Everton and Liverpool fined for ‘mass confrontation’ during Merseyside derby

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Everton and Liverpool have both been fined by the Football Association following a "mass confrontation" during the Merseyside derby on 13 February.

While Liverpool have been fined £25,000 for their involvement, Everton have been fined £40,000 following a previous charge during their home game with Crystal Palace earlier this season.

Players from both sides, including some substitutes, were involved in the incident, which followed an initial disagreement between Andrew Robertson and Jordan Pickford.


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Paul Birmingham
1 Posted 22/02/2023 at 19:21:50
So Everton get a massive fine in comparison to Liverpool for the derby scuffle towards the end of the match last week.

How the fuck they always favour those bastards in such matters raises further credibility questions about this Premier League.

Hopefully this will stir the squad to get stuck into Villa.


Darren Hind
2 Posted 22/02/2023 at 19:28:03

Where is that news, Paul? I can't find it.

Danny O’Neill
3 Posted 22/02/2023 at 19:34:13
What scuffle was that, Paul?

I was in the most red of red pubs and seemingly on my own as a blue. I took quite a bit of abuse but didn't experience any violence.

I'm not a hard man, but I'm a big lad who can take care of it without it resorting to handbags or punches.

I didn't see any trouble.

I'd be interested in those reports.

Michael Boardman
4 Posted 22/02/2023 at 19:35:01
On BBC Sport, Darren.

Because of Crystal Palace.

Let's chuck bottles at a coach and have a captain with the widest open gob in football and maybe we'll get our kick-offs forgotten.

Robert Tressell
5 Posted 22/02/2023 at 19:38:24
Huge news if true.
Kieran Kinsella
6 Posted 22/02/2023 at 19:38:37

It was the players scuffling – not the fans. Likewise, the Palace game… which is apparently why our fine was higher – and no doubt will be even higher after they investigate the Leeds scuffle.

It's also reported in The Echo.

Darren Hind
7 Posted 22/02/2023 at 19:42:20
Thanks, Michael.

We're a marked card, mate.

Simple as!

Rob Halligan
8 Posted 22/02/2023 at 19:44:05

What’s the difference?

Fuck me, we’ve another potential charge coming our way after the scuffle with Leeds last week.

Danny O’Neill
9 Posted 22/02/2023 at 19:53:27
Okay, understood, Kieran.

I withstood a lot of in-my-face taunting in my Grandad's old local with the red scarves and banners draped all over the place. Some of them got a bit feisty, but nothing you can't calm down.

They won't stop me going there. I went there with him as a young lad and do so after most Everton matches to have a drink for him.

I talked them down but they're still gobshites. Every single one of them.

But the bar staff in the Arkles are really friendly.

Paul Birmingham
10 Posted 22/02/2023 at 23:15:10
The point is, who decided why Everton get the big fine for the derby, and was this angled by the Palace game earlier this season, and has it been slanted by the Leeds game last week?

Tbh, these days, Everton will be getting fined for the bad wind and heavy rain on match days, home and away.

Focus now on Villa, and peaceful protest.


Don Alexander
11 Posted 22/02/2023 at 23:23:21
Well, at least the fine allows Kenwright an opportunity to at last account for the spending of the Arteta money.
Alan J Thompson
12 Posted 23/02/2023 at 07:11:22
And of course Heysel, Paris and attacking opposition teams' coaches are figments of imagination. Or just blind in one eye?

Still, that's what you get for having players suspended for diving for penalties, no other club has, or have players breaking and dislocating ankles when an opposition player had no part in causing the injury as seen in the rescinding of a red card. It's just wannadem songs ya hear now and then…

Duncan McDine
13 Posted 23/02/2023 at 08:50:20
40 grand is a drop in the ocean, even for a skint club like us, but tbh I don't think there was much of an incident… unlike the Leeds game (in which Leeds players we're far more guilty than ours).

Danny – I'm a bit lost as to how you've translated reports of an on-field scuffle into something to do with the pub you went to.

I've now got a McFly song in my head for the rest of the day.

Martin Farrington
14 Posted 23/02/2023 at 13:09:41
Bloody pity the players left it so late to show a modicum of displeasure.

Next time they should start a scrap in the tunnel before the game. That might put them in the mood to do something aggressive and positive in a derby.

Get Queen Calvert-Lewin in his schoolgirl outfit to plonk a snog on Alisson. The big blunderer will go mental.

As for their fans, they are still as nasty and hostile as ever. We all know what type of creature bore them. Rhymes with bat.

Danny O’Neill
15 Posted 23/02/2023 at 13:45:14
Good spot and my bad Duncan. That should have been on the thread where we are discussing intimidation the board.

I had a 9am meeting over at the Tower Bridge area of London this morning, so got up at 4am to get the boy dog out, get ready and then commute in from my place near Heathrow.

Posted that one in the wrong thread as I was still having my first dose of caffeine.

Ian Jones
16 Posted 23/02/2023 at 15:04:48
The bigger fine might just be because Pickford started it after Robertson kicked the ball away.
John Boswell
17 Posted 23/02/2023 at 15:27:42
Regarding the issue of time wasting, I like the idea of 30 minutes each half with the clock stopped whenever the ball is dead. The clock restarts when the ball is back in play. No more "Ferhie time" and no yellow cards for time wasting. The bonus for the fans will be more football played, as there is rarely 60 mins of live action in a 90 minute game these days. COYB.
Danny O’Neill
18 Posted 23/02/2023 at 15:41:38
I think just stop the clock whenever play stops, John, and have it visible on the screens.

It's that simple in my simple head. Then there is no debate.

That's for when play stops. I believe you are allowed a period, 1 minute (?) for things like throw-ins and goal-kicks.

But for injuries, substitutions and the like, just pause the clock.

Otherwise, we are reliant on the officials adding on the token 2 minutes at half-time and 4 minutes at full-time… 10 minutes if it's Liverpool so they can win.

Visibility and transparency.

James Hughes
19 Posted 23/02/2023 at 16:08:50
I do think the 'stop the clock' idea would be useful it has been used succesfully in Rugby for injury timeouts etc

But bearing in mind the actual shit show they have made of VAR so far, I wouldn't have much hope.
I really did have high hopes for the process but instead of catching out the obvious, Goals are being being disallowed because a toenail is offside.

Let's face facts, If Michael Oliver told you it was raining you will still put your arm out the window to check.

Tony Abrahams
20 Posted 23/02/2023 at 16:15:08
I’d just love to hear Michael Oliver and his esteemed colleagues, having to explain their performance, like many players and managers are asked to do after games.
Michael Kenrick
21 Posted 24/02/2023 at 17:35:06
John @ 17,

It must have been this kind of thinking that infected the World Cup where we regularly saw 10 to 15 minutes of added time.

Since, I get the sense that the Premier League time-keeping has reverted to previous bad habits.

And can there be anything more ridiculous than giving a yellow card for time-wasting? Just add on more time, ya daft referees!!!!

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