Our situation is nothing short of horrific.
We had all summer to do some sensible team planning, make  2 or 3 crucial signings to ensure we stayed clear of trouble this season and we failed miserably. After the season we just had it is unforgivable to do very little about our forward options, and after selling Richarlison, totally reckless.
If we had signed just Tarkowski Coady and Gueye, not sent Simms on loan but played him and kept Allan and partnered him with Gueye we would now be in better shape. If we had spent the Onana and McNeil money on a decent striker we would be in an even better situation.
Lampard needs to go before there is any more damage done. He said he was happy with the summer signings and his tactics have ensured we are where we are. In the shit! Winning has become so hard it is absolutely ridiculous for people to say we are on the right track.
Lampard either picks the 4-3-3 that does not help our midfield to be strong enough to get a grip on a game and give our front 3 the service it needs to get into a game and create chances or he picks the back 3/5 system that weakens our midfield further and our defence of 3 centre backs (what team ever needs 3 centre backs? Utter madness) get exposed further and are all over the place.
The manager should also know that changing a defensive system is one of the most foolhardy things you can do mid season. Changes should always be kept to a minimum so any understanding and cohesion built up isn't lost.
As soon as Lampard started trollying out the back 3 system I had my doubts about him and this system destroyed the chance of us having a new manager bounce when he arrived last season.
Do we really think Duncan Ferguson would have only got 3 wins so far this season if he had been in charge?
Do we really think Sean Dyche would have only got 3 wins so far?
Do we really think Sam Allardyce would have got just 3 wins so far?
It is utter madness to think with the players we have we couldn't do better.
If Seamus just picked the team an hour before each game I think we would have done better. That is how bad I think things are.
The Man United game was bad, the Leicester game was worse, the 2 Bournemouth games just horrendous and the Wolves game should be the last straw. Beat in the last minute. These things happen when things aren't right. It is telling you to act.
Lampard seems like a nice guy and talks sense at the press conferences and has had a good rapport with the fans. If we were mid table with just a couple more wins I would say stick with him. But 3 wins in 16 games is ludicrous and the reality is he is not going to get anywhere near the 9 more wins we need.
His excuse is he doesn't have the forwards he needs, but as manager it was his responsibility to ensure we got them in the summer. We did have the money but he wasted it on at least 2 unnecessary signings.
But even without the forwards we didn't sign we should have done better if he ensured our midfield had an extra man helping Gueye.
There are 2 essential signings we have to make in January, and they are a must:
We need that forward, that target man, the best we can get. He doesn't have to be the best in the business. He needs to be a character who will work hard and knock a few goals in.
Remember Brian McBride, he wasn't the best, but he was effective and had a knack of popping up in the right place to score. There are forwards out there that will make a difference for us.
And we need that midfield general who has a pass and can tackle who will help to get the best out of Gueye. It is essential, whether a loan or a buy. He doesn't have to be the best, just reliable and not injury prone.
Anyone who wants to have a go at Gueye make no mistake if we didn't have Gueye in the team we would be in an even worse mess than we are in now.
Ideally, I would like us to sign 2 centre mid players and 2 forwards. We need the cover for the relegation fight we are in.
Do I have confidence we will sign 1 centre mid and 1 forward? No
We are now in a desperate situation. More injuries can occur, bad luck and bad refereeing decisions I am sure will hamper us and we must have a manager with the nouse to ride all this and adjust things when necessary. And we must make the vital signings we need.
While I can understand the frustration of the fans I am positive that the constant picking on players is both unfair and not helping the players to perform.
Confidence is everything. The players are good enough to have us in mid table but Lampard has failed to get the best out of them.
If the supporters turn on the players we are finished. We have to get behind them like we did towards the end of last season. If the manager can't get a tune out of them he must go. It is as simple as that.
To remind people, Mike Walkers team was a bunch of no hopers but Joe Royle took over and we won the cup with the same players. He got them working for each other with a system they understood and were confident with. And the starting point was the solid 'dogs of war' midfield of Horne, Ebbrell and Parkinson. None of the 3 were great players but together they were very effective. That is what we must do now and in January strengthen the midfield further and bring in a character like Ferguson or Rideout who can make an impact for is up front.
It has to be done.
There is no point harping on about broader things that won't help the team right now. This season is now all about survival.
We need a new manager to give us a new face factor and he must recognise the need for a back 4 and a strong midfield. No mad formations just someone who will get the basics right. Dyche or someone of that ilk is my shout and I will hold my hands up. I am desperate, very desperate but something needs to be done now, right now.
3 wins, just 3 wins, it is ridiculous, almost impossible to believe that is all we have, we should be so much better than this, with the players we have. Our under 23's should be able to do better.
Factor in this massively risky ground move and our situation is so perilous if we go down. Does anyone really know what our financial situation is? Does anyone know what Moshiris finances are? Does anyone know how committed Moshiri is? One thing for sure we must stay up.
We do not want to be in a position in May saying if we only had done this or that. The Wolves result is telling us. We have to change things now.
For people who still want to keep Lampard. What would you have thought if Lampard had said before the season started I will get us 3 wins from the first 16 games? 17 after the City game. 18 after the Brighton game, the way Lampard will set us up they will play us off the park!
Our position is horrific.
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Reader Comments (31)

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Dale Self
1 Posted 30/12/2022 at 18:59:37
Good stuff, Jim.

"There is no point harping on about broader things that won't help the team right now. This season is now all about survival."

Yep, that is the only focus until some space from the Bottom 3 is secured. We need to keep it about football and keep it simple, no matter how offended some egos get.

Only by keeping to a simple system can they hope to manage the timing of the game. Only by managing their timing of attacks and getting numbers forward together can they minimize the risks of a breakdown in possession.

The timid two- and three-man attacks just draw us out of shape and frustrate the forwards. I wouldn't expect anything against City but perhaps against Brighton we will see some changes made.

John Raftery
2 Posted 30/12/2022 at 21:11:35
Horrific, it most certainly is.

The two Bournemouth defeats confirmed that tactically Frank is tone-deaf. Despite losing game after game, he has persisted with a 4-3-3 with two wide attackers, leaving a midfield wide open to counter-attacks.

After a 7-week break, we returned on Monday to find nothing had changed. I think he will be given the next two home games. If we fail to win either of those, he should be replaced.

Unfortunately, no manager will be good enough for too many of our supporters. In the situation we find ourselves, the type of hard-bitten character we need is also the type least likely to win favour with the fans.

Tony Hill
3 Posted 30/12/2022 at 21:29:45
You know I agree with you, John @2, on the damaging delusions of the vast majority of fans as to the two most promisingly anti-Kenwright managers we have had in the last 5 years.

Simple-minded snobbery has done, and continues to do, us great harm. But none of that majority is ever going to admit that they got it disastrously wrong, rather to the contrary.

I happen, though, to disagree with you as to Lampard. He's currently frozen and doing badly but this man is a hard-case winner, misunderstood as a bit of a Tory soft-arse. I don't think he'll fold and nor, eventually, will his Everton teams.

Barry Rathbone
4 Posted 30/12/2022 at 21:42:36
Looking at the other equally uninspiring clubs, I'm not at all confident we have enough to be mid-table. Bottom 5 at best, and relegation dullards at worst, seems a more likely prognosis.

Fortunately I have loads of chocolate from Xmas to counter the depression…

Peter Neilson
5 Posted 30/12/2022 at 21:49:48
Interesting article on Almiron at Newcastle.


At the age of 28 and his fifth season in the Premier League, he's been coached in scoring goals, including modifying his shooting technique.

Shows good coaching can achieve pretty quick results even in experienced players. Maybe we could learn from this for our attacking line?

We still need attacking additions to the squad but we also need to do better with what we have.

Paul Kernot
6 Posted 31/12/2022 at 03:15:42
Here's a question: Suppose we get trounced by City, then lose to Brighton too, and Lampard goes, who would take over as interim coach now Ferguson has gone?

I don't see Leighton & Co being up to the monumental task of saving us, even short term.

Kieran Kinsella
7 Posted 31/12/2022 at 04:05:55
Peter @5,

I've read interviews with both Ian Wright and Alan Shearer on how coaching took them from decent to top class. Aside from Dunc and his aerial abilities, we don't seem to have had a finishing coach at Everton ever in my lifetime. Seems like a big miss.

Pete Clarke
8 Posted 31/12/2022 at 04:07:35
There's only Seamus Coleman that could possibly fit this scenario.

I also imagine that, if Frank goes, then so does the likes of Cole and any other coaching staff he brought with him.

‘Horrific’ is usually a word to describe a real bad accident or incident which involves injury or death to people, so it's over the top a bit but, at the same time, we could use the word ‘Miracle’ to describe what's needed to get us out of this mess.

Frank Lampard was my last big hope of us ever having a decent footballing name to drag this club back to respectability. He's lost his way for sure and the signs are more than worrying that he is not up to it but, as with the rest of my life being a Blue, I will cling to the word ‘Hope’ in that something changes for the better.

Talking of Seamus Coleman. What a dream that would be if that man himself were to help rescue us and carry us forward.

Kieran Kinsella
9 Posted 31/12/2022 at 04:22:07
Paul & Pete,

Firstly, this rumor Frank will get sacked if we lose to City is ridiculous. As Moshiri would say, City “is an expected loss” so, if they want to sack Frank, why the hell did they waste a week before what they see as “the inevitable”?

I hope we get a result v City but, if we don't, I hardly see it as the result that breaks the camel’s back. If, post City, Brighton, whoever, Frank gets sacked, I'd like to think they'd quickly have a replacement so we don't have a Jimmy Gabriel situation dragging on for weeks.

Could Seamus even step in? Aren't there rules now requiring coaching certifications? If anything, I'd imagine Paul Tait would have to fill in for a game or so but I'm hoping it won't come to that and we and Frank can turn the corner.

Brian Murray
10 Posted 31/12/2022 at 04:31:40
The momentum is against Frank and he won't or can't change a game for the better or quick enough.

He was and is a great figurehead and says all the right things for the club. Far too risky to let him continue as he's not learning on the job for a young manager as we hoped.

I'm just surprised at his coaches as I thought they had calibre and would help and give him valuable input. Sadly not.

Steve Brown
11 Posted 31/12/2022 at 06:09:32
Sean Dyche, honestly. He got Burnley relegated once and he was on course to do so again when he was rightly sacked. If people are going to demand we bring in our SEVENTH manager in six seasons, then at least have the imagination to come up with a convincing and attainable alternative.

Lampard won't get sacked if we lose to Man City. The responsibility is now with the DoF and board to sign a like for like replacement for DCL. We have started the last two seasons banking on Dominic's fitness – it was absolutely criminal to make the same mistake twice and that is squarely on the DoF and board.

The manager and his team have to do a lot better, and they won't have any excuses once / if the squad is strengthened. Let's see if the club manage to do that. If not, we are in serious trouble regardless who is in charge.

Danny O’Neill
12 Posted 31/12/2022 at 06:52:37
I was nervous about the appointment of Lampard. I've remained unconvinced by him since. Dubious tactics and changes that come so late, they can't impact or turn a game.

But I'm also nervous about making yet another managerial change. Forced or unforced, it hasn't worked.

So I remain on the fence. Both with Lampard and the “should he go or should he stay” debate.

But if we're going to do so, be decisive and act quickly. Don't do what we done last season and give the potential new manager 2 hours (or however long it was) of a transfer window to act.

I've just mentioned ‘decisive’ and ‘Everton’ in the same paragraph. I should apologise for insulting everyone.

I'm not in agreement with some of the suggestions of potential candidates on the various pages. Sean Dyche is not for me. I'm hearing that Burnley supporters are actually enjoying their football again under Kompany.

Moyes? Never go back. It rarely comes off and he's hardly been a revelation since gradually beating down our expectation and finally getting the chance to see what he could do at a big club with money.

His idea was to buy Fellaini. And after a promising start at a decent West Ham side, he's got them into an equal position to Everton as it stands. Technically worse after last night as it stands.

I can just see the tear-filled reunion press interview. Watch that space. 5 defeats in a row. He could be gone before Frank, which could trigger a sequence of events.

Well written article, Jim. I like you calling out Gueye. The Wolves game in particular, he was trying to be a one man midfield as Iwobi was back to dum-dee-doing and Onana was somewhere… I don't know where. Maybe Stanley Park or on his phone?

Here's hoping they can surprise you, me and all of us today with a point. I, like many, don't believe today is the day of destiny for Frank. Unless it's an embarrassing mauling.

Derek Thomas
13 Posted 31/12/2022 at 07:04:08
Kieran @ 9;

Tim Cahill has all the certs and, as far as I know, still has 'links' to and / or with the club.

Brian Murray
14 Posted 31/12/2022 at 07:24:21
I can remember Owen Coyle, I think when he was at Bolton, getting called the New Fergie and any flavour of the month gets hype but there's definitely something about Kompany I'd take a chance on.

Add him to the list anyway before Dyche – and no more loser Moyes talk. Besides, his mate hopefully won't be here much longer to get his grubby paws in any decision.

Steve Shave
15 Posted 31/12/2022 at 07:57:40
I would have Moyes back in a heartbeat, he can keep Frank's expensive coaching team. It would be a cheap switch if Moyes is sacked and if the rumours are true of Frank having a get-out clause for us in his contract.

Obviously nobody is expecting anything out of the City game but, if we lose to Brighton as well, then I think it's Goodnight Vienna for Frank.

I don't want us to change manager especially, it hasn't worked before… but if the last years have told us anything (aside from Moshiri being a clueless buffoon), many under-appreciated the job Moyes did for us for so long.

I believe Moyes would stabilise us as a club again and at least get us sitting mid-table and over the finish line for BMD.

Terry Downes
16 Posted 31/12/2022 at 08:00:54
Please let go of Moyes, for fuck’s sake!
Dennis Stevens
17 Posted 31/12/2022 at 08:12:14
I'm assuming the purse strings are pulled pretty tight, which is a bit ironic if the purse is rather empty. So, I do wonder whether the choice would be between changing manager or signing a centre-forward, if the Club can't afford to do both.

Should that be the case, then I'd rather use any funds available to sign a striker. I can't help thinking that, for all his failings, Lampard would have us sat somewhere around mid-table if we had been able to bring in adequate cover for Calvert-Lewin in the summer, instead of Maupay.

Tony Abrahams
18 Posted 31/12/2022 at 08:47:46
Thanks for that, Peter@5,

It was a long day yesterday, at one stage, I was thinking about someone who is close to me, who is just starting out in league football, and how he could continue to improve.

I have always viewed him as being very reactive, but suddenly he's started to get ‘belief' and he's now showing signs of also being proactive.

Every single player can improve; you never stop learning in this game, and whilst playing is different and obviously the most important aspect, especially if you are a professional player, doing individual work will definitely improve any player, but my bet is that very few clubs will employ these type of coaches, which work specifically on individual coaching.

Mark Murphy
19 Posted 31/12/2022 at 08:51:31
If Dyche is the answer, I'm off!
Danny O’Neill
20 Posted 31/12/2022 at 09:08:58
Steve @15, can I politely ask your age?

On the day we go to the Etihad, I'm trying to avoid recollections of taking a knife to a gunfight and aspiring to be like City. A comment that some would call realistic, but offended Evertonians and United fans.

So calls for Moyes make me uncomfortable. Especially given his record since leaving Everton and the current predicament West Ham are in.

Some may say realistic, but it irks me and I don't want that lack of expectation back.

Tony Abrahams
21 Posted 31/12/2022 at 09:45:58
Peter Reid has got an article in the Mail which you can find by going on newsnow Everton, and it's definitely worth a read.

How we could do with some of Reid's spirit now ("The game might have changed but the fundamentals haven't," is one of his quotes), who also talks about his affection for Man City, and how he told Peter Swales (the chairman of a club with no structure) to: "Fuck off, Shredded Wheat head" whilst he was the City manager.

Paul Birmingham
22 Posted 31/12/2022 at 10:20:57
Tony, that's a cracker, and thanks for sharing what Reidy said to his then chairman, priceless. Yes, to have some backbone and guts on the park and consistently for this Everton squad should be the minimum.

Today, there's hopefully a positive reaction and performance, following from Boxing Day. No time to be feeling sorry, but time to fight for the Everton shirt, and show some pride in playing for Everton.

Jim Wilson
23 Posted 31/12/2022 at 17:10:27
Egg all over my face. Bloody brilliant.

Come on, Blues, rub it in and beat Brighton now!

Tony Abrahams
24 Posted 31/12/2022 at 17:20:36
Your second paragraph was out there today, Paul B, whilst the schizophrenic comes out in me once again.

All our back five played with heart and Gana Gueye was absolutely terrific today. I'm not sure about Iwobi and the talented Onana but Demarai Gray worked very hard. Calvert-Lewin gave us a bit more strength further up the pitch, with the biggest call being made by my favourite ever Everton player.

The fundamentals haven't changed because hard work, guts, effort, and just ‘one moment of real quality' have just helped get Everton a point against the best team in the Premier League, today. I'm made up!

Steve Shave
25 Posted 01/01/2023 at 12:51:27
Danny @20, you can of course ask my age, just turned 45 bud. Mostly my experience of being a Toffee (since being turned, age 8) has been a frustrating and emotional one.

I would like to reiterate I don't especially want us sacking Frank or anyone for that matter, the managerial circus has been a horrendous joke since Moshiri took over. All I said was, if we did, then I think it has to be Moyes for me.

So in a way, Danny, I don't really understand the relevance of your question; whether I was 45 or 65, Everton's performance in the Premier League era has been largely poor. Aside from one excellent season under Roberto, largely the only other thing to shout about in the last 20 years has been the stability and consistency brought to us by Moyes.

Sure, he said some dumb things (though you lot have forgotten the "knife to a gunfight" thing right"? ;) sure he left in a really lame way and openly admitted how Fergie poached him whilst still our manager.

However, he did what he did for a long time, on a shoestring as well. I have never understood how so many lacked respect for the job he did with us. I could go into my typical narrative around expectations, born in the past, etc; however, I can't be arsed.

Moyes's teams were industrious and hard-working, tough to beat and well-disciplined. I think we'd all take that right now as we build for the future and hopefully get the much-needed boardroom changes in the future.

I for one wished he could have had a quarter of the budget afforded all the managers since, something tells me we wouldn't be debating the sacking of ANOTHER manager and ruminating over the possibility of a 2nd relegation scrap in 2 seasons.

I saw on another thread that someone had mentioned that yesterday's performance shows how the players feel about Frank; I said exactly the same thing to my mate. Let's hope it's a catalyst for a better 2nd half of the season, an improved spirit and cohesion and a run of games for Calvert-Lewin.

Bring in that versatile forward player in the mould of Kudus and who knows? The landscape could look very different after Brighton and Southampton. COYB.

Rob Jones
26 Posted 01/01/2023 at 13:22:00
Steve, I'm 34, and I agree entirely with your perspective.

The best I've ever known is David Moyes. Which is profoundly depressing, to be honest with you. All I've ever known is the management of expectations, the gradual diminishment of the club from highs I don't remember and have never experienced, to utter mediocrity.

Having never known our highs, I'd settle for five years of being somewhere between 8th and 12th. With a trip to Wembley thrown in.

I feel incredible sympathy for fans who have known us as the best team in England. They expect and want better. Personally, I just don't want to be embarrassed to be a fan, and want to occasionally not hate the club that I've loved, sometimes with great regret (and envy of my Man Utd supporting family), since I was 7 years old.

Danny O’Neill
27 Posted 01/01/2023 at 13:24:58
I was just curious, Steve, as these things can often be generational. Although we are roughly the same era; you've just got about 5 or 6 years catching up to do!!!

I wouldn't want Moyes back. Some would agree with you about hard-working and industrious. I couldn't disagree with that a lot of the time.

We want our teams to work hard. But we want them to play good football as well. Some of Moyes's team did occasionally.

But I also remember a few thumpings. The 7 - 0 humiliation by Arsenal sticks out. The choking against Wigan when there was a path to Wembley. The semi-final surrender when we had them on the ropes.

After doing what he had to do initially, and doing it well to be fair, the eventual and continuous playing down of expectation, that he's taken with him elsewhere.

Sorry, not for me. Not looking good for him at the moment. I wouldn't be surprised to see him let go by West Ham for a second time.

Tony Hill
28 Posted 01/01/2023 at 13:30:09
Not at all, Jim @23, you wrote fairly and from the heart. Yesterday was great, what went before it was not.
Dave Abrahams
29 Posted 01/01/2023 at 13:59:47
Jim (23)

Take heed of Tony @(28) – wipe that egg off your face.

If they keep fighting like they did yesterday for the rest of the season, like they should be doing anyway, then if I was you, I'd tell myself “Them bastards (don't know if you swear) didn't half buck themselves up after my post on ToffeeWeb before the City game”!!

Jim Wilson
30 Posted 01/01/2023 at 14:54:46
Nice one Dave @ 29 and Tony @ 28 - I will do that!

I am still very worried about the Brighton game if I am honest.

Very pleased with Gueye's performance and Lampard will have to change the midfield if Onana is out. And hopefully a change for the better.

What a difference it would make if we could just win the next 2 Premier League games.

Like so many people on here, I am in two minds about Lampard but it is the 3 wins that is telling me something is very wrong and this has to change in the next 2 games.

Jim Wilson
31 Posted 03/01/2023 at 22:05:54
The City game was just a blip then.

Lampard should go tonite.

We must have a new manager for the Soton game and it must be someone who understands how the 4-4-2 or 4-5-1 formation will help us.

Lampard is a tactical fool. He has the theory but no nouse.

3 wins in 18!

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