Lampard happy to start with a clean slate

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In his press conference this afternoon ahead of the big Premier League kick-off, Frank Lampard said he is happy to start the season with a clean slate although he fears Dominic Calvert-Lewin will be out for around 6 weeks — something which "comes with the territory".

He would not be drawn on pending transfers in. Similarly, in respect of outgoings, the players who are still with Everton, they are our players. Lampard expressed appreciation for the incoming players, McNeil, Vinagre and Tarkowski.

As for expectations, the next game is always the most important thing in front of him and the team. The pre-season has no particular bearing on the Chelsea game. In terms of fitness, still injuries to Davies, Gomes, with Coleman and Allan as doubts.

Lampard confirmed Coleman will be Everton Club Captain for as long as he's with the club but James Tarkowski is a leader by nature. He doesn't need an armband to do what he does for the team.

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He wants Everton to be a better team on the ball while remaining to be effective in terms of results. But we must be organized off the ball. Step by step.

Regarding a question about Dominic Calvert-Lewin's mental health, Lampard showed understanding of the pressures and talked with Dominic and he has full support for him.

In terms of being light up top, getting the transfer business done before the kick-off is a big ask, and the ones who have gone on loan need development. He said We don't have big numbers in midfield either, these are things we need to fix as a club.

Dele Alli is a potential solution for the gaps upfront, which may involve playing more between the lines rather than playing aerial balls to a target man.


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Steve Brown
1 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Dele Alli will play false number 9.
Michael Lynch
2 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Listening to Frank's press conference, sounds like Dele up top on Saturday.

Calvert-Lewin out for at least 6 weeks, expect incoming attacker this month.

Mal van Schaick
3 Posted 04/08/2022 at
We are supposed to be in for Connor Coady, and a mystery striker? Always behind the pace in the transfer market. Why?
David Frederickson
5 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Lads... please tell me am I losing the plot...

We've got no real goalscorers in our squad, we sell our second-best striker/winger., we have a striker who's out for a minimum of 6 weeks... which will turn out to be 16 weeks – yet we're still no closer to buying another striker and winger.

Constantly linked with various defenders and midfielders. Surely a blind man could see we are desperate to fill both positions.

I get we need to strengthen in defence, we were so poor.… but what's the point in defending for your lives if you can't and won't score at the other end of the pitch??? Unless he's settling on 19 x 0-0 draws... which would probably guarantee safety!

For fuck's sake, Everton, wake up and smell the coffee! I wouldn't trust these bumholes to organise a 1-horse race.

Mark Taylor
6 Posted 04/08/2022 at
The good thing about a clean slate is that it means we start level with every other team, a situation unlikely to last for long.

Hope springs eternal but my head says we should be looking ahead with some trepidation. We are broke, have made signings commensurate with that and clearly are very short of anyone fit or viable to lead the line, a situation it is hard to imagine fixing.

We survived last season against the odds but, without Richarlison and an adequate replacement, I think we are facing the same again this season.

Jay Harris
7 Posted 04/08/2022 at
I still can't understand why we are pissing around with Gueye and didn't get him signed before the deadline for playing him on Saturday.

With Davies injured, I expect to see Vinagre and Doucoure in a 2-man midfield and Alli up top.

It's a game we usually do well in so hope springs eternal along with dread.

Mike Gaynes
8 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Lampard now says "around 6 weeks" out for DCL. That's a bit longer than a month, is it not?
Mark Ryan
9 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Image... "Bless me father for I have sinned"... lol. Looks like Frank is in the confessional box. He looks haunted, bless.

This is Everton, Frank!

Alec Gaston
10 Posted 04/08/2022 at
When is the deadline to register players so they can be available on Saturday?
Anthony Flack
11 Posted 04/08/2022 at
You are all forgetting that Frank said Keane is one of the best finishers in the squad - Mick Lyons and Steve Watson all over again !!

PS Michael Keane not the Italian,,,,

Jay Harris
13 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Alec, it has passed. It was midday today and not a hint of Gueye being signed. I just wonder if it's either Onana or Gueye but not both and, as it's teary Bill, I don't expect a quick smooth deal on either.
Eddie Dunn
14 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Even if Calvert-Lewin is out for 6 weeks, that is purely getting over the injury. He will need a few more weeks to get up to speed and then he still won't be match fit and he will be more likely to get injured again if they rush him.

It is clear as day that we need a striker as we are likely to be without him for 8 weeks – and when he is not fully fit, he gives us very little. So that is more like 10 weeks.

He has clearly had an issue and Frank pulled him off early last game. The club are trying to cover it up but the lad has simply had subsequent niggles following his lengthy time out.

Never mind starting with a clean slate - we will be back down in the basement with Richarlison gone and Dom out, and Simms and Dobbin on loan.

Brian Murray
15 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Please tell me that vibrant 20th-Century 77-year-old is not still involved in any transactions. Take that back. Anything seems strange... Gana's wife singing an Everton song one minute and now silence.
Anthony A Hughes
16 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Welcome to the 30th episode of the annual Everton summer transfer window shitshow.
Pat Kelly
17 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Forget about Calvert-Lewin – he's no longer dependable. And Cornet is going to West Ham. Our business is probably done apart from Gueye sometime.

It's another season of square pegs in round holes. And Gomes and Gbamin will be stuck on the payroll with no takers.

Barry Rathbone
18 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Think positive relegation fights make the end of season interesting. Just wonder who will be manager this time?
Huw Jenkins
19 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Jay and Alec - New signings need to be registered by midday on the last working day before a fixture.

That means every Premier League team - Arsenal and Crystal Palace aside, as they play on Friday - have until tomorrow lunchtime to register new players in time for the weekend.

The deadline for those two teams facing off on Friday Night Football - live on Sky Sports - passed at midday today.

Derek Knox
20 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Mike G, I think he was talking about the month of Autember ! 🤔
Jonathan Tasker
21 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Brentford and Leeds both away, our fourth and fifth games, already look like relegation six-pointers.

Every day that goes past, Kenwright's quote that other clubs look at how Everton do things, looks more and more asinine...

Mike Morgan
22 Posted 04/08/2022 at
I find it difficult to believe that the first priority wasn't to buy a good backup striker for Calvert-Lewin, given what happened last season.

Even Benitez knew that Calvert-Lewin and Richarlison weren't enough. He bought Rondon as 3rd backup but was caught out when he had to play him unfit for a run of 8 games.

This season, we have a more injury-prone Calvert-Lewin, an older Rondon, and no backup. Simms shouldn't have been loaned out until this was fixed. Dele as a false 9 changes the structure of the team which is set up to provide crosses for Calvert-Lewin.

I think we were unlucky with injuries last season but to make the same mistake this season with the "benefit" of that awful lesson is unforgivable.

Derek Wadeson
24 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Thanks, ToffeeWebbers, for cheering me up. So glad you don't sit near me in the Lower Bullens. We sing Spirit Of The Blues at the match. Far too positive for most on here.

Jay Harris
26 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Huw, it was widely reported that he had to be registered by midday today but let's hope that you're right and we can get him signed up by tomorrow but even that looks a bit of a stretch.

Frank looked stressed and ill in his press release session. I hope he is not succumbing to the pressure and frustration that surrounds all things Everton.

Karl Meighan
27 Posted 04/08/2022 at
We will end up with that Batshuayi who has been a failure at other Premier League Clubs that provide well better service than we do. I remember him being clumsy, having a shit first touch, and I would seriously rather have Rondon upfront.

Gilmour on loan and Batshuayi are my tips for signings we will make. I wouldn't be surprised if they fuck the Gueye deal up.

Setting the manager up for a relegation battle before a ball is kicked...

Sean Turtle
28 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Christ, I thought I was a pessimist before I registered on ToffeeWeb. So many cynics. Surely the best thing to do is to give the manager and the players the benefit of the doubt at the start of the season.

I'm sure Frank Lampard and Kevin Thelwell have tried to address the deficiencies of the squad comprehensively, but some deals are quicker than others – who's to say Frank's main priority wasn't a striker but, for whatever reason, it hasn't come off?

It's not the case that you start negotiations, then refuse to begin any others until that deal is complete, so the priority order is hardly linear. So many on here talk like they and they alone understand the issues the club faces, and that everyone and anyone actually inside the club are all imbeciles.

I've been an Everton supporter for 33 years, and yes, it isn't ideal at the moment – but can someone please enlighten me as to how bashing those inside the club (who are trying in earnest to improve the situation) helps matters?

Sean Turtle
29 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Derek Wadeson - well said!
Joe McMahon
30 Posted 04/08/2022 at
How can any manager or coaching team work under such circumstances? Calvert-Lewin, even if fit, won't provide the goals we need, unless he receives the ball in and around the 6-yard box. A proven goalscoring striker should have been first on the list for any team that doesn't score many goals.

It's always done so wrong at this club (with often no vision). Getting Dunc back (because he gets Everton) instead of moving for Dion Dublin, who went on to score approx 50 more Premier League goals than Duncan.

Rooney for his season in 2017, scored 10 Premier League goals, on £160k per week. Salah in the same season, scored 32 Premier League goals, £90k per week.

Raymond Fox
31 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Our luck or lack of it I should say, continues.
It starts us off on the back foot once more. its plan B already.
Its ok saying we should have bought this forward or that midfielder, but its easier said than done to find the right players at the right price.
I think we all expect another struggle and I think thats what we will get.
When the dust has settled on the transfer windows I think we will manage a 14 to 16th finish, but who knows it should be interesting.

Frank comes across as a worrier and a nice guy to me, I'm not sure thats a good combination for a manager. We will see, I wish him all the best for he will need it.

Dale Rose
33 Posted 04/08/2022 at
FFS, let's be positive for once. Get behind Frank and the team.
Mike Gaynes
34 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Derek #24, amen. I log on here every day. Lots of days I don't even feel like posting because the attitude is so miserably negative. This thread is a particular beauty.

We haven't played a game yet, and we're in a relegation fight.

The window is open for another month, but "our business is probably done" and it's a "shitshow" that we've already fucked up.

We loan out two youngsters who combined have played fewer minutes than the average TV movie but should have been slotted into the 11 on Saturday.

And Frank looks "stressed and ill" and the club is covering up injuries and blah, blah, blah.

Derek, I hope you and your friends sing loud enough to drown out this shit.

Barry Hesketh
35 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Well at least we can't blame the fans for having unrealistic expectations this coming season, ah but I forgot as soon as we lose a game, there'll be a chorus of how Frank has cocked up and his methods are useless and his staff are a bunch of losers and of course the players are all championship at best, it's a strange beast this form of Evertonianism.

We knew from last season that this coming campaign would be just as difficult as the last one, we knew we were losing Richarlison and I totally understand the angst about not having a striker in place and that would prove to be a huge handicap.

Losing Dominic is also a huge blow, but it's not insurmountable as he's hardly a Tim Cahill, or even a Duncan Ferguson. It might even help Frank to force his team into better use of the ball, whether we can create and convert chances, whilst simultaneously keeping it tight at the back, is the big issue.

Five points from the opening five games will do us in the current circumstances, but we can't afford a longer slump, regardless of the personnel available, because the knives will be out for Frank – and then what? The return of Duncan – has he got a job yet – Ferguson?

I do hope that the zeitgeist on TW isn't transferred to Goodison Park on Saturday evening or for the rest of the games, because it will be tough enough without that mood enveloping the stadium.

Don't get me wrong; I'm not at all happy about the state of the club off the pitch, but the only people that can make it bearable are the players and the coaching staff, via 100% effort. If we decide to turn on them, we'll be totally goosed.

Pete Neilson
36 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Sean (28) surely it allows us to let off steam rather than throwing our cushions on the pitch. Think of it as a safety valve.
Daniel A Johnson
37 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Thelwell, Lampard, Moshiri and teary-eyed Kenwright had one job this summer, one fucking job: Replace Richarlison.

Well, tick-fucking-tock, lads. Incompetence of the highest order.

Under Benitez, we started with Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin up front; this season, we have Rondon and Dele Alli.

God help us all!

John Pickles
38 Posted 04/08/2022 at
He means the Chairmen of other clubs have given their managers the latest spec iPad to work with, he has been given a clean bit of slate.

Oh and Bill's promised him a stick of chalk soon.

Jeff Armstrong
39 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Great point, Barry @35, not having Calvert-Lewin to lump it forward to should lead to a change of tactics, more joined-up passing to feet stuff. Alli could well be the link for Gordon and McNeil to join the attack, Gray could also offer some attacking nous.

Let's not be beaten before we even start.


Kieran Kinsella
40 Posted 04/08/2022 at

I see this as a year for stabilizing on and off the pitch. Try and stay out of trouble, balance the books, realistically anything more is a bonus. Rome wasn't built in a day yet every summer we've acted like it was.

Time to be sensible. If we rush out and buy a striker, once Calvert-Lewin is back, he will be “deadwood” and people will complain.

Andy Meighan
41 Posted 04/08/2022 at
See all the doom and gloom merchants are at it again. Relegated before a ball has been kicked. God, I hope Frank proves you miserable bastards wrong. And I've got a feeling he will.

He'll get a couple more in before the window shuts without a doubt. Not one hint in his voice that he'll be let down, even by this board.

In Frank We Trust.

Nick White
42 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Good comments, Barry and Jeff.

I remember when we had Dunc in his 1st (and best) spell in 94/95/96 under Royle. We always played better football when he was injured, suspended or incarcerated as there was no easy option for the players just to launch it forward.

Obviously we NEED better backup up front and I am sure the club are doing what they can to address that within the current financial predicament we are in.

I just hope they can sort it ASAP! I don't think any supporter is naive enough to think it's not already been identified as a big hole that needs plugging.

As ever, it's the hardest position to fill (otherwise we end up with another Rondon).

Rob Halligan
43 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Derek # 24, Sean # 28 and Mike # 34. Spot on posts. Like you all, I can’t stop pissing myself laughing at some of the absolute shite posted on here. ToffeeWeb should be re-named Shittyweb!

This is an extract from another thread (I won’t embarrass the person who posted it and reveal the name)………..

“It seems that Frank was told by the board at the end of the season: “Well done for keeping us up, we were pleasantly surprised. We don't think you'll need much help from us this time around, so just work your magic on the existing players and we'll be fine to scrape 17th again!”

I mean, do some really believe the utter shite they post. It was posted as if the person genuinely believed it was true. I kept on waking up laughing at that post.


Brent Stephens
44 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Mike #34,

"Derek, I hope you and your friends sing loud enough to drown out this shit."

Thing is, Mike, I don't hear any of this from those who go to the match. Two different worlds – one of them real.

Colin Glassar
45 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Mike, I used to be an optimist, as you well know, but quite frankly, the Moshiri - Kenwright era has left me drained and despondent.

They've ruined the club (financially) with their poor recruiting and trigger-happy sacking of several managers. The appointments of Allardyce and Benitez were the tipping points for me.

I'll continue to support the team till my dying breath but I just can't whip up the enthusiasm anymore. As long as we are not in a relegation scrap again this season will be, imo, a success. How far we have fallen.

Neil Copeland
46 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Brent, agreed.
Brian Murray
47 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Colin Glassar. You can't win.

Look at the comments of Brent and Rob – in total denial... or maybe happy with their lot which is fair enough I suppose. I despair at our fanbase, I really do.

But good luck, lads, we are all Blues... albeit that's where the similarities end.

Danny O’Neill
48 Posted 04/08/2022 at
I spend a lot of time with my son and brother shaking their heads in disbelief at my optimism.

I've been a bit negative by my own standards in terms of my comments on the club's governance. So I'm going back to optimism.

Pragmatic in realising the cards he's been dealt but knows where he wants us to be. Better on the ball. You can't teach the old dogs we have new tricks overnight, but you can change it over time with new dogs.

If we finally give a manager time.

See you at Wembley. See you in Europe.

Brent Stephens
49 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Brian, my post said "I don't hear any of this from those who go to the match. Two different worlds – one of them real."

That's fact. I don't hear what you get on TW. That is reality. I also come on TW which is the virtual world. That dosn't mean to say TW doesn't have its own reality. It's just that I hear different things in the two worlds.

And I'm not sure what I'm meant to be in denial of. I am also critical of the club, and the chairman especially. And as I've said before, I don't need to establish my credentials on that by repeating my thoughts ad nauseum, thread after thread, multiple times within the same thread.

Brian Murray
50 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Brent. I realise it can get a bit monotonous but it's because we care. I went the 27 Years Campaign protest and the message got a bit blurred. Wasn't about the owner but Sky and especially The Echo controlled the narrative. Anyway, keep the faith.
Brent Stephens
51 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Brian, I know you care, every bit as anybody else. And plaudits for that, mate. Keeping the faith, buddy!
Martin Mason
52 Posted 04/08/2022 at
I've yet to see a more dysfunctional and ridiculous protest movement at any football club than our current 27 movement. Give the club a break please, you are a total joke.
Brian Murray
53 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Martin. Granted as I said the message didn't really get across so you are right on that score. I spoke to numerous fans before it and all I got was "What's the point?"

If you are happy with your lot as an Evertonian, fair play to you. Your idea of being a Blue is worlds apart from mine but enjoy 9 months of singing Grand Old Team as you look up to your 20h-Century messiah in the Main Stand.

Keep the faith, brother.

Martin Mason
54 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Brian, why do you not just support the club in its efforts to recover from the disaster we are in? What do you feel you are adding apart from making us look like absolute plonkers?

I'm an Evertonian and I support our club, I don't support this ridiculous protest.

Rob Halligan
55 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Brian, I am far from happy with the current situation we find ourselves in, but FFS, the constant moaning on here is repetitive, it's the same thing day after day. But if moaning makes people feel happy then by all means, CARRY ON MOANING!

Actually, that could be the new “Carry on” film, Carry on Moaning, starring numerous TW moaners!

Brian Murray
57 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Martin / Rob.

Moaning for the sake of it and wanting change are totally different but, as I say you want to support the club blindly no matter what. Not getting personal as we are all blues. Loosely termed.

John Keating
58 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Any new signings will happen in due course. I just hope they are who Lampard has identified and the World's Greatest Evertonian is not involved.

Whoever comes won't be involved this weekend so we go with what we have and just hope for the best. Our season will no doubt start next weekend when we hopefully get more bodies in and the backroom staff can assess them.

Hopefully we won't have many on here screaming why we're not top 4. After last season, a bit of a calm down would be good for me.

Mike Gaynes
65 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Rob #43, yep, that post is a beauty. I have a very good idea who wrote it.

Colin #45, I often enjoy your pessimism and Pat's and Derek Knox' because it is usually flavored with dark humor, which I always enjoy. (Some of your Iwobi posts are legend.) But when I see the same old crapola from the same people over and over, it gets tired. One former regular we both know used to deride those who disagreed with him as "happy clappers", a sentiment I almost had made into an I AM A HAPPY CLAPPER t-shirt (until someone alerted me that it could be misconstrued as a confession to a social disease). But the intended insult missed the mark. I have no illusions or misconceptions about where this club stands right now. I simply choose not to snivel and wail about it in five or ten posts every day.

Life experience has taught me the value of optimism, warranted or not. There is no objective reason to believe we'll have a good season. But then, there was no objective reason to believe I'd still be around six years after making my final arrangements. Sometimes good stuff just happens.

Jeff Armstrong
66 Posted 04/08/2022 at
“Sometimes good stuff just happens”
Now that would be a great tee shirt MG.
Brian Murray
67 Posted 04/08/2022 at
mike post 65. you definitely no happy clappers and no social diseases although may need a dose of antibillotics 😂
Bernie Quinn
68 Posted 04/08/2022 at
It's hard to believe or accept the negative posts on here. None of us know what is happening behind the scenes - with the problems with FFP etc; and I have no doubt Frank and his Staff are doing their best to field a respectable team for every game. By all means have a go at those Numpties upstairs, especially 'Luvvie Bill', but for heavens sake, Frank is starting his first season with the Club, and is rebuilding a disjointed team. At least let him try - and give him the support, that you gave him and the team this weekend that you so wonderfully showed against Chelsea last season. COYB
Mike Gaynes
69 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Jeff, I already own that one and wear it regularly. Only it says "good shit" instead of "good stuff".

Brian and Rob, you guys should co-star in that movie. It would make millions.

Brent Stephens
70 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Brian - "antibillotics" - very good!

And the recommendation if somebody is Billious?

Derek Knox
71 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Brent @ 70, I think it is safe to say " We are all Billious " !

Pandemic ?

The cause must be eradicated as soon as possible, if not already too late.

David Wright
74 Posted 04/08/2022 at
Mike gaynes 65. Post is spot on.
I've resisted posting on this thread and the others about our transfers because its all so negative.

People ask for young talent, we recently signed myko, Patterson, mcneil & vinegar on loan they not at the top level or expensive enough! We are looking to sign psg regular gana, too old ! Linked with hot young Belgian prospect for 30m, too expensive !
I know you can't please everyone, especially on TW.
The club are not going to sign all the players I'd love to have, but I still back the mangers judgment, I still think he and kev are trying to improve the team in the best way possible. With all the moving parts of the transfer system I don't envy the job they have been left to do.
I don't belive people are actively trying to ruin the club, as the same posts or posters say recycling the same bull day after day.
As stated, the "dark humour " is fun and gives us a giggle but slating a manger who's had 6 months and a dof with less time day after day is just boring, unimaginative & negative.

Let's judge them halfway through the season.
Let's see if we can see progress.
Let's see who they sign, still few weeks of window left.
Let's see if there's an improvement in playing style .
Everton won't be fixed in 1 or 2 windows, Let's keep a manager for more than 18months 2 years or we will be spinning that manager wheel of fortune again and the quality of manager on that wheel gets worse each time as they know they get no time at Everton !

Adam Oakensworth
75 Posted 05/08/2022 at
I do find it a bit frustrating that we start the season on Saturday and still need several incomings to be stronger than we finished last season (especially in midfield) as there are several winnable games in the first 5 or 6. That said, I like the business we have done so far so if this 20 year old Belgian fella, Gueye and a striker come through the door in the next week or two I think we will be well set for the season. I also have a good feeling about Dele this time around…
Pete Clarke
76 Posted 04/08/2022 at
It may seem like a pathetic protest to you but the only thing pathetic about it is the low numbers that turned up. These are fellow Evertonians who have gone beyond writing in to ToffeeWeb and just complaining, these supporters are trying to do something about the total malaise that the club is in.
Sit back and let the malaise continue but don’t have a go at those lads protesting. You should be well aware that the freedom and standards of living we have in our lives were gained on the back of many a protest in which people fought hard for, went to jail and lives were lost.
This is a sport of course but I’m behind any movement that sees an end to the piss poor running of our club by unqualified and delusional people.
The support for our team has always been a source of fanatical pride where we have been blinded by our love for the name Everton. I think it’s time to take the blinkers off off now because these two fools, especially the chairman have put us into such a position that only a miracle season of management by Frank Lampard will save us from the inevitable.
Make no mistake about it. These two clowns running the club will not give Frank Lampard time to turn this club around from the very mess they created if things go a bit pear shaped on the pitch. They will blame everything on the manager and we’ll be back to square one with the numpties sending an SOS to Rooney or Ferguson.
All my nervous hopes are in this fine young manager doing a miraculous job for us but let’s not be fooled that the people running this club have given the manager very little or nothing to work with.
Andrew Keatley
77 Posted 05/08/2022 at
David (74) - Yes. It’s what I like to call Goldilocks Syndrome, and ToffeeWeb is full of sufferers. Nothing is quite right, and fault can and will be found with anything and everything.

Daniel (37) - “Thelwell, Lampard, Moshiri and teary-eyed Kenwright had one job this summer, one fucking job: Replace Richarlison.”

One job? One? They had the task of strengthening an underperforming squad, with limited funds, at a time when we cannot offer European football and only just avoided relegation by the skin of our teeth. Who knows whether the work they have done and continue to do will be successful, but reducing it to one thing is simplistic, reductive and just plain wrong.

Mike Gaynes
79 Posted 05/08/2022 at
Adressing two points brought up in the discussion:

1. I have a hunch that Richarlison's replacement will be Gordon. I think he's more dangerous on the left side and we have Gray and McNeil for the right. Remember Richi had 8 goals and 5 assists from open play last season, while Gordo had 4 and 3 in similar minutes -- not a huge difference. And they both play with the same attacking drive.

2. If indeed Dele starts up top as a false 9 for the next six weeks with no other responsibility than scoring goals, it might be just what he needs to rediscover both his confidence and his intensity. If he bangs in a few, suddenly he's a star again.

Benjamin Dyke
80 Posted 06/08/2022 at 08:07:05
Good points Mike. We have recruited smartly, in my opinion, so far in this window, and if we do get Gueye back plus Onana and maybe Coady and a striker then it's a pretty comprehensive window.
Would it have been better to have it all in place now? Of course! But the days of crap overpriced buys seem over and that's worth more than a few cheers.
Expectations can't be too high after last season but if we can have an OK first month before the window closes it will build a great platform.
Hope springs eternal!
Steve Brown
81 Posted 06/08/2022 at 08:27:46
Agree with Mike, Brent, Rob, Derek, Bernie et al.

Not a ball kicked yet and we are already relegated. The fans saw the influence they had on the team last season, where frankly they kept the club up.

Screw the hierarchy, but let’s get behind Frank and the team.

Ray Roche
82 Posted 06/08/2022 at 09:27:45
Yeah, if only we’d signed a twenty goals a season striker. WTF are the clowns running this club doing? Christ on a bike, yer can’t MOVE for twenty goals a season strikers in the Dole Office queue. Just waiting to be signed up instead of signing on. Fuck me gently!

‘One job’🤣 the tears are running down my legs….!

Brian Murray
83 Posted 07/08/2022 at 15:00:24
Frank knows he needs a striker preferably two.
Brian Murray
84 Posted 07/08/2022 at 15:00:24
Ten argh has ten days left. Frank knows he needs a striker preferably two.

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