Everton reveal 2022-23 away kit

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Everton will be playing in pink in some of their away games this season after the club unveiled the new change strip for 2022-23.

According to the club's announcement, the new away kit is "rosebloom pink", and features a "patriot blue pattern inspired by the angled roof of the tower in the club crest and amplified into a cool geometric print for 2022".

The away shirt is complemented by a tonal Club crest and a round, patriot blue neckline, with pink trim and block sleeves.

Mirroring the home kit, the traditional four hummel chevrons down the arms are pared back to two, providing a striking contrast with the sleeving. 

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The back-of-neck also features the famous Prince Rupert's tower motif, which forms an integral part of this year's overall kit branding.

Blue shorts see the two chevrons from the jersey replicated, this time in pink, with the hummel logo moving from the front to the back of the right leg, providing a clean, fresh look. Shorts mirror the shirt side panels, via pink mesh inserts. 

Socks are rosebloom pink with patriot blue trim, featuring two hummel chevrons on the front and the tower on the reverse.

The 2022/23 away goalkeeper shirt, only available in short sleeves, is black with a fuchsia pink pattern, which darts from one side of the jersey to the other, indicative of disruptive movement patterns and agility. The shirt has plain black short sleeves with two fuchsia pink chevrons, and a tonal Club crest.

 Shorts and socks are black with fuchsia pink trim and feature the two hummel chevrons on the front and tower on the reverse. 

The new Everton away kit is available to buy online via www.evertondirect.com from 8am on Tuesday, 19 July, and in-store at Everton One (9.30am) and Everton Two (10am) from Tuesday, 19 July 2022. All times are BST.


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Danny O’Neill
1 Posted 18/07/2022 at
I don't know what to say…

Our away kit?


Will Mabon
2 Posted 18/07/2022 at

I wouldn't worry too much about present kits. It will all pale to insignificance the first time a team announces skirts. It isn't far away.

Brian Wilkinson
3 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Danny, are you speechless as in 'awe', or it’s a pile of shite?
Dale Self
4 Posted 18/07/2022 at
I thought it would be that Hawaiian crap at first, then that shocking keeper top. I stopped looking out of fear after that.
Kim Vivian
5 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Speechless as in 'speechless', NOT in awe - or is that the ladies' kit I've seen...


Dale Self
6 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Hmm, I was thinking we just go with the zipper look but unzipped with just a hair shirt underneath. Calling marketing now.
Danny O’Neill
7 Posted 18/07/2022 at
I still can't look at it in detail, Brian. I wish I hadn't but I got an annoyed text message from my son.

Call me a traditionalist, but can we not stick to amber?

Play around with the 3rd kit as most teams have these days by all means.

Mike Gaynes
8 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Danny, you don't like cotton-candy pink?

I think it's adorable. My sister had a cuddly stuffed piggy just that color.

Soren Moyer
9 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Designed by Dominic Calvert-Lewin perhaps!? 😁
Tony Everan
10 Posted 18/07/2022 at
I’m a fan of the amber and blue too. Can’t understand this away kit, the players are going to feel right twats trotting out in this one.

What’s with the Venetian Blind type motifs all over the front? The Black Watch one is miles better.

Brian Wilkinson
11 Posted 18/07/2022 at
We need to roll out the 92-93 salmon and blue top, one of the best away tops we had, surely Hummel can roll one out?
Dale Self
12 Posted 18/07/2022 at
You know, it's been a tough couple of years. They could have just given us the damn amber top/dark shorts to try and make up for it. Those were stylish.
Will Mabon
13 Posted 18/07/2022 at
It's almost like tradition and continuity is anathema. In fact, that's exactly what it is, and not just in sport.

Brian, I liked that one too, 92-93. If it must depart from amber, it can be done subtly with style. Not the intention though.

Joe McMahon
14 Posted 18/07/2022 at
For fuck's sake, I've just seen it. Does this embarrassing club ever get anything right!? 😡
Brian Wilkinson
15 Posted 18/07/2022 at
The 77 amber or yellow one, with Umbro diamonds down the sleeve, was a good one as well.
Kim Vivian
16 Posted 18/07/2022 at
This might have worked better if it was more the Salmon colour used in the 92-93 (was it?). Why the baby pink?

Who actually signs these off?

Ryan Holroyd
17 Posted 18/07/2022 at
The new away kit is lovely apart from the Stake logo on it.
Dennis Stevens
18 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Tbh, the colour is far from being the worst thing about the design, imo.
Brian Murray
19 Posted 18/07/2022 at
The kit yet another example of a clueless marketing.See you all saturday high noon.
Bill Watson
20 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Some of the early Everton teams played in a pink kit and the salmon kit, from a few years ago, was a nod to this.

Until the inter war years pink was for boys and blue for girls.

John Keating
21 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Pat Kelly
22 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Looking forward to seeing the men's away kit.
Dave Williams
23 Posted 19/07/2022 at
What on earth is the problem with pink?

Surely those days are long gone??

Looks okay to me – better when you see the navy shorts as a contrast.

Stephen Meighan
24 Posted 19/07/2022 at
The kip of that.
Brian Murray
25 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Never get ran over wearing that. Probably okay for the kids but I couldn't see an adult wearing it. Another great call by marketing. EFC – the gift …
Peter Carpenter
26 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Is it pink or is it light salmon? We need to know.
Ralph Basnett
27 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Laughing stock of the league this club.

Run by clueless fuckwits who not only run the club with little or no idea but, just to ensure everyone knows we are shit, give us a ridiculous away shirt to make us stand out.

Who designed this? Calvert-Lewin, Tom Davies or Anthony Gordon?

What I do know is no supporter's influence can possibly have been used!!!!

P Ron Wells
28 Posted 19/07/2022 at
The colour is rosebloom pink.

Who are the idiots who design this shite? Would Peter Reid feel happy about pulling on this baby cot top and going out to play in it?

It is an insult to the players -- pink will not put the fear in anyone as our Blues come out in it.

Another massive boob by a bunch of boobies.

Jim Bennings
29 Posted 19/07/2022 at
It's a bit of a "I need sunglasses on a cold winter's day" shirt isn't it?

I've no problem with the colours as such, more the design is just ballistic.

It feels like most clubs now are trying madcap 1990's designs with their kits so maybe it's not the biggest surprise.

Frankly I liked the salmon pink and navy striped one we had in 1992 and also quite liked the 2009/10 black with "electric pink" pin stripes (anyone recall it?)

But this is quite outlandish isn't it, who knows though we could win at Chelsea for this first time since 1994 wearing a 1990's retro look hahaha.

Lynn Maher
30 Posted 19/07/2022 at
It’s not necessarily just the colour, imo the whole design is awful. From the pictures, and that is all I have to go on, it looks like a cheap replica shirt you may find on holiday.

Although cheap it certainly won’t be!

Jim Bennings
31 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Best three away kits of the past 25 years was the 1996-98 yellow with black and blue, that one worked a charm for the current times.

The amber 2003-04 one with blue shorts.

The yellow one from Carlo's season was class, 2020-21.

Honourable mention for that third kit in 2010-11, the cream and navy number, with the hooped socks, that was a touch of class.

John Burns
32 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Anthony Flack
33 Posted 19/07/2022 at
It looks like the puke you see on a Sunday morning outside lousy pubs and clubs

Or my Grey away kit from 1985 that my mum washed with red jeans

Joe McMahon
34 Posted 19/07/2022 at
I'm sure our very own Pantomime Dame loves it!
Danny O’Neill
35 Posted 19/07/2022 at
I feel sad.

As sad as the players in the picture look.

Only Mykolenko is barely raises the slightest hint of a smile. But I think might be trying not to burst out laughing. Or it's a nervous smile.

Amber for me. Although I did like that cream number. The Phil Neville Chelsea FA Cup kit. And that dark green number we had around the Moyes era; similar colour to the training kit we saw the team arrive in the US in.

Where were the Fans Advisory Board for goodness sake?!!! And that's tongue in cheek, not a dig.

Colin Metcalfe
36 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Oh dear!
Craig Walker
37 Posted 19/07/2022 at
More concerning is who will be wearing this pink kit?

The online shop is advertising it printed with Rondon, Andre Gomes and Branthwaite's names on the back – the latter will be on loan at PSV Eindhoven. Our marketing really is piss-poor.

Bill Griffiths
38 Posted 19/07/2022 at
No issue with the colour though I do think like others we should continually use amber and blue as the away strip.

As far as the design goes it's a total mess. Why can't they consult the fans about these things beforehand instead of foisting this crap on us?

Peter Carpenter
39 Posted 19/07/2022 at
We've had some shockers.
Here's an Echo article with some examples;
Some good, some bad - do they let the new recruits loose on away kits at these companies?
My own personal favourite is as worn by Alan Ball c1970 - light papaya with a hint of mango, I think it was called, although it could smell like durian after a match.
Tony Everan
40 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Danny 29, Paul Bracewell got a mention last week, one of my favourite players from the eighties. As good, if not better, than any midfielder in the country before his injury.

He turned 60 today and there’s an article here with Peter Reid talking about him I thought you’d like.


Happy Birthday Paul !

Paul Hewitt
41 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Horrible kit.
Brian Murray
42 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Tony post 40. To think back to that boxing day in 86 and that waste of space whitehurst I think his name was. Finished a great player like bracewell. Beginning of the end after that.
James Newcombe
43 Posted 19/07/2022 at
I preferred last season's away kit. We won't top the salmon pink striped effort from the early 90s, though.
Sean Roe
44 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Awful, what's with all the stupid colours these days.

Home - Blue & White
Away - Yellow & Blue
3rd - White/Grey & Blue

That would always be my choice.

Laurie Hartley
45 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Call me old fashioned but a men’s football team in pink is an oxymoron for me. I hope the shorts are navy blue.
Dave Williams
46 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Pink doesn't bother me but I won't be buying this as I just don't like it much. I agree that using the amber and blue would be a good place to start.
Danny O’Neill
47 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Thanks for that Tony. Therapy!

He was hugely undervalued but not by us. Probably my favourite player at the time apart from Sheedy. There were many to choose from.

He was always going to be in the shadows with the national press. As I've said many times before, it felt like we couldn't even get the media's full attention when we were fighting it out with Liverpool to be top dogs and about to embark onto even more European glory. Until.

Well we all know the next chapter.

I wish we'd seen more of him. A graceful player who's career was cut down in it's prime. I know we all get frustrated with injured players and I understand there will be those who won't play unless 100%. I believe Louis Saha was this way inclined.

We want them to run through brick walls every week for us. Bracewell is a good example of what can happen if players play through injury to extremes. Frustrating as it is, I think they are mostly better looked after by medical staff now are thinking of the longevity of their careers. Plus if properly invested in, the squads are generally a lot bigger, managers don't always have to think immediate next game termism.

I like how Reid couldn't resist getting his claim in on "that pass" but he does draw out the importance of partnerships and understanding. It can't be underestimated. Centre backs, central midfield, forwards; the spine of the team.

Happy Birthday Paul Bracewell. You gave me magic moments that I'll never forget. You and that team set the standard I judge Everton on.

Finn Taylor
48 Posted 19/07/2022 at
That is on awful kit. However... can anyone explain me to the 'myth' of the amber kit? I have always assumed that it's popular because of the seventies holy trinity but... everytime we have had Amber Kit in the present era, we have been rubbish. In fact, I struggle to remember a time when we were good in amber!

Away should be white, 3rd Amber or black.

Hummel had been doing so well... then again, I just looked at the Southampton away... it's a tight call for worst kit!

Mark Taylor
49 Posted 19/07/2022 at
This could turn around our disastrous away form. Our opponents will be be laughing so much, they won't be able to stand up
Tony Shelby
50 Posted 19/07/2022 at
It looks like the wrapper from a packet of sanitary towels.
Peter Carpenter
51 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Is everyone's favourite kit the one they first got as a child? It is mine - 1970 home and away. Someone will love the pink, light salmon, I am sure. And Mark, we will score goals whilst the opposition centre-backs are deep in discussion about whether it is pink or light salmon.
Brendan McLaughlin
52 Posted 19/07/2022 at
I think it's rather pretty.

I'd be dubious about the team wearing this ensemble during the harsh winter months but when spring bursts into life, the understated pastel hues will blend effortlessly with the vibrant greens of Premier League pitches all over the country.

It will be a veritable feast for the eyes!

Derek Powell
53 Posted 19/07/2022 at
All black with a touch of blue
Jack Convery
54 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Just like the first team, Hummel and EFC 'Marketing' have no defence for coming up with that. It has no redeeming features whatsoever. Bin it and bin it now.

Don't apologise – just get rid. Start again and come up with a top that has something of EFC about it. How difficult can it be? A big miStake. A revenue stream that has no future.

For fuck's sake, we need as much of the readies as we can bring in and this is seen as a money winner! Why?

Given the wonderful away support last season, I believe they deserve something much, much better than this. Get me a bucket quick!!!

Steve Brown
55 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Looks like someone tried to put a flamingo into a Breville sandwich maker.
Stu Darlington
56 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Right on, Mark.

It's all a cunning plan. We sneak an away goal while the opposition is still rolling about laughing. It looks like the only way we'll score one, the way our recruitment is going!

Alan McGuffog
57 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Sweet baby Jesus. Who is responsible for this? As if the rest of the football world didn't have enough reasons to laugh at us. I despair, truly.
Paul O'Neill
58 Posted 19/07/2022 at
We've had loads of away kits with pink on them in recent years. I can think of two from the Chang/Le Coq Sportif era just off the top of my head. One of the goalie shirts was pink last season.

A few rather insecure and uptight males amongst us ToffeeWebbers maybe. I like the colour. Pink used to be seen as a very masculine colour, admittedly in Victorian times. Not that it matters one way or the other if it's masculine as we're all grown-ups.

I read a comment from some woman on Facebook saying she wouldn't buy it for her young son. For God's sake, why? Some people need to chill out and grow up.

Not so sure about the design, however. It's rather '80s or early '90s but that seems to be making a comeback with a lot of kits now. I rarely buy shirts but I might treat myself to this. Mind you, I liked the toothpaste green one too!

Stephen Vincent
59 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Sean Roe
60 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Peter @ 51

I'm stuck in the 1980's, my perfect set would be

Home - 1987 home kit
Away - 1985 away kit
3rd - 1984 away kit

Kenny Smith
61 Posted 19/07/2022 at
It's that shite, Calvert-Lewin and Tom Davies have asked to play home games only.
Pete Hughes
62 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Who is the idiot responsible for okaying this abomination?
Tony Everan
63 Posted 19/07/2022 at
I think Dominic has said ‘I’ll stay if you let me design the kit’.
Keith Gleave
64 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Two words: bloody awful.

Who are we employing in Marketing and Communications?

James Lauwervine
65 Posted 19/07/2022 at
I'm not usually bothered about these things but this design is a bag o' shite, I have to say. Not just the colour, everything including the sponsor logo.

I wonder do they actually analyse how many change strip kits sell each year and which colours and designs are popular? I can't see a lot of people buying this, unless it's an attempt to connect with female supporters and promote the women's side. I've no problem with that, but just making a strip pink is not exactly a cunning strategy.

I know, Everton and strategy... as if.

Alan McGuffog
66 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Not a question of male insecurity. It just looks dreadful. Amber shirts and royal blue shorts – there's an idea. Or even the late '50s white with the sash.
Dave Abrahams
67 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Alan (66), or even sooner from after the Second World War white shirts and black shorts, no problems because no fan ever bought or wore a football shirt in those days.
Dave Abrahams
68 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Keith (64),

In answer to your question, it's obviously Little Miss Dynamite. It's a wonder Billy Boy hasn't got her posing in the kit on the advertising photos!!

Brian Murray
69 Posted 19/07/2022 at
I'm glad it's another disaster in a way as it highlights what's so wrong and adds fuel and support to any campaign. Collateral damage – our club getting ridiculed – but it has to be.
Pete Clarke
70 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Let's face it, this kit is crap and will suit the majority of crap players who'll be wearing it. It's also another example of how out-of-touch this club is with the supporters, finances and reality in general. We will not sell many of them.

It actually reminds me of a game when Man Utd played away to Southampton many years ago in a new kit that was a similar mess to this new one of ours. Southampton were winning 3-0 at half-time and Alex Ferguson made his players change kits and they never wore it again.

I would love to know who gave the nod to this – or more likely a nod-nod, wink-wink, say no more, say no more.

Matthew Williams
72 Posted 19/07/2022 at
As a shirt collector, all I can say is, erm... sigh... I'll pass, thanks.

Amber and Royal Blue should be set in stone for our away kit, whereas only the third shirt should change. What about the goalnet shirt from the early '90s, possibly the hardest Blues shirt to track down today! (so rare).

As for this away shirt, I repeat... our board need to go – Now!

Paul Smith
74 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Speechless……no class or style at all.

As a Scouser, I love fashion and find that each year our kits have been getting worse. Young Evertonians have to wear that abomination, can you imagine the shit they'll get?

The club are clueless.

Colette Black
75 Posted 19/07/2022 at
It's not a shade of pink I would choose to wear – too childish for outerwear, too playful for lingerie.

I don't mind the colour for a football kit (though I'd never wear one). But, the design is so gross. Amateur hour.

Jim Bennings
76 Posted 19/07/2022 at
What's wrong with a cream shirt with blue piping?

I always think cream looks a classy colour that's grossly underused on football kits.

Brian Keating
77 Posted 19/07/2022 at
People complaining about pink, Jesus wept. Pink is a traditional Everton colour, get over it. Anyone who slags someone for wearing pink is a moron.

I actually like it as much as I like any kit. I don't wear kits, but my 2 sons want it every year. They will definitely want this.

Ed Fitzgerald
78 Posted 19/07/2022 at
It's a dreadful kit by any measure. Everton wore Pink shirts a number of times for their home strip before 1900. They were all better than this truly horrible offering. (Look at the Historical Kits website to confirm.)
Eddie Dunn
79 Posted 19/07/2022 at
I have been in the art and design industry all my career and this is terrible in every way. Awful design, colour, logo, everthing about this kit is bad. Not just bad but it must be the worst kit I have ever seen.

Just who on Earth could have come up with this pile of wank? Is it Kenwright's god-daughter or someone's fucking grandchild with a set of crayons?

It epitomises the club. Woefull in every respect... oh yes – 'respect'... we won't be getting any wearing that!

Derek Wadeson
80 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Do most of you actually get off on complaining about almost everything about Everton?
Bill Gall
81 Posted 19/07/2022 at
It's no so much about the colour, it is more about the design. The badge looks like it was just thrown on for somewhere to put it. The diamond shapes supposed to represent the iconic tower is about as close an image to it as I am to the real tower and I live in Canada.

Football kits are to play football in, not to be fashionable, and that is what these shirts are. What are the shorts and socks like? In the photo, the woman's badge looks in a different place than the men's.

Karl Masters
82 Posted 19/07/2022 at
I often wonder that, Derek.

We have had far worse than this – the ‘Tractor Tyre' of 94-96 and the one that followed it, the black and blue stripes on yellow, spring to mind.

It's not the best I've seen, but we won't wear it more than about 6 times, so hardly a reason for some of the whining on here.

It's not salmon pink though, more baby pink, and actually not a bad colour when mixed with navy. 8/10.

Barry Rathbone
83 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Jonathan Oppenheimer
84 Posted 19/07/2022 at
As others have said, it's not the colour that bothers me, it's that this is the second year in a row, with last year's 3rd kit, that looks like it has some sort of tire tracks on it.

The new thing to do among kit designers seems to be a determination to subtly allude to some iconic symbol connected to a team's city or identity, in this case apparently the roof of Prince Rupert's Tower — but of course 99% of the time no-one makes the connection or it's a huge stretch to begin with.

The irony with these bizarre designs is that they'd be entirely better off just putting out a simple, classy all-pink top with no design on it and calling it a day. They'd save a few quid on mediocre design and probably sell more shirts.

Mark Ryan
85 Posted 19/07/2022 at
I'd sooner crawl naked over a mile of broken glass than either buy that or wear it. It is simply disgusting.

Crap design, crap colour. Just appalling – and for all those colourists out there, it's not about it being pink, it's the hideous design and colour they have chosen.

It's a cartoon pink, Disney pink. Speechless.

Jack Convery
86 Posted 19/07/2022 at
I wonder if they showed it to the Fan Advisory Board for their opinion? I guess not, as that would have been the end of it.
Mike Gaynes
87 Posted 19/07/2022 at
I suddenly have a craving for bubble gum.
Justin Doone
88 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Shockingly poor. Ugliest Premier league kit this season.

I don't like Red or Pink in general, but to combine the awful colours and design is something special.

The first medal Everton have won in decades is the wooden spoon.

It's kits like that that make changing it every season a huge relief.

I'm sure someone far smarter and funnier than I can come up with an appropriate "I like my 'Stake' pink!" joke.

Kim Vivian
89 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Looks like Bill Kenwright's missus has been up late sewing those badges on — or are they supposed to be in different positions relative to the weird pattern?

EDIT:- Actually I don't think it looks so bad on Iwobi - Its the pale skin that makes the whole ensemble look a bit anaemic - like a bowl of taramasalata

Andy Meighan
90 Posted 19/07/2022 at
I couldn't care less if they played in an auld sack away from home, as long as we start winning games. Our away form last season was abysmal.
Danny O’Neill
91 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Well, this has gone down well!

I remember gnashing teeth with the Lineker bib kit and its step away from tradition.

The One-2-One kit with its lighter shader of blue and poor quality.

I didn't particularly like that yellow zig-zag one from the '90s. I wasn't keen on last season's home kit although the first Hummel one I did like.

But this one. I don't mind a bit of salmon and liked that early '90s one with navy stripes. Also, last season's Black Watch kit although apparently that sash was burnt orange? I don't know, I'm not very exotic with my colours.

I can't look at this kit.

Billy Roberts
92 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Hands up to the design team, they have designed a corker here if their remit was:
  • Use the worst colour possible (cheap and near fluorescent);
  • Throw a crazy design over it that gives you a headache to look at.;
  • Try and make it so about 95% of the away fans wouldn't be seen dead in it...
  • Because we want to break a record for the least number of replica kits sold in recent history.

I don't even like the collar!!

I'm a traditionalist I admit... I like good-looking kits — not fuckin awful ones!.

Pete Clarke
93 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Frank Lampard wears some smart clothes and, being a London boy with plenty of money at his disposal, I'm sure near all clothing he wants to buy would come with a big label and nice designs.

I reckon he'll look at this kit and laugh. It will be another reminder to him of the kind of idiots employed at our club.

On the other hand, if we wear it and win a few games, then I'll be happy. Being an Evertonian, hope is eternal.

Will Mabon
94 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Note the front and centre placing of the lady player that almost no-one knows or watches. Any photos with just the players that we know and are interested in?

Michael Lynch
95 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Nothing against pink, but that's a horrible pink, washed out and pukey. The whole design of the shirt is terrible.

Just my opinion of course but, if the aim is to make money for the club through sales, I think they might have scored a bit of an own goal. Not the last of those we'll see this season though.

Andy Wilmore
96 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Are we not already the laughing stock of the Premier League? Do you have to make it worse for us, Everton? 🤦‍♂️😂
Brian Harrison
97 Posted 19/07/2022 at
I think the colour of our away strip is the very least of our worries.

Irrespective of the colour, it's the quality of the player wearing the kit that matters.

Andy Wilmore
98 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Tony Shelby - 50 "Looks like the wrapper from a packet of sanitary towels."

Perhaps it will stop our defence "Bleeding" goals??? 😂

Paul Kossoff
99 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Horrible kit. And I'm getting fed up with this woke agenda for pushing women's football, no-one is interested in it.

Mind you, I can't wait for Fifa to allow some bloke who wakes up one morning and decides he's a woman, and insists he's put in the women's international team on the orders of Mr woke Darren Southgate, then I'll watch women's football.😀

Andrew Ellams
100 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Paul @ 99, by 'nobody', you mean you, right?

Who's Darren Southgate?

Martin Reppion
101 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Anyone who has seen my various posts on kits, or sat near me in a pub when in rant mode, knows what's coming...

Don't buy this heap of crap!!

Everton should play in Blue shirts and only change if there is a clash of kits. A simple yellow couldn't cause any problems unless we draw Shrewsbury or Mansfield in the cup. Can't think of any others whose home kit is blue and yellow.

Fans pay enough already without lining the pockets of kit manufacturers with their ever more garish, horrendous offerings.

I hope to never see any of these worn at Everton games. I am sure there will be a few sheep who insist on buying it. Just don't expect anything but abuse from me if you do.

I had to check my diary when I saw this. No, it isn't 1 April again.

I hope someone at the club reacts to all the negative comments and bins this before making the club a laughing stock.

Iakovos Iasonidis
102 Posted 19/07/2022 at
This is the most ugly shirt we ever had. Home, away, third... Colour is bad, design is bad... even worse than the 2010-11 pink away shirt.

I am trully amazed and shocked how this design saw the light of day. I obviously don't like the pink colour but I liked the salmon of 1992 away and 2019 away shirts.

I hope we don't get relegated this season cause I'll remember this shirt for the rest of my life.

Dale Self
103 Posted 19/07/2022 at
As your Retarded American English Football friend, I don't usually get too caught up in football fashion as I expect to be in a minority when it comes to style.

However, with all caveats considered, this is worse than a pedestrian attempt to appeal to a wider spectrum of fans by taking a chance. This is a fashion calamity. I could be okay with pink. It is not my favorite football tone but it can look smart done properly.

The design is appalling. The uneven spacing of the motifs, which are themselves questionable, achieves nothing in terms of visual effect. It's like they thought just shifting it a bit would be edgy. Well, fuck off – you got that horribly wrong.

And what the fuck to make of these prompting arrows in between? Do those get a special padded button to be pushed? It really fucking hurts my eyes, I need some eyedrops.

If you're going to do the square motifs as the major pattern driver, it would have been better with a collar rather than the round highlighted non-collar.

Billy Roberts
104 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Dale @103
If your eyes can take any more punishment, check out Southampton's away kit as recommended by another poster.

Unbeknownst to me, Southampton have an affiliation with the famous Japanese wave paintings!!

Combined with a multi coloured sponsor and red badge, this may have just knocked us off top spot.

Dale Self
105 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Hi Billy, it is somewhat 'to each his own' but that Saints away kit gets credit for at least heading in a spirited direction, although the collar and sleeve highlights could have rhymed a bit with the main motif. Seafoam is not one of my preferred colors but, with a sea look, it gets a pass.

Whereas this attempts some aesthetic achievement, and perhaps doesn't quite get the wow effect, ours looks like a lack of imagination was hit with a deadline and the result was some visual flatlining.

Matthew Williams
106 Posted 19/07/2022 at
If I remember rightly at the time, most of my fellow Blues truly despised our Salmon and dark Blue stripped kit upon its release but it seems most truly love it today!? Currently, I've seen an original one with a price tag of 200 notes!

I doubt very much if this one will be as loved many years from now by any Blue. I for one am truly disappointed as all the Hummel shirts have been good...

So why this shambles?

Matthew Williams
107 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Just seen the Saints away shirt... it's different but kinda cool... but the Goalie shirt is sublime!

Hummel, please take note with regards our third shirt!

Keith Meakin
108 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Hideous, absolutely 💩
Brian Wilkinson
109 Posted 19/07/2022 at
For me, it is more the design pattern than the colour.

Last season we had a top that had a bike tyre tread going down the middle, it looks like we have ditched the bike tyre, and replaced the pattern with a tractor tyre.

Check out the new Crystal Palace away top, looks like someone has been let loose with some crayons.

Billy Bradshaw
110 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Does look better from the back.
Brent Stephens
111 Posted 19/07/2022 at

"Does look better from the back."

And from a distance.

Michael Williams
112 Posted 19/07/2022 at
This is exactly the opposite of what you should do, according to sports psychology studies. Our decision-makers are the absolute worst.
Kim Vivian
113 Posted 19/07/2022 at
I'm trying hard because it's Everton but just can't embrace this. I think I could live with the pattern if the colour was different. Goalkeeper shirt not bad but a bit weird.

If I tilt my laptop screen away from me, it darkens and takes on a far more traditional Salmon hue, and looks quite good.

As I said earlier – who signs off on this stuff?

Ron Sear
114 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Who exactly are they expecting to buy this horrendous heap of crap?

Worse, who is going to be 'brave' enough to wear it?

Duncan McDine
115 Posted 19/07/2022 at
The colour and pattern are both ugly, but by far the worst part of that shirt is the sponsor logo… it would ruin even the most iconic football shirt.
Derek Knox
116 Posted 19/07/2022 at
The only way it would look good is on Kenwright, in the Mersey (outgoing tide) with a Grand Piano strapped to his back!

Brent @111, at a distance? Just how many miles are we talking about? :-)

Kim Vivian
117 Posted 19/07/2022 at
I don't do Twitter so can anyone say how this is going down amongst that community? Not seen a single "like" on here.
Dermot O'Brien
118 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Ah come on now, Derek, that's going too far. The grand piano would be worth something, even just for the pleasure it brought those who have heard it.
Nick Page
119 Posted 19/07/2022 at
That is vomit-inducing. Who designs these shirts because they're not a fan of Everton? Fuck off, Kenwright.
Christine Foster
120 Posted 19/07/2022 at
I really don't think this kit has any saving graces. From style, colour or motifs, lastly even logo, it's a No at every turn. It will curb demand for new shirts though!

If there is any common sense, why didn't the club check this out before?

The Psychology Of The Football Kit: Why the Right Shirt Is Your Best Chance Of Winning The League

The psychology of kits... and what it says about the team.

Alex Gray
121 Posted 19/07/2022 at
I'd say my thoughts on this but the do-gooders will be out in force saying we moan too much.

Christine Foster
122 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Perhaps the new Fans Advisory Board can provide appropriate feedback.
Anthony Dove
123 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Unbelievably dreadful, but I don't know why anyone is surprised.
Danny O’Neill
124 Posted 19/07/2022 at
I don't do much Twitter either, Kim, and this is a tough audience, myself included.

But my brother told me a lot are liking it.

If I could look at him over WhatsApp, I'd have been very straight-faced.

Anthony Dove
125 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Didn't spot the woman in the promo picture so maybe it's just for the women's team. If so it doesn't really matter as it will be seen by very few people.
Brendan McLaughlin
126 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Christine #122

The Fans Advisory Board were indeed consulted on the new kit. Unfortunately they faxed their comments to Blue Bill but the machine malfunctioned and the only scrap of the message that could be salvaged read "FAB"

I'll get me coat

Paul Kossoff
127 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Andrew @100, I had to call him Darren so he won't sue. 😀
Kevin Naylor
128 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Shit team, shit sponsor, shit away kit... The heat is probably getting to me but where is there any good news to do with this club?
Brendan McLaughlin
129 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Cruel Anthony #125,

Didn't spot the woman in the promo picture

Unbelievably cruel.

Jay Evans
130 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Misery loves company.

I’ve got 3 daughters of varying ages and they all love this kit.

Nick Page
131 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Fuck all going on with transfers as well, mind you who wants to be seen dead in that kit. It's all so predictable with this club and its diabolical management. It's hard to believe we used to compete with Spurs. We'll be lucky to finish above Brentford now.

I just can't understand how the fanbase can accept this and do nothing.

Brendan McLaughlin
132 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Nick #131

It's only the away kit and, as some have suggested, possibly only for the ladies team.

Nick Page
133 Posted 19/07/2022 at
It's not though, Brendan, is it? It's everything from the top down. We're a complete joke.

What does the club represent? We're not exciting, we're never in any finals, haven't been in Europe for years, roll over at all the Sky 6 teams (Bill keeps them happy that way).

Nothing more than a make weight. And Sky would happily see us relegated and focus on the murderers.

Oh but we're getting a new ground. For fuck's sake, like that'll change anything with these lazy bastards in charge. They can't even get a proper sponsor.

I remember someone (guess who) complaining about being in a city with a world class team. Well, Man City managed to do it and win six Premier League titles!

We had an opportunity to get rid of the Kenwright show after the terrible season but instead we celebrated (wow!) staying up and the apathy returned once again. The man has had us all for fools for years, and it's shame on the fanbase for accepting the managed decline.

Tony Everan
134 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Anyway, tittle-tattle, it's only a shirt and probably it will be worn once by the mens team to appease someone somewhere. The third strip (is it still the black watch?) will surely be worn more if there is no clash. No player will choose to wear this if there is an alternative.

Kevin Thelwell, please sign somebody, anybody (but not Ross Barkley), to get this headline picture out of the way.

Larry O'Hara
135 Posted 19/07/2022 at
On a constructive note, I visited the Club Shop in Liverpool One looking for the away shirt on Saturday. Thankfully it wasn’t in but I bought a tasteful purple training shirt. Check that out if you want a second shirt…
Sean Kelly
136 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Decent players wouldn't be seen dead in that kit. Dreadful.
Brian Murray
137 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Nick @133. No magic wand but Saturday's gathering at the ground is a start and any blue living at least in the radius and wants change should be there.

Already, the Daily Mail picked up on even a couple of banners / sheets the other week. Horrible thing to say but a bad start on the pitch will make it more fierce. Hope it doesn't come to that.

Andy Finigan
138 Posted 19/07/2022 at
I am like most and don't like it. If the fans group are looking on can we go back to yellow and blue and a new suggestion our new logo under the badge EFCIL.

Everton First Club In Liverpool.

Colin Glassar
139 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Tom and Dom and the flower pot men will love this bloody awful kit.
Sean Kelly
140 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Jonathan @ 84,

The reason there's tyre tracks on it is because we were run over (or over-run) in the Premier League last season.

This crap kit will end up in the bin, just like Everton, come May unless we get the finger out in the market. I'm looking forward to our bargain basement shit signings bursting their tripe next season in a vain effort to keep us in the Premier League.

I want no more bullshit from Billy or Moshiri's "no for sale sign" bollocks. Frank and Thelwell have a wish list akin to a Father Xmas list that will get lost in the post and arrive too late.

Moshiri and the bullshitter have overstayed their welcome long ago.

John Kavanagh
141 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Jeez - looks like they've been run over by a herd of stampeding pigs with square hooves.

Keep the club crest and ditch the rest. This is typical small club arty farty stuff. We could have got some EitC kids to draw up better designs than this.

We are still Everton, even under Blue Bill (who presumably lent the designers the crayons to produce this kit).

It might eventually grow on me, but so might a cancerous wart.

PS Dom wants to know if they do a matching handbag.

Sean Kelly
142 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Is Mykolenko trying to take it off already?
Brendan McLaughlin
143 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Do Stake sell venetian blinds?
Frank Sheppard
144 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Bernie Quinn
145 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Long ago, when I was just a boy - the home kit was Royal Blue and the away kit was Old Gold. We were quite a good team then as well. Those were the days.
Keith Meakin
146 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Reminds me of those Shrimps sweets I used to buy as a kid in the 70’s, a bit like the team all sticky and squidgy
Brian Murray
147 Posted 19/07/2022 at
brendan post 143. only way to make a venetian blind throw sand in his eyes. il get me duffel
Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
148 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Bernie, but we always lost in that yellow kit
(painful memories of the FA Cup in '68)
Philip Bunting
149 Posted 19/07/2022 at
I suppose what it boils down to is would Speedo Mick wear it...
Jamie Sweet
150 Posted 19/07/2022 at
My Dad told me it takes a "real man" to wear pink (all because he owned a pink tie that he wore once or twice).

I don't completely hate the design, I think it might look OK if the Stake logo wasn't so shit.

Paul Birmingham
151 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Enough said and in some recent seasons the better designed kit has been the 3rd kit which is worn about twice a season.

This augers for more of the unexpected, hopefully better than this lousy kit design.

It makes me wonder who in EFC, if any one, approved this kit design?

The club has as far as is known, massive capex and opex challenges, due to poor mismanagement over decades.

How this kit will boost any revenue streams, for Evertons season, remains to be seen.

Well I’ll drink to better times for a EFC, this weekend, but this kit, is something else.

Pekka Harvilahti
152 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Worst ever winner without doubt. Between a sick joke and trying to devalue the club for some reason which I can't understand. All these stupid things are just shortening our way to a lower league.

We play shit football and if we do it wearing silly-looking shirts, it makes it even more painful.

Brendan McLaughlin
153 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Ha ha Brian #147

A bit like the club we love the humour on Toffeweb is also only headed in one direction!

Matt Byrne
154 Posted 19/07/2022 at
For me, the kit is awful. My two kids say they don't like it. The recent away amber was excellent. Google Everton away 02-03.

The Keijan kit when we were 4th most of the season but fell away at the end. It was Moyes's first full season. Really simple and classic white 2nd kit and a fab all-black 3rd kit. Rooney, Gravesen, Ferguson etc in that hard-looking black kit. It looked tough and the subliminal message was we are coming to your ground and we are getting a result.

Does the skip through the pink flowers kit give that impression today? Remember the cream one around 2010? The one when we beat Chelsea on pens in the FA Cup. That was a good one too.

Bernie Quinn
155 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Phil @ 148 - I never mentioned 'winning' Phil - just that we were a better team!!
Si Cooper
156 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Some of the macho-whiny tripe written on this thread is bordering on the libellous.

Grow up, it's just an away kit, neither the colour (nor the sponsors logo) can hurt you in any way unless you let them. The football played in them could get you seriously depressed, however.

Many won't buy it but I suspect many will (though they are unlikely to be crotchety blokes becoming ‘snowflakes').

Christy Ring
157 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Absolutely horrible, it's hard enough to try and buy an Everton shirt in a sports shop as it is, definitely safe enough with this one.
Will Mabon
158 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Si, very few if any will change their personal opinions just because you are a grown up and mature pink champion.
Danny O’Neill
159 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Out of order Phillip @149. Now I've got an image of Mick in pink speedos.
Pekka Harvilahti
160 Posted 19/07/2022 at
These will be for fiver next summer and still nobody wants them.

Last years white and dark blue was great.

I dislike the amber but it is still way better than the pink.

If, as it seems, nothing matters anymore, they might as well clad them in red and put a liverbird design on the chest. The board would be in awe.

The players don't care what they are wearing as long as they are paid. The only ones who care are the fans without whom there would not be any real leagues and the money spin.

Brendan McLaughlin
161 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Brent #111,

Bit like my missus.

Rob Halligan
162 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Met our next-door neighbour earlier on, who's 5-year-old son had the new away kit on. It's actually not that bad, and the pink doesn't seem to be as dark as the one in the picture above. The grey shorts with the pink stripes down each side look decent as well.

But seeing as the fashion police are out in force on this thread, I doubt many, if any at all, will change their mind once they see it for real. Besides, looking at the teams in the premier league next season, I can only see us wearing it about four times anyway.

Si # 156, I actually agree with you. People having palpitations over the colour of a football shirt is quite funny.

Bernie Quinn
163 Posted 19/07/2022 at
I cannot comprehend why the Club would think this kit would enhance our image with the general public.

I now I read that Everton are thinking of signing Ross Barkley again!! Please tell The Grim Reaper, I surrender!

Steavey Buckley
164 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Will the pink shirts encourage more female Evertonians to buy them? Never underestimate female buying power. They go to work and can earn as much as men, and are just as passionate about Everton as the men are.
Eddie Dunn
165 Posted 19/07/2022 at
I hate it but pink used to be the colour for boys here in Britain and blue for girls. It all changed in the '40s (I think) when a royal baby was dressed in blue for a boy or pink for a girl, and the whole thing was turned on it's head. A truly terrible piece of design.
Will Mabon
166 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Rob, you wouldn't say that if the home strip was changed to red...
Don Alexander
167 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Hats off to Mykolenko for starting to take his off - I'd do the same.

I assume the other two have no "image rights" in their contracts.

That said, if our current boardroom and owner believe they've actually fully exploited every other avenue of marketing why not now aim at the completely virgin colour-blind gay-boy community?

You know it makes sense!

Kieran Kinsella
168 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Hopefully it’s made of horse hair. They should wear sack cloth and ashes after last year
Dave Bowen
169 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Seriously l! That has to be the ladies kit, right?
Sean Kelly
170 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Will Frank have the balls like Whiskey-nose to dump this kit at half-time versus Southampton. One for the bin. Tarkowski will look like a flamingo in that blouse.
Don Alexander
171 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Pardon my ignorance but is the lass at the forefront Miss Stake?
John Belshaw
172 Posted 20/07/2022 at
“Pretty in Pink?” Er, great…. apart from the design and colour!
Si Cooper
173 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Don, in case you are not just punning, that is one of our female players, Izzy Christianson (spelling may be off) who is the current captain, I think, and has actually done a very good job as a pundit for a few games of the women’s Euros (speaks sense and doesn’t grate on the ears like Alex Scott, Vicki Sparkes and a few others). Women’s football is still about my 50t( favourite sport though.

Bernie, I think plenty of female Evertonians will buy this kit. I’ve just seen that Christine doesn’t like it though so it’s not going to be wholly accepted.

There was a version made not long ago for the support of a female cancer charity which I believe sold like hot cakes.

Kieran Kinsella
174 Posted 20/07/2022 at

I was going to say, not sure if it’s the same back home now but in the States pink is the Susan B Komen Brest cancer awareness color so among other things some sports teams wear the color in October. Honestly, I don’t much like the kit but I’m scratching my head trying to think of one I’ve ever liked. Maybe it’s because it seems weird to think of Everton in anything but Royal blue? In reality other than what Chelsea and Leicester away there’s really no need for away kits. They used to use the excuse of black and white TV but even in the poorest of countries I’m not sure you can lay your hands on a black and white TV now.

Si Cooper
175 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Christine, I had a look at the link you posted and couldn't find anything that said this kit is obviously a bad choice.

The biggest factor was teams wearing matched professional kit. The colour and design don't change this from being a professional kit. The psychology piece is clearly mainly talking about amateur teams and I'd whole heartedly agree about the smartness being a boost versus a rag-tag mob.

I've worn plenty of different coloured kits and it's never made a shred of difference to my attitude or sporting ability. I've also seen rag-tag mobs annihilate their sartorial betters!

Christopher Nicholls
176 Posted 20/07/2022 at
I think the color choice has considerable merit and I applaud the club for thinking forward and offering a kit that reaches beyond traditional offerings.

I don't agree with every design choice in the kit myself, but it is reasonable to assume that there are many people who might think this is a fantastic choice for them.

There is still a smart home kit for those who appreciate a more traditional offering.

Some of the casual misogyny that has crept into this thread is unnecessary. We have a women's team that are also ambassadors for our clubs history and traditions.

Christine Foster
177 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Si, I take your point but would say have a look at the All Blacks.. the very name is a reference to their kit.. its imposing, it makes the players feel invincible and raises their game..its intimidating.. well it was until the Irish came over... but you get the drift.. the All Pinks doesn't feel the same does it?
Kieran Kinsella
178 Posted 20/07/2022 at

Yeah but when I think of the All Blacks I picture Jonah Lomu. When I think of Everton I think of Tom Davies. If the All blacks wore tutus and Tom Davies dressed as Iron Man I’m not sure it would make much difference.

Don Alexander
179 Posted 20/07/2022 at
A kit comprising vertical stripes, to hopefully disguise the out-of-shape whilst on-fabulous-contracts muppets we still have courtesy of our owner/board, would be preferable, and mainly to them if they harbour any thoughts of profitably disposing of them to some other club with as asinine a "leadership" contingent as ours.
Kieran Kinsella
180 Posted 20/07/2022 at

By all accounts Rondon has been on a diet over the summer

Jonathan Oppenheimer
181 Posted 20/07/2022 at
I just showed the shirt to my wife and her response was, “Everything about that is awful. The color is terrible and the design looks like a vagina.” So there’s that perspective too.
Chris James
183 Posted 20/07/2022 at
No problem with pink, to bb honest, I just don't really like the design – too much going on and feels a bit amateur.

Still, given our away form last season, anything that changes is worth a go – I'm still more concerned about who'll be wearing it and what they do in it really.

Bernie Quinn
184 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Oh Please, Mr Moshiri, Mr Kenwright, and the Boardroom – Think of the many loyal Evertonians around the World and take a good look at yourselves. Are you really pleased at making the club the laughing stock of Europe, if not the World?

Surely the supporters deserve better fare than what is presently offered? Mr Moshiri says wait until the close of the transfer window before we criticise, but then we are shown this terrible kit, and all the players that Frank appeared to want are being signed by other clubs.

When will we be able to smile again and be proud to call ourselves "Toffees"? The days are dwindling down…

Jim Lloyd
185 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Good Grief!
Danny O’Neill
186 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Bernie, apart from the shock it caused when it flashed up on the screen, I think the fact so many of us are discussing kit-gate is because we have little else to discuss. Most worryingly on the transfer side.

I got a notification on my phone earlier. I can't recite it, but I wasn't sure what Lampard was saying. On one hand, he was suggesting it would be a good time for Dobbi to get regular playing time, so I thought that indicated him going out on loan.

But then he closed the statement by saying we need to stay strong, so be careful how many players we let go.

Don't know what to think of that one.

Gary Jones
187 Posted 20/07/2022 at
It's that bad, I'm now directly opening the Comments page instead of the ToffeeWeb Homepage to avoid seeing it.
Justin Doone
188 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Terrible kit, low sales, renegotiate manufacturing contract so they can low ball us.

We will accept as the fools at Everton know nothing about marketing and are happy to reduce any perceived risk.

I can see it being a hit at London fashion week though.. maybe we are looking to get out of the football game altogether?

Mark Ryan
189 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Chris @176,

Please explain to me what you mean by this because I've read it 3 and 4 times, you've lost me. You have written:

"I think the color choice has considerable merit and I applaud the club for thinking forward and offering a kit that reaches beyond traditional offerings.?

Merit? What is the merit of a bubble gum pink kit?

Forward thinking? Moving away from our history and our colours is forward thinking?
Applaud them for offering a kit... blah, blah? I know we are all different but explain how it has merit and is forward thinking?

I am a traditionalist. I think it's horrible, my wife thinks it's awful, my son thinks it is ghastly and my daughter said " Well, you could wear it down the beach"

Convince me of its merit. Which part? I'm intrigued...

Brian Murray
190 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Bernie @185. Your appeal is one we all echo.

On the one hand, the owner can't grasp or listen to you or see what he leaves in charge.

On the other, his custodians who are not interested in being professional or what's best for Everton – unless they are on the gravy train all the way to the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock (over my dead body).

See you all, High Noon on Saturday.

Clive Rogers
191 Posted 20/07/2022 at
The shirt is brilliant if you are the only gay in the village. It's no wonder our shirt sales are so poor. We get £3M per year while Liverpool get £30M per year from Nike.
Mark Taylor
192 Posted 20/07/2022 at
The colour use depends perhaps on whether your goal is to sell fashion or kit out a Premier League team suitably. Those designers among you know colours have meanings and you choose them accordingly for your brand palette.

Here's a colour 'meaning' from a design company's website, I could not pick some of the content, but it gives the general idea:

Blue represents both the sky and the sea, and is associated with open spaces, freedom, intuition, imagination, expansiveness, inspiration, and sensitivity. Blue also represents meanings of depth, trust, loyalty, sincerity, wisdom, confidence, stability, faith, heaven, and intelligence.

Pink, a delicate color that means sweet, nice, playful, cute, romantic, charming, feminine, and tenderness, is associated with bubble gum, flowers, babies, little girls, cotton candy, and sweetness.

Ray Roche
193 Posted 20/07/2022 at
"little girls, cotton candy, and sweetness."

Yep, that's our midfield right there.

Raymond Fox
194 Posted 20/07/2022 at
They have probably chosen pink to go with the modern trend where you're expected to love everyone else regardless!

We can have opinions, but dare not say them.

Richard Freeman
195 Posted 20/07/2022 at
I have a theory that shirt visibility has a significant effect on results. I always thought that the black with orange sash was a mistake and may have contributed to poor away form, although it obviously wasn't the main reason. If this is right, we should win every match in this new away shirt! 😁
Joe Bibb
196 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Don't worry – it won't be in stock until April and then there will only be 20.
Joe McMahon
198 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Richard @196,

Another theory could be the mainly poor players for many years that have been wearing the shirt, whatever the colour?😶

Ralph Basnett
199 Posted 20/07/2022 at
For all of those who are bringing up pink and gay links for the new away top... shame on you, we now call this homophobic and you need to take a look at yourselves.

I don't like it because it just looks shit, I have always preferred the '70s amber type – simple as that and no shame on me!!!!

Alan McGuffog
200 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Many years ago I read a psychologists article about the merits of different coloured shirts. The premise was that red was the most formidable colour to go up against. Red was associated with attacking, bravery, never say die etc.

Look at the sum of trophies won by tLiverpool, Man Utd and Arsenal. On the spectrum of colours I wonder where pink would sit?

Incidentally, I'm not misogynist, macho, or homophobic. I, like most on this thread, just consider this to be a bloody awful shirt.

James Brand
201 Posted 20/07/2022 at
You mean we get relegated this season wearing that...??!!!
Paul O'Neill
202 Posted 20/07/2022 at
I didn't think that I could be any more depressed about being an Evertonian than I was watching the worst Everton side I've seen in my lifetime this season.

And then… no, it's not the new away kit.It's some of these posts. It would be funny if it weren't so depressing.

This level of shrieking hissy-fit anger over a football jersey is a psychologist's wet dream. Every uptight, misogynistic, toxic macho, homophobic, transphobic, generally massively insecure male thought seems to have been represented in this thread.

Everything from weaponised use of the word ‘woke', to sneering comments about woman's football, trans people and gay folk has reared its ugly head on this thread. One poster even threatened to abuse any fellow Evertonian he saw wearing one at the game. Do it to me mate. I dare you.

If it takes a pink, oddly designed football shirt to flush out tossers I don't want anywhere near the club I love, you know what? I'll buy two.

Brian Murray
203 Posted 20/07/2022 at
As as aside, I remember going to Old Trafford in Latchford's 30-goal season with us wearing blue shirts shorts and white socks. We looked the business as Andy King ran the show, plus Latchford bagged a brace.

I know amber is our traditional change kit depending on colour clash but, failing that, all black looks the part. This kit just looks rushed and a total after-thought. Hummel are usually better than this.

Alan McMillan
204 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Absolutely vile looking. Sack marketing now.
Brian Murray
205 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Paul @203. Flush out any tossers you don't want anywhere near the club eh? Okay, hope you are there midday on Saturday. Enjoy your week.
Terry Farrell
206 Posted 20/07/2022 at
These will be on special offer by end of August.
Matthew Williams
207 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Hasn't Mykolenko suffered enough lately!
John Burns
208 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Chris #176.

‘Casual Misogyny'?

I don't think there is any evidence that those responding to this awful kit hate women in any casual or otherwise fashion. It's just a terribly designed kit people are responding to. Women don't come into it. Well apart from the lady modelling it.

Barry Hesketh
209 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Considering how some posters feel about the club, perhaps we should turn out in dirty brown or some other shade of dog manure that would seem to represent some of their views on the club called Everton FC.

Not to my taste, but I'm sure many young boys and girls will happily sport this kit during the summer holidays, providing they can actually persuade their guardians to buy it of course.

Matthew Williams
210 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Is it too late to change it?... maybe swap out the pink for white with amber detailing instead of the lilac maybe? Obviously our new Fan Advisory Board weren't consulted over this.

I truly fear about our new sleeve sponsor... Crown Paints maybe or Carlsberg... or perhaps the Russian Tourist Board!?

Our boardroom are making us a total laughing stock, I fucking hate them all!

Si Cooper
211 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Alan (201) that psychology thing about kit colours has already been mentioned but the article that was linked was mainly about teams turning out looking professional in matched kit.

I've heard the red thing before (Shankly was supposedly keen on the all red kit) but I doubt there is any real truth to it except it is a pretty popular colour for team sports. Why is it supposed to be synonymous with bravery? I think that is purely a Western attitude. The British Army may have liked their redcoats but they coloured the British Empire pink on the map, didn't they?

Playing rugby, I've never been at all influenced by what the colour of the opposition kit is, it just doesn't register when you are running about and is just the way you identify who is with you and who is against you.

Christine, there is a theory that the All Blacks name is actually completely accidental and the journalist who first coined it actually meant to indicate their performance was as if they were ‘all backs'– such was the ball handling ability displayed by the whole team. Who really knows?

I don't think their near invincibility is derived from their kit, I think it's more anthropology than psychology. I think it's the Pacific Islander (if that is the right ethnic group) heritage where they are commonly big, athletic and get their mature strength early. Fijians, Tongans, Samoans – they all scare the bejeezus out of any sane man – no matter the colour of their kit.

Dare I say the Kiwis perhaps get a bit of an edge from their European heritage as well (have to be tough to survive as a colonist) which may put a more ‘disciplined' element into the mix.

Matthew Williams
212 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Check out Blues our new home pre-match jersey!

Make that one our away shirt... problem solved and looks good too!

Sorted...now to sort out some decent new players.

Si Cooper
213 Posted 20/07/2022 at
John Burns (209), it’s interesting that your post indicates you, like many others on here, have apparently zero interest in the women who represent our club.
I’ve already said I have a very long list of things I’d watch before a women’s football game, but I am at least aware of some of our more high profile female players (solely because they represent our club).
Is indifference to Everton footballers just because they are female or dismissal of a colour because it has ‘feminine’ connotations (clearly expressed by some posters) not somewhere in the vicinity of ‘casual misogyny’?
Brian Murray
214 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Si. Don’t you think we have more things to worry about then a turn of phrase or being pc. Can’t breathe in this daft liberal country without uproar if give an opinion. Back to Everton. Focus on what’s under our nose right now.
Mark Taylor
215 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Si, I don't think it is casual misogyny to not be interested in women's football. I think people are allowed preferences and women's football, like most women's sports, is a somewhat different beast to the men's game. I have pretty much zero interest in Everton ladies for example. However I do plan to catch the euros match tonight and I do quite enjoy watching ladies golf, partly because as a club golfer, I can at least identify with their swings and the distances they hit, rather than the freaks on the men's tour.

It is also my opinion that pink does have feminine connotations. Is anyone serious going to deny that (this despite my best efforts to give my daughter any colour but pink)? Whether it is suitable or not for a men's team is more moot, many teams from Man U to Real Madrid and Juve have worn a version of pink. But their shirts were not, in my humble opinion, quite as awful looking as our effort.

Si Cooper
216 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Brian, what is posted is right under my nose and I reserve the right to debate with others.
I thought it was particularly ironic that John contested Chris’s comment in a way that showed a complete lack of awareness of a representative of our club.
That is exactly what many women in sport will hate. The attitude that if it isn’t done by a bloke then it’s not even on the radar.
That’s not being PC, that is being aware.
Someone earlier posted about a supposedly ‘modern’ phenomenon of trying to be decent to everyone. Obviously the likes of Buddha and a certain Jewish bloke who got famous by advocating exactly that about 2 thousand years ago have escaped his notice.
Will Mabon
217 Posted 20/07/2022 at
"Is indifference to Everton footballers just because they are female or dismissal of a colour because it has ‘feminine' connotations (clearly expressed by some posters) not somewhere in the vicinity of ‘casual misogyny'?"

'Misogyny' is the basic unfounded dislike, dismissal or discrimination of or against a woman for being a woman. Indifference to women's football is indifference to the low and uninteresting standard of the football. I have nothing against women but the football is relatively poor.

Many things are connoted, related and associated with male or female. To try to shame people for acknowledging this or expressing a personal opinion without intent to insult, is mind games. Women remove facial and body hair – misandry?

John Burns
218 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Si 214.

I guess I object to the use of the word 'misogyny'. However, with respect to interest in women's football, and even indifference to the ladies at our own club, I think this is the position of most on this site. But maybe I'm wrong.

I do think though most object to how the media has forced women's football onto the footballing public (generally male). Overnight it became as if this was the norm. And if the male reacts negatively, they are labelled misogynists. There is something insidious about this that requires further debate.

But Si, I don't hate women, I love pink, but I think the kit is awful!

Si Cooper
219 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Mark, it's not a case of not being interested in women's football, it's not having the slightest interest in someone who is an Everton footballer that I find a little surprising.

Isn't this a site for supporters of Everton Football Club, which doesn't just have men's teams. Do our female players not merit some mild interest?

I'm pretty sure ToffeeWeb used to mention the ladies in the past. Maybe they are not as interesting now they have slipped from their elite ranking?

Will Mabon
220 Posted 20/07/2022 at
"Isn’t this a site for supporters of Everton Football Club, which doesn’t just have men’s teams."

I'd venture 99%-plus of members, posters and readers of this site gained an interest in Everton based zero on women's football. You know this too.

"Do our female players not merit some mild interest?"

Not by people that are uninterested.

Michael Kenrick
Editorial Team
221 Posted 20/07/2022 at
I'm sorry, Si, that is no doubt in part at least down to me. I decided to use the site to follow and record what were back then the Reserves and Academy teams. But the effort was more than I anticipated – it still is.

I thought I would be clever about it and recruit someone who was interested in the Ladies (as they were called for a long time), and added this request:

"We cannot keep pace with the mighty Everton Ladies team in the FA Women's Premier League – any correspondents out there who want to cover them for ToffeeWeb? E.mail the Editor"

You can see how old it is – the terminology is seriously outdated. And the number of responses I have had in the last 20+ years since that message has appeared every season on ToffeeWeb? I think you probably know how many...

Jamie Crowley
222 Posted 20/07/2022 at
The kit is hideous. This ridiculous conversation about the ladies team, homophobia, etc. has literally nothing to do with the fact that this kit looks like a fucking flamingo threw up its bluefish lunch all over a T-shirt.

It's simply fucking awful. Put your female empowerment and PC notions away and just look at it. It's awful.

Si Cooper
223 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Will, John, et al.

I'm not denouncing anyone and I agree that the word 'misogyny' is nowadays used as a broader stroke than it used to be. That's the problem with language, it evolves and not all dictionary definitions retain their usefulness.

But that is the reality. When people talk about ‘casual misogyny' they are not talking about ‘hating' women, they are talking about the discriminatory frame of mind that dismisses female achievement as automatically less important than the male equivalent.

That doesn't mean that everyone has got to be interested in exactly the same sporting spectacles. Like the majority, I enjoy watching that which inspires me which broadly speaking means it has to be at a level I've only aspired to.

Where that changes is when I have a personal attachment. Therefore, I can feel ‘proud' when the Everton ladies do well, even if I don't actually watch them play. I guess it's the total indifference I can't relate to.

Yes, the BBC are completely OTT in the way they talk up the level of interest in the women's Euros, but I can live with it (well some things get negative comments) because I do think it is important that society strives to make sure that everyone is given a positive role model.

Will Mabon
224 Posted 20/07/2022 at
...this kit looks like a fucking flamingo threw up its bluefish lunch all over a T-shirt."

:-),"...this kit looks like a fucking flamingo threw up its bluefish lunch all over a T-shirt."

:-),,,1,15:19:48,,,ok,19747,07/20/2022 15:19:48,overdrive,reader,,,no,
1257445,42374,toffeeweb,20/07/2022,Nick White,,I may be wrong but I thought the lack of transfer money was due to FFP restrictions and not because we can’t afford to spend. Also that the stadium finances are outside of FFP. ,I may be wrong but I thought the lack of transfer money was due to FFP restrictions and not because we can’t afford to spend. Also that the stadium finances are outside of FFP. ,,,1,15:24:56,,,ok,21817,07/20/2022 15:24:56,nlwhite1978@talktalk.net,reader,,,no,
1257446,42376,toffeeweb,20/07/2022,Dan Brierley,daniel.brierley@airbus.com,"Paul O'Neil 202, what a great post. Some the shouts on here are just "Wow!"

One of our players was brave enough to speak out about his mental health problems, and then gets targeted on here for a shirt that had nothing to do with him?

The world is thankfully moving on from the toxic masculinity of 'men were men when I was growing up'.

I think the shirt is absolutely fucking awful, but I am proud that Everton are trying to shift boundaries and push social diversity and inclusion with this shirt choice. Just hope they would have got the design right!

Si Cooper
225 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Sorry Jamie, but that is just an opinion to call it hideous.

I'm with Paul O'Neill at 202. I'm just stunned by the extreme emotions this fairly innocuous kit has apparently stoked.

Talk about ‘first world' problems.

Matthew Williams
226 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Well said, Jamie #222... it's all about the shirt!

Btw, isn't the Palermo FC home shirt pink with black trim? And no-one it seems takes the piss outta them... how strange! 😉

Will Mabon
227 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Talk about ‘first world’ problems.

OK, Si - I will give you that one! Doesn't change the crap shirt but in the wider context...

Alan McGuffog
228 Posted 20/07/2022 at

My apologies if I misconstrued your post. Are you suggesting that the club chose a pink shirt to encourage diversity and inclusion? If that's the case, is not the club guilty of stereotyping sections of the community?

Nick White
229 Posted 20/07/2022 at
We are just about to complete the adoption process for a gorgeous 1-year-old girl, she will join us just a few weeks into the new season. I will be buying this kit for her with her name and the number 1 on the back, it's important to start the Everton brainwashing early. 😂

It will be the only Everton kit I buy this season as I'm not keen on the new home shirt. Hopefully next season's offerings will be an improvement across the board!

Jamie Crowley
230 Posted 20/07/2022 at
"The world is thankfully moving on from the toxic masculinity of 'men were men when I was growing up."

Dan, your desire for equality and progress is admirable.

Don't castrate men on your journey. Masculinity has a real purpose and overall positive contribution in society. if you think effeminate men is the way forward, you're nuts (pun intended).

Rob Halligan
231 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Just been to NEXT to pick up an order, two polo teeShirts, one sky blue, and one pink, very similar in shade to the new away kit.

Was thinking of returning the pink one, just in case someone tried to lamp me at the match should I be wearing it, and thought it was the away shirt.

But on second thoughts, I thought "No". As Paul # 202 said, let them try it. Doubt it very much that person would be on their feet very long.

By the way, the pink one looks nice on, so I just might go and buy the new pink away shirt!

Mike Gaynes
232 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Mazel tov, Nick #230, and very best wishes to your growing family!

Rob #232, more than 25 years ago I went into a client meeting (mostly women) wearing an electric pink polo shirt. The director said, "If men only knew how hot they look wearing pink, they'd wear it more often." Every woman around the table agreed. And since then I've always had one in my closet.

I just hate pink as a football shirt color.

Will Mabon
233 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Nick - congratulations! Get 'em young and hit hard...
Tony Abrahams
234 Posted 20/07/2022 at
I sometimes have problems writing on ToffeeWeb because I find the written word can often come across differently from the spoken word, and this can often lead to disagreements that maybe wouldn't happen if things were taken a lot less literally?

I've got little interest in Ladies football, I definitely enjoyed watching the women's tennis at Wimbledon a lot more than the men (no jokes, I'm being serious!) and I was absolutely amazed at the speed the women were reaching when watching the world championship marathon on the telly the other day.

Live and let live, I've just watched the British kid, Jake Wightman, winning the 1500 metres to become world champion right now and, although I'd never heard of him before, I think I'll remember his name forever now!

Dan Brierley
235 Posted 20/07/2022 at
That's a fair point, Jamie, and I fully agree. I referred specifically to toxic masculinity, such as what I have observed on reactions to a pink football shirt, and how it was associated with one of our players specifically.
Jim Hardin
236 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Jamie 222,

If the opinions were about the shirt color and/or design only then say it is ugly etc. Many on here have given valid reasons, such as yourself. However, others seem to have chosen to use the color of the kit as an excuse to type what they know they shouldn't say.

The references linking solely the color of the kit to "skirts", the "gay" in the neighborhood, etc are simply wrong. It isn't about being politically correct, it is about being human. Seriously, how is it okay for a commenter to attempt to identify a person's orientation by the color of a shirt?

Those references were neither germane to the topic nor constructive in any way. They were meant to be derogatory and were stereotypical slurs. Those that cannot see the difference then contribute to the mindset that produced the comments by defending them on here.

And yes, I don't like the kit, not because of the color, but because it looks amateurish and only half-done and the badge is located half off a pattern of similar color, obscuring it. Plus, the shirts look cheap, baggy, and ill-formed, like the tee-shirts you used to be able to buy during spring breaks at Fort Lauderdale.

Mark Taylor
237 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Si 219

I think they are basically the same thing. To answer you directly, I've no interest in our women's team, couldn't name you a player. I have some passing interest in the national team and may record tonight's match to watch later. Same with rugby, don't watch Saracen's ladies but might catch the national team (especially as they win everything!). And I've mentioned golf, but also would catch a bit of women's tennis occasionally on Amazon (but more the men's game)

It's called preferences not misogyny. The latter is a very combustible term to be bandying around and should be reserved for when it actually happens.

Brent Stephens
238 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Great design. Love it.
Billy Roberts
239 Posted 20/07/2022 at
So far, out of nearly 240 posts, I think I have counted 3 or 4 confirmed purchases (1 for a baby size). The commercial department will be so excited by this avalanche of interest. That's if they are interested in shirt sales??? Hmmmm.

Funny also out of 2 of the potential buyers there comes a "What have you got a problem with" challenge? Time to look at the Psychology behind pink as a sports top again, it seems.

Kieran Kinsella
240 Posted 20/07/2022 at
I would sort of concur with Tony. The woman's team is an artificial construct in relation to Everton as there wasn't one for over a hundred years – now suddenly there is. So there's no continuity or history there it's entirely a separate entity that uses the same name and shirt.

I've a full slate of sports watching as it is including men's and women's tennis, athletics, etc so I don't have time or desire to look into something suddenly created trying to latch onto an existing history of another unconnected team.

In the same way, if we suddenly started a men's Everton of Australia team, I would view it the same way.

P Ron Wells
241 Posted 21/07/2022 at
Well, the first of many losses in the new pink shirt. Should be baptised the relegation kit.

From the Kenwright foundation that keeps on taking from us and giving nothing in return (no, we have not had any good times for the last 40 years). This is really the first time in over 60 years as a Blue that I feel it's not worth it anymore.

ps: I am against this colour because colours (like numbers) seem to represent something in the collective subconscious.

Why are revolutionary flags red? Why do people not want to live at No 13? Pink is not a strong colour. Weak colour, weak team.

Leighton Cooper
242 Posted 21/07/2022 at
I assumed it was the birds' new kit at first until I saw Mykolenko and Iwobi in the background.

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