A Team of Former Blues

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Looking at a posse of former Everton players performing at the World Cup – from guys like Davy Klaassen, who never made an impact, to Richarlison who very obviously did – got me thinking. How would a team composed of former players still plying their trade fare against today’s misfiring mob? 

It wasn’t hard to find a squad of players – not all at the World Cup of course – who would beat the current team:

Olsen, Kenny, Stones, Galloway, Digne; Barkley, James, Vlasic; Richarlison Lukaku Deulofeu.
Subs: Stekelenberg, Oviedo, Klaassen, Lookman, Rondon, Allan, Besic. 

Now, it does not matter that they are not each man for man better than the current crop. Olsen is not better than Pickford. Galloway is not individually better than Coady or Tarkowski. Many will fault individual selections.

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Unfortunately there are other players who fit the premise. But as a team, these would very likely beat us and that illustrates the vital point, that we are not replacing exiting players with better ones or even with players of the same standard. You cannot continue to do that and stay in the Premier League. 

This goes beyond the simple reality that players move on and squads churn. Too many players have come to Everton and failed to thrive, then moved on and found their form elsewhere. That is troubling.

Too many players have done well here but taken a decision to move on for the sake of their careers. Also troubling. Unless we can reverse that trend, hold on to players like Richarlison, or replace departing players like for like, we are doomed to mediocrity or decline. 



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