An Everton Poem by Mike Conlon

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Everton... poetry in motion!Which team to support? You must decideThe Blue or Red of Merseyside?Taken to Goodison, no choice involvedLifelong Blue, the problem solvedThe force is strong, a great allianceThe People’s Club, the School of SscienceDixie could walk upon the Mersey!The best by far to wear the jerseyFive titles pre the Second World WarMy formative years brought four moreCatterick’s team were the start for meSuccessful times before Gordon Lee‘66 and Wembley historyTemple earned a comeback victoryA Holy Trinity I recallGreat days of Kendall, Harvey and Ball80s trophies with Reid and Big NevSharp and Ratcliffe and tricky TrevEuropean triumph in ‘85A glorious time to be aliveRoyle inspired the ‘Dogs of War’When Walker went through the exit doorSingle goal winner by Paul RideoutBeating United – never in doubtAnd then with each expectant campaignFalling short again and againUnder Moyes, we were hard to beatMagnificent Seventh, quite a featManagers get financial backingPoor form, inevitable sackingUnder Roberto, a decent blokeEmploying ‘Big Sam’ – just a bad jokeCarlo flattered then chose to deceiveThe choice of Rafa hard to believeLack of points, belief decliningBenitez sacked… season defining?Big Dunc managed just a single gameThe legend lost but retains his fameFrank appointed to arrest the slideCould we remain a Premier League side?Home form decent, but can’t win awayWhere will we finish come end of May?Another season, one to forgetRelegation seemingly a threatAs we slipped into the bottom threeCould the Goodison crowd be the key?Would the flares motivate the Blues?With this support, we will not lose‘Wimbledonesque’ we need a sparkThe twelfth man can be Goodison ParkTwo-nil down… looks bad for us…the greatest comeback since LazarusOur status secured, the title a dreamAn overhaul needed for this teamFrank knows what is in our DNAWe need a blueprint… a way to playA need to plan the future with care Bramley-Moore could see some silverwareEverton aren’t we?... bang that drumNil Satis Nisi Optimum

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