Bernd Reichart is the chief executive of A22 Sports Management, the company charged with promoting a revamped European Super League proposal after the initiative was roundly condemned by English fans and football interest. last year.

"A number of clubs continue to care and suggest solutions despite criticism. They come back, they listen, they learn and engage in a conversation."

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus remain wedded to the idea of a European Super League.

But the six English clubs involved all withdrew swiftly amid widespread public and political opposition, with Prince William and then-Prime Minister Boris Johnson among those speaking out against it.

Reichart says he wants to create a competition where financial regulations are properly enforced, claiming this is not the case currently.

And he is keen to discuss a more open competition - with a lack of promotion and relegation one of the major factors in the downfall of the original plan.

"The central part of the criticism was about permanent membership, sporting merit and promotion and relegation," said Reichart. "Now the format will be the result of constructive dialogue.

"I am having ideas thrown at me and I want to explore them. We don't have a pre-determined format because that is what destroyed the dialogue last year. Then certain elements were picked up, Uefa came out with threats and sanctions and the debate was over.

"Now we are returning and making suggestions. It is the right approach and a credible one. There are a number of formats that could present the game in a more attractive and effective way."