Everton complete loan deal for Vinagre

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Everton have landed their second signing of the summer with former Wolves left-back Ruben Vinagre returning to the Premier League on loan from Sporting CP.

Bancada de Leão of the Sporting 160 podcast claimed yesterday that, according to his sources, the 23-year-old left-back was "on his way to Everton on loan with an option to buy".

Additionally, a tweet by journalist Charlie Gregory suggested that Vinagre was on a plane bound for Manchester last evening, adding further credence to reports the player could be on the move again.

That was confirmed when Record reported that Vinagre underwent a medical and Fabrizio Romano also reported that everything is in place, including that option to make the deal permanent next summer.

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“It's an amazing club, it's like a dream come true to join a big club like Everton,” the Portuguese said in his first interview with evertontv. “Everton is a big club with a great history, and it's an opportunity for me to work with great players and a great manager, and those things together make me even more excited to work here.

“It's a great opportunity to work with Frank Lampard. He is a football legend, everybody knows him, and to have the opportunity to learn and work with him, is very good for me.”

Vinagre is well known to the Blues' Director of Football, Kevin Thewell, having spent five years at Wolves before moving back to his native Portugal with Sporting on loan last year.

The Lisbon outfit took up the option to sign him permanently in a deal that came into effect on the first of the month but now the former Olympiacos and Famalicão loanee has headed back to England to compete for a spot with Vitalii Mykolenko at Goodison Park.

Quotes sourced from @bancadadeleao

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John Pendleton
1 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Aren’t we also after Zoltan Gera?

Meaning our season could depend on Zoltan Vinagre?

Ant Sorvoja
2 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Fully agree with you, John. There's also another rumour we are after hot-shot left winger called Patatas Fritas from Espanyol and would combine really well with Vinagre.
Kieran Kinsella
3 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Now that Mykolenko looks the part, we go and get another left-back. He and Mykolenko can exchange notes on what it's like trying to link up with Davies and Doucouré or how it feels to watch Gray and Gordon run straight into the corner flag.
Brian Murray
4 Posted 26/07/2022 at
I heard Vinagre really is the Man for all Sarsons.
Christine Foster
5 Posted 26/07/2022 at
This could all leave a sour taste in the mouth...
Mike Dolan
6 Posted 26/07/2022 at
He is an absolutely brilliant player. A definitive wingback. Does he play any other positions, I wonder?

Mykolenko has played centre-back… Maybe Keane's time is up. And I just can't see Godfrey being our centre-back.

Steve Brown
7 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Christine @ 5, I hear we are also in for Phil Salt from Huddersfield.
Ian Bennett
8 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Cover I guess and Frank deciding that Nkounkou is way off ready. A further nod also for 5-3-2 preferred formation, as the lad is used to being a wing back at Wolves.

Hard to get excited, but fills a need at a low cost. Hope Gomes goes the other way.

Brian Murray
9 Posted 26/07/2022 at
John @1,

I'm not going to apportion blame but we have to get this right and not fritter away another half a billion.

Alan J Thompson
10 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Full-backs, wingers and central defenders a-plenty but it is in midfield and striker that we need to be looking and strengthening. In normal circumstances, I've not got a problem with buying improvements on those we have but we are facing financial restrictions which must mean we give priority to the weakest part of the team rather than just adding to the list of surplus players running down their contracts.
Kieran Kinsella
11 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Ian Bennet,

Funnily enough, The Bobble was quoted today as saying Gomes has been told he can leave. The first response was “You mean reminded?” The second was “Told for the 100th time?”

Made me chuckle but too true with his exorbitant wages unfortunately

Derek Knox
12 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Kieran, regarding Gomes, he got on really well with the other donkeys on Blackpool Beach recently. When asked if that could be a permanent option, he answered with a "Neigh"!
Derek Knox
13 Posted 26/07/2022 at
So Vinagre was not good enough to be offered a new contract at Wolves, didn't set the Premier League alight when he played. Returns to Portugal where no-one is rushing to give him a contract there, but is considered to now be a target for us? Sounds about right that!

Strewth, Bruce! They must have done this 143 times now before, so it's now gross incompetence! :-)

Andrew Ellams
14 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Somebody with Premier League experience as a loan-to-buy as cover and competition. Is it that bad considering our financial position?
Peter Neilson
15 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Unfortunately, it appears to be the position we're in but hoping this is just more media fluff linking any player with a club connection to our DoF.

I'm not sure his Premier League experience is that convincing, Wolves were happy to let him go after 30-odd games.

Surely we have a scouting network alongside some analytics expertise? We'll know in 5 weeks' time.

Sam Hoare
16 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Sounds like this is happening.

The limits of our scope and scouting feel very pronounced as we mainly target current or former Premier League players, ideally ones who worked with Lampard or Thelwell.

Vinagre was pretty average for Wolves and pulled up no trees at Sporting. A strange use of one of our loan slots in my eyes but I guess he must be cheap.

Obviously there are more pressing needs than left-back cover.

Barry Hesketh
17 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Kieran @11,

I read a rumour on some other Everton-related site, that the Bobble's true identity is somebody with family links to one Mr Kenwright. I don't suppose it's true but in this day and age, nothing surprises me.

Eddie Dunn
18 Posted 26/07/2022 at
I'd be more interested in his sister Vinaigrette, she is sharper and would be a healthier option.
Steve Cotton
19 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Is this an attempt to say, "Look, we've got you 2 players in – what more do you want?"

If it's numbers for numbers' sake, we are screwed.

Tony Abrahams
20 Posted 26/07/2022 at
I'd like to hear people with family links to Bill Kenwright tell us that he isn't a lying bastard.
Michael Lynch
21 Posted 26/07/2022 at
I don't believe this one. Why would we use up one of our precious loan spots on a left-back when we are so desperate for strikers and midfielders, and don't seem to have any money to spend on them?
Sean Roe
22 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Alan @ 10,

My thoughts exactly.

Jim Lloyd
23 Posted 26/07/2022 at
There's a danger if we don't get a couple of good, fast midfielders and at least one forward; we might have had our chips this season.

ps: Mike Dolan. Have you been watching this lad... you reckon he's good?

Mal van Schaick
24 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Stop looking at and trying to buy unproven crap. We've had plenty of that in the past and look where we are at.

As others say, our priority has to be a striker or strikers... or else, we will be playing a 5-5-0 system.

Ian Bennett
25 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Champagne taste, vinegar money 🤣
Robert Tressell
26 Posted 26/07/2022 at
A crisp passer who crunches into tackles.
Danny O’Neill
27 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Not so sure about that, Mal. Any transfer is a gamble.

For every proven player that doesn't work out, there is a hidden gem that does.

And vice versa.

I guess we have to trust that the manager knows what he wants and the DoF knows to go and find them.

Blind faith? Possibly on my part. But I'm not into this proven player, particularly proven Premier League players.

Alan Johnson
28 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Take this with a pinch of...
Colette Black
29 Posted 26/07/2022 at
We need to make the main meal before we consider condiments.
Jim Lloyd
30 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Very astute, Colette!
Alan McGuffog
31 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Be amazed if this happens. Still, we've pulled strokes like this before.
Brian Murray
32 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Hope proved wrong but so far the dof role is too much an ask for mr t like the last two incompetents. Arkright running his corner shop same as always. All we are saying is give us some pros. ( not the loose type ).
Brian Murray
33 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Does Mr Thelwell just read the back of the Daily Star?

Very iffy start to his career.

Derek Knox
34 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Alan @ 31, Ah! is that what they call the Vinegar Stroke ? :-)
Robert Tressell
35 Posted 26/07/2022 at
We can't afford to spend money (Inc. Loan wages) on a 2nd choice LB (Godfrey covers anyway) when we have such glaring problems in other positions.

I'll be surprised if this happens.

Just another example of rumour mongers formula of:

Thelwell + Wolves = Bollocks

Tony Mace
36 Posted 26/07/2022 at
As keen as mustard to join us
Tony Abrahams
37 Posted 26/07/2022 at
If what I’ve just read is true, then we are getting in a player on around £13K a week. He could be anything, either not good enough to nail down a place anywhere, by the time he’s 23, or somebody who needs to stay in one place a bit longer and find some stability?

I think it’s good that he knows the league, but is he really good enough to play, and excel at Everton? I’m certain he must have talent, because this one, no matter how cheap, is definitely on our new D-O-F, who’s another that has just came into a very challenging job, because of the disastrous way Everton have been allowed to be Run.


James Marshall
38 Posted 26/07/2022 at
I'm not sure I agree that we need to strengthen in midfield. I feel we lack the balance of good quality full backs on both sides to solidify and help the midfield players.

They were overrun a lot last year due to a lack of shape, not necessarily a lack ability in the middle. Modern football is dominated by fullbacks who dictate play with and without the ball. An area we were so unbalanced in last year so this might be a good move. And also why we've been looking at right backs as well.

Probably an unpopular theory but one which could explain the thinking behind all the reported interest in full backs.

Feel free to shoot me down.

Tony Everan
39 Posted 26/07/2022 at
A rubbish story, as Robert @35 points out, it doesn't make any sense. Is the lad's agent looking for an improved contract for his player?

Any loans we get in will have to be meticulously targeted to help the first team, especially in our perilous financial state. We can't afford any more ridiculous King or El Ghazi fiascos.

Derek Knox
40 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Tony @ 20,

"I'd like to hear people with family links to Bill Kenwright tell us that he isn't a lying bastard."

Surely they would be lying too if they did. :-)

Jim Lloyd
41 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Brian, I don't think the role is too big for Thelwell. The question is, does Fatso let him get on with it. Until he goes, we'll suffer from a hotch potch of roles as Mr Big thinks he's a smooth operator... slimy more like!
Tony McNulty
42 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Some people thought the songs had dried up and the group was finished.

So the bass player (his name was Paul McCartney, and, for younger readers, he was a member of a group called The Beatles) told the press that they should hold their judgement. They had this album which was going to knock people's socks off. The album was "Sgt. Pepper."

I hope by the end of the transfer window we are all humming the likes of, "A Day in the Life", and not "The Frog Song."

Tony Abrahams
43 Posted 26/07/2022 at
I still think we definitely need midfielders, James, but agree that the instability, initially came from our back four. Silva and Benitez both got the sack after ending up playing with a back five, and this is also a formation Lampard has tried in a lot of games.

It might become a lot more balanced now, if Godfrey is going to cover Patterson, although I’m not sure we have got a natural left sided defender to cover Mykolenko, on the other side?

If he’s going to prefer playing with a back three/five, then Lampard definitely needs another left back, because very few players stay fit for a whole season nowadays, especially if they are being asked to play every week.

We definitely need a good strong disciplined midfielder to sit behind the three that will play further forward, and suddenly things might begin to take shape!

Jim Lloyd
44 Posted 26/07/2022 at
I've just been looking on newsnow everton; and according to some portugese paper, the deal is very close. We are "about to close a deal, with an option to buy"

Well, we'll soon find out...one way or another!

Brian Murray
45 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Jim post 41. Every time we dare to even think positive that name keeps popping up
like a bad smell. Better be careful as he cancelled dave kelly’s season ticket so he might have his limp wrist ed mafia watching ToffeeWeb.
Christine Foster
46 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Tony #42 l hope we are all singing "All right now" and not "What becomes of the broken hearted" by the end of August. At the moment everyone is just singing "l heard it through the grapevine'
" you know a man ain't supposed to cry, but these tears I can't hold inside. "
Says it all really
Tony Abrahams
47 Posted 26/07/2022 at
It’s called sucking the life out of people Brian, although I’m sure a few people on ToffeeWeb must think the same about you and me, because we do seem to mention the Jonah, a lot, on these pages.

I remember I decided I was finished with him and his sidekick Moyes, being in bed together, but Moyes suddenly left, and I carried on going, but the Bill Kenwright years, have been very, very difficult, and also full of contradiction.

Tony McNulty
48 Posted 26/07/2022 at

If you carry on like that you'll have me singing, "Please Release Me"

Barry Hesketh
49 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Tony @47
You have to understand the professional background of our great leader:

There are three basic types of drama:

Tragedy: a serious, solemn play based on an important social, personal, or religious issue. For example the inability to snatch the opportunites to move to a new stadium, or failing to encourage a complete takeover by experienced and responsible owners.

Comedy: a play that shows the humorous actions of characters when they try to solve social, personal, or religious problems. For example the sale of the club to an erratic Iranian and then the response by him and his colleagues to solving those issues created by the new owner.

Tragicomedy: a play or novel containing elements of both comedy and tragedy. For example: The last 27 or for some 35 years of Everton FC and its fluctuating fortunes.

Tony Everan
50 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Beatles songs, Think Frank might be playing ‘Help’ at full volume in his office.
Brendan McLaughlin
51 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Food for thought though. This guy does sound like a seasoned professional who knows where the onion bag is. Hopefully the missing ingredient.

Condiments to Thelwell and the recruitment team

Tony Abrahams
52 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Stop it Barry! At the end of the day it’s got to be believable, so if it was anything but Everton, “a lot of us” would have switched off years ago. I will use, “I’m glad we are not going to Kirkby” as an example.
Derek Knox
54 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Or Antonio Conte in his Spurs Office hearing that their Korean player has been injured: 'That Son Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore' (Frankie Valli/The Walker Bros). :-)
Tom Bowers
55 Posted 26/07/2022 at
More fake news??? Do we need another defender when the attack is so poor? When we have eleven behind the ball, we still look wide open.

The players who apparently are supposed to play midfield are just not up to snuff, lacking speed, marking and adequate tackling.

That part of the scenario needs to change if they are to keep out of the Bottom 6.

Brian Murray
56 Posted 26/07/2022 at
That Rodriguez fella on YouTube looks a fast tenacious player with a good passing range. Same as Gbamin without the glass legs.
Tony Everan
57 Posted 26/07/2022 at
It's going to be a tough, backs-to-the-wall season, so when the chips are down, this feller could be just what we need.
Kris Boner
58 Posted 26/07/2022 at
We already have a team full of wet lettuce, not sure adding a bit of vinagre will make it more palatable.
Brian Murray
59 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Kris. we could be on the cress of a wave and that’s just the tip of the iceberg
Danny O’Neill
60 Posted 26/07/2022 at
I won't recite the entire song but on the Beatles theme.

There are places I remember. In my life I'll love you more.

We're going back there soon.

Not bad for a couple of lads originating from Speke, one from Woolton and another from the Dingle.

Jim Lloyd
61 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Brian (45),

I'll do a bit of creeping and send him a "hope you enjoy your retirement" card!

I think Colette's has been the sauciest comment, some are just downright cheesy. Derek Knox's have been X-rated and to get to The Beatles is just a Magical Mystery Tour!

Brian Murray
62 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Jim. With a side note if you're ever passing, keep going. Okay, Danny the only connection I'd like to see with The Beatles n Bill is a revolver. That's a loaded question.
Derek Knox
63 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Tony @ 57, " this feller", so he's a Lumberjack as well ? Very interesting, we have plenty of deadwood that needs chopping, so he may be 'barking up the right tree' ! :-)
Brian Murray
64 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Derek yes they was 3 of them from dublin ( all together now, tree fellars
Jim Lloyd
65 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Brian, I certainly will, or I'll get associated with ne'er-do-wells.

Barry Hesketh, good post on the Theatre Luvvie's reign, actually, the romans had a feast named after him, it was called The Lord of Misrule!

Eddie Dunn
66 Posted 26/07/2022 at

On the subject of left back, could it be that Seamus is being kept on so he can cover both right- and left-back positions?

Bill Gall
67 Posted 26/07/2022 at

Reading the amount of comments from lazy journalists and pundits who just need space to fill, I am now into "It's been a blue blue day and I feel like running away".

Danny O’Neill
68 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Not so sure about that Eddie. I think Seamus will be there for presence and leadership, even though I think he's too modest to be a captain. I appreciate many will dispute that, but he's never given me that feeling. But he does command respect.

And he can still do a job, even if it's not every game, as well as mentor younger players.

I think Godfrey is the one who gives us versatility at the back. He suffered from second season syndrome last season, but he can play left or right back as a traditional full back. Not yet convinced he is top drawer centre back, but he's still young and learning so time will tell.

Brian, put the revolver down. Let's play Nowhere Man. Living in his nowhere land. Making all his nowhere plans for nobody.

I could go on!!

Andrew Keatley
69 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Tony (43) - I suspect you might be onto something.

Playing 4 at the back against Minnesota was pretty disastrous. We were in much better shape - defensively at least - against Arsenal and Blackpool when we played with 3 centre-backs and advanced wingbacks. I think Lampard will use this system, and Vinagre could provide much-needed cover for Mykolenko - even allowing Mykolenko to play as the left-sided of the 3 centre-backs if needs be.

If Vinagre were to come in then it probably means our defensive acquisitions are done and we can concentrate on trying to secure 3 more players; a DCM, a CM, and another forward.

Eddie (65) - When fit and ready I fully expect to see Coleman playing as the right-sided of the three centre-backs.

Andrew McLawrence
70 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Vinagre spotted at Stonehenge's sarson stones. Took me ages that! 😬
Tony Abrahams
71 Posted 26/07/2022 at
If you’re looking for lyrics, then it’s got to be that “traffic-classic” because nothing deters Chairman Bill.
Gary Jones
72 Posted 26/07/2022 at
IF this is correct, then we must have written off Nkounkou completely.

No idea why its favourable to the player or his club to come and be a reserve here?

If Nkounkou is indeed a write-off, then surely the better plan is to get Eli Campbell and Samuels-Smith on a fast track as the backup?

Steavey Buckley
73 Posted 26/07/2022 at
So Everton will have 4 left backs to choose from? Frank Lampard must not have much confidence in Mykolenko, Nkounkou and Ben Godfrey.
Tony Abrahams
74 Posted 26/07/2022 at
I think Godfrey would be okay playing fullback in a flat back four Steavey, but I don’t think he his cutout for playing wingback? Nkounkou, looks like he might be alright playing as a wingback though, so he’s probably going to be sent on loan again to learn his trade, once again!
Kevin Molloy
75 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Hells bells – I find this club frustrating.

The one aspect of our squad I am reasonably happy with is our talent on the flanks. Gray, Townsend, Gordon, and then behind them, Mykolenko with Godfrey as back-up. Less so on the right, we could be a bit light with Patterson and Coleman.

So, I know, why don't we buy another left-back, play five at the back, and get rid of all our wingers, and attack down the flanks with just the full-backs???.

This set-up says to me, "We've got no confidence in our defence or our midfield. so we're just gonna stick bodies in there, and hope to nick one."

Ye Gods.

Eddie Dunn
76 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Andrew @68,

Yes, Frank did have Coleman on the right of three centre-backs at one time. He does seem to prefer to have three with wingbacks.

I still think it leaves the middle of the park too open, especially when Gomes inevitably gets his chance.

Alan Johnson
77 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Anyone know the identity of @Elbobble?
Sam Hoare
78 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Ben Godfrey is not a left-back. He's certainly not a left-wingback. And clearly the coaches and manager don't think Nkounkou is up to it.Which leaves us with one left-back.

Vinagre is no great shake in my opinion though he does have potential, has played already in the Premier League, and crucially is very cheap at only £16k per week. An £8M option to buy is not dear should he do well. Thelwell knows him well and is on record saying he's a hard worker who could be a top player.

We cover a needed position for very little outlay and risk. Decent if uninspiring business.

Looks like we will be using wingbacks this season, which probably makes sense given our options and Vinagre is quick and decent going forwards. Unless Mina gets sold, I expect that's us sorted at the back now:

GK:- Pickford, Begovic

CB:- Tarkowski, Mina, Godfrey, Holgate, Keane

RWB:- Patterson, Coleman, Iwobi

LWB:- Mykolenko, Vinagre

Though, as Andrew Keatley says, I'd not be surprised to see Coleman as RCB in a back 3. And possibly Mykolenko as LCB.

Brian Wilkinson
79 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Passed his medical, so looks like we have him.
Soren Moyer
80 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Yes Brian, according to some news outlets he will be made official ‘in the next few hours’ and he will be on £15k a week for the entirety of his loan deal.
Derek Knox
81 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Brian W, so he has passed the Acetic Acid Test then? :-)

Hopefully see you on Friday mate, giving the Dark House a visit for a change with Jim Lloyd!

Kevin Prytherch
82 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Is he thinking that Nkounkou is more cover for wide midfield / wing than defence?
Danny Baily
83 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Makes sense, we need cover there.
Tommy Carter
84 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Dries Mertens. 12-month deal. Free transfer.

Pace. Work rate. Quality. Age is not on his side but his level of performance last season was still very high and I think if we are shopping for loans and freebies we could do much worse than the Belgian

Brent Stephens
85 Posted 26/07/2022 at
So he's ours? Hope he's good when the chips are down.
Brian Wilkinson
86 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Be a nice change from the Oak, Derek, I am taking my daughter to Bramley-Moore Dock first to have a look at the stadium, then jump the train to Kirkdale, so will walk down to the Dark Horse and hopefully have a drink, time permitting.
Robert Williams
87 Posted 26/07/2022 at
JP1 - You're mustard, mate!!
Colin Metcalfe
88 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Kevin, I think you are right because I don't think Townsend will fully recover from that awful injury – certainly not at his age.
Pat Kelly
89 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Pass the Vinagre. Exciting times to be a Blue. Thelwell, the loan arranger.
Brian Wilkinson
90 Posted 26/07/2022 at
If Ferguson was still here, Derek, we would have assault and Vinagre

With Coleman's on the right, and a possible Cornet arriving.

Andy Crooks
91 Posted 26/07/2022 at
However good or not this fella is, his signing will be a massive statement of lack of intent, a symbol of the tragic mismanagement that sees us back trawling the bargain basement with survival as our goal.

A truly lamentable state of affairs for which only transient coaches have been held to account. My God, the custodians of our club never, ever fail to disappoint.

Do they not have any feeling of responsibility, a modicum of shame? A sense that they played any part at all in nearly relegating our club. Not even a tiny feeling of awkwardness at showing their faces in public, never mind at Goodison Park.

Still, maybe something good will happen. It's due.

Robert Williams
92 Posted 26/07/2022 at
All this talk of Vinagre has put me in a right pickle!!
Paul Elliot
93 Posted 26/07/2022 at
According to Sky Transfer news, the deal is almost done for a season-long loan!!

I suppose it is more bodies onboard, but we really need a 10-15 goals-a-season attacking midfielder and a striker to come in for injury-prone Calvert-Lewin. Hope I am wrong on the last bit...

Shane Corcoran
94 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Done deal.

How many loans can we have or is the restriction just on domestic loans?

Paul Elliot
95 Posted 26/07/2022 at
@Shane (93) I think it is 5 max, unsure if they have changed the amount for this season.
Brian Murray
96 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Derek Knox. I'll make my debut in The Dark House – don't think I've been there unless it was a different name. On Wessy Road I take it? Doesn't sound too inviting... maybe that's the vibe this season.
Brendan McLaughlin
97 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Yip apparently a "season..in" loan

Come on, be kind!

Kristian Boyce
98 Posted 26/07/2022 at
We’re only signing him for the fish (& chips) puns on the live forum.
Dale Self
99 Posted 26/07/2022 at
It is official? So we can start slagging him now right?
Alex Gray
100 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Costs no money, tiny wages and a decent backup to Mykolenko. Not a priority but, with our injury record, the more players the better.
Tony Everan
102 Posted 26/07/2022 at

Current rules for loan signings;

- Premier League clubs may not register more than two players on loan at any one time.
- The maximum number of loans registrable in the same season is four, and, under no circumstances, shall more than one be from the same club at any one time.
- Premier League clubs cannot loan to another Premier League club a player they have acquired in the same transfer window.
- A Premier League club may loan not more than one of its goalkeepers to another Premier League club.

With the exception of Welsh clubs competing in the competitions listed under Rule V.6.2, loans from a club in membership of another National Association do not count towards the above quotas.

Robert Tressell
103 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Weird signing. Must mean:

- like Ancelotti and Benitez, Lampard has concluded Nkounkou isn't very good; and

- we are definitely going to play a back 3 / 5 and we need someone to cover Mykolenko (Godfrey can only cover left-back)

Bit underwhelming. But then this is Everton.

Brian Wilkinson
104 Posted 26/07/2022 at
As far as I can work out, Brian, it's close enough to where the old Elm pub used to be, which was on the corner across from the petrol station.

I will try and get there myself before the game.

Brian Murray
105 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Nkounkou looked well off the pace with no awareness although with his pace might still make it further forward. Had high hopes for him. Think the last week of window will say a lot.
Brian Murray
106 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Nkounkou looked well off the pace with no awareness although, with his pace, he might still make it further forward. I had high hopes for him. I think the last week of the window will say a lot.
Tommy Carter
107 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Robert @103,

Your logic checks out as far as I'm concerned. However, 'concerned' being the operative word.

Concerned that Lampard will insist on the wing-back system and 3 centre-backs.

Logic for me would dictate that Mykolenko, barring serious injury, will be the left-wingback for the majority of games this season.

If he picks up the odd injury or suspension, I'd expect that we could revert to a flat back 4 with Godfrey covering there and Nkounkou as emergency cover.

But it appears that Lampard will perhaps not be this flexible.

It seems we will be completely reliant upon full-backs for creativity. In games when our width is pinned back by other better teams who play this way, then we are really going to struggle. There'll be absolutely no outlet and midfield will already be a mismatch in most games.

I am not against this signing per se but I get the impression that we can't make unlimited signings so we have decided to bring in a cover left-wingback at the expense of a player in another position.

David White
108 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Paul @93, show me a 10-15 goal midfielder that is going to come to Everton? A proven 10-15 goal midfielder is going to be £50M, mate.

If we sign an attacking midfielder, he's not going to be a household name, it could be a young lad that could be a 10-15 goal-a-season player but we are not in that market, lad. Lower your expectations, mate, or you will only be more disappointed.

Must be competing with Mykolenko as he's only a young lad himself and, with no competition, Mykolenko could get complacent.

I too think a striker is a must. How long last season was Richarlison up front because Calvert-Lewin was injured? I'd like to see Broadhead given go but that's not serious back-up.

Let's hope this is the start of the transfer plan as they know only 2 loans are allowed, so they must be planning something fingers crossed

Robert Tressell
109 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Tommy, I don't like a back 3 or 5 either. Not because there's anything wrong with it as such – it's just we always look awful when we play that way.

I suppose we might use a system like Wolves – a 5-2-2-1, with full-backs giving width but also busy, technical players (like Gray and Gordon) behind a target man (Calvert-Lewin) offering goals. Or a 5-3-1-1 with Alli behind Calvert-Lewin.

David White
110 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Tony @102.

Does the rules mean we can loan 2 players from English teams but more from other European clubs?

Joe McMahon
111 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Dale @99 – correct.

I remember Lookman being written off after 1 game (he's doing okay now), and Mykolenko being written off by some after half a game (even though he was new to the country and his homeland under siege).

To be given time, you have to be local; Tom Davies is a perfect example, as is Jonjoe Kenny. It really is The League of Gentlemen with some when it comes to players.

Billy Roberts
112 Posted 26/07/2022 at
This transfer doesn't appear to have got the fans on "the Vinagre strokes".

I will let someone else translate that to our superb overseas fans.

Jim Lloyd
114 Posted 26/07/2022 at
I think we've looked awful, most ways we've played. Mainly, our centre-halves (unless Mina was playing then it might be a bit better) were unreliable. We seem to have got our hands on a decent centre-half now and Mykolenko looks better as the weeks go by.

I think Patterson will show better as the season progresses as well. We're still a couple of good midfielders short of a midfield.

So really, it boils down, to me, that I'll support any tactics Frank uses, as long as we get some good (don't have to be great unless we unearth a gem, as great players aren't likely to come here) players in.

A poor horizon for me but, if we draw some of the games we lost last season and win some of the lost and drawn games, we'll survive.

I think it will be a miracle if we get into the Top 8 (but they do happen)! As long as we steer away from the mire this season, that'll be a starter for 10 (more points'll do). It's survival for me.

Depending on who we bring in, I might hope for higher horizons. But after last season, and the financial mess... just do better than last season, please.

Tommy Carter
116 Posted 26/07/2022 at

I think you may be right Robert.

But that’ll end in disaster as DCL has now adapted his game and offers very little in terms of running channels and press like he used to.

Dele has never offered this.

And neither are players who’ve ever been creative or able to build attacks.

Both are just players capable of finishing chances created for them. And this will be in a team that isn’t capable of creating anything.

We’ll effectively have two passengers in our starting XI if this is how he intends on setting us up

Jay Harris
117 Posted 26/07/2022 at
So we've still got one more loan possibility (Gilmour or Broja?) and hopefully at least one quality CDM as a marquee signing (Rodriguez?).

And we've lost Richarlison, Sigurdsson and Delph and never had Gomes.

Oh dear!!!

Mike Gaynes
118 Posted 26/07/2022 at
The preview headline for his debut will be Vinagre Dressing for the Game.

He will bring back our salad days.

Barry Rathbone
119 Posted 26/07/2022 at
I always wistfully hope for a team to evolve out of unheralded misfits as per Cloughies second division Notts Forest and Tommy Doc's second division Utd both were dynamic surprise packages and won stuff. Perhaps this guy and Tarka the otter are the catalysts.

*reaches for tablets whilst muttering "I am Napoleon"

David Vaughan
120 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Vinagre. Let's hope he stands up to scrutiny.
David Vaughan
121 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Vinagre. Let's hope he stands up to scrutiny.
Dave Abrahams
122 Posted 26/07/2022 at
David (108), according to Tony@(102) only two players are allowed on loan from English clubs, those from other National Associations don’t count, if I’ve understood that correctly.
Dave Abrahams
123 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Barry (119), I’d never heard of Andy King before he signed for Everton he turned out to be a bargain buy, another couple, one like Andy in centre midfield, and another tough tackling midfielder like the one in the dogs of war, Joe Thingy, can’t think of his name, would be ideal and very cheap.
Dave Abrahams
124 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Barry (119), I’d never heard of Andy King before he signed for Everton he turned out to be a bargain buy, another couple, one like Andy in centre midfield, and another tough tackling midfielder like the one in the dogs of war, Joe Thingy, can’t think of his name, would be ideal and very cheap.
Dave Abrahams
125 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Barry (119), I’d never heard of Andy King before he signed for Everton he turned out to be a bargain buy, another couple, one like Andy in centre midfield, and another tough tackling midfielder like the one in the dogs of war, Joe Thingy, can’t think of his name, would be ideal and very cheap.
Jeff Armstrong
126 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Ah, just realised another ex Wolves player, Thelwell is really using his imagination here. So that’s Gibbs White, and Dendonkey we’ve been linked with, and now Vinagre on his way.
I hope he’s got more ideas in his little black book than Wolves squad players he’s worked with previously.
Billy Roberts
127 Posted 26/07/2022 at
We have"lost' Sigurdsson and Delph?
Did we ever have them?
I am being serious, it's like saying we have lost Rodriguez
Of course we need creative players, but this isn't a new drama.
Barry Rathbone
128 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Dave 122/124

I'll have that, smashing player was Andy - and that goal - wow!!

Colin Glassar
129 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Seeing as we’ve got “contacts” within Wolves can we finally get Moutinho so I can stop watching this bloody space?
Mark Ryan
130 Posted 26/07/2022 at
It does seem as though it's lazy, easy work for Thelwell by selecting ex Wolves cast offs but we are shopping in the Lidl bargain basement. It's not always going to be this way. We need to get through this window unscathed by PL scrutiny. If Frank can galvanise the players we have a chance of being competitive.That'll do for me this season. Last season nearly killed me. I just want to be competitive
Matthew Williams
131 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Jeez...I don't even remember him playing for Wolves?...we should've kept hold of the Yank lad Robinson...sigh.
Tony Everan
132 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Dave 122, that’s how it reads, we are still allowed two from under our own national association, but only one from an individual club. So in that sense this seems like a decent squad depth signing on low wages, for no risk. Hopefully the lad can develop and progress with Ashley Cole mentoring him.

Joe Parkinson?

Jerome Shields
133 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Jerome Shields
134 Posted 26/07/2022 at

Thanks for that information on loanees. I was not aware there was such rules.

Seems this player is back up for Myko, or maybe it is to have the option of playing Myko further forward. After all Everton need scoring options and Myko is as good as anyone we have got.

It this suppose to be one of Thewells gems.

Jay Harris
135 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Billy 127,
Although Delphi’s been a liability for many years he helped save us on the run in and Siggy although he didn’t play last season was still sorely missed hence our lack of goal scoring and relegation fight.
Other teams have strengthened significantly in the close season but we still have that gaping hole in MF and very little goal threat.
Gavin Johnson
136 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Nkounkou's time looks to be over then. Not surprised. He's a headless chicken defensively.

I txt messaged a Wolves supporting mate about this player today and asked him if he was any any good. His summary was that he was actually pretty good, but he needed to mature when he was at Wolves as he had a tendency to keep doing tricks and unnecessary step overs.

Dave Abrahams
137 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Tony (132) thanks for confirming the information about loan signings.

And thanks again for giving me Joe Parkinson’s surname, just couldn’t remember his name!!

Phillip Mark
138 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Everyone is so salty on here! I personally think it’s a great move. My condiments to EFC for getting this one over the line.
Jerome Shields
139 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Nkounkou in the League Cup a couple of years ago looks promising. His loaning out hasn't helped him at all. I still think players are forgotten about when they are loaned out and no development plan is followed.
Jim Lloyd
140 Posted 26/07/2022 at
You never know Barry. I think we've been short of a proper goalscorer for ages. a man who can make a goal out of a poor pass, using his nous, has speed in thought and action, I don't know how many Vardi's got for Leicester since he joined them, but what a signing by Stuart,

We haven't got onr in the first team squad, I hope we have one in the u 23's but just don't know enough. I like ellis but I hear from those who watch that he needs more time. I think there is more in Grays locker (and townsend's come to that, once they are proerl;y fit, and we get a proper creator...asking for the moon?

Billy Fisher
141 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Kevin 82 I thought that about Nkounkou. Looks like he's got more going forward than defensively, maybe Lampard trying to utilise the players he's got
Brian Wilkinson
142 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Back to the good old Gilbert O, Sullivan.

Alone again naturally.

Pekka Harvilahti
143 Posted 26/07/2022 at
The problem is, we clearly have no money at all to spend. Vinagre was available, no matter where or when he will play, it is just a way to make it look like the board are working hard to getting new players in when they really can't get any, even on loan.
We would need a holding defender, a playmaker and a striker.
We should sell DCL because he is not the solution. If they pay 30m, sell right away.
Of course, it's not easy to get a replacement, but that has never not bothered the board.
Bad business stinks, and no agent in his right mind would broker a deal with us with his prime players. The second hand stuff is what we could get, and even those will cost too much.
It is likely that we will go down this coming season. It looks more and more like the way Sunderland went to the bottom. They have been there for a while.
The only way to survive is to develop young players even if they are bought away early, there are still those who develop slowly.
This coming season will probably be the worst I have ever seen supporting Everton but is been so long time from '66 so I can't stop now.
If we go to the Championship, so be it. Maybe something good will come from that. This kind of running a PL football club travesty, an insult to the long suffering fans.
Soren Moyer
144 Posted 26/07/2022 at
So we turned to Vinagre after all!!!!
Kieran Kinsella
145 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Poor man’s Nuno Valente. Woo hoo
Sean Kelly
146 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Don’t worry folks Moshiri says judge him at end of window. He’s really blazing a trail at the moment. Uninspiring.
Tony Everan
147 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Jerome 134, I think that’s right - a solid back up signing. I can’t see us signing a left back without Ashley Cole giving his blessing. Possibly he can see a player there that he can develop and improve. Who knows, he may become a first team starter at a bargain price.
Andrew Brookfield
148 Posted 26/07/2022 at
In a season when we’re so clearly short of cash and need to be creative in the transfer market this feels like a very weird signing as on of your two potential loan options.

Good luck to the lad, hope he does well.

Andrew Brookfield
149 Posted 26/07/2022 at
In a season when we’re so clearly short of cash and need to be creative in the transfer market this feels like a very weird signing as on of your two potential loan options.

Good luck to the lad, hope he does well.

Danny O’Neill
150 Posted 26/07/2022 at
This is the thing Dave Abrahams and others.

Kevin Sheedy? Who was this Liverpool reserve? Graham Sharp from Dumbarton-who? I hadn't heard of Peter Reid, let alone Paul Bracewell. Trevor (who) Steven?? As for that former bin man from Llandudno who rose from the non-leagues to the lower leagues to become renowned as world class. What were you thinking Everton?

A player from Millwall for a modest fee who only came to Everton after Crystal Palace pulled out of a deal. He went on to become an icon for a generation.

I get it. Different times, but it doesn't mean you won't pick up the odd bargain or gem that just might fit in the right team despite previous unglamorous history.

The moral of the story. Judge them by what they do in a blue shirt. You might just be pleasantry surprised and pleased.

If you're coming to Everton Mr Vinegar, welcome and good luck.

Colin Glassar
151 Posted 26/07/2022 at
We should sign some of England's female players. They’d put most of our lot to shame re skill, effort, passion etc…
Matt Byrne
152 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Seems an odd way of using one of our loan slots which are vital to us given the finances. Myko is surely first choice and Godfrey can provide cover on the left.

Remember the days when Moyes could spot championship players like Cahill Baines and Jags or overseas players like Arteta or Pienaar? Seems like our DOF only knows current or ex Wolves players. Hope he proves us wrong and pulls off some good business over the next few weeks.

Matt Byrne
153 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Seems an odd way of using one of our loan slots which are vital to us given the finances. Myko is surely first choice and Godfrey can provide cover on the left.

Remember the days when Moyes could spot championship players like Cahill Baines and Jags or overseas players like Arteta or Pienaar? Seems like our DOF only knows current or ex Wolves players. Hope he proves us wrong and pulls off some good business over the next few weeks.

Jerome Shields
154 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Jerome Shields
155 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Did Moshiri not say in his not for sale letter that he would be working to improve the squad and judge him in two weeks? It seems now that was a long time ago. One loanee is falling short on what is expected and needed.
Jerome Shields
156 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Did Moshiri not say in his not for sale letter that he would be working to improve the squad and judge him in two weeks? It seems now that was a long time ago. One loanee is falling short on what is expected and needed.
Nick Page
157 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Kenwright vinegar strokes.

Hahaha fuckin hell. We’ve signed a free and some no mark left back on loan and yet some muppets on here can spin it as a positive. Absolute comedy. Check out who the agent is and follow the money. The EFC laundrette. Everton Football Club is finished as a going concern.


The only way left is for the fans to take it back.

Brent Stephens
158 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Colin #151 I haven't watched much women's football but jeez that performance tonight by England women. The individual skill level is really impressive, as is the collective organistion. Some of the movements and goals...
Brent Stephens
159 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Everton Football Club is finished as a going concern. Finished."


"The only way left is for the fans to take it back."

How?,"Everton Football Club is finished as a going concern. Finished."


"The only way left is for the fans to take it back."

How?,,,1,22:06:00,,,ok,10701,07/26/2022 22:06:00,Brent,reader,,,no,
1259192,42396,toffeeweb,26/07/2022,Nick Page,,Stop bringing up Moyes. He fucked us off for Man Utd. And then tried to pinch our best players for nothing. FFS,Stop bringing up Moyes. He fucked us off for Man Utd. And then tried to pinch our best players for nothing. FFS,,,1,22:07:38,,,ok,23046,07/26/2022 22:07:38,nickpage@hotmail.co.uk,reader,,,no,
1259193,42396,toffeeweb,26/07/2022,Eddie Dunn,,"Mathew 131- talking of Anthonee Robinson...have you guys seen his amazing card trick? Fucking incredible, if it's legit.

Nick Page
160 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Thanks Brent.
But I’m not wrong.
Eddie Dunn
161 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Mathew 131- talking of Anthonee Robinson...have you guys seen his amazing card trick? Fucking incredible, if it's legit.
Eddie Dunn
162 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Mathew 131- talking of Anthonee Robinson...have you guys seen his amazing card trick? Fucking incredible, if it's legit.
Brent Stephens
163 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Nick, so when will Everton be wound up as a company and club?
Brent Stephens
164 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Nick, so when will Everton be wound up as a company and club?
Michael Connelly
165 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Back up left sided defender for Mykelenko, known to the DoF. Box ticked. Move on.

Have no doubt Thelwell is having to play a delicate balancing act here. No judgment from me yet.

Danny O’Neill
166 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Exactly Brent.

A ball hasn't been kicked yet. See you home, away and at Wembley.

Pair of muppets you and I obviously!!

Paul Birmingham
167 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Hopefully some more players to follow.

Maybe this lad is versatile as to where he can play, but let’s see.

Looks like minimal outlay, more of the same, three more bargains, time will judge.

Paul Birmingham
168 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Hopefully some more players to follow.

Maybe this lad is versatile as to where he can play, but let’s see.

Looks like minimal outlay, more of the same, three more bargains, time will judge.

Brent Stephens
169 Posted 26/07/2022 at
I might be a muppet, Danny - you're a wee bit more sensible.
David White
170 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Tony 132. Yes that's how I'm thinking. I've read he's an attacking wing back more than full back.. on same money as Delph prob spends a week on socks.

Mark 130. We have got this lad for next to nothing 10x less than sigis wages. The papers have linked us with all ex Thelwall and wolves players isn't that lazy journalists not lazy work by dof. Don't belive all you read mate. Let him do his job and judge him by what the players do he brings. Not by who the clickbait sites say we are linked with.

Danny 150 hits nail on the head.
Who knew seamus, cahill, arteta, pienar would turn out so good for us ? They were plucked for next to nothing or were struggling for form it can be done without spunking a load more dough.

Nick Page
171 Posted 26/07/2022 at
We’re all fucking muppets believing in this bullshit. It makes me so angry. Got my youngest a Gordon kit the other day. Took two weeks to arrive and I paid for next day delivery. Hahahaha - why did I do that, this is Everton. What a tit

Honestly though we need to get real. I’ve seen us win everything. I’m lucky. But the future of the club is literally on the line here. We go down, we’re done. We can’t pay for a new ground. Moshiri was never the money man - it was his mate. He owns the club now as a stooge as his mate has been sanctioned. Blue Billy Bullshiter hasn’t got any money apart from the millions he’s made from selling his stock. The accounts look horrendous (I’m a financial investor, so I know….and Paul (Esk) does some great work….he gives his time to it). We’re terribly run, with no leadership and are desperate for investment (AGAIN!) but we can’t spend any money. We can’t make any money because we don’t have any commercial acumen and we are cash-flow constrained due to the new ground. Our squad is paper thin and low on confidence.

We’ve signed a ton of players who have been so bad they have had no resale value. In any business that (lack of) ROI is a huge red flag. But not at Everton Old Boys Club. Honestly this wasn’t a one off or a few mistakes it’s been multiple mistakes…

So we’re in trouble. Insolvency isn’t far away without Moshiri’s (mates) cash injections.

Tom Bowers
172 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Doesn't make sense to me.
Priorities all wrong. Average players who struggle to hold down a place with average clubs are not what we need. Haven't we got enough ??

I suppose, having said that, he will fit in here with our average squad.

Seriously though, do we not need strikers !!!

Brent Stephens
173 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Nick, take that shirt back and get a refund as the club won't be lasting long. What a waste of money.
Danny O’Neill
174 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Calma as they say in Italia Nick.

I think Moshiri is either holding out for seeing the stadium through with his "not for sale" quote. Or he's trying to drive a hard bargain to sell us.

Either way, we all know what needs to change.

Try a good grape. It calms the nerves!!

Less than 2 weeks to go Nick. Then it's about the football and your kid can wear that Gordon kit with pride when he hits the winner against Chelsea.

Bill Gienapp
175 Posted 26/07/2022 at
This move has already been worth it, just for the jokes.
Tony Everan
176 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Bill 177, it’s leaving a sour taste in the mouth for a few
Duncan McDine
177 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Alan Johnson (28) is the clear winner for me. Quality bit of pun work. As for the player - he seems like a poor man’s Nuno Valente (cheap as chips).
Brian Murray
178 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Gavin post 136. I remember Fergie going berserk at some show pony with no end product who kept doing step overs. His surname escapes me... Christiano something.

Our Vinagre will probably end up the same – too much of a chip on his shoulder.

Brendan McLaughlin
179 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Bill #177

Against all logic, perhaps Vinagre will help get Everton out of a pickle!

Ian Jones
180 Posted 26/07/2022 at
I am not sure how good this guy is but, knowing Everton, if we don't get him in, we may vinagret it.

Nick Page
181 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Danny, I can only admire your optimism. Hope you're right brother.

Brent - he'll be off to feckin Spurs, lol. I hate them nearly as much as the RS.

Nick Page
182 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Baz doesn't look happy on Toffee TV…
Dale Self
183 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Hammers get Scamacca. I am hopeful that Broja will not hear what he wants from Tuchel and packs his bags. Apparently it's us and NoGodNocastle.
Pete Clarke
184 Posted 27/07/2022 at
The lad has got skill but some ingredient is missing so, not being able to earn a crust at Wolves or back in Portugal, he finally finds a home in the newly formed Soup Kitchen called Everton.

This is the sign of desperate times and it seems to be that we will play with our backs to the wall with a 5-man defense.

Given that we seem incapable of playing it through midfield, I think we're going to see a lot of long balls to our super strike force of Calvert-Lewin and a super-fit Rondon.

If we don't bring a solid midfielder in soon, then we will need to be firing those blue flares by Christmas.

Mike Gaynes
185 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Cheering the latest rumor surrounding Juve's attempt to move Moise Kean -- now he's supposedly been offered as a swap deal to PSG for Paredes. If they can find a buyer for Kean, Juve will complete his purchase from us 11 months early, paying us £28 million right now instead of next June.
Dupont Koo
186 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Great news indeed. It might be a Loan Signing on paper to provide depth, but I can anticipate him playing alongside Mykolenko instead of "just competing with him":

1) Allow Mykolenko to be moved inside as a left-footed centre-back in either a back 5 or a back 4. Mykolenko played centre-back at times during his Kiev days, so it is not throwing a fish out of the water. As a pair in a back 4, Tarkowski and Mykolenko definitely gives me more confidence than any of the partnership combination out of Mina, Godfrey, Keane and Holgate. In a 3 centre-back setup of a back 5, they can actually help raise the game of any one of those 4.

2) Form a defensively-solid, dynamic and fluid left side that can allow them switching back and forth between left-back and left-winger depends on different match-ups. They just might be able to re-create some of the magic during the Baines - Pienaar days!

In short, happy to have a younger and more dynamic version of Nuno Valente joining us!

Andrew Keatley
187 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Several mentions of Nuno Valente on here are confusing me. Is it simply because both are Portuguese and are left-backs? Because beyond their shared nationality and position (and Sporting Lisbon links) I don't see any major similarities in terms of playing style.
Ed Prytherch
188 Posted 26/07/2022 at
Maybe Mykolenko is the answer to the prayer of those on here who want a left footed center back and Vinegar Joe plays left wing back. I doubt that Nkounkou will play many more first team games for us.
Bill Gall
189 Posted 27/07/2022 at
I wonder if we have had an offer for Nkounkou on loan with an option to buy? It sounds like Vinagre plays more as a left-sided midfielder.

This one came through awful quick.

Dale Self
190 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Yes, Mike, and as you probably know, he scored two vs Barca's first 11. I'll get out the old Dave Watson shrine once again. Actually that second was after the halftime changes.
Kieran Kinsella
191 Posted 27/07/2022 at

For my part the answer to your question is: yes. But additionally the fact we brought him in when we had an established left back. But I also said a “second rate Nuno Valente”. Nuno was actually pretty good. This guy? Red flags anyone?

Signed for Lisbon a month ago and they want to loan him? He's not a kid, He will be in his mid-20s post loan.

Have we done a medical? Have we done a background check? Seems a bit fishy although the vinegar may temper the smell.

Alan J Thompson
192 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Well, that's left-back sorted now we should get back to sorting the priorities! And some wonder why we need a DoF and why all new appointees only seem to know those from their former clubs.
Sean Roe
193 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Goalkeepers = 3 = box ticked
Left backs = 8 = box ticked
right backs = 4 = box ticked
Centre backs = 10 = box ticked
Central midfielders = 0 = box ticked
Wingers = 2 = box ticked
Strikers = 1= box ticked

A well balanced squad to start the season, raring to go!

Philip Bunting
194 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Kieran 193,

I can recall Unsworth going to Villa, pic in paper, then literally 2 weeks later, sold to Everton. Maybe he just likes the UK and Premier League and requested a return, maybe it just suits all parties?

Jerome Shields
195 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Okay, left- and centre-back to cover our creaking defence done, but what about our creaking midfield and our lone and only striker?

Obviously money is not being released. The Richarlison first payment appears to have went into a bank account and will only be reluctantly spent. It appears Everton's priority is to sort out previous financial recklessness. The main deadline of this transfer window was 30 June to stay within the Profit and Sudtsainabilty rules.

The only thing we are certain off is that reports on players with multimillion pounds transfer fees are rubbish. That is how I how I find myself assessing such reports. I now wish that Moshiri had not put in writing “judge me in two weeks" because it is looking very likely he will be judged as being a muppet. £1. 5 million spent last Summer transfer window, nothing spent so far.

The question I have is when the reckless spending was taking place, did anyone know anything about the Premier Leagues Profit and Sustainability rules or cared to know? Really all involved should be long gone.

Jim Bennings
196 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Sean 195

Just goes to prove that Everton have a morbid preoccupation with just "stopping" opponents instead of ever trying to hurt them.

We never seem to have a god attacking team anymore.

Aside from Martinez teams and one or two under Moyes, it's always erred towards defence.

Tony Everan
197 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Mike, The Moise Kean money early would be a big boost for us, his two goals against Barca last night will have done that prospect no harm.

I was reading the terms of the deal, it sounds like Juve paid a €2.5M loan fee last season and are due to pay a €3.5M loan fee this season too. Then an obligation to buy for €24M next summer. It says to be paid over 3 years, so maybe payment of that end fee can be partly stretched until 2024.

With PSG the buyer, we could well get a much-needed early windfall.

Robert Tressell
198 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Jim # 198, I get fed up with this too. It is our small club mentality. Be the team without the ball. Be the team who stops others scoring.

To accumulate good attacking talent we need to speculate on high quality youngsters of low cost. We cannot afford ready made. Yet we seem obsessed with mediocre ready made that we can afford.

All the players we look longingly at now started somewhere and were often available at one point for very modest cost. We need to buy at source.

Sean Roe
200 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Jim @198

I agree. You can have the best back 3/4/5 in the world but if there's nothing in front of it to stop wave after wave of opposition attacks then you're on a hiding to nothing, not to mention trying to put the ball in the back of the net at the other end.

It's going to be a long season unless we get some midfielders and at least one striker in.

Danny O’Neill
201 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Good teams are comfortable with the ball, Robert, not afraid of it.

Good teams take the initiative, not sit deep and hope to hold out.

The "must have Premier League experience" quote makes me cringe. No. Take a gamble on potential, be that relatively experienced or young up and coming.

My concern right now is that the majority of our links have Wolves and Chelsea connections on top of some earlier rumours of Tottenham players likely linked to the Richarlison deal.

I get that a lot of managers and DoF will go back to what they know. But successful and competitive teams tend to build something new and different.

Jim Lloyd
202 Posted 27/07/2022 at
I was just having a look at this lad on YouTube. Given that the clips are only a couple of minutes; and we've got to see him over a game, let alone a season, he he looks good.

He's very athletic, extremely fast, can tackle, go past men as though they're not there, and has a decent shot. He looks up to see what passes are on and can pass over distance or in quick passing moves.

Granted, it's on that small amount of time on YouTube, but I'd have him in our first team squad, and I'd like to see him in from the start of the season.

I admit tactics, 4-5-1, 3-3-2-2 and all the rest of the formations, are beyond me, so I read Robert's and Sam's posts and others, to get an idea of what, when and how they could be used.

For me, the first thing I look at is, is a man a good footballer? Well, this lad is, as is Mykolenko, Godfrey, Tarkowski, Mina (when he's fit), Gray, Gordon, Townsend, Iwobi? (well, he looks like he's showing some skills now), Patterson, Branthwaite (when he comes back!) Coleman (if he can still perform as last year), Dele Alli (if he can get his umph back!), Allan, Calvert-Lewin (Well, I don't think he's a Roy Vernon style goal machine, but if we supply him with headers, he's good at that).

Jury's out for me on:

Keane (not a good footballer),
Holgate (both of these as subs),
Gbamin (hope he makes it but???),
Gomes (sad, but he's finished in Premier League terms),
Rondon (well, I think he can do a job for us while we've got him),
Doucouré (seems to find it difficult to control a ball),
Davies (well, a 'maybe' is all I can see of him as he seems to have gone backwards, but let's see).
Nkounkou (doubtful, but who knows?),
Broadhead (got some glowing praise at Sunderland... but?),
Simms (I'd like to see him but may go on loan)

Anyway, my point is that we have enough good, fast, intelligent players for a more fluid style of football, than that we've suffered for years.

I don't think Mykolenko or Godfrey, and now Vinagre, have to be just one particular position all season, or even all match.

To make the best use of the players we have, then a rigid system is not, in my view, the way to get best out of them; no matter which formation we start with.

What did the Holland team play? Total Football! I think that is the way to develop our players, instead of a total mess.

ps: I think the best goal I saw us score last season was an end-to-end move with about 4 passes, that ended with Townsend bursting the net at Old Trafford... much more of those please, not the pedestrian stuff.

Robert Tressell
204 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Danny, that was why Martinez was such a breath of fresh air. Promoted Barkley and loans for Deulofeu and Lukaku. He didn't think "who is the most expensive steady Eddie I can buy with my limited budget" – he had the vision to bring in talented attacking players despite the tiny transfer kitty.

There remain excellent attacking players available on loan and relatively modest cost fees. Hopefully we finish the window with a few of them.

As it stands we have absolutely no alternative to cowards' football.

Dave Richman
205 Posted 27/07/2022 at
I was just reading a post on Facebook saying that if his parents had any imagination (or a sense of humour) they would have called him Zoltan arf arf.

Anyway, one site I was looking at was giving info over Vinagre's last 50 appearances:

21 at left back
21 at left midfield
8 at defensive midfield.

So there appears to be some versatility there. Or he may have stunk the gaff out in all of those positions. Time will tell I guess.

Sam Hoare
206 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Crystal Palace.

They have gone from having one of the oldest and least dynamic teams struggling to stay in the Premier League, to having an exciting young team who may be capable of pushing for Top 10 this season, whilst playing some good football.

They have done it without having to unearth any unheard-of gems or developing standout youth talents (though the fee they got from Wan Bissaka was very helpful):

Eze – £16M
Guehi – £20M
Joachim Anderson – £15M
Olise – £8M
Edouard – £15M
Mateta – £9M
Cheick Doucoure – £20M
Ebiowei – Free
Sam Johnstone – Free
Nathan Ferguson – Free

None of these players weren't relatively well known, many were bargains from the Championship, but they now have a relatively exciting young team with some sellable assets playing watchable football under Viera.

It's not easy but it's also not rocket science. Let's see who we bring in but there are lots of players out there who could make a difference.

Ciarán McGlone
207 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Is there anybody with a single bit of transfer creativity at Everton?

Brian Harrison
208 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Seems like this is a deal that is driven by our DoF who will have known the player when they were both at Wolves. Also, other than what seem like modest wages, there is no initial transfer outlay and no guarantee of having to buy at the end of the loan.

But can we quickly address our lack of goalscorers? We have just sold our best goals-per-game striker and as yet haven't replaced him. But if you add in the fact that, apart from Calvert-Lewin, nobody in this squad gets anywhere near scoring double figures is extremely worrying.

I am sure Lampard and our DoF will be well aware of our lack of goals. I don't just want to see one striker signed, in my opinion, we need three more proven goalscorers, whether they be midfield players or out-and-out attackers.

I know Moshiri said wait till the window closes before we criticize our dealings in this window, but I would have thought, with losing Richarlison, our priority should have been more attack-minded players being bought, whereas, so far, it looks like it will be two defenders.

Fran Mitchell
209 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Context is key here, and that will only be apparent at the end of the month.

Clearly a back-up and competition at left-back is not a priority. But it is needed.

If we only sign this lad, then there are issues. If his arrival is one, the start of many or a few, then no worries.

In isolation, a cheap option to bring cover and competition at left-wingback is a good thing. An injury to Mykolenko could be a disaster, especially as playing with wingbacks appears to be Lampard's preference.

But yeah, it is not priority No 1.

Brian Murray
211 Posted 27/07/2022 at
I have never agreed or understood why managers and now the DoF go in for the players they know to be safe because they know them or they are reliable.

o me, it smacks of mediocrity in a man. I was told that's being unreasonable or knee-jerk. But I doubt that Pep would need the urge to do that, unlike Moyes or Allardyce.

The £10-15M market is out there plus at least money back or big profit. Still it looks like Everton think they are above that way of thinking and the Koeman - Walsh Everton way is still there. Plus Allardyce with Tosun. Walcott and so on.

All very Everton, this.

Peter Neilson
212 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Maybe Thelwell can coax Andy Mutch and Steve Bull out of retirement.
Tony Abrahams
213 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Hopefully there is some movement on the Moise Kean transfer, Tony E. I was reading he went into pre-season with a totally different attitude and has blown everyone else away with regards his fitness, so it might even be possible that Juve want to keep the kid now?
Martin Mason
214 Posted 27/07/2022 at
We have to remember though that we're in a dreadful position and there is no silver bullet with respect to transfers. We can't spend much and bargains are almost impossible to find.
Shane Corcoran
215 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Brian, I find it fairly simple.

Vinagre is on loan and low wages. He's back-up for Mykolenko and is a player that our DoF sees as one we might develop but is no certainty to do so.

Therefore, if it doesn't work out, then we haven't paid a a fortune and we send a reserve player back to where he came from.

Jim Lloyd
216 Posted 27/07/2022 at
I'm not sure that it is all very Everton. Everton sign a player in the last minute like Bolasie or Iwobi or god knows how many more. This player looks good. As I said, it's only YouTube; but I just showed the YouTube cuts to a mate, and he's gobsmacked. I'd put him better than Digne from what I've seen. I certainly don't see him as mediocre, but time will tell.

I'd rather have a DoF who's weighed up the options available and goes for the best. I think this kid will be a boon to us.

I don't think it's a matter of the DoF knows him or he's reliable, I think he's chosen him because he rates him. We've blown many millions on puddins and we're on the breadline, I would guess.

We need a midfielder as I don't really rate Davies (sad to say) or Doucouré (who wants another contract – I hope we don't give him one... but who knows). Let's hope we can get one, possibly two if Gbamin can't do the job,

As I've said, I'm not looking for any great aspirations this season... but I'll be made up if we exceed my expectations. I'll be looking at 10 points more than we got last season. Any more, that's brilliant.

Forwards, well there should be plenty of passes going on to Calvert-Lewin's head; but I think defences have generally worked that move out; I'll be amazed and delighted if he gets between 15-20 goals in all competitions. I think Gray can score more, as can Dele Alli, if we keep him.

I think if Anthony Gordon stops diving and learns to look for a pass more, then he'll be much more effective.

So, I'll wait and see who we bring in, before condemning anyone... except you know who!

Steve Shave
218 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Morning all! I am happy with this piece of business. Before anyone jumps on my back, "settling for mediocrity, blah blah," hear me out.

Thelwell's entire ethos is set up around 5-3-2, Frank likes the system too (in combination with 4-3-3) and we are finally initiating some joined-up thinking!

Patterson seemingly staying (another piece of good news in my eyes, sorry to all those who were desperate to write him off after 3 appearances).

Vinagre is on low wages, has good potential and some Premier League experience already and we haven't spent much other than a loan fee.

I believe (aside from us being total cheapskates and wanting to save on wages) we will still be busy over the coming weeks. The way I see it, much has been dependent on what happens with Broja, can we strike some sort of deal with Chelsea for a loan? In which case, we can spend more on a CM? I think that underpins the delay in activity; hopefully this will be sorted soon.

Otherwise; we will need to likely spend on a striker who can play part of a front 2 or front 3, Dennis and Terrier are both excellent options and gettable for £20M or so. I'd be happy with either but paying this sort of sum will significantly reduce what we can spend on the CDM position.

Getting Broja on loan might be the difference between getting an Onana or Gilmour on loan. I know what outcome I'd prefer, Broja and an Onana type all day long for me. CDM is the most crucial purchase this summer, we all know it.

Be patient, Blues, there is maybe still a small chance we'll be pleased with the business and Frank and our DoF actually have a plan. Of greater concern for me is the lack of time Frank will have to blood in the new signings and that seems to be a trick we miss every bloody season.

Tony Everan
219 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Tony 215, I think they’d still sell him if the right offer came along. I’m praying they do because as has been said we haven’t enough goals in the side, we need the money now. Richarlison and Kean bought for goals and sold for 90m. It’s going to be tough on the goals for column if we don’t use some of that money and get some more goals into the team.

If we could get Dennis on an extended payment deal it would be a start, half now half next summer. Sounds like we are exploring it. Then some miraculous deal where we can get Guido Rodriguez and offload Gomes going the other way as a very light makeweight, Kev Thelwell will be earning his wages. Then I’ll feel a bit more confident going into the start of the season with still time for one or two shrewd signings.

I think the DCM is very important for the goals for column too, as it will release Dele Alli a bit more to do what he does best, ghost into the box and get a 10+ goal haul from that no10 role. If we are going to keep Alli we have to have the set up to get the best out of him. If not I can see him being sold before the fees start kicking in.

Dave Abrahams
220 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Shane (17), Jim (18), and Steve (20), nice sensible posts, patience is needed by all of us until we see wh else we are getting in the transfer window.

If we don’t sign any more players will understand the frustration shown on this thread but as of now this new signing is free ( for now),low wages for a versatile player who looks like he will be part of the plans for next season so with three more new signings let’s see how the squad shapes up for the new season.

Brian Murray
221 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Steve. Take your point and yes there are five weeks to go so if we can navigate the potential of the 12 or 15 points then late on the likes of broja maybe available that’s great as long as we not adrift in the table. Hell of a risk but obvious no choice until all the big hitters ( and medium ) have done their business. Ironic out of of weaknesses the defence looks the best for creating chances as gordon iwobi gray all hot and cold at moment. Rather us make a big statement off the pitch we all know what that is.
Tony Abrahams
222 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Yes Tony, I think those wily Italians, will wait until the last minute to splash the cash, unless they’ve got another deal in place.

I also think the DCM, position is very important, but looking at the bigger picture, then so was yesterday’s signing, of what seemed like a natural wingback. It does now feel like Lampard is probably going to start with a certain system, and other than backs to the wall, it’s been a very long time since we could see this.

I’m sure Gilmour will come in, and I also expect another midfield player, plus a forward. If this happens it will definitely make me feel a lot more positive, and who knows? we might even begin to start looking forward, and this is something that would definitely lift a lot of clouds.

Jack Convery
223 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Players I have 'scouted' that seem to meet our financial criteria.

Ricky van Wolfswinkel CF ( knows about Wolves, EPL experience with Norwich too ).
Hannes Wolf, AM ( Also knows about Wolves. Good age 23 ).
Jake Clarke-Salter ( Would fit in well with Vinagre - age 23 ).
Conor Pepper CM ( Very cheap and would go well with Salter ).
Tyler Chicken CM ( Available on a free - £400 a week wages will suffice ).
Robbie Bacon CF ( no known relationship with Wolves but also available on a free ).
Will Fish CB ( U23 at Manure ) Again will 'relish' being alongside Vinagre and Salter - no know contact with Wolves though.
Matt Doherty RB ( Played for Wolves now at Spurs - age 30 - right up our street ).
John Ruddy GK ( Was at Wolves but recruited by Brum on a free - Thelwell slipped up there - could have sold Begovic to pay for Chickens wages and Blue Bill would have been made up to see another ex blue back on the wage bill ).
Tommy Curry CF ( One for the U23s - age 18 - Hot prospect ).
Morgan Gibbs - White AM ( At Wolves - knows Thelwell well - apparently wants to stay at Wolves - What does he know ? ).
Diego Jota LW ( Also played for Spurs - oops now at the RS who got him for £40m - now worth £55m - we bought Iwobi for £30m+ ).

Will continue to aid the scouting department asap.

Alan McGuffog
224 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Should get shut of some of the wankers we have here already before adding another onanist.
Ray Smith
225 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Just spoke to a friend who’s a Wolves fanatic.

Wolves took Vinagre on loan initially and he had such a good season that they bought him. Second season not so good, so they shipped him out.
Apparently very skilful, lightweight (at the time), if he has bulked up, could be a good signing 🤞

Brian Murray
226 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Didn’t that norwich van wolfswinkel only score one goal all season and yes you know who against.
Tony Everan
227 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Tony, What do you think formation wise a 5-3-2? It gets interesting when trying to squeeze players in and leave players out. For fun, for balance, four attacking players, four defensive players, and two wing backs who do both.

Could [in theory] have goals in that side while retaining a decent defence and more ability to take the game to an opponent rather than sitting back and reacting to the game.

Patterson Tarkowski Mina Godfrey Vinagre
Gordon Rodriguez Dennis
Dele Calvert-Lewin

Subs: Iwobi, Mykolenko, Gray, Holgate, Allan, Keane, Doucoure, Coleman. The boys Warrington, Price, Mills, Dobbin getting some action from the bench.

Some of those senior eight are arguably starters anyway or alternatives if in better form. There's a lot up for grabs. Again the DCM position is unconditional, I don't think we have a player at the moment who can fulfil the role.

Tony Abrahams
228 Posted 27/07/2022 at
I have never liked this formation Tony, but can now also see it working in the modern game. Funnily enough it’s a formation I’ve never really studied, but I watched my stepson playing last night, and he was thrown into this position, despite never having really played there before, and putting my football head on, I started studying his role, I started to see why I think it could work in the modern game.

It’s still not for me, but it’s perfect for the long diagonal that a lot of teams now use, but as always, it’s about having players with football intelligence, that understand their role, because that’s always the key in trying to succeed, imo.

I think your opinions are valid Tony, especially about taking the game to your opponents, but I hate footballers being isolated, and it’s why I’ve never been the greatest fan of this formation. Again though, if used properly, it should mean you have at least “one floater” so if they are clever, and can keep finding positions closest to our widest player, then suddenly, it might begin to work!!

Peter Hodgson
229 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Danny at 150 and Brian at 210

I read and nodded my head in agreement at both posts as the both made very valid mention of one of the problems we have suffered from for some years now and seem clueless in solving. Ever since the time Lukaku left us in 2017 for M.U. for about £75m we haven't brought in a replacement even though it has been plainly obvious that it was necessary if we weren't going to slide down the league. Every team needs to score goals might sound obvious or else they eventually will face relegation. Again obvious but apparently not deemed a priority for Everton so I hope, without any confidence however, that the message has finally been heard by the Board and acted upon from our close shave last season.

That brings me to the role of Kevin Thelwell I have n problem with him sounding out his former club and using his knowledge from there to pick up, if he can, bargains before having to search further afield for his new players. It make sense to pick fruit from the most appropriate low hanging branches available as they are the easiest and usually most productive when money is tight. The same applies to Frank and his association with Chelsea.

We NEED to crack on and identify and sign one or two players at least who is capable of scoring goals on a regular basis. I dread to think if what will happen if DCL gets crocked again or doesn't start firing as we hope he should.

Urgent work is necessary or the escape we managed last season will be in vain I'm afraid.

Danny O’Neill
230 Posted 27/07/2022 at
I don't like to try and pick teams.

Formations and set up should be moulded around the players you have available rather than trying to make the players you have try to fit into the formation you want to play. Then you're in square hole, round peg territory.

I don't like midfield diamonds. I don't like 5-3-2.

Theoretically, the best attacking formation is 3-5-2. The most complete is 4-2-3-1. In my opinion and if you have the right players for those systems.

But it all comes back to having the right players in the right psisitions to make any formation work.

Most modern day formations see teams play with one striker.

As mentioned, the danger is isolation. Get the midfield closer to the forward. To do that, get the defenders closer to the midfield.

Get higher up the pitch.

Jack Convery
231 Posted 27/07/2022 at
On a more serious note.

When Dynamo Kiev are in town ask them about Viktor Tsygankov. His contract is up next June. Age 24. He's a leader - been captain on numerous occasions. Plays for Ukraine. Right winger who is left footed.

RW 169 apps 67 goals 47 assists
LW 24 apps 10 goals 9 assists
Various MF 20 apps 7 goals 4 assists.

Andy Crooks
232 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Peter @214, Peter Knowles was a decent prospect. He packed it in young to become a Jehovah's Witness so there might be a few miles in those legs if he'still above ground.
Mike Doyle
233 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Danny 232] I recall this issue being discussed around the time of the 1998 World Cup - in the context of how England would/should set up. There was lots of talk of the midfield ‘diamond’ around this time.
A number of expert pundits of the day gave their views, but the most persuasive argument I heard was from Don Howe who maintained that, in top level football, the key thing was not the formation as much as not being outnumbered in midfield.
Of course we saw the impact of this with Everton several times last season.
Brian Murray
234 Posted 27/07/2022 at
It’s is a bit depressing and pathetic that any cash deals ie cornet we are offering 6 million up front the first year. West ham have just paid 30 million the first instalment this year for a striker. No wonder we can’t get anything over the line until maybe the last throes of the window. Amazing moshiri thinks it’s ok to run a business like that god knows what the manager and his coaches think.
Brian Murray
236 Posted 27/07/2022 at
£20 million price tag set for Gomes. Have they added a digit by mistake? That's just not happening. Take a loss like we normally do.
Peter Neilson
237 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Thanks Andy (234),

I just looked up Peter Knowles. Interesting story. After his last game, Wolves kept him contracted for a further 12 years in the hope that he'd return to playing one day. Maybe an early blueprint for Everton contracts.

Danny O’Neill
238 Posted 27/07/2022 at
It's not a modern or complex theory, Mike Doyle.

Games are won and lost in midfield. Always have been. Always will be.

Tony Abrahams
239 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Don Howe was a very clever and meticulous football man, Mike. Small details don’t just matter, they can be very important, when implemented correctly, and I still remember hearing what Don Howe did, (from my father) the day the crazy gang, beat the horrible c**ts, to win the cup at Wembley.

It was a very hot day, supposedly around 100 degrees at pitch side, so at half time, Howe told them all to strip off, sit quiet and relax.

Then just before they went out for the second half, he produced a fresh, ice cold kit, that he had left sitting in a box of ice, for each player, showing intelligence, with actions that were probably well ahead of his time?

Innovation, or getting people to believe it’s innovative even, just like that man across the park, because once you get people believing, anything is possible. I’m just happy that Lampard seems to have settled on a formation, so let’s see who else comes in, because we are nothing without a plan.

Kevin Molloy
240 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Strong rumours Dwight McNeil deal being done as we speak. Benitez wanted him last season, that's good enough for me
Shane Corcoran
241 Posted 27/07/2022 at
To West Ham, Kevin?
Andrew Ellams
242 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Heard the same Kevin with Cornet going to West Ham
Steavey Buckley
243 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Both Cornet and Lingard (who signed for Nottingham Forest) represent the real potential for scoring goals for their respective clubs. Everton have not replaced Richarlison's 9 Premier League goals. So Everton start the season minus 9 goals+. That tells me Everton are already in relegation territory.
Stephen Vincent
244 Posted 27/07/2022 at
I know its late but 'there ain't no cure for the summer time blues'.

See Thierry Small has gone to Port Vale on loan, that worked out well then!

On a serious note, I believe that Liam Delap is available from Man City, 19 years old PL and CL experience, could be an interesting option up front for £10m.

Christy Ring
245 Posted 27/07/2022 at
I'd prefer if we concentrated on Richi replacement and defensive midfielder, left back is the least of our priorities right now. Heard the rumours about Cornet, but to be honest if he has a £17.5m release clause, and we're arsing around for the last two weeks trying a loan to buy deal, forget it. As for McNeill, was touted as an up and coming star, but for me didn't do enough last season at Burnley, rarely stood out.
Anthony A Hughes
246 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Whilst any new players in are welcome it looks like we're going into the new season woefully underprepared.

We've lost our best player from a dire team last season.

Lampard can jiggle whatever formation he wants but what he has to play with isn't good enough.

Judge you at the end of the transfer window Moshiri? Season starts next week mate.

Joe Digney
247 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Bobbles latest update
We’re in talks for McNeil (many other sources say it’s close to being agreed)
And gueye back on loan from psg.

Only Everton could replace gueye ….with gueye.

Tony Abrahams
248 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Stephen @246, for a time, the best business in football, was signing players from Real Madrid, when they went through that “Gallictico-period”. So that’s a very good shout regarding players, who can’t break through at the very top clubs, and definitely something that’s worth exploring?
Jerome Shields
249 Posted 27/07/2022 at

Frank during the regelation battle stuck with a 4-3-3 which morphs into a 5-3-2. Many thought the latter was a attempt at a defensive formation, but in reality it was to provide more support to the midfield having the left and right back pushing up as wing backs, sometimes coming inside.

It didn't look structured and needed players to be more mobile, not fixed positionally and looking to press forward. Of course errors and misplaced passes make it look the wrong tactics on occasions. Iowbi excelled in such a role.

But Frank persisted with it and by all accounts training is centred around players getting use to playing in such a unfixed system. It seems that it will continue the same into this season.

Many on ToffeeWeb are of the age when they look for rigid safe systems of play. But Everton have a young Manager who may have the attitude of hit it a bash and see what happens. Everton this season may not be so predictable to play against and how can any opposition team prepare to play against a team who has a loose formation and bases it's attacks across a broad supported midfield. If in training this is constantly practised they will also could find they will be up against increase speed of implementation of such tactics.

The transfer in of Vingare could be to release Myko further up the pitch. Patterson looks like a player that can get forward or aleast provide adequate backing the a right wing back going forward.

I am not surprised that Gomes can go, he is too slow for such a system and when deep would muck up fast forward progress of the defensive line. So it is essentially to have a speeder midfield player, with either a wing back or attacking midfielder in support of a lone striker. I can't see a additional forward being purchases. Rondon and Calvert Lewin are in situ. So the next part of the transfer window imo will be getting a suitable midfielder or two, . depending how Gbaminis stands up to assessement.

If Everton get Broja and the Kean money pigs might fly.

Michael Kenrick
250 Posted 27/07/2022 at

I know facts are problematic – Richarlison scored 10 Premier League goals last season, not 9.

Then there's this claim of yours that Everton start the season on "minus 9 goals". Utter hogwash. They start on zero goals, like every other team.

I just can't understand why some Evertonians fill their heads with complete and utter nonsense...

Actually, that bit I don't mind. Fill yer boots. It's posting your crap on here in full view that gets my goat.

Soren Moyer
251 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Calling him an underwhelming acquisition would be an understatement. Why would sporting want to get rid of him a month after they bought him from Wolves!!!?
Steavey Buckley
252 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Michael, thank you for correcting Richarlison's goal tally for last season. Yet, the problem of goal scoring lingers on to next season, not having enough goal scorers to keep Everton away from the relegation zone.
Alan J Thompson
253 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Andy (#234) & Peter (#239); I saw Peter Knowles when he was 17 playing for Chorley against South Liverpool at Holly Park and while he was carrying the ball forward at pace he was pointing with both arms where he wanted others to run, quite something to behold unlike brother Cyril at Spurs.
Jamie Crowley
254 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Why the fuck did we sign a LB when Myko is doing so well, and we have ample cover if he's hurt / needs a rest by juggling Godfrey and / or Holgate or even Colemen to LB for a game or two?

What's the point of this?

We need a fucking CM and like now!

Good God don't waste a single resource until that position on the pitch is addressed!


Mike Gaynes
255 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Jamie, clearly Frank doesn't consider any of those three to be adequate cover. I happen to agree with him. As to CM, we're not even halfway through the window, and it's not like we can just snap our fingers and get one in. Obviously patience is required.

Steavey, we've already added back a confirmed 15-goal scorer in the league who barely played last season.

Soren. they are not "getting rid" of him. They bought him as an investment for the future and are loaning him out to get playing time, which he didn't get last season in their 3-man backline.

Bill Gall
256 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Steavey 245
I don't believe it should be difficult to overcome the 10 goals that Richarlison scored in his 30 games., 4 of them was from the penalty spot that he took as DCL was injured. What we have lost with loosing him is his enthusiasm and desire that spread through to the crowd. He was a good player who's goals seemed to come at a critical time.

I think with our restrictions R.Vinagre is a good acquisition as he is only 23 has experience both in the premier and abroad and plays mostly as a left sided Wing Back, but can play at Left Back so is cover for who I believe will be our regular Left Back Mykolenko.

My thoughts have always been as Danny says, you win or loose in midfield, and this season we have lost as our midfield was either overrun or could not move the ball quick enough to our attackers and I will not be happy until we can get at least 1 quality player in the midfield.

I think people are being a little harsh on DCL just going on last seasons games,, that I think he only played in 17 games mostly getting over serious injuries. were before he became a regular England squad player, and nobody is going to replace Kane as the starter.

Nothing can gloss over the poor season we had on the last one but I believe there is enough quality in the present squad for about a 12th position, but who knows what may happen until the official transfer window closes. I don't believe there was very much information on we were going to go for R.Vinagre. and 1 day we heard about it and the next day he was signed.Lets see if their will be any funds coming in with transfers out, that can get a player that can influence our midfield. '' Think I have said this before"

Jamie Crowley
257 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Could this guy possibly play at LM in front of Myko?

A Gray substitute / competition for a spot?

Anyone know if he's speedy enough to play higher up the pitch on the left?

Soren Moyer
258 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Thanks Mike but the thing is Sporting wanted to either sell him, or loan him out with obligation to buy for $11m (same price they paid to Wolverhampton)! So why would they do that?
Mark Ryan
259 Posted 27/07/2022 at
We've been told to wait until the window is closed and so let's wait and see what they bring in
Based on stats, Swedens women were nailed on to win last night and score at least once.
They had not lost for 35 games. They were were battered and lost 4-O
A football match cannot be predicted. Chelsea cannot guarantee a win against us. We are not nailed on for relegation. We don't start the season with a points deducation just because Richarlison was sold. Wait and see who we buy. See how those players gel. You might just be pleasantly surprised. So much negativity here.
Mike Gaynes
260 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Jamie #259, yes, that's the position he played last season at Sporting. I don't remember him with Wolves -- he started one game against us back in 2019, also at LM -- so I don't know about his speed. I assume Frank wants a left-footed left winger to play between Myko and Gray, and Vinagre would be the guy. We don't have another player of that description except Nkounkou, who hasn't looked remotely like a Prem player in preseason.

Soren, I don't know, I know nothing about that club. Our TW expert on Sporting Lisbon and all things Portuguese, Steve Ferns, would know that answer, but he hasn't been seen here in a quite a while.

What I do know from reading up is that Vinagre was considered a dazzling prospect coming out of Portugal's national youth teams, and that Kevin Thelwell loved him as far back as 2017.

Jim Lloyd
261 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Mike, it's not a full picture by any means but, if you haven't already, have a look at the YouTube snips of him.
Jamie Crowley
262 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Mike TY. I'm more at ease with this knowing he can bump up to LM.

I realize you say we're half way through the window, but on the flip side, we're also only 10 days from the opening game? It's worrisome.

Jonathan Tasker
263 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Unfortunately we are not going to be making Bob Latchford type signings.
Not even Joe Harper type signings.
Not even Alan Biley.
But David Irving type signings
Darryl Ritchie
264 Posted 27/07/2022 at
We are pretty thin at striker. The mid field sucks. We really need a proper #10 to get things going. Bare bones at right back.

But at left back, we're world beaters.

One more and we'll be set.

Mark Ryan
265 Posted 27/07/2022 at
He should help stiffen up our defence. Sorry I misread his name
Mark Ryan
266 Posted 27/07/2022 at
He should help stiffen up our defence. Sorry I misread his name
Mark Ryan
267 Posted 27/07/2022 at
He should help stiffen up our defence. Sorry I misread his name
Mike Gaynes
268 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Jamie #264, no point in worrying or being impatient. We were never going to get our business done before the first game, or even the first three. Unlike the NFL or MLB, the players have full control over where they get moved to, and we are not anybody's first choice. Under our current circumstances, if we're going to get any really good quality players, it will likely happen in late August when other suitors have fallen away. That's just the way it is.

(PS... hope you've recovered from the virus. I hear this variant is pretty nasty.)

Brian Murray
269 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Johnston post 265. At least you left out belfit telfer bernie the bolt etc. A gary jones would do at this stage. More end product than mcneil although i’m all for being proved wrong.
Mal van Schaick
270 Posted 27/07/2022 at
A Wolves cast off. Sums Everton up. Good luck to him anyway. There are other more important positions we need to strengthen.
Ian Bennett
271 Posted 27/07/2022 at
🔵 Kevin Thelwell on Ruben Vinagre:

“He’s such a normal, nice guy, and he works very hard at his game… "I think he’s going to be a top, top talent.” Let’s hope he’s right! #EFC

I'll call our Kev out right now, he's not a top top talent. He's a lad that will go into Everton graveyard of shit full backs. Tony Thomas, Lars Jacobsen, Marc Hottinger, Mitch Ward, John Cleland.

Well here's another to add to the collection, along with the shit directors of football that recruited them before him.

Kevin Thelwell is a completely out of his depth, that much is becoming clear. Very worrying that he only seems to have connections into Burnley, Wolves and Wolves cast offs.

Judge him at the end of the window, but not positive at all.

Jamie Crowley
272 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Mike @ 270 -

TYVM for the well wishes. This variant is a mother-ducker.

I tested positive on July 11th. I was completely down and out for the first week, and the second week I couldn't stay awake for any longer than 3-4 hours maximum at a time.

I'd say, now 16 days later, I'm around 50%, but much better.

This strain of covid is absolutely brutal, at least from my experience. To be fair, I was and am unvaxed and unboosted. Say whatever you will about that, the arguments are frankly well known and tired. I just hope the natural immunity I get on the backside of this equates to never, ever getting it again.

I dodged that damn virus for 2.5 years. I slept next to a covid positive wife, had it come in my house through my sons, and never got it. This time I wasn't lucky, and the Superman streak ended. Holy crap was it a bitch.

If this thing is flying around wherever you are, take precautions.


Danny O’Neill
273 Posted 27/07/2022 at
I remember a crocked Wolves cast off becoming an icon.

Welcome to Everton. Whatever plans the DoF and Manager have in mind, may you succeed in a royal blue shirt.

God speed, make us proud and make us sing your name.

Mike Gaynes
274 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Jamie #274, of course there was never any option for me given my medical record -- I got all four shots and stayed away from people who didn't, and that plus good luck has so far kept me among the 25% of Americans who haven't had it. (Even though I'm a regular at the gym and choir.)

Sorry you took such a wallop. Be aware that whatever natural immunity you've now acquired applies only to this variant, not the next one. I know people who have been nailed three times by different versions. One friend hasn't been able to taste his own beer for over a year.

Jonathan Oppenheimer
275 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Apologies if this has already been addressed in the comments, but does anyone know why Vinagre has been allowed to go on loan? Lack of playing time, wanting out, etc?
Justin Doone
276 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Welcome and I think he offers good competition for the left-back, wingback role.

However, it's not changed our most urgent requirement. At least 2 top-class midfielders are still required to improve our starting line-up; this wasn't a priority.

It must mean Nkounkou isn't fancied which is a real shame. I enjoyed watching him, he's got pace, drive and appeared to be an excellent prospect.

Iakovos Iasonidis
277 Posted 27/07/2022 at
I remember him from his time with Olympiacos. He joined them as an upcoming star but disappeared quite fast. Nothing special, I hope he has a better fate with us.
Mike Gaynes
278 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Jonathan #277, he was on loan at Sporting from Wolves last season, but didn't get that much playing time second half of the season because of competition at his spot. So from what I've read, Sporting decided to go ahead and buy him from Wolves and loan him out to get minutes. And because Thelwell loves the kid -- he signed him for Wolves as a teenager in 2017 -- we are a natural destination.
Jonathan Oppenheimer
279 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Mike #280,

I gather all of that except for the last part: How do they see him getting more minutes with us than with them? Seems a strange move if more minutes is the goal.

For what it's worth, I like the move in theory for us, assuming we get the central midfield help we desperately need.

Jim Lloyd
280 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Right on, Danny! The lad's a Blue now, and I've got faith in Thelwell, that he's got for a good footballing reason.
Steve Shave
281 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Jack (233) I have also called for Tsygankov to be considered as Richy's replacement, young, quality and in the last year of his contract. However, since then I have read that PL teams are for some reason banned from signing players from Russian and Ukrainian leagues this season, hence I stopped going on about it.
Robert Tressell
282 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Steve, Tsygankov would be a cracking signing. I didn't realise there was a problem signing. There's been an understandable exodus to Italy, France etc of Ukraine based players.

He's a much bigger attacking threat than McNeil plus pace.

David Hayes
284 Posted 27/07/2022 at
As with all things time will tell. It may well be that instead of acquiring rejects and cast offs from relagted teams and that includes Managers, which has despite the outlay of half a billion pounds. That this club as the owner has stated. We have now learnt from the mistakes of the past, and are no longer in the business of recruiting relagted mediocre journey men to replace or bolster the squad of borderline Championship level players that we have. Any actual Premiership quality players we have have to be quickly sold off to fund the influx of low grade fodder to bulk up the squad. Breaks my soul to see what Everton has become.
Barry Jones
285 Posted 28/07/2022 at
With Lampard currently playing with three central defenders, its obvious that he doesn't trust his holding mids AND/OR his fullbacks defensively. Maybe he feels that Vinagre is more the complete package than Mykolenko, especially if he reverts to a back four.

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