As most of the ToffeeWeb community will know, the #AllTogetherNow movement have been protesting and pushing for change at the club.

As a movement we are always looking for support, ideas, further motivation and any new contributors. 

We have had a lot of success with the marches, the media spotlight and with feedback from the club and people close to it. 

We slowed things down in a quest to aid the attempts at dragging the team over the line, which we thankfully as a fanbase did, alongside our manager. 

We now as a fanbase must push for change at executive level, push for a change in the structure, the business model and most of all ensure a bright future for our club.

A lot of people agreed but didn't feel protesting was right at games. These people, right or wrong, now have their chance to push for change in unity. A huge majority of the ground sang "Sack the Board" on Sunday. It is proven that the majority wants change, so let's get it. 

Saturday 3rd June @ 11am, the location is the Liver Building. Bring flags and banners and spread the word. We won't go away or give up, until change at the top is confirmed by the club. 

Yours Hopefully,