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There were some tremendous comments in the Bollocks to Play thread, none better than Robert Tressell pointing out the 'golden rules' for Lampard:

- don't do zonal at set-pieces
- don't do 3 or 5 at the back
- don't do 2 in centre mid
- don't play open away
- don't keep changing formation
- don't play Gomes

I think this is the best advice I have seen for Frank Lampard and I would like to comment on each 'golden rule'.

Don't do zonal at set-pieces
- it never seems to work. Our defenders seem confused on who to mark and it makes our central defenders freeze. And when we play 5 at the back with 3 central defenders it is uncanny how easily we can concede a headed goal.

Don't do 3 or 5 at the back
- it is a system that I have never liked. Why have 3 central defenders (at the expense of a midfielder) when most teams employ one or two forwards and at most one tall forward. The central defenders seem to get in each other's way and don't know who to mark. If the full-back or wingback has made a forward run and we get caught on the break, we are exposed down the flanks, and the central defenders are all over the place.

In a conventional 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 the wide men can protect our full-backs and make us much more solid defensively. Away from home I would play 4-5-1, at home it can be used more positively in a 4-3-3.

Away from home, especially while Allan is suspended, I think there is a case to play Coleman wide right in front of Patterson or Kenny, making the right flank very good defensively but retaining an attacking ability.

Don't do 2 in centre mid
- we have to employ 3 in centre midfield right now, especially while Allan is out with either defensive wide men or attacking wingers on the flanks.

Don't play open away
- While the team is trying to find some confidence and pattern of play, playing an open game away is just asking for trouble and is sealing our fate. 451 against Spurs, with defensive wide men, would have given us a more solid midfield and stopped Spurs from cutting us open so easily.

Don't keep changing formation
- this is perhaps the most important golden rule and if a manager doesn't know this essential fundamental, he should not be a manager.

By playing a settled formation and reasonably settled team the players start to feel comfortable with the tactics and form partnerships and understanding with each other and the passing etc starts to look more assured. The constant changing of formation stops the team from ever developing and when players are not confident or don't know what they should be doing it can make them look like they don't care.

I am baffled that Lampard and all coaches he has do not appear to know this fundamental.

Don't play Gomes

- I thought it was incredible that Lampard thought replacing the suspended Allan with Gomes, and in a two-man midfield, was a good idea against Palace.

Maybe Gomes could be used as the attacking midfielder in a 4-5-1 formation but defensively he is clearly a liability. While Allan is missing, I think it is crucial for Lampard to play a makeshift ball winner in his place.

In my opinion, Kenny could do the job with simple instructions to hassle and harrie and put a tackle in when needed without going over the top. Having a midfield that is mobile enough to stop West Ham and Burnley playing is far more important than putting Gomes in when you know he won't be able to compete.

The problem against Palace was once they got going, we had no one to stop them and break up their play. Our system only worked while we were on the ascendancy.

We must make ourselves harder to beat, starting at West Ham and it goes without saying that we must come away from the Burnley game with at least a point.

Although I think Van De Beek was a good signing it was vital for Everton to bring in a midfield ball winner in the January window, Another massive blunder but the manager must address this problem the best he can.

The team desperately needs a settled formation and a formation the players can get behind and know exactly what they need to do. Four at the back has worked for us under Lampard, against Leeds, City and Newcastle. With a three-man midfield we have looked like a team that can compete with the opposition at home. Away from home this system just needs tightening up and not playing too open.

Lampard criticising his players is not going to help anyone. They need encouragement and motivation and a settled formation with midfielders who can get a grip of the midfield when the opposition start to play. Tactics are good in theory but there are two teams two sets of tactics and we need some battlers in the midfield for when the going gets tough.

I want a settled formation and reasonably settled team and by the time we play Liverpool we have to be looking much more solid.

We may not have the players to compete at the highest level but there is something very wrong with the tactics when the team can crumble so easily. And from what I can see we got rid of Benitez because he was unwilling to change his tactics, which included changing the team formation game after game, only to be replaced by someone who is making the same mistake.

If Lampard can't get a tune out of the players and if we don't get at least a point from the Burnley game, he should go while there is still time for someone else to take charge and keep us up.

The consequences of relegation are enormous so everything must be done to ensure this does not happen. At the moment Lampard is not giving me the confidence that he will steer us clear and blaming the tools is not doing us any favours.

With just a little football common sense and a little luck I don't think we will have a problem. It is on Lampard to show he has what it takes to keep us safe.

I don't believe that the players don't want to fight for the club's survival. They are just looking for leadership and the right tactics they can get behind with determination and conviction.

I just wish Frank Lampard could see those six golden rules and take note of them!

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Jim Wilson
1 Posted 05/04/2022 at 10:39:04
This was written before the West Ham game.
We have now suffered even more injury setbacks ahead of the Burnley game.

Whoever is fit Lampard must put a couple of fighters in midfield for this game.

Whether they are youngsters, makeshift or Van De Beek is fit, this game is all about fight.

90+ minutes of hard work in a 451 formation.

We must not get beat.

Tony Mace
2 Posted 05/04/2022 at 10:54:58
Start rebuilding from the back.

Get rid of Pickford whilst we may be able to get a decent return. A 5 year old would have positioned themselves more centrally in the goal for that free kick. A good free kick but Pickford gave himself no chance of saving it.

Get rid of Keane. ebay - 99p no reserve.

Jerome Shields
3 Posted 05/04/2022 at 16:40:07
It is clear that Lampard is not interested in most of the above This is part of a article I came across on Goal. com( Alex Keble) by way of explaination:

'What defined Lampard’s Chelsea, and has already become clear at Everton, is a general philosophy of high pressing, an expansive shape, and short passing out from the back – with an emphasis on adventurous attacking football.

But unlike other managers who broadly follow this idea, Lampard teams do not appear to be coached in detail. Chelsea were hopelessly open throughout his 18 months in charge; vulnerable to counterattacks, pressing without structure, and attacking in a seemingly improvised manner.

This is perhaps unsurprising considering Lampard spent his entire playing career under managers with a hands-off approach – and who do not fit the modern necessity of structuring attacks in minute detail.

Having become a manager himself within a year of retiring, Lampard is highly unlikely to have received the teaching needed to coach to the required level, be it the intricacies of defensive organisation from within a high line to the positional specificity of the ‘automatisms’ that make up on-the-ball routines.

Where Everton are struggling
Given that this led to passive, individualistic, and Swiss-cheese football with a team as strong as Chelsea’s, it should come as no surprise Lampard’s problems are even more acute at Everton.

Aside from short waves of intensity that are more psychological than tactical. Everton consistently look flat both on and off the ball. It is a side effect of low confidence, but largely a result of being given too few instructions.

Worse still, Everton are easy to play through due to the disorganisation of their pressing. Players are charging down in ones and twos and without a discernible pattern, which only serves to create holes in the system and further destabilise the shape.

They are also very open between the lines, decompressed in a way that speaks to the freedom Lampard gives his players in attack. They spread out when on the ball, which means opponents can easily counterattack after winning back possession. Again, it is the sign of a coaching problem.

This was seen most poignantly in the 5-0 defeat to Tottenham, who were allowed to play their natural counterattacking game because of Lampard’s accommodating high defensive line and an absence of concerted or organised pressure on the ball.

In this match, and most others under Lampard so far, the distances between the defensive and midfield lines has been far short of what is required in the tactically-complex Premier League of 2022.

This disconnect is just as much an attacking problem as a defensive one, because the players are not close enough to each other (and lack any pre-set moves to enact) to build with speed into the final third.

Formation changes are further destabilising. The chief problem is in central midfield, where Lampard has often selected a two and watched as they a) become isolated from the defensive and attacking lines and b) passively shuffle across, unable to control the match.

This has not been helped by a trial-and-error approach to selecting a formation. Lampard has deployed four distinct formations in just nine matches in charge and generally decides to stick or twist depending on the most recent result – rather than as a reaction to the upcoming opponent’s specific threats.

It has been clear for a while that without the tactical sophistication required to make Everton a coherent hole, Lampard at least needs to settle on one system so that his players can begin to work out their own patterns and relationships.

And it has also been clear that the system needed to have three in midfield, as per the Newcastle game.

The only way for Everton to improve is to become more conservative, finding compression between the lines by dropping a bit deeper and pressing with less frequency'.

Robert Tressell
4 Posted 05/04/2022 at 17:15:17
Sitting in bed with covid, this has sort of cheered me up a bit. Glad you liked the initial comments Jim. I agree with the depth you've given them.

Jerome, I had hoped Lampard had learned from his lessons from Derby and Chelsea by hiring Clement. Clement was a bad manager but had a v good reputation as a coach and I presumed he would do the details and address Lampard's glaring weaknesses in organising a defence.

People have said Lampard needs to be cut some slack as he hardly had time to figure out the squad.

In my view, he didn't need to do any figuring out. Ancelotti had done it for him.

As well as the golden rules Ancelotti taught us that we can pick up a lot of points (away in particular) by defending very deep and pinching goals on the break / set pieces.

None of these are complicated. That's the point. This low confidence group needs very simple instructions at the moment, not more instructions.

By all means Frank Lampard, impose a better footballing identity once this awful season is over, but don't be so vain as to think you can get this lot to play their way out of trouble.

Jerome Shields
5 Posted 05/04/2022 at 19:20:34

Sorry to hear you have Covid.Haven't got got it myself yet, but it will probably come.Wishing you a speedy recovery.

I did think your article was constructive and right.This article gives it further assurance. But Lampard has his own opinions and I
just put forward a analysis by a Professional Coach to show this.

I agree with you on the priorities that Lampard should have, but that second goal is a example of the Professional Analysis which was published after the Newcastle game.

Jim Wilson
6 Posted 05/04/2022 at 19:32:46
Sorry to hear you have Covid too. A quick recovery in order.
Interesting points too Jerome.

It does feel that luck has deserted us. Refs var injuries. I even think the fixtures have come in the wrong order too. Brentford and Burnley early on in Lampards reign and I think it would have been 6 pts. It feels like the luck has turned on us.

Maybe you have to earn good luck as a manager by picking the right team and coming up with the right tactics.

Tomorrow night should be 451 and fight for the badge more than we have done all season.


Dale Self
7 Posted 05/04/2022 at 20:27:29
Solid suggestions Jim. Also, I think I could be persuaded on your placement of JJK. 4-1-4-1 on defense is the way I would set it up. Especially well made point at the end, they are looking for a stable setup with simple instructions and time to work through them. With Godfrey and Myko coming back into form we've got a decent chance of forcing Burnley and Watford to open up to try and score which plays into our front line's need for direct attack. We would also do well to not try and possess too much in their third, do the business and get back into formation.

And Robert, do get well and recover completely. We need you man!

Jim Wilson
8 Posted 05/04/2022 at 20:56:20
Second that Dale. We could do with Robert being on the bench with Frank tomorrow!

Totally agree with your points Dale.

Yes I'm hoping Godfrey and Myko will make a difference.
We are equipped to catch them on the break and surely Richy is due a goal or two.

I see the ref for tomorrow has been named as Mike Dean.

Tony Everan
9 Posted 05/04/2022 at 21:39:54
Robert hope your feeling better soon, a win tomorrow would be a decent tonic.

It’s like banging your head against a brick wall supporting Everton. Ancelotti knew how to get away points, 11 away wins !, with most of these players. 451, keep it very tight and grab a goal. It worked, ok it was Covid times, but still it was earning points and security with a limited squad. It’s all been tried, nothing else works with our current squad.

Any manager at all, even ones more experienced than Lampard, would need a few signings and a pre season to introduce different systems with full understanding and effectiveness. At a minimum.

I’m certain that if we’d stuck to that Ancelotti (and dare I say it Allardyce) proven formula we’d be ensconced mid table, in our normal inconsequential state of inglorious also-rans. Oh, how we can now dream of such lofty aspirations.

A small caveat to the golden rules, Gomes has had his best games coming on as a sub when the game has slowed a bit and there is a little more space and time for him. If he can’t be sold this use of him is still an option.

On second thoughts, no, scrap the caveat, stick to the rules.

Paul Birmingham
10 Posted 05/04/2022 at 21:41:08
An excellent report Robert, and get well soon from the Covid.

Tomorrow is a must not lose game for Everton.

Every player in the squad tomorrow must play for the shirt.
Burnley will play as they do, Everton must keep their cool and bide their time and take any chances.

If they play the big Dutch lad, then if Everton can stop the feed and crosses, it could help stem Burnley’s game plan. Do they have much else aside from McNeil?

But tomorrow every player in the Everton shirt must give their all for the shirt.

This is the basic minimum ask in every game.

Everton, please turn up for 95 minutes tomorrow night.

Jerome Shields
11 Posted 05/04/2022 at 22:58:34

I thought that regarding Clements, but was not impressed with him flicking through a plastic folder, like last minute exam revision, as he instructed a sub on the sideline before the p!ayer came on during the Wolves match. . A complete waste of time. I think Frank has a open attacking style of football and Clements defensive ideas have to fit in, with that, which is impossible.

Everything you have suggested and Jim has elaborated on should be part of the tool kit, but Clements is not being allowed to use it. What Frank achieved over the International break was improvement in the implementation of his system, but the flaws where still there.

As you say the remedies are simple. That should be the focus in a relegation dogfight.

Jim Wilson
12 Posted 06/04/2022 at 11:34:09
Totally agree, Jerome.

Get the simple basics right first then slowly introduce your own ideas.

I was hoping Clements would get all the basics right for Lampard from the off but it didn't happen.

Not sure how Delph can be match-fit for tonight. If Delph starts, Lampard must have a Plan B if he is struggling, whether it is bringing on Price or Kenny or moving Holgate into the defensive midfield position.

4-5-1 for me tonight.

COYB, fight for your lives tonight for the full 90+ minutes!

Jerome Shields
13 Posted 06/04/2022 at 22:33:56
Jim #12

You got your answer tonight. No plan B. Robert and your toolkit completely ignored. Open attacking football, no change anytime during the match. Clements was not involved. No attempt to manage the game at any stage.

The International break was about open attacking football, not a relegation dog fight. The substitutions were to maintain the same strategy, but were far too late to even do that.

Actually, Jim, if he had played your formation Frank would have won the match but he didn't and gaps and players out of position abounded.

Jim Wilson
14 Posted 07/04/2022 at 15:13:03
Absolutely Jerome
'Don't play open away'

With such a weak midfield you could see how it was going to inevitably end.

Kenny and Mykolenko were poor but were left completely exposed all night. The concept of the wide men or wingers protecting and helping the full backs is completely alien to a young manager who is completely out of his depth.

At 2-1 and especially 2-2 I would have had no hesitation in putting Seamus wide right and Putting Delph in midfield as an extra man.

The mistakes are a direct result of the constant team changes and the defence being completely exposed by lack of cover from the midfield.

The worry now is that the home form will drop and there is no time left to wait and see.

My feeling is we need at least 4 more wins and I cannot see us getting them under Lampard. I can see more humiliating results though.

So it's whether the board bite the bullet and gamble on boring Sam working a bigger miracle than last time, the Dunc or preferably both of them together. They will probably decide on that foreign manager though!

I don't care how bad the football is I just want us to stay up.

Jerome Shields
15 Posted 07/04/2022 at 15:33:19
Myko and Kenny are wing back to support attacking play rather than defenders in a Lampard set up.Digne and Colman would be also exposed.The other problem is if these two positions are pressed back to a back 4 or 5 there is no covering midfielder.With two on Evertons midfield and one attacker who can't hold the line or ball the opposition defence can push up and compress midfield, making the possibility of turnovers higher.
The really annoying thing was that Lampard persisted with the same in the second half without Substitutions.On the live forum I asked ' Where is the Manager? He allowed Burnley to get momentum.

Jim they are finished if they go down, because of FFP Rules, look at Derby.They have to change the formation and Lampard won't.That is exactly the situation now, with Big Sam or Duncan needed. Duncan for the next immediate match and Big Sam for the remains away games.

Jerome Shields
16 Posted 07/04/2022 at 15:56:31
Jim apparently Lampard has the Boards full backing.Completely delusional.'9 games left ' thinking.
Jim Wilson
17 Posted 07/04/2022 at 16:00:15
Totally agree on all points Jerome.

It is a sad and desperate situation we are in and it is all a gamble, but gamble we now must.

Yep, if we go down, it really does look grim so we have to give something a try. One last throw of the dice using a bit of common sense!

Jim Wilson
18 Posted 07/04/2022 at 16:07:54
Well I think that is the end of the road for us.

Like I say we need at least 4 wins out of 9 and I just can't see it happening with Lampard.

I hope I am totally wrong.

And I hope the Utd game doesn't prove to be the tipping point beacuse that will mean we need 4 wins out of the 8 games left!

Tony Abrahams
19 Posted 07/04/2022 at 16:38:09
I think 4-4-2 is a bit outdated, and I think that we have been overrun in the middle of the park during a lot of games this season because Benitez and Lampard both played with only two players in there, but this is the formation I'd try now.

Maybe my thinking is a bit desperate but playing Gray as a second forward running off either Rondon or Calvert-Lewin, with Gordon and Richarlison playing either side, might just bring us enough goals to beat the drop?

It's still hard but, with Branthwaite playing alongside Keane or Mina, pushing Godfrey out to fullback, and playing Coleman in the other fullback position, then Holgate (who else can sit naturally?) alongside Allan, and effectively keeping a back six, whilst letting the other four just get on with it (Sam Allardyce style) might just bring us enough points.

Dale Self
20 Posted 07/04/2022 at 16:48:42
Glad to see some positive perspective here, much appreciated.

I agree with using Gray as a flexible Number 10 behind the striker.

Branthwaite playing well gives us something to build on although the result was difficult to take.

We still have Watford, Brentford and Palace with Chelsea and Leicester not looking in top form. Get right and settle up your emotions for now we have some decent chances to turn it around.

Allan is back and that will help the back line immensely. Not going down! UTFT!!!!!

Jim Wilson
21 Posted 07/04/2022 at 16:57:18
Brilliant, Dale and Tony. You have given me a positive vibe!
Jerome Shields
22 Posted 07/04/2022 at 00:02:33

That is the formation that is needed. But you will not get that from Frank up to now. Maybe there will be a radical rethink after the latest result. I will wait and hope. Really any suggestion on replacing Frank is based on changing the present formation.

Jim Wilson
23 Posted 08/04/2022 at 00:05:59
I posted this on a different thread:

Remember how shambolic the Everton defence was against Wimbledon in 1994. It was horrific.
But once Joe Royle took charge and got the team organised properly the defence with the same players became one of the best in the business.

In 1994 there was nothing in midfield to stop the opposition from taking charge of a game. In 1995 Joe Royle turned the midfield into the 'Dogs of war'. Parkinson was a central defender with very limited ability. Joe Royle turned him into a ball winning midfielder.

Remember how bad Gary Ablett was against Wimbledon and then remember his great run and cross for Amokachi a year later in the Spurs Semi Final.

In 1994 the players confidence was shot, in 1995 Joe Royle had the same players playing with confidence.

The right manager could do the same with this team.

It is not the players it is all on the manager to pick a sensible formation (451), stick to it, motivate the players and give them the confidence to go out there and perform to the best of their ability.

Si Miles
24 Posted 08/04/2022 at 00:46:15
The 95" dogs of War team was formed from necessity by a manager who new what was required by his players and he quickly recognise their strengths.
The cup winning team Iof 95 was a closed unit that fought for each other, I can only hope they are shown old videos and instructed how to play
Ben King
25 Posted 08/04/2022 at 01:25:37
I appreciate the positivity lads but we’re just too porous at the back. We leak goals for fun and don’t have any joined up play going forwards

Frank should definitely have closed the shop at half time: 433, keep it tight and Nick an extra goal. 3-1 and we would have been home and hosed.

We needed an experienced manager to replace RB and instead we got a young manager earning his spurs.

It’s so typical of this completely inept board

Moshiri was literally the worst thing to EVER happen to Everton

Pete Clarke
26 Posted 08/04/2022 at 02:17:09
Most of you lads are forgetting the fact that even without injuries the preferred starting 11 are average at best.
The fact that these idiots who run the club had already sent the club backwards a decade by putting a fan provoking RB in place who in turn gets rid of our best full back, one of the best passers in the game in James and then in between all of that we sign players who did not play.
Added to all of that we had long term injuries to a few average players like Delph and Mina whose experience could have been helpful and then you have of course the fact that our starting 11 consisted of an aging Coleman, a bang average Holgate, an erratic goalkeeper, a very poor center half in Keane, an up and coming center half playing left back, a bang average Doucouré who can’t pass the ball 5 yards and an ageing Allan who despite his efforts cannot keep up with the game.
Rondon played a lot of games and did very little other than get fitter. We are now seeing the same with DCL. Richarlison has done his best but he has been guilty of missing big opportunities that could have won us games.
The shining lights have been Gray and Gordon.
Let’s put it this way, the damage was already done by installing Benitez as manager and now your asking that the people who made that decision should make another decision to change the manager ??? FFS
Frank Lampard was brought in for the long term and bring us back from the abyss with modern football ideas. He’s going to make mistakes but he cant be out on the pitch with them.
Have your Allardyce or your Duncan Ferguson and clap your hands for Moshiri and Kenwright whilst your at it.
Kieran Kinsella
27 Posted 08/04/2022 at 02:38:32

I love these optimists too though I totally disagree with them. My solace is that I cashed in all my stock three years ago ahead of the crash that hasn’t yet happened. I also still have a dusty old notebook from 1998 with me and my mates plan to evade the Ebola pandemic by fleeing to Northern Finland. Point being, I’m the fellow with the End is Nigh sandwich board and I hope to be proven wrong again

Brian Murray
28 Posted 08/04/2022 at 07:11:19
What’s surprised / disappointed me most is franks coaching team ( not Dunc or unsworth) they have had two weeks of intensive defensive training on set pieces and nothing changes. Ability or lack of is one thing but being brain dead football wise is not on even at lower levels you wouldn’t see that panic or non awareness. Wake me up when we get a proper chairman. Off to bed.
Sam Hoare
29 Posted 08/04/2022 at 07:20:11
Pete@26 average sounds good from where we are! I think having a fit and sharp Mina and DCL all season would make a big difference. Mina is a real leader and comfortably our best defender, DCL is a great focal point and decent goalscorer when fit and focussed. Even a match sharp Delph could have made a difference as we have lacked a defensive midfielder who can read the game well and communicate.

Have those 3 fully fit all season and perhaps a decent manager and I reckon we’d be safely ensconced in mid table mediocrity. Which I’d bite your arm off for at this point.

Andrew Ellams
30 Posted 08/04/2022 at 07:33:03
Jerome @ 3, this post is exactly why Lampard was a terrible choice for manager of a team staring at a relegation battle in January.
Eddie Dunn
31 Posted 08/04/2022 at 08:05:08
Robert -Sorry to hear you have covid- I am hoping that I am on the mend myself. Unfortunately the Burnley game just underlined your points. When 2-1 or even at 2-2 I was calling for Delph and Coleman, it was an obvious change.

Lampard has had us far too open from day one. A few weeks ago,I listened to Talkshite and Murphy said that the first thing we needed to do was close the space between our defenders. He mantioned that it was a simple adjustment always implemented to prevent goals. We have seen nothing, just switching guys around due to injury or unavailability.

Reluctantly, I think Lampard should be sacked pronto as he had little idea about us prior to taking the job and is making all the mistakes of our former coaches which any of us could have warned him about on day one.

On Saturday, if he has the same approach, we will lose again. Time to release him, he has got most things wrong and shows no sign of sorting out the defence. Sorry to say it but it's clear.

I would put Duncan and Unsworth in charge until the end of the season.

Tony Abrahams
32 Posted 08/04/2022 at 08:27:04
Eddie I’ve been saying that all season mate. I said the same thing about Everton under Ancellotti, until he went ultra-defensive, but even then, every time we opened up (after the first seven games of last season) we got outplayed by very average teams.

I think Holgate has helped close the space that you mention, but the other problem is that our defenders keep constantly dropping deep, and this creates the gap again, but “never” do you see Pickford, coming off his line talking to his defenders, and trying to get them to hold a higher line.

I’d argue that the other major problem all season, has been the lack of communication and concentration, and that’s what gifted Burnley, all three goals on Wednesday night.

Nobody taking charge for the first goal, a catalogue of errors, for their other two goals, and it was the same on Sunday, when we had West Ham, were we wanted them, but then Keane’s lack of composure and concentration, gave Iwobi, a pass that he wasn’t expecting, instead of remaining calm, and not trying to force the play.

Eddie Dunn
33 Posted 08/04/2022 at 09:08:15
Yes Tony, the lack of leadership all over the park is stark.
Even at my lowly level of football (still playing 6-a-side at 61) teams win or lose by being organised and able to rectify problems during play.
Our team seems unaware of the dangers, they have been sleepwalking towards oblivion all season.
Ancelotti had them compact, laying deep as he knew we had little pace at the back, we ground out results away from home last season.
We also had James, Siggy and Digne.
Whenever we tried to play expansive football (at home) we got opened-up and were punished.
If Frank had been involved in football last year he would have been aware of this.
It shows how we are a mere backwater in football terms, especially to those with no connection to Merseyside.
The Londoncentric media and former players probaby just watch the top 5, and it was clear from his first pressers as he repeatedly used the term "from afar" that he hadn't really looked closely at us for a couple of years.
Lack of homework Frank.
Is this why he sanctioned the purchase of Dele Alli? Had he not realised that the lad had been in the doghouse for two and a half fucking years?
Frank should have been on the blower to John Terry begging him to come on board.
Frank's speciality as a player was arriving late on the edge of the box to score great goals.
I wonder if he ever even thought about the defence?
Probably not as he had brilliant defensive midfielders like Makele behind him and John Terry and Frank Lebeuf.
The current coaching team has failed to sort out the biggest problem but if we were free-scoring up the other end, we could accept it. But we look shit at both ends. Now that is hard to achieve.
I know he has got little choices in midfield which is the key to both problems but he clearly is out of his depth.
In retrospect, an inexperienced guy like him was a poor choice but no one in the know/any good would touch the job.
Kevin Molloy
34 Posted 08/04/2022 at 09:27:28
I think one of our biggest problems ((and this was hinted at by Gordon) is a massive split in the dressingroom. No teams are all harmony all of the time, but I suspect our squad is split right down the middle, and they really don't like each other. I've never seen a side where the spirit is nonexistent like it is at the moment. It's a perfect storm, we desperately need a clear out, but we aint shifting anyone whilst we are stuffing their mouths with gold.
Jerome Shields
35 Posted 08/04/2022 at 10:46:31

It is now salvage time.

As Tony says the Everton defenders drop deep creating spaces( Always have).But Frank has a gung ho approach once possession is got adding to the spaces and gaps.In the Premiership lower table sides are onto this straight away and compact midfield to turnover possession.Add to that two in midfield and Dyche's 'they don't know how to score' with the addition of Calvert Lewins poor final third play.- The opposition defence can push up and exploit the weakness in Lampards tactics.Top4 sides actually give Everton more time in midfield but a would not count on that remaining so.

Pete Clarke
36 Posted 08/04/2022 at 10:54:41
We have been run by absolute tossers for 6 years and one of them in particular has been dragging this club down for a lot longer than 6 years.

They had a chance to correct things once Ancelotti departed but they, between them, somehow made the worst decision possible in the club's history to bring in a much-disliked ex Liverpool manager.

This guy was always going to be highly divisive for both being an ex-red and also being very much a non-football playing type manager. He was never going to have a team full of highly decorated players who could win something for us so there was only one way it was going to go and that has led us into this situation now.

There was hardly a clamour of top managers in the running for our top job so, in the end, there was some made-up meeting in London to decide who it would be. In my view, it was the supporters who made that decision.

Given that Ferguson was one of the names in the hat, and the fact that he has never put his name forward for the job, it makes a mockery of why he was actually there.

So we end up with Lampard as our manager. A man who, in my eyes, will be a top manager in the future. I don't think he quite knew how poor our players were and it has really gone badly for him and us because of injuries and suspensions.

So here he is left with the remnants of a squad that has failed the past few managers. Ancelotti got as much out of them as could be possible but even he would struggle with the actual team that Lampard has had bestowed on him lately.

If people want to have this club move forward, then we must suffer before we get going. Kenwright should be forced out immediately and possibly Moshiri too because they are total fuckwits. It's no use chopping and changing managers with the same inept leaders running the show.

If it was a ship with these two in charge, they would have been thrown overboard a long time ago.

Big changes are needed and the supporters must force that but, in my opinion, Frank Lampard should be left to get on with the rebuild.

Gary Jones
37 Posted 08/04/2022 at 11:05:31
It’s an interesting theory, Kevin. I’m personally of an opinion that “Digne-gate” may have had more of an impact than any of us realise.

I think there where a group of players who backed Digne, and a group of players who saw that as offensive against an established manager (whether they liked him personally or not, they may have believed you put faith in him as that’s your ‘duty’ as a player). I think Greys downturn in form is a good example of the latter group.

I think the fans then exasperated the situation, with maybe 30-40% booing him on his return, and then one tit trying to bottle him (albeit Digne should have been bigger and avoided celebration). If your work treated your mate like that, would you be pulling up trees for them any time soon?

I think Ferguson and Baines being relegated into the deep back by Lampard team (whether you think it’s good or bad), and even Marcel Brands sacking has also caused some bad taste with some of the players too.

There’s likely a lot of bad blood and general negative energy about, and whilst they are trying to lift themselves out of the “depression” (not a term lightly used, albeit the word trying might be) it’s much harder to play a game you should otherwise enjoy playing when morale isn’t right.

Think whatever happens this year, we just HAVE to have a fundamental squad reset in the summer. Whilst it’s not without its own risks, moving on the likes of Pickford, Keane, Kenny, Holgate, Doucoure, Mina, Gomes…..and even maybe (or certainly if we go down) the likes of Richie, Gray and DCL too.

Start next season with freshness and youth. Take a judgment about whether Lampard can be a “positive father figure” who can get the team playing without fear and with fun. If not, find someone who can. Get rid of Kenwright by hook or crook, and have a fresh start at Under23 levels too.

Put Patterson, Brantwaite, Myko, Warrington, Dobbin, Simms, Price, et al into the first team to cover the losses in numbers. If we’re lucky enough to attract them, go get the Gallaghers, Brereton Diaz’s, Adebayo‘s, Piroe’s too. Young, hungry players with lots to prove and very few chips on their shoulders

Kevin Molloy
38 Posted 08/04/2022 at 12:02:44
Gary yes indeed. I'm of the mind we aren't quite down, if we had an experienced coach we would have a better chance than with Lampard. if we do go though, next year will be stuck with just the bums that we can't shift and nobody else. cos anyone of any worth at all will have to be sold to offset our horrendous wage bill.
Brian Murray
39 Posted 08/04/2022 at 12:09:35
Ten years ago the blue union demonstrated and got shouted down even ridiculed. I wonder would they get the same reception now by the happy clappers. Getting what we deserve imo. Heartbreaking as it is.
David Graves
40 Posted 08/04/2022 at 12:40:03
My nephew was out in Manchester on Wednesday with former team mates from the Burnley u23s. They were telling him that Dyche has told the players exactly what the survival plan is, how many points they need (as few as 9 after their win), where they expect to get them and that in doing so they will finish above Everton.
On Wednesday they had a game plan that included; overload the Everton fullbacks, let Pickford, the centre halves and centre mid have the ball but press the wide players and deliver quality set pieces. I surprisingly simple but effective plan.
He knew that I’d want to know so he asked one of the lads who’d been in the match day squad what he thought of Everton’s chances and was told that we had no chance and that the changing room is a “shambles”.
I'm not presenting this as being "In the know" but thought it was interesting insight.
Barry Hesketh
41 Posted 08/04/2022 at 13:06:02
The bottom line is that Everton have to match or better the results of Burnley and Watford for the rest of the campaign, if all three teams lost every remaining games, aside from the Watford v Everton match, Everton will survive. I don't know whether Everton will need another 3 points or upwards of a dozen points to stay in the division, but a win tomorrow would help.

Happy Clappers, what a ridiculous term to use for fellow Evertonians. Fans have NO power to remove any employee from the club, they have no power to force an owner to sell, they can't choose the make-up of the board. When will the unhappy Evertonians realise that the only power they have is to pay to watch or not pay to watch Everton.

Psychologically the club belongs to the fans, reality says it belongs to Moshiri.

Dave Lynch
42 Posted 08/04/2022 at 14:00:23
Tell that to the Kopites who have hounded out several owners and managers.
Gary Jones
43 Posted 08/04/2022 at 14:06:51
- when struggling to score, have goal scorers on the pitch.

- Mix it up, hit long, play through the middle, play down the wings.

Tomorrow I’d try something like

Godfrey Keane Branthwaite Mykolenko
Doucoure Allan Richie
Rondon DCL

Richie works hard and could do what Joelinton did at toon, and shore up the middle. He could get forward, and gang up with Rondon and DCL on weakest part of United defence.

Barry Hesketh
44 Posted 08/04/2022 at 14:40:02
Dave @42

Did they though? They certainly helped remove various managers at various times, but the ownership only changed when those owners got themselves and the club into financial trouble and that financial situation forced them to sell-up, the removal was also helped by the various media outlets putting unrelenting pressure on the owners, including the Echo. Being who they are also helped them to escape liquidation due to their close alliances with very important groups and people.


I'll stick by my premise that the only meaningful way to change anything is to remove our financial support to the club and even that doesn't necessarily mean they would change anything if they don't want to.

Tony Abrahams
45 Posted 08/04/2022 at 14:43:00
You have to choose your words a bit better Brian M, otherwise the bigger point just easily gets lost, and people focus on something you could have maybe phrased a little bit better, but I understood what you was trying to say, perfectly.

“Be careful what you wish for” also became a very common phrase, because nobody wanted us to be the next Leeds, Forest or Wednesday. City and Leicester both went down two divisions, Leicester went into administration, but came out a much more professional club on the other side, whilst the once mighty Everton, became Plucky, and even managed to punch above their weight for years? (Look at some of the unadulterated shite we’ve just accepted)

The next few weeks are vital, and the only way we are going to get through it is by uniting imo. Save the real arguments for later, because Everton’s immediate future is definitely on the line right now.

Christopher Timmins
46 Posted 08/04/2022 at 14:53:27
We have to move on from Wednesday, we are in action in less than 24 hours. I am hoping that the following 11 will take something from the game:

DCL and

It's easy to make a case for not starting a number of those listed above but given injuries and suspensions I think they offer the best opportunity of achieving a result.

All is not lost and hopefully the 12th man will make the usual impact and we can get some much needed points.

Dale Rose
47 Posted 08/04/2022 at 14:56:15
In simple terms we need players who are technically competent and a striker. We sold Lukaku and didn't buy another one. The midfield at the present and our current striker couldn't hit a cows arse with a banjo. Unless it improves we are down, I hope to God it doesn't happen, because it's a tough job getting back.
Bill Gall
48 Posted 08/04/2022 at 15:05:01
Although it may be difficult, but I cant see it happening, is the removal of B.K. Everton is owned by shareholders with Moshiri being the majority shareholder by far. Shareholders can fire a chairman and as Moshiri has the majority of shares it is up to him to do it, and as it was him who appointed B.K I cant see it happening.
Jay Harris
49 Posted 08/04/2022 at 15:12:59
Spot on.

We have to unite until the end of the season and fuck Dyche and his "Alehouse" football and just focus on ourselves.

Lets leave reviews and recriminations to the end of the season and lets have Goodison rocking.

Terry Downes
50 Posted 08/04/2022 at 15:16:17
Time to live and die by the kids Dobbin surely deserves 30mins somewhere ? Lampard says we have a midfield player who has everything so play him ? El Gahzi is another who could be worth 30mins ? what have we got to lose we’re losing most games anyway.
Robert Tressell
51 Posted 08/04/2022 at 15:22:10
9 games left. Turn the away games into the most turgid unapologetically crap games of football imaginable. Waste time from minute 1. Commit repeated niggly fouls. Pick up a few points.

With the home games, we need to rely on Goodison advantage. We can beat Man Utd.

Jim Wilson
52 Posted 08/04/2022 at 15:42:21
Robert @ 51
I am with you all the way with this. Call it what you want, the Sam Allardyce way, whatever, but it is essential we do this.

We just need someone to say this to Lampard and for him to take it on board. And if it doesn't happen he should go.

Same with Mike Walker in '94. He was full of coaching tactics but didn't get the basics right (the golden rules) so the team struggled. Joe Royle came in and got the basics right. His dogs of war were slated by Roy Evans but we got that point at Anfield in '95 then we beat them the following year.

If we can turn up against City we can beat Utd. COYB!

Jerome Shields
53 Posted 08/04/2022 at 16:27:04
The reason Benitez was brought in was because of a struggle for power between Kenwright & Co and Moshiri & Co. Because Moshiri controlled the money, he won.

Benitez was appointed to actually change the power base within Everton. An impossible task and never a substitute for actually reorganising Everton at every level, which Moshiri should have done via the proper channels.

The reason Lampard was brought in was because of a power struggle between Kenwright & Co and Moshiri & Co. Again, Moshiri won and selected a manager. He turned out to be a nutter within a day of being selected, so Kenwright & Co got Lampard in, the only other available candidate, who was originally last on this list.

Next move will be the temporary appointment of the old guard totally loyal to Kenwright & Co. Temporary indeed, because no-one in comfy Everton will want to nail their colours to the Everton mast.

So we have a Manager selected under these circumstances, with a bolstered Kenwright & Co running the club. And Fans wonder why there are problems???

As for games left:

9 games left
8 games left
7 games left
6 games left
5 games left
4 games left
3 games left
2 games left
1 game left

A countdown to relegation, without. . .

Robert #31 is right turn ugly away and fight for everything at home. Every game a final, push everything to the limit, fair and foul.

Anthony Murphy
54 Posted 08/04/2022 at 16:51:03
Not sure if this has been mentioned elsewhere.

According to Paul The Esk on his recent podcast, first team players were briefing a chief football journalist for a national newspaper on the morning of the Burnley game, saying they thought Lampard was not up to it.

Alarming on many levels if true.

Kieran Kinsella
55 Posted 08/04/2022 at 16:54:42
Anthony Murphy,

That's hilarious. These wise sages can make that determination. I seem to recall them complaining Koeman's tactics were too complicated, Fat Sam was too focussed on KPI, Silva had poor tactics, Rafa was an asshole.

The only one they didn't whisper about to the press was Carlo. And how did his brilliance combine with their untold talents? Oh yeah, they were still crap.

The club should investigate this and find out who these players are then immediately sack them for breach of contract and Lampard should sue them for defamation of character.

Pete Clarke
56 Posted 08/04/2022 at 17:11:16

That says more about the players than it does about Lampard because it does not matter who is in charge really – they should do as they are told. I'm sure Frank doesn't tell them to mis-control the ball and pass the ball to an opponent.

I've just watched the Burnley game and that first goal for Burnley could be attributed to four different Everton players with Pickford in my eyes being the biggest culprit.

The highest level I ever played was for the Yankee Clipper and I would be embarrassed with that defending. All we got paid was a few free pints after each game.

Also, I just watched Lampard's press conference and I have to say that he looks shot but is putting on a brave face. He's absolutely correct in what he says and we all saw it ourselves. We lost the game because of poor defending and poor finishing.

We need a leader on that pitch to control the players and keep them in shape. Have we got one at the club?

Jerome Shields
57 Posted 08/04/2022 at 21:01:44
Anthony does not surprise me.Just shows the comittement of the first team players and the support they have internally. This has been the case under numerous Manager's.There is no way that they can perform to the level required with such a attitude.

Lampards tactial failings now in part could be explained by lack of comittement to preparation and some half baked performances on the part of the players.

Lampard could be the victim of calling out the players on committement. I did wonder how they would react. They are not prepared to take any blame and blame the Manager.It shows what scum they are to allow their petty grievances to get rid of the Manager, jeopardise the Clubs future.

Will Mabon
58 Posted 08/04/2022 at 21:18:45
If the manager really were a negative force, the stronger players would say nothing outside of the club, but would automatically drive the team to adapt and dig deeper on the field. Oh, wait...
Kieran Kinsella
59 Posted 08/04/2022 at 21:31:32

I can imagine Bill calling Mason Holgate: "Hey lad, Frank says you've no bollocks. Do you think that's something David Unsworth ever have said?"

"No, Unsie says nice stuff like 'Morgan Feeney is the new Dave Watson. Beni Baningime is going to be a first-team starter, Josh Bowler is a star.' He never said anything mean."

"Don't worry son, I'll have a word with Prenno. He'll get it out in the media and Moshiri will sack him. You know like when I got rid of Koeman for you, and Sam when he was holding Tom to statistics and performance metrics. Don't worry lad, you and Tom are the lifeblood of the club."

Jerome Shields
60 Posted 08/04/2022 at 22:37:13
Kieran closer to the truth than we might realise. I now think they wanted Lampard gone for the Man Utd game. It will be interesting to see what happens in that game. Would they attempt to shaft Frank?

Unbelievable if Paul the Esk's podcast is right. Can't see Paul the Esk say that without a reliable source.

Jim Wilson
61 Posted 09/04/2022 at 22:31:16
A great result today. Absolutely brilliant!

Utd did have chances though.

But I think Delph and Allan made the difference and I hope we can put out the same team against Leicester, can be even tighter as a unit, and maybe DCL sharper than he has been so far since he got back in the team.

Hopefully another good result against Leicester and then we can go into the Derby with a determination and confidence that I could never have hoped for only a few days ago.

Jerome Shields
62 Posted 09/04/2022 at 23:02:41
Yes Jim Everton had more space in midfield and Delph and Allan took full advantage. Iowbi is his free roll excelled. Richarlison and Pickford give their all.

Calvert Lewin was very weak for what ever reason, and could have caused problems if Man United had decided to compact midfield, which they didn't.

These seems enough players to contribute to the open attacking football style, which hopefully will negate. the flaws. I was so glad to see that today. Playing the top half of the tables team, who give Everton space in midfield could be a good thing.

Wonder who the players are who briefed against the Manager prior to the Burnley game are and whether they were playing?

Brendan McLaughlin
63 Posted 09/04/2022 at 23:16:34
You were doing quite a bit of briefing against the manager yourself prior to today's result.
Jerome Shields
64 Posted 09/04/2022 at 00:03:41

Outlining the weaknesses in his tactics and the players who are not playing well enough. But I am hoping that Frank, being a Young Manager, will get the chance to turn it around. It also could have been the case that some players may not have been prepared to work with him.

Fortunately there are some players today who where prepared to back him on the pitch. This is all against the background of relegation, which maybe difficult for Everton to recover from financially.

Robert Tressell
65 Posted 10/04/2022 at 00:13:46
I'm hoping that was a turning point for Lampard as well as the players, Jerome.

I thought we looked more compact, wisely ceded possession and defended fairly deep.

Seemed like a good tactical number against a Man Utd side that huffed and puffed but didn't have enough class to break us down.

Far fewer individual errors but maybe the error-prone individuals were less exposed than they have been.

More of this, especially away, will stand us in good stead.

Brendan McLaughlin
66 Posted 10/04/2022 at 00:17:33
Fair enough, Jerome #64.

But it could be or almost certainly was the case that players briefing against Lampard was pure newspaper tittle-tattle. However, for some reason, you're always drawn to the more sensationalist explanation. Anyway good day... let's hope we have many more.

May the brief be with (or should that be against) you!

Jim Wilson
67 Posted 10/04/2022 at 12:25:30
It's a funny world, Jerome. Different things can fire up players and change where the luck is handed out.

I'm just hoping whatever has been going on has worked in the team's favour.

Leicester is a must win, so here's hoping our luck is back, big time!

Jerome Shields
68 Posted 10/04/2022 at 13:34:22
Brendan #66,

The source was Paul the Esk first-hand.and Everton are in a relegation dogfight, fighting for their financial future.

Jerome Shields
69 Posted 10/04/2022 at 13:59:05
Jim #67,

The key player was Delph, with the help of Allan IMO. He was given space by Man Utd though. Hopefully not like Gomes against Brentford.

Lampard did drop Holgate and Doucoure and Delph and Allan were a lot more professional. Frank kept going with his opening attacking football.

Lucky Man Utd did not take advantage of another Dyche's 'They do not know how to score' performance from Calvert-Lewin and push up to compact midfield.

Burnley were tactically better than Man Utd, but Everton had a operating midfield trio, which Keane did not have to risk pushing up into.

All credit to Lampard in unleashing Iowbi in the Wondering Angus role, which he was made for. His right position now is everywhere.

I do hope Everton survive, because their young manager has a lot of potential. Even better if they survive on his terms, though I will be on the end of my tether watching. He has a small core of players who have bought into his thinking, as the game against Man Utd showed. Hopefully they stay fit to help him.

Anyway, he will be encouraged now, which means a lot for the next game. Dissenters in the club will have to shut their mouths in the short term after the Man Utd result.

I wish he would follow your and Robert's advice, but Frank is determined to learn the hard way on his terms. I have a son like that. My wife tells me he will always land on his feet,.

Jim Wilson
70 Posted 10/04/2022 at 20:42:27
I think you have summed it up perfectly, Jerome. If only Delph and Allan had been available for the previous two games.

Totally agree with you on Man Utd's tactics and I wonder whether Leicester will be more difficult to play against.

Surely against Liverpool, Lampard will know the team will have to give them no time or space whatsoever.

I would like to see the team unchanged for the next 2 games. I am sure this will help.

Just curious, does your wife think Lampard and Everton will land on their feet?

Jerome Shields
71 Posted 10/04/2022 at 22:30:21
My Wife is like Danny O Neill's wife thinks I have a obsessive problem with Everton( ToffeeWeb). She does not know anything about Everton and I will keep it that way. She is better with no further ammunition, to push for psychcotherapy.

As for the team in the next two games I would like Van de Beek used to interchange and deflect from Delph being targeted. I can see Richarlison leading the line.

I am of the opinion that Premier League teams, not effectively at Everton, analyse every team and act to vary tactics to negate any areas that can cause them problems. They are also are quick to follow successful tactics.

Ancelotti could vary tactics three times in a game. You could never predict a Ancelotti line out at the start of a game. He was well aware of the above.

Jerome Shields
72 Posted 10/04/2022 at 22:46:12
Everton play better against Top Six sides where they are allowed to play in midfield. West Ham are set up like a lower table Premier League side, the bases of Moyes glass ceiling.

Leicester City are the bogey men in the remaining fixtures and Rodgers is unpredictable, but never quite makes it. Everton have to be well organised.

Jim Wilson
73 Posted 10/04/2022 at 23:14:37
My wife is just the same Jerome!
I actually think ToffeeWeb has been a life saver.

As regards Delph and Van de Beek. Do you mean Delph starts and after so many minutes Van de Beek replaces him or they both start and interchange positions/roles?

After yesterday, I had actually forgotten about Van de Beek!
I thought he was excellent in the Leeds game. He looked like he had a tackle, a good pass and enthusiasm so when he was withdrawn from the West Ham warm up with Allan already missing it was a massive blow.

With regards to Richarlison leading the line against Leicester, I'm torn between two thoughts:

1. After a bit of a break, Calvert-Lewin will come out firing on all cylinders
2. Play Richarlison up top and we have more options behind him.

You wouldn't want to be a manager, would you!

Tom Bowers
74 Posted 10/04/2022 at 23:17:10
Whilst Everton have struggled offensively in many games this season they should have gotten a lot more draws but absolutely stupid mistakes on defence have cost them dearly.

I still think a new captain is required. Seamus has been a great servant and still has a bit to offer but I have thought for a while his form hasn't been worthy of the leadership this team needs to stay disciplined when necessary.

They need a man of steel in the middle of the park, someone who isn't yet with the club.

They do have inconsistent performers and sick note players which needs to be sorted soon otherwise we are not going anywhere.

If new investment is achieved and maybe from the US then hopefully they can start to get the kind of players that were attracted to RS when they got big US investors.

Jim Wilson
75 Posted 10/04/2022 at 23:20:08
With regard to comment No 72, without trying to tempt fate, especially with the derby looming, it is beginning to look like the best teams give us more space to play, which helps us.
Jim Wilson
76 Posted 10/04/2022 at 23:35:29
Tom @ 74
I don't think Seamus would think he was a natural captain.
It is just that we didn't/don't have an obvious captain so he was willing to take on the job not for himself but to help out.

I also think it has affected some of his performances. For example his mistake in the Goodison Derby was nothing to do with his aging years but the sheer pressure/resposibility that was on his shoulders. Not forgetting he has been brilliant in some games this season too.

Jerome Shields
77 Posted 11/04/2022 at 10:47:14
Jim #73

My reasons are simply tactical. If you like, not giving the opposition preparation any structure.

I would play Van de Beek first, bringing in Delph for the attempt at the beginning of the second half to push up. I would prefer Rondon leading the line than Calvert-Lewin, so as to prevent pressure on midfield. I don't think Frank will though, so prefer Richarlison. His left foot has improved.

Last season, Ancelotti's 'one touch' had the desired effect to get Calvert-Lewin in position. On Ancelotti leaving, he poo-pooed the idea that this had helped. Injury has clouded the view of progress.

But Calvert-Lewin, in his appearances, has not attacked the near post, got in front of his man, been near the position he should be in, held up the ball, laid off to effective supporting players (only once to Iowbi), lead or pressurise the line... and as for one touch, it is non-existent. His ball control and shooting have always been below par.

Some put this all down to fitness. I put it down to poor coaching or a player who is not buying in. I think Dyche's comments of “They don't know how to score” was based on observing the above. It's technical and tactical, rather than physical, IMO.

Allen Rodgers
78 Posted 11/04/2022 at 11:49:42
Talking of captains reminds me: when Delph first signed, he did a lot of running around and shouting at players. I don't think that went down at all well with players or fans. Besides which, Delph is injury-prone.
Dave Abrahams
79 Posted 11/04/2022 at 13:13:25
Allen (78), Delph had been around a bit and had joined us from the best team in England. Maybe he couldn't believe how unprofessional and half-hearted some of the players that he had teamed up with, and he became more complacent himself; certainly his injury record hasn't endeared him to most fans.

Players don't have to have the armband to be captain. Delph could have been one of them, he is constantly talking and urging the players on during the game and I hope he can stay fit for a lot of the remaining games. Everton should feel the benefit if he does.

Danny O’Neill
80 Posted 11/04/2022 at 13:37:35
Same as Allan, Dave. Captain without the armband. Some are just leaders regardless. I would place Delph and Allan in that category and the difference showed at the weekend with both of them on the pitch. We had leadership.
Jerome Shields
81 Posted 11/04/2022 at 17:22:16
The problem I can see with this squad and a dominate Captain is they would work against him.Easy peacey for a squad who work against Six Manager's.I agree more with collective leadership as suggested at Everton for this reason.A core of players supporting the Manager.

They really are a shower at Everton.

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