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Everton need Premier League sign-off to buy duo

| 09/07/2022 96comments  |  Jump to last

Everton are reportedly targeting striker Armando Broja and full-back Kyle Walker-Peters but need to get clearance from the Premier League before they can sanction any deal.

That's according to The Mirror who are among a number of outlets reporting the Blues' interest in the pair.

However, Everton gave an uphill battle to lure Walker-Peters away from Southampton who, it was claimed only yesterday, have no desire at all to sell him this summer.

Broja, meanwhile, is in talks with Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel about his first-team opportunities at Stamford Bridge this coming season after spending last term on loan with Saints.

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Then there is the matter of keen interest from West Ham whose location in London and ability to offer European football could give them a significant edge over Goodison Park even given Frank Lampard's keen interest in signing him.

The Blues have been coordinating with the Premier League over their spending to ensure they remain compliant with profit and sustainability restrictions.

The claims of the Mirror are countered by the Liverpool Echo who say that the club is not required to check with the Premier League before embarking on any spending this summer.

Reader Comments (96)

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Kieran Kinsella
1 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Rumors of Walker-Peters coming in. Is Patterson really that bad?
Andrew McLawrence
2 Posted 09/07/2022 at
It would be great if the club could clarify things around this issue, so the fans could have a reality check with regards to transfer activity.
Tony Everan
3 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Jim Bennings
4 Posted 09/07/2022 at
I don't think it's a case of Patterson being that bad, the lad is extremely inexperienced whilst Seamus Coleman is at the other end of the scale in his career, surely only one more season left at this standard for him?

Walker-Peters is at a more developed stage of his career than Patterson and it could actually be that Patterson goes out on loan even at some stage in the next 6 months.

At the end of the day, we've got two right-backs at the club that can specialize in that position, that's not enough for a club that needs to be competing far better next season.

Pat Kelly
5 Posted 09/07/2022 at
We're in a dire place. Looks like we can only attract free agents looking for a retirement contract on a big salary. Not a sustainable strategy going forward.
Ed Prytherch
6 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Given that we will have low spends in this window, it makes little sense to go after Walker-Peters. Zinchenko is a much more exciting prospect.
Gary Jones
7 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Whilst he's a cracking player, I think spending £20M on any right-back is a dangerous strategy when we have limited funds, a huge gap in DCM and have lost both Richarlison's and Townsend's goals.

For me, I'd have faith that Patterson will come good, and a contingency plan of playing Godfrey or Holgate there if it really came to it.

Well, unless there's another buyer with £500M to splash – in which case, fill yer boots.

Steavey Buckley
8 Posted 09/07/2022 at
I remember a time when David Moyes was manager he also used to collect right-backs. At present, Everton have Godfrey, Holgate, Coleman and Patterson who can play right-back – Walker-Peters would make it 5 – at a time when Everton need another good midfield player, a winger, and an attacker.

Not to forget that Everton appear to be under some type of financial restraint. So it's not looking too good going into another season.

Remember the last one? Of course, you will never forget when Benitez was scouring the bargain basement, desperately looking for affordable players that did him in the end.

Mark Ryan
9 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Coleman is past it, Holgate garbage, Godfrey is a centre-back. That leaves Patterson, not proven yet.

Seamus will struggle again if not rested. Holgate will get found out time and time again. Patterson needs time. We don't have a solid right-back.

Steavey Buckley
10 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Mark, I remember when Everton were managed by Ancelotti, Everton had their best defensive unit and conceded the least goals when the back four consisted of Holgate, Keane, Mina and Godfrey. I still believe Godfrey is Everton's best left-back, but played for England at right-back at the end of the 2020-21 season.
Tony Abrahams
11 Posted 09/07/2022 at
I remember Howard Kendall using about 5 right-backs in his last spell at Everton, and it was the most isolated position on the pitch.

The most isolated position since Ancelotti left has been that area between our midfielders and central defenders. If we can fill that void, it'll make us a lot more competitive – well, at least until the eventual injuries start to happen, which is why I'm beginning to really worry about our lack of activity in the transfer market.

Ben King
12 Posted 09/07/2022 at
Gary #7,

Curious to know how a new buyer helps us in respect of FFP?

Colin Glassar
13 Posted 09/07/2022 at
What a time to be an Evertonian! Take a bow, Moshiri and Kenwright.
Robert Tressell
14 Posted 09/07/2022 at
If any of this is vaguely true, it just beggars belief. This is up there with what Ridsdale did to Leeds – staggering mismanagement that would struggle to pass an A-level economics exam.
Brian Williams
15 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Robert #14.

Just as well it isn't, then – true, that is.

Don Alexander
16 Posted 10/07/2022 at
I have been openly vilified on here for having gone on and on, for years, regarding the ineptitude holding our club back for decades, and yet some TWers, from what they write, are still seemingly unsure as to why we're today allegedly having to seek Premier League permission to sign anyone at all that might incur a fee being paid.

No wonder the ineptitude feels so safe. Us fans are the epitome of complacent.

Phillip Warrington
17 Posted 10/07/2022 at
We never change. Surely one quality central midfield player, and a quality centre-forward is what is needed. Last season, we must have had the lowest amount of possession in the Premier League.

Our defence is average but I think it would benefit more from some quality in front of them rather than just buying more defenders.

They were always put under pressure from a slow midfield that had no ideas or quality to break down other teams, taking some pressure off the defence and giving them some confidence in seeing players in front of them that can keep the ball and create chances.

Alan J Thompson
18 Posted 10/07/2022 at
How much did we pay for Patterson who represents his country and is yet to play half a dozen games for us, and some are suggesting we send him out on loan? Given the financial situation, I would think Patterson, Coleman, Godfrey and Holgate should cover most contingencies this season.

I don't blame Lampard and Thelwell for the mess we are in as they have barely been here 6 months and their predecessors were unable to sort it out in a lot longer time. We seem to be accumulating more than enough players in certain positions but few if any where they seem most needed.

Hopefully, this is just paper talk and is masking the vast number of midfielders and strikers being considered and the work being undertaken in the background.

Jim Bennings
19 Posted 10/07/2022 at
If Coleman, Godfrey and Holgate are covering most contingencies this season, then we get what we deserve.

They were a good percentage of last season's defensive woes. So, in typical Everton fashion, we'll sweep last year's dust under the carpet and pretend that trio will be Maldini, Carlos and Cafu.

Reality bites: last season we nearly went down, since then we've sold our best player, so to expect anything other than a worse repeat currently is wishful.

Alan J Thompson
20 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Jim (#18);

Then you don't include the possible first choice for the position in question, Patterson, as last year's dust?

I was never suggesting that Patterson or any of the other three should replace the "sold best player" – merely cover the right-back/right-wingback position while concentrating our limited finances on other positions which seem in more need.

Jerome Shields
21 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Everton do not have to get the Premier League to sanction player purchases. It is up to Everton to comply with the Profit and Sustainability Rules. They are probably in contact, but the actual decisions are up to Everton.

I would not take this Mirror story seriously. But in the absence of Everton activity, which is worrying, the void in news will be filled with the odd financial dig and a transfer story tagged on.

Jerome Shields
22 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Apparently, Thewell is going to save millions in the transfer market with Academy development. This sounds more like an Everton press release.
Danny O’Neill
24 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Jim @4 is on the money for me.

We just don't know about Patterson yet. He's 22 and hasn't played a lot before joining Everton as I understand.

It is not in distant memory that we signed a young-ish Irish player from a lesser league than the Scottish Premier.

There were questions over him to start with. The manager didn't quite trust him in the full-back position so tried him further forward.

He went on to become club captain, a fans' favourite with his own iconic song. One of the most successful players in European football who his manager described as one the best people he has met in football.

Back to Patterson. Give the kid time to adjust and develop. Let's not forget he suffered an injury that ruled him out for the season not long after he arrived.

I think it's sensible that, with Coleman's age, we are looking to strengthen in that position. That isn't necessarily a reflection on Patterson. Like Mykolenko, who some dismissed after one or two games, let's see what he can do when he gets the chance.

Gary Jones
25 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Ben #12 – probably a question for financial wizards, but guessing replacing the USM deals, adding a few extra and some debt to equity conversion would be a good start.
Tony Everan
26 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Amadou Onana is today's rumour, apparently we've banged in an offer yesterday. Along with, yes you've guessed it, West Ham. What do our scouts think about him being suited to the fast Premier League game. He is tall and rangy, suffered injuries at Hamburg before his move to Lille last year.

I am gobsmacked about the seemingly authentic Walker-Peters rumours. We've needed to replace Seamus for 3 years and finally, after all that time, we signed Nathan Patterson for £12M rising to £16M. A transfer sale record for Rangers FC.

Now, a few months later, we are reportedly trying to sign another who is first-team ready.I can't understand it as Patterson looked very promising in the U23 game he played, really stood out. As well as doing very good work for Scotland.

The only logic I can come up with is that Ashley Cole has weighed in and said that Seamus is strictly a back-up at best and Patterson is too raw from a discipline and defensive point of view. The argument being that we will be weakened on the right side of the defence without this new signing.

Who knows what is going on? It's all conjecture and guesswork at this time of year… But Ashley Cole's opinion on the full-backs will carry a lot of weight. Then what happens to Patterson? He needs games, is he sent out on loan?

I hope with Kevin Thelwell's appointment there is more joined-up thinking with regards to recruitment.

Rob Dolby
27 Posted 10/07/2022 at
The Mirror have put 2 and 2 together and created a story that probably isn't too far off the mark.

We are skint again and can't afford to buy players despite selling out best player for £50m+

Leeds and Southampton are buying players, strengthening their squads; in the meantime, our most promising player turns up for training looking like Andy Pandy.

Worrying times, I am shitting myself and we are a month away from the start of the season.

Don @16. I am always a bit taken aback when someone posts something negative about the fanbase – especially after the season we have just had. Our away support is second to none, our home support was well and truly the 12th man last season with some of the most emotional and inspirational moments in my 44 years as a season ticket holder. I don't understand what you mean by "we are the epitome of complacent"?

We have an owner and chairman who answers to nobody. They live in cloud cuckoo land. I am not even sure the club has AGMs anymore?

Don, Genuine question: What should we do as a fanbase to improve the situation?

Sam Hoare
28 Posted 10/07/2022 at
If we are planning to play wingbacks (as widely reported) then the likes of Holgate and Godfrey will not work.

We only have the raw Patterson and the slowing Coleman on the right with Mykolenko on the left. That's not much cover, though perhaps the unfortunate Iwobi could be shunted out of position again. Walker-Peters is experienced on either side so could offer a lot of cover if brought in. I see the sense in an affordable full-back being added.

As for other additions, it could be that Lampard and Thelwell want a better look at players who have not featured heavily. For example, if Alli is tearing it up in pre-season, they may think they don't need Gibbs-White; and if Gbamin has put his injury problems behind him perhaps they don't think we need a new destroyer.

These are purely hypothetical of course but my point is that Thelwell is relatively new to the club and I'm okay with us not rushing in if it avoids us making poor decisions again where we end up with a number of players in the same spot (eg, Klaassen, Sigurdsson, Barkley, Rooney).

It sounds like Broja may be our first choice to replace Richarlison and we are waiting on his (and Chelsea's) decision, though I expect him to move to West Ham. I imagine Dennis is second choice.

Given our managers links to Chelsea I wouldn't be surprised to see the likes of Gilmour and Colwill also being lined up but it may depend on them getting in new players too; perhaps Sterling's arrival will now facilitate Borja's departure.

Jerome Shields
29 Posted 10/07/2022 at
I think they have realised that, with Kenny gone, they are very weak in depth at right-back. Also Seamus is going to be a year older.

So there might be some truth in the rumours regarding a search for a right-back. So Walker-Peters would be a good addition, but will he come to Everton? Southampton would be looking for a player as part of the deal.

Gary Jones
30 Posted 10/07/2022 at
After the years of stress, and last seaon'ss very close shave, I really do get the desire to be cautious with respect to “raw” (ie, full international) players like Patterson.

However, with the current financial position, I feel it's unrealistic to think we don't need to a) take some risks and b) rely on some unproven young lads coming through every year.

Of course, we can try and ‘tread water' for the next two seasons in a vain hope that the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock will then turn things around. For me, it's the disaster recipe Moshiri and Benitez cooked up last summer.

Coleman is ‘good enough' for backup on the right. Iwobi is “good enough” to provide a second option there (with 3 proper centre-backs behind him). Holgate and Godfrey are “good enough” to offer tertiary options for real disaster (as would Kyle John).

Don't get me wrong, I'd love two top players competing for every position. For now, though, I'd take a new central defensive midfielder or two, another goal scorer, and at least one or two of Warrington, Onyango, Price, Simms, Dobbin et al doing a Gordon.

Robert Tressell
31 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Walker-Peters would be a strange signing. He's good, don't get me wrong, but he's 25 with two years to run on his contract and would presumably cost about £15M – maybe more.

Seems an alarmingly large chunk of a tiny transfer kitty to spend on a full-back.

Zeki Celik of Lyon has just joined Roma for £6.5M.

Centonze of relegated Metz is still available after we were strongly linked in January. He would probably cost about £4M.

Lots of full-backs available – and this would be another example of buying the most expensive option of all the average candidates.

Broja… fair enough – if he gets 10 goals, he could be worth £60M very quickly and that could keep rising. But Walker-Peters would be strange.

Jerome Shields
32 Posted 10/07/2022 at
With Kenny gone and Seamus a year older, there is a lack of any depth, so a right-back is needed. Walker-Peters would be a good addition. But would he want to come to Everton?
Gary Jones
33 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Danny, good point about the loons writing off Mykolenko after two games. Maybe the reason young players have such a hard time breaking through here is just how quickly some of the ‘fans' are on their backs.
Dean Adams
34 Posted 10/07/2022 at
I seem to remember Iwobi was capable of filling in at right back. We have far greater need elsewhere at the moment. Paper talk is always utter rubbish. I still can't believe that so many people bother reading it. The press lie, it's not a secret.
Stu Darlington
35 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Broja, for me, at £60M, would be too much of a chunk of our likely available budget when we desperately need to reinforce midfield. Yes, we need a striker but something around £20M would be my preference

I don't really get the Walker-Peters interest, I wouldn't put right-back as a major requirement yet. Put him and Broja together, and it's a deal way out of our financial reach at the moment.

There are lots of reasonably priced options out there if we just had someone capable of putting it together! Time is running out.

Robert Tressell
36 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Stu, I doubt we'll spend £60M in aggregate – let alone on a single player.
Christopher Timmins
37 Posted 10/07/2022 at
We need at least one if not two central midfielders, that has got to be the priority, we should not be prioritizing a full back or a striker! What message are we sending to Patterson, Dobbin & Co?

Just depressing!

Tony Abrahams
38 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Danny @23,

I had to check Patterson's age mate, and he was born in October 2001. So he was 20 when he signed. Although the kid might turn out to be very good, he obviously wasn't ready, which is staggering really considering the financial position Everton are in.

That's why that Everton press release is also staggering, IMO, Jerome (if it did come from someone inside the club) because it's just a continuation of the lip service, and the on-paper bollocks we have been exposed to for years.

I hope we do sort out the academy but, right now, it's the most important team that needs sorting out. When I see headlines like this, I start to get concerned.

Moshiri and Kenwright must go. Let’s bring back a professional attitude to Everton Football Club, right now!

Danny Baily
39 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Surely it would be no more than £15-20M for Borja?
Gary Jones
41 Posted 10/07/2022 at
I read the £60M comment as his value after a good season with us and scoring 10+ in it?
Alex Gray
42 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Broja scored six goals last season. He's a prospect still and is worth £20M at max. Our issue isn't even scoring goals. We don't create or control the midfield enough to score. We could have Haaland but still wouldn't touch the ball.
Craig James
43 Posted 10/07/2022 at
To be honest, I think this is lazy journalism. From what I have read and heard, we are not hindered by FFP. Alas, we also do not have bucket loads of cash to waste too...

If no central defenders are sold, then we just need to bring in Zinchenko, who will be a massive upgrade to our midfield and also have decent cover at left-back.

Bring in a young physical no-nonsense box-to-box midfielder like Onana, winger Lewis-Potter or McNeill and a winger-cum-striker like Broja and or Cornet.

Surely even we can do that sort of business?

Alan McGuffog
44 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Alex, the first thing we'd do if we had Haaland would be to farm him out to Blackpool on loan.
Sam Hoare
45 Posted 10/07/2022 at
A few people missing the fact that Walker-Peters played the vast majority of last season at left-back. And he did well there.

Not many full-backs can cover both sides effectively and arguably we lack depth on either side. He's only just turned 25 so would have at least 5 years where he could be a very decent option on either flank.

If we could get him for £12M, I think it would be very sensible business but I doubt he'd be that cheap. The whoscored stats have him as Southampton's 3rd best player last season.

Another option could be Zinchenko who would hold down a few positions. I think when money has to get tighter and the wages need to be trimmed, finding players who could do a good job across a few different positions is vital.

Ian Bennett
46 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Surely we should be looking at Livromento type deals Sam.

Southampton got Livromento for £5M, and we are offering to pay 2 to 3 times that sum, for a player that got pushed out of the Saints spot at right-back by the cheaper signing? That's not progress, that's falling behind small club rivals.

He's an okay player, but at the end of his contract he's pretty much worthless.

We are stuck in this rut of only cashing in on our star players, and that hurts. We need a more collective of bringing in young hungry players 18-23, getting 3 or 4 years from them – and then they're either star players or you move for a good fee.

Sam Hoare
47 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Ian, I would agree normally but we have already bought in two young full-backs with potential in Patterson and Mykolenko (both a touch overpriced in my eyes). They would seem the future.

But Kyle Walker-Peters would provide high-level experienced cover for both whilst having his best years ahead of him. If we bought him for £12M now I would expect we could still sell him for a decent chunk in 3 years time, when he'll only be 28.

I don't think it will happen as Southampton will want £16M plus which makes the deal less attractive but bring in a full-back or wing-back who can play both sides well would be sensible in my eyes.

Raymond Fox
48 Posted 10/07/2022 at
We need to try and replace Richarlison first and foremost, we need goals.

As far as the defence is concerned they are under more pressure if the midfield and attack can't hold onto the ball and match the opposition. It's easier to be a defender in a good side.

The right players don't grow on trees, if you find a likely one, there's many barriers to get over before they sign.

Don Alexander
49 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Rob (#26),

There's a rumour that some sort of protest at the ground is going to take place before the season kicks off. I have no further knowledge of it though. I hope it takes place and is televised.

The support home and away is a paradox in terms of getting rid of the devious incompetents. A full, stonking ground, as in the last three home games, played a massive part in sustaining the team, but easily passes as apparently solid support for the very people the crowd supplanted in doing something successfully to save our club.

Ian Bennett
50 Posted 10/07/2022 at
I just don't see much of an upgrade on Kenny who we let leave for free with him mate.

I think there are players out there. Yes, they're less experienced - but you can play Coleman, Godfrey, Iwobi, Holgate if you need experience.

Players like James were at Wigan, Livromento, James Justin, Jonny at Wolves, Lamptey, Coufal, Hickey are out there.

I just think we need to be braver.

Ajay Gopal
51 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Given our well-known weaknesses in other areas, notably the midfield, I find this rumour weird. Liverpool, with all their riches, get a back-up right-back for £4.5 million, and we would go in for a second right-back for £15 million, after having just spunked £16 million 6 months back? I just don't get it.

Every passing day gets me more concerned about our financial situation. If we don't strengthen with 2-3 players and hope that somehow magically our chronically injured players – Gbamin and Mina – will turn out to be our mainstays in midfield and defense respectively in the coming season, then I am afraid we are in for another relegation dog fight.

Sam Hoare
52 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Ian @48, generally I absolutely agree. We need to be braver. And not just go for players seen doing okay on MotD. But there needs to be logic too.

It just doesn't make sense to buy another raw full-back like Hickey or Ramsay etc when we have just put a lot of investment into Patterson and Mykolenko. They would be competing with each other and blocking each other's pathways.

Better to buy someone a bit more experienced to cover those areas. Holgate and Godfrey are not really full-backs, they are certainly not wingbacks (which we might well be playing). Hence the logic in looking for someone to provide experienced cover in those areas.

I would probably have kept Kenny for this reason. And I think the club wanted him to stay. But once he left, it's probably another area we need to cover. I expect we'll end up with a cheaper option than Kyle Walker-Peters, but the logic behind wanting another reliable wingback option to cover both flanks is sound and there aren't that many players who can work effectively on either side.

Andy Mack
53 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Desperate times call for desperate measures… isn't our old friend Sidebé available on a free?

I'm not sure how his game is these days but he did alright for us on the right while on loan when we were looking to gatecrash the top table. With our adjusted expectations, is he still a solid, experienced defensive option for a punt at midtable, while we wait for Patterson to explode onto the scene?

Unless of course he's lost both legs since he last trotted off the Goodison turf.

Tom Bowers
54 Posted 10/07/2022 at
We have had our own good young fullbacks who for whatever reason never made the grade. Tyias Browning, Niels Nkounkou to name but two who rarely got a couple of games between them.

So now, with all the defenders we have, we have to shell out big money for another. I think this is all just more media trash reporting.

We have Patterson, Myolenko and the still useful Seamus Coleman to get us through next season.

Broja might be a good acquisition, if he is indeed a target,but so is any goalscorer given the departure of Richarlison.

Barry Hesketh
55 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Why can't Denise or Bill make a public declaration to inform us all of what is actually happening between Everton FC and the Premier League?

It's no good asking the local Everton correspondent to try and spin things in a positive way and that will somehow placate the angst among the supporters and possibly some of the first-team players too. If they refuse or are unable to do so, then articles by former reds will continue to appear and will gain traction in the absence of the real truth - unless of course the likes of Fowler are correct.

Robbie Fowler claims Everton can't spend money without clearance from Premier League

Joe McMahon
56 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Barry, fully agree. They treat us like shit. Supporters should be treated with more respect by Bill and the rest of them on the board.

We are kept in the dark. It is the existing Everton support that keeps this club going. It's not like we've had decades of trophies and European football to win more generations of Evertonians.

I'm sick of Bill and his tales of the '60s and '80s. Apologies for the language but he is just a fat bloated wanker, and I, like many, want him out of our club.

Jamie Crowley
57 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Alex Gray @ 40 -

100% absolutely spot on.

This focus on a RB is simply stupid. The number one priority has to be midfield.
We have Seamus - who is more than capable but needs a back up (what we'd call in America platooning, which is two players sharing time at the same position).
Ben Godfrey is fine out at RB. He's fast as lightning and would work fine in a wingback role.

Ideal? No. But I'd rather do the above and get a ball playing young midfielder.

If we don't focus on midfield - and NOT a holding midfielder we need someone to run the damn show in the middle - we are fucked. We'll be right back to the bottom of the table.

I don't care about Walker-Peters, Richie's replacement, who's going to be the CDM, etc. I care only at this point about getting in the midfield general.

That's it.

Robert Tressell
58 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Gary #39, yes I meant that Broja could become a £60M after even just one good season. After scoring 6 for Saints age 20, 10 for Vitesse the previous season and 4 in 14 for Albania I expect he's worth between £20M and £40Mnow.

This is partly why I'm not convinced he'll leave Chelsea. He's better than Werner, Lukaku has returned to Italy and Havertz is not a centre-forward.

He suits their style of player too being fast, operating well in wide positions and swapping positions with wing forwards like Pulisic and Mount etc.

Mark Ryan
59 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Barry @ 53, its simple. The club has made an enormous fuck up of our finances but simply won't admit it. Moshiri came out and said "We've made mistakes".

What he meant was "I've just tiled an Olympic-size swimming pool with Yoghurt instead of using fast-setting tile adhesive. The Olympics start tomorrow and I've made a slight mistake".

It's that fucking bad. He can't get hold of any adhesive so he's going to use Blu-Tac. Moshiri to Kenwright. "They might not notice Bill, we'll go with the Blu-Tac".

It's a monumental fuck up and so they are too embarrassed to actually say what they have done. They will never tell us because it shows their incompetence is as bad as this yoghurt analogy.

Brian Wilkinson
60 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Meanwhile, Man City carry on their spending and not an eyebrow raised.

What other team anywhere, would the club just sit and wait for clearance from the Premier League before spending? We wait, and we wait, and we continue to wait... have the club not got the message yet? They wanted Everton down last season, they will drag this on, until we get the nod in the weeks to come to spend.

The Premier League, FA, whoever dictates the FFP, is taking the piss, yet nothing from our club about the matter.

"Excuse me, Mr Moshiri, you need to sell one of your top players, to comply with FFP. Tell you what, if you was to sell Richarlison to one of the Top 6, that will fix the issue."

So what now? Do they want us to sell Gordon or Calvert-Lewin to one of the big boys as well, before they are satisfied Everton are weaker and the top clubs are stocked up nicely for their 5 subs a game rota?

If we have screwed up big time, the board or the owner needs to tell the supporters where we are, the silence is deafening from above.

Colin Metcalfe
61 Posted 10/07/2022 at

Man City have just offloaded Jesus and Sterling and Aka is on his way. So yes, they are spending but selling big too.

Mike Gaynes
62 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Lots of great posts here Gary and Sam... no question that Walker-Peters makes us better, but at the price quoted and with the sheer number of decent and less expensive players available, buying him simply doesn't make sense. We have much more urgent needs.

Jamie #55, yes yes yes yes, our top priority should be a good playmaking midfielder... BUT it's important also to realize that we're probably not going to get one. We've been bringing in midfielders for years now (Donny van de Beek, James, Gomes, Klaassen, Vlasic, McGeady, Cleverley, Francisco Junior who I don't even remember), but none have worked out for whatever reason.

There just aren't that many good #10's out there -- it's the rarest commodity in football -- and if they're any good they're too expensive or don't want to come here.

We gotta get what we can get and use what we have. If you think Godfrey can be a wingback (I do not), then it's worth considering that the reborn Iwobi and a revived Dele Alli may provide enough of the passing we need in the middle.

Mike Gaynes
63 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Andy #51.

Your idea made me smile, but then I'm one of the few here who really liked Sidibé, despite his mental mistakes. He was one of the best creators we had.

Monaco let him go last month and he's apparently on his way back to the Premier League, reportedly talking with Fulham.

He played all across the backline at Monaco and some wing midfield as well, so he could provide some depth.

Kevin Molloy
64 Posted 10/07/2022 at
I agree with Jamie about midfield. In 4 weeks time, we are going to be facing teams who are full of beans and pinging the ball all over the field. and that's just the promoted clubs.

The backs-to-the-wall adrenaline that got us through the last 4 months has to be used sparingly. We need to be able to play some football when the season starts, and for that we need newcomers.

Thinking about it, it's probably going to be Winks on loan. And so that deal probably won't go through until Spurs understand no-one wants to buy him, ie, last day of the window.

Hurrah. By that time, we'll all be in a right old state. Things could get pretty tasty in the next few weeks if people think we are standing still.

Derek Taylor
65 Posted 10/07/2022 at
With the main source of Moshi's income apparently blocked off, it is possible that his guarantee for Everton's borrowing is no longer acceptable. Therefore the club will have to delay signings until they have a cashflow from gate receipts and broadcasting rights. (No doubt the season ticket money has all but gone on summer wages!)

As was always the case pre-takeover, transfers were always last-minute affairs. Patience fans, patience.

Bobby Mallon
66 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Can people stop spouting that Patterson is not ready yet. He is a full Scottish international, for fuck's sake. He's good enough, he needs to be played.
Joe McMahon
67 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Derek, we have all been very patient for decades. We have never even played in the Champions League since it started 30 years ago.
Danny Baily
68 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Bobby 64, I think it's a fair assessment to say he's not good enough to be a regular starter yet.
Tony Abrahams
69 Posted 10/07/2022 at
I said Patterson wasn't ready, Bobby, because none of Benitez, Ferguson (only one match) or Lampard, played him. He looked decent to me when he played against Boreham Wood, and I was very surprised when he never came out for the second half.

£16 million might have been alright if we never had financial difficulties, but this transfer seems crazy to me (right now) even if the kid ends up being a great player, which is something I obviously hope ends up happening.

Sam Hoare
70 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Bobby @64,

Idan Tal looked decent on the international stage, didn't mean he was ready for the Premier League. Patterson is very untested at this level and may well be like a pre-Blackpool Seamus Coleman. I hope he hits the ground running but it's definitely not a sure thing.

Mike Gaynes
71 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Tony #67, I would point out that Frank DID eventually think Patterson was ready, because after working with him in training for a few months, he named the kid to start against West Ham. That he incurred a season-ending injury the day before was tragic.

Agreed that the fee for the youngster was waaaaayyyy over the top, but who knows how it will look in a year or too.

Tony Abrahams
72 Posted 10/07/2022 at
You're totally missing my point, Mike, which is more about the disgraceful way we have been operating, rather than anything else, mate.
Derek Taylor
73 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Joe @65.

My plea for patience was an attempt at irony. Believe me, I've suffered with you and feel we have more to suffer come August!

Mike Gaynes
74 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Tony #70, that's a given, my friend! But if I think too much about that, I start banging my head on my keyboard.

Player-wise, we can hope it improves with Thelwell and Lampard calling the shots, but realistically we won't know that for a year or so.

Joe McMahon
75 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Derek, I feel you could be right. But yes we will carry on (in hope)…
Daniel Thomas
76 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Ian Bennett #48

Completely agree.


Players 19-23 with massive upside only please.

At least you could call that a strategy. Something we’ve been severely lacking.

Tony Abrahams
77 Posted 10/07/2022 at
I heard Lampard was banging on Thelwell's door, telling him to get some players signed Mike, and I heard that Everton, have asked for five new properties for future employees, and because this gossip came from the same person, I just don't know who to believe!

I thought Patterson looked like a very good footballer when he played for us, with regards to his first touch, and the way he got the ball out of his feet. So I won't be complaining when he comes good. But I will be complaining until we are sold to fit and proper professional people who understand that Everton have got to become successful once again!

Paul Hewitt
78 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Would fans like us to go out and buy any Tom, Dick and Harry? Or do they want us to take our time and sign the right players?

Going out and wasting money is why we're in the mess we're in now!

Tony Abrahams
79 Posted 10/07/2022 at
It's definitely got to be all about taking our time and getting the right players in hopefully, Paul. I can still remember Martinez getting rid of Fellaini, and then bringing three players in during the final hours of one transfer window, They instantly improved us and I would definitely settle for something similar right now.
Bernie Quinn
80 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Why is Everton a Club of secrets? I have just spent 3 days in hospital and coming home I read the same Everton news that I read ages ago/ The season is now less than a month away, and I have to return to hospital for more test on Thursday. It would be nice if I had some positive news, before facing the Grim Reaper - such as...
1. Are we clear of the FFP debts and threats?
2. Are we ever going to be rid of Kenwright and his cronies?
3. Will Moshiri ever sell our Club?
4. Are there any potential buyers out there?
5. Why are we always linked to players who then sign for other Clubs?
6. Have we even tried to bid for an incoming player?
7. Why don't the Manager and DoF give regular updates to the Goodison Faithful on the First Team Squad? We are interested you know!
I'm sorry everyone but I am getting stressed out.
Steavey Buckley
81 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Bernie, hope you have fully recovered.
Tony Everan
82 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Bernie, Hope all goes well for you on Thursday, no need to get stressed out. I’ve even read from an eminent news outlet called something like today that the 25m Harry Winks deal could be back on. All is in hand, the club knows what it’s doing, all we have to do is get the silk dressing gown, slippers, port and fat cigar out ….Bring on Chelsea, puff puff.
Danny O’Neill
83 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Best wishes for Thursday Bernie.

I can't answer those questions, but tickets go on sale tomorrow so we're on our way again.

Remain calm and as always, be there in spirit just as you always are.

Christine Foster
84 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Good luck for Thursday Bernie, Are you taking the 11+ again on Thursday? Don't worry, secondary moderns are the new thing! Keep smiling buddy!
Welcome to the silly season, its called that because it happens at the same time every year, a bit like that lemmings myth, jumping off cliffs and all that.. someone who blindly follows a crowd—maybe even toward catastrophe—is sometimes called one. (Ugh, mental image of loads of them jumping off Cliff Richard) Anyway, I think we have been associated with every free player to date its ridiculous. Are we keeping our powder dry? Keeping quiet or have our hands been tied? Speculation, speculation..
I watched Everton Unseen on Youtube last night at an ungodly hour, but it was a great little insight into the first day back at training and most of the squad were there, the vibe to be back was clearly evident with most of them, Deli doesn't seem to have merged in as yet looking at the body language, the others are fooling around and chatting, whereas he is pretty much on his own...funny the things you pick up on.. they looked sharp knocking the ball around, our new signing looks as though he ate too many pies in comparison to others, I think he is going to have a few heavy days in additional training!
Coming up to the middle of July, the merry-go-round is cranking up again!
Sean Kelly
85 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Best wishes Bernie. Keep the faith. I think we might be in the bargain basement again this year. Buy one get two free.
As for getting rid of Billy bullshit and Moshiri don’t stress yourself lad. Those sods aren’t worth it. Best wishes for Thursday.
Brian Wilkinson
86 Posted 10/07/2022 at
Paul@76, we have Tom Davies, we might well end up with Harry Winks, but screwed who Dick is mate, unless it is uncle Bill.
Paul Birmingham
87 Posted 11/07/2022 at
Best wishes to a full recovery, Bernie, and to a full recovery.

I’m sensing to date this season is getting tougher by each passing day in terms of strategy and planning and culture.

Miracles a plenty achieved by Evertonians last season, as it stands in my view, this season will require double, the effort of the Evertonians.

Let’s hope the board has awoken from their celebration party of last season.

It’s going to be a very tough season as it stands.

Mike Gaynes
88 Posted 11/07/2022 at
Rooting for ya, Bernie. Just had my regular scans last week and the Reaper waved me away again, so hopefully he's in the same mood on Thursday. Keep the faith!
Bernie Quinn
89 Posted 11/07/2022 at
I feel very humble as I 0ffer a big THANKYOU to all of you. You must have a Lion stamped on your foreheads, 'cos you're all good eggs! (thats giving my age away!) I just wish the Club would give out information more often - We are on their side after all.
Kieran Kinsella
90 Posted 11/07/2022 at

Take care of yourself mate. I want to see you back on ToffeeWeb pronto as along with Dave Abrahams and John McFarlane you’re one of the triumvirate of respected elder statesmen. I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting you but you seen like a true Evertonian and an all around top bloke. Best wishes mate

Bernie Quinn
91 Posted 11/07/2022 at
Thanks, Kieran - I may have over-dramatised my condition. Sorry about that.

I did have bad pains in my stomach but the hospital said is was a bad infection of my bowel. They cleared it up and on Thursday I have to have more tests (including the rubber up you know where!) cat-scan etc to making sure there is no sign of the Big C. Probably there isn't but I am a pessimist so I worry.

But again thanks everybody - and I will be listening for Christine's screams on Aug 7th!

Dave Williams
92 Posted 11/07/2022 at
Hope it all goes well, Bernie. I have had the rubber up you know where and I can think of better ways to spend the time!
Alan J Thompson
93 Posted 11/07/2022 at
Oh, Bernie(#89), really, Christine's screams!?! They aren't going to make her watch, are they?

Kiwi shepherds, eh.

Tony Everan
94 Posted 11/07/2022 at
Bernie, I have recently had the garden hose camera treatment up the rear end. A few days later I went to a neighbour's barbecue, and who was it serving me a hot dog? The Consultant Gastroenterologist who deflowered me.
Paul Randall
95 Posted 11/07/2022 at
Midfield has got to be a priority for Frankie. When played and fit, look at the difference James made with his creativity.

Get the right player in and we could be singing again…

Christine Foster
96 Posted 11/07/2022 at
Well, it has been torture watching Everton of late but I will restrict my celebrations to an Irish jig! Any screams you hear from me will most likely be anger or frustration, I suspect!
Jim Hardin
97 Posted 11/07/2022 at
DeAndre Yedlin anyone? Playing in the MLS currently, and is better than he was when first crossing the pond to play at Tottenham. He is not great but has learned to cross better and to position himself better defensively rather than rely on recovery speed.

He has played at right-back and right-wingback positions. Pretty durable and has cut out the silly yellow cards for the most part.

I think he cost Inter Miami a couple million but, given the way MLS operates, wouldn't likely cost more than $4 million, if that. Maybe Lampard can tug at Neville's heart strings to get him on a loan instead.

Bernie Quinn
98 Posted 12/07/2022 at
Christine - if you are screaming with anger and frustration, then I won't hear you as my own moans and groans of despair will drown you out!!!

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