Putting a price on Calvert-Lewin is Everton’s business

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Whenever a transfer window rolls around, debates will inevitably be sparked when it comes to supposed valuations of those who begin to dominate headlines and fill up gossip columns. Whatever figures are thrown out there, you can guarantee that somebody will take issue with most of them.

Occasionally, said arguments are valid, with the going rate for the most average of performers having risen considerably on the back of Neymar’s record-setting move to Paris Saint-Germain in 2017. If he is supposedly worth €222 million, then what should be demanded for a proven Premier League performer?

Inflation has gone through the roof in football circles, to the point that value has become ever more elusive. Fees that would once acquire you an elite international striker will now secure you the right boot of a third-tier full-back.

Everton know how treacherous recruitment waters have become and are aware that something needs to be done if favour is to be earned in football predictions that currently have them at shorter odds (7/2) for relegation than a top six finish (11/1).

Given how last season played out, and with it yet to be determined what Frank Lampard’s squad will look like when the 2022-23 campaign gets underway, it is difficult to state with any kind of certainty what the next 12 months have in store for the Toffees.

Stand firm

The intention is, of course, to start the new season in the best possible shape, with the hope being that the summer will be kind to those on the blue half of Merseyside. Vultures have been circling, though, over Goodison Park.

Everton want to speculate and accumulate, but money still isn’t growing on trees and departures may be required in order to get revolving doors on the arrivals lounge ticking over. There are certainly saleable assets on the books that are attracting admiring glances from afar.

It is there where discussion has once again been opened when it comes to prices being paid for certain individuals. Unsurprisingly, Dominic Calvert-Lewin has figured prominently within a never-ending rumour mill.

He did not see as much football as he would have liked in 2021-22, but memories of a 21-goal season immediately prior to that are still fresh and he is a frontman with 11 senior international caps for England to his name.

Calvert-Lewin cannot yet be considered to have reached his peak, with there more potential to be unlocked, and he is tied to a contract that is due to run for another three years. With all of that taken into account, Everton find themselves in a strong bargaining position.

Basically, they can demand whatever they want for a prized asset that they do not particularly want to part with. Eyebrows may be raised at certain figures that are bandied around in media of the social and print variety, but they really shouldn’t be.

The Toffees are not going to give in to any rival just because they feel unrealistic demands are being tabled. Quality has never come cheap and in the modern world, you either pay the asking price or look elsewhere.

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