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Fan Articles

Contributions from ToffeeWeb readers

Summer Transfers 2023

Sam Hoare
Which areas do we concentrate on for recruitment? Ideally we’d be buying 21-25 year olds who have proven they can mix it but have their best years and good resale value ahead of them. With some more practical cheaper options thrown in. Let's looks at some options.

Irreparably damaged?

Barry Metcalfe
I firmly believe that Kings Dock was our opportunity but spectacularly missed, leaving us irreparably damaged

The Life of Barrie Rees

Rob Sawyer
Turning pro in 1961, the versatile Rhyl-born player made his senior bow for the reigning Champion Toffees during the 1963-64 season before leaving for Brighton and tragically losing his life not long afterwards

We Are Respected Wherever We May Go

Danny O’Neill
Never stop believing. We didn't. We never would have and never will.

Who's free or cheap in 2023?

Robert  Tressell
Possible targets for cash-strapped Everton this summer

“Never again”… Again!

Russelll Smith
Let us get behind Sean Dyche and whoever plays next season right from the start so that we don’t have another “never again” season.

My Everton Aunties

Peter Carpenter
My aunties were mostly Evertonians too. They seldom knew who was playing, didn’t know who had won; if they had ever been to a match, it was only once… but they were firmly for Everton.

The Ballad of Captain Killybegs — Part 2

John Daley
John Daley continues his personal and eclectic tribute to Everton Captain Seamus Coleman.

The Ballad of Captain Killybegs

John Daley
Financial riches from football can soon lead to humility and modesty being firmly pushed aside. Not in the case of Seamus Coleman, Everton’s Captain and longest serving player. Along with hard work and loyalty, they are the very qualities that define the Donegal born defender.

4 winnable games if Sean Dyche makes the right changes

Jim Wilson
We know Leicester will come out fighting, we know they can play good football, we know they have some good players, and we know their form has picked up. Surely Dyche must know the same.

Pathetic Evertonians. Who Can Save You Now?

John Daley
Although immensely long, the last bit is missing as it tails off... – MK

One of Our Aircraft is Missing

Pete Jones
80 years ago a promising young outside left was lost over the Mediterranean at the height of WW2. Pete Jones tells his story through the letters his family have preserved and sets his loss against the pivotal period of the war

This Week: 11 Years Ago

David Hardman
Everton had been in decline for many years but, for me, for all the happenings, both on and off the pitch, the 2011-12 season saw the transition from Big 5 to ‘plucky little Everton’ complete.

Perfect Storm

Peter Carpenter
A ‘national football calamity’ can still be avoided but it’s going to be tougher than ever before and I’m preparing myself for the worst. It’s looking more and more like a perfect relegation storm.

Keep to the Basics, Mr Dyche — A Strong Midfield

Jim Wilson
Some suggestions on how to compensate for the absence of Abdoulaye Doucouré in what is now a hugely important game against Fulham


George McKane
George McKane says goodbye to Liverpool, the UK, and much more as he makes a move to Santa Caesarea Terme, Italia

This week: 37 Years Ago

David Hardman
The 1985-86 season had half a dozen clubs in contention for the Division One title heading into Easter weekend but a incredible run of form by Liverpool outs-stripped that of Everton and saw them eventually lift the trophy

Goodison Avenue – Everton’s Celebrity Street

Rob Sawyer
Between the 1930s and 1950s, on this modest terraced cul-de-sac backing onto Goodison Park, you could have chanced upon Everton stars of their day going about their daily business

A Night of Acclaim for Everton’s Pioneering Women

Everton Heritage Society
Shortly before kick-off of the women's Merseyside derby on 24 March, a fitting tribute was paid to the achievement of the Everton women's team of 1997-98 in winning the national league title for the only time, so far, in the club’s history

Do the media pick on Everton?

Paul Traill
Are we given a fair crack or are we an easy target; the team to reference when there’s a wider issue? The man to kick when they're down?

Looking for Jimmy Burns

John  Burns
My name is Vasco Manuel Magalhães Teixeira and I live in Portugal. I have been an Evertonian since I was 15 years old... I wanted to write this to thank a man called Jimmy Burns.

This Week: 7 Years Ago

David Hardman
Back when we could actually beat Aston Villa

We deserve answers!

Barry Metcalfe
Barry Metcalfe attempts to embark on a balanced forensic analysis of Bill Kenwright and his time in control of Everton Football Club… but he doesn't really get very far: "To be frank, I wish I had never started to read about this subject as all the unanswered questions leave a massive sense of frustration."

Throwing the Baton

Paul Columb
Our identity should not be ambiguous and should run from the very top, through coaching, playing, medical staff to the tea lady and the kitman. Supporters, whether current or prospective, need something they can identify with in order to get behind it. I know my lad does… I just hope it’s not too late. 

Sam Chedgzoy – A Star on Both Sides of The Atlantic

Rob Sawyer
The Ellesmere Port-born player spent 16 seasons with Everton, forced a change in the rules of the game with his famous corner in 1924 and went on to have a 13-year career in North America

This Week: 20 Years Ago

David Hardman
A first win over Leeds for 5 years. First double over them since the 1950s, if not longer!

What should have been!

Barry Metcalfe
In a parallel universe, the Kings Dock stadium gets built, Everton are taken over by a mega-rich Middle Eastern consortium, and the trophies have been stacking up

Change the narrative – protest but in a different way

Jonathan Mortimore
Show the world we are some of the greatest fans in the world.

Shattered Glass

Michael Fisher
If the club did have money to spend and still turned up with nobody on deadline day then heads should roll. If not, by not buying willy-nilly, have Everton done better in the market than a year ago?

Sack. Hire. Repeat.

Ian Black
Appointing a new manager a full day before the transfer window closes to assess the squad, identify new players, negotiate their release and sign these players is frankly a ridiculous situation. This should not have happened and was entirely avoidable.

The Obvious Choice

Paul Tran
He’s got a strong record at the end of the league we’re at. He’ll demand the level of energy I like, the energy I keep getting told we like. And I suspect he’ll do the one thing no manager has done under Moshiri, which is get the best out of these players.

Last Days of the Transfer Window

Robert  Tressell
We have a new manager and a few days left before the Transfer Window closes to bring in new players for a relegation battle. So who might we now bring in to deliver much-needed goals?  

This week:10 Years Ago

David Hardman
Everton travelled to Bolton in the FA Cup 4th round

To be Frank, hard work wasn’t enough

Andrew James
Unfortunately, Frank Lampard's illustrious playing career, work ethic and great communicating did not a successful Premier League coach make

What’s our name? Everton’s and the British influence on early South American football

Jimmy Milner
After Southampton travelled to take on Everton last weekend, it's not just the mighty Blues who can claim to have their fingerprints on the early days of South American football. 

Next Man In

Sam Hoare
A quick rundown of some of the many, many managerial options out there.

Vision Starts Now

Michael Fisher
I would like to see exactly what my club's vision and mission statement would look like. The club needs reform and a reset, but not today. What it does need is an agenda and timeframe to make it happen. Today we need a united front.

This week... 1 year ago

David Hardman
David Hardman recalls the tumultuous recent history of January 2022

Rock Bottom

Peter Carpenter
If you believe in hitting rock bottom before the upturn can begin, we must be pretty close to that point now. (Don’t prove me wrong, Everton.)

Simple Messages

Michael Fisher
My point is there is no such thing as a simple message (like "Sack the Board"). The consequences or what comes next are the real extent of the simple message.

Sliding Doors – Now or Never?

Simon Harrison
This piece picks up on some of the themes in a recent article by Ell Bretland, All Together Now, reviewing the circumstances of the last few years that have brought Everton FC to the current watershed.

Joe Royle, Have a Word with Lampard Before It's Too Late!

Jim Wilson
I just wish Joe Royle could have a word with Frank Lampard right now and point out what is blindingly obvious to me and that is we need to strengthen in midfield

Johnny Holt – Everton’s Little Devil 

Rob Sawyer
T.G. Jones is widely cited as the club’s finest centre-half, with the next generation of fans also holding Brian Labone in the highest of esteem. But let us not overlook Johnny Holt, the Little Devil

This Week: 35 Years Ago

David Hardman
“This month” would be a more accurate description, as it took four matches throughout January 1988 to separate Sheffield Wednesday and Everton in the FA Cup.

The Unfashionable Mr Dyche

Bob Carlton
When Lampard was appointed, the perception of Graham Potter was extremely favourable for many (including me) but the perception of Sean Dyche was negative. Bob Carlton compares their relative records.

The Seagulls are Circling

Alasdair Jones
Tomorrow evening, Everton host Brighton and Hove Albion (nicknamed The Seagulls) the last of a run of festive season fixtures.

Be a Fan of Another Club for a Day

Rob Halligan
Rob invites us to pick a club in the bottom half of the Premier League table, put ourselves as supporting that club for a day, and tell us if you think you will survive or not?

It Is Horrific

Jim Wilson
We are now in a desperate situation. Confidence is everything. The players are good enough to have us in mid table but Lampard has failed to get the best out of them.

Welcome to The Wolves

Alasdair Jones
This is the second of a series of articles in which I attempt to encapsulate the mood amongst the fans of visiting teams to Goodison Park over the remainder of the season. Game 2, as it were, is the visit of Wolves on Boxing Day.

A Final Farewell to Neil Robinson

Rob Sawyer and Mike Royden
Last Monday, people came from far and wide to pay their final respects to former Toffee, Neil Robinson who passed away suddenly on 24 November, at just sixty-five years of age. 

The Few, The Proud

Jay Harris
Jay Harris takes a look at the members of the young England team that won the U20s World Cup back in 2017: Where are they now?

Remembering 'Chick' Meagan

Rob Sawyer
The death, at 88, of Mick Meagan this week reduces the illustrious cadre of players who contributed to Everton’s first post-war League Championship title to just five. Rob Sawyer and David France pay tribute to 'Chick'

This Week – 24 Years Ago

David Hardman
While Everton were playing Newcastle on a Monday night, moves were afoot off the pitch that would see Duncan Ferguson sold to the Magpies in controversial fashion by then Blues owner, Peter Johnson

Tom Walker – Nonagenarian Toffee

Rob Sawyer
In April 2022, Rob Sawyer and Sarah from Mint Collective caught up with venerable Toffee, 93-year-old Tom Walker in a café near his home in Upton.

This Week – 28 Years Ago

David Hardman
Joe Royle succeeds Mike Walker as Everton manager and, with the help of hero-in-waiting, Duncan Ferguson, marked his first game in charge with a memorable Merseyside derby victory at Goodison Park

Frank Lampard must use the unpopular timing of World Cup to his and Everton’s advantage

Kevin Murray
Most would agree this Everton squad, although still short of quality, is collectively much stronger than last season’s.  It is therefore the job of the manager and his coaching staff to get the best out of them. 

Has Lampard's Time Run Out?

Steve Stobie
Can afford to let him have more to turn things around or would retaining him be another instance of Everton hanging on to failing manager for too long?

Groundhog Day all over again

Robert Tressell
Unless we invest properly in an attack capable of scoring goals, we will be relegated sooner rather than later.

This Week – 33 Years Ago

David Hardman
Looking back to November 1989, a watershed for Everton after which they could no longer be considered a force at the top

Happy Birthday to an Unsung Hero

Trevor Powell
Today, 3 November, sees the 76th birthday of one of the unsung heroes of the Championship winning team of 1970.

This Week – 38 Years Ago

David Hardman
A double-header against Manchester United in 1984-85 gave Everton the perfect opportunity to build on their win at Anfield and really make a statement

From Barry to the Blues – The Keith Webber Story

Rob Sawyer
The Welshman's time at Everton got off to a dream start but he would later admit to ruing the decision to leave Goodison Park in search of first-team football in 1963

Another “Lifer” is initiated

Joseph Walsh
It was the first time I was taking my boy to Goodison Park for his first-ever game.

Are we fighting the right battle?

Barry Metcalfe
I can’t realistically see a path for clubs outside the current cartel of the Sky 6 seriously competing given the Profit and Sustainability regulations.


Robert Tressell
One of the notable things about our more successful sides over the past 20 years is the presence of partnerships all across the pitch. Baines and Pienaar on the left flank; Lescott or Distin and Jagielka in defence; Arteta and Cahill in midfield, etc.

She's a Grand Old Lady

Danny ONeill
As the move to Bramley-Moore Dock gets closer, it's starting to get emotional

This week – 28 years ago

David Hardman
Slim pickings this week as it’s usually International Break. In fact, the last time there wasn’t a break in early October was back in 1994, so let’s go there.

This week – 15 years ago

David Hardman
Back to nice round numbers this week in 2007 as Everton made the long trip to Kharkiv hoping to finally make progress in Europe

The Birth Of The 'Grand Old Lady'

John McFarlane [Senior]
With the rapid progress being made on the new Everton Stadium project at Bramley-Moore Dock, I find it an ideal time to reflect on the time spent, and the highs and lows of the current home of Everton FC.

There’s Only Two Tommy Fleetwoods…

Rob Sawyer and Pete Jones
Celebrity Blue, golfer Tommy Fleetwood, has a namesake who is one of Everton’s greatest unsung heroes

This Week – 23 years ago

David Hardman
If you’d said to me back in 1999 that this would be Everton’s last win at Anfield for 21 years and their last one in front of a crowd, I’d have said you were crazy.

This week – 12 years ago

David Hardman
An ugly home defeat to Newcastle killed any momentum gained from a hard-won point against Manchester United the week before and marked the first time for this author where it felt like David Moyes had taken Everton as far as he could

Air Blocker Filter Man

Robert Tressell
According to CIES Football Observator Everton have three of the world’s best U-25 players in their roles

This week – 16 years ago

David Hardman
David recalls a nice emphatic derby victory from what seems like a very long time ago.

Warney Cresswell – The Prince of Full Backs

Rob Sawyer
A natural tendency to favour players we have seen with our own eyes and the tactical evolution of football makes ranking players spanning many decades fraught with difficulty. But this cerebral, balding, defender, who played for Everton into his 39th year merits his place in the pantheon of great ‘number threes’

This Week – 34 Years Ago

David Hardman
Everton travelled to Highfield Road hoping to build on Tony Cottee’s debut hat-trick.

A Blue Is Born

Jamie Sweet
My boy Zac may have been born unto this world on the day of the Jagielka derby. But I’m starting to believe that he was truly born a Blue on this derby day, 3 September 2022.

The window: how did we do?

Robert Tressell
Overall, I give Lampard and Thelwell a 7 out of 10 for their efforts.

A Brief Everton Love Affair

Alan Corbett
"I could see it in his eyes and in his big smile that Dave was now a fully-fledged Everton fan. I'm just sad that his love affair was too short."

This Week – 30 years ago

David Hardman
Looking back at an early-season midweek fixture in August 1992 when Aston Villa were the visitors at Goodison Park

The Opening-Day Curse?

David Hardman
Looking back at the win over Manchester United in 2012 that sparked an 11-year run of opening-day fixtures without defeat for Everton

Tom Griffiths: The Player with More than one String to his Bow

Rob Sawyer
T.P. Griffiths may have understandably been overshadowed at Everton by his countryman and fellow centre-half T.G. Jones but he enjoyed a distinguished career with some of the greatest clubs in the land

This week – 5 years ago

David Hardman
Ronald Koeman is in charge, Wayne Rooney has returned and Everton are in Europa League action either side of a season-opener against Stoke City

Everton Colours Me a Bright Blue

Nazir Musa
A Blackburn Rovers fan attends a Premier League game in the city of Liverpool for the first time and is bowled over by the atmosphere at Goodison Park and the welcome he received by Evertonians

Better Days Are Coming

Stephen Dages
This one's from the heart as it's about my father-in-law's battle with stage IV cancer. Everton have given us hope during tough times and with the new campaign kicking off, we know that better days are coming!

On this week... 25 years ago

David Hardman
Looking back at similarly unsettling times as today as Joe Royle struggled to reproduce the promise of his first few months in charge at Goodison Park

Our Points Deduction

Michael Owen
It looks as though we could be starting the season with hardly any new players, and with just four pre-season games under our belt. That represents a self-imposed points deduction.

Grant Ingles - Everton's Invisible Money Man

Stephen Vincent
Grant Ingles. How has he escaped our wrath so far? Like our owner, he is a Chartered Accountant. In common with the rest of our Board, he has no commercial experience in the real world.

One month to go: what's left?

Robert Tressell
Whom could Everton still target as attractive options are being snapped up by rival clubs?

Everton – The Great Reset?

Kevin Murray
The strategic review has lead to a new Director of Football at the club and a new manager, along with several new coaches. This does feel like a genuine possibility to get things right at Everton.

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