It is with great regret that I have to tell you that regular a ToffeeWeb contributor in John Boon passed last week. A Liverpudlian who moved to Canada many years ago, John was always a True Blue. He even gave his sons the middle names of Goodison and Everton!

I got to know John over the last two years and found him to be a passionate Blue, often being the voice of reason when things got heated.

He experienced supporting Everton as a Second Division side in the early ‘50s which many of us cannot say. John managed to hang on until we escaped relegation this year and so passed on knowing that his beloved Blues would not play the 2022-23 season in the Championship.

My dad died back in the early ‘80s. I always thought that somehow he was influencing someone upstairs as our season changed with Brock’s back-pass at Oxford and what subsequently transpired.

I hope John can do the same!