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While I breathe, I hope. I still believe that we will not be relegated, although browsing the ToffeeWeb comment theads, there appears to be plenty who are already enduring the unendurable, suffering the insufferable and, of course, playing many Evertonians’ favorite game, apportioning blame.

For years, Bill Kenwright has been the target of the traditional Two Minutes of  Hate as the Blues faithful vent their existential anguish.

Not long ago, fans were forming Ultra groups demanding he find a Mr Deep Pockets or, better still, a Sheik Deep Pockets, to invest hundreds of millions on players and build a new stadium – not a Tescodome in Kirkby (aka Woolybackland) but a magnificent structure on the banks of the Royal Blue Mersey. That is exactly what he did and Moshiri has come and spent the money. Lots of it.

Now, we are told that Moshiri is really the problem.

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The fact is he has been badly let down by the people he has hired to get the job done. Can anyone really claim that the managers he sacked, with one exception, did not seem to fit the bill on their arrival? Can anyone claim they did not deserve to go?  

Has everybody forgotten the ‘Sack Martinez’ banners? Koeman's departure was inevitable. We were in the relegation zone. Allardyce was never more than a stopgap. Silva had good credentials but he failed. He was sacked after a 5-2 defeat at Anfield pushed us into the relegation zone.

Ancelotti was a brilliant coup and we played some of our best and most successful football under him. It is not Moshiri’s fault he was merely parking his arse waiting for the Real Madrid call-up. We were all taken in by Carlo.

Rafa Benitez was a foolish and destructive appointment, it’s true, but few questioned the appointment of Frank Lampard in his place. The point is, the success or failure of the club depends primarily on the manager and his staff and the players. That’s why they get the medals and not the owners. They have let themselves and the club down.

If Moshiri has made some bad decisions, it may be because he has been given some very bad advice. I suspect that, whether we survive or not, Moshiri will roll some executive heads. Hopefully Thelwell is rebuilding some of the club’s operations and those changes will become more visible in the days and months ahead.

In the meantime, vilifying an owner who has spent hundreds of millions on the club as if he was a saboteur seems futile. I imagine he is as disappointed as we are – perhaps 500 million times more so – and is doing everything he can to turn the Titanic away from the iceberg. 

This Titanic was heading for that iceberg long before Moshiri’s arrival.

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Peter Carpenter
1 Posted 29/04/2023 at 21:27:45
Just one question; why would he be more disappointed than we are? He had no interest in Everton before 2016, as far as I know, and doesn't even turn up for matches.
John Daley
3 Posted 30/04/2023 at 11:46:23
Come on, Peter. The sort of plan Moshiri would come up with wouldn’t be to avoid the iceberg.

More something along the lines of setting the entire vessel on fire so that when they, eventually, get near enough to it, the iceberg will melt and then they can just sail straight through and carry on safely on their way.

Matt Henderson
4 Posted 30/04/2023 at 12:02:22
IF Moshiri has made some bad decisions? He’s not a saboteur, he is just incredibly incompetent and completely ill equipped or uninterested in running a football organisation (perhaps any organisation) but seems to thinks he knows what he is doing. If he accepted he does not know what he is doing he would have acted to get the necessary expertise in to run the Club for him. It’s not rocket science to work out that an organisation losing hundreds of millions each year and failing at its one core objective (on the pitch) needs drastic change - all he’s done is sit on his hands and it makes me think leaving BK there is helpful too him as he takes the wrath of fans that may otherwise be directed at Moshiri.

Both Moshiri and BK are useless. Getting rid of BK will simply bring new problems as we’d be left with Moshiri picking his replacement.

Tom Edwards
5 Posted 30/04/2023 at 12:21:32
"While I breathe, I hope."

"It's the hope that kills you" is often said about Everton, and whilst the hope hasn't killed me (yet), I think the hope inside me has been killed.

I find myself not expecting us to win these days, moreover, I find myself just wanting it over and done with. I almost want us relegated sooner rather than later, so we can stop lurching from one 'This is our cup final, must win' etc game to the other.

I will never stop being a Blue; I have been one for almost 60 years. I will just stop hoping that we are ever to be successful again. I suspect I am not alone!

Peter Carpenter
6 Posted 30/04/2023 at 13:18:26
Wasn't Moshiri involved at Arsenal before us and wanted more of a say in running things? They wouldn't allow that. I wonder why? Did someone at Arsenal realise that our rich friend knew absolutely nothing about football?

Worse, as Matt says, he didn't know that he knew nothing about football. Add that to an outdated ego-maniac only concerned with his own status and position and you need look no further for the cause of Everton's demise.

Mick O'Malley
7 Posted 01/05/2023 at 11:15:30
Silva did not fail, he was let down after losing 2 important players who weren’t replaced and we shit ourselves and sacked him after a bad run, a run that was nowhere near as catastrophic as the run we’ve been on for the last 2 seasons, ud sooner watch his teams than some of the absolute garbage we’ve had to endure under some of managers we’ve hired, at least we scored goals. Besides delivering the stadium Moshiri has been a disaster for Everton, he can spend all the money he wants it doesn’t make him a good owner,and as for getting Rondon as a “Present” for Benitez, that’s the type of present we don’t need, Kenwright Out
Rob Dolby
8 Posted 12/05/2023 at 09:00:36
I agree, the manager and results can paper over the cracks in the foundations of the club. Where would Man u or Arsenal be without saf or Wenger.

We had Moyes for 11 years covering BK's short comings. Other clubs where finding investors but our guy was searching 24/7 for years and years. He even searched in Kirkby for our nice new Tesco stadium because our ground was falling down and would shortly be condemned.

He stumbled into another clown in Moshiri and made himself a multi millionaire without having to relinquish power.

Moshiri spending similar to other average prem clubs has managed to turn us into relegation fodder. The highlight being the appointment of Benitez.

I still have doubts about why Moshiri bought us with his close ties to Usmanov obviously one of them. His reluctance to even attend games. His talksport Jim white announcements.

A business losing 750m to a billionaire with no doubt other business interests is no comparison to the average fan earning average money who is born a blue and will die one. Who eats lives sleeps and breathes Everton. Do you even think Moshiri was watching the Brighton game or did someone phone him up on his yacht reporting his business interest had won a match.

The best we can hope for under these 2 clowns is for Dyche to run the club like Moyes did.

James Flynn
9 Posted 13/05/2023 at 08:08:27
"Now, we are told that Moshiri is really the problem"

With good reason.

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