Approaching the Exit Door…

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It will be interesting who hits the exit door in the close season.

I fully expect clever use if the loan system, and up and coming talent picked out of London clubs to help supplement the squad. It needs a good spine adding, as our troubles stem through the middle of the side as a basic.

Required incoming:

Left-back cover
Holding midfielder
Complete midfielder
Left-footed attacker
Possibly another right-back

Definitely out:

Van de Beek
El Ghazi

Question marks – players wanting out or players that can't quite cut it:


A busy summer no doubt...

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Reader Comments (20)

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John Crook
1 Posted 20/05/2022 at 22:25:44
A top top player who is nowhere near his peak yet. Now a regular starter and scorer for the Brazil national team so that speaks very high volumes. His work rate and commitment to Everton has been second to none.

If he stays it is going to be a massive bonus. But if he wants a big move then he has more than earnt the right to go in my opinion as he has been the key outfield player that has helped keep us up.

With our financial situation I feel at least one of our top 3 assets (Richarlson, Calvert-Lewin, Pickford) will be sold this summer. And if Richarlison goes, it's very likely it's a PSG, Bayern Munich or possibly Real Madrid. So at least in that sense he won't be coming to Goodison scoring against us next season. I really hope he stays but I fully expect one of the above three to be sold this summer.

Geoff Lambert
2 Posted 22/05/2022 at 09:15:02
So 22 out Ian!! Don't see that happening.

If we can move on seven or eight and get in some good loans and a couple of promising young players I think we will be okay.

ps: You have to wonder how PSG are getting away with FFP rules paying Mbappe £250 million over 3 years???

Alan McGuffog
3 Posted 22/05/2022 at 09:18:25
Ian, don't we have left-back cover... the lad out on loan in France? Niels Nkounkou?
Robert Workman
4 Posted 22/05/2022 at 09:24:41
Only slightly off-topic, as this thread is about departing players, but Everton should definitely make a move for Calvin Bassey. This week I have watched him turn in MotM performances for Rangers in two Cup Finals. He is a powerful, quick defender, with a great left foot. He played at centre back and left-back, excelling in both positions.

Ellis Simms played in the Scottish Cup Final. He was largely isolated, particularly when Rangers started to dominate. Hit the post early on. BBC Scotland had a feature on him during the build up. He has scored some great goals this season (7 in 20 games). I am sure that Hearts would love to keep him. I look forward to him working back at Finch Farm with Duncan Ferguson.

Robert Tressell
5 Posted 22/05/2022 at 09:25:57
There will be quite a few outgoing players because of contracts ending and loan spells.

Not sure there'll be a long list of incoming players though.

Since we will have a pretty modest budget, it's better to focus on quality not quantity.

Players like Godfrey and Iwobi and others can play a few positions and provide cover.

If Mina, DCL and Richarlison do all leave it will be very difficult to start next season with stronger First XI than we have now (when all fit).

Brian Harrison
6 Posted 22/05/2022 at 10:02:16
I am sure there will be a turnover of players before next season, but I wonder how our FFP position will ultimately determine what happens. Even if the request from Burnley and Leeds to look at our financial position in relation to Covid deductions comes to nothing, I am sure we will have to be extremely careful going forward.

Obviously those coming to the end of their contracts who have played little or no football this season will be let go. Then there may be players who see their futures elsewhere, rumours have been circulating for a while about possible exits for a couple of our players. But I don't think Frank will want wholesale changes to his squad, certainly he will look to strengthen in certain areas. I believe our lack of goal scorers over the last few seasons have really held us back, and in particular our lack of goals from midfield is the most alarming. I am sure with Frank being such a prolific goal scorer for club and Country he will look to address this problem.

Finally just shows what a massive relief Thursday was, cant remember our editors not having a post on a matchday about a game that day.

Alan J Thompson
7 Posted 22/05/2022 at 15:31:06
If all that lot go it will make team selection a lot easier.
Graham Mockford
8 Posted 22/05/2022 at 15:42:54
Robert 4

Completely agree, definitely has PL potential.

On the main article we couldn’t make so many changes but those at the end of their contract should go. Delph, Tosun, Kenny and Sigggy.

Those on loan won’t stay Van der Beek and El Ghazi.

I suspect in terms of raising transfer funds and would be saleable, the best bets would be Mina, Keane and Allan.

However to get decent money to work with I suspect one of Jordan, Richie or DCL might be considered. Wouldn’t want any of the three to leave but at a push I’d swap DCL for Callum Wilson plus cash

Andrew Bentley
9 Posted 22/05/2022 at 18:27:54
I think this summer will see big changes with a number of players leaving and we will need some quality reinforcements otherwise next season could be worse!

With the player contracts up: Kenny, Delph, Tosun and Lonergan, with VDB and El Ghazi going, as well as Kean and probably Gbamin sold, there will be some wages freed up to sign players. Next we have 1 year left for Mina, Doucoure, Allan, Rondon, Davies and Townsend - I can see us trying to cash in on Mina and Allan at least to get some money in and wages freed up (would love Rondon to be gone too!). Also will we try and sell Dele to try and cut our losses?

Then as per the other comments, 1 of our 3 saleable assets I’m sure will go in the summer - I can actually see it being both Richarlison and DCL.

This could all amount to around 10-12 of our current squad departing!!

Factor in the issues we’ve had at CB and RB this year along with CM then we have a hell of a job on our hands this summer.

We need at least 1 quality CB (who can be relied on not to get injured!), a RB as Patterson is unproven and Seamus is past it now, probably 2 CMs and 1 winger/AM, and then a striker to either replace DCL or play back up to him.

That’s at least 7 players that we need….

To play the way that Frank wants too, we need 2 strong CMs who can pass the ball, score, and create chances.

All of this whilst not impinging on FFP rules again. That new Dof and Frank have a hell of a job to do, and quickly!!!

Sorry, the defeat to Arsenal has just hammered home the challenge ahead and taken the shine off Thursday night

Adam Carey
10 Posted 23/05/2022 at 07:39:47
Was chatting to a fellow Toffee workmate about this on Monday after Brentford instead of working.
I think of the players out of contract Jonjoe Kenny will stay. Lampard seems to like him and with Patterson still acclimatising along with Seamus needing phasing out he'll stay as a squad player. The rest will go.
We need to try to move on Rondon, Gomes and Mina. Maybe £20-£25M for all 3 if we are lucky. Mina has too many injuries for a player of his age and Gomes wages are too much for what he contributes.
One of DCL or Richarlison will go. Surely we can't allow both? £50M each has to be the going rate.
That means we need 1 CB, 2 CM and 2 CF. £80M won't get us much. (Working on only 1 of the strikers leaving and Dobbin/Simms not being ready for the step up to PL standard). Frank and Kevin will need to work wonders.
For that reason I think Tarkowski is a good punt on a free. If we can get Gallagher from Chelsea on loan it would be another good body in the team.
Danny O’Neill
11 Posted 23/05/2022 at 08:25:21
This is going to be a balancing act of shredding the wage bill as well as generating funds for whatever business we can do. Especially given the scrutiny on us. Whether we like that or not or agree with it, it's how it is.

In my view, it's the wages that kill you, not the transfer fee. Our business over the past few years in that respect has been absolutely shocking.

I can see a lot of loan deals. Maybe Frank will raid Chelsea? Gallagher would be welcome and it wouldn't surprise me to see Barkley back. Maybe Werner. I know it's not quite come off for him, but he is a good player with an eye for goal; very effective in a very good Leipzig team. To keep our US contingent onside, what about Pulisic? I'm not saying go and buy Chelsea, but they have their own problems, they notoriously loan players out and Frank has the links.

Of our current players, I think Mina could go, but who would take him? I rate him, but look at his injury record. I'd hate to lose Richarlison, but I think we will. I would rather keep Calvert-Lewin, but wouldn't be as disappointed providing we get the right money and reinvest wisely. Worryingly, I've heard tentative rumours that Guardiola has his eyes on Gordon. It would make sense as he's his type of player. If there's anything in that one, the temptation from Everton is for a young English player with potential you can command top dollar.

Of all of them, and I don't think I'd have said this 2 years ago, I would want to hold onto Jordan Pickford at all costs.

Dave Williams
12 Posted 23/05/2022 at 10:23:01
On paper when everyone is fit we look strong but the reality is that we don’t play as a team, midfield does not create or retain the ball and central defence is a disaster waiting to happen.
As others say, DCL or Richi will go plus several others to raise around £100m to reinvest( including the fee for Kean).
A mean, rough CB plus at least two young and energetic midfielders is a minimum plus a decent striker to support whoever doesn’t go. Dobbin or Simms might just come through which would be a huge bonus as might Warrington who did well at Tranmere.
Yesterday, whilst a dead rubber and a real anti climax after Thursday was still very poor. Fans paid a lot of money to attend and deserved better. It will have reminded Frank how poor we are and he, his staff and Thirwell have a lot of work to do.
Michael Lynch
13 Posted 23/05/2022 at 10:29:08
Teams have already started bringing in new players - Villa have signed Kamara from Marseilles, and the RS have snapped up Carvalho, Fulham's young striker who was up for the EFL player of the year.

I'm hoping we're already deep into negotiations with a few targets but, knowing the way our club is run, I think it's probably a forlorn hope.

What I really don't want to hear is how all our efforts have been put into signing new contracts with the likes of Delph, Kenny, Davies etc.

Jack Convery
14 Posted 23/05/2022 at 12:27:46
The wage bill will have to be really slashed as we are paying way to much every month for very average players in the main.
Obviously we gain money from the contracts that are up and the loan players going back to their clubs.

So that's Delph, Kenny, Siggy, Lonergan and Tosun. Begovic has already had his contract extended. For Delph to stay it would have to be a pay as you play deal, otherwise no way should he stay. Kenny for me can go, as he's just not up to the EPL standard. Lonergan - maybe we will offer him another year, though personally I would rather see a young 20ish goalie on the books. Tosun and Siggy are not coming back in July.

We have 7 players entering the final 12 months of their contract : Doucoure, Mina, Allan, Davies, Townsend, Rondon and Coleman. Whether EFC decide to cash in on any of these players now, rather than let them leave on a free in 2023 is a the question.

I would personally try and get money for Allan, Doucoure and Mina. Loan out Rondon for his final year on the proviso the club he goes to pays his wages in full. If it wasn't for Mina's poor injury record he would not be going anywhere and would be in line for a new contract but we can't have a CB who gets injured so easily and so often. Allan has done his bit since he arrived ( 3 years too late ) but its time to move on. Doucoure has blown hot and cold this season. He could do us a job but at 29 its time to grab a few bob for him. Townsend won't be fit enough to sell in the summer so he'll stay and maybe we could use him as cover on the wings, when he's fit, until his contract runs out. If no offers come in for Davies, which is probable we should keep him as a squad player to cover midfield as I believe his wages are not that high.Coleman I expect to retire.

Selling Mina, Doucoure and Allan could rake in at least £40m. Transfer Market values them at £56.7m presently.

Next we come to the prize assets - Pickford, Richy and DCL. Personally I want all 3 to stay but it aint happening due to our financial shambles with FFP. Transfer Market value Richy at £45m but I would not accept less than £60m, though I expect £50m to be nearer the mark we can expect for him. ( We should try for an additional few millions based on performance and a buy back clause too ). Pickford is currently valued at £22.5m by Transfer Market which is just ridiculously too low. Given Allison is valued at £54m by the same site. I would not let Pickford go for less than £50m and I believe EFC would not let him go cheap either. For that reason he is most likely to stay at Goodison. DCL is currently valued by TM at £37m. This again is ridiculously low. Apparently Villa want £50m for Watkins !! NO way should DCL go for less than £60m on that comparison but its more than likely he'll go for around £50m plus add-ons if he leaves. Given our finances I'm expecting DCL and Richy to both leave.

So that's a total of £100m. Add that to the £40m for Mina, Allan and Doucoure and the savings on the wages from those leaving for various reasons, we may be better off by approximately £200m. How much of that can go signings and their wages will depend on FFP I expect but at least £80m to £100m must be made available to the manager and DOF or am I being far, far too optimistic ?

I haven't forgotten there are other players who could be sold ie, Keane, Holgate, Gbamin, Gomes etc but given the wages they are on I cannot see many teams offering them similar contracts, so I'm expecting them to remain on the books. Though Gomes should be definitely loaned out and it might be worth another look at Gbamin, seeing as he has played 13 games on the spin for CSKA with 2 goals and 2 assists.

I wish Frank Lampard and Kevin Thelwell every good wish in sorting the squad out, whilst trying to bring some order to our financial state.

Jerome Shields
15 Posted 23/05/2022 at 18:53:14
Next season will be difficult. It will be determined by Lampard aleast heading in the right direction and recieving Club support. Both will be difficult to achieve in the teacle that is Everton FC 's structure.
Jim Bennings
16 Posted 24/05/2022 at 06:39:12
Let's hope at some point over the next few months to a year we can offload the following.

Moise Kean

None of the above will ever be good enough, some like Davies, Holgate, Gomes have had enough time and chances now even as squad members.

Obviously Sigurdsson will never kick a ball again so there's another gone.

I'd seriously have to consider listening to good offers for the likes of Doucoure.
At 29 the so-called engine he's not getting any better and technically he's not the best, doesn't offer what we really require anymore which is creation and goals.

Mina against my wish here, I like him he's our best defender hands down but the fella just can't put back to back games together, his appearance's are less and less each passing season.

Michael Keane would also be one I'd have to consider selling although I would keep him on one more year as a squad member, when he's got a more commanding defender next to him he's half decent.

I expect one of Richarlison or DCL to go so that will fetch the biggest fee naturally.

Lots and lots of work to be done and it needs to be in the making right now.

Bill Watson
17 Posted 23/05/2022 at 13:05:05
Dave #12,

I agree that the real problem lies in midfield, it must be one of the worst in the Premier League.

They lack pace, cannot retain the ball, and seem unable to find a blue shirt. Allied to that, their goalscoring contribution is virtually non-existent.

They rarely make themselves available to receive the ball thus putting the defence under constant pressure. It's one of the reasons Pickford has recently been going long. Sigurdsson has been a huge miss, not least for his goals, but he'll soon be off the wage bill, which helps.

The midfield's inability to retain the ball and find a blue shirt means we're unable to exert any meaningful pressure on the opposition and have to rely on breakaways. The service to the front men is abysmal and they're usually feeding off scraps.

Contrary to many on here, I would hold on to Allan albeit he also lacks pace. Apart from Delph, he's the only player who can win the ball and see and make a pass. I'd also offer Kenny a new contract as he's decent cover for either flank and Patterson is an unknown quantity.

So, I'd keep Allan and Dele Alli (there's a player in there, somewhere). Doucouré is inconsistent so I'd let him go if a decent offer came in. Gomes and Davies can go. No-one knows just what Gbamin can offer.

Any new offer for Delph must be on a pay per play basis and the same applies to Mina, if he's still here next summer. We simply cannot afford to continue carrying passengers on huge wages.

Sort the midfield and you sort many of the other problems in the side.

Gerry Killen
18 Posted 27/05/2022 at 04:41:55
My plea regarding new signings is: "No-one over 26, medically sound, no more 5-year contracts, maximum cost: £30 million - assuming we recoup money from wages and sales and stay within our means.

They also must want to play for the shirt and understand the financial problems we have and understand the fans as well.

Fingers crossed, Gerry, COYB

Gary Jones
19 Posted 27/05/2022 at 06:35:15
- Begovic
- Pickford
- Coleman (sub/squad)
- Holgate
- Godfrey
- Keane
- Nkounkou
- Mykolenko
- Patterson
- Simms
- Iwobi
- Dele Alli
- Doucouré
- Gordon
- Gray
- Richarlison
- Calvert-Lewin

Loan Out:
- Tyrer
- Branthwaite
- Welsh
- Dobbin
- Onyango
- Price
- Whitaker

Let Go / Sell:
- Mina
- Kenny
- Allan
- Gomes
- Davies
- Delph
- Sigurdsson
- Gbamin
- Tosun
- Rondon

Midfield investment an absolutely major priority.

Brian Murray
20 Posted 30/05/2022 at 11:57:38
I was guilty as anyone thinking Branthwaite was ready now to step up. Probably more in desperation seeing our centre-halves letting us down time and time again.

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