Moshiri: Everton FC is not for sale

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Farhad Moshiri has written again to Everton supporters to give them his assurances that the club is not for sale while reaffirming his commitment to backing Kevin Thelwell in the transfer market this summer.

The Blues' majority shareholder was responding to speculation in recent weeks that he was entertaining serious offers for his stake in the club, with a consortium based in the United States and fronted by former Manchester United and Chelsea CEO, Peter Kenyon, was reported at one stage by The Telegraph to be close to agreeing a takeover.

According to the same newspaper, those talks, which initially centred around potential investment in the stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock, ultimately broke down and Moshiri closed the door on further negotiations.

There has subsequently been talk of two more consortia having come forward with genuine interest in buying Moshiri out but the Everton owner has now dismissed the notion that he is looking to sell up.

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In his note to fans, which comes at a time when the Toffees have made just one new close-season signing so far, he promised that there will be further acquisitions and in that regard he asked Evertonians to judge himself, Director of Football Thelwell and the Board of Directors at the end of the transfer window in six weeks' time.

"It will always be pragmatic to explore all potential investment opportunities," Moshiri wrote, "and, as I have been transparent about, I am focused on completing the financing for our fantastic new stadium as well as strengthening the playing squad and that might include a minority investment. That will continue.

"But I want to reassure all of you that Everton Football Club is not for sale.

"My commitment to the Club remains strong and focused and Kevin Thelwell and the Chairman are currently working hard to bring in new players to improve Frank Lampard's squad.

"There will be new signings and I would ask supporters to judge us at the end of the transfer window — not now — and to listen to official club channels for information."


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Marc Hints
1 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Well there you have it, Farhad has spoken: we are not for sale and he is committed to the club.
Brian Murray
2 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Massive sigh of relief in the boardroom. Moshiri says we are not for sale, so as you were…

Depressing club.

Tony Abrahams
3 Posted 14/07/2022 at
I was reading today that he’d be lucky to get £300 Million for Everton, such is the state of the club with regards FFP. He better find some money, if he’s staying because people won’t accept another season like the last... Moshiri and Kenwright Out!

If he’s staying, he better make some changes at the top, because otherwise he will just continue to lose more money, and Everton will continue being a nothing team.

Brian Murray
4 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Tony, I hope it’s fake news, as Trump would say, but looks a proper quote.
Brendan McLaughlin
5 Posted 14/07/2022 at

It's on the official site.

Rob Halligan
6 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Gary Jones
7 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Moshiri just bizarrely said “not for sale”, that he wants someone daft enough to invest under current stewardship, and we should wait till the end of the window to judge, as Bill is on the case.

The scream is going to be epic. In fairness though, what the fuck is that statement about — other than saying “last minute” once again?

Ian Pilkington
8 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Season Ticket Holders email just received from Moshiri; club not for sale, he’s concentrating on BMD and strengthening the squad with possible “minor investment”.

Ominously no mention of Kenwright. The parasite presumably continues as Chairman. Totally dispiriting.

Tony Abrahams
9 Posted 14/07/2022 at
It seems like we have been mismanaged that badly that Moshiri just can’t sell us without losing way too much money?
Mike Gaynes
10 Posted 14/07/2022 at
There will be new signings and I would ask supporters to judge us at the end of the transfer window – not now – and to listen to official club channels for information.
Joseph Walsh
11 Posted 14/07/2022 at

I just received the same email and read it slightly differently as there was mention of Our Dear Leader from Moshiri…

“ My commitment to the Club remains strong and focused and Kevin Thelwell and the Chairman are currently working hard to bring in new players to improve Frank Lampard's squad.”

It sent shivers down my spine that our Chairman is very much still involved in pulling the strings at the club and negotiations with transfers. After all, he was in Scott's with Levy negotiating the sale of Richarlison.

He really did find a daft billionaire that would let him retain control of his train set. Kenwright should be nowhere near football matters – that should be Kevin Thelwell's total domain.

I can see Stuart Barlow and Brett Angell coming back on transfer deadline day with Kenwright in the middle holding up the scarves with his “prodigal boys” for their homecoming.

Tony Abrahams
12 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Seven managers, three directors of football, and Bill Kenwright is still involved, in trying to find us players?

Fuck off, Moshiri, or bring in people who adhere to our motto, and let the manager and the Director of Football do his fucking job.

Barry Hesketh
13 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Where's my email, Bill? Mosh? I would have thought a crazy season ticket holder would be on your mailing list to send club information to.

The less things change, the more they remain the same!

Colin Metcalfe
14 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Nice email from Moshiri, I think his heart is in the right place concerning Everton but admittedly he has made some terrible decisions.

Good to know we are not for sale and the new ground continues.

Michael Lynch
15 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Has to be said, the communication from the club is getting better. Not much else is though.
Michael Fox
16 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Let's face it, lads, if you spent about a billion on anything, you'd get nervous when it was going tits up and start to interfere in it. I don't blame him and hope he is being honest and wants us to succeed. I wish him well and will cheer him on.
Barry Hesketh
17 Posted 14/07/2022 at

The critics don't begrudge Moshiri for not selling up, they do for the most part fail to understand why he keeps the same tired old faces in positions of power and why he has interfered so heavily from midway through his current ownership.

My guess is that the current board make-up, suits him and although he has made the commitment to make the stadium happen, which is fantastic, but his decisions on appointments and player purchases have been woeful, if not downright careless. Perhaps, even now, the real ringmaster of Everton FC isn't Moshiri and that person wishes to play the long game?

Ed Fitzgerald
18 Posted 14/07/2022 at
He has made some catastrophic decisions regarding managers and has also apparently meddled in the recruitment of players; however, he has put his money where his mouth is and – despite Evertonians' unstinting cynicism – a 21st-Century stadium is emerging at Bramley-Moore Dock.

I don't think you can question the guy's commitment or desire to see us competing with the so-called elite of English football; he has been impatient and hasty at times, a bit like many of us?

Tony Abrahams
19 Posted 14/07/2022 at
If he wanted to interfere with his investment, why doesn't he go and get a ruthlessly driven CEO, instead of letting his Chairman get involved in transfers?
Michael Kenrick
20 Posted 14/07/2022 at
This is consistent with my perception of his best course of action, as I've said previously. Sit tight on his ownership of the club and watch it increase in value (a ridiculous story this morning that it is only worth £250-300M). If he needs cash, especially to fund the stadium build, he can sell off some of his shares as a minority investment.

It remains hard to refute the simple story that Everton have no cash and therefore must bide their time in the transfer market, but he seems to be assuring us that this is not the case.

Acquisitions are expected but I wonder if the delay is because Thelwell and Lampard were asked to properly assess the full complement of players they already have on the books before making any more rash purchases?

Still, quite remarkable that he should again communicate on such things directly to the plebs. Unheard of in previous eras.

Kunal Desai
21 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Until this fella takes the relevant and necessary steps to revamp the board with business-minded people this club will remain beyond pathetic.

I have no faith in them reversing the abysmal campaign we've just endured and no signs of progressing further up the table.

It's a real sad state of affairs the shenanigans that have gone, a total basket case of a club.

Terry Farrell
22 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Michael, as I see it, he has the cash but he's not allowed to spend it on players due to FFP but that will ease up as we manage our way out of it.

I love Moshiri and think of his commitment every time I see drone footage of the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock.

Dave Abrahams
23 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Mr Moshiri,

Can you please tell us what each member of the board do, starting with the Chairman and working down to who makes the tea and gives the biscuits out at the board meetings? That's if they have any. When was the last time we heard anything from any member of the board?

The last member to make a statement was “We've had some good times” by the Chairman... oh, and the last time we had a good time, he wasn't the Chairman!!

Maybe we can then make a judgement of the board at the end of the transfer window as you asked.

Brian Murray
24 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Thelwell, okay, maybe he hasn't seen the quality – or lack of it – but Frank and his coaches have seen and experienced this bunch enough not to have to delay any transfer business if that is the reason.
Tony Abrahams
27 Posted 14/07/2022 at
I found that story about Everton only being worth that sum hard to believe, Michael, even if they were basing it on the sale of Newcastle, but not Chelsea?

Both Newcastle and Everton play in the same league as Chelsea, and although they have got a lot of catching up to do, I'd say they both have the potential to be as big as Chelsea? (Surely history tells us this?)

I look at Liverpool getting an unbelievable top dollar price for a reserve right back, and then read it's because they base their price on the current market, but realize it's also because they are competing at the very top of the game?

Good on you if you want to stay and build us up, Farhad, because this will allow you to get a top dollar price for Everton one day, but surely you can't believe this is possible, with the way you allow our club to currently be run?

Paul Hewitt
28 Posted 14/07/2022 at
The guy's been a bloody disaster – don't let a few words fool you. The sooner he's gone the better.
Terry Farrell
29 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Paul, who would you have take his place? He is putting his money where his mouth is.

Of course we have spunked 😁 millions on stoney ground but I'd rather stick with someone who is gaining an understanding than some ruthless newcomers who want to take money out only!

Barry Rathbone
30 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Surely the time for such an announcement was when Kenyon's consortium turned up. This smells like another of his under-pressure "winging it" jobbies.
Tony Abrahams
31 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Good point, Terry, but how can a man who has become a “billionaire” for being a great accountant, have allowed Everton to be that mismanaged, that they are being badly hampered by FFP?

He was probably prepared to take a hit, but because he's already had his pants pulled down by whoever he left in charge, he doesn't want to get them pulled down again, which is what must have been the outcome of that exclusivity deal that Kenyon's group had?

Barry Hesketh
32 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Bill trying to influence Moshiri in the link below, surely the company could be a positive sponsor?

At Least

Only kidding!

Bernie Quinn
33 Posted 14/07/2022 at
So what's happening? Kenwright is still there, the Board is still there, we still have one new signing, and the clock is still ticking.

All we get are promises whilst I note Arsenal have put their hat in the ring for Zinchenko of Man City. Life gets tedious, don't it?

Dale Self
34 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Clumsy as fuck but okay, get the finances in order for this season's acquisitions and we'll revisit this little carousel next summer. The utility of spokespersons is criminally underrated at Everton FC.
Tony Abrahams
35 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Forget about Everton, Bernie, I’ve just been reading that New Zealand came 51st out of 52, in desirable places to live. Maybe it’s time for you and Christine to get home, to help in our protests to bring about change, mate!
Brian Murray
36 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Barry. If Bill Kenwright told this idiot the moon is made of green cheese, he'd believe it.
Tony Abrahams
37 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Don’t mention cheese Brian, it’s making me think of Peter Johnson, with his cheesy chips, and how Kenwright can spot these fuckin idiots, so easily.
Pat Kelly
38 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Why does someone lose so much money and continue to leave the Club in the hands of Kenwright and Barrett-Baxendale?

In any serious business, loses on that scale would result in the replacement of the Chair and CEO.

We are not moving forward. I had hoped a takeover would succeed. Nothing assures me there will be any progress until that happens. Last season obviously wasn't the wake-up call we hoped it might be.

Ed Prytherch
39 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Why the hell did he give Kenyon's group time to do due diligence if he has no plans of selling? He changes his mind more often than his socks.
Raymond Fox
40 Posted 14/07/2022 at
It's easy to be wise after events, the guy has put his money where his mouth is. The experts he put in charge of buying players did a poor job, add to that everything else that could go wrong did, hence here we are.

Let's not kid ourselves though, it's far from easy to find players that are good enough and want to play for us. The Top 6 clubs have first pick, and then us and the other 13 clubs can fight over what's left.

I would like to be optimistic, but the Premier League as it is, is not a fair competition, the top 5-6 clubs have a stranglehold on it.

That's not to say I won't enjoy watching all our games, even though I suspect we will be out-classed in certain games. It is what it is, as they say.

Tony Abrahams
41 Posted 14/07/2022 at
It sounds like his mind might have been changed by the price he was quoted, Ed?
Tony Abrahams
42 Posted 14/07/2022 at
I've just watched a little 43-second clip of Everton's players training in America, Raymond, and although it was only training, one team actually passed the ball with purpose for the whole 43 seconds without giving the ball away once.

If we can just sign the right players, then maybe this squad might surprise us?

Kieran Kinsella
43 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Shit – he mentioned signings. You know what that means? Kia has been on the blower touting Icardi and Aaron Ramsey!
Steavey Buckley
44 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Love him or hate him, Moshiri is building a brand new stadium where Everton fans want it to be — near the Royal Blue River Mersey. That is some accomplishment by Moshiri while others promised he delivered.

Awesome. Well done Moshiri. I salute you, sir!

Alex Gray
45 Posted 14/07/2022 at
The things I took from this are as follows:

1) The buyers didn't have the cash Moshiri wanted and we are for sale at the right price.

2) We will be signing players on the last day as per usual.

3) Pretty much all the linked players so far are utter nonsense (shock).

I foresee panic-buys in our future.

Soren Moyer
48 Posted 14/07/2022 at
"My commitment to the Club remains strong and focused and Kevin Thelwell and the Chairman are currently working hard to bring in new players to improve Frank Lampard's squad."

Now, Farhad, the problem is right there in that quote!

Don Alexander
49 Posted 14/07/2022 at
I just think that people in the wider world than TW, including prospective owners, agents and players of any quality have long since also seen that the club is owned by a joke of an owner, is run by a joke of a boardroom, and has a joke of a squad.

That said, there's a long queue of greedy, exploitative bastards out there who have wide experience of how to negotiate with an owner who's long since made apparent his opening stance by dropping his own kecks and spread-eagling himself over a barrel in any negotiating battle for selling up.

Justin Doone
50 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Moshiri, it appears, still doesn't understand how to run a football club or how badly Everton are being run.

The stadium has great potential, the recruitment policy is mental.

I bet he's never had the misfortune of looking at our appalling 'official site' he refers to…

Jay Harris
51 Posted 14/07/2022 at
I got the email earlier today.

No mention of the strategic review... or did that just involve some cost-cutting at Finch Farm.

Denise Barrett-Baxendale was supposed to be looking for another job 6 months ago. Is she that unemployable that she couldn't find one or has she realised what a cozy existence she has in the boardroom?

Kenwright also allegedly said a few years ago he didn't want to be here past 70. He's probably telling everyone the club couldn't cope without him.

Who said Moshiri is not a fool?

Bernie Quinn
52 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Tony - I refuse to rise to your bait Tony. I'm sure the Goodison Faithful can cope without Christine or myself giving our twopennyworth, I have enough worries as it is!
Tony Everan
53 Posted 14/07/2022 at
My first reaction: they've looked at the books and said "£350M tops". Mr Moshiri has said "£500M or do one!" If say Jim Ratcliffe phones tomorrow and offers it, he'd probably be back negotiating.

I think the letter is mainly to try to maintain some stability for the start of the season. He will know the fans are restless.

With regards to signings, 1 September is too late for the core important ones, especially the midfielders we need. By then, we will be five league matches into the season.

The new players will take some time to integrate and get up to speed after moving. So Mr Moshiri has to be a bit more proactive so we start the season as strong as possible. After last season, we should be well aware that every point counts.

We are right to be critical but, as Steavey points out, he has been single-minded in getting a fabulous stadium built in a fabulous location. He deserves the credit as well as the criticism.

Laurie Hartley
54 Posted 14/07/2022 at
He is going to stick by the looks of things despite being seriously let down by the people he trusted to run the club. He deserves to succeed in my opinion and I hope he does.

One of our biggest beefs has been the mess we have got ourselves into over FFP. He sacked his own man over that last August - Sasha Ryazantsev the then Chief Finance & Commercial Officer.

I think we should keep our powder dry, at least till the end of the window, as he has requested.

Derek Thomas
55 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Translation; The Yanks wouldn't pay enough and there's no other bidder.

If so, well at least stop interfering... you too, Bill.

Mike Gaynes
56 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Tony #42, was that against the Maryland Bays U-12 team?

Stu Darlington
57 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Got the e-mail today so it's “Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose”.

Comforting to know that we are not going to get any nasty disruptions on the road to our goal of achieving football mediocrity by disrupting our ownership and management team.

At least I know what Sharpy does now, he's a greeter at the Liver Building.

Does that mean he's the doorman? Responsible Director's position, that!!

Bill Gall
58 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Well, at least we know we still have an owner who is willing to see that the new ground will still be financed, and it seems to me that he will finance incoming players, relying on keeping inside the FFP rulings.

This is why, although were are linked to every player mentioned that is available, we have yet to bring anyone in.

As far as bringing in new players, most of whom we seem to be interested in bringing in, still appear to be in their clubs' future plans, and they are asking too high a fee to keep them. This may change closer to the end of the transfer window and they may lower their prices; that's why there are a lot of last-minute deals.

Ciarán McGlone
59 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Watch this space"..

Sounds familiar that. ,"Watch this space"..

Sounds familiar that. ,,,1,23:30:34,,,ok,664,07/14/2022 23:30:34,ciaran,reader,,,no,
1256245,42363,toffeeweb,14/07/2022,Bernie Quinn,,"Mike @39,

I am sure that what you say about Branthwaite and PSV is quite correct and he may turn out an awesome player. My argument is from our club's viewpoint.

We have a depleted squad and, IMO, Branthwaite is already a better full-back than either Keane or Holgate, so he should remain with us in case of injury, suspensions etc. But then, I am only a distant supporter.

Re contracts, if the Big Boys come sniffing around and offering 'X' amount of money, I am sure Everton would snatch their hands off.

Jim Potter
60 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Moshiri is committed to Everton.

Does that mean a white van, spongey walls and crayons?

Sounds about right.

Joe Ainsworth
61 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Bizarrely, given the mess the club is in, Moshiri still ticks many of the boxes required of a great owner. Deep pockets, a commitment to spending, delivering on his promise to build a new stadium.

The problem, as we all know, is that his football knowledge is poor and he has received abysmal advice from within and outside of the club.

The profligacy in terms of transfer fees and wages has been a nightmare but, through necessity, that has stopped... so, if he allows the right people to get on with their jobs, we may work our way out of the mess.

I for one was relieved when Kenyon's cowboys disappeared over the horizon. The prospect of that shower of shysters getting their hands on the club frightened the life out of me.

If we lose the malign streak of sentimentality that dogs the boardroom while still retaining our identity as a champion of the community, that would also be a positive.

Personally, I think now is not the time to step up protests. In the short term at least, we need to try and harness the exhilarating, electric atmosphere generated towards the end of last season and do what we can to drag the club forward.

That in itself might attract a certain type of player; sheets draped on gates and mass walkouts won't, much as I appreciate the anger of those who I know only want the best for the club.

Maybe a viable investor or buyer will eventually materialise but the idea of 'anyone but Moshiri' is a deeply flawed argument.

You might think I'm crackers but I remain hopeful, with the new stadium 2 years away, that we can get out of this alive.

Mike Gaynes
62 Posted 14/07/2022 at
I wouldn't have minded Moshiri selling. I just had a real bad feeling about who he was selling to.

And I'm pleased that he doesn't feel he has to sell from a financial perspective. Apparently he's not running out of money as some here have speculated.

Bill #58 and Laurie #54, amen. I know it stresses everybody out when we leave our transfer business to the final hours, but any car salesman will tell you that the deals are better at the end of the month, and sometimes the same is true of players and the window.

Jim Lloyd
63 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Laurie (54) well said.

I don't think there's any doubt now, that Mr Moshiri intends to see the completion of the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock, and I think he's ploughed so much money in, I can't doubt his intentions. He's made mistakes alright... and one of his biggest is still there.

However, he's the feller ploughing the money in and maybe, just maybe, we will get other investment coming in as well.

I'd hoped the Yanks would have come in, but who knows… maybe they will invest in this project at the north end of the docks, with our stadium as the kingpin.

Well, things, at least, seem clearer, so let's hope that we can bring in a few decent players and supplement them with a couple of our younger players getting some more games as we have 5 subs, isn't it!

I'll still be joining the group on 5 August, as I still see one big fly in the ointment!

Christine Foster
64 Posted 14/07/2022 at
Moshiri owns our football club, he has put his money where his mouth is. Personally, something our chairman and his board never ever did or have done.

He put his faith in the running of the club to Bill Kenwright. Possibly, upon reflection, the worst financial and status-impacting decision of his otherwise successful career.

He compounded that bad decision with a decision to take footballing matters into his own hands and instead of trusting the Chairman, he trusted agents.

The net result is we nearly got relegated. Who is at fault? Owner? Board? Both?

In his previous message, he admitted that mistakes had been made but then came a strategic review actioned by the very board who are responsible for our demise – no wait, that's not true, the board responsible for our demise was the one prior to Moshiri's involvement. So, he changed the Board but not the Chairman. Points to leadership and appointments, doesn't it?

One thing is abundantly clear. Moshiri, for some unknown reason, is protecting Kenwright. It's the only conclusion you can draw. But in any other business, well run or not, the results condemn those who run the club.

The single most condemning issue is the recruitment expenditure and associated costs resulting in the failure to prevent the FFP rules impacting on our ability to strengthen the team. A threat to the survival of the club at top flight. That is a sacking offence of the entire board. Culpable and responsible.

For the sake of the club, Moshiri has to appoint a more professional board. Then step back and let them do their job. The current board is tainted by incompetence and, until it is gone, Moshiri will be too.

Don Alexander
65 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Mike (#62), and others still of the belief that Moshiri is a wealthy man when ranged against other Premier League club owners.

I have to tell you, as I did on this site when he bought us (and made Kenwright wealthy beyond his wildest dreams by doing so), his wealth then was mid-table at best compared to other clubs (even Stoke), and has significantly shrunk since.

Moshiri some time soon may profess to take comfort from what the billionaire philosopher Branston once said, decades ago, about the alleged irrelevance of preposterous wealth. He said, "Money – what's its significance? I mean, how many steaks can you eat in a day, and how many pairs of shoes can you wear?"

Total bollocks to mega-capitalists then and now of course, in their perennial Alice-In-Wonderland pursuit of personal wealth, regardless of the consequences to anybody else at all...

But, given Moshiri's antics protecting and enhancing the personal fortune of Usmanov for all these years, can we realistically expect him to be anything other than a now publicly exposed charlatan billionaire who's shown himself, world-wide, to the football industry and beyond, to be a total muppet when it comes to developing, and not just accounting for, a business (and I mean "Everton" saying that) that means so much to so many?

Dupont Koo
66 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Laurie Hartley
67 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Christine # 64,

“Moshiri has to appoint a more professional board. Then step back and let them do their job.”

I couldn't agree more with that, especially the second part. However, my gut feeling is that the owner doesn't feel the time is right for the first part considering his stated intention is to bring new players in. I personally wouldn't want to be giving any new prospects the jitters just now.

The other matter is, whether we like them or not, our current Chairman and CEO are well regarded in certain circles and we now have a charge hanging over our head over the pitch invasion. Not the time to rock the boat.

Looking back over the events of the last year, there have been significant changes to the board – DOF and CFO departed and replaced by Thelwell and Ingles. Perhaps our owner has decided to trust Thelwell and Lampard to steady the ship on the pitch before he decides to make any more radical changes at the top.

Mike Gaynes
68 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Laurie #67, that's a good point I haven't seen previously. Boards of Directors and top management teams tend to change transitionally, rather than all at once.

Aside from CFO, DoF, manager and the appointment of Sharp to the board, I think Moshiri may have already made one additional change -- not letting that guy Moshiri make any more football decisions.

Marc Hints
69 Posted 15/07/2022 at
What I find odd is the timing of this, why didn't he come out and say "We are not for sale" 2 or 3 weeks ago when, in every social media post, and newspaper article, Kenyon was in talks to takeover?

Very bizzare timing and something doesn't sound right to me.

Christopher Nicholls
70 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Very relieved that the last consortium fell through. Actually looking forward to a year of consolidation, allowing Lampard and Thelwell to show what they can do.

I'm excited to see what Frank can do with some solid acquisitions and a decent pre-season. It will be better than last season.

The new ground really is going to be awesome.

The future is blue.

Bob Parrington
71 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Firstly, to those who call Moshiri an idiot. I ask this question: How much dosh have you made in your life?

Secondly, a point relevant to Bill Kenwright. The Chairman should never undermine the CEO but there is no more significant a factor in determining effective board governance than the leadership qualities of the Chair. Without a good Chairman, even a strong Board of Directors is unlikely to perform well, where a competent Chairman will improve the performance of any Board.

So, what does the current situation say about Bill Kenwright?

Danny O’Neill
72 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Has he not learned anything?

I could actually have accepted him wanting to stay and see through what he started.

But then he talks about the same board remaining in place. A failing organisation keeping the team that failed in place. You can't make it up.

So no change when change is exactly what we need. I'll keep it clean and diplomatic and won't upset John Senior with foul language but this is, at best, concerning. By my standards, I'm actually fuming.

I just had to re-read. He did actually say Kevin Thelwell and the Chairman working hard to improve the squad didn't he?

No. Just No. He shouldn't retain his position let alone be involved in footballing matters and transfers.


Phillip Warrington
73 Posted 15/07/2022 at
It seems to me this guy is very smart and maybe misunderstood. He seems very calm and only gives peanuts of info when he feels like it. He never seems pressured into giving a response but he seems to want to bend the rules or do whatever it takes to befit Everton.

I just believe he has been mis-informed by his advisers. As he's getting to grips with what it takes to be an owner with a big club in one of Europe's top leagues, he might just turn out to be okay...

Dave Carruthers
74 Posted 15/07/2022 at
I agree with all comments re Kenwright and the Board. The comment that the former is still involved in transfers just tells us what we all know – it's his trainset and he wants to continue to play. It's just an appalling situation which shows no sign of improving. I'm actually gob-smacked at the incompetence of it all.

Andy Meighan
75 Posted 15/07/2022 at
As Marc @69 said, the timing of this is all a bit suspect. Didn't this "consortium" visit the Liver Building and the new stadium site, and talks were at an advanced stage?

It's just Everton isn't it – all smoke and mirrors, nothing is ever straight-forward. As for signings looks like a player we've been heavily linked with (Gallagher) won't be joining, he's had assurances apparently from Tuchel that he's part of his plans and the lad is desperate to figure, World Cup and all that.

Pity that, really good player and just what we need in midfield, pace.

Mike Gaynes
76 Posted 15/07/2022 at
I mentioned before that I thought Moshiri has gotten himself out of the way of the football decisions. Let me point out one thing more -- after all the disastrous transfer business of years past, it could be argued that most of what we've done in 2022 has been positive.

Benitez out, Lampard in -- 10 out of 10, obviously.

Digne out, Mykolenko and Patterson in -- I'd call that very good business indeed.

Van de Beek and El Ghazi in on loan -- nah, crapped out there.

Dele in -- haven't spent a dime on him yet and already there are hopeful signs. Good business.

Richarlison out for £60M, Tarkowski in on a free. Best we could have hoped for.

We didn't buy Harry Winks. Yay.

Not much deadwood left on the payroll. Yay.

Is it possible this club has finally figured out how not to do stupid shit in the transfer windows?

Ian Riley
77 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Like a new signing!
Pete Jeffries
78 Posted 15/07/2022 at
And so the club is no longer up for sale.

Presumably it's taken all this time and more uncertainty to work it out that the offers were not big enough.

As for the US trip, I counted at least 12 players there who for some unknown reason are still on the books and overpaid to boot, including various photos of a laughing Tom Davies, no doubt on his way to the bank, at our expense.

So much for the big clear-out.

Colin Glassar
79 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Don #65, I have nothing to add to your post. The gullibility, or dread, of some on here regarding the building of the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock is obvious. It is our saving grace and, without it, our future is very bleak.

Saying all that, what makes some of you believe this man, and his board, have the money and sense to complete this project? He's shown himself, over the years, to be a complete and utter incompetent tool alongside his sidekick.

He's spunked millions on overpriced, useless players. He's hired and fired a variety of managers leading us up to this present predicament. Yet comes out with the occasional positively deluded statement which give some of you a warm, fuzzy feeling of reassurance and all is forgiven and forgotten?

I've always thought we, as Evertonians are our own worst enemies. We want to believe. We want to trust. We want to hope etc… but is it more out of fear, knowing we are in the hands of a bunch of morons and the alternative is too scary to contemplate?

The new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock could still turn out to be an illusion. It could end up being the city's biggest white elephant. Nothing about our owner gives me cause for optimism as he's shown himself to be undeserving and untrustworthy of our support.

Keep the faith fellow Blues, you are going to need it.

Jerome Shields
80 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Mike #76,

You do have a point.

I thought the Takeover was a Kenwright PR push, with Moshiri finally waking up to make his 'dead' announcement via his PR firm in London.

Tony thinking of limited offers is closer to the truth. Fortuately this current announcement is timely, taking the uncertainly of the takeover out of pre-season preparation.

Moshiri will probably release money for signing at the end of the month, that is what he normally does, but not the millions of previously.

On the finance side, Everton are very much being run by an Accountant.

If Mike is right, Moshiri probably thinks he has got things right at last. This would be based on figures rather than pitch performance.

I do hope Frank has something.

Ciarán McGlone
81 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Colin at 79. Bang on.

Frankly, this is thinly veiled bollocks.

Eddie Dunn
82 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Could it be that the club are waiting for the Premier League to give them the green light to spend a certain amount of money?

We know that the football authorities take an age to do anything. By the time they say "Go ahead and spend £30M," anyone decent will have been snapped-up!

Tony Shelby
83 Posted 15/07/2022 at
From the man who said we didn't buy another midfielder out of respect for James McCarthy.

I'd take this with a huge pinch of salt.

The key word from the statement is in bold below:

"...there is no ‘for sale’ sign currently hanging outside Everton Football Club."

If someone comes in and offers a fair price then he's off. And good riddance to him, the Eric Morecambe/Vic Reeves lookalike, couldn't run a fucking school tuck-shop, (allegedly) laundering money for Putin's best mate, reason we're currently the shit-show that we are.

Marc Hints
84 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Colin #79,

You could not have said it any better, mate.

The confidence in Moshiri, the board etc has gone, I even think the build of the new stadium will go wrong somehow.

I do think Frank is a good appointment, Thelwell and what he is doing are really positive signs of change to the academy. But the board and owner I have no confidence at all.

When Kenwright said last year "We have had good times, haven't we?" Moshiri should've sacked him there and then for not having any ambition at all as a chairman.

Michael Kenrick
85 Posted 15/07/2022 at
The 27 Campaign has issued an open letter to Moshiri – not apparently in reply to this but to his previous letter.

Open Letter to Farhad Moshiri

Unfortunate timing, I would say.

Sam Hoare
86 Posted 15/07/2022 at
A very, very strange statement once again from Moshiri, given that he signed an exclusivity deal not more than a few weeks ago.

It seems clear that he and Kenwright cannot be trusted to successfully run a modern day football club. Hopefully Thelwell has been handed more authority than Brands was but the whole situation feels the opposite of reassuring.

The sad thing is that Moshiri seems to have been very generous financially and has poured more of his ‘own' money into the club than many owners do. He's just done it whilst listening to people he shouldn't be listening to and whilst exerting more direct influence over football matters than a lifelong accountant probably should.

James Marshall
87 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Nonsense. Every football club, like every business is always up for sale. Does he think we're stupid?

There isn't a company on the planet that wouldn't be open to selling up if the right bid came in. He's full of shit.

I reckon he'll sell some of his shares to raise money for the giant sandpit – he's trying to be diplomatic, but it's wishy-washy political speak and nothing more. It's like a politician appeasing the peasants while not really saying anything that holds any weight.

All we've got now is Moshiri's ramblings instead of Kenwright warbling on about some blue-tinted historical rubbish.

Mick Conalty
88 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Colin #79,

Well said, Colin, I completely agree.

Now bring out the biscuits... the good biscuits! – Before Bill & Farhad turn them to crumbs.

Christopher Timmins
89 Posted 15/07/2022 at
There is just no end to the disappointment at the moment.

Moshiri will surely sell if he gets the right offer. He must know at this stage that he is just not cut out to own a football club.

We need a big 3 weeks on the transfer front assuming of course that we are allowed to sign players!

Martin Mason
90 Posted 15/07/2022 at
For me, the squad that finished last season had potential whilst being overwhelmed with deadwood.

We have bought a good defender (several possibly) and we are looking at sensible buys to improve the right areas and are building a magnificent new stadium. The club has reviewed its operations and has implemented changes that may just bring real improvement.

A couple of further good buys could easily see us in the Top 10 next season and that is what I believe will happen. Be positive please. We have allowed the club to descend into big trouble, only the club can get us out of it and we need to support them.

Paul [The Esk]
91 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Statement from 27 Campaign regarding Moshiri's message to fans:

"The 27 Campaign issued an embargoed letter to the media due to be published at 09:00 BST Friday. The open letter addressed to Farhad Moshiri calls for answers to the key questions that concern fans, the ownership, funding, leadership and the stadium. Farhad Moshiri's statement of last night offers little clarity and no detail. It does not provide any reassurance that the necessary changes to leadership are being made by the club. Nor does it address the issue of him listening, engaging and then acting on fan's concerns.

"His statement in no way reduces the validity of the concerns raised in the open letter. We call upon Farhad Moshiri to consider how he can more effectively Listen Engage and Act. Most importantly we ask him to make the changes necessary at board and executive level."

David White
92 Posted 15/07/2022 at
My take on this is he doesn't have the money to finish the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock.

Any investors who are willing to gamble on Everton being worth more money once the new stadium is finished will want to scrutinise all the financial aspects of the club first to see if there is good potential return on investment.
If we like it or not – that's business!

These people who have the clout to invest these types of sums are not idiots – they are not generally football fans either; it's about return on investment.

I hope we don't end up going down some sort of investment route whereby the club doesn't end up owning the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock 100% – that would be a total disaster!!

As the club stands financially, the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock is the attractive part of EFC. If there was no stadium on the horizon, we wouldn't be in any shape for investment the way we have been run with the losses etc.

Let's hope someone with experience in sports management and growing brands can see the potential that the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock offers the club and invests and gets people on the board to shake shit up!!

Mike Gwyer
93 Posted 15/07/2022 at
James Marshall #87,

Can I suggest you pop down to Bramley-Moore Dock and take a look at what is actually happening? I think you will soon see it's a bit more than a "giant sandpit".

Kevin Prytherch
94 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Echoing Mike @76 a bit, but there are signs that Moshiri is now making better decisions for the club. Maybe we should ease off and see what else happens rather than fuel discontent?

We all saw what happened last year when there was a toxic atmosphere compared to when the fans were behind the club – are we running the risk of falling straight back into the same trap?

Dave Abrahams
95 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Martin (#90),

Do you want the present board to remain in operation?

Mark Ryan
96 Posted 15/07/2022 at
I'm sure Frank needs to be part of the team that selects new players. Thelwell is not simply going to land Frank with a player he does not want. Kenwright will need to sign it off. It makes sense that they are all involved surely?

I get that Bill is a bell-end but someone does need to sign it off, hence Moshiri's comment about Thelwell and the Chairman. That's normal, isn't it? Whilst he is in the Chair, that's his job.

Anthony A Hughes
97 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Judge him when the transfer window shuts in 6 weeks?

How about getting your squad sorted asap so we're all ready and prepared for the start of the season?

We've known for months about the FFP restrictions so cut our cloth accordingly and get what we can in and set up for the new season without the disruption of bringing in players after the season kicks off.

Tony Abrahams
98 Posted 15/07/2022 at
David @92, do you mean in a similar way that we don't own our training ground, and are paying a ridiculous amount for something that probably only cost around £15 million to make?
David White
99 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Tony @100,

I thought they did buy Finch Farm after initially leasing it from dodgy Joe Anderson. I'm not certain though.

But the further down the road the stadium gets with Moshiri not having the money to finish it, the more desperate they are going to get. Some firm will probably then come in, buy it half-finished on the cheap, and we will be renting it. Or we will see Moshiri on that posh pawn program.

Goes like this:

"What have you brought us to pawn today, Mr Moshiri?"
"A half-finished football stadium. Can I pawn it for £300M?"
"Yes, we will give you £300M. You just need to give us £10M per year interest and £300M back in 5 years or we will evict you."

And we end up playing at Walton Hall Park in front of the Bill Kenwright Main Stand and the Moshiri massive home end!!

Tony Abrahams
100 Posted 15/07/2022 at
That's exactly what happened with Finch Farm, David. Everton sold the land to someone who was prepared to build the training ground and lease it back. It was at an unbelievably extortionate rate, and then the city council bought it, and lowered the payments to Everton.

Robert Elstone was quoted as saying that this was an innovative move, but selling the land for Ffinch Farm wasn't, because it's ended up costing Everton an absolute fortune. But this is exactly what happens, when you have an owner who has to rob Peter to pay Paul.

David White
101 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Do we now own it though, Tony? I have noticed they have expanded it in last year or two when I've been driving past. There was a lot of building work happening.

This is the type of shortsighted management of the club that's weighed us down for too long. Ultimately all the money blown in the last few years is down to Moshiri. If he would've made decent boardroom appointments and a decent DoF without poking his nose into the football side of stuff, who knows where we would be?

I think this new stadium is our tiniest chance now of getting back up the Premier League. The gap is just too large, FFP etc just keeping the richer clubs at the top. Leicester showed that even winning the Premier League won't mean you are back at the top for good.

The TV money bubble will burst eventually and then the Big 6 will be long gone in the sunset. If we don't get this stadium right and the next 3-5 years on the pitch, then we will be resigned to never getting close to the top of the leauge.

James Marshall
102 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Mike @93,

I know, I was taking the piss.

Tony Abrahams
103 Posted 15/07/2022 at
I'm not sure that we do, David. I've just read that LCC had to stump up another £4 million to pay for more work at Finch Farm, and this is possibly the building work you have been noticing.

I'm sure that by not purchasing Finch Farm, then this will also be something that must be driving down the price of Everton. I just hope that Moshiri is not beginning to think along the same lines as the man he purchased Everton from?

If you can't beat them join them, come and get on the Kenwright train, and have some good times with me, Farhad.

Mick Roberts
104 Posted 15/07/2022 at
In the e.mail, he says the club listens to its fans...

Really? So that is why you appointed Benitez, you prick!

David White
105 Posted 15/07/2022 at
I can't see anyone putting their dough in while the stadium is only part-finished – too much of a risk. If they do, it will be a lease deal.

If Moshiri hasn't got the money to finish it, they will start cutting back on the architectural aspects that we have all grown to love about the initial design and it will end up a shadow of what we were promised.

Then we will be left with renting our home from some landlord that probably won't fix the broken toilets or leaky roof.

I'm no accountant, like Moshiri, but wouldn't you have rather spent your first £300M on the stadium? While looking to build a team slowly but progressively, keeping in line with FFP instead of gambling on the shit players you bought to get us up the league and increase revenue?

The mind boggles how this guy even has his type of money with the incompetence he's shown.

Jim Bennings
106 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Moshiri says

"Judge us by the end of the window"

Well sorry Farhad but we have judged us on the last six summer transfer windows and it's resulted in almost relegation, mate.

Unless you are going to sign at least three quality game-changing players, then my judgement will likely be the same as every other in recent years.

Brian Murray
107 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Jim. As things stand now, any feel-good factor or half-decent results rebound on us straight away because it gives oxygen to the people at the club who are the biggest problem of all. Lose-lose... although, as a Blue, we obviously want to win.
Mike Gaynes
108 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Just a few responses to comments here, without calling out individual posters:

Moshiri isn't an accountant. Hasn't been for decades. He started out as one. Bill Gates started out as a software developer. Warren Buffett was an investment salesman. They aren't what they were. Since 1993 Moshiri has been running energy and metals companies, not balancing Usmanov's checkbook.

There has never been one iota of evidence or even allegation (except here) that Moshiri made his money by laundering Usmanov's.

There is absolutely no indication that "The TV money bubble will burst eventually and then the Big 6 will be long gone in the sunset." On the contrary, TV rights money for sports is getting bigger and bigger. It's no bubble.

There is likewise zero indication that Moshiri hasn't got the money to finish the stadium.

And finally, what transfer business we do is far more important than whether we do it early or late in the window. Teams with big money can splash cash early in the window to get their squad "sorted" but it's simply unrealistic to expect Everton to do that in the current situation.

Pete Clarke
109 Posted 15/07/2022 at
It was only a few weeks ago that we secured our top-flight status and that was in the main, due to the atmosphere created by the supporters.

It was this same owner and his pathetic leadership that got us into the relegation mess by wasting hundreds of millions on crap players and managers whilst at the same time putting us in direct trouble with FFP.

It was all over the news only 1 week ago that we were to be bought out by a consortium that now seems to have fallen apart... and now this announcement that we are not for sale! What an embarrassing state we are in.

Stadium or no stadium, we are being run by clowns and if Moshiri actually wants to put this club back on the right track, then he has to get rid of Kenwright and appoint a big name to run the club for him.

Without this action being taken, then I can never trust Moshiri because his decision-making is wreckless and he seems to have learnt nothing.

It would not surprise me if Kenwright is realizing his massive wealth is more than he needs at his age and he's throwing it back into Everton to maintain his status. His constant presence in the face of so much failure is just not normal and he's holding on by crooked or manipulating means.

He has behaved in unconscionable conduct towards us supporters who are supposedly the heart and soul of the club. How can Moshiri allow somebody to hold on in the face of so much damage?

The only hope we supporters have is that Frank Lampard and his team can work miracles on the pitch and give us all some hope. Just a skip through the players names fills me with dread, though, because most of them have let down many a manager before Frank.

Tony Abrahams
110 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Do you think Moshiri would have done so well in life if he hadn't met Usmanov, Mike? Who knows...

I thought I read somewhere, that it was Farhad's accountancy skills, that first impressed his big mate, but looking at the state of the way Everton have been run, I might have read this wrong?

Mark Ryan
111 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Mike @108, spot on.

I am happy to wait and see who comes in. I still rate Mykolenko, I think he'll come on well this season. I still rate Patterson and hope to see Seamus have his swansong and be used sparingly this season.

I still think Dele Alli has a top player in him. I think if we can keep Dom fit, it is a massive plus. If we can get one or two, perhaps three in before the window shuts, we could surprise ourselves.

Richarlison is a massive loss and keeping Holgate and Rondon is too but I'm happy to wait and see.

I think with FFP perhaps sorted, Moshiri might now be with us for the long haul and at least until he hands us the gift of a lifetime at Bramley-Moore Dock. NSNO

Brian Murray
112 Posted 15/07/2022 at
I doubt this up-and-coming manager, albeit with a good back-up team, cares or even knows how the club is run as long as they get support this window. Failing that they could so easily walk from this.

Remember there is no more or very few ex-blues for life at the club and Frank has an upward reputation to build on. The likes of him and Cole I doubt will hang about too long.

Mike Gaynes
113 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Tony #110, of course not. Impressing the boss (or client) is a time-honored way of achieving success. Moshiri impressed Usmanov initially as an accountant -- which for a business like his is much more than a number-cruncher, it requires a strategic vision.

Eventually, Moshiri became an advisor and partner. But that was more than 30 years ago, and Moshiri has certainly established his own business chops over the past few decades. And while of course he remained Usmanov's partner until recently, to the best of my knowledge he has never, ever been accused of doing anything illegal or unethical, either on Usmanov's behalf or his own.

Besides, Moshiri's blunders at Everton have had nothing to do with accounting or business practices, but rather his own lack of personnel assessment skills and making football decisions he was unqualified to make.

The companies Moshiri has run have all been non-public and tightly held, with the boss and a few partners holding all the power. He's never had to build or contend with a large management structure before, and he's accustomed to making all the big decisions himself with no public or shareholder scrutiny and no accountability to anybody but Usmanov.

Everton, of course, is a dramatically different entity and he has had to learn entirely new team skills, like communicating with the fans. That alone has taken him years, but he's finally getting it.

And it appears he has finally realized that he shouldn't be picking managers or players. It's been a steep learning curve, and he's nowhere near the top of it yet, but – from my distant vantage point – I see progress.

Tony Abrahams
114 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Thanks, Mike. I disagree with bits of what you say about Moshiri, but you have also explained a lot more about a man who prefers to stay out of the limelight.

Mike Hayes
115 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Makes no difference if Moshiri builds the feckin stadium by himself – keeping the dickheads in charge won't change anything.

By the time we get there, we could be in the Championship with these clowns still in charge – the quicker they are all gone, the better. Nothing is going to change so nothing is going to change. 🤷

Mike Gaynes
116 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Tony, the most important thing to me is that Moshiri is basically good people. He really wants the club to succeed (unlike, say, the Glazers, who are just in it for the skim). It's not an ego exercise.

And I do believe he wants to learn, and has started to learn, to be a competent football club owner. Which would be good news, because it appears he's not going anywhere.

John Raftery
117 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Selling a club with a huge debt, a less than half-built new stadium requiring significant further funding and a squad capable of at best mid-table mediocrity will be difficult. I am relieved that, for the moment, Moshiri has not sold to a group with dubious credentials.

Last night's announcement in the email hardly came as a surprise but fans have asked for regular communication from him and that's what we're getting.

Brian Wilkinson
118 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Mike @115, I have just added to the post at the bottom of the ToffeeWeb page in the Talking Points section, on the article Enough is Enough, that sort of ties up with what you are saying, and the reasoning behind the fans protest scheduled for 7:30 pm Friday 5 August, against the board, a date we picked outside of a matchday so it does not have an effect on the team and the Manager.
James Hughes
119 Posted 15/07/2022 at
I honestly didn't expect Moshri to come out and say he wants to sell but I think he would take a good offer if there.

The rest of his statement I agree with other posters in that keeping Boys' Pen Bill and Little Miss Dynamite in charge is madness.

Michael Kenrick
120 Posted 15/07/2022 at
John @117:

"Selling a club with a huge debt..."

I'm curious – how big is this huge debt?

I thought one of the good things Moshiri had done was to pay off most of the debt with loans and then convert those to equity. The effect may be the same in that anyone buying his shares is then indirectly paying off what was the huge debt... but is no more.

Now I've given myself a headache.

Paul Kossoff
121 Posted 15/07/2022 at
I said a while ago that the whole story of Moshiri selling up was a cover to take the hits off him and his conman Kenwright. There never was any intention of selling up if there was a chance Moshiri would lose money and face on the deal.

While Kenwright pulls the strings at Everton, all this bullshit and cover stories will continue. Every club is up for sale depending if the price is right – why should a club such as Everton not be?

We as supporters will only ever see the promised land when Bill and his friends are gone.

Ian Riley
122 Posted 15/07/2022 at
The owner has done a reasonable job. He has spent a lot of money with no return. Managers sacked that were doing average and we the fans asked them to go. Rafa was a terrible appointment till October last year when it started to go wrong.

The directors of football have been shocking with their choice of player purchases and expensive contracts. The owner places people in charge whom he thinks may make Everton more successful. They have failed Everton FC. The guy has the club at heart and wants success for us the fans.

As for the club not up for sale? No, it isn't... but if a billionaire comes in with a silly offer or reasonable offer, he might sell. My car is not for sale but a good offer, over the odds then bye bye, show me the money! It's the way of life! Money talks.

This man has given us more hope that Everton might succeed than anyone else. Yes, he has failed in perhaps wanting to succeed too quickly but he has stayed out of the limelight of the press and spoken highly of the fans.

The new stadium will up matchday revenue and give us the opportunity to purchase more quality players. If Mr Moshiri does sell, it will only be good for Everton FC or he won't sell. Actually knowing he has stated at present he is committed to staying gives the club, manager, players, and fans stability.

Mr Moshiri, 3 new players by start of the season, please. Starting to worry now, 3 weeks to the start of the new season. Let's all stick together. I have a feeling a tough season ahead but we must all be as one.

Stay positive all!!

Bill Gall
123 Posted 15/07/2022 at
James and other posters, I fully agree with the comments re Kenwright should be dismissed.

As far as Barrett-Baxendale goes, everyone seems to believe all she is good for is the charity work.

While everyone is pleased with the new stadium build, it is interesting to see the statement from Everton on 26 July2019:

Denise Barrett-Baxendale will oversee the work of Stadium Development Director, Colin Chong, and take responsibility for the new stadium project, including the delivery of community led legacy at Goodison Park.

Now I am not defending her position as CEO but I think she was not strong enough to stand up to the owner and Kenwright and a sideways move was good for them and her.

David White
125 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Mike @108,

It's a fair point, he's not an accountant now. But he's not a DoF either, mate, is he? Or an experienced football or sport CEO?

Running energy and metals companies is a different ballgame to football (pun intended).

Do you think he will fund the stadium solely by himself? Will he be able to get loans to do it?

I've read a few articles about sports broadcasting rights and, although they are continuing on an upward trajectory, many people believe it will plateau at some point.

The Premier League is the most attractive to investors as they are continuing to expand and increase in other world markets far greater than American sports etc. But won't increase forever. Football is so reliant on that money that it will be the better-run clubs that would fair better if it did decrease, and we are not one of the better-run clubs.

There is an article about the top leauges in Europe in the last few years being won by fewer teams, by larger margins, scoring more goals etc. That's making it harder and harder for other teams to break into that club of top Elite European clubs.

Yes our transfer business is the key long term. Not just this window but the next 3 to 5 years. I believe, and it's only my opinion, that them 3 to 5 years with the stadium, profit & sustainability issues, any debt we will have to repay for the stadium will really be our best hope of getting Everton back to the top table of football. We have to think longer term than we have since Moshiri came.

I'd say Chelsea and Man City were the last teams to break into that top teir of European football and they didn't have the disgusting FFP and P&S rules holding them back but neither of them have the support we have so I hope that's our saving grace.

David White
126 Posted 15/07/2022 at
An old article from The Guardian:

How modern football became broken beyond repair

Read this!! It shows how hard it will be for Everton going forward. Interesting read...

Bill Watson
127 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Mike #108

I don't always agree with your opinions but thanks for this post. It's saved me responding to some of the wild, unsubstantiated assumptions on Moshiri, finances, transfers etc, on this totally depressing thread.

Paul Kossoff
128 Posted 15/07/2022 at
David @126, the article was in the Independent.

Stu Darlington
129 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Mike Gaynes,

Most sensible and balanced posts I've read on this site for ages. Shatters some of the urban myths that seem to be gathering strength. I don't agree with everything you say, however.

I don't detect any evidence that he is learning the job. He is still surrounding himself with the same incompetents.

As an owner, he lacks experience of managing any kind of sports business and whether he has had some 'Road to Damascus' experience over the off season still remains to be seen.

One can only live in hope.

Mike Gaynes
130 Posted 15/07/2022 at
David #125, I think the media rights plateau you speak of may very well happen at some point. That's not the same thing as the bubble bursting, which is what you first referenced. Certainly the rate of increase may slow. But I don't think it will happen soon, because there's so much money in video streaming and it's growing so fast. There's a lot more room to run in my opinion.

Stu #129, I consider Lampard and Thelwell to be significant improvements on their predecessors, and Moshiri has also changed CFOs and added Sharp to the Board. He's a cautious guy, and he may be moving much too slowly for many of us, but there is change happening. The recurring letters to the fans are a change in themselves.

Brian Murray
131 Posted 15/07/2022 at

Please elaborate on why Thelwell is an upgrade?

Not being sarcastic but, if the media lazy favourites, including Cornet, is the sum total of our search of this big planet, then why have a DoF?

Not saying he's not a talented lad and he may be boss. Just was hoping for some unknown gems like other clubs do.

Laurie Hartley
132 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Brian and Mike # 131, 130 - permit me to interject.

Thelwell signed amongst others, Jota, Neves, and Traore while he was with Wolves.

Jerome Shields
133 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Once an accountant, always an accountant. Even his attempts at management will be based on his accountancy background.

Actually, what has happened at Everton is that, after initially taking over, Moshiri allowed the failed management of the club to continue to run it. He then watched his money go South and then tried to manage the finances of the club by addressing costs and his perceived causes – the management of the team and transfers. He has made a further Horlicks of both, as far as team performance is concerned

But the Premier League Profit and Sustainability Rules proved a blessing in disguise in that it brought discipline to the club's finances which he had failed to do.

So adherence has brought Moshiri back into his comfort zone, though it was a close shave when relegation threatened.

The takeover was a Kenwright ploy to take advantage of a shaken Moshiri, who had nearly fallen over the financial cliff of relegation.

Moshiri now being more aware of the club's valuation, is comfortable with his financial arrangements, as are the parties that are providing finance. The club debt is manageable helped a lot by Moshiri's generous injection of funds over the years.

As far as transfers are concerned, they are following the usual summer pattern – offloading deadwood, one initial first-team transfer in, the sale of players to raise finance (if possible), and the last-minute transfer activity on a restricted budget.

It's what happens going forward that matters – how the team is managed, the players selected, and what players are available for selection, how the finances of the club are managed, how the club management are held accountable and, more importantly, curtailed.

It is unlikely that there will be any response by Moshiri for information and talks, he is and has been engaged in talking with those who are providing finance and his advisors on his investment in Everton, both informal and formal.

I don't blame anyone for having differing opinions on this but certainty going forward is not going to happen. It does seem that the development of the stadium does have better management than the club. In the latter case, a lot this season will be determined by the ability of our new manager, because the rest of the club management are pretty useless and proven to be so.

Mike Gaynes
134 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Yes, Laurie #132, and he also discovered and developed some excellent young players at NY Red Bulls, two of whom you will hear of soon -- USA youth international Caden Clark and an tiny, obscure Brazilian wizard named Luquinhas.

Brian #131, if your inclination is to write off Thelwell two weeks into his first window, be my guest, but you may be absolutely certain that the "media lazy favourites" are a long way from the sum total of what he's is looking at. He's a highly secretive DOF and his targets seldom leak to the media -- especially his unknown gems, whom he finds in places like Poland.

Try giving the man a little time.

Mike Gaynes
135 Posted 16/07/2022 at
"Once a Accountant always a Accountant."

(eye roll)

Once a dishwasher, always a dishwasher... Fulham owner Shahid Khan, worth $7 billion.

Once a toy salesman, always... Abramovich.

Once a tie salesman, always... Ralph Lauren.

And on and on.

Brian Murray
136 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Seem to remember we had an ex-binman as well who turned out a half-decent keeper...
Brian Murray
137 Posted 16/07/2022 at

Just going by what we know so far. He didn't start off too clever offering Kenny a new deal thank god he turned it down. Hope you're right and, as I said, there's still time.

Stu Darlington
139 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Mike @130,

Well Lampard didn't have much to beat, did he?

For me, the jury's still out on Lampard; some of his team selections, formations and substitutions towards the end of the season were a little puzzling to me, and I confess I still don't know what his preferred formation will be.

As for Thelwell, I can't fault his efforts at Wolves but we have seen little evidence of it here yet. I seem to remember Brands was hailed as some sort of Messiah when he was appointed.

I just hope you are right that they are going to be big improvements for the Club's sake. Time will tell.

David White
140 Posted 16/07/2022 at

I think it will plateau and when it does, that's when the bigger clubs will take advantage of the video streaming you talk about and speak to own their own media rights. That is what the Americans (Glazers and FSG etc) already want.

The Guardian article I spoke about on a post just shows that the chance we have to.close the gap is now. In a few years, there will be no chance. It's already so difficult:

Top clubs snatching the top talents from academies of smaller clubs. Ufea giving preference to teams who already winning in Europe.

The article shows the way football is run now is killing the competition. It's that competition that makes us watch. The feeling your team may make it to the Champions League – no matter who they are.

Well that is already so hard. If it becomes impossible, people will switch off

Jerome Shields
141 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Mike #135,

Once an accountant, always an accountant. Maybe if he had been a dishwasher or a toy salesman working on the coal face he would have known the importance of being hands-on rather than arm's length.

I have known some accountants. . . my own accountant I would not let near the management of my business. He is good regarding tax.

I have a very good friend from school who was a top accountant in a worldwide professional firm. He decided to join a circuit making firm as financial director. A management buyout opportunity of the then profitable firm arose. He led the buyout. I asked him if the Managing Director was staying. I was informed that he wasn't and he himself would become Managing Director. I queried why the MD (an Engineer by training) was not staying but the penny did not drop.

On takeover, when the quality of production went down, he just sacked all round him, going by the figures. The firm become unprofitable. I happened to meet him at that time and tried to guide him. The only real information I got was he was having an affair with the Personnel Manager.

Two months after that, the factory was burnt to the ground. The insurance would not pay out. He lost his house and other properties being declared bankrupt. His wife left, finding out about the affair. He is on benefits, can't practice as an accountant. I visit him for tea, bringing a Maderia Cake with me.

I know of other accountants who managed businesses in similar situations. Mike, you seem to have been fortunate you haven't.

James Flynn
142 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Once Moshiri bought the Club, Kenwright became a cipher. Moshiri avoids the limelight, while Old Bill basks in it. That's why Kenwright is still in place. To be Moshiri's outward face of the Club. Nothing else. Where many of us (including me) would be happy to see Kenwright gone. Moshiri doesn't see it that way.

Kenwright's just … there. Waving "Kenwright Out" banners is a pointless waste of time.

Put the focus where it belongs, on Moshiri. He's the one screwing things up on the player acquisition side.

Mike Gaynes
143 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Jerome #141, okay, now I understand your view of accountants!

James #142, that's a very convincing scenario. Aside from the fact that they're obviously friends, Kenwright does serve that purpose very well.

Stu #139, Lampard has a learning curve to navigate just as Moshiri does. Hey, he started Gomes against Palace, and nobody could believe that one. But at least he corrected his mistake by bringing on Dele, and he didn't wait until the 60th minute to do it. Personally, I think as he continues to learn and shape the club as he wants, he has the ability to grow into a top manager over time.

Raymond Fox
144 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Problem with forums is that assumptions spouted enough times become perceived fact, even though there's zero proof.
Andrew Keatley
145 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Who knows with Moshiri? Maybe he's "good people" like Mike Gaynes claims (in post 116). I don't know. He might be.

He also might be someone who for many years has ultimately been a cold-blooded corporate fixer for Usmanov.

It feels like we're so in the dark about him and his practices that he could be anything at all - good people, a well-meaning puppet, or the very worst kind of operator. Pick your favourite and fill your boots.

Jerome Shields
146 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Mike #143

I respect your opinion as well.

Jay Harris
147 Posted 16/07/2022 at

It doesn't matter to me if he is a nice guy or a dodgy dealer like most of Kenwright's acquaintances. The fact is his ownership and Kenwright's leadership have been an unmitigated disaster for the club and, personally speaking, I would like to see the pair of them run out of town.

Moshiri hasn't learned from his mistakes, he just listens to whoever has his ear at the time, and currently that appears to be Kenwright. I believe previously it was Kia and Usmanov but they seem to have faded into the background now.

Let's hope Frank and his boys don't get too much interference and get the backing we need… although I am fearful on that front.

Brian Murray
148 Posted 16/07/2022 at
On a slightly side issue: Isn't Usmanov's embargo or sanction lifted about now financially and can we do a Fawlty Towers ("Don't mention the War") and get his input back into the club, or is that too unethical? If new owners are dragging their feet, it would really boost us. Tin hat 'n' all that – just asking.
Billy Roberts
149 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Jerome @141

Who needs enemies when you have "friends" like you?

Was all that detail necessary?

Eddie Dunn
150 Posted 16/07/2022 at
I'm with Stu regarding Lampard. I was disappointed with his tactics, selections and game management in many of our outings. Remember those pressers where he kept mentioning "There are x amount of points still out there" and every week went by, the number reduced. I have little confidence that he will do any better this season.

If he picks the likes of Gomes and Rondon or continues with two in midfield, then we will all know that we are in for another season of purgatory.

Let's hope he gets Gallagher (a very slight chance) or someone with gas in the tank, and an eye for a pass. I live in hope as I do like the guy but he has to improve.

James Flynn
151 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Mike (143) - "they're obviously friends" Doubt that.

I'd say Moshiri views Kenwright as a specific means to an end. Beyond that, I'd say Moshiri doesn't give a shit about Bill one way or the other.

James Flynn
152 Posted 17/07/2022 at
Raymond (144) - "Problem with forums is that assumptions spouted enough times become perceived fact, even though there's zero proof."

Especially concerning Kenwright's "mystical powers" over Moshiri these last 6 years.

In ToffeeWeb, it's approaching "Yoko controlled Lennon" levels of hysterics and hallucinatory stupidity.

Kenwright needs to be ignored. The one, and the only one, who needs to feel supporter ire is Moshiri. He's done everything right except leaving the football business to football professionals.

Christ, even Kenwright understood that with Moyes and Martinez.

Eric Myles
153 Posted 17/07/2022 at
James #152, it's hard to ignore Kenwright when the owner tells the world that he is instrumental in bringing in player acquisitions.
Brendan McLaughlin
154 Posted 17/07/2022 at
Eric #153

When did Moshiri desribe Blue Bill's role as "instrumental"?

I think you actually illustrate James's point perfectly.

Jerome Shields
155 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Billy #149

Just illustrating a point. Did not name anyone and no-one will derive a connection. I did manage to get him built up again. Got him on a scheme to get him back into work. Convinced someone who could have caused him a lot of problems sorting out his situation to lay off him. Prevented him from losing the house that he now lives in. He doesn't know I did that.

Eric Myles
156 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Brendan #154, maybe you didn't read the quote from Moshiri?

"Kevin Thelwell and the Chairman are currently working hard to bring in new players"

There's two people that are instrumental in player acquisitions.

Brian Murray
157 Posted 18/07/2022 at
James @152. If he's so irrelevant, why does his name crop up in every club sentence with the words ‘instrumental’ and ‘working hard’?

He's a fuckin inept curse who won't stop – no matter what division we end up in.

Brendan McLaughlin
158 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Eric #156

Still not seeing where Moshiri used the word "instrumental" with respect to Blue's not in the quote you suggested I might have missed and kindly provided.

Ian Pilkington
159 Posted 18/07/2022 at
James @152
So Kenwright should be ignored? He has been chairman for the entirety of Moshiri’s ownership, not withstanding the dismal 16 long years when he owned the club himself.

Hate to quote Shankly but his famous comment about the offside rule is surely relevant: “If he’s not interfering with play he shouldn’t be on the field”. I can’t recall any successful business run by a chairman and CEO as incompetent as Kenwright and his lackey.

Tony Abrahams
160 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Bill Kenwright has definitely got mystical powers, otherwise he would have been chased out of Goodison Pk a long time ago imo.

His list of misdemeanours have always been covered by loads of Evertonians, some people even claim his lies were down to him having Everton’s best interests at heart, which definitely equates to him having mystical powers, in my book.

Brendan McLaughlin
161 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Jerome #155

Just googled your name and I'll take a punt on your unfortunate mate being Grant? Have I a future as "Inspector Web" ?

Be nice (for once) when/if you reply!

Jerome Shields
162 Posted 19/07/2022 at
His name is not Grant. Grant is doing okay and so is my friend, you will be glad to hear. There is no connection between them. Good try anyway.
Jerome Shields
163 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Tony #160

All analysis of Everton comes down to the question of Bill, that no-one can figure out.

Jay Harris
164 Posted 19/07/2022 at

He has the perfect combination of thick skin and bullshit magic, honed to perfection in his acting and theatrical career. He probably does a good line of snake oil too and sends Moshiri a case every week.

We have the perfect combination of a dysfunctional partnership. An owner who doesn't want to spend any time with his acquisition, and a trainset owner who wants to dictatorially run his trainset part-time from London...

And we wonder why it's not working.

Tony Abrahams
165 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Looking at our factual history, Jerome, we had won at least “one trophy, every decade” (except after the Second World War, moving into the fifties) and then along came our saviour.

Depending on who you believe, Kenwright actually stopped Everton from going under, and even helped to invent “plucky little Everton”, which actually helped to show a lot of people, what a great job he was doing.

Winning became irrelevant, it became all about looking for the right investors, and just as long as he kidded enough people, then he wouldn't be blamed for the longest barren spell in the club's history, simply because it could have been so much worse.

I think it's time for me to stop, because try as I might, I just can't seem to stop posting about Bill Kenwright, and for a man who came from such humble beginnings, maybe I should be applauding his long and very successful life, instead of feeling very angry about the good times.

Danny O’Neill
166 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Tony, you just need 6th of August.

With all this heat, lack of signings and that away kit, we are all starting to suffer from pre-season anxiety.

And don't stop!!

Jerome Shields
167 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Tony #165

Bill has been like that since the Johnson days. Johnson after buying Everton for £8 million make a substantial profit on his investment and the football side went downhill. Bill was part of that team and he followed suit with his brother matey style, building up a structure at Everton relying on patronage to him. Maintaining that loyality meant that alot stayed beyond their sell by date. Some on their reputation as players

Bill used Everton to self finance his owner ship and increase his wealth. Trying to take on partners to help him. Most of them smelt a rat.

Then he had no choice but to sell equity to sustain his control. It was with that aim he got himself a Billionaire, but a certain type of one. Note control is still part of the equation. Control in business in more important than ownership. The subsequent available money disappeared in the incompetence that already existed. The Everton structure was built for self survival not to win competitions.

So we are back to square one, close to the Wimbledon again( at least we do not suspect Parish took a backhander ) and Kenwright 's attempting via the consortium to see another owner off.

But Moshiri has slapped that back and service resumes. At least he didn't have a fan jumping on the boot of his Merc like Johnson. Same Summer transfer window, same preseason, hopefully not the same start to the season and hopefully not running out of gas at the first international break. but same Everton Structure enhanced by the Strategic review, the same offshore owner and wondering about the effectivity of sanctions.

As always we are dependent on what the Manager can do with a makeshift squad. But surely it can't be as bad as last season.

To be a Evertonian is to show compassion( meaning of compassion - to suffer with. You would think we were all used to it by now. Tomorrow is another day Tony.

Brent Stephens
168 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Great statement, Moshiri.
Eric Myles
169 Posted 25/07/2022 at
Brendan #158, I suggest you look up the meaning of the word instrumental.

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