, making racist monkey comparisons? Here is your response: you are ignorant and racist

John Wilson
72 Posted 09/07/2020 at 15:57:29
My point was if people see others damaging property, which the statues are, it will cause others ie the reds fans to use similar ideas, ie Monkey see Monkey Do. How is that racist? A general thing can be twisted to be racist. There is a difference between s racist act and twisting something to be racist. Look I agree that there is a problem with racism but damaging property is a criminal offence and I hope those who damaged those statues are prosecuted to the full extent of the law. What happened was mob mentality by the few which led to destruction of those statues.

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