Calvert-Lewin out of Everton's season-opener

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Everton will be forced to kick off the new season without main striker Dominic Calvert-Lewin with the club now confirming that he sustained an injury during training this week.

Calvert-Lewin is the Blues' only reliable forward in terms of goals but he has struggled with niggly muscle complaints ever since he made his return from a long lay-off after a serious thigh injury back in January.

He was rested for the friendly at Blackpool but started the final pre-season warm-up fixture against Dynamo Kyiv and looked set to begin the new campaign as scheduled.

However, Calvert-Lewin has picked up a fresh injury at Finch Farm and underwent tests to determine the extent of the knee issue, with rumour suggesting the scans revealed that the England international could be sidelined for anywhere between 1 and 3 months.

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"He has a bit of an issue with the outside of his knee but we're assessing it at the moment," Frank Lampard said of Calvert-Lewin "I've read reports of rumours and people guessing the injury and length of time, but we don't know.

"We're hoping it's weeks at the moment, but we don't yet know that information. He'll certainly be missing for the Chelsea game and probably the games succeeding that in the short term, but hopefully it won't be too long."

It rules out his availability for Saturday's clash with Chelsea, a match for which Salomon Rondon is suspended following his red card against Brentford at the tail end of last season.


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Pat Kelly
1 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Why are we taking so long to get a striker ? Maybe this is the reminder, if needed. Luckily we still have the match-winning Rondon to call on. No sweat.
Mal van Schaick
2 Posted 02/08/2022 at
This epitomises Everton’s approach to matters on the pitch. We only have cart horse Rondon as back up.

Signing a couple of decent forwards should have been a priority when we sold Richarlison, and now look where we are with three days to go to the start of the season.

We ar a laughing stock.

Tony Abrahams
3 Posted 02/08/2022 at
I’ve just had a message saying he’s done his ACL. If this is true then it’s very bad luck for both Dominic and Everton, and definitely throws us into very very deep waters with regards being competitive. I hope this news isn’t true
Danny O’Neill
4 Posted 02/08/2022 at
I'll try to add a perspective to this.

Burning out a young player by relying on and playing him too much early in his career?

Where is the back up? Where has it been?

It's not really a surprise to me that he is suffering burn out and injury in what should have been his developmental years.

A warning for those who want the kids playing every week.

Young and hungry thought right?

Kunal Desai
5 Posted 02/08/2022 at
I can't remember a season we have gone fully prepared into it. This club is awful, just gets so many things wrong.

We needed two forwards regardless plus creativity from midfield which had been devoid last season.
Rondon isn't the answer (he's suspended) but lets get real he isn't going to make any difference.

I truely despair.

Brian Murray
6 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Usual reactive instead of pro active Everton no proper back up. Keep hearing Dobbin not a striker and not ready. We not hit that luxury to loan him, Plus no more mr nice guy tell gomes and any other loser they need to find clubs this window
Jim Lloyd
7 Posted 02/08/2022 at
It's getting those, or even that, decent forward(s) I think that if this Cornet lad want's to come and we want him, then there is a game of poker going on between two clubs who are in a bad financial postion. I think it's Burnley who are in a worse position than us, because their American owners have dolloped all the losses on the club.
So I can understand that we want to pay the amount in stages, because we're strapped for cash, and Burnley want the money now. I think there was talk that if they accept stage payment, we would have to pay a larger final amount.
Anyway, this looks like the postion we are in and we'll just have make do and mend.
I'm, not so sure we're looked on as a laughing stock; but even if we are, it's up to us to prove that we're not...without a cheque book unfortunately.
Tony Abrahams
8 Posted 02/08/2022 at
The last time we went into a season fully prepared was probably just before David Moyes’s last season, at the club Kunal. We started great, but even then, we never quite had a big enough squad, and sometimes it felt like we were flogging dead-horses, because of a different type of burnout, simply because we never had enough good players to ever keep the team refreshed.
Mike Gaynes
9 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Horrible if true, Tony.
Danny O’Neill
10 Posted 02/08/2022 at
That's exactly it. No depth of squad and not a good enough depth of players to rotate.

And there I was being all positive.

I still am!!

David Wright
12 Posted 02/08/2022 at
This could be the kick up the arse they need hopefully it's not too serious an injury but it gives Frank even more of an argument to get a striker in now.

We all knew this would be our undoing if he got a long layoff.

Dele false 9 anyone? Looks like our best option without Calvert-Lewin.

Barry Hesketh
13 Posted 02/08/2022 at
There must be strikers in and around the championship with the potential to step up to the Premier League, that Everton could go for, as some have said even before what seems a devastating blow to Dominic Calvert-Lewin and of course the club, we should have had a decent back-up to him.

Admittedly there are very few who can replace what Dominic offers, but then again do we really need an old-fashioned centre-forward in this modern game, however, we do need a goalscorer and now any strikers that Everton chase will make greater financial demands and their clubs will put a premium price on them moving to Everton.

I feel very sorry for DCL because he will likely miss out on a place in the World cup squad, but I feel more sorry for Evertonians as the mis-fortune seems to go hand in hand with supporting this club of ours. Rondon can play up top but he's not likely to be the answer even in the short-term. At least the club still has time to find a replacement for Dom, but have we got the cash?

Derek Taylor
14 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Everyone of Moshiri's managers have been obsessed by wingers and midfielders and the returning 'Gooey' was the only one signed of any quality but that was four years ago. (I don't count the joke played on Everton by Ancelotti by providing a pensionable post for his mate Hamez

As for forwards, Richie is the only one of class. and he'd fecked off. Looks like we are set for relegation !

Danny Baily
15 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Batshuayi coming in would provide great cover in these scenarios.
Gary Jones
16 Posted 02/08/2022 at
This lad took an absolute physical battering as a teenager under Koeman and Allardyce. Its no surprise he’s no prone to injury. Really hope its not ACL, because if thats correct he’s gone, and we’ve just sent our only other strikers out on loan.

27 year campaign….not pacified with another winger we didnt really need are we?

Kunal Desai
17 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Probably right Tony. That was more due to the lack of funds. The season which stands out was Lescott, Johnson, Fernandes and Howard came in.

Agree we have never built a squad big enough to rotate around to prevent burnout.

Brian Murray
18 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Danny post 15. Err news flash any forward we get won’t be cover he will need to be a mainstay if dcl rumour true. It was always a long shot relying on him staying fit. He’s 25 and like mina has developed into an injury prone player. Harsh but true. We need tempe scouts to venture past the rocket and find a gem somehow. Over to you Thelwell.
Mark Tanton
19 Posted 02/08/2022 at
For what it's worth my three thoughts on this are:

1. Could be a blessing in disguise, as the board only moved when things get desperate. Things might get more of a sense of urgency now.

2. If we land Batshuayi no way will he be available on Saturday with because of the time frame or who the opponents are.

3. I prefer the signings we have made so far to our disastrous cash splashing, Bewster's Millions days. What a total spunk of money that was. Moise Kean?

Jim Lloyd
20 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Good post Danny; and tony is usually reliable with his contacts. However, the transfer window isn't over yet and I'd hate to see us do another Everton and rush out get another player on big wages and long contract, who fails to deliver.

I'm old enought to remember Roy Vernon and Alex Young being our main goalscorers in the 1962/63 season I don't think we had anyone in that forward line much taller that 5' 8" Young and Vernon scored 40 odd goals or mre between them and our team scored 88 goals.

Rather than go and buy someone in a panic and regret it. I'd like to see us use the forwards we've got, play a different game and see how we get on. Instead of legging up the wing and trying to plonk it on someone's head. Use the ball on the deck and play the passing game. we've got Gray,McNeill and Gordon who are good footballers. could we not use their skills to score, rather than just provide!

Barry Hesketh
21 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Money or no money, Everton has a pretty bad record when it comes to recruiting goalscoring forwards, Lukaku being the exception in recent times and Richarlson to a lesser extent, but compared to most top clubs Everton can't or don't recognise the value of having a proven goalscorer or two.

I swear I could sign for a certain club nearby and I'd end up with 20 plus goals in my debut season, but Everton could sign, Messi, Ronaldo and Benzema in their prime and they'd probably get 15 goals between them in an Everton shirt, if they stayed free from injury.

Gary Jones
22 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Danny - so, instead of young and hungry, we should focus on old and seasoned. The Delphs, Bolasies, Minas more to your taste.

I actually do think Dom got heavy physical punishment as a late teen, early 20. I actually agree with you that putting that age in as a battering ram forward is daft. However, the likes of Rooney, Milner, et al didnt do too bad from 16 year old starters did they.

Gotta lose that growing bug bear youve got fella.

Jim Lloyd
23 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Barry, that is a lovely dream, but we'd need some midfielders who had a brain, to supply them. I think we've got the fullbacks; but midfielders with a brain? We had one short glimpse of one when Rodriguez signed, but he played when he wanted...and where.
Lee Courtliff
24 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Well this is fuckin' depressing news. I've spent the last week or so being ultra-positive...Danny O'Neill-esque positive!!

Without Rondon, then we must play Dele as a False 9 with Gordon and McNeil either side. Gray to come on in the second half.

It's the best we've got at the moment.

Lee Courtliff
25 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Well this is fuckin' depressing news. I've spent the last week or so being ultra-positive...Danny O'Neill-esque positive!!

Without Rondon, then we must play Dele as a False 9 with Gordon and McNeil either side. Gray to come on in the second half.

It's the best we've got at the moment.

Danny Baily
26 Posted 02/08/2022 at
It's not that I'm advocating Batshuayi particularly, just that we've been linked to him, he's available and he could play a similar role to DCL. If we could get him on loan it would be low risk. The alternative is to recall a loanee (although I don't think any of the lads on loan are ready).
Barry Hesketh
27 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Jim @23
I agree that forwards often do need feeding, and also that we lack guile in midfield, however, many of the more reliable strikers create more than enough chances for themselves. Richarlison could do this, Dominic can't, neither can Rondon. Goalscoring has been an issue since Lukaku left and right now, we are in a terrible position as regards goalscorers, although the new guy McNeil, might be a better option up top than Dele Alli playing a false nine.
David West
28 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Dont Agree with that Derek.
Thought James was class, no legs but ability, vision, touch & awareness was one of best I've seen in my time a blue shirt. I'd have him instead of dele tommorow.
That's not saying I don't think dele could still do it, just think he was class. DCL & Richy both looked better when they knew someone could see their runs and play the ball through the lines and not just square passes that we see week in week out.
It's what this team is crying out for and missed since James or even sigi have gone an Ericsson, silva, mata type even.

I'm not apposed to having some players with experience to compliment the young team Frank's building.

Id have puki if we get desperate, mobile, can finish, links play, drops in deeper works hard and different to dcl.

I hope gorgon doesn't end up over played.
At the 60min mark he's blowing most matches, I Hope we don't get over reliant on him and he ends up burned out.

Jay Harris
29 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Forget Batshuayi he isn't coming anytime soon. The flavour of the day is Avoque a 6'6'' CF with Strasbourg available for 12m allegedly.

Dont know why we didnt give Ellis Simms more time personally speaking.

Jay Harris
30 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Forget Batshuayi he isn't coming anytime soon. The flavour of the day is Avoque a 6'6'' CF with Strasbourg available for 12m allegedly.

Dont know why we didnt give Ellis Simms more time personally speaking.

Brian Murray
31 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Rondon suspended. Every cloud eh.

This 18 points in August is looking crucial.

Jim Lloyd
32 Posted 02/08/2022 at
agreed Barry @27
Oh, that our first DoF wasn't working for us instead of Leicester, when he got them to sign Vardy! I think Gray can and I think McNeill can. They've both got the skills and an eye for a goal. Neither of them perhaps get 20 golas a season, but they might get ten each, with Dele contributing and once he's fit again. (blimey! better say, if he's fit again as far as this season goes)

I totally agree we have had too few recognised goalscorers for it seems ages and Lukau definitely was a good one. I just don't want to see us rush into another iffy signing through panic. I'd just like to see how we get on with a better defence and stronger midfield, feed the forward players we've already got for now.

Robert Tressell
33 Posted 02/08/2022 at
There are lots of strikers available. Batshuayi is experienced but very average. There are other options. It depends on our budget (which is presumably about to be reduced considerably by spending £7m to £10m ish on a nr 33 year old with getting on for £100k pw wages).

On an unrelated note, just spotted Chelsea have paid £16m for Villa's 18 year old midfield general Chukwuemaka. Surely that puts the likes of Loftus-Cheek, Gilmour, Ampadu and Barkley further down the pecking order (or at least with worse long term prospects). Maybe more attainable now.

Barry Hesketh
34 Posted 02/08/2022 at
David @28

I know you meant Gordon, but in case you didn't I wouldn't worry too much about overplaying Gorgon as two of the sisters are immortal and the other is one very bad lass.

Fashion Shoot?

Dean Williams
35 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Cash in on him. Never really rated him, thinks he's better than he is and is way more interested in dressing like a muppet on a magazine cover than playing for Everton.
Danny O’Neill
36 Posted 02/08/2022 at
We'll take 12 points in August. Starting with 3 this coming Saturday.

Gary @22. Most successful teams I've ever known are usually a blend of young potential, established players and experienced ones.

I'll agree with you on Milner. Not so much on Rooney. Washed up too soon. Maybe that was his personal life and how he looked after himself and I think that's the important thing when you look at players. Also how they are coached and managed. Especially in the modern game. Mina at 27 is the ripe age for a centre back and a very talented footballer. If we can keep him fit.

Lee. Believe. We're going to Wembley and Europe next year.I'm a fool, but that's where I start. My son and brother will shake their heads at me. Mrs Danny will disown me. But that's may starting point and expectation.


Tony Everan
37 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Desperate news. ACL and it’s average eight to nine months out, so that’s his season done if true. Praying that it’s not as bad as that.

We could do with getting Broja in, even on loan, would be a possible solution to this. If not Kevin Thelwell will have to move fast. We needed more goals in the squad before this injury.

Kunal Desai
38 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Mark my words, we will be scrambling around on deadline day for players having picked up 2-3 points max from the opening 5 games and firmly entrenched in that bottom three. This team has no goals in them and no midfield creativity.
Dave Abrahams
41 Posted 02/08/2022 at
What's happened to Broadhead? I don't think he has gone on loan, he went on the tour to America, never played, is he injured?

I doubt he is a long-term answer to the strikers position but he could be used as a sub until we get a new striker in.

Brian Harrison
42 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Lampard and his DoF have known for well over a month that Richarlison wanted away, they had Calvert-Lewin who had spent most of last season out injured, and what have we signed? A centre-back, a full-back and a midfield player. Who in their right mind, given the circumstances, would not have gone out and got not one striker, but two!?!

They have known their budget for months and should have addressed the situation weeks ago. I personally think Lampard preferred Broja but surely when it was rumoured we and West Ham were interested, he chose West Ham. They pulled out because of his wages.

We should have then decided we take him or we don't. But no, we are still dithering about which striker we should go after, and now we will likely start Alli in a false 9 – I am sure that will give Tuchel sleepless nights till Saturday.

The buck lays fairly at Lampard's and Thelwell's door, nobody else.

Tony Hill
43 Posted 02/08/2022 at
If it's a serious one then it is indeed disastrous for him and the club. He will be devalued (that is not a primary consideration now, of course) and I don't see anyone joining us now as a sufficient goal threat or as a general forward presence.

We will have to make do and mend but it gravely handicaps us without having kicked a ball, since we already have a fragile squad.

Deeply concerning.

Denis Richardson
44 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Wow - end of day at work and thought I'd have a quick look on TW to see if any new rumours had come in. Well this has certainly brightened my day! Unbelievable.

Tony 3 - if true that is really awful, that's basically his season done. May as well get a long term replacement in now as who knows what he'll be like when he comes back.

Typical Everton - sell our best striker to balance the books, don't bring in a replacement of any sort (over a month on) and the remaining senior striker gets injured just before the season start. Believe Rondon is suspended (probably a blessing) so we may be going into the first game of the season with literally no senior striker available. Looks like we're back to the days of Marcus Bent...

Just could not make it up at Everton - never ever learn. Amateur stuff.

We now hope Batshit presumably comes and is available for the 2nd game. Chelsea now know we're desperate so any loan fee has just gone up. Can't see us signing someone else in the next 72 hours unless we get lucky with a loan or this will force the club to up their bid for Cornet to get him in asap.

We have a whole month to sign a long term replacement if the ACL rumour is true. In the short term get a loan and/or Cornet. If we get both we may be ok in the interim.


David West
45 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Haha sausage fingers. Barry.
Jim. 32. I agree mate. Find a way to play without dcl. We need a plan B. That will be plan A while he's out.
Broadhead is an option but hasn't had many minutes preseason so don't know what his prospects are like to get a game.

But we don't have to have a big man, the opposition know you only have to control dcl and we are fucked.
Salah was never an out n out stricker,Messi played off the left or right Ronaldo was a winger their teams set up to get them into the scoring positions.

Gray can do it, McNeil hopefully too gordon should be getting more it could be their time to shine.
I'd play dele against Chelsea. McNeil & gray either side and let gordon come on when they are tiring.

I'd ease gordon into this season as if he doesn't hit the heights of last year straight away it may knock his confidence. Having McNeil & gray allows that.
523 / 352 hopefully gana & Allan kicking lumps out of them.

Dave Abrahams
46 Posted 02/08/2022 at
On another thread/ website it’s suggested that Dominic could be out for a month, don’t know if this is a recurring injury or a different one.
Bill Gall
47 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Even if we sign someone he will not be ready for Saturday. Who is El Bobble and how certain are they that it is an ACL. injury.
Jim Lloyd
48 Posted 02/08/2022 at
David @45. I certainly think we can alter our style, We've got some good footballers. I mean clever men with the ball and with vision to see a move on. I'll say that Gordon needs experience in that aspect; as he runs and thinks he's got to beat everyone (bit like me when I was a kid; but I couldn't beat anyone!)

But we've definitely got scorers in the team and players who can play another style.

I really hope we don't go rushing out and buying someone who the club will be lumbered with for years... we've still got some of them.

Yep, both Gana and Allan do the job on the opposition; but they're also clever players too and can improve our chances of threading through the opposition defences.

Steavey Buckley
49 Posted 02/08/2022 at
If Calvert-Lewin is out for a while, there is Rondon who was preferred to Simms, who has gone out on loan.

Crikey, Everton are already in a mess upfront even before a ball is kicked before the new season starts.

Marc Hints
50 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Isn't Rondon suspended?
Ian Bennett
51 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Terrible news if true. This side had little goal threat, and it looks like losing another avenue on top of other losses in recent years.

Zero luck. How come we get these losses to key players, but no-one else does?

Billy Bradshaw
52 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Hope this is not true, but it doesn't seem to be getting much coverage anywhere else.
Joe McMahon
53 Posted 02/08/2022 at
We really do pay the price for lack of quality in the squad. Millions spent and we don't have 2 proven strikers. To think of the crap we have spent millions on in the past 7 years.
Marc Hints
54 Posted 02/08/2022 at
DCL injury sounds serious.
Peter Neilson
55 Posted 02/08/2022 at
We need extra cover up front regardless of the severity of any injury to DCL. Hopefully still not so desperate as to recruit a 32-year-old Senegalese ex-player.

Then again… Niasse is a free agent.

Tony Abrahams
56 Posted 02/08/2022 at
I hope that other website is correct, Dave. If the rumours are true Everton are struggling to sign Cornett, so to expect them to find the money for a player, (Broja) who is going to cost a lot more money, and then blame the DOF and manager, when we don't, is very hard to fathom imo.

How about the club has been that badly mismanaged for a very long time, and have got very little room to manoeuvre because of this absolutely ridiculous mismanagement?

The strategic review has found the solution, and they are going back to the tried and tested pragmatic system that helped turn an English institution into "plucky little Everton" because our club is in survival mode once-a-fuckin-gain.

Barry Hesketh
57 Posted 02/08/2022 at
As Billy @ 52 notes, none of the more 'serious' outlets are reporting anything about Dominic's 'injury' although El Bobble as reported by Everton Daily Twitter account is reporting that Dominic has travelled to London to have the injury assessed?

Perhaps, he's gone to sign for some other club and it's all a smoke-screen? Regardless of the truth of the matter, Everton definitely need another striker.

Brian Murray
58 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Tony a. Said a million times that any feel good factor a good result a signing is over powered by the stench of the real Everton but we are all guilty of giving the another stay of execution. We know the club deep down are not interested in proper success or put another way couldn’t handle it. If by some tragic miracle we have the same people at the club in bmd. Well i’d wash my hands of the lot of them after half a century that is a lot for me to say. People still getting confused saying the last 7 years. Same the other week at the protest.
Jeff Armstrong
59 Posted 02/08/2022 at
If the DCL injury is serious we actually need two new forwards, Rondon is finished at this level so Thelwell needs to get creative, toot sweet.
Colin Glassar
60 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Same every season. We, the fans, know which areas need strengthened but our clueless owner and deluded chairman prefer to buy four number 10’s or bring ageing former players back to “the family “.

Maybe this will get them off their fat arses and buy/loan another forward but this is Everton so I won’t be holding my breath.

Bill Gall
61 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Why would he have to travel to London to have it assessed, don't we have any sports injury specialists, that the club can bring in?
Bill Gall
62 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Barry # 57

Maybe it is part of a swap deal with Chelsea for Broja and another player.

David Wright
63 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Jim @48, Some decent balanced comments in your post. Not too many of them on this thread.

We don't know the extent of the injury yet! We needed striker reinforcements anyway so we are no different really than yesterday.

Rushed transfer business is more often than not, bad business. I'm with you, Jim, who wants another Walcott or Tosun sucking wages for years?

I don't fancy Batshuayi, loan after loan and no-one wants to take him. Broja would be the one. Long-term signing, developing player, loads of scope to make him better. I hope they are doing their best to get him. Now West Ham are out of the race the price may come down without a bidding war.


Jim Harrison
64 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Well, that's a bit crap.

Need reinforcement up front. But play a front 3 of Gray, McNeil and Dele (Gordon can be swapped in too) in a dynamic attack and see what happens for the short term.

Calvert-Lewin is a one-dimensional forward. For him to excel, the team needs to be set up to his strength.

Liverpool and Man City don't play the whole time with out-and-out strikers. Richarlison wasn't a conventional striker either.

If Gana comes in to act as a DCM, an improved back time with Tarkowski, Mykolenko in, and hope for a bit of a break on the injury front.

I am an eternal optimist!!

Sam Hoare
65 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Yikes. Hope it's not a long-term one.

Broja on loan or Dennis permanent seem the obvious options out of existing links as both can play central or wide. Really need some goals now!

Matthew Williams
66 Posted 03/08/2022 at
And so it begins... we just can't rely on him, sadly.
Fran Mitchell
67 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Calvert-Lewin appears to be becoming a perennially injured player – a real shame, cause when fully fit, he's got all the qualities needed – poaching skills, great in the air, strong, aggressive, electric pace.

But he needs to be at his physical best for those attributes to come through, if constantly working his way to fitness before inevitably breaking down, his potential will be unfulfilled. All the while leaving us handicapped.

We must sign as back-up, absolutely must.

For Saturday, Dele in a false 9 with Gordon and Gray flanking him.

Bill Watson
68 Posted 03/08/2022 at
We seem to pick up an awful lot of injuries at Finch Farm and even in the pre match warm ups!
Kieran Kinsella
69 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Bob Geldoff: “We need the Arteta money NOW”
Mike Gaynes
70 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Bill... clearly this club needs to stop training. And warming up.
Alan J Thompson
71 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Still in the window so we could recall Simms and/or Dobbin but it looks like it must be Broadhead unless we want to play Gray or McNeil as centre-forward with backing from Dele and Iwobi and look to keep it on the floor. Or, if we want someone tall, Gomes... he can't be much more of a lamppost than Rondon.

It doesn't seem to matter what Everton do in the transfer market, it all goes wrong. Spurs wouldn't have a spare they could loan us, would they?

Terry Downes
72 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Here we go again – our main striker out injured... no change from last season then?

Crackerjack pencil if anyone can name the last striker we bought after Lukaku???

I've never known nothing like it since I started following the blues.

Kieran Kinsella
73 Posted 03/08/2022 at

I'm puzzled by the Broadhead situation. I feel Simms (heading and shooting) and Dobbin (pace) have potential to be better than him. But at age 24, he is currently better overall than both albeit as a try hard, injury-prone, not enough end product. But he hasn't played pre-season, neither has he been linked with a move. So is it just that no-one rates him?

I imagine he'd be an awkward fit as a direct replacement for Calvert-Lewin and in fact may be worse in that role than a makeshift Gordon, Gray or McNeil... but somehow I find myself rooting for the lad.

Obviously not of the same level but he reminds me of a mate of mine at the University of Manchester football team. A diminutive scouser with a good brain and heart of gold but just lacking quality. We ended up ditching him for a lad from Bolton in the poor man's Shearer mould. And yet, we all felt bad about it, lol. It defies logic but somehow I'd love Nathan to make the breakthrough.

Frank Sheppard
74 Posted 03/08/2022 at
We will have to play with a “false number 9”, works for Man City….. what could possibly go wrong????
Danny O’Neill
75 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Didn't we play Steve Watson as a make shift striker?

Step forward Yerry. Excuse the pun.

Iain Johnston
76 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Kieron 71# Broadhead was favourite to head back to Sunderland but, after lengthy talks broke down, they opted for Simms instead.

I have a feeling Lampard is happy for Broadhead to 'seek a new challenge'. The lad never really threatened the 1st team bench nor the Welsh senior set up. For me, at 24 he's lower league quality.

My choice would be Jordan Larsson.

Brian Murray
78 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Frank post 72. We’ve had a false 11 for a long time. All of em. Flashbacks to mad mick
as we called him getting thrown up front in the 70 s usually to no avail. ( lyon’s ) As others have said it will make or break frank and his coaches this month with so many points to play for.
Andrew Ellams
79 Posted 03/08/2022 at
I'm sure we all remember when Martinez played Stephen Naismith as a false 9 against Chelsea and he scored a hattrick.

Is he available at the weekend?

Ralph Basnett
80 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Burnley have now said we can have Cornet - £30mill.

Moshiri has said judge him at the end of the window.

Everton = farce!!!

Jim Lloyd
81 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Thanks David.(61) I haven't see Broja play, so I can't say what he'd bring to us; but there are enough comments, including yours, from people I respect, that see him as a decent choice IF we can get him.

We're paying dearly for Mr Moshiri's mistakes and the other feller's presence. Over his nearly 30 years, slapping pictures on Goodison's walls, like a giant scrapbook. Don't mind the pictures, it's the actual state of the club he's got us in, that does my head in.

It might be that if we can't bring anyone in during this window, maybe Dobbin or Simms (or both) are recalled until the winter window (is there one this season with the world cup on?)

If we've got the money and the Manager and DoF can pick their top choice; then great. Otherwise, a loan is the option that is maybe a better, rather than wasting any money we have,buying another rush job centre forward..

If we haven't got the money then we'll have to make do and mend, this season

Ps. Brian I seem to remember mad Mick scoring a goal at either end at Anfield. One for us and one for them! I think we drew 2 all.

Brian Murray
82 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Jim. Yes, I was there and you're half-right. He scored an own-goal at the Anfield Road end in a 2-2 draw. Andy King saved us with his third in 3 games against them with an equaliser.

Lyons never scored v them although robbed of a clean headed winner in a Goodison derby, I think in '73 in the Alan Waddle derby (only goal he scored for them). The ref that day, yea, you guessed it: Clive Thomas.

Tony Abrahams
83 Posted 03/08/2022 at
On Saturday, Everton will begin their tenth full season in the Premier League since David Moyes left. During this time, they have employed seven different managers. Off the top of my head, these men between them have signed just four out-and-out centre-forwards.

Lukaku was the successful one, scored plenty of goals and was sold for nearly three times what he was bought.

I think that profit has been washed away, just on the signings and wages of both Niasse and the Turkish Paul McCartney, and this just leaves Salomon Rondon, a free transfer, to complete the quartet.

I know we signed Rooney and Richarlison but one was bought to play number 10, and the other was a better wide man who likes playing down the middle, but four centre-forwards in 10 years?

Apologies to anyone I've missed out but, along with our strategic review, how inept can a supposedly top-level football club, actually be?

Justin Doone
84 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Bring in Edison Cavani on a free for a season.

Proven, quality striker who keeps himself fit and works hard.

Steve Shave
85 Posted 03/08/2022 at
A striker must be signed by tomorrow, simple as that. I would be happy with Brereton-Diaz, Dennis or Broja (I think this is a pipe dream).

Don't understand the continued links to Cornet as he is not an out-and-out striker. Dele as a false 9 for Saturday, new boy off the bench. What a farcical club.

Jim Lloyd
86 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Thanks, Brian, I'm made up... my memory has got it partly right! What I do remember was that I was in the Anny Road end... thankfully. I do remember Clive Thomas, alright. A bloke with the same name worked in our place... and he was a right as well!
Danny O’Neill
87 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Without looking, Tony, that speaks volumes.

Lukaku aside, we've been missing that type of regular goalscorer / true striker for literally decades.

I know that a lot can be said for spreading the goals out amongst the team and the 86-87 team springs to mind in that sense. But most successful teams have that 20+ goal-a-season striker. And back up. We currently have neither.

I am going to predict we start the season without a striker if Calvert-Lewin is out. If we bring someone in, it will be later in the window.

Unless Everton surprise me. Sometimes they do. In fact they always do, just not always in a positive way!!!

Brian Murray
88 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Maybe clutching at straws but I hope Chelsea don't get the Brighton lad plus Onana, Dumfries and whoever else before Saturday. Keep this tight and anything can happen.

They are not prolific but Tarkowski needs to announce himself to Sterling, like he did to Richarlison, soon as.

John Kavanagh
89 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Bill W @66.

According to various stattos, eg,, we had the worst injury record in the Premier League last season. Not nice to see us continuing where we left off by starting with injuries to key players before the season even kicks off.

It's even more difficult to explain when we have no European commitments increasing the number of matches played and the risk of injury.

Add this to a small squad that included a lot a deadwood and it's not difficult to see why we struggled last season, especially with the insult added to injury of sendings-off.

I just hope the rumours are wrong for once and Calvert-Lewin just has a knock, but even then small injuries seem to last months at Finch Farm.

James Marshall
90 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Hang on, so the only report online about this is some Twitter account called El Bobble, and someone on this thread says he got a text off someone we don't know telling him DCL has done his ACL?

I think I'll wait till it's confirmed before I piss my pants on the Internet.

Andrew Bentley
91 Posted 03/08/2022 at
James, El Bobble is the main source of all of the news coming out of Goodison. The famed transfer king, Fabrizio Romano, quotes him all the time on Everton news so he is a trusted source.

How many times last season did we hear these rumours break first on Twitter and then it gets confirmed by the club about a week later.

Wouldn't be quite so dismissive of El Bobble. “My mate's text” however, you are right to take that one with a pinch of salt!

Andrew Bentley
92 Posted 03/08/2022 at
It's now being reported on Sky Sports as well…..

Can we panic now?!?

Danny O’Neill
93 Posted 03/08/2022 at
I have a feeling we're going to like Tarkowski, Brian. By "announce himself", I'm guessing you don't mean a handshake and a wink?
Brian Harrison
94 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Both the Liverpool Echo and the Times are also reporting Calvert-Lewin's injury, so I think we can take it that he has some sort of injury and will miss Saturday's game.
Mick Roberts
95 Posted 03/08/2022 at
We should have sold Calvert-Lewin early doors. He's turning into another injury-prone product from Finch Farm – god knows what they get up to but to have the worst injury record from last season and then to kick off this season already with injuries... surely something is wrong somewhere???
Brian Harrison
96 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Tony @80,

Absolutely spot on. We have signed 4 out-and-out goal scorers in 10 years; apart from Lukaku, none of them were good enough to wear the famous Number 9. When you think of the history of great centre-forwards at this club… and now struggle to buy a decent one.

All I read on here is posters saying we need a defensive centre-midfield player or an attacking-midfield player, but completely ignore the main problem with this squad, which is a goal scorer.

We have a squad full of players who don't score goals – how the hell are we supposed to win enough games to survive without having people to put the ball in the net???

Just to remind everyone, other than Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison, nobody at this club scored more than 5 league goals last season. So, having just sold last season's top scorer a month ago, most sane people would have made replacing Richarlison's goals a priority.

But Dumb and Dumber – Lampard and Thelwell – brought in a centre-back, a full-back, and a midfield player, but no striker. Yes, it was nice to see Dwight score 2 goals but his record shows so far he isn't a 7- to 10-goal-a-season man; hopefully his goal tally will improve.

I hope next time Lampard does an interview, they ask why – over a month after Richarlison leaving – has he not replaced him? And seeing we came very very close to relegation last season, how – without adding goals to this squad – does he think we will survive relegation this season?

Christopher Timmins
97 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Calvert-Lewin has been injured for 10 months at this stage, surely his latest setback must pose serious questions of the management and medical staff.

It looks to me as if he has been rushed back on numerous occasions over the past 10 months, given the frequency with which he subsequently breaks down.

Joe McMahon
98 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Yes, Lukaku's goals masked a lot of inefficiencies in the Everton squad. Very much on the whole we don't score a lot of goals, and have had very few 20- to 25-goals-a-season strikers.

I honestly think that's one of the reasons why that club across the Park pick up fans all over the UK, Europe, World. They have a history of many high goalscorers for the last few decades (look at them now).

Maxwel Cornet is not a striker but he will create and score, he saw off Manchester City in the Champions League. He would have made a big difference to Everton (more than Calvert-Lewin), and £45 million Sigurdsson ever did do. Unfortunately it looks like for us he's off to West Ham

Tommy Carter
99 Posted 03/08/2022 at
I did believe it was somewhat naive to build an attack around DCL.

It was inevitable that Richarlison was leaving. We got £60m.

If Newcastle were prepared to pay £50 I’d have sold DCL too.

I think we should’ve built a new attack with £50m. I’m talking 3 players.

With someone like Belotti available on a free I’d have pursued that.

I’d have pursued Damsgaard too. I’d have pursued Gibbs-White, Brennan Johnson. Options like Broja also available. Cornet. Dennis.

Instead all the eggs went in the DCL basket and we now have Dobbin available for the opening day and after that Dobbin and Rondon.

Where on earth are the goals going to come from?

The players in our squad minus DCL and Andros who are supposed long term absentees - between them scored 23 goals in 38 games last season.

James Marshall
100 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Aah well, stick Damarai Gray up top with Deli tucked in behind with Gordon & McNeil out wide. That's the best I can come up with.

Reports so far range from a blown ACL to a broken nail so let's wait & see eh. At least we won't have to suffer Rondonaldo for the first 3 games. And maybe we'll sign Batshuayi anyway (after the Chelsea game).

Tony Everan
101 Posted 03/08/2022 at
We can’t jump to conclusions, he is in London getting scanned and diagnosed. Everything is a rumour until the results of that are given.

Tony 80, this post sends a shiver down my spine, not an imaginary one either. To avoid another bottom six scramble we need more goals. With the World Cup the season is weighted towards the start, we have to have some more fire power now. Quality back up to DCL is looking now as season defining.

Also, if we are not getting ten goals from each our other forward players in a season questions need to be asked. Allowances could be fairly made with an abundance of assists, but we need way more goals other than the 15-20 reasonably expected from DCL. Same goes for the attacking midfield position.

Joe, it would be disturbing if Cornet went to West Ham, I think he would have helped with our goal tally and given us a few options up front too. Are we keeping our powder dry to sign a no1 attacking target? Or are we so financially screwed we can’t pick up a 17.5m obvious bargain when one comes along. (On acceptable wages 67k, and who wants the move too).

Bill Fairfield
102 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Once again struggling for a striker. What a football club.
Andrew Ellams
103 Posted 03/08/2022 at
I've heard a rumour that he's going on a season long loan to Holby City
James Marshall
104 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Everton agree personal terms and are close to signing Cornet.

Rumours are Cornet is 'close' to signing for West Ham.

News reports Newcastle want to sign Cornet.

Nottingham Forest table bid for Cornet.

I got 99 problems but a Cornet ain't one.

I mean, seriously.

Tony Abrahams
105 Posted 03/08/2022 at
I don't believe that Lampard and Thelwell are Dumb and Dumber, Brian, I believe they've come into an absolute basket case of a football club, and are having to juggle like mad, because of previous mismanagement.
Barry Hesketh
106 Posted 03/08/2022 at
It's okay to dislike Thelwell and Lampard and even pro-actively take against them, but Dumb and Dumber doesn't really fit does it? I think Moshiri should listen to some of the supporters, the Erratic Iranaian can buy and sell the players, allow Billy Boy to pick the team and Sharpy can choose the tactics, thereby Moshiri can dispense with any and all of the coaching and management staff and save a load of dosh. What's not to like?

Tom Bowers
107 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Here we go again !! Didn't he miss a lot of last season.

No adequate replacement for Richie and now this..

Rondon is useless and there is nobody else.

A fine mess you have gotten us into already Moshiri.

Christopher Timmins
108 Posted 03/08/2022 at
The DOF and Manager are in an impossible position, they did not create the financial mess, that was in place well before Rafa came on board.

Clubs at the bottom of the food chain tend to get their business done very late in the window once the big boys have done their bits and pieces.

We are at the very bottom of the food chain thanks to the sins of the past.

All is not lost, if there is a long term issue with DCL better to know about it now than during the last week of the window.

David Wright
109 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Tony @102, I agree with that. It can't be put at Frank's and Kev's door.

As your previous post said, hardly any striker in 10 years won't fix itself. I think goals were one of our problems last season and in previous seasons but you can't just buy a striker and hope you score more than your shit defence and midfield let in. Shore up your defence and you don't need to score as many to win matches or points.

We can all see Richarlison's goals and threat need replacing so I'm sure Kev and Frank see it too. Even if he stayed, I'd of liked another striker.

My veiw is that they are trying to tighten up at the back while hopefully adding some goals from midfield. Calvert-Lewin got 5 in 17 while half-fit, he is a good player no doubt. So you can't blame them for saying he's going to be the main man.

It's just bad luck he's got injured, should've been wrapped in bubble wrap till we got cover.

Is Cornet the answer though? I'm not convinced... Is Rashford gonna play? There's a loan there, I am sure.

Danny O’Neill
110 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Normally I'm one to question what is or has been going on at Finch Farm. Despite various regimes, are we really that unlucky?

With Calvert-Lewin, I'm going stick to my previous stance.

Played too much at too young an age because we haven't had alternative options so suffering burn out.

Another observation. As impressive as his physique looks, has he "muscled" up too much in the gym? Muscle tires quicker than fat. And a finely tuned body is more susceptible to injury.

James Marshall
111 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Here you go, this Link will give you a nice handy list of all the free agent strikers available on a Bosman right now.

Maye someone can email this to Everton so they can pick one themselves before all the armchair experts choose their favourite.

Tony Abrahams
114 Posted 03/08/2022 at
I thought he looked big, Danny, and probably because the only thing he could do whilst out for so long would probably be weights and swimming.

Someone else has just texted me to say he's out for 2-3 months, and when I said I heard he'd done his ACL, the reply was no DCL.

Sam Hoare
115 Posted 03/08/2022 at
West Ham have spent £80M already on Aguerd and Scamacca and Downes. Another £33M on Onana (reported today) and £20M on Cornet would make it a big spending window for them. Maybe splashing the Rice cash around before they sell him next summer?!

I'd be happy with Cornet or Dennis coming in. Dennis is slightly better in the air and may be a better centre-forward to replace Calvert-Lewin. Or what about Moussa at Lyon? Apparently available for around £10M. I'd take a loan for Broja too at this point; I'd imagine someone arriving from Chelsea on loan (Broja or Gilmour or Loftus-Cheek?).

We need some goals.

Derek Wadeson
117 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Brian Murray @112.

Are you suggesting we shouldn't be doing deals with other companies and does this extend to buying players?

Steve Cotton
118 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Apparently Yakubu is available on a free and, according to his birth certificate, he's only 21!
Brian Murray
119 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Danny, if that's the case, about muscles no good for staying fit, then give that Stratton fella a stint up front.
Dave Abrahams
120 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Steve (114),

Yakubu had his 21st birthday party while he was at Everton… he was 40 at the time!!

Iain Latchford
121 Posted 03/08/2022 at
We should have signed Dennis within days of selling Richarlison. We are now in a more desperate position, which is exactly the wrong place to be when trying to negotiate deals.
Joe McMahon
122 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Steve, Lee Trundle is also available.
Danny O’Neill
123 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Don't Dave. Remember Moyes' Nigerian 21 comment? How he got away we that I don't know!!
Brian Murray
124 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Jigsaw Barlow is better than Rondon – even now.
Barry Hesketh
125 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Everton star Dominic Calvert-Lewin is facing 3 months out with a knee injury in a devastating blow, sources have told Football Insider.

The striker, 25, was already in doubt for the club's Premier League opener against Chelsea after suffering a training ground knee injury.

Now, it is understood scans have realised the worst fears of Everton medics and Calvert-Lewin has torn his lateral collateral ligament.

He is set to be sidelined for at least 10 weeks, ruling him out until November.

This might be a 'guess' on behalf of Football Insider, trying to get the jump on other sites; however, is that guy who converted his penalty against Kyiv available?

Danny O’Neill
126 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Stuart Barlow, Brian. That takes me back.

The first match I took my youngest brother to was Swindon at home. I think we won 6-2 and Barlow scored. As I jumped up and turned to him to celebrate, the poor lad had fallen asleep! He was probably only about 5.

His middle name is Howard on my insistence. My other brother is called Alan, but that was my Dad's shout. I'm named after my Grandmother's favourite Irish song, so I got the short straw!!

Barry Hesketh
127 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Danny @

Does that mean your full name is Danny "Rosalie" O'Neill?

I take it your Gran was a Phil Lynott and Thin Lizzy Fan... Jesting, of course – you meant Danny Boy.

Tommy Carter
128 Posted 03/08/2022 at
@120 Barry

Thanks Barry. I needed a laugh. Just need Frank on hand to hold his jersey down for him as he takes to the field vs Chelsea.

Seriously though. The Roma deal for Belotti is not done yet. He’s on a free transfer. Offer him more wages than Roma and see how we get on.

Gary Jones
129 Posted 03/08/2022 at
We must be the single most pacifiable fans in the country. Absolute and utter *mugs* we are. A loan signing for backup wingback, a Burnely winger nobody else bidded for, and a few stadium pics and we're all happy clapping our way to perceived mid-table mediocrity.

All's whilst the club ships out three of our four strikers (Rondon doesn't count) leaving us with none after one injury.

We are the brow-beaten husband of Bill Kenwright's Nora Batty. Only he doesn't use abuse, he just pulls on that “We'll be okay” nature we've all allowed ourselves to slip into over the last 3 decades.

When the fuck will enough really be enough, and we realise we are ran by an imbecile?

Ray Jacques
130 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Where's Niasse????
Gerry Quinn
131 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Calvert-Lewin has torn his lateral collateral ligament - out for 3 months!!!!!!!!!
Lester Yip
132 Posted 03/08/2022 at
How can we get so unlucky?
Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
133 Posted 03/08/2022 at
View is that, last day of the transfer window, we sign Richarlison on a season-long loan from Spurs as he is fed-up of no game time in advance of the World Cup, with Conte playing Kane and Son every match.
Alan McGuffog
134 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Gerry and then factor in the inevitable "break down" in training and he'll be out until the new year. T'was ever thus in L4.
James Marshall
135 Posted 03/08/2022 at
So there's every chance we'll be enjoying Rondon up front until about Christmas time then. At least there's a World Cup in November so Calvert-Lewin will have an extra month of recovery time when there's no footy here.
Tony Everan
136 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Out until after the World Cup by the looks of it. Also this type of ligament tear can leave the knee more susceptible to reoccurrence.

We don't just need back-up, we need a quality forward signing, probably two. There was not enough goals in the squad even before this injury. Calvert-Lewin may well come back fighting fit in December, there's also a risk he won't be the necessary 100% all season.

Mark Ryan
137 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Terrible news for us as supporters and for Dom. Let's hope he gets the right course of treatment and is not forced back too early. Must be soul destroying for the lad.

My foot is proper crocked right now and it's properly depressing me that I can't get out onto the fells to do some walking and so I'm hunting around for a decent foot / podiatry clinic to help me. X ray says "Nothing to see here" but the pain would say otherwise.

I cannot imagine how it must feels to be supremely fit and be playing for Everton and then this suddenly happens. I guess he'll get great treatment but nonetheless, the old brain will struggle to cope with the re-hab, I'm sure.

I hope he gets well soon and I hope Mr Thelwell that you were already on it because we needed a top striker anyway... here's hoping.

Brian Murray
138 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Personally, I'm not interested in any hardship or tales of woe for any Premier League millionaire. I said the same about Sigurdsson and now Calvert-Lewin.

Start planning for life without him as he's developed into an upfront Bbamin. Can't rely on him going 10 games fit. If Frank and his team get through this, he really will be the real deal. Making or breaking of him, to be honest.

Anthony A Hughes
139 Posted 03/08/2022 at
I'm not sure I subscribe to the "we've played him too much at a young age" theory.

He's 25 and played just over 160 games in 7 years for us, hardly running him ragged. I just think he's one of those unlucky injury-prone players from the Yerry Mina school of glass legs.

Pat Kelly
140 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Richarlison gone. Calvert-Lewin out indefinitely and he was a known risk anyway. Yet no striker signed.

There won't be many goals in this squad so it's a relegation warning from Day One unless Thelwell gets some goalscorers in. The writing is on the wall.

Barry Hesketh
141 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Dominic made his league debut in December 2016 and played in 11 league games in the remainder of that season. In the next four seasons, he played in 136 out of 152 league games.

Only last season did he suffer an injury that kept him out for so many matches where he appeared in just 17 games from a possible 38. Not a player I would regard as being injury-prone, just one very bad injury and it would seem another one this week.

As for being used too much in his early career, the fact he had to run the channels up front on his own, so often, probably didn't help his development.

Brian Murray
142 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Incompetence runs deep through this club. Remember the other injury, breaking a toe, which led to a quad injury from dropping a sofa.

Just the Everton School of Fuckwits – you would never hear a professional footballer at a top club risking that.

Robert Tressell
143 Posted 03/08/2022 at
I wonder whether we have always been expecting to get Broja on loan.

Ambitious but risky – a bit like when we failed to land Zouma a few years ago.

Tuchel seems to want Broja to stay – and indeed currently he's their only orthodox striker with Lukaku back with Inter and Werner (who is not very good) likely to return to Germany.

There are still lots of strikers options at sub £15M but we may only have money for loan or free.

That may leave us with options like Vydra, Mousset, Locadia or Henrik Larsson's son Jordan.

Belotti, ex of Torino is also free but he may understandably be hoping for a Champs League club to come in for him – so may only be available to us if he's been left on the shelf at the end of the window.

Mark Andrews
144 Posted 03/08/2022 at
We should have snatched Newcastle's hand off when they offered stupid money for Calvert-Lewin. The lad's got stage fright.
Anthony A Hughes
145 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Was it Richard Wright who fell out of his loft hatch and then tripped over on the "don't step on the grass sign" whilst warming up? Only Everton.
Mike Owen
147 Posted 03/08/2022 at
I agree with Danny O'Neill when he says Calvert-Lewin was played too much at too young an age because we haven't had alternative options, so suffering burn out.

I remember being amazed that this slim, young lad could turn out virtually every week, battling against big centre-halves. I did wonder how long that could go on for, and thought it would be better if he could have some rest periods.

In 2017-18, starting the season as a 20-year-old, he made 32 league appearances.
2018-19, 35 PL apps.
2019-20, 36 PL apps.
2020-21, 33 PL apps.

Not many PL games missed, just 10 in the last three of those seasons. And I wonder how many times he played when not fully fit?

As for the much-hyped strategic review, was there nothing in it about having enough strikers on the books?

Of the 20 clubs in the Premier League this season, I suspect we are the least well-prepared. Of course, time will tell.

Brian Cleveland
148 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Whatever price we were quoted for forwards we were interested in has just doubled...
Will Mabon
149 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Brian, sadly you are right.

I don't much like the phrase, but in terms of our luck, the timing and irony of this is so Everton that.

Brian Murray
150 Posted 03/08/2022 at
The full fees for players are almost irrelevant as we can't offer more than £10M up front and even Burnley won't accept that. Wonder if Thelwell is having second thoughts about coming here...
Jim Bennings
151 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Out for "about a month"... which probably translates to seeing him in January.

I can't see Calvert-Lewin ever being the same player he was prior to last season's injury. The athletism will most certainly be gone now after this, much like Michael Owen, whose dynamic changed so much after the age of 25.

James Marshall
152 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Paul Joyce is reporting that Calvert-Lewin will be out for about a month. Greg O'Keefe also reporting that the injury isn't thought to be long-term.
Brian Murray
153 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Same with Mina. As good as he is, we can't plan or cling to a player, will he or won't he be fit?

Time to plan without Calvert-Lewin and plan now and the future without him. If he makes a guest appearance now and again, great.

Tweak the formation for Dele or Gray upfront unless it's time for Dobbin to make a name for himself. I don't envy the manager.,

Jim Bennings
154 Posted 03/08/2022 at

It's all about complications unfortunately.

Whenever it's anything like the knee, that's going to reduce some powers from the game, it's a tentative way back and if it is true that it's just a month then it will probably be October before he's back starting on the pitch I'd imagine.

I just hope they aren't downplaying it to avoid an uproar.

I still can't fathom how or why we have neglected the striking options once again.

Pete Neilson
156 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Excluding Calvert-Lewin, that leaves us with six forwards who managed 15 league goals in 176 games last season. Shocking position to be in.
Mark Rankin
157 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Strap yourselves in! Starting the season with a squad that was nearly relegated which is stronger at the back but weaker everywhere else.

Relying on 1) luck 2) Frank and his coaching team to produce some tactical magic and togetherness and 3) Thelwell to have an outstanding end to the transfer window!!

Just a thought on Benitez who I'm glad has gone but actually did okay with no money, getting rid of Digne for Patterson or Mykolenko cost neutral, I have a feeling, will be a great decision.

Michael Lynch
158 Posted 03/08/2022 at
I hope we don't panic again and bring another Rondon or Josh King. Both fucking disasters.

Unfortunately, one of the things that McNeil was signed for was his crossing ability. With no Calvert-Lewin for the forseeable future, that changes things a bit. But Dele is more than capable of goal-hanging and pinching a few goals.

Definitely time to play the false 9 or whatever trendy shit it's called. None of the Sky darlings have played with a big strapping target man for years, so maybe it's time for us to join the modern world.

Danny O’Neill
160 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Danny Boy indeed, Barry!! My brothers were named after Everton legends, I was named after a song sung in Garston pubs and at family gatherings!!

My Dad attended the Holy Trinity Catholic Primary School in Garston. I could have be a Colin to make the set!! It wasn't to be and I hold no grudge!

A bit harsh on Werner there, Robert. I don't think it's worked for him at Chelsea or in the Premier League so far, but a very good player. I watched him live a few times and in the right team, like any player, he's got goals in him.

Jack Convery
161 Posted 03/08/2022 at
What a pickle we are in now. No centre-forward for a Premier League match on opening day of the season – very Everton that.

Now any team we approach will boost the price if we want to buy as we seem to only have a leaky pee pot to offer them. Even a loan fee will be upped now. I hope none of these guys play poker because they would be skint – maybe they do!

The freebies on offer are thin on the ground for quality but you would expect that at this stage of the window. However, there are a few who 'might' do a job. According to TransferMarkt, the best centre-forwards currently looking for a club (by value) are - Belotti, Jordan Larsson, Lys Mousett, Cavani, Diego Costa and Keita Balde.

Belotti - Italian International, age 28. Was Captain of Torino. missed 15 games in total, through a muscle injury last season. After his second spell out of action - he missed 9 games - he played 13 games, missing one with a recurrence of the same injury and scored 6 goals.

Jordan Larsson - Swedish International - age 25. Spent last season at Spartak Moscow before leaving on loan to AIK in Sweden (April 2022). In all he played 34 games, with 7 goals and 2 assists. given he left Moscow in a hurry due to the War in Ukraine, it may be harsh to judge him on those stats. The previous season he played 30 games for Spartak Moscow, with 15 goals and 5 assists. He asked to be released from his contract and left Spartak in July 2022.

Edinson Cavani - Argentinian International, age 35. Played 25 games for Man Utd last season. Scored 2 goals with 1 assist. Missed 19 Premier League games with various injuries.

Lys Mousett - age 26, last season played 7 games in the championship with Sheff Untd before going pon loan to Salernatana in italy. He played 6 games in Italy. For Sheff Utd he scored 3 goals and none in Italy. He missed 10 games in Italy due to injury. The previous season he played 13 times for Sheff Utd, No goals no assists.

Diego Costa - Spanish International, age 33. Very little football since being released by Athletico Madrid August last year. Played in Brasil Aug 21 until Dec 21. 15 games, 5 goals 1 assist. No injuries whilst in Brasil.Was released in Jan 22.

Keita Balde - Senagal International. Age 27. Played 26 games for Cagliari in Italy, last season. Scored 3 goals with 2 assists. No major injury concerns. Missed 2 games with tonsilitis.

So slim pickins indeed. You takes your pick and makes a choice. Over to you, Mr Thelwell.

Shane Corcoran
162 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Devil's Advocate admittedly, but might Dele be a better all-round centre-forward than Dominic?
Pete Neilson
163 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Please let's remember to only "judge the club at the end of the transfer window". Just those first five pesky games to get through then. Mind you he didn't say which transfer window.
Jack Convery
164 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Just a thought...

Burnley (our new favourite watering hole), released Matej Vydra. He played CF for them.

'll get me coat.

Derek Taylor
165 Posted 03/08/2022 at
According to the 'for sale' list mentioned above, we could get both Niasse and Jo back for less than £2Mill the two.

Why is Thelwell taking his time to replace the only two strikers we've had in years?

Ian Jones
166 Posted 03/08/2022 at
I realise that this was a different time but those writing Calvert-Lewin off should recall Alan Shearer. He had a few knee-related injuries. Still came back fairly strong.

It all depends on what your game is based on, if it's speed, then agreed, Michael Owen is a great example, lost a bit of speed. As for Calvert-Lewin, hopefully, he'll recover from this setback.

Jack, you'll need more than your coat. :)

Barry Hesketh
167 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Am I mis-remembering but didn't another of our forwards get a freak injury whilst taking shots? Was it Niasse or Kone, or is it a complete figment of my imagination?
Mike Gaynes
168 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Interesting to see Berahino on that free-agent list. Just a few years ago he was considered a hot young property and we were connected to him. Now on the beach at 28.
Frank Crewe
169 Posted 03/08/2022 at
This may be a blessing in disguise. It might force the club to bring in a striker who can actually move, use his feet, and knows how to shoot. Instead of one who is totally reliant on a squad of wingers to be constantly throwing in crosses. Most of which he misses.

Calvert-Lewin has been a regular for five seasons. His best return was the Covid hit 20-21 season when he scored 16 goals. His best return after that was the season before when he managed 13.

He's hardly a prolific scorer. He gets 1 goal in 3.5 games. We need a better striker whether he's fit or not. A top club needs a who scres 1 in every 2 to 2.5 games.

Geoff Lambert
171 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Don't think we will miss him that much. We must be able to buy a 12-goal-a-season striker from somewhere in the next few days.
Sean Roe
172 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Viktor Gyokeres at Coventry is starting to look like a good striker.
Pete Neilson
173 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Mike (168),

At West Brom, he became second choice after Rondon. His attempt to force a move to Spurs spectacularly misfired and made him a bit of a laughing stock.

He's still making a living from the game and fair play for that but maybe proof of needing good advice to have a truly successful career.

Sean Roe
174 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Viktor Gyokeres at Coventry is starting to look like a good striker.
Shane Corcoran
175 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Of that list, Cavani stands out a mile for me.
Neil Thomas
176 Posted 03/08/2022 at
I don't think we should be blaming Frank or our Dof for us not having a backup in place. Let's be honest, who is actually out there who we could have signed?

We obviously can't afford a decent striker at the moment, and rushing in and bringing in one just for the sake of it, is what has got us in this mess to start with. With the free agents mentioned, they're either injury-prone, not interested in joining us, or just crap.

Frank Wade
178 Posted 03/08/2022 at
If Jordan Larsson has his father's ability, he'll do for me.
Neil Thomas
179 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Shane #177,

Let's get real. Do you honestly think Cavani would even consider coming to us at the moment? Plus we couldn't afford his wages.

Anthony Murphy
180 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Not read all the comments but P Joyce reporting he's out for a month – if true, that could be 5 or 6 Premier League fixtures.
Barry Hesketh
181 Posted 03/08/2022 at
The news that it might only be a month is the worst possible scenario for long-suffering Evertonians. It gives the club the wriggle room to avoid buying another striker - even though that should have been a priority with or without Dominic's availability.

If it's a month out, great – Dominic returns and we carry on... But what if it turns out to be as serious as some suggested earlier today, what then?

The club says "Well, you know, we thought Dominic would recover and guess what – the window is shut now, we'll revisit it in January!"

I know I'm an old cynic but I cried foul last year at Goodison when I thought that Everton were short-changing their loyal supporters and, although the Calvert-Lewin incident is unfortunate, it is a reminder that – strategic review or not, not much has changed.

I await my slice of humble pie should the club pull a rabbit out of the hat, but it's more likely they'll pull a hat out of the rabbit.

Brian Murray
182 Posted 03/08/2022 at
The next Drogba in Africa is out there if we have the smarts to look... but nooo, that's too much like hard work, and our scouts get jet lag.
Barry Rathbone
183 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Not a great fan and deffo in the camp of "Is he really all that?" but the missus likes him despite explaining he's not a natural finisher. She just shrugs and says she'll deffo miss him.

I just don't get it.

Ian Bennett
184 Posted 03/08/2022 at
The club perhaps should've cashed in a Godfrey or a Gordon to boost the transfer kitty for goal scorers.

The game is about putting the ball in the net, and we've got an injury-plagued Calvert-Lewin and a geriatric Rondon.

Going to seriously cause an issue with our goals in the side.

Colin Glassar
185 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Last night, I was told by a reliable source that he could be out for up to three months.

Calvert-Lewin looks like he might be going down the Dean Ashton, Michael Owen, Owen Hargreaves etc…. route. Once these continuous injuries begin it usually means the end is nigh.

Thank Christ we've got Rondon in the wings.

Mike Hayes
186 Posted 03/08/2022 at
See if the Straq will come back 🤷
Mal van Schaick
187 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Cheeky bid for Vardy?
Alan Corken
188 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Quite frankly, he is vastly overrated, but we should have wrapped the useless glass ornament in bubble wrap until such time as the Barcodes took him off our hands.
Nick Page
189 Posted 03/08/2022 at
So we sell Lukaku to Man Utd for £75M, spew the lot on three shite No 10s and more than triple the wages, and get back around £15M.

In the meanwhile, we try and turn a young right winger into a replacement striker via right-back and now he's fucking goosed.

So, in over 15 years, we've spent hundreds of millions and ended up with a worse striker than we ever even had under Moyes.

Hahaha, fuckin hell... If ever a club has been so mismanaged, I'd like to see it. Jeezus wept.

Roll on Saturday.

Derek Taylor
190 Posted 03/08/2022 at
In former times, this crisis of strikers would have been seen as an ideal opportunity to blood young strikers. Royle, Whittle, Johnson, Jeffers come to mind. Not all world beaters but some would never have seen Top grade football with today's set-up.

Better to blow £13M on International stars like Niasse or the relegation fodder being linked today!

Brian Harrison
192 Posted 03/08/2022 at
I really can't believe that Lampard or Thelwell didn't think that, after selling Richarlison back in June, the priority for this club was to get a replacement for Richarlison. This squad has lacked goals for a number of years and it's still the most pressing problem.

But not only did we have to address replacing Richarlison's goals, we didn't have another front player get anywhere near double figures, so getting in one striker was not going to be enough given the level of striker we could afford.

And let's not kid ourselves, Lampard would have been well aware before he joined that his predecessor was only allowed to spend £1.75 million, so he knew that he wouldn't have a lot to spend, and he will have been made aware of his budget for this window. So the fact that he has used what little money we have to strengthen other areas is down to him and Thelwell.

Being a prolific midfield goal machine, I thought the first thing he would look to address was our poor goal return from this group. When he first joined, he wanted us to play out from the back, which all the top teams do, but quickly realised if he carried on with this game plan, with players clearly unsuited to this style, it would only end one way. And even moving towards a stricter defensive 5 at the back still nearly had the same result as playing out from the back.

I think that Lampard wanted Broja to replace Richarlison, but when West Ham met Chelsea's asking price, it looked as if that door had closed, but West Ham wouldn't meet what Broja wanted and moved on. I still think Lampard is still hoping that Chelsea will let Broja go on loan and we will get him but rumour is that Newcastle and another unnamed Premier League club is also after him.

But in our position we needed strikers in early and the injury to Calvert-Lewin has just compounded that idea. I am sure Lampard and his coaches realize that a poor start to the season plus the lack of goalscorers could make this another tussle with relegation.

Also, you have to ask why were Simms and Dobbin allowed to go on loan with no alternative strikers purchased?

Terry Downes
193 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Can we just buy a fucking striker? it's been a long time now... was Lukaku the last one?
Christy Ring
194 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Calvert-Lewin's injury is a massive setback. One month is probably optimistic, but, let's be honest, we should have had a striker signed anyway.

Depending on Rondon after last season was absolutely shocking, Moshiri and Kenwright are the Dumb and Dumber.

Tony Hill
195 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Colin @ 185, I fear you are right.

As to solutions, I doubt we will find a satisfactory one because that is not what we ever do. We have to hope that something good happens, unforeseeably.

Brian Murray
196 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Everton's response to this crisis? Send an email; "We are in this together. Be pragmatic. Think of the good times. We have fans (Yesmen) on the board."
Jack Convery
199 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Stop Press!

Dries Mertens has turned down Juventus. Now 35, he's played 75 games for Napoli in the last 2 seasons, scoring 23 goals, with 11 assists. He's got to be better than Rondon surely and he's a free agent.

Thelwell, tell Kenwright to contact Bobby Brown Shoes and get him to put in a good word. He's part of Belgium's plans for the World Cup and needs a team pronto.

Tony Abrahams
200 Posted 03/08/2022 at
My own response was to immediately look into the past, Brian, and my first thoughts were that we haven't been properly prepared for the start of a season, for 10 years.

My second thought was that, although Moyes had us very prepared for his last season, the only other time he maybe had us prepared was when he brought in Andy Johnson and Lescott, although my memory might be deceiving me there.

Walter Smith was prepared once, I think, but that was a failed gamble by Peter Johnson, and must have been over 30 seasons ago. Since then, I can only remember another two, out of over probably 30 seasons, that Everton have been remotely prepared to go and compete, from the off.

I missed Sandro Ramirez off my list earlier, so we have actually signed five centre-forwards in the last 10 seasons and continued to progressively go backwards ever since. Not that it was much better before, unless you're happy with never trying to win a trophy, even though this is something that football is definitely all about, imo.

Derek Taylor
201 Posted 03/08/2022 at
They must have known weeks before the end of season that Richarlison would have to be sold by end of May to balance the book – or to make them half-respectable. But Lampard's lifelong search with finding another midfielder like himself saw the search restricted to 'support ' players - and, after all he has Dele Alli so why sweat?

Villa 2016 repeating at Goodison.

John Kavanagh
202 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Lampard was setting the team up to serve Calvert-Lewin with crosses to knock in. I'd have kept Simms but, having let him go, then Dobbin and/or Broadhead should be tried or at least be on the bench. Even if they fail, they will at least try, unlike several of our multi million pound mega-flops of recent years. The optimist in me says one of them might get a few crucial goals if the chances are created.

As for Calvert-Lewin – if the club is saying a month, then it looks like he's out for the season. Remember last season's absence started with a knock and out for one or two weeks. Two major injuries on the bounce means that it's very unlikely he will ever reach peak form again and his saleable value will have just been halved overnight.

Gutted for the lad because this will also likely be curtains for his international career. But serious questions really need to be asked about the fitness and medical support. Something was clearly wrong when he was left out at Blackpool 'as a precaution'. Our woeful injury record in recent years cannot simply all be written off as bad luck.

Dave Abrahams
203 Posted 03/08/2022 at
If we don't get a striker in soon, we will have to use Dele Alli more than we intended to bring him closer to the 20 games played marker which will cost us £10M we haven't got to spend.

This is a deal negotiated by Mr William Kenwright before he reorganised the new pragmatic board... What a Chairman!!

Mike Gaynes
205 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Jack #199, good thought but sorry, no chance. Mertens wants to stay in Serie A. He rejected Juve because he wants to go to Inter. Never coming here.
Robert Tressell
206 Posted 03/08/2022 at
At the moment we have Rondon. He's not very good but at least allows us to play fairly direct and use crosses as our main source of goals.

He can't play against Chelsea - so it's probably going to be a a false 9 of Gray or Alli. Might be okay for a one off.

The free transfer market offers fairly limited spoils (many posts cover the options).

We all know about Broja but the loan market might also realistically offer the likes of:

- Mariano Diaz of Real (not good enough for them but still quite good)

- Martin Braithwaite of Barca (ex Borough striker only on their books due to striker emergency)

- Pinamonti of Inter (really good young striker pushed down the reckoning by Lukaku so likely to go on loan again)

- Zirkzee of Bayern (although they may choose to keep him because of the sale of Lewandowski)

- Choupo-Moting of Bayern (ex Stoke striker somewhat confusingly on the books of the German giants)

- Delap of Man City (son of long throw merchant Rory)

Pinamonti and Zirkzee would be brilliant as loan with option to buy. We can only dream.

Ian McAvoy
208 Posted 03/08/2022 at
It is clear to me that Calvert-Lewin is injury prone.

I am surprised that Lampard rates Rondon higher than Ellis Simms or Nathan Broadhead? Must be holding out for a loan agreement with Chelsea for Broja?

We can't really rely on Calvert-Lewin anymore to be always fit.

Tony Everan
209 Posted 03/08/2022 at
The lateral cruciate ligament (LCL) injury comes in Grades 1, 2, and 3.

If Dom's is a Grade 1 then that's where the "one month out" talk is coming from, it is less serious. Grades 2 and 3 are three months. I'm not sure if the club have given that detail out yet.

Regardless of any of that, we need more goals in the team anyway. Cornet and Dennis have been continuously linked, are of a good age, actually would want to come to Everton as it's a step up, both proven they can score a good few at Premier League level for struggling clubs.

Get either of them in and Broja in on loan too. Two out of the three would do it. It will need some near-impossible work from Thelwell, but this is the nature of the job at Everton. If he can do, this should see us mid-table and possibly even fighting for a cup. There must be viable alternatives to these three players to consider too.

Brian Murray
210 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Flogging a dead horse or as near as. Just forget about including or building a team around him – it's never going to happen. If he ever does get over getting niggles and knocks, he won't be in a blue shirt by then anyway. We need inspirational thinking by Frank and Mr Thelwell.
Bobby Mallon
211 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Right gents. Most on here are winging that we need a striker, and have done since Lukaku. Now most are saying we need a striker because Richarlison has gone.

Well, let's remember we nearly got relegated with Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin up front and finished 12th the season before with Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin up front.

Yes, we need a striker, but we also need a better midfield and defence, so getting in defenders and a midfielder was our priority to stop letting goals in.

Ian Bennett
212 Posted 03/08/2022 at
With Lukuku now at Inter, Dzeko would be a decent short term replacement.

Holding out for Broja feels like a repeat of Giroud.

Bobby Mallon
213 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Oh and Dobbin is going on loan to Derby. Must be getting a striker in. Where have I heard that before?
Danny O’Neill
214 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Well I guess that's Dobbin out of the equation as he's off to Derby on loan.

O'Neill it is. Puma Kings getting cleaned and polished.

Neil Copeland
215 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Didn’t Frank say that Dobbin wouldn’t be going anywhere until we had sorted out sufficient cover for strikers (or words to that effect)? Or did I dream it?
Neil Copeland
216 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Danny #214,

Best news all week that and looking forward to the game and a handsome victory courtesy of an O'Neill hat-trick!

Mark Dunford
217 Posted 03/08/2022 at
At the start of this window, we clearly needed a reserve left-back, a holding midfield player, a dominant centre-half, and a left-sided midfielder, as well as at least one forward and a creative midfield player.

We had no large scale money and knew we had to sell one of the star players and lose a host of the underperforming and overpaid.

The window isn't over and we're on the way to a better balanced squad with some of the holes filled. We play Chelsea at the weekend and may yet sign one or two of their unwanted players next week after the fixture. There could – and probably should – be other signings from elsewhere before the end of the month.

We still need to lose some of the fringe players and we'll end up keeping some who aren't good enough.

Benitez left an awful mess with an underperforming team and a poorly balanced squad that was misfiring in just about every way imaginable. No need to recant it all.

I'm almost certainly in the minority but I think we're in a much better place than we were on the eve of last season when the unwanted Benitez was in charge. Small steps, I know and, yes, we have to sign at least one forward who can play in the first team.

Eddie Dunn
218 Posted 03/08/2022 at
John @202 could be right suggesting that the "one month out" story is wishfull thinking. It also could be an attempt to keep prices of his replacement down, as if he is acknowledged to be out for ages, the prices will go up.

We simply can't rely on Dom even if he is back soon. The season is in the balance again just as things had started to look better.

Geoff Lambert
219 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Some of the names we are banding about harks back to the Eto'o, Ginola, and Gazza days. Hazbin last paycheck signings.

What have we become under our dream billionaire owner??

Jay Harris
220 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Mark @217,

To be fair, Benitez didn't leave an awful mess. He inherited an awful mess and added Townsend and Gray for £1.7M which probably saved us from the trap door. He was let down by piss poor ownership making bad decisions and failing to see what his appointment would bring.

Frank is in a similar position now with his hands tied behind his back and expected to pull rabbits out of the hat.

For fuck's sake, we are still pissing around trying to get Gueuye on the cheap to the extent we may lose him.

What happened to the strategic review that was supposed to be underway???

Tom Bowers
221 Posted 03/08/2022 at
You just knew this crap was going to happen but not so soon.

He get's injured in pre-season. Only happens to Everton's players.

He missed a lot of last season and they didn't have any contingency plan (don't get me started on Rondon).

Calvert-Lewin is no world beater but he would have at least given us something to aim at but now there is nothing.

We have to look at keeping Chelsea off the score sheet to get anything from the first game and keeping clean sheets is not our forte in any game.

Simon Dalzell
222 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Shane (162). No.
Jerome Shields
224 Posted 03/08/2022 at
It has been reported that he will be out for 3 months. If that is the case, it will take another 3 months for him to get up the speed and that is if his rehabilitation goes according to plan. We need a replacement.

I really think underwhelmed will be the height of his career. He is not a great striker but, if he is injury-prone, he will never produce what is needed.

Ray Smith
225 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Jay 220

Simple BK!

Paul Birmingham
226 Posted 03/08/2022 at
It’s incredible how during training at Finch Farm, these injuries are regular occurrences.

Makes me think about the day to day condition checks done at Finch Farm.

This if true is bad injury and could miss most of the season.

So the lack of a back up striker is a priority to fix now.

Not much time left for a Saturday, but we shall see.

Kevin Molloy
227 Posted 03/08/2022 at
I'm hearing we're signing some fella called Banana for a trillion euros. West Ham have been comprehensively blown out of the water by our sweet talking negotiator.
Pete Clarke
228 Posted 03/08/2022 at
The fact that Rondon will still actually be in our squad is a measure of the deep shit we are in and yet it looks like he will be leading the line this season, apart from the first game that is. He was recently mentioned as one of our worst signings ever – and that takes some beating given the crap we've brought in over the past few years alone.

I'm with Jim that we have to get the midfielders Gordon and Gray to be creative with Dele and also get on the scoresheet. This along with keeping clean sheets is a really big hopeful path to survival because long balls to Rondon ain't gonna cut it.

Frank Lampard has a massive task on his shoulders this season and that's keeping us up. Hopefully he can get this mish-mash of a team to somehow play football and, against all the odds, we see the making of a top manager. A very tough task indeed with this squad.

Sadly, if it does go pear-shaped, it will be him out the door and we will be left with another strategic review by our illustrious leaders to fix the problem they themselves caused.

Brian Murray
229 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Strategic review... check. Our jobs are safe... check. Our adorable and misunderstood employer safe for another season... check. Review done.
Shane Corcoran
230 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Neil #179,

Cavani is 35 and, despite our plight, I'd say we'd still pay him more than most other clubs scratching around for a free 35-year-old.

Brian Murray
231 Posted 03/08/2022 at
Not just Evertonians that are masochists. Onana prefers Everton.
Richard Grey
232 Posted 04/08/2022 at
There has been utter silence from the club all summer about strikers/creative midfielders. Our goals and creativity have been ripped out of the club over the past year and there is no news and no hope that we may change this.

It seems that Frank was told by the board at the end of the season: “Well done for keeping us up, we were pleasantly surprised. We don't think you'll need much help from us this time around, so just work your magic on the existing players and we'll be fine to scrape 17th again!”

There is clearly no money left for meaningful transfers, so we let both our back-up strikers out on loan for the season… I mean, Man City played without a striker and won the league!

We are not City and us fans deserve a club with better organisation than this. Heading into a new season with no available striker at the club is absolutely shocking, but we really shouldn't be surprised by now. What a joke.

Steve Brown
236 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Danny @ 214, you’d beat Rondon in a sprint.

Laurie Hartley
237 Posted 04/08/2022 at
We have to find a makeshift centre forward for the Chelsea game at least. I would play Michael Keane up top.

Then we need to sign Borja.

Jay Harris
238 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Hearing that the news on Calvert-Lewin is not a LCL injury and will only keep him out for a few weeks. Better but still no excuse for not having some cover and getting Gueye in before the deadline of Noon today.
Derek Knox
239 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Prepared to wear a tin hat, but like Mina, I would say we should have cashed in on Calvert-Lewin when several clubs were hovering, and told distinctly "Not For Sale".

Don't get me wrong – I love both players when fit... but they are rarely fit, and therefore an expensive liability. Unfortunate but true.

Danny O’Neill
240 Posted 04/08/2022 at
I don't think you need a tin hat for that, Derek. I'd agree. I like both players and when they are fit and on-song, they improve us no end. The problem is their ability to stay fit.

Tin hat time for me. Funny how Duncan Ferguson is considered a legend when he was pretty much in the same category.

I'll get my coat.

Bob Parrington
241 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Okay... for fun - let's chat about which player (regardless of usual position in a team) who could make a decent job of being temporary striker - also assuming no new signing for the role. I recall Moyes doing this out of necessity on occasions.

Bring it on guys and gals. As I said - for a bit of fun!

I'll start with Begovic - he's a reasonable height and quite strong. Pickford will be goalkeeper. So why not?

Brian Murray
242 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Bob. Definitely Begovic. As he’s a hologram and defences wouldn’t see him.
Dave Bowen
243 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Is Nathan Broadhead in the Premier League squad? Or another one on the forever injured list?
Peter Carpenter
244 Posted 04/08/2022 at
We're looking for an understudy for Salomon Rondon, our main striker. Help!
Michael Kenrick
245 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Dave @244,

That's a good question about Nathan Broadhead being on the club's Squad List of Premier League players. He was not listed on last season's 25-man Squad List.

I would have said he gets a pass because he's an Under-23 player, but that's under the old rules – and he's now 24, so can't really qualify as Under-21.

Still, his registration is with Everton and I think all it takes is an email to the Premier League at least 75 minutes before kick-off for him to be eligible to play. I believe the new 25-man Squad Lists have to be submitted after the end of the Summer Transfer Window but can't find the date.

Hywel Owen
246 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Simms at 21 goes out on yet another loan. If he's not ready for the first team squad by now he never will be. Dobbin goes to Derby and we are desperately short of strikers. We have "professionals" running the Club. Or do we?
Clive Rogers
247 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Michael, 246, the window closes at 2300, 1st September 2022.
Danny O’Neill
248 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Bob @242, for fun. If it takes Michael Keane out of our back line then him! More seriously, but still with an element of fun, if we really had to, Yerry Mina.

The management team obviously didn't think Dobbin was quite ready. Even in the few occasions he's appeared, he's been put wide of the 3. Seems at this stage of his development, he is considered more of an attacking midfielder.

The owner said judge him / Everton by the end of the transfer window. That is 1st September, not this week.

I honestly don't care who lines up for Everton on Saturday. But I do know that I'll be cheering them on.

Yes, it's frustrating and I feel that as much as anyone. But for the Moyesites and those who pine those days, standard right? Go to the wire. The reality is that it won't change until we have change.

At the moment, the Strategic Review feels like being seen to say something. I won't credit them with doing anything because nothing has changed. Self preservation springs to mind. A check box exercise in an attempt to keep the restless natives quiet.

Well don't be quiet. Support the manager and the team but don't let them off the hook.


Christine Foster
249 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Steve Brown 236# I'd beat Rondon in a sprint..with heels on...
Christine Foster
250 Posted 04/08/2022 at
The Echo has a bit about Lewis Dobbin going to Derby still going ahead (already happened) despite the Calvert-Lewin injury, essentially he was talked into it by Lampard.

I know we are short up front now, but he is 19... I think we may have done the right thing farming him out on loan rather than sticking him under the pressure of expectation of the Premier League.

I quite like Cavani, despite his age, he knows where the goal is, knows all the tricks, is free, could do a better job than what we have for a season?

Michael Kenrick
251 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Ah, right, thanks, Clive @247.

I was struggling to find the deadline for clubs to submit their 25-man Squad Lists but I think you're right — I'm sure it's within a day or two of the window closing.

Dave Abrahams
252 Posted 04/08/2022 at
I'm disappointed Dobbin is going to Derby County, he's 19 now and with the 5 subs rule he could have had plenty of playing time coming off the bench especially with the drastic shortage of strikers at the club. he is a striker who can play on the wing.

He might get toughened up playing in the first division although he might be safer there considering the amount of injuries occurring at Finch Farm during training matches.

Hywel Owen
253 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Jim Lloyd @20,

I too, alas, am old enough to remember 62-63. When the pitches were very heavy, Catterick would put Jimmy Gabriel at Number 9 and use the Golden Vision out wide where there was room to play. Both Young and Vernon were lightweight highly mobile players and Gabriel was a very skilfull battering ram.

Jerome Shields
254 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Brian #229,

An accurate description of the Strategic Review. I always thought that the Permanent Strategic Plan, as named by the Chief Executive, had that objective. The review of it was to keep it on track.

I can understand fans' frustration. I have been scouring the internet for evidence of life in this transfer market since last week. The objectives have been clear from the start. But a "make-do and mend" attitude is proving a real drag. , as it did last season.

Steve Brown
256 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Perhaps we should rival Notts Forest for the fantastically named striker Jizz Hornkamp.

An up-and-coming talent!

Danny O’Neill
257 Posted 04/08/2022 at
I agree with you, Dave Abrahams, despite my previous comment on the managerial team not thinking he's ready.

I'd've liked to have seen Dobbin closer to the first-team set-up this season. I hope they are managing his Everton career and not managing him out of Everton.

My only really watch of him was his cameo against Norwich. Not a great match and not great opposition, but he didn't look out of place.

High hopes for Lewis Warrington. This season could be too soon, but keep him around the first team squad. Mentor and nurture.

Andy Finigan
258 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Don't think anyone has mentioned it but does this mean Frank has to change the system to a 4-3-3?
Frank Crewe
259 Posted 04/08/2022 at
It's amazing to think that, in the last 6 years, we have only brought in two proper strikers: Lukaku and Calvert-Lewin.

Now, here we are on the verge of a new season and our only serious striker is out for a month. It's as though every manager we have had since Martinez has had some kind of aversion to buying a striker.

I know Koeman brought in Calvert-Lewin but at the time he was supposed to be one for the future. Well, now is the future... so did he turn out as hoped?

They all appeared to think they could turn him into the next Alan Shearer. A pretty unlikely outcome. Youngsters have come and gone. The current ones, Broadhead, Simms and Dobbin, are all to be loaned out and probably won't make it anyway.

A poor state of affairs to say the least. Yet our never-ending quest for wingers, midfield players and defenders shows no sign of abating at all.

James Marshall
260 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Dobbin and Simms being allowed out on loan surely points to a deal in the pipeline for a striker, right?

I mean even Everton can't be that stupid. Can they?

Steavey Buckley
265 Posted 04/08/2022 at
To start the season without a main striker or 2 is a disaster. But the idea of playing Rondon as a lone striker is like playing with 10 men. All the Chelsea defenders have to do is push up to the half way line and Rondon is redundant. But not signing Cornet is another disaster waiting to happen because he represents 9 premier league goals when Everton need to replace the 10 goals that were lost when Richarlison signed for Spurs.
Jeff Armstrong
266 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Cornet travelling to West Ham for medical.
Derek Knox
267 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Christine @ 249, how do you know Rondon wears heels ? :-)
Daniel A Johnson
268 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Thelwell's head should be on a platter.

All his bullshit talk of low blocks, pivots, transitions and positive play.


Crazy to think it was Richarlisons goals that saved us and he's gone. Where are the goals coming from. We are royally fucked.

Clement said Lampard needs to be backed too fucking right. At the end of last season the mantra was this should never happen again this season were arguably in worse shape.

Utter fucking incompetence of the highest order. Our new stadium will open to championship football.

Jerome Shields
272 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Loaning out of young players is possibly the continuation of Brands remit to reduce the wages bill. There is a whole load of stats on how high Everton's wages bill is in relation to their performance when compared to other Premier League clubs. There still is a fair bit of unshiftable deadwood, mostly injury-prone, that are on contracts way above their actual value.

Everton have been taking chances in transferring in injury-prone players and do not have depth for injuries in various positions. On top of that is the questionable ability of Medical Services to have players available for training.

At least three previous managers have had problems with players not available for selection, which have had a significant impact on the team's performance. Lampard's will be no different.

Justin Doone
273 Posted 04/08/2022 at
He can forget England and the world cup. I think it will be 2023 before we see the best of Dom.

Hopefully an even better alternative is forthcoming.


Christine Foster
275 Posted 07/08/2022 at 13:21:04
Off subject for a sec, anyone heard how Bernie Quinn got on at the hospital last Thursday? Not seen him about..
Steavey Buckley
276 Posted 08/08/2022 at 22:33:18
Everton began the season without one recognisable striker. A Premier League teams needs at least 3 or 4 to get them through the season. But Calvert-Lewin has joined Yerry Mina as a constant injury worry.

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