Coleman hopeful of making season-opener following surgery

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Seamus Coleman is an early doubt for Everton's first game of the 2022-23 season after he had a groin operation this summer.

The veteran full-back went under the knife to correct a problem that had affected him last season and is reportedly rated as "touch and go" to make the season-opener against Chelsea.

Unlike the run-in to last season, Coleman's understudy and mooted long-term replacement, Nathan Patterson, should be fit to provide cover after recovering from an operation of his own.

The young Scot, a January acquisition from Rangers, sustained a serious ankle injury just before he was due to make his Premier League debut for Everton but will be eyeing the coming campaign to finally make his mark.


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Mike Gaynes
1 Posted 13/07/2022 at
"Touch and go" relating to a groin injury?

Talk about a perfect setup line for an off-color joke.

Anyway, Mr Patterson, the floor is yours, young man. Show your stuff.

Ed Prytherch
2 Posted 13/07/2022 at
So Seamus had a hernia and kept on playing until the end of the season. What a warrior.
Joe McMahon
3 Posted 13/07/2022 at
If he is fit, I'd prefer Patterson to start games now, Seamus hasn't got the legs to be starting.

A few games may see Nathan may hitting the ground running like Mykolenko has. (And like Lookman and Vlasic may have done?)

Simon Dalzell
4 Posted 13/07/2022 at
Good. Hopefully he will provide competent back-up to our young dynamic full-back, whoever that may be.
Danny Baily
5 Posted 13/07/2022 at
Joe 3, we can't expect the lad to be a regular starter this season, and I'm not sure that would be good for his development.
Barry Rathbone
6 Posted 13/07/2022 at
Lovely lad but, at the risk of upsetting the Irish, Seamus being considered for first-team duties 5 years beyond his sell-by date is the biggest indictment of the playing side of this club.
Joe McMahon
7 Posted 13/07/2022 at
Danny, I kind of agree with you, but Seamus will be 34 soon and, as Barry says, his best days are a while back. There are gonna be some fast wingers and fowards next season – Newcastle will be another fast team.
Danny Baily
8 Posted 13/07/2022 at
Barry, 5 years past his sell-by date?? He's a year older than Kyle Walker.
Barry Rathbone
9 Posted 13/07/2022 at
Danny @8,

Sell-by date is ability- not age-reliant.

Shane Corcoran
10 Posted 13/07/2022 at
Barry, Seamus is past his best, no doubt, but the biggest indictment of the playing side of the club?

Gomes, Rondon and, until 3 weeks ago, Tosun and an unknown suspended player surely are better examples.

Brett Jonathan
11 Posted 13/07/2022 at
Listening to Lampard today when asked about Seamus being injured and whether Patterson should start – he did pretty much everything to suggest Seamus will be back. Patterson must really be awful.
Tom Bowers
12 Posted 13/07/2022 at
I am not surprised Seamus had an injury. He just wasn't the same player for many games last season.

He has been a great servant although I don't think he was captain material.

It may be time to start Patterson now and get him up to speed (so to speak).

Steavey Buckley
13 Posted 13/07/2022 at
Defensively, Coleman is poor. Everton shipped quite a few goals when he was at right-back last season. Holgate and Godfrey are much better.

Godfrey is the best full-back on either side. Holgate was part of a back four at right-back under Ancelotti when Everton were winning games and conceding little.

I am surprised Patterson is not getting a positive mention; after all, he is the best right back for the Scotland team with Liverpool's Robertson at left-back.

Tony Everan
14 Posted 13/07/2022 at
I can't criticise Seamus Coleman, he'd run through a brick wall for Everton, in his prime and either side of it, he was a major asset. He shouldn't be starting games now, he's finding it more and more difficult to compete as he would want to. Not having a current replacement would be doing him and the club a disservice.

What's the current thinking about Patterson? It's another unknown. Do they think he is ready, or still too young and not quite experienced enough?

The reason to ask is we were rumoured to be enquiring about Kyle Walker-Peters a few days ago. A possibility the club is looking for a right-back in his prime. We could do with selling a centre-back, and using the money towards buying him. It would make the defence a stronger unit, both in personnel and in depth.

Jim Bennings
15 Posted 14/07/2022 at
How have the club still not rectified this problematic right-back situation?

Not Coleman's fault, this purely lays at the club's doorstep, this one.

Neil Cremin
16 Posted 14/07/2022 at

A cheap shot at a great servant and committed Evertonian but I suspect you are doing the usual TW thing of stoking the fire.

Yes, he is past his prime but it is Everton who are doing him a disservice for not finding a better replacement.

If the current squad, many with better ability, had shown his commitment, we would not have ended up in a relegation battle.

Andy Meighan
17 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Well said, Neil @16. Magnificent servant and player for us.

Deserved to achieve a lot more than he did in his Everton career. As the song goes, "60 grand".

Danny O’Neill
18 Posted 14/07/2022 at
In my eyes, Coleman has looked after himself and can still do a job. Not every week but, apart from the supposed caffeine-fuelled Duracell bunnies across the park, who does in most Premier League these days?

He can still play his part and let's see what young Patterson can do now he is hopefully over his injury. Let's not forget he suffered that probably as he was about to be given his chance.

He too won't play every game, so having Seamus, Godfrey and Holgate available gives us cover.

I agree though, we didn't execute the succession plan. We now have a void of a past-his-best 33-year-old (soon to be 34), who himself had to recover from a horrific injury, and a young untested player from a lesser league. Maybe that's why the club are looking at a middle stop.

Failing that, I'm comfortable with Godfrey until Patterson is proven or develops.

Remember when we signed Baines but played Lescott at left-back most of that season? I know there was an injury involved in that, so parallels with Patterson? If I remember, it was also because the centre-backs were performing and the manager couldn't really leave Lescott out of the team.

Alan McGuffog
19 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Patterson is, I think, in his early twenties. He is a Scottish international.

If he is not "ready" for the Premier League, then when, pray, will he be?

Play him or get shut. What is it with this bloody club!

Brian Williams
20 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Patterson is 20. He's a great young player with, in my opinion, a great career ahead of him.

Even the most experienced players who've never played in the Premier League need time to adjust. Take into consideration his age, his injury, and the fact that introducing a player so young into the shitshow that was Everton last season could derail any budding career.

He'll be brought in when Lampard and the coaching team, professionals with experience, see fit to do so. I think they may well be a little better placed to make the decision than us armchair managers.

Danny Baily
21 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Djibril Sidibé is available on a free.
Jerome Shields
22 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Seamus will not retire from football until he is told to. Such is the regime at Everton that he will be allowed to stay and given the proverbial 1-year extension and his place in the team. Kenny knew this and decided not to sign a new contract. How right he was.

Seamus last season was often poor, being exposed, and the wing he was on was targeted by opposition teams as a weakness. There was no mention of a groin injury last season and now he has had an operation. Patterson will be his understudy this season, the new Kenny.

I have admiration for Seamus and thought him a great player, but time is against him and it shows. He has also made clear at Ireland international press conferences that he has no intention of retiring from international football when asked.

Seamus is committed, but has played along with the sad scenario that is Everton. He as a professional footballer should have realised that he was never going to win anything with Everton and should have moved to where he could have. The fact he didn't shows a buying into the comfortable Everton mentality of keeping in the Premier League, something which he wants to hold on to.

Eddie Dunn
23 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Walker-Peters is 25 – that is 8 years younger than Coleman. I would love us to go for him, a clever pacey player. Just what we need.

Seamus has given his all but he needs to be used more sparingly next season.

Gary Jones
25 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Nearly every thread on here is becoming a Simpsons-esque “wont somebody think of the children” hysterical parody.

He got an injury. It happens in sport. He's had it corrected. It has a healing curve. We do still have two right-backs, and tertiary cover in capable centre-backs who can play there.

Yes, we'll need to think of new competition for Patterson within the next 12 months. For now, we still have other more pressing issues. Stop the flap.

Andy Crooks
27 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Jerome @ 22, you appear to believe that, by showing integrity and loyalty, Seamus displayed some kind of character weakness. I disagree.

I have little time for players who lament lack of success, want a move, but seem happy to ignore their part in the lack of success.

Of course they're all hired hands in the end but a few have some integrity.

Robert Tressell
28 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Gary, completely agree. We have a very small transfer kitty indeed. Let's not spend money on minute marginal gains when there are glaring deficiencies to address.
Joe McMahon
29 Posted 14/07/2022 at
There is much to like about Seamus the person. However, all the great servant and loyal etc — wouldn't we all be to play football for Everton (or any professional club) for the huge money that comes with it?

Yes, he has been loyal to Everton etc but, as far as I know, no other club has ever made an offer. This is why Jagielka was loyal, and Baines, and why Rooney, Arteta and Lescott weren't. Like Richarlison, the very best will leave for Champions League football.

Christopher Timmins
30 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Three weeks on Saturday to the big kick-off. Whatever problems we have, and we do have many, the right-back slot is certainly not a major one at the moment. Patterson and Coleman are adequate and hopefully, Patterson makes the position his own.

We need additions in the midfield sector, Gallagher, Gilmour, Gibbs-White types, young and hungry and wanting to improve.

Enough of the ready-to-go types who are just after a final pension payment. The guy from United who is available on a free is starting to look quite foolish at the moment and, if money is his sole motivation, then keep him well away from Goodison Park.

Rob Dolby
31 Posted 14/07/2022 at
I don't understand the lack of strength in both full-back positions. It should be the easiest position to produce players from the academy and yet we don't.

Time for Patterson to get some pre-season game time and for Frank to make a decision. The most expensive export from Rangers! Only Everton.

When was the last time we produced a homegrown left-back? Michael Ball?

Jerome Shields
32 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Andy #27,

I am not insinuating any character weakness in Seamus. It may have been that no-one approached him. What I am saying is he was comfortable with his situation and wants to remain comfortable.

What other Premier League Club would allow that? Everton need to be similarly competitive. 1-year extensions are very Everton.

Roger Helm
33 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Perhaps he only seemed past-it because he has been carrying an injury. Now he is fixed, it will be like a new signing.

BTW where are they all? I look in the paper each day and nothing since Tarkowski.

Frank Crewe
34 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Shouldn't it be the other way around? Coleman providing cover for Patterson? Coleman shouldn't need to play the majority of games this season. If we play three at back, I don't see how he should be playing at all with the number of centre-backs we have.
Christopher Timmins
35 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Frank # 34

Seamus should not be required to start more than 12 games during the season ahead.

Dan Hollingworth
36 Posted 14/07/2022 at
34 in October, he's been on the turn for a few years and even more so since his leg break.

It's time to go with the young lad.

Cup games, squad player, team leader his role now.

David Graves
37 Posted 14/07/2022 at
If you're hoping for Patterson to be starting the season at right-back, then I think you will be disappointed. I was told (second-hand information admittedly) that he just isn't rated and that there will be a new signing at right-back with Coleman as cover.

I hope he does make the grade but he certainly won't be the first choice any time soon.

Sam Hoare
38 Posted 14/07/2022 at
David, he may have to be first choice if Coleman is injured and Lampard wants to play wingbacks. I suppose he could play Iwobi on the right but it would be a waste.

If Patterson does well in the pre-season friendlies, I think he'll have an excellent chance of starting games in our first month or two (supposing Coleman is out) because, if nothing else, there's a sparsity of alternatives.

Jay Harris
39 Posted 14/07/2022 at

Feedback from the USA camp is that Patterson is tearing it up and is likely to start the first game of the season.

Seamus is an outstanding servant and human being as Frank will testify but he is now 75% of the player he was at his best.

We should now have him as cover and coaching the new prospects for the right-back position.

Matt Hayhurst
40 Posted 14/07/2022 at
So Coleman is struggling to be fit for the start of the season, Branthwaite now out on loan, Mina is Mina. Why am I getting a feeling of déjà vu about our defence of last season?
Andy Crooks
41 Posted 14/07/2022 at
David,@ 37, I been told, first hand, by people who have actually seen Patterson play, that he is good and will be exceptional. I believe them and expect him to be a regular soon.
Justin Doone
42 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Rest up, Coleman, make sure your 110% before giving your all in what will probably be your final season.

I've seen Patterson play for Scotland and he's 'potentially' an upgrade on Coleman. Not a great defender, but potentially a top-level modern-day attacking full-back. Slightly bigger, stronger, faster than Coleman with a better cross on him.

Hopefully they both stay fully fit and really push each other on to perform nearby to their best every week. I'm hoping the same for Nkounkou on the left.

Attacking fullbacks are a key position and I believe they need to be rotated (now and again) to keep them fresher for longer.

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