Where do you get the Time?

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I was attempting to write a glowing review of Toffeeweb for no particular reason other than I'm an Everton supporter, occasional contributor, regular reader and massive admirer.

Just to write the undernoted took me quite a time and it made me think.

Some of the contributors on here are unbounded in their volume on pretty well every article, subject or message.

The same people appear over and over.

Some go into so much detail on every facet of what the previous contributor may have meant or said, in some cases ploughing back through historical items to maybe challenge, contradict and prove their own point.

I am often so impressed but at the same time curious, that, bright, articulate and active guys are able to devote so much time to this site.

Don't get me wrong, this is by no means a criticism. I'm so full of admiration for guys like Danny and Rob who not only fill the columns here with brilliant observations and opinions while actually getting to so many live games. Respect.

Add to that, correspondents like Mike Gaynes and Jay Wood in Brazil who never cease to amaze me with their depth of knowledge on just about everything.

Jay in particular provides essays on so many topics in painstaking detail. It's sometimes expert, masterful and always informative. Have to say I love reading his stuff.

There are so many more. Wish I could name them all...

But that brings me to the point of this article. How do you guys find the time to follow and comment to the extent that you do, on this site?

Everton are an important part of my life but not to the extent that I dedicate a major part of every day to the tricky blues. My other interests and activities preclude me from dedicating most of my days to the cause.

You guys are so impressive and long may it continue. Thank you.

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Danny O’Neill
1 Posted 22/12/2021 at 11:27:02
Brilliant Dave,

Personally I'm just at a stage of life and in a position where I can give more time to things I couldn't previously.

If my wife read your article, she would be waving it in my face!!!

Barry Hesketh
2 Posted 22/12/2021 at 12:10:04
Danny @1
Hasn't your wife told you that you make time for the ones you love? I think that many of us, having less interest in the idiot box, find the time by ignoring the telly even when it's on and like to read or post on all things Everton FC on here. The advent of phone technology helps to keep TW's in touch and they can reply instantly to anything that interests them no matter where they are in the world, but not when they are at work obviously?

Dale Self
3 Posted 22/12/2021 at 19:59:32
It's not an escape hatch it is the thing itself. At first, it was just another forum but this time with the attachment that I have for the club. Then over time I realized that I was getting drawn in and not in the habitual way I visited newsish blogs so to speak. It is a fascinating community on its own separate from the football.
Don Alexander
4 Posted 22/12/2021 at 20:03:07
Dave, I find it helps if you don't spend time trying to write lead articles!
Brent Stephens
5 Posted 22/12/2021 at 20:07:06
Dave, fully agree on your observations about the great contributions from Danny O'Neill and Rob Halligan, here in the UK, and Mike Gaynes and Jay Wood, overseas. Informed, informative, reasoned, challenging while reasonable and courteous.

I hope I'm not one you see as over-contributing! I'll reflect on that.

Barry Rathbone
6 Posted 22/12/2021 at 20:25:58
Dave Brierley

Having engaged/challenged opinion proffered as representative of "most" Evertonians on a variety of Everton forums I'm firmly of the opinion only 100-150 are regular posters across the entire genre.

I'd guesstimate 20 - 30 here and the same at GrandOldTeam with a goodly amount foreign posters popping between both forums with verbatim posts. I'm talking daily posters btw.

Always fascinates me how they cannot grasp why frothing angst on the web is not replicated at the ground. A miniscule echo chamber will never represent the huge number of Evertonians.

Mike Gaynes
7 Posted 22/12/2021 at 20:56:58
Dave, thanks very much for the callout!

In answer to your question, I have the time because I'm a home-based consultant and a lazy slacker, so I post when I should be working.

As far as motivation, I have a deep emotional connection to many of the folks here because of my life-affirming experiences when I traveled to Merseyside.

And also because in person I'm a charmless lout with no friends, so this is the only place I can find people who will put up with me.

Thanks again.

Tony Abrahams
8 Posted 22/12/2021 at 21:14:50
I think I also spend way to much time on this wonderfully addictive website, Dave, and sometimes think I should stop because of how repetitive it can sometimes make me. But it's a great place to learn, with many great contributions, from loads of sensible, mad and funny people, and probably why we are on ToffeeWeb nearly every single day.
Peter Neilson
9 Posted 22/12/2021 at 21:37:19

Thank God we don't replicate the frothing angst to the ground, at least not always!

As to foreign posters, I don't see any issue (not suggesting you do either), but surely it's their way of engaging with other supporters. It's a global game and many aren't physically able to get to matches.

It's an echo chamber of support but I find the divergent views do represent what we discuss in the pub before and after the game.

Andy Crooks
10 Posted 22/12/2021 at 21:50:07
Interesting post, Barry. I doubt that we reflect what happens at the ground. I know that, at the games I have been to over the last couple of years, my view is entirely different than watching from home.

It is like being at the game is in some way part of the effort to win and criticism of the team kind of reflects on those who were there. It is certainly a fundamentally different experience.

I used to post millions on here. Some mad stuff, too. I know you took a break, Barry, but came back. I have a certain nostalgia for those days when, hard it must be to imagine, I was villified in the days of the Moyes Out Brigade and the Moyes Boys.

I don't post so much now, probably because maturity has made me realize that it doesn't quite matter as much as I used to think and I can accept that I am very often wrong.

What I can say, without doubt, is that some of the very finest writing on Everton Football Club has appeared on this site. From the editors and contributors. Some of the funniest, most moving, insightful and clever stuff I have read.

It has been a positive in my life since I first logged on more than 20 years ago. I have met great friends and have had some wonderful experiences. Yet, there is always the temptation to come on, have a rant and talk spur of the moment shite.

One of my closet friends died before completing a book on fan sites. It was funny and insightful. He was a red. ToffeeWeb was, in his view, the best by a mile. It is.

Peter Mills
11 Posted 22/12/2021 at 21:55:08
Dave, having met Mr Gaynes #7 through this site, I can confirm that he is a charmless lout!
Brent Stephens
12 Posted 22/12/2021 at 22:06:24
Peter, I've never met Mr Gaynes. Doesn't stop me from labelling him as a charmless lout. Or do I need to have been there and met him?

Peter Mills
13 Posted 22/12/2021 at 22:10:44
No, I don’t think you need to meet him, Brent.

Just label him him as you wish, and leave him sitting there, pretending to work, and wondering whether this is English humour at work or some evil plot.

Derek Thomas
14 Posted 22/12/2021 at 22:32:35
Andy @ 10; ToffeeWeb summed up in 19 words..."Yet, there is always the temptation to come on, have a rant and talk spur of the moment shite." - and long may it be so.

*runs off to GrandOldTeam to copy and paste.

Brian Williams
15 Posted 22/12/2021 at 22:32:41
He doesn't wear pants half the time either............ not a pretty sight.
Ben King
16 Posted 22/12/2021 at 22:41:43
Love this site because it's full of Evertonians that ‘get it'.

But I'm so mad at my club and team

And I'm mad at the state of the world

This is a safe space to rant. And to vent. And boy am I angry….

Love ToffeeWeb. But when I meet my maker it'll be difficult to justify spending so much time on Everton and this (wonderful) site.

Jay Harris
17 Posted 22/12/2021 at 22:47:20
Dave, In answer to your question you find the time to do the things you enjoy or find solace in.

ToffeeWeb is like a free therapist at times and at other a source of great information and wit.

George McKane with his cosmic grooves, others with their knowledge of literature and music let alone the depth of knowledge of football in fact the whole of life has been discussed, debated and opiniated which all makes for fascinating reading.

ToffeeWeb your one stop shop.

Brendan McLaughlin
18 Posted 22/12/2021 at 22:54:51

I can see a Christmas themed ToffeeWeb movie.... "It's a Wonderful Site".

Andy Crooks as George Bailey (James Stewart) and we definitely need Eugene Ruane back to play the Angel.

Don Alexander
19 Posted 22/12/2021 at 22:56:05
Mike (#7) for you, a Yank and proud of it, to use the word "lout" (a fabulous word IMHO) confirms you as a doyen of old English. Well said Sir!
Andy Crooks
20 Posted 22/12/2021 at 23:27:00
Brendan, love that post. By the way, back in the day you were one of the big hitters on here, as shrill and mad as anyone!! I recall you and Brendan O'Doherty giving me special grief.

If you fancy a beer in The Crown sometime, send your e-mail to Michael.

Andy Crooks
21 Posted 22/12/2021 at 23:33:43
Jay @ 17, after the Norwich game, Derek Knox, George McKane and I got a taxi into Lime Street. I will not forget it. Two truly remarkable men. Define "remarkable" as you wish!!
Mike Gaynes
22 Posted 22/12/2021 at 23:43:26
Thank you, Grandpa Peter!

Brian, admit it, you enjoyed those photos I sent.

Don, I have learned (learnt?) many new words on this site. Few of which I can actually use.

Andy, I've never met the Magical Mr. McKane, but I do know that having you and DK in the same vehicle probably left that cabbie with PTSD.

Kieran Kinsella
23 Posted 23/12/2021 at 00:10:21
Does this mean Danny Jay Mike and Rob get their wings? Ada boy Clarence!
John Boon
24 Posted 23/12/2021 at 13:52:37
Good Post Dave.
You echo my sentiments to a "T". I enjoy putting my thoughts on everything "Everton".I alsoI think it is a great site and it helpls me to fully comprehend and accept that there are other Blue lunatics who have been indoctrinated and deluded for almost as long as I have.

Most of us probably write our own particular drivel because it is the "ONLY" place where readers may even understand that the only relevance is "Everton". WE are able to respond to the observations we read and tell other posters just how RIGHT they are to declare such sentiments as, "Alex Young is the best player to wear the holy Blue uniform". We revel in our own astute observations when othe intelligent Evertonians agree with us.

Then there is the OTHER side and I don't mean "RED" We discover that there are those, even more deluded than ourselves, who have the nerve to disagree with our brilliant conclusions.AND, even more disconcerting, there are those who not only disagree but use every foul mouthed epithet to let you know just what a depraved ignoramus you are to dare to disagree with their own astute observations and postings.We all start to realize who those posters are, and accept them as they are.

The initial question was, "How do you have the time?".I just plain DON'T. There is one particular voice in the house that sends messages basically saying "Are you on that Toffee thing again ?" She has no emotional attachment to Everton or the Toffee thing so I should not be too surprised. I need my middle aged "Everton for Ever" sons to be around to support me.Unfortunately they are only here on game day. On that particular day the lady in question makes sure to go shopping.

I admire those who are far more regular on TW than I am. Danny is not nearly as acerbic as his fellow full timers and should be awarded the medal of honour for his ability to even respond to those who are overly critical of his observations.

So Glad Toffee Web is around. I will post when I have time or inclination. The voice in the background is calling!!!!

Jerome Shields
25 Posted 23/12/2021 at 23:42:27
I suppose I do and my wife thinks have a problem.

Prior to ToffeeWeb my information was derived from newspapers, attending matches( mostly away), information from supporters I come across, and informed symapathiers( of which there are many), the sadly defunct Evertonian( not the glossey one), similar fooball fantics who are opposition supporters, Radio Merseyside ( not as informative as it use to be), available stats, Everton Accounts and evertonfc. com( very frustrating. )

Frankly I don't have time, since I am busy in my own life. So some of my posts may seem half baked and need more editing. Have to thank the editorial team. . I would like to do more research, finding the Club very limited in the information it provides which is mostly PA and PR, rather than Chief Exec. I do like the feedback good and bad that ToffeeWeb provides in clarifying points and ideas. Better to push the limits than be accepting.

I do genuinely believe that Posters do have a impact in contributing to the Everton narrative, which the currents powers would like kept in it's box.

Will have to get to grips with twitter a do something to push on the still necessary progress of 27 for 27.

Thank you all those that provide articles and posts.

Christine Foster
26 Posted 24/12/2021 at 01:26:03
It's a great site with mostly great people who I have never met! It never ceases to amazing of the breadth and quality of the articles and posts..just extraordinary, thanks must go to Michael and Lyndon for continuingly making it happen. I can't wait to got over and enjoy a tipple at the Bramley Moore with some of best ToffeeWebers in the world. I may not do lead articles any more as I tend to think my views are a little old hat these days but the site is still my number one go on the web. Thank you all of you, a very merry Christmas To each of and yours, stay safe!
Ernie Baywood
27 Posted 24/12/2021 at 02:03:57
I post a lot here simply because I don't have much time. Busy job, one too many kids... so this is my outlet.

Once upon a time my outlet was going to the match. A few hours where I swapped being a responsible adult with being a biased, opinionated, occasionally unreasonable Evertonian.

Nowadays, as a migrant, I connect via ToffeeWeb. I don't use any other forums... to me it's like having your regular pub before the match, or the regular group that you sit/stand with. You don't necessarily need to connect with those people in other parts of your life but they're a significant group in your Everton supporting life.

I love differing opinions and I haven't offered one that I wouldn't also say in person. If we can keep things civil (as we mostly would in person) then this stays a great place to meet and chat.

Thanks to all who contribute.

Kieran Kinsella
28 Posted 24/12/2021 at 02:47:59
I post on here in response to funny guys like Eugene Ruane, Pat Kelly, John Daly, Derek Knox and Brent Stephens.

To interact with insightful dedicated fans like Si Cooper, Barry Hesketh, Danny O'Neill, Jay Wood, Rob Halligan, Derek Moore, Christine Foster, Annika Herbert, Lyndon Lloyd, Michael Kenrick, Mike Gaynes, Andrew Keightley, Bill Gall, Bill Watson, Sanjay Gopal.

To learn from old-timers like Dave Abrahams, John Boon and John McFarlane.

To get tidbits from a fellow I'm in awe of: Tony Abrahams, based on his playing record.

To get a chuckle from malcontents like Barry Rathbone, Don Alexander, Tony Marsh, Jim Bennings, Martin Mason.

To interact with decent fellows like Dale Self, Ernie Baywood, Jay Harris Jerome Shields, Dave Brierley.

To see the brightest flame burns quickest Fairweather's like Jamie Crowley come and go.

To see wise guys like Colin Glassar and Andy Crooks talking sense. And to counter the ranting of the odd extremist like Darren Hind, Jay Woods (Lat), Mark Guttleim (?), Gary Smith.

And also because I've fond memories of the likes of Harold Matthews and Dick Fearon.

Mike Gaynes
29 Posted 24/12/2021 at 03:59:18
Ernie nailed it. TW is a virtual pub, a haven especially for those of us who don't have access to the real thing. A place to hang out with people like Ernie, a guy I never agree with but would love to have a beer with. Or two.

Kieran, you missed two of the funniest comedy specialists here, Ray Roche and Brian Williams. Primo comics both. (As are you.)

For me, however, this place feels most special when one of the old friends drops in unexpectedly. I literally yelp in delight when I spot a rare contribution from Ian Burns, Gerry Quinn, Patrick Murphy, Keith Harrison and Tim Greeley (who plays on the Forum only).

And I'd like to call out some of the folks who were here years ago and made it special... even though they no longer visit -- Paul Thompson, Jamie Lenard (Chicago, baby!), Chris Williams, my Oregon buddy Paul Columb, Dermot Byrne, Alexander Murphy, Garry Corgan, Barry Lenton from Marine AFC, Ken Buckley, the hilarious Pat Finegan, Jim Lloyd, Jim Hardin, David Nicholls, and that most generous and thoughtful of men, Kev Johnson. (As well as a gent named Lee Whitehead, who once left me sobbing with one sentence.)

I can honestly say this site has had a tremendous positive impact on my life. You can't say that for many addictions.

Darren Hind
30 Posted 24/12/2021 at 07:51:34
I tend to stay away from threads like this which are not really about football, but I will make an exception for this one.

I think TW has morphed into something far beyond the mere football website. It's become a virtual community center. Topics stretching far and wide are discussed by many... Some are even discussed by people who know what they are talking about. The recent thread about covid being a perfect example.

I love to hear People like Dave Abrahams and Rick Tarleton discuss a particular unrecorded incident in a match played 50 years ago. I always look out for comments from the Scottie girl - she's forgotten more than most know. I wont put up a long list. I tend to show my respect for what I consider The informed view by engaging the poster personally.

My favorite posters are Jay Wood...Err (lat). Mark Gutteim ? Gary Smith and of course Casho - Although I think we do provoke a certain amount of jealousy because we can all go the same match and only pay for one ticket.

I suspect Dave was sorely tempted to entitle this piece "WHY do you find the time, but I feel that is self evident. From my own personal point of view this site has gotten me through some seemly endless night shifts.

Grumpy arl bastards like me will have to accept that if they want to continue to post on here, that the site is much bigger than a mere footy site. People want to talk about everything. They want friendship. Even if it is with people they have never or are unlikely to ever meet.

I wonder if either MK or LL even dreamed TW would play such massive part of peoples lives when they started out all those years back

Danny O’Neill
32 Posted 24/12/2021 at 08:04:46
Although the site has brought a lot of people together in person as well Darren. People that probably would never have met without it. Maybe we'll meet up at some point and have a stand to before settling it with a drink?

I've had the privilege of meeting up in person with many regulars from this site this season and others they have put me in touch with. The Saddle Inn, the Crown, the Bramley Moore. Pubs in London and Wolverhampton. I won't remind myself about 3 Army / ex Army blokes getting stuck on the wrong platform at Brighton station complaining where the train was stood amongst the Brighton fans. Poor drills. It's been great putting faces to the names and meeting their friends too. The Everton community.

I even, by fault of my own familiarity on the train to Lime Street, brought a cohort of West Ham fans to County Road and they loved mixing with the Evertonians. They now consider that their go to pub on their trips to Merseyside. My fault everyone!

Like many, I can't explain it. But you always find the time for Everton. I always have done. Even when I've been thousands of miles away in really shitty places, they have never been far from my thoughts!

Lee Courtliff
33 Posted 24/12/2021 at 08:07:22
I don't contribute a great deal and have only submitted my own piece on a handful of occasions despite being an avid reader for just over a decade.

I visit this site every day because I don't have any Evertonian friends. I'm from Burnley but my Dad is a Scouser, that's why I've been suffering for so long. I was 13 when we last won a trophy, and I just turned 40 a few months ago.

This place gives me the chance to feel more like part of the club and the fanbase. I haven't had a season ticket for a very long time due to work commitments but I get on the odd game and watch every game possible on TV or online.

Last year I got my first ever Mon-Fri job and I'm hoping to get a season ticket for next year. Until then, I'll keep coming here to read some fascinating articles, in-depth match reports and laugh at some of the Pissing Contests, although they seem to have died down a bit since the days of the MOB v The Apologists!

Brilliant site. Keep up the good work.

Dale Rose
35 Posted 24/12/2021 at 09:23:59
I think the thing about this site is, its ideal for people who have domestic commitments and are unable to get to games. I'm a carer now so don't have any free time. I love coming on the live forum and enjoying the craic and the arguments. As someone else said a couple of hours in a virtual pub.

Tony Abrahams
36 Posted 24/12/2021 at 09:28:06
You mention the only thing that breaks my heart about Everton, Lee, because anyone under a certain age, still haven’t witnessed the joy of seeing us win a trophy, but still they travel everywhere, showing an incredible loyalty that knows no bounds.

Win us the cup Benitez, watch the celebrations, and then smile to yourself, when you realize how much Everton means to so many people, then turn to Mr Kenwright, and tell him, that the only thing small about Everton, was having a chairman that was absolutely delighted with being plucky little Everton.

Winning the cup, is my Christmas wish anyway, so have a good one everyone, singing “WE SHALL NOT BE MOVED!”

Geoff Trenner
37 Posted 24/12/2021 at 09:35:09
Agreed Dale, I can very rarely get to games these days due to business commitments. I live in beautiful Somerset so Goodison is a hike and the nearest Premiership team is Southampton (75 miles each way) so even away games are difficult.
Rob Halligan
38 Posted 24/12/2021 at 10:06:47
Finding the time is not difficult for me, finding the right words to say regarding a match is!

As I say, finding the time is not difficult. I retired from work at an early (ish) age. I was 57 years old when I retired, so now have plenty of free time on my hands, apart from that is, going away three or four times a year, following the blues home and away (All covid permitting of course), and Danny’s favourite pastime, dog walking!!

As I said, finding the right words to say regarding a match is more difficult. I can walk out of a stadium and already forgotten much of what’s happened. I much prefer to give an insight into the events of the day, particularly the European away trips, or away league games.

Through the site I’ve met loads of TW’ers. Pride of place for me though, must be the first TW’er / Scouser to have met Mike Gaynes, the first time he came over to Liverpool. Trying to have a conversation with him was almost impossible. The look on his face trying to understand the Scouse accent was a picture. Like wise me with his American accent. Good job I was with him when he checked into his hotel because the girl on reception had him completely bamboozled with her accent!

The TW get togethers have been great. Too many names to mention, but a pleasure meeting each and everyone of you. Here’s to many more get togethers, particularly at the bramley Moore pub when we move into our new stadium at BMD.

Lee Courtliff
39 Posted 24/12/2021 at 10:55:09
Mine too, Tony. I'd love us to win the Cup again. Much rather that than just finish 5th or 6th. We need to end the drought.
Ken Kneale
40 Posted 24/12/2021 at 11:15:01
Many more eloquent than I mention most of the points above so just two call-outs - firstly to all those especially the editors for maintaining this very fine forum to the benefit of us all secondly Tony 36 - a very fine post as usual

Dave Abrahams
41 Posted 24/12/2021 at 11:24:27
I’m a pensioner so I have plenty of time. The Manchester Evening News had an advert for their paper: “ It’s a friend dropping in” That’s what ToffeeWeb is to me, meeting friends every day from all over the world and having a chat with them about anything but mostly about the club we love, met quite a few of them at the gatherings and enjoyed their company and I hope I can meet them again in the near future until then I will continue to listen to them and share a few words now and again with ‘ my friends dropping in’.

Merry Christmas and a happy healthy New Year to all of you.

Brian Murray
42 Posted 24/12/2021 at 11:32:43
The old new year saying. Out with the old in with the new. Are you listening kenright. Find yourself another hobby / project / to downgrade and bring to your level. Step aside blubber gob.
Danny O’Neill
43 Posted 24/12/2021 at 11:59:31
Tony, like you, I've been fortunate enough to see Everton win the league, the FA Cup and a European trophy first hand.

But I'll never forget the final at Wembley in 2009. I could only get one ticket so gave it to my son, believing this was his moment. I watched in a pub just down from Wembley Stadium station. Stood alongside hundreds of the many thousands of ticket-less Evertonians who had travelled to be part of the occasion and create the atmosphere not just in, but around the stadium.

I think it's still out there on YouTube, but look at the response as the Everton team coach approached Wembley. And that was before a ball was kicked. Imagine if we'd won. I had Chelsea supporters I know who were genuinely blown over with our support that day. One of my favourite family photos is of me, my 2 brothers and my son stood on the steps of Wembley near to that dive, the Silver Spoon (?) just before they all entered the stadium.

Marching down the Wembley Way and then onto a European tour as an honorary member of Rob's gang. I'll bring the Ridgebacks Rob!!

Jerome Shields
44 Posted 24/12/2021 at 12:11:39
Google news uk
John Boon
45 Posted 24/12/2021 at 12:20:13
Dave. When you penned your original aticle you were asking for answers to a question that all Toffee Webbers at some time ask, "How do I have the time?" Having posted earlier on I have delighted in reading the many responses your article elicited.

"ALL", and I stress "ALL" responses were different, honest and clearly demonstrated that Toffee Web is really the true spot for all Evertonians to express, agree and disagree with their fellow fanatics. Opinions are meant to be read, and as ridiculous as they may seem at the time, they are from the soul. Of course they are usually revealing of the personality and character of the writer and that is why we take that chance to bare our souls. Mind you they are "All" Everton souls.

I am an ex scouser who has lived, worked and reared a family of Canadian Evertonians. Since arriving in 1963 Everton has continued to play a major role in my life and I never miss a game. When I lived in Liverpool I followed my team home and away. In many ways I envy those who still do.However It is great to know that there are other "BLUE" idiots from all around this World who need Everton and Toffee Web as much as I do. I will always find the time to give my point of view, as ridiculous as it may seem to others.

I started penning this at around 6.30 am. My Scottish wife still thinks I am nuts to spend so much time thinking about Everton instead of getting ready for Christmas. I had to remind her that Christmas only comes around once a year while "EVERTON LASTS FOR EVER".

Peter Mills
46 Posted 24/12/2021 at 12:49:19
Tony#36, when we do win that FA Cup, I’m not sure what will be better - watching our captain lift the trophy, or being in the crowd belting out that song, knowing that you and everyone else on here is doing the same thing.

Very best wishes all round and, as ever, to Lyndon and Michael.

Tony Abrahams
47 Posted 24/12/2021 at 14:20:52
Stop it Peter you are making me emotional and taking me back shivering, to the day The Rat, lifted the most beautiful cup in the world!
Derek Moore
48 Posted 24/12/2021 at 14:23:34
Well firstly, its technically christmas here in the southern hemisphere so allow me to wish a very merry day to all my fellow ToffeeWebers.
Hope its a boss one la!

Where do I get the time? Some posters may have surmised I don't and won't suffer fools on here gladly. I extend that philosophy to it's logical end, and as such I've been self employed for four years or so.
In theory that gives me unlimited posting opportunities. In reality it means some weeks I post a lot and other weeks I don't get to post at all. Smoke em if you got em.

There's dozens of great posters here that keep me coming back. Most of the names I look for have already been mentioned, but add Paul Ferry, Sam Hoare, Robert Tressell, the INCREDIBLE John Daly, and the hilarious Tony Marsh and Benn Chambers to that list as well and doubtless others who escape my mind right now.

I've had more than my share of run ins on here, and the season of goodwill is a better time than most to apologise for that. For my part its the depth of feeling that leads me most often into going too far. Everton matters too much to leave it alone. She always has and I suspect always will.
So to fellow posters who have felt my opprobrium may I just extend the olive branch of apology. It's never intended personally, even though it may come across that way. I don't have the gift of language of a Lyndon Lloyd or a John Daly otherwise I shouldn't offend so many people.

That said, this site challenges my intelligence like few others have or will. Responses to intelligent responses here challenge me almost like University assignments from decades ago. I always want to give the best account of my thoughts and views here on ToffeeWeb. Although I'm no Lyndon Lloyd I try to bring my A game with every substantive post. Even though I seldom succeed...!

Once again a merry Christmas to all the ToffeeWebers no matter where you are. Peace on earth and a trophy in 2022, we'll all doubtless take that.

PS - Harold Matthews was before my time on here, but Dick Fearon is a name I miss every time I visit. We've a tradition in my family of lighting candles on Christmas Eve for those who won't be here with us physically to enjoy it. There was an extra candle this year.
My wife asked who it was for?
My answer. Distant friends.

For that is what I consider this community. Distant friends.

Danny O’Neill
49 Posted 24/12/2021 at 15:01:10
Stop it both of you. I haven't even had the first Christmas Eve tipple and you're starting me off with tears in my eyes.

I still watch the footage of the 84 Cup final and can see my Dad trying to get over the fence onto the pitch wearing his Everton flat cap that was popular attire at the time. I always point it out to my son and brothers. It makes me emotional. It makes me smile. It kind of makes me proud.

At the time and being behind the view I now see on camera, despite the ecstasy and sheer joy I was experiencing, as a 13 year old in London for only his second time, I did wonder what I was going to do had he managed to scale that fence!!

As it happened, he was beaten back by the stewards. Him asleep on the Jubilee line and some very emotional old boy Everton fan I'd never met before crying as he kept telling me 14 years as he hugged me. 14 years since he'd seen us win a trophy. God bless the younger generation for their patience.

One of the happiest days in my life. When it happens again, I'll try to invade the Wembley pitch, fall asleep on the train and definitely cry. My son can take me home to be scorned upon by Mrs Danny for behaving like Danny aged 13 and I'll have to sleep with the dogs. They will be understanding as they always are. And Everton are worth it.

When Rats goes up . you know the rest.

Alan J Thompson
50 Posted 24/12/2021 at 15:13:46
I've approached this 3 or 4 times now. I'm not one for putting everything online but ToffeeWeb does fill in a good part of my day.

I'm in my 70's now and live on my own so have the time to spare and enjoy the banter and the wit of those who come and go and those who have always been here. I don't agree with all and have reservations about how some go about it, that is, they get obnoxious if people disagree with their ideas.

But Michael and Lyndon deserve a great deal of credit for the way they allow topics such as the abandoned game to generate into an illuminating discussion on this virus.

Thank you, Gentlemen and Ladies.

Brian Murray
51 Posted 24/12/2021 at 15:23:05
Danny. I give you that and raise you the Highbury semi fa cup. To me as a young ish lad it got me all kenright ish. We just knew or at least I did we where on the verge of being a real force. Very emotional that day albeit unusually outnumbered. We had 20 k saints had 27 k fans due obviously to proximity. Never seen the north bank as nuts as that day
John Boon
52 Posted 24/12/2021 at 15:28:05
AND...My final note. I have to find time to say "MERRY CHRISTMAS and a point filled New Year to all Evertonians in Liverpool and around the World. COYB
Andy Crooks
53 Posted 24/12/2021 at 15:28:09
Without ToffeeWeb I would be missing some of my finest memories. Meeting everyone at the get togethers. Having a guided tour of Chester with Derek Knox( pubs included) and having the best Easter Sunday of my life with the wonderful Abrahams family. What a day that was.
Sitting having a coffee in Dave and June's lovely garden. A top notch fry up courtesy of June. A pre match drink with Pete Mills.Watching with Tony and Cameron as Man Utd were thumped 4-0. Having a drink straight after the game with Dave, Tony and Michael. Then, on to the Excelsior where Mike Gaynes, all the way from Oregon, had set up a drink. Days of heaven indeed.
Brian Murray
54 Posted 24/12/2021 at 15:28:34
Going off subject slightly but we want us to comeback as a force but how can we compete to some kopite or top four influenced whooper in a van ( var ) even if our waiter somehow recaptures what he once had. Hope for my lads and next generation that I’m totally wide of the mark
Jay Harris
55 Posted 24/12/2021 at 15:29:21
Just checked back in for my daily fix and wanted to wish all Blues near and far a very happy Xmas and a prosperous new blue year for us all.

Jay Wood

56 Posted 24/12/2021 at 15:30:14
Just stumbled across this thread. Funny the perceptions others have of you.

On Dave's question, I am not, actually, a serial poster on TW. I don't post on all and every thread every day as some are given to. There are more threads I skip and scan read through than stop and comment on.

I go days at a time, sometimes an entire week between games, without posting. That extends to weeks in the close season without footy because transfer rumours and gossip don't enthrall me.

I don't do social media for the same reasons the Live Forum holds zero appeal for me. So TW's main forum represents the only forum I do post on.

As such, it is a highly entertaining and rich font of information, humour, wackiness and diverse opinion.

Because I don't visit similar fans' forums of other clubs I have no idea how TW compares. But if there are any that come close to having as many standout characters posting to the high standard and quality on such an eclectic range of opinions and topics as TW can boast, then they must be very, very good.

You - and your membership - Lyndon and Michael have created something very, very special.

Good health and a Merry Christmas to all.

Danny O’Neill
57 Posted 24/12/2021 at 16:02:03
Talking of semi finals Brian Murray and that era, the 2 at Villa Park against Luton and Sheffield Wednesday got me.The 86 one against Wednesday gave me my best trip back to Liverpool outside of Norwich in 87 when we clinched the league.

In fact maybe it was fate with the wife and her family, but I always enjoyed the trips to Villa Park. I remember the away game in 1987 as we closed in on the title and no exaggeration, must have taken 10,000 that day. And Villa were relegated that season too if I recall.

Darren Hind
58 Posted 24/12/2021 at 16:38:28

That semi final at Highbury was my favorite game of all time. When Inchy twisted in the dying moments to head home that bouncing ball, the North bank absolutely exploded.

I didnt want the journey home to end. The train was bouncing. Unbridled joy. We knew we finally had the team we had waited for so long for. I never came down. Even weeks later when we were going back to London to win it.

My Mrs kept following me around the house singing "Your sex is on fire"

Made that last bit up. The song hadn't even been written yet, but I'm sure she thought it

Andy Crooks
59 Posted 24/12/2021 at 16:39:19
Nice one, Jay. A very happy and peaceful Christmas to you and your very remarkable wife.
Andy Crooks
60 Posted 24/12/2021 at 16:53:40
Darren, I am torn between whether your last post provided too much or too little information! Anyway, here's a Christmas present. I am told that Mr Fisher( not sure I that is the right name) will mightily outrun his odds in the King George. He is available @ 40/1.
Happy Christmas to every Blue in the world. We deserve it.

Mike Gaynes
61 Posted 24/12/2021 at 17:00:57
Rob #38, that's still one of my favorite stories. Although I think our mutual comprehension was higher on my second trip!

Andy #53, I had completely forgotten about that long-distance round of drinks. My wife thought I was out of my mind.

Danny, Pete, Tony, love those emotions. But I would posit a theory that you might find a bit loony... that our shared melancholy is one of the things that makes TW special and uniquely successful. My old mates from my weekly kickarounds in California were mostly supporters of more decorated London or Manchester clubs, and none of those clubs had intensely interactive fan sites like this one. I think our frequent disappointment is one of the things that brings us together here. We all suffer from the same kind of PTSD. Pessimistic Toffee Sadness Disorder.

And I should also point out one of TW's deepest ironies -- that despite all the people brought together by this site down through the decades, the two dedicated founders (whom I am guilty of taking for granted) are not among them. As of a couple of years ago, Lyndon and Michael had never actually met. Fellas, is that still the case?

Brendan McLaughlin
62 Posted 24/12/2021 at 17:06:30
Nice one Andy #60
Epitomises why I'm drawn to ToffeeWeb...only on here does someone provide a "wire" but not be sure of the nag's name!
Happy Christmas to you and all T'webbers.
Peter Mills
63 Posted 24/12/2021 at 19:26:35
Mike#61, I don’t think your theory is loony, but possibly a little awry.

The melancholy is there, without doubt. But disappointment without the memory or promise of unbridled joy is simply misery. That is what we have suffered for many years.

Most of us suffer Melancholia Evertonium because we remember the moments of sheer delirium such as we enjoyed at, say, Elland Road 1995, or Highbury 1984, and we desperately want others, our offspring, people like yourself, to be able to experience it. It was there against Arsenal, it looked like it was there at Chelsea.

So, every now and again, it needs to be there. Big time. It’s been too long. A League Cup or FA Cup win would do it, keep the coals burning for a few more years.

Christine Foster
64 Posted 24/12/2021 at 23:18:59
What? Michael and Lyndon have never met? Good grief.. that's impossible! Like a pair of bookends! Staggering!
Finding time is not so much of a problem these days, but the wit, expertise, fruit and nut cases and just brilliant set of people in hear are like best friends for years that you catch up with and find that time has stood still and the laughter carries on..
Christmas morning in Rotorua, kids paper everywhere, toys and me on ToffeeWeb, best present iget, everyday thanks to Michael and Lyndon and every one of you! Merry Christmas from the Scottie girl :-)
Tony Abrahams
65 Posted 24/12/2021 at 23:31:34
Hopefully you are going to have a relaxing day in those brilliant hot pools Christine, which is my abiding memory of Rotorua, just as long as you can stand the smell, girl!
Brendan McLaughlin
66 Posted 25/12/2021 at 00:49:24
Kin Hell Christine#64
I'm Just off to bed having done my prep for tomorrow! Enjoy your day.
Brian Wilkinson
67 Posted 26/12/2021 at 11:05:36
I second your comment Dave and have to agree that I am no Shakespeare when it comes to contributing an article.

There are many that can write a brilliant article, too many to mention, but I do try and add a little something to their contributions, so for those that do post, I can honestly say I enjoy reading the various comments, some are very knowledgeable, some are damn right funny, but all a good read.

ToffeeWeb has brought people together, a place where we can all go, where others are feeling the same as you are.

One minute we are singing and dancing, next steam coming out of our ears, but that is what Everton does to us all.

Without ToffeeWeb, I would not have met, Bill G, Jim, Derek K, Steve V, Neil C, Danny O,Neill, or Dave Pearl, there are others who have met different people, at ToffeeWeb meet ups, I promise I will get to the next meet up and meet some others.

How Mike and Lyndon manage to get match reports up so soon are great, strange how we see things different at a game, certain player performances etc.

Keep on posting fellow Blues, your contributions are a godsend to me, when a new article appears, it is up there with an Everton win, or Jim getting the right order at the bar.

If I have ever offended anyone on here I apologise and promise to do 30 minutes Community service, in the live forum for my sins.

Let’s hope we all have a great new year both on the pitch and off it, god knows we bloody deserve it.

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