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Newcastle make Gordon enquiry

| 06/07/2022 148comments  |  Jump to last

Newcastle United have reportedly contacted Everton to sound out their willingness to sell Anthony Gordon for around £35m.

The big-spending Magpies are said to be looking to add a wide player this summer as Eddie Howe bolsters the squad he inherited last year with the infusion of Saudi cash and Gordon is on their list of targets.

According to the likes of Sky Sports, no formal bid has been lodged but there has been contact between the two clubs.

Everton have already told Tottenham they have no interest in selling the homegrown winger when they were linked with a £20m move last month but Newcastle might try and tempt them with a higher offer.

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The Athletic say that the Blues' stance remains unchanged and that they will resist all attempts by other clubs to tempt Gordon away this summer.

Reader Comments (148)

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Frank Crewe
1 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Not a chance. After selling Richy Lampard would never sell Gordon. Plus the player has made it quite clear he is happy at Everton and doesn't want a move to any other club. Just paper talk.
Mike Gaynes
2 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Money talks, and Everton needs it. Don't dismiss this possibility.
Mark Ryan
3 Posted 06/07/2022 at
I'm binning Everton off if they sell Gordon and that's not a throw away comment. No one person is bigger than the team but if he is sold because we are so badly managed I'd rather take up knitting fog than continue with this shambles, Bramley Moore Stadiumor no BMD
Brett Jonathan
4 Posted 06/07/2022 at
For 35 mil they can have him. All running with a pretty low percentage of positive outcome/beating men he tries to take on.

35 matches and only 4 goals last season. Only had 3 assists too.

Why is he worth that much? Half of it is because he is English.

Surely with 35 mil we can find someone who can score 5 goals. We can probably find 3 players who can score 4 goals each this season with that money!

Tom Bowers
5 Posted 06/07/2022 at
I will swap for Saint Maximin and 35 million.
Soren Moyer
6 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Its a whole sale then lol. The club, BMD, players and what not!
Alex Kociuba
7 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Brett, and if we got 4 players to replace him they'd be all happy to receive 1/4 of Gordon's wage? And even if being English means doubling of value is true, it still needs to be factored in?!
Michael Kenrick
8 Posted 06/07/2022 at
"Everton have no intention of selling Anthony Gordon amid interest from several Premier League clubs, the Echo understands."

Oh if only that would be the final word!

Mike Gaynes
9 Posted 06/07/2022 at
I think we need an update from our most reliable source of Anthony Gordon information -- Rob Halligan's dog walks at the park.

Rob, you think you can arrange to accidentally run into the young man again?

Jim Bennings
10 Posted 06/07/2022 at
I'd normally say this is all my arse but the fact that Everton seem to be sitting outside Primark in town with half a bottle of whiskey and a mangy Jack Russell tells me that there's every chance Newcastle will offer a wage that tempts Gordon, and a fee higher than £35 million that breaks our limited resolve.

Everton as a club are on their knees right now, brought upon by six years of pure bellendery from those in the boardroom.

What does our boardroom consist of?

Mr Nice and Sentimental
Mr Stupid
Miss Dynamite

That's pretty much it.

If Gordon goes I reckon Lampard walks before the opening game of the season.

Andrew Bentley
11 Posted 06/07/2022 at
All nonsense.

Agent negotiation tactics to drive better deal for his client. Expect announcement soon on new contract for Gordon.

Will Mabon
12 Posted 06/07/2022 at
"For 35 mil they can have him. All running with a pretty low percentage of positive outcome/beating men he tries to take on. "

You'll get that with pacy attacking players, they are facing top defenders. The percentage of success of players that never take anyone on - zero. The percentage of such players we'd have without Gordon - low to zero.

He is early on at this level of his career, Brett. What he has naturally physically, most players can never achieve, it can't be attained. He is unrefined but has great potential and he will improve; that can be learned.

The last thing we need is dropping quality/potential to increase numbers of ordinary players that will never improve or show any flair. We also can't play three or four players at any one time in place of one!

Barry Hesketh
13 Posted 06/07/2022 at
I haven't read all of the comments so far, so I apologise if someone else has mentioned the fact that Gordon being a homegrown player, any sale of a player such as him has a more positive effect on the accounts than the sale of Richarlison.

Similarly, Dominic Calvert-Lewin would be viewed the same by the bean-counters. We'll see how much power that Lampard and his staff have in the coming weeks if they want to retain the services of Anthony and Dominic.

I don't fancy relying on Rondon and whomever to spearhead our attack in the coming season, but we also have to realise that every single Everton player will be available for sale – so long as the price is right.

On the merits of Gordon as a player, he has a great deal of potential and we could regret selling him at this current juncture.

Will Mabon
14 Posted 06/07/2022 at

I'm contacting the OED to ask them to add that to the new word watch list, Jim.

Tony Graham
15 Posted 06/07/2022 at
He will be sold, and Frank Lampard will buy Harry Winks for £20M.

I despair...

Jay Harris
16 Posted 06/07/2022 at
And now for some good news:

Bill Kenwright has left Everton…? No.

Moshiri has agreed the sale of the club…? No.

Everton have signed two quality midfield players…? No.

Ah well… another day of hope gone.

Steve Brown
17 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Keep calm and carry on, gents – he won't be sold.
Jim Bennings
18 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Will @14,

Contact the board also to tell them that they should in be court soon after being found guilty of 6 years of "fuckery" at our once proud club.

Robert Tressell
19 Posted 06/07/2022 at
It is always harder to hang on to good players than it is to shift the deadwood.

Hopefully nothing comes of this.

Will Mabon
20 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Jim, I agree but 6 years is just the topping to the whole preceding period of it, the bell-end part, if you like.

Hell, all we have right now is moaning, joking and sarcasm. Would be nice to have some good news and positivity to go with the pleasant weather.

Maybe there's a nice surprise signing on the horizon?

Brian Murray
21 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Jim, I think you are about 21 years short, mate.
Alan J Thompson
22 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Are there any sightings of Bill being seen enjoying a pie and chips with some Arabian gentlemen?

Eye of camel, wing of bat, hubble bubble, toil and PLS...

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
23 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Tony Graham - I would take him at that price. 😉
Jim Bennings
24 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Apparently Gordon would be "interested" in making the move to Newcastle – if you can believe some shite source I've just read.

I think Everton were banking on the sales of Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin but, with the latter having missed almost a year with a problematic injury, it's put off many clubs from going for him.

Now it seems attention has been drawn to Gordon were Everton will reluctantly (until someone tickles their funny bones) sell him for around £40 million.

It's written in the stars of the Twilight Zone, isn't it?

Dale Self
25 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Gritting my teeth but this is actually a good thing that the club needs. We obviously would like to preserve as many of the offensive options we possess since we are likely to be short on goals this season.

We do have to get used to selling to buy to repair our market reputation and Gordon may be an unfinished gem that could be better polished elsewhere although it is two seasons early in my opinion. He needs time in a given system to find his cutting edge, the raw tools are there.

Jack Convery
26 Posted 06/07/2022 at
This is Everton. They will sell him for that sort of price. If it happens, Frank will walk and Kenwright will bring in the Messiah Rooney, who may have been a naughty boy from time to time but is the son Kenwright wishes his own loins had produced.

Maybe it's time to Toon out…

Kevin Prytherch
27 Posted 06/07/2022 at
I wouldn't worry too much. If Calvert-Lewin and Gordon go, we can have our own fab front 4 of Townsend, Gray, Gomes and Rondon.

Champions League here we come…

Joe McMahon
28 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Kevin, I wouldn't worry too much, even with Calvert-Lewin and Gordon we won't make the Champions League.

To be honest if the money is good I wouldn't be that bothered about Gordon leaving. If he stays the coaching staff have to work on his shooting and crossing.

Danny Baily
29 Posted 06/07/2022 at
This one might come about. Let's hope not.
Brian Williams
30 Posted 06/07/2022 at
You lot will believe anything! I despair!
Eddie Dunn
31 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Andrew @11 nails this, expect a new contract for the very modestly paid youngster.

There is of course the chance that the club have leaked this possibility to gauge the outrage of our fans. I do think that the board would have to don tin hats if this happened, but I also wonder if £35 million is a cracking price for a lad that beats defenders for pace, but usually fails to score, or put in decent crosses?

If Anthony has an ordinary season, then his price would shrink considerably. Potential is often mistakenly over-estimated. However, I think that the likelihood is that Gordon will be worth £50 Million this time next year as he will improve his end product.

Danny O’Neill
32 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Jim @10. Have you been watching me?

Brian @30. It's that time of year. Early morning ramblings with the dogs. They talk more sense than me or the media.

Tony Everan
33 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Every player has their price, but this sale will be hard to swallow as Anthony Gordon is one of us, genuinely cares, and loves the club. He’s not a Rooney but he is the best player to come from the youth set up since. He can and will improve further.

The only way I can possibly see this happening is if we get a massive fee. Frank may have big ideas about how to invest this money to make the team stronger overall and better balanced. He could well have a shopping list of players that require 100m of sales for him to buy. Also the formation of the team he is planning and whether Gordon fits into that plan could be a factor.

If it happens it is a massive gamble for Frank and Thelwell that must be successful. I would advise them against it , he’s one of us and part of our identity . He’s an Evertonian and a fighter with talent too , we need him .

Hugh Jenkins
34 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Tony (15),

Frank Lampard has apparently said (as mentioned elsewhere on this site) that all interest in Winks has ended. He looked at him and didn't really like what he saw – so that was that. All this was mentioned during the Richarlison negotiations – where, at one point, Spurs were trying to tie Gordon and Richarlison into a "package" deal.

Andrew Brookfield
35 Posted 06/07/2022 at
I'd sell him. £35M is a lot for a winger with no end product. He runs hard and is direct, but apparently you can get Dwight McNeil for £10M and I think he's arguably a better player.
Derek Taylor
36 Posted 06/07/2022 at
One good thing is that It won't need the likes of Richarlison, Gordon and Calvert-Lewin to keep us in the Premier League which is now the limit of the Club's ambition.

With a few of Lampard's 'city slickers', ie, Dele, to come in, another 16th slot should easily be attained.

Pat Kelly
37 Posted 06/07/2022 at
If they're offering £35M, say £40M and it's a deal.
John Chambers
38 Posted 06/07/2022 at
If Sterling has gone to Chelsea for £45M, I can't see Newcastle increasing their bid. Does perhaps mean more chance of getting one of those we are linked with out of Chelsea though.
Jamie Crowley
39 Posted 06/07/2022 at
I sincerely hope this is tabloid garbage.

This is exactly what we should not be doing! We should not sell our young talent and backfill with older players - which is exactly what we'll do.

This is not the way forward. It needs to be stupid silly money!. Like around 65 million. Otherwise no way.

Jay Harris
40 Posted 06/07/2022 at
It's okay saying sell him for £40 or 45M but who the hell is going to come here and on what sort of money.

Anthony will give his all in every game for us and is probably the lowest paid regular in the team.

It looks like Adams prefers Leeds, Gibbs-White prefers Crystal Palace, Broja wants to stay in London and Lingard wants to follow the money.

We certainly do not want to lose any more of our better players money or no money.

Tony Shelby
41 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Stage 1. Everton have no intention of selling Anthony Gordon.

Stage 2. Everton deny they have struck a deal to sell Anthony Gordon.

Stage 3. Everton agree to sell Anthony Gordon for £25m plus add-ons.

Stage 4. Everton announce the signing of Josh Sargent from Norwich for £20m plus add-ons.

Ian Pilkington
42 Posted 06/07/2022 at
It would be a little worrying if a top club were reported to be interested but the Barcodes?

Absolutely no chance.

Brian Murray
43 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Seems to be growing legs, this story. Shame Gomes can't!
Paul Elliot
44 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Here is my opinion.

Yes, he is young and sometimes a headless chicken... Fast, yes, but no end product at times, is he another Theo Walcott?

Potential is great but, at the moment, we need a bit more than potential. If he goes, minimum is £45-50M, then get Dwight McNeil and Josh Brownhill.

Hopefully Calvert-Lewin has the season we need him to have, and Dele steps up to the player he can be!!

Brian Murray
45 Posted 06/07/2022 at
We as football fans have this ingrained snobbishness towards others like Spurs and Newcastle. How dare they get ideas above their station.

Well, Spurs for a start are ran ten times better than us and have been for years. They have a mega store three times bigger than ours and that was before their new ground.

Probably the same at Newcastle. Plus they are in the Top 4 and sooner or later will be joined by Newcastle. A broken record, I know, but if it's right at the top, the rest usually follows.

John Pickles
46 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Losing Gordon is not like losing any other player.

Everton are not going to win anything in the near future, they are not even going to challenge for anything. The fans need something to feel good about, a sense that there is at least something successful about this club.

A local lad who has come through the ranks, loves the club, wants to stay at the club and is a success at the club, gives that 'feelgood' factor.

Bill Gall
47 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Why would you want to sell one of your more promising young player that been given a chance in the starting 11 has not disappointed, and shows improvement. Yes there is a good fee that is being quoted, but he will still have to be replaced, and you may bring in a couple of other players that have been playing well in other teams, but that does not guarantee they will play as well or better in a different set-up.

There seems to be a serious attempt to bring in a more stable side of the football operations of the club, and selling off your young potential players after struggling last season to me is no way to go about it.

Last season with the relegation struggles I don't think Lampard wanted to use young players in place of the more experienced players. This season it may change especially with the new sub rules.

Anthony Gordon brings more to his game that any fee quoted, his attitude and effort brings out better efforts from other more experienced players, and I think anyone who played has tended to raise his game when a young player has been brought in and makes you feel slow watching them.

This young player will improve and I would rather he does it at Everton, rather than sell him and buy other players that may not improve the team.

Marc Hints
48 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Barkley on a free transfer is the latest rumour now.

Blimey we must really be skint at the moment!

Shane Corcoran
49 Posted 06/07/2022 at
He’s a Blue so, just like any of us, his only interest is playing for his beloved boyhood club.

He’ll relay the above to all concerned and that’ll be that.

That’s how this professional soccer works isn’t it?

Rob Halligan
50 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Having spoken with Anthony Gordon, I get the impression that he is a very down-to-earth lad, who would rather stay out of the limelight, who would rather stay at home with his parents, than live it up down in the bright lights of London, or move to Newcastle, nearly as far away as London is.

I reckon the lad is scared of his own shadow and sleeps with the light on. When I've seen him, he's been with his girlfriend, who believe me, looks about 17 years old, so I doubt very much she would be moving to Newcastle or London.

Anthony would therefore be living on his own, probably in a hotel until he decided enough is enough, and wants to move back home. Definitely a “Mother's Boy” and will be going nowhere. Frank loves working him and the club have said he's going nowhere, so file under a “Pile of shit rumour” and let's move on.

Rob Dolby
51 Posted 06/07/2022 at
It wouldn't surprise me if he left. As much as I want him to stay and become a player – money talks.

I am sure his agent would love the chance to put a couple of mil into his pocket.

We are in Shit Street, be interesting if this has legs.

Fran Mitchell
52 Posted 06/07/2022 at
It was a breakout season for him last season, he started the season as a squad player and ended as a guaranteed starter.

He still lacks end product, but that is common for players his age and style. I expect next season he'll double his numbers to about 8 goals and 6 assists or so, and eventually he'll be a player with 10-15 goals a season and 8-10 assists a season.

That he's from our academy makes him more valuable and we should strive to keep him. Him and ideally another on the other wing (would love to see us go for Hudson-Odoi who really needs to leave Chelsea). With Gray, Dobbin, Townsend (when fit) as back-up.

Would be a real sucker-punch to lose him this early.

Justin Doone
53 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Sadly money talks. We are desperate for sales / income. Newcastle have the finances to offer silly money.

I can't see how we accept £50M for Richarlison and be able to turn down £40M for Gordon.

Sad, but I fully expect this to happen.

The only hope is Gordon thinks Newcastle is not a step up and says no to quadrupling his salary.

Paul Birmingham
54 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Hopefully there’s no mileage in this rumour.

If Everton sell their best young player coming through the ranks in decades, then I think it will become increasingly difficult for Frank and his coaches to prepare the squad for this seasons start in a months time.

Hopefully this is just a rumour, with no foundation.

Will Mabon
55 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Tony @ 41 - that's what happens* when you buy your crystal ball from Poundland.

Fran - I agree. Near on 20 years since the academy/youth set-up last bore real fruit, and we quickly sold. Would be a sad outcome if it were to happen again.

Football team first, player production and trading business second.

* I hope.

Will Mabon
56 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Paul - snap!
Tommy Carter
57 Posted 06/07/2022 at
A good option may be for him to back himself and trust that in 2 years time if he wants the move, then Newcastle or even bigger teams will be in for him.

In the meantime he can continue to develop here where he will probably be a guaranteed starter.

A good start to the season that contains real end product of assists and goals and he has to realise he could be a late runner for a place in the World Cup squad.

Will Mabon
58 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Tommy, all good sense and realism... but does it apply anymore? I'd rather he just stays an Evertonian permanently.

Still thinking this sale wouldn't happen, for now.

Chris Hockenhull
59 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Rob (50).

I did indeed read your well-written contribution but… after a while... it all started to read as something I'd read and heard before.

And then the penny dropped. Change the names then I got it — Rooney!

Justin Doone
61 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Gordon, Barkley, Rooney.

Rooney was world class at 17. There have been very few Everton players, never mind true Everton homegrown players, to reach that peak.

Barkley had a few excellent seasons and looked to be heading into that 'top Premier League level' player bracket but failed to combine skills, effort and decision-making on a consistent level and can be assigned into the 'good in his day but never matured' category.

Gordon is perhaps more basic in his skills and all-round ability but his pace and directness will always be a danger to opposition teams. However, it's his attitude and work rate that you can not buy or coach.

Like Richarlison, having a forward who is prepared to work so hard for the team defensively is rare. Sometimes that hard work tracking back can have a negative effect on their game when attacking but, if we were to lose both in the same transfer window, our whole team set-up, tactics and work rate will be the worse for it.

Improve he will, because he has the ability, belief and attitude to do so.

Don Alexander
62 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Anthony Gordon is a squad player who at 21 isn't comparable in any way to the 16-year-old Rooney, but he doesn't at all deserve criticism for that.

That said, whether he loves Everton or not, he is a commodity just like Rooney was, a commodity that a hopelessly inadequate owner and boardroom can easily be persuaded to sell to try to even salvage the club's ongoing presence in the Premier League.

I'll refrain from mentioning the name of the buffoon present at the top throughout our decades-long mediocrity though.

Dale Self
63 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Good words, Rob, thanks for that. I was one who was giving it some consideration. Sorry to be the occasional colonial rube, Everton is brutal like that.
Laurie Hartley
64 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Eight or nine years of first-team starts for £35 million? Doesn't stack up for me.

Derek Thomas
65 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Tony @ 41,

Many a true word spoken in jest... you are joking aren't you?

This is The Ev though, so rule out nothing.

Brett Jonathan
66 Posted 06/07/2022 at
We aren't in a position right now to sit on a £35 million asset with 'potential' that may never come to pass. Sell, and do it quickly so we can better use the money.
Ian Pilkington
67 Posted 06/07/2022 at
Brett @66,

Please explain how “we can better use the money”?

A hypothetical question because he won't be going anywhere.

Sam Hoare
68 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Seems highly unlikely to me. Everton would surely not sell him for less than £40M and Newcastle could buy a much more polished winger for that amount, with Raphinha only costing £10M more.

However we need to start running the club better, and that means getting used to selling our most glamorous players for good fees and then re-investing the money wisely. Rather than holiday onto players too long or buying old players who retain no value.

If we did get a bid of £40M for Gordon, then it should be accepted with the knowledge that you could almost definitely find a player of similar age and talent and application in Europe for £20M.

Tony Twist
69 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Christ, some people willing to sell one of our own, a valuable asset, someone that is sort after by numerous premier teams, with even a suggestion to get Dwight McNeil from Burnley to replace him!

After Richarlison going, Gordon is the only one I could rely on to try his hardest for the club. Remember that the jury still out as to whether our recruitment team has turned over a new leaf and actually work for a living and find some future gems of players to grace the first team.

We know what we will get from Gordon, most of which is very positive, don't be fooled, the purchases by our recruitment people, purchases (not loan players), will be mediocre at best.

Mike Gaynes
70 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Rob #50, many thanks. I knew you'd have the answers.

Well, you and your dog.

Bob Parrington
71 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Back in 1974, when I was first becoming self-employed, a very wise person gave me a piece of advice: "Never make long-term decisions based on short-term situations".This is relevant today with Everton and Anthony Gordon.

It would be stupid of Everton to sell such an up-and-coming player (who has proven himself well last season), just because of monetary pressures and particularly when those monetary pressures have been self-inflicted by previous bad management of funds.

Mike Gaynes
72 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Very good wisdom, Bob.

Would have applied nicely to my first marriage.

Bob Parrington
73 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Ha! Ha! Mike. I've a number of mates who would reflect the same.
Brett Jonathan
74 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Ian @67

Simple. Gordon scored 4 goals last season and had 3 assists. Very poor for an attacking player.

I believe we can find another player, or two who have 'potential' (like Gordon) that can score the measly 4 goals a season for the £35 million he would bring in.

Gary Jones
75 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Brett, do you go the games? Antony is way more than just a “few goals/assists + some potential”, he’s one of the few heroes we have. With Seamus needing pasture, and Richie gone, I’m pretty sure he’s the only player who has a genuine song (albeit replicated for Iwobi and a tongue in cheek (“I want to be like Dele Alli’)

He picks up the crowd with his running and the raw enthusiasm that we demand as a minimum of our players. He connects with us as a local, getting us when we are frustrated, and breathing it in when we are on the up. He gives us an identity, and he gives us hope that there are others like him coming through too.

Sure, one day the agents may turn him into just another mercenary and he’ll be off like Rooney, Jeffers and Ross before him. If he does, he’ll break our hearts, and the mercenary fans can say “told you so”. But, for now, I want to have some hope, and he is part of my hope. I don’t want to take a chance on ‘other potential’ I want us to take a chance on his potential.

He’s better than Salah was at that age…, who knows how many goals and assists are in his future. This club needs heroes, and players we connect with. We are dreadfully lacking that right now.

Robert Tressell
76 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Brett @ 74, Gordon's stats compare pretty favourably to other U21 players like Sancho, Olise, Elanga, Hudson-Odoi. Goals and assists are hard to come by at that age, especially in an awful side.

In a better side, and with last season's experience under his belt, I expect he might double his goal contributions this coming season.

Paul Elliot
77 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Tony (69),

I am not advocating selling him, I really want him to stay!! He could be the future and hope for other academy players to see there is a possibility to make it.

I mentioned Dwight McNeil as he is a very good player and would do a great job for us!! Like I said, it is just my opinion.

Not sure how old you are but, I am sure we have both seen the great times and the not-so-good times. But this is Everton and, on numerous occasions, we have been stung with bad transfer deals.

Mike Gaynes
78 Posted 07/07/2022 at
The BBC reporting just a few minutes ago that the club is about to offer Gordon a new contract to ward off Newcastle's interest... and everybody else's.

Gee, I guess Thelwell and Lampard are with the overwhelming majority of the fans... who don't think Anthony's contribution to this club is "measly" or "very poor"... who don't sneer at his 'potential' with quotation marks.

Who instead remember that for several months this past season he was the best player we had out there. At 21.

Ian Bennett
79 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Gordon isn't that productive, but who is at that age in their breakthrough season? Foden and players like that are not knocking in 20 a season and laying on 20 assists in year 1.

For me, he's got good potential to be a top player for us. Cashing in now is way too early for someone that can deliver for the next 5-6 years before they hit their prime. How many others can we say that about?

There is also an intangible. You need some local, quality players to build an identity of a team. You can't just have 11 foreign lads, and expect to build up a connection with the fanbase or even the academy coming through. You need some of us.

Danny Baily
80 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Robert @76, it doesn't matter what side you're in, you won't get many assists or goals if you can't cross or shoot.

We should make every effort to keep him, as long as we don't offer silly wages.

Andrew Ellams
81 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Lampard won't want to sell him for two reasons:

1. It will demoralise the fan base.
2. If he was to follow Richarlison out of the door, other heads could be turned.

Let's hope the money men agree.

Tony Abrahams
82 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Well played the agent👏
Alan McMillan
83 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Doesn't make sense to sell him now, not while we still have the Richarlison money. Selling two of your best players from last season without getting in replacements sends out the wrong message to fans, rivals and potential recruits.

Gordon could be one of the main men next season, if he takes this chance. He's still only 21; in a couple of years, if he keeps on improving, he could go anywhere – and would bag us a lot more than £35M.

Danny O’Neill
84 Posted 07/07/2022 at
I would call that making strategic decisions over tactical ones, Bob @70.

Anthony Gordon came on in leaps and bounds last season. Watching him many times in the flesh, he excited and gave the opposition a lot to think about. In my mind, that is why he is targeted as is / was Richarlison. They know he's a threat.

He's not a traditional winger who will whip the crosses in from open play. But he can deliver a cross. Watch the equaliser against Chelsea at Stamford Bridge last season. He's more of a tricky, direct runner who beats players with his change of pace. He's not a natural goalscorer, he's a modern wide midfielder. The goals will come more often as he develops.

And he cares passionately for the club. I mentioned on my own article, he was visibly gutted as he faced the fans at Brentford. But he didn't shirk and came over. He, along with Jonjoe Kenny, were often the first over, regardless of the result, and sometimes toxic atmosphere coming down from the stands.

He's 21 and developing. He will get even better than he is now and I want that to be with Everton. Let's not go down that beaten track of judging young players as the finished article when they are still developing. Be critical about aspects of their game? Yes, we all do that. But don't write them off too soon.

Stu Darlington
85 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Gordon's going nowhere, nor should he.

1) Lampard wants to keep him;
2) The club is tabling a contract extension;
3) He's the kind of talent we've been asking Finch Farm to produce for years;
4) He has made massive progress in the first team last season;
5) If he can continue to develop he will be a tremendous player for us;
6) He is a local lad and not a mercenary.

I know money talks and every player has his price, but money isn't everything unless you have a clear plan what to spend it on.

Who would we spend £35M on to improve on Gordon and be good enough to take us to the next level? I'm sure there are players out there who fill the bill but, given our track record in the transfer market, I don't have a lot of faith in our finding them.

Keep Gordon!

Jim Bennings
86 Posted 07/07/2022 at
I'm hearing we are gonna give Gordon a pay rise to keep him at the club. Maybe it's just me but I don't really support that. I believe a player should be here because he wants to prove himself at the club.

Gordon is 21, there's plenty of time for pay rises when he's had two really productive seasons.

The prospect of playing for an average run-of-the-mill club like Newcastle that could take 10 years to win anything or break into the Champions League anyway, shouldn't even be in his mind and I doubt it is.

I want to see Gordon score more goals next season, create more chances and then do the same again in the 2023-24 season, then if Newcastle want to come in with a £80 million offer we can say to him we'll treble his wages or take the Newcastle offer for him.

At the moment, Gordon is all potential, we've had similar potentially brilliant players that after 18 months disappear.

The Newcastle offer I believe is nothing, it's just the Spurs thing again, someone has said they like him, then reporters have blown it out of hand.

There's a time for considering a bigger offer for Gordon if it suits us, that's not this summer.

But we also shouldn't be too eager to splash too much cash on lavish wages when players still have lots to prove and improve on.

Clive Rogers
87 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Jim, 85, he's on £10k per week while Gomes and Mina are on 11 and 12 times that respectively and won't even be playing.
Ajay Gopal
88 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Everton should build the team around players like Calvert-Lewin, Gordon, Branthwaite (hopefully). We need to sell perennial under performers - be it due to lack of ability or chronic injury issues - players like Gbamin, Mina, Gomes, Allan, Alli, and perhaps even Godfrey, who for me has not shown 25 million pounds worth of value in the one and a half seasons he has been at the club.

If I may indulge in my fantasy Ins & Outs for this transfer window (Version 237):


Richarlison 60 million (done)
Gomes 5 million (some club in Portugal or Spain)
Allan 5 million (some club in Spain or Italy)
Gbamin 5 million (Germany)
Mina 15-20 million (could Chelsea be tempted? they have lost 2 big CBs recently and seem to be desperate)
Godfrey 25-30 million (Newcastle are in the market and are struggling to sign a couple of CBs)
Alli 0 million (MLS)

Total inflow 120-125 million

Tarkowski 0 million
Broja 30 million (our signature signing)
Zinchenko 20 million (Rodrigues/Sigurdsson replacement)
Sander Berge 15 million (Sheffield United - our Back 4 protector)
Grillitsch 0 million (Allan replacement)
Barkley 0 million (short-term deal, he surely can contribute with some goals/assists)
Rodrigo 15 million (Mina replacement)

Total expenditure: 80 million

Net Outgo: (-) 40-45 million, not counting Moise Kean's sale.

Our squad will be:

Forwards: Calvert-Lewin, Broja, Simms, Dobbin
Attacking Midfield: Gray, Gordon, Iwobi, Barkley, Townsend
Midfielders: Zinchenko, Berge, Grillitsch, Doucoure, Davies, another loan player
Centre Backs: Tarkowski, Keane, Holgate, Rodrigo, Branthwaite
Full Backs: Mykolenko, Nkounkou, Patterson, Coleman
Goalkeepers: Pickford, Begovic, Virginia

My preferred starting XI from this bunch in a 4-2-3-1 formation would be:

Gordon Zinchenko Broja
Berge Grillitsch
Mykolenko Tarkowski Rodrigo Patterson

Clive Rogers
89 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Away, 87, nobody seems interested in Gomes, Allan, Gbamin, Mina or Alli. Their problems are common knowledge and they are on big money. Most of them will stay until they are free agents. Mina has indicated as much.
Robert Tressell
90 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Ajay, totally agree. You need a stable core to deliver any form of success.

Who will still be here in 3 years?

I think / hope: Pickford, Godfrey, Branthwaite, Mykolenko, Patterson and Gordon.

Maybe Gray and Alli too - but the jury is out. Hopefully Calvert-Lewin too.

All the rest will probably move on and not for much money either. We need to look after that core group and build around them with players who will also be with us over an extended period.

The only thing I don't agree on is the wheeler-dealing. It's unrealistic that we will have 6 new first-teamers for the coming season. Sadly, it is possible it might be no more than two including Tarkowski. To my mind, 4 would be the absolute tops and that's if Calvert-Lewin is sold.

Mark Rankin
91 Posted 07/07/2022 at
I think we have to keep Gordon, he's not like Rooney where every man and his dog knew he was going to be a star, it's uncertain. His value might never be higher but he's one of our own, his attitude is great and he deserves a shot and a pay rise!
Barry Rathbone
92 Posted 07/07/2022 at
This is how real money works Newcastle probably have a database full of "Gordons" to throw money at and it doesn't matter how many hit they just ditch the flops and plough on.

We need a nation to buy us out.

Clive Rogers
93 Posted 07/07/2022 at
It’s beginning to look like players don’t want to come to us.
John Chambers
94 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Clive, we’ve just signed a young lad from Northern Ireland🥳
Andrew Clare
95 Posted 07/07/2022 at
We should keep Gordon for sure, he's an Evertonian.

This is looking like it's going to be a very difficult transfer window. We have nothing to offer other than mid-table (at best) calibre football.

It would all be different if we do sign the players we are linked with. We would then have a very promising team.

Brian Murray
96 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Jim post 85. In an ideal world or by-gone era, you are spot on as you prove your worth before throwing more money at you. Now with these leeches representing the players down their ears all the time telling them how wonderful they are, it's all changed no matter how much of a Blue he is. We all remember Rooney saying his biggest influence in life was Paul Stretford in his teens.
Gary Jones
97 Posted 07/07/2022 at
John @ 93 - aaaaannnd kept hold of Ishe Samuels-Smith, who many were saying is the next Roberto Carlos when he was apparently off to Chelsea last week.
Justin Doone
98 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Leeds appear (on paper at least) to be recruiting well, Nottingham Forest too.

I can't trust our recruitment to bring in the right quality players or actually find some decent young players for under £10M that will accept sensible wages.

Why Broja is wanted by so many Everton fans I don’t know. He's got some potential but nothing stands out about him for me.

Robert Tressell
99 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Justin, you're right. Leeds have very astutely used Jesse Marsch's connections to RB Leipzig and Salzburg to get Adams, Kristensen and Aaronson already. The purchase of Sinisterra means they have cover if Raphinha leaves. All young, very fit, athletic players on an upward trajectory.

Good spending, at least on paper.

Brian Murray
100 Posted 07/07/2022 at
While we still have Rondon as a secret weapon when Calvert-Lewin breaks down. See you all at the San Siro and Wembley. 😬😂💙
Derek Knox
101 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Brian, Rondon has apparently been training hard at McDonalds, KFC, Burger King and Domino's. He reckons he'd be able to outjump Fatty Arbuckle, if he was still alive! :-)
Bill Gall
102 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Ajay #87,

Your estimates of transfer fees is quite reasonable but that is just an agreement between the two clubs. The big stumbling block is what the player's demands are, it's no longer when a player comes in on a Monday morning, clear your locker out you have been sold to X club.

I may be wrong but I think both Bolasie and Tosun moves were agreed on by the clubs, but they could not agree on the players' contract demands.

This is why you should keep your young promising players for as long as it is possible. You may be able to bring in a player that has developed more with European experience but, with the transfer fee and the players' contract demands, you are losing more than if you hold on to them and can get a larger fee in the future.

Danny O’Neill
103 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Wembley for that League Cup, Brian, and then Rome next year.
Mike Gaynes
104 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Danny #83 and Stu #84, agreed.

Jim #85, that's simply not realistic. No player is going to wait out two seasons making (relative) pocket change compared to his own teammates just out of some romantic notion of proving himself at the club. He's a professional, and professionals must be paid their market value.

Every footballer knows it can all end tomorrow. Collett, Ashton, the brilliant little Yank Stuart Holden (fucking Jonny Evans!) all know it. Gordon has seen an example in his own training room, Gbamin.

Any player who doesn't take the money while he can is just plain nuts.

Brett Jonathan
105 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Mike @77,

Gordon as our best player last season is an indictment on the team as a whole. Being the best of a bad bunch won't get us anywhere.

Potential is great if you have the players to support its development. We struggle to field a half-decent 11 on our best day.

Unfortunately, potential requires time, and we were literally one game away from relegation a month ago.

I would love a team of local lads who love to play for Everton but, at the end of the day, I like winning more.

Warwick Jones
106 Posted 07/07/2022 at
I live in North Norfolk and regularly visit The Crown at East Rudham (where Bill Kenwright had lunch with John Travolta). I always sit in "Bill's" chair and therefore get the true vibe via my rear end. I am happy to inform you that Anthony Gordon will stay at Everton. COYB!
Mike Gaynes
107 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Brett #104, Gordon was one of the most improved players in the Premier League last season without having much around him to "support his development." He developed from fringe youngster at 20 to mainstay at 21 on his own hard work and Lampard's faith. If he improves anywhere close to that much again this season, we've got a shining star in our shirt.

And I happen to believe that without his "measly" contribution of pace, confidence and ceaseless attacking passion, we'd right now be staring at a fixture list of Millwall, Preston, Blackburn, Luton and Hull.

I don't care whether he's local or not. I just care about him being a quality player who loves where he works. If you don't see the value in that, you're entitled to your opinion, but you're pretty much out there with it.

Tony Everan
108 Posted 07/07/2022 at
There will be no market liquidity so take it with a very big pinch of salt.

We are with betfair:

6/4 favourite to sign Broja
6/4 for Zinchenko
9/2 for Lingard

And it is odds on 5/6 for Calvert-Lewin to be signed by Newcastle.

Dale Self
109 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Very cheeky, Warwick (105)!
Danny O’Neill
110 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Brett, Mike,

The reality is that for most teams, and certainly successful ones, you are only ever getting one or two locals. If you follow my rantings, you know I'd want that to be different.

Alan Ball was from a place in Greater Manchester. Howard Kendall from County Durham. Jimmy Gabriel and Alex Young were Scottish.

Southall and Ratcliffe Welsh. Gary Stevens, born in the London borough where I now live. Van den Hauwe a Belgium born cockney who played for Wales. Trevor Steven, a near Scot but technically English depending on your view on the Berwich-upon-Tweed debate. Kevin Sheedy, although he played for Ireland, was from Wales. Graham Sharp and Andy Gray, both Scottish.

That 80s team only really had 2 local players. Reid and Bracewell, one a Huyton born Kopite until he was cleansed. Okay, add Alan Harper to that too.

Yes, we all want to see our own live the dream we all dreamed of, but the point is, it doesn't matter where they come from. And that isn't unique to Everton. Most clubs only bring one or two local lads through.

Mike Gaynes
111 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Warwick, thanks for butting in.
Brent Stephens
112 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Nice crack, Warwick.
Mike Corcoran
113 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Danny, you forgot Derek Mountfield, Wallasey lad.
Joe McMahon
114 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Warwick, did the same chair inform you that the Danny La Rue (wannabe) wants a stand at BMD named after him?
Ed Fitzgerald
115 Posted 07/07/2022 at

I’m pretty sure Gary Stevens was born and certainly grew up in Barrow-in Furness.

As for local players it’s great to have a players from the City and surrounding areas of Merseyside playing for Blues. The peerless 1970 team has Royle, Morrisey, Whittle, Wright, Labone and Colin Harvey were all scousers. We could do with their skill, attitude and battle right now!

Danny O’Neill
116 Posted 07/07/2022 at
And Dave Watson, Mike. I missed him out too.

I don't disagree, Ed, and I'd love to see an Everton team full of locally produced players. But it rarely happens unfortunately. For most clubs.

Joe McMahon
117 Posted 07/07/2022 at
I'm not really into the local player thing. A lot of the best players in the Champions League era have been from overseas. Bergkamp, Aguero, Henry, Cantona, Schmeichel, Silva, De Bruyne, Drogba… the list is endless. If they are good enough, that's enough.

The game has moved on and changed (like all workforces and jobs), Celtic won the European Cup with Glasgow men, but that was the 60s.

The 2 players who fought to the end last season were Pickford and Richarlison. Ones who assisted towards the end were Mykolenko and Iwobi. Non were local lads.

Brett Jonathan
118 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Mike @106

My opinion is based on how the game works these days. I doubt you are shocked to hear that. Local players are great. Local players who love playing somewhere are even better.

Winning players (regardless of where they come from) are what we need right now. The idea of formulating talent for the future is a pipedream we don't have the luxury for.

Will Mabon
119 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Joe, you're right, however...

If all the players in the game were moved back to their home towns (or countries) and assembled into local teams, all over the world, we would probably have something resembling how it all started, and with the same level of competitiveness.

Not going to happen of course. Having so few local players though is an inescapable indictment of the fact that academy systems are producing little directly for their own team.

Joe McMahon
121 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Will, I fully agree with your last paragraph. I have no idea why the Everton Academy has produced so few players that have achieved first-team football.

This isn't sticking the boot in, but I just wonder in Unsworth et al were stuck in the past? I say this as Unsworth was wax lyrical about Tom Davies, and I still don't consider him a Premier League player (too limited). We will never know.

Gary Jones
122 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Brett, don’t see anything not ‘winning’ about Gordon, so why settle for one attribute when you can have both that and ‘local’?
Gary Jones
123 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Joe @ 116, clearly not a local yourself then?

Very selective list trying to list Premier League players from 15 years ago, then saying the game's moved on, then selecting two lads from a very abnormal and shit season whilst excluding the lad who the thread is about.

Off the top of my head, how about Labone, Dean, Watson, Royle, Lyons, Harvey, Reidy, Baines, Jeffers, Rooney… If you know your history, you'll know that barely a year has ever gone by without us having local lads in the first team.

Take it away and you've got a McDonald's franchise. Fuck your Mcdonald's franchise.

Joe McMahon
124 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Gary @121,

I just thought of some players I've like watching in the Premier League. Aguero, Silva and De Bruyne are not 15 years ago! I also liked watching our manager (but he's not from Liverpool either).

No I'm not local (but not far away either). I can be at Goodison in less than an hour. Yes, I do know my history and your list goes back 60 years. Jeffers? No thanks – I much prefered Tim Cahil (he's wasn't local though).

McDonald's Franchise? Not sure what you are getting at. Joe Royle (along with Colin Harvey) has been one of my favourite Everton players and is one hell of a nice bloke!

Rob Halligan
125 Posted 07/07/2022 at
According to the Red Echo, Jordan Pickford is ready to commit himself to the club and sign a new contract.
Danny O’Neill
126 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Equally selective, Gary. Those players span generations.

Joe is an Evertonian. It doesn't matter where he lives or comes from.

Likewise the players. A lot of our greatest didn't originate from the city.

It matters not. Once you are Everton, that's you for life.

Tony Abrahams
127 Posted 07/07/2022 at
Off subject but I went to Bramley Moore today to check on the progress of the stadium. I got chased out the car park, but not before I’d had a good look, and you can really see that both the North and South stands, are beginning to take real shape. Everything is going to plan, with it set to be complete by December 2024, according to the security guard.

I also heard a rumour, which is currently hard to believe, regarding Everton, requesting five houses, for future employees, even if this came from a usually reliable source!

Ajay Gopal
128 Posted 08/07/2022 at
More worryingly, the 'Gordon to Newcastle' rumours have resurfaced again. I know it is more difficult to peddle our less effective players - Gomes, Gbamin, Mina, Allan, etc.. - but these are all good players who have, due to unfortunate circumstances, seen their value diminish. But, surely our Director of Football and his team need to be working hard - picking up the phone everyday and talking to the clubs across Europe to try and get some fees for these players, which will free up some cash to freshen up the squad. With Richarlison gone and if Gordon were to go, I honestly struggle to think of 3 other worse squads in the PL. Another season of fighting relegation would surely follow, and this time, the fans may be too fatigued to help the team across the line. Sorry to be so negative this morning, but I am genuinely worried.
Rob Halligan
129 Posted 08/07/2022 at
Ajay, don’t know where you have seen the resurfaced rumours of Anthony Gordon, but on todays BBC rumours page, the Newcastle Chronicle say that the skunks are still talking to Everton about trying to sign AG…………………..……………

Meanwhile, the Liverpool (Red) Echo are adamant that AG is not for sale…………………….

Both rags are probably as useless as each other, and the only place they are worthy of is that metal stand next to your toilet!!

I am 99% certain that AG will not be leaving Everton this summer, although there is always that 1% that nags away at me saying something could happen.

Robert Tressell
130 Posted 08/07/2022 at
It looks fairly plainly that Gordon is not for sale, which is the correct stance from the club, but Newcastle remain keen to land him.

I can see why, too.

Of the top English talent, almost all of it is already at a Rich 6 club. Gordon is one of the few who Newcastle can get.

Whilst Newcastle can sign loads of foreign players, there is a value to having a British core. Especially a core that might stay the course over the next 5 to 10 years when they'll evolve dramatically.

I could see them possibly weighing in with a very large bid to test our resolve.

If they went as far as, say, £45m I'd expect us to sell - but it's sad state of affairs.

Daniel A Johnson
131 Posted 08/07/2022 at
If Newcastle come back with an offer of over £40M, I'd snap their hand off.

I honestly think the £40M could be better spent on other areas of the squad.

James Newcombe
132 Posted 08/07/2022 at
We’d just waste it on fat contracts for the likes of Lingard; not to mention the fact we’d have sold our two players who can actually make things happen. I have no faith in our recruitment anymore, and just sit here watching Leeds, West Ham, and Southampton pick up young(ish), relatively cheap, players with a point to prove.
Clive Rogers
133 Posted 08/07/2022 at
James, I have the same feelings. Those clubs are leaving us behind, as are Newcastle, Crystal Palace and even possibly Forest. What the hell is going on?
Sam Hoare
134 Posted 08/07/2022 at
Some links with Kyle Walker-Peters today. Can't imagine Soton would sell him cheap but he'd be excellent competition for both Mykolenko and Patterson as he can play on either side and is a dynamic full-back who's just turned 25.

Any chance we could get him around the £12M mark (what they paid for him) and I'd be happy. He would give us a lot more squad depth at a decent level, and Coleman must be on his last season at this point.

Pete Clarke
135 Posted 08/07/2022 at
The idea of letting Anthony Gordon go is just plain daft.

I was a bit frustrated with some of his antics and final passing early on but the way he raised his level in such stressful circumstances was amazing and he has a great engine on him too.

The thought of starting next season without one single local player in the team is sickening, especially given that we now have what we hope is the perfect coach for the likes of Gordon and other youngsters to learn from.

I would build the team around him and hope that he can possibly be captain in a few seasons' time when he's mature, filled out and battle-hardened.

If we are desperate for money, then there's still lots of deadwood at the club who can bring in a bit of balance but an absolute no-go in my opinion for Gordon to leave.

Christopher Timmins
136 Posted 08/07/2022 at
We need players in and with four weeks to the start of the season, we need them in sooner rather than later, ie, next week, in order that they can settle in and be ready to go.

Robert Tressell
137 Posted 08/07/2022 at
We do, Christopher, but I presume the club is stuck because of financial constraints and the takeover. It would be quite unusual to be allowed to spend / borrow material amounts while takeover talks are underway. It is possible Tarkowski is it - although I obviously hope not.
Mark Ryan
138 Posted 08/07/2022 at
My open letter to the club is already typed up and ready to be sent to them.

If they sell Gordon, I am binning the club off. I refuse to continue to support a club that I have supported through every winter since I was first taken to Goodison Park when I was 6 in 1968.

Born into a Blue family and we have all supported the club through thick and thin. From the days of Kendall, Harvey, Ball, West and Royle right through the days of Latchford, Lyons, Southall and Rooney, we have supported this once great club.

If Gordon, our only one shining light of local talent in the year 2022, is sold off to balance the books, what does that say about our youth policy, our talent spotters, our training ground and the over-arching management of the club???

The club is in ruins and we are looking to trade our one local lad to Newcastle to balance our books because our financial whizkid running the club couldn't find his own arse in the dark with both hands. Sell Anthony and I'm done.

Last season had me feeling sick to the bottom of my stomach as to where we had come as a club. If Kenwright & Co sodded off, I would continue to support the club I love but I refuse to be a part of their club. They own it. They have ruined it for me.

Danny O’Neill
139 Posted 08/07/2022 at
Mark, I admire your passion. Can I politely say though you won't bin Everton? It's not possible.

And sorry to use a rather dramatic example, but the Taliban always told us in Afghanistan that time was their biggest commodity. They knew they couldn't beat us but they also knew that we wouldn't be there forever. Look who won that one.

Time is our thing. We, the supporters, will always be here. We are the consistent. I genuinely think change is happening.

Pete Clarke
140 Posted 08/07/2022 at
Hopefully Lampard makes his stand against these clowns running the club and I mean that even if he puts his own job on the line doing so. Somebody has to do it otherwise it will be a sign that nothing has changed and we're in for more torturous times.

It's a pity we didn't have one more home game after Palace so that the fan momentum could have continued but in a vicious way towards the most incompetent owners our club has ever had.

On the subject of Newcastle being interested in Anthony Gordon. I'm sure there are plenty of people close enough to Anthony that will remind him that they are useless anyway and they will waste a lot of money in the coming years just as we did and probably flounder around mid-table.

Paul Kossoff
141 Posted 08/07/2022 at
Can I throw my two pence worth in on words that don't exist, we are being run by a bunch of Twatards!
Dale Self
142 Posted 08/07/2022 at
Words that don't exist?? What the hell are those, nononyms?
Tony Everan
143 Posted 08/07/2022 at
Dale, your badjective describes it well.

Mark , I share your frustrations , it’s driving me nuts seeing other clubs strengthening and all the news for us seems to be about selling our family silver.

I think we have to be patient for another couple of weeks , Kevin Thelwell and Frank will be pulling out all all the stops behind the scenes to make us stronger. I think we will get a couple of players in , in quick succession soon then things will start to look much more positive .

For what’s it’s worth I don’t think Gordon will be going anywhere, but he will sign a new improved long term contract .

Mark Ryan
145 Posted 08/07/2022 at
Danny @137,

My only real response to your line "You won't bin Everton, it's not possible" is to say this. Watching the fans turn up for the last few home games and turn Goodison blue made me immensely proud ... but it also angered and deeply saddened me because it demonstrated to me that the club means more to the fans than it does to Kenwright. He would never have done what those supporters did.

Yes, he might have applauded them from his London office but he would not have gone down on his knees like these supporters did to save the team and to save his boyhood club.

Not many clubs have support like we have but I'm nothing if I'm not honest when I say this: "If they sell Gordon, I will have to walk away because that isn't the club I grew up to love."

It's a different beast where it's treated like a piece of shit and I want no part in putting cash in Kenwright's deep pockets so that he can care less and sell off our home-grown talent.

What a good lad Anthony Gordon is and we're looking to throw him to the dogs for cash. Cash to save what, exactly? A toy for Kenwright to fuck with. Sad days indeed for me and my family. Kenwright Out! NSNO

Paul Kossoff
146 Posted 08/07/2022 at
Dale 140,

I don't know what antonym you are. Bad, bitter, miserable sad, unhappy? I stick by my (trying to be funny).

Word of Twatards, as far as I know, a word that doesn't (well, at least in the Oxford) exist.

Brian Murray
147 Posted 08/07/2022 at
Mark @143. Billy Shakespeare couldn't've worded it better. I salute you brother.

I suggested something on another thread about his Lil Miss Incompetent Dynamite and would she walk away before seeing the damage she's doing?

Sadly no and only answerable to some dope on a yacht whose bodyguards and advisors tell him everything is hunky dory. Only at L4, eh?

Danny O’Neill
149 Posted 08/07/2022 at
Mark, it was incredible to be a part of but I do agree, it is sad it got to that even though I got caught up in the emotion.

Forget Sky Sports and their bandwagon. Football won't know what's hit it when we get back to winning ways.

No other club. No other fans. I was fearful, I was angry at the club. But I was proud to be part of it.

And I will be as we move on to be successful again.

As will you. You can't bin them. As I've said on many threads, the girlfriend who cheats on you but you take them back.

Sometimes I want to hate them. I just can't.

Dale Self
150 Posted 08/07/2022 at
Paul 143, I'm no wordsmith but I occasionally try to use some material I've picked up while watching QI. There was an episode where they one upped antonym and presented a contranym, a word that is the opposite of itself. The example was the word 'bound', meaning both tied to a fixed position and travelling to a destination.
Paul Kossoff
151 Posted 08/07/2022 at
Dale 147, I promote you to the wordsmith of this here ToffeeWeb site! I👮👮👮
Paul Kossoff
152 Posted 08/07/2022 at
Warwick 105, 😀😀😀😀😀

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