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Contributions from our editorial team, featured columnists and readers.

We Are Respected Wherever We May Go

Danny O’Neill

Never stop believing. We didn't. We never would have and never will.

38 Points… We Can Do This

Danny O’Neill

For at least half an hour, we were in this game. Possibly the best team in Europe went through the gears either side of the interval and that was that. But we didn't play too badly considering the opposition

High Lines in the M16 Sun

Danny O’Neill

Pickford was outstanding and saved us from a right mauling. Without doubt Everton's Man of the Match. In the context of an away fixture at Old Trafford, we did create chances but I don't recall many of them being on target. One, maybe two?

One Mistake away from Victory

Danny O’Neill

We need wins and they're going to come. Do it for those fantastic young Everton supporters. They deserve it more than me. They believe in you.

They Never Promised Me a Rose Garden

Danny O’Neill

A long and disappointing day, but we are not done yet, despite the strange looks I get from my family and friends. The win has to happen at some point and Everton have a habit of doing the unexpected rather than the expected. On we go.

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