Everton warn supporters over future pitch incursions

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Everton have moved to try and curb the rising number of people either invading the Goodison Park pitch or allowing their children to encroach onto the field of play by issuing a statement warning that the club has instituted a zero-tolerance policy over this behaviour moving forward.

The club was fined recently for the pitch invasions during and after the dramatic win over Crystal Palace in May and last night's friendly against Dynamo Kyiv saw more incidents of supporters coming onto the field of play, with some fans sending minors on to interact with the players.

In the wake of the events at Goodison last season, where Palace boss Patrick Vieira was goaded into kicking out at a fan and other, similar incidents at Manchester City and Nottingham Forest, the Premier League are leading a crackdown on pitch encroachment starting this season, with legal consequences for offenders.

Everton's statement reads:

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Everton Football Club wishes to remind supporters that entering the field of play is a criminal offence.

The Club is committed to the Premier League, FA and EFL's collective stance in tackling anti-social and criminal behaviour at football matches and will take a zero-tolerance approach to pitch encroachment during the 2022/23 campaign.

Stadium bans - and even criminal prosecution - can and will be enforced to punish anyone that enters the playing area.

The Club is legally compelled to work with the authorities to identify any individuals who take part in such activity. This also applies to the use of any pyrotechnics (smoke grenades and or flares) and the throwing of objects of any description on to the pitch. These acts are dangerous, illegal and have severe consequences.

The trend of children being sent on to the pitch has recently increased in prevalence and this cannot and will not be tolerated. In this instance the Club will be forced to issue lengthy stadium bans to the parents or guardians of any young people who encroach on to the playing area before, during or after the match.

Parents and guardians are reminded of their responsibility.

CCTV is available to both the Club and law enforcement authorities and can be used as evidence in enforcing bans and criminal prosecution in the days and weeks after any incident has occurred, regardless if any perpetrators have been detained on a matchday or not.

Any prosecution could result in a criminal record, which may affect current and future employment, or for young people current or future education opportunities. In some cases prosecution could end in a prison sentence.

The FA recently confirmed it will be enforcing a tougher charging sanctioning policy for clubs. Therefore, all supporters are urged to understand that if the Club fails to comply with the Ground Safety Regulations, set out within Goodison Park's Ground Safety Certificate, the Club will face punishment which could include a partial or full closure of the stadium to supporters.

The Club values and embraces the vital role supporters play in making Goodison Park such a special place on matchdays. However, support must always be done legally while also ensuring the health and safety of fellow fans and Club staff.

The passion, fervour and dedication of Everton supporters is something Frank Lampard and his players appreciate and don't want to see impacted. Therefore, it is paramount the Club takes strong action against anyone who breaches the playing area, endangers the safety of others by using pyrotechnics or by throwing any objects on to the pitch.


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Danny O’Neill
1 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Stay off the pitch people.

We are all as passionate as the person next us, but don't do harm to the club.

I grew up in a generation that was caged behind steel fences.

I don't for one minute believe we will go back to those days.

Celebrate and enjoy the beauty of supporting Everton. But do it respectfully.

Will Mabon
2 Posted 30/07/2022 at
I guess this had to happen really.

Sad, because pitch invasions are generally not dangerous as such...and the severe consequences come later - but there's probably no way to frame when they are justified and when not, even though we intuitively know when they're understandable and likely to happen. They're not even that common and never were, ironically.

Will Mabon
3 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Danny, the caging fences were outlawed years ago due to risk of blocking escape from fire and crushing, I believe.
Peter Carpenter
4 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Players will have to stop giving shirts and doing selfies for kids who run on.
Barry Hesketh
5 Posted 30/07/2022 at
It's totally understandable that young children want to get as close to their idols as possible, but this modern trend to write signs asking this or that player for his shirt etc is a bit off. I would much prefer the club to issue a random number to children under say the age of eleven and then draw it out of a hat and send the shirt to the fortunate winner.

I also queston whether the children really want a players shirt of are they encouraged by their greedy parents, to go-a-begging, in order to sell the shirt on ebay or some other auction site.

The issues have been made clear, there will be zero tolerance of 'pitch invaders' and if it ends up costing Everton FC precious league points or a place in a cup competition, will it have been worth it? Of course not, like that Everton official / Policeman screamed at Andy King when he was being interviewed after the 1978 derby at Goodison "Get off the Pitch!" Link

If Andy couldn't be on the pitch for an interviews after scoring the winner for Everton in a derby, then nobody should be on the pitch unless they are players or officials.

Will Mabon
6 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Blast from the past, Barry - had forgotten that one, and never noticed that the cop said "Andy King", just the "Off the pitch" part!
Peter Carpenter
7 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Haha, that was a great TV moment, Barry.
Ian Riley
8 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Sorry, but it's not just kids running on the pitch. Give me strength! Either we control ourselves or take a point deduction, banned from certain competitions, or games behind closed doors.

The players are professionals at work. Running on the pitch should be an automatic lifetime ban! Also not every player wants pushing around and tormented when conceeding a goal!

Pitch invasions have the potential to turn ugly!! Just stay off the pitch!!! Or take the punishment! Simple really!!!

Paul Hewitt
9 Posted 30/07/2022 at
How thick do you need to be to continuely be told not to do something, but still do it?
Derek Knox
10 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Totally agree Paul, mindless bell-ends of all ages, putting the Club in jeopardy of points deductions.
Stephen Vincent
11 Posted 30/07/2022 at
The players must be told that there are to be no selfies or shirts for anyone running on the pitch, simple as.
Danny O’Neill
12 Posted 30/07/2022 at
I get the emotion. I've said this previously, but when I watch the footage of the 1984 FA Cup Final, I can still pick my Dad out trying to scale the fence and get onto the pitch at the end.

I was 13 years old and had only been out of plaster for about 2 weeks having suffered a broken ankle. Amid the joy and hysteria, all I could think was that if he gets on the pitch, how do I get home?!!

I don't think he was really that concerned with the logistics.

John Chambers
13 Posted 30/07/2022 at
It is clear after all the issues at the end of last season involving numerous pitch invasions the FA/Prem league etc will look to make an example of a club as soon as possible so let's make sure it's not us.

I think it is important for everyone to take some responsibility for this and, if we see anybody looking to get on the pitch, stopping them. Anyone who does encroach should immediately be banned and, where it is a youngster, the “responsible” adult should also be banned.

I think the players must also act more responsibly and the habit of running off the pitch towards the fans must also be discouraged as this only encourages fans to run towards them.

David West
14 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Yes, the Palace game was emotional. But this was a friendly game, not meaning much, so why go on pitch?

I know a lot are kids but they need telling, my lad knew he wasn't going on. It's embarrassing, for club, the players who probably feel bad, some kid asking for selfie or top. But we have to make a stand.

Barry, the signs are okay, at least they are respecting the rules. I'd rather kids did that than run on. If the players gave a top or gloves to kids who don't run on, it sends the right message.

Danny O’Neill
15 Posted 30/07/2022 at
I don't know about that John. I'd hate a scenario where fans can't connect with players.

It comes down to responsibility on both sides.

But never ever take away the ability for players and supporters to connect.

Otherwise the men in grey suits win the day and take our game away from us.

Brian Wilkinson
16 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Agree with all above about players giving shirts and having selfies has to stop.

The most cringe worthy for me is the signs they hold up asking for a players shirt.

Brian Clough dealt with one such pitch invader by giving one of his own fans a right hook, for running onto the pitch.

Having said that, the very last home game at Goodison, before we move to Bramley Moore, there is nothing that will stop me going on the hallowed turf and common sense from the football league should allow this.

Sean Roe
17 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Should be a season ban for anybody going onto the pitch.

Given how cheap life appears to have become in this day and age, probably due to the pathetic sentences given out, it is literally only a matter of time before some cowardly moron stabs a player/ coach/manager/ref

It is only a game after all, everybody deserves to go home safely.

Jim Lloyd
18 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Brian, I consider you a friend of mine; but I don't think that's a wise move.

As I see it, I could bet on the emotion of people going for most of their lives, leaving Goodison Park. But why not wait till our last match is played and the club allowing all supporters to take a walk on our hallowed ground?

I would love to see a final day at Goodison Park, attended by the players the manager and all the fans who wanted to come and say farewell to our home ground. Whether it's to sit and recollect about the history of our home that we're leaving.

My dad used to cycle down from Haydock and then do his shift down the pit when he got home. We'll all have memories and I'll be sobbing good style on that day, I know I will.

If our club has the will, we could have a day at Goodison to say our farewells in style, not a few mad minutes after the match.

Hopefully, the club will plan a day to remember and for remembrances. Until then, it's right that the cretins keep off the pitch when points are at stake.

Mike Gaynes
20 Posted 30/07/2022 at
I'm a onetime Goodison pitch invader myself, of course. I and a half-dozen TW friends tiptoed on after my first game there and I tucked away a penalty at the Park End with a souvenir ball. Second-greatest moment of my life (although I still feel bad about the trouble it caused). So I get it. It's a thrill beyond thrills.

But it has to stop. Aside from the sheer foolishness, anybody who puts his 6-year-old kid over the barrier and tells him to go run around in the postgame crowd is risking the child's safety. And the teenaged morons sliding around on their knees looking for cheers are the worst. Good for the club shutting it down.

Barry #5, never seen that before. It's hilarious. That copper is the size of a medium tank.

Danny #12, that's a great story. Hope you've teased your dad many times about it over the years.

Brian #16, must disagree. I think a little kid holding up a sign politely asking for a player's shirt is lovely.

Brian Wilkinson
21 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Hi Jim, I might have worded my post wrong, I do not intend to go tear arsing onto the pitch as soon as the final whistle blows, for our final ever game at Goodison, but once the pitch is cleared, the fans should be allowed to walk onto the pitch, and like you say, we could have a parade of former players in the main stand parading in there, while we look on from the pitch.

As you know we know so many people who sit in different areas of the stadium, would be nice for everyone to be able to have one last meet on the pitch and say our goodbyes to the old Lady, one last time, and all together.

The open day fans Day one you mentioned is a very good idea as well and could work better, being able to be on the pitch with those we know, rather than spread over all 4 corners of the stadium works for me.

Brian Murray
23 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Last time I was on the pitch was the end of the game after Latchford's final 30th goal of the season, v Chelsea. Like most, I ripped up parts of the pitch and planted it in our garden.

Different times I know plus it was the year the jocks done the same at Wembley. Minus destroying the goal posts and bar. It can get dangerous, whether well-intentioned or not.

Paul Smith
24 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Some Everton fans really are embarrassing bells. Just why?
Peter Carpenter
25 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Careful with those confessions, Mike and Brian. They're considering retrospective bans too. It can be hard for the players to resist the mini pitch invaders. 'Can I 'ave yer shirt, Dele. And by the way, I know where yer car's parked.'
Len Hawkins
27 Posted 30/07/2022 at
My one and only pitch invasion was in 1970 after beating West Brom to win the league and standing in front of the main stand watching the players receiving the League Championship Trophy.
Brian Murray
28 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Lee. Yes, great night, and we only have grainy black and white newsreel to show for it. Was Catterick's BBC ban still on?
Dave Abrahams
29 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Brian (16),

I think Brian Clough gave more than one Forest fan a smack or two, he was fined around £5,000 and banned from the touch line for the rest of the season. I think he got loads of stick from some people for his outburst.

Derek Knox
30 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Putting things in perspective, you wouldn't ever see people watching an International Swimming event supporting their own country's participants and if they won, go and jump in the pool afterwards.

Or similarly a cricket match. I can understand the supporters' feelings and the euphoria that a win can often generate, but please be sensible.

The only times I have ever wanted to get on to the pitch was to strangle the underperformers, whilst going off laughing and joking after we had lost a cup match or lost valuable points, but I didn't! :-)

Si Cooper
31 Posted 30/07/2022 at
The problem, as always, lies with those who believe they are ‘entitled' to do what they like.

Dramatic moments could always result in a spontaneous reaction but it shouldn't be too difficult for reasonable people to understand the pitch is not the stomping ground of the fans.

Guess we will find out how reasonable / sensible our supporters are.

Paul Birmingham
32 Posted 30/07/2022 at
The last time I was on the pitch was at Carrow Road, in 1987, and prior to that in 1981 in the FAC, 5th Round v Southampton at Goodison, a night game, when Eamon O'Keefe settled that game in extra time.

But in the current age we live in, all football fans must respect the rules of the game and also the H&S aspects of football stadium management.

God for bid, some serious health issue impacted any one of us, or our families and friends at Goodison Park, or at an away game, and the medics and St Johns Ambulance can't do their job, due to pitch congestion.

But all aspects considered, Evertonians can and always will be the 12th Man, the difference – but they can be the best difference, and follow the rules.

Every body wins.

Ian Riley
33 Posted 30/07/2022 at
The club hierarchy have gone very public warning fans. Major news outlets are covering this story. More likely Everton officials have been warned by the Premier League bosses, no more. The brand being the English Premier League across the world does not want to see players and officials battling with fans on the pitch.

The Premier League will punish us and rightly so but also to send a message to all other clubs. This is not the '60s, '70s, or '80s where English football was looked upon by some as ''What do you expect from those hooligans?" The image is far more important and lucrative!

It's up to the club to come down hard on fans. The minority will spoil it for the majority! Just stay and wait for players to come to you! Personally, I think we are on our last warning. Up to the minority to behave and think of others!

Mike Gaynes
34 Posted 30/07/2022 at
DK #30, I hear you performed a sand trap invasion at the last TW golf outing. True or False?
Stuart Sharp
35 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Rondon taking one of the kids off the pitch last night was one of his greatest contributions to the match.

Some kids went on more than once. One parent was laughing. One kid got physical when a steward grabbed him. All this delayed the rendition of Imagine at the end of the 'Match for Peace'. The irony.

Whatever your thoughts on invasions, the current policy is crystal clear. So ban the arseholes and their parents before the club gets punished.

Paul Birmingham
37 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Respect and what it means, more than ever, Evertonians, embrace this season and stand together and face this season with hope eternal, and follow the rules.

The club's in enough mess to last a lifetime in terms of financial challenges and Board effectiveness

The best supporters by miles in any era and geography

Hope eternal.

“What's Our Name?”

Alex Parr
38 Posted 31/07/2022 at
A simple copy and paste from what I wrote earlier in the week

"It fucking really winds me up, idiot kids being encouraged by idiot parents to run onto the fucking pitch after shirts.

It was bad enough recently with the shit signs each game, kids sat around like tramps with shite cardboard signs begging for shirts. Now it's run onto the pitch to pester their 'stars' for shirts, all the while hollered on by morons.

The pitch invasion at the end of the game against Palace was acceptable, the one mid-game was a disgrace. As is celebrating a friendly win against Blackpool by legging it onto the pitch like scrounging little scruffs.

I fucking hope it does not happen against Kyiv and I honestly think we are still under the radar for this shit. In a season where we may well struggle for points, is it really worth risking more points to say "I got Mason Holgate's shirt against Blackpool" like one little cretin appeared to...?"

If people can't see the damage that this is starting to do, and excuse such shite behaviour, then I make no apologies, but they are utter morons just like the idiots going onto the pitch.

Darryl Ritchie
39 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Dynamo were supposed to do a lap of honour at the end. The broadcast ended before I could see them do it. Did they even attempt it?
Danny O’Neill
40 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Harsh, Alex.

I think there is a balance.

During the game, totally unacceptable and depending on the occasion, I understand your sentiment.

But I would never want to take away any connection between supporters and players. Particularly at away games, and regardless of result, it's great seeing the players come over and pay respect. If that is handing out a shirt, then it's a small, but welcome gesture that probably makes some kid's day.

Don't let the suits take our game away from us when 99% of the celebrations / relief, is mostly done with good intent. Not idiots, not scroungers, just passionate supporters.

Jim Bennings
41 Posted 31/07/2022 at
I actually think it's more of a problem with society that now just crossed over to football, like most issues inside football grounds.

It's people that think they all have to get that 5 minutes of fame to put themselves on YouTube or Facebook or whatever bullshit social media apps they are on.

You can tell these dicks time after time after time but it's right across the board now in English football.

Eventually yes, we will get a points deduction because it appears to be more of a problem with our fans at Goodison, and they are gonna keep doing it no matter what the club say.

Brian Murray
42 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Without sounding like things were better in my day, well the likes of a church was open all day every day and these kids in their black North Face knew their place a bit them days.

Having said that, they are blues and, if it's drummed into them that their 5 minutes of fame may get us points deduction, I have faith in them to swerve it.

Jerome Shields
43 Posted 31/07/2022 at
The truth is that the end of the Everton - Dynamo Kiev match was that badly organised and chaotic that it sent the wrong signals to some of the fans attending. Most who were on the pitch were quite young.

Mascots on the pitch, Frank embracing the kitted-out super fan more than once, the Kiev players wondering what was happening. . . some Everton players wondering the same. . . a lack of stewards for the end of a match. Kiev fans ignored, t he odd ending to the match and the Kiev team not able to do their lap of honour.

I think the club hierarchy only realised afterwards the potential problem that they had caused. The announcement absolving them of any blame.

Of course I do not condone the pitch invasion, but the club seemed to get carried away with the festivities of the night, as would young fans. I wonder who organised that ending? They or them made a right Horlicks of it.

Eddie Dunn
44 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Remember how at the end of big cricket matches the crowd were invited onto the pitch (very delicate pitches too) and the announcers would then make the various man-of-the-match, man-of-the-series awards to the cheers of thousands of well-behaved people? I would think the health & safety and insurance ramifications are the big factors at play.

The outpouring of emotion at the end of last season would have been acceptable if the club had changed their policy to accommodate the away team back under the main stand instead of the bloody Park End car park. The only issue is to ensure that away fans are not intimidated or are allowed to do the same, as we all know what can happen.

I like to see players giving shirts to the kids. Most happily stay off the park to receive them.

And finally, I hate smoke and flares. very bad for my asthma!

Danny O’Neill
45 Posted 31/07/2022 at
With you on that, Eddie, I walked straight into the path of a freshly lit flare at Arsenal as I went back to my seat at half-time. My already hay-fever-tortured watering eyes went to new extreme levels!!
Rob Halligan
46 Posted 31/07/2022 at
One, one hundred or one thousand, it doesn’t make any difference, it’s against the law to run onto the pitch. I was watching Spurs v Roma last night, a game that was played in Israel, and there were two stoppages during the game after just one fan on each occasion ran onto the pitch just to take selfies with certain players. Whilst we know these young fans who run onto the pitch mean no harm whatsoever, quite simply the law is the law, and if it means banning them and their parents who encourage them to run onto the pitch, then tough shit. You shouldn’t get away with anything in this country, not even running onto a football pitch.
Tony Abrahams
47 Posted 31/07/2022 at
We all see things differently, but at half time against Palace, most Evertonians must have genuinely thought that our club was down. Then when Calvert-Lewin put us in the lead, it was perfectly obvious, natural even, at least to a person like myself, who understands the emotion that a lot of people have got towards Everton, and I just knew people were going to run on that pitch, because that's just the way it is with some Evertonians.

I've never ran on the pitch in my life. I did walk across Wembley in 1989, because it was quicker than walking all the way back around the stadium towards the twin towers, and I agree with Brian, rather than his good friend Jim, about Everton's last match at Goodison Park.

If I'm here, I won't run on, but getting me out the ground might not be so straightforward, because no other place in my life has ever given me so many emotions. I can still remember the day I fell in love with the place, and although I'm slowly falling out of love with football, I will never fall out of love with Goodison Park.

Danny O’Neill
48 Posted 31/07/2022 at
I've never ran on a pitch other than to play Tony. Sadly, Goodison it was never to be.

I didn't go on the pitch at the Palace match. I just stood there absorbing the atmosphere, emotion and relief.

As I had somehow strayed into the away section of the Lower Bullens, many Palace fans stayed to enjoy it too.

I was last man standing until the nearby Steward kindly asked me to leave. He winked, smiled and put his arm around me. They could have ejected me throughout that match or re-directed me to where I should have been sat (Upper Bullens), but they left me to it.

Apart from me advising a couple of young supporters that they might want to watch the football rather than goad the Park End, it was all good spirits and I enjoyed the company.

Your comment has reminded me of an old friend Tony. At the last game before they seated the lower Gwladys, he pretty much had to be forcibly removed from his speck as he wouldn't leave!!

On a serious note, I do think the clubs need to control this better. It can't happen every match. Without wanting to be a curtain twitcher, if you watch carefully the footage of the Palace match on the Tunnel Access YouTube, watch how a female steward is facing the pitch and celebrates the goal.

I don't deny her or any other stewards' passion or dedication, but are they not there to face the crowd and control it? Within reason and not to the detriment of their own safety and security obviously.

But that sort of footage hardly looks good when the club is being accused of not controlling the supporters.

Barry Hesketh
49 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Having just watched Mr Drone's latest drone footage of the progress of the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock, it reminded me that it's a possiblity that Goodison Park will perhaps have less than 50 matches to host before we leave for our new stadium, it would be a great pity should any of those remaining games be played in front of a reduced capacity or heaven forbid behind closed doors. Stay off the pitch!

Drone Footage yesterday

Pat Kelly
50 Posted 31/07/2022 at
All those people running around the pitch who shouldn't be there. And then there's the fans.
Brian Wilkinson
51 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Not sure who commented on the cricket fans invited onto the pitch after the match finished for the man of the match award, but that is how I would want it for the final ever match at Goodison.

Let the players leave the pitch, then invite the fans onto the pitch, for one last Goodbye to the old Lady, former players being paraded in the main stand etc.

Make a clear announcement to remain in seats and, if granted by the authorities, once the game is over, and players and officials have left the pitch, then fans can walk onto the pitch, and have a good old singalong like the Palace game.

For me, it is clear: do not run on the pitch during a game, or when the players and officials are still on the pitch.

Once that pitch is cleared, for Everton's last ever match at Goodison, with the match over and no-one having encroached the pitch, I really cannot see where the authorities could come down on a final after-match send-off, as long as it is done in a proper fashion, and supporters wait for the pitch to be cleared.

James Newcombe
52 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Almost completely off topic, but speaking of Brian Clough, I would give my left gonad to see him watch and react to JLingz social media videos!
Danny O’Neill
53 Posted 01/08/2022 at
As excited as I am about the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock, Barry, that is a sobering thought. Sad almost, but I guess we have to look forward.

That's a good shout, Brian. The club should engage with and seek approval from the relevant authorities and manage something like what you suggest.

Does anyone know if we've stopped the Away Team Park End changing room thing? I don't even know why we kept it as long as we did to be honest.

Alan McGuffog
54 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Interesting to read this thread and then contrast it with the piece in the red Echo that appears to applaud a little lad running onto the pitch after the Charity Shield.
Brian Murray
55 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Alan. Waste of time any blue reading that kopite rag. Been decades since I did anyway. They hand in glove or terrified of writing what’s really wrong at our club as well.
Andrew Ellams
56 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Jerome @ 43. I believe what went on at the end of the game had something to do with Michael McIntyre's next series.

Apparently he was inside one of the mascot costumes and it was all part of a surprise for the guy that came on to take the penalty at the end.

Jim Lloyd
57 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Barry, if they were as sensible as you, then it'd be a good way to see our last game. Remember though, ther are knob'eads I the ground and plenty who won't be going to Bramley more.

I think it's a dodgy situation for the club and who knows if if there's any way of stopping them invading as they have done. There'll be 40,000 or so at the match, can we all get on and say our farewells, I don't think so. If the club open the ground up for a day, that to me is a better option.

Alan and Brian Murray, totally agree. They're treated like cheeky chappies, just like they were at Heysel and Athens. We're treated like criminals. That Echo is pathetic... it's even got a red banner on the front... says it all.

Martin Reppion
58 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Well this is a first. An almost united ToffeeWeb stream.

Stay off the pitch. It is that simple.

In the same way I believed Eric Cantona should have been banned for life for his assault on the fan at Crystal Palace, the pitch is for the players and the stands are for the rest of us. We can shout abuse or sing praises to those on the field. But each has his place.

Jim Lloyd
59 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Spot on Martin!
Danny O’Neill
60 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Gents, it's too early to start me!! Don't read the Echo. Not for sport and certainly not for football.

Heysels; airbrushed. We don't talk about it.

Athens; forgotten. I think that one is under the carpet or behind a couch somewhere in Lucifer's Den. Definitely file X. It never happened.

Our supporters get charged at by French Police and tear gassed in the town square at Lille, citing troublesome behaviour as the justification. It's left at that; it was the fans.

They unsurprisingly once again end up being involved in disturbances in Paris but the outcome is that the French authorities make a subsequent apology for poor handling and organisation.

That may have been the case, but there is a continuous factor in every incident they are involved in. It's them and their outraged entitlement.

Always outraged. Never embarrassed.

I said it was too early.

Jim Lloyd
61 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Always the victim, never to blame. They got us banned from europe when we should have been in the European Cup.

Brian, I was talking to you there about the pitch and the invasions we've had. The Premier League would love to dock us points...don't know where got the Barry from!

Brian Murray
62 Posted 01/08/2022 at
When a manager runs half the length of the field to celebrate its all what a character and in good fun etc. All boils down to what we bring to the premier table. Next to nothing while they generate millions for them but pragmatic denise says stay calm let us get comfy again in our main stand seats another nine months.
Brian Wilkinson
63 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Bristol Rovers fined for pitch invasion. BBC says Everton, Huddersfield and Port Vale still waiting on outcome. Absolutely no mention of Man City's pitch invasion when Olsen was attacked, no suprises there.

If we get fined then so be it and hope we learn from it, but it has to be dealt with and fairly for every club, not just highlight clubs outside the Big 6.

Eddie Dunn
64 Posted 18/08/2022 at 15:52:06
Some of us can feel less victimised as the FA has, at last charged Man City after their pitch invasion in which Olsen was hit.

Strange chronology involved here, but I did notice that the BBC had it low down on their page.

I wonder if Talkshite will get all sanctimonious with them rather than little old Everton.

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