Updated Maxwel Cornet is back in the news regarding Everton, with The Athletic reporting that the Blues are working on a deal to sign the Ivorian winger."/>
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Blues explore deal for Burnley's Cornet

| 15/07/2022 175comments  |  Jump to last

Updated Maxwel Cornet is back in the news regarding Everton, with The Athletic reporting that the Blues are working on a deal to sign the winger.

With Burnley's relegation to the Championship, Cornet had been expected to leave Turf Moor this summer and Everton had been mentioned among possible suitors.

The Ivorian has a £17.5m release clause in his contract and according to David Ornstein, Goodison Park is his most likely destination.

However, with the Blues have been trying to balance their need to bolster the squad with restrictions on their ability to spend due to profitability and sustainability rules they appear to have tried to acquire Cornet from the relegated Clarets on loan.

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That has been rejected but Everton are expected to come back with a cash offer to sign him outright if Burnley accept their offer of an up-front payment.

Cornet is said to have knocked back interest from Nottingham Forest but the Midlanders' fellow top-flight returnees, Fulham, are also believed to be interested in signing the Ivorian.

Cornet scored nine goals in 26 appearances for Burnley last season following his €15m move from Lyon last year.

Reader Comments (175)

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Michael Lynch
1 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Maxwell Cornet is definitely an Everton type of acquisition. Which is why we should avoid him at all costs.

Mediocre, just been in a relegation battle, blows hot and cold. We've got enough of them already.

Shane Corcoran
2 Posted 15/07/2022 at
I don’t think The Athletic mentioned the clause. Interesting.
Mark Rankin
3 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Crossing is a bit flakey.
Tony Everan
4 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Is this to force Wolves's hand over Gibbs-White as they seem to be digging in for more than £25m? Either that or they think there is not much between the two players and Cornet represents better value.

I think it's a decoy and we'll will find a compromise deal for Gibbs-White.

Tony Twist
5 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Looks handy but me thinks they are in for a hard time with Burnley. I think he would be the best attacking option for the money.

Fingers crossed for a speedy outcome one way or the other as I think Newcastle may be interested. Oh for an owner who is as savvy as an accountant so we wouldn't be in this financial mess!

Frank Crewe
6 Posted 15/07/2022 at
This is the type of player we should be looking at. A realistic target. He's hungry, looking to step up and doesn't want ridiculous wages, and isn't blathering on about playing in the Champions League. Personally, I'd go after Emmanuel Dennis from Watford as well.
Mark Rankin
7 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Sean Dyche said he was a real pro, always first to training, by the time everyone else turned up he’d already have the cones out.
Fran Mitchell
8 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Another Burnley player... that'll certainly rile a few!

But for the price, he is a decent option. Not a guaranteed starter, but competition with Gray and Gordon for wide attacking roles.

Ralph Basnett
9 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Ice cream cones!!
Michael Lynch
10 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Hasn't he played quite a bit of his career as a left-back? What would we be buying – a striker, a wing-back or a defender, or a utility player?

Would he be competing with Iwobi for a place? I honestly have no idea.

Ian Bennett
11 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Sheer madness.

£17M transfer fee and around £13M in wages and agent fees over a three year deal = £30M commitment.

And his value in 3 years time = £zero, and his worth to the team at 32 likely to be zero. An inconsistent performer that is likely to pick up injuries and fade (look at what we give Frees to !!!!).

No wonder we have no money and terrible FFP issues with this strategy.

Pick up players in the 18-to-24 bracket, for god's sake, rather than scouting the end 5 minutes of Match of the Day.

Michael Lynch
12 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Ian @10 - he's only 25 isn't he?
Ian Bennett
13 Posted 15/07/2022 at
The site I read it on said 29. Fair enough if he's 25.
Mal van Schaick
14 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Rumour tonight. Cornet from Burnley, £17.5M. Looks like Broja is off then.
Ryan Holroyd
15 Posted 15/07/2022 at
He's 25 so why is his value going to be zero in 3 years time?
Joe McMahon
16 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Anyone have any more news on Maxwel Cornet? My brother-in-law is a ST holder at Burnley who says, when he's good, he's very good. But does go missing, plus he picks up niggly injuries, but he does score the odd cracker, such as the volley v Leicester. Also to consider is the AFCON mid-season.
Kunal Desai
17 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Why are we buying Cornet? He only joined Burnley 6 months ago. Is our recruitment that bad that they can't find the equivalent abroad much cheaper???

Lazy-ass people.

Steavey Buckley
18 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Cornet scored 9 Premier League goals (the same tally as Richarlison) in a struggling Burnley team, who couldn't buy goals even if they could. A price of £17 million has been set in his contract if Burnley were relegated. Could be the bargain of the season.
Joe McMahon
19 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Kunal- he was signed in the August window. But I agree there is no imagination about our recruitment. Burnley paid £13 Million for him. We always get stung.

Who thought signing a gassed-out Rooney in 2017 for £160k a week was a good move? Man Utd certainly did.

Lee Courtliff
20 Posted 15/07/2022 at
As far as I know, he played on the left his entire career until last year when Dyche played him up front. Probably because he didn't trust him defensively.

I saw him play a few times and he scores some great goals, volleys from in and out of the box, but he wasn't involved in the game a great deal. Mainly because of Burnley's style of play.

He does have decent pace and is, by all accounts, a very nice lad who has time for the fans and integrated well into the group/town.

He's nothing too special as a player, imo, but he would provide at least some kind of competition/cover at LB, LW and CF. At £17.5M and only 25 (26 in September) he represents good business, especially with the fees being paid for other players.

Ben King
21 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Cornet sounds be a decent signing at a decent price. If Burnley bought him for £13M & we got him for only £4.5M more but with the knowledge he’s Premier League ready, able to score goals, and can defend too, then that £4.5M margin is one I’d be happy with (rather than take another risk on Klaassen, Gbamin, Sandro).

We all know we need to make our signings count this summer and Frank will have spoken to Tarkowski re Cornet’s character…

I’m all for this one… if Burnley will do business with us!

Si Pulford
22 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Similar attacking stats to Richarlison but for a quarter of the price. Yes, please. He's the exact type of player we should be in for. 25, hungry and apparently a model pro.

His versatility is exactly what we need. Can play left-back (remember him scoring twice for Lyon vs city in the champions league from left-back) left wing, number 10 or striker.

If we get him in, he improves our first eleven for me. More end product than Gray and Gordon in less games.

Si Pulford
23 Posted 15/07/2022 at
And many of our fans where raging at the idea of selling Gordon for 35 million with half the end product in twice the games.

Get him signed then get a decent DM and a striker.

Moshiri asked to be judged at the end of the window. Those words could haunt him but Cornet and Tarkowski for a combined 17 million wouldn’t be a bad start.

Soren Moyer
24 Posted 15/07/2022 at
He played 26 times for Burnley, scoring 9 goals and 1 assist. He has scored almost as many as Richarlison. Better get him.
Jerome Shields
25 Posted 15/07/2022 at
With a £17 million release clause, I can't see this happening.
Gary Jones
26 Posted 15/07/2022 at
An attacking team consisting of Calvert-Lewin, Dele Alli, Gray, Gordon and Iwobi could be a challenge for anyone……would be happy with this and a playmaking/tackling DCM.
Duncan McDine
27 Posted 15/07/2022 at
I'd only take him if he agrees to wear the shirt Number 99...
Mike Gaynes
28 Posted 15/07/2022 at
I think Cornet has a lot of brass, and he'd have a chance to horn in on our starting 11, so I would certainly trumpet this signing.
Sam Hoare
29 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Decent. Works hard and has a few goals in him. But I think for £17.5M we should really be looking for someone who is a more significant upgrade on what we have.

Feels a bit of an ‘Everton' signing in that he is probably marginally better than what we have but it is very likely we are buying him near his peak and quite possible his goals last season were somewhat anomalous.

He has qualities but I think there are preferable options and I'd probably pay the extra few million for Dennis personally.

Apparently West Ham have put in two big bids for Broja and Onana tonight, and the sad truth is that they are a significantly more attractive club than we are currently. Chances are we will end up signing our 3rd or 4th choice options.

Mark Ryan
30 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Duncan @ 26, someone had to say it, ha ha!!!
Dennis Stevens
31 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Lippy, is he, Mike?
Brent Stephens
32 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Mike #28, trumpet voluntary, not mandatory.
Tom Bowers
33 Posted 15/07/2022 at
We do need more offense without a doubt but surely the emphasis has to be on a genuine proven striker first and foremost.

No point having wingers or wingbacks if there isn't someone to put the ball in the net on a regular basis.

Calvert-Lewin is limited and we all seem to agree on that.

Bernie Quinn
34 Posted 15/07/2022 at
When is something going to happen? I think we are now linked to about 10 players who we are interested in – but no definite bids or signings.

I read that the other Premier Clubs have played one or two pre-season games already but Everton have yet to kick a ball in anger as they enjoy their 'jolly' in the USA. Just over 3 weeks to the start of the season and we seem to be crawling along…

I feel like the ultimate question: "What is the point of Life, the Universe, and Everything?" (I know — it's 42!) But I'm getting depressed. I had my hospital tests on Thursday and they came back inconclusive, so more tests are awaiting.

I just wish Everton would cheer me up. Perhaps I should start cheering for a different team – say... Cowdenbeath? It can't be any worse!!

Fran Mitchell
35 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Tom: "surely the emphasis has to be on a genuine proven striker first and foremost."

Who exactly? Every club in the country wants that. Chelsea signed Sterling, Spurs signed Richarlison, Liverpool signed Nunes, Man City signed Haarland. Who else is there?

West Ham are desperate for a striker, they are targeting Broja and the guy from Italy.

Leicester last season invested in Daka.

Newcastle have all the money in the world and are focussed on Etikike.

None are proven. Because the fact is, proven strikers just aren't around like they used to be – mainly because the game is much more than it was – the days of Kevin Campbell, Les Ferdinand and Dion Dublin scoring 15-20 goals are long gone.

"Calvert-Lewin is limited and we all seem to agree on that."

I'd totally disagree with that. Calvert-Lewin last season was a write-off due to injury, being rushed back, and then returning to a team so off the boil that we'd forgotten what the opposition box was.

A fit and firing Calvert-Lewin is better than anything we could buy by a long shot – he's quick, strong, great in the air, and has excellent anticipation. Calvert-Lewin with fast wingers and someone putting decent balls into the box is our best chance of a top-half finish.

We need back-up and competition for Calvert-Lewin. Broja would be great as he's probably one level below, but with the potential to pretty soon equal him and they could grow together and push each other. But getting a 'proven' goalscorer ain't gonna happen.

Our priority, personally, is midfield. That's where we lost most games last season.

Danny O’Neill
36 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Okay, now I'm getting annoyed.

I don't care if this player is what we need or not. I honestly don't know much about him.

The question is whether he fits the plan that the DoF or Manager wants to implement – or he is being imposed upon them?

Why are we not looking to the continent... Germany, Holland, Belgium, Denmark? To pick up better value for money.

Instead, we're apparently being held to ransom by Wolves and Burnley and seem to be willing to pay over the odds for mediocre players because they have Premier League or English experience. Certain members in our board who have no qualification in football seem obsessed with this. Michael Keane revisited.

Have we learned nothing?

Cast the net and actually use a scouting network rather than watch Sky Sports News. Let the scouts and the DoF do their job.

Let a DoF be exactly that rather than employ someone to be told what is going to happen rather than set his own strategy.

Disappointed Danny is quickly becoming annoyed and angry Danny.

I'll be up in the morning with the dogs.

Jay Harris
37 Posted 15/07/2022 at

I agree with you on Calvert-Lewin but don't know how much the injury and layoff last season has affected him.

On the subject of Cornet, my main concern is his injury record and his inconsistency.

I watched a Korean side (KPL) play Spurs yesterday and they had some outstanding players. Park and Yang stood out but I wish we had some scouting out there and it would also boost our Asian following.

Bernie Quinn
38 Posted 15/07/2022 at
Danny, you sound as depressed as I feel!!
Danny O’Neill
39 Posted 16/07/2022 at
I'll be fine, Bernie. Standard pre-season anxiety syndrome.

The hounds will sort me out in the morning and tell me everything is okay.

6 August can't come quick enough.

Bernie Quinn
40 Posted 16/07/2022 at
You are so lucky, Danny – I don't have a dog!
Christine Foster
41 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Bernie, the meaning of life was indeed 42... points.
Don Alexander
42 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Given the true record of our chairman signing "top" strikers from teams just relegated, I suggest Mr Cornet will probably turn out to be a very expensive Flake.
Mike Gaynes
43 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Bernie, hang in there, mate. Don't let it get you depressed. Been there and I know it's tough, but stay positive and visualize a good outcome.
Phil Head
44 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Application for the position of Director of Football, or Chief Scout for that matter!

Curriculum Vitae

I am a current BBC Licence holder, so have access to Match of the Day

Have no knowledge what so ever, as to the existence of the game of Football, outside of the Island in which we reside.

Have no understanding of basic levels of Economics


I Love nothing better, than recklessly spending money, on non investible purchases.

Especially enjoy the sheer panic of having money left in my bank account, a week before pay day, with the understanding, that if it's not spent on any old tat, that Money will vanish into thin air!

Mike Gaynes
45 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Phil, stay in Parliament. It pays better.
Bernie Quinn
46 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Christine at 41 - So good to hear from you Love - you are so right of course.

Mike at 43 - Likewise with you Mike - It's just typical with me... The Specialist told me that he thought I was okay but the tests were 'a little blurred' so he wanted to be absolutely certain, hence new tests. Murphy's Law!!

Christine Foster
47 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Dear Angry Danny,

So sorry to hear of your utter frustration, perhaps a good hot bath and meditation assisted by a month's total abstinence of ToffeeWeb.

Of course, this has its withdrawal symptoms implications – best alleviated with traditional over-the-counter remedies, in particular those sought from Messers Yates, with various outlets in your locality. However, care should be taken as too much medication impairs facial recognition devices such as your smartphone due to the bulbous bright red nose effect and blurred vision.

Of course one has to balance the need for such medication against the resultant high blood pressure syndrome associated with those addicted to ToffeeWeb, easily recognized due to the occasional and seemingly impromptu floods of tears of frustration.

Danny, you have had a difficult year, and I am afraid without such medication your outlook is not wonderful. I could suggest anger management courses but they are in great demand in your area due to depression – I believe it is due to Bloody Moshiri Depression otherwise known as BMD.

I wish you well and should you need my services you can find me usually in the quiet corner of any Yates establishment or visit me at my accommodation in the Bridewell on Cheapside.

I wish you well as I also have been struck down by this deadly addiction to all things Blue, although I am now seeking support of my own from a locally based charity, EitC or something like that.

Feel free to write once more with your outcome.

Kind regards, Your favorite agony aunt,

Iakovos Iasonidis
48 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Not bad at all is my opinion. Good age, good price, good speed.
David Currie
49 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Bernie 46,

Watch Howard"s Way if you need cheering up and my next-door neighbour has a dog that is needing a new home?

Every time I shout "Everton" at it, it wags its tail, could be a good match for you, Bernie? Dog is 4 years old.

Phil Head
50 Posted 16/07/2022 at
If Premier League Football Clubs were Clothing Customers?

Man City, Liverpool and Chelsea would shop exclusively in designer stores. Buying only the best products at extortionate prices, yet safe in the knowledge that they were receiving quality of the highest standard, with the latest cutting-edge technology.

Southampton, Leeds etc, are H & M shoppers. Prepared to syphon through products gathered from far and wide, willing to bide their time, in search of a diamond in the rough.

Tottenham, West Ham, Newcastle, shop at exclusive Markets. Acutely aware that there's bargains to be had, comfortable in haggling for the right price, yet happy to walk away if not.

Everton, on the other hand, are an outlet store shopper. Only interested in branded products of yesterday. Previously unsold, undesired, tired technology, sold at an inflated price.

All this, despite both parties being acutely aware that its products are one step away from the Charity Shops or even Landfills!

Dupont Koo
51 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Cornet is 25 years of age and has proven to be an above-average performer in Ligue 1 & Premier League. His £17.5M Relegation Clause is active and the price represents a bargain in the market nowadays with his track record. He appears to be versatile enough across the front line as well too.

Frank must have consulted Tarkowski on Cornet's personality and character and is comfortable before initiating the deal.

Instead of just paying the £17.M directly (Burnley can't say no if that stipulated amount up-front is presented), I believe, IMHO, Thelwell is trying to save up as much pennies as possible by trying to see if Burnley is willing to take a deal less money up front (eg, £12 to 13M) with future incentive clauses that will bring a higher overall value eventually (eg, £20M). Otherwise, the deal would have been done as quickly and quietly as the one we had bringing Gana in from relegated Aston Villa (it is still mind-boggling that we only paid £7.5M for him back then).

Danny O’Neill
52 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Made me smile, that one, Christine!!

With the link to the Wolfsburg teenager (different thread), I have renewed hope that we are actually looking beyond these shores and actually have an active scouting network in place.

I've woken up and gotten all hopeful again.

Bernie Quinn
53 Posted 16/07/2022 at
David at 49 - Thank you David for your very kind offer. Unfortunately I am a Cat Lover and she shows very little interest in Everton. So I am following Christine's advice to Danny and sipping my Irish Whiskey (through a straw to make it last longer) The real cure for this depression though is for our wonderful Club to 'digital extractus' and let Frank and Kevin (but NOT Luvvie Bill)
have a clear run at rebuilding the team - NOW!
Steve Brown
54 Posted 16/07/2022 at
With 33 career premier league games and 6 goals to date, Broja does not represent value at £25 million + £5 million add-ons. Cornet bagged 9 goals playing wide for a poor Burnley side last season, so his £17.5 million buy-out clause makes more sense.

I don't think it is lazy recruitment, it is seeing obvious bargains when they are right in front of you.

Tony Abrahams
55 Posted 16/07/2022 at
The downside to Cornett, is that Lampard spoke about bringing more robust players in, and I’m not sure he fits this mantra?
Clive Rogers
56 Posted 16/07/2022 at
At £17.5M, he'd better come with raspberry and hundreds and thousands.
Tom Bowers
58 Posted 16/07/2022 at
It's going to be tough again without the re-inforcements we so badly need.

Chelsea spending big to bolster their squad so without a real striker it will likely be backs against the wall in that first game.

There is not much on offer in the window that Everton can really afford so Lampard will have to go with what he already has.

Paul Jones
59 Posted 16/07/2022 at
I remember a friend saying to me when Liverpool signed Dean Saunders and Mark Wright form Derby County that you should not sign players from relegated teams because they are to used to getting beat. If you keep signing players from relegated teams, unless you have a better manager, then that is your more likely destination.

In recent years, we have paid big for players that disappointed in their performances and have proven not to be good signings and far from value for money, so a change in direction is needed but no sure buying from relegated teams is likely to bring any improvement.

Ed Prytherch
60 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Paul 58,

What about Idrissa Gana Gueye. Relegated with Villa, bought for a snip and a star for us.

Also Andy Robertson and Harry Maguire from Hull. I don't believe that there is a solid correlation either way.

Billy Roberts
61 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Paul @58

So are you saying you wouldn't like Everton to have bought Mark Wright + Dean Saunders? I would have on account of them both being superb players.

I would love Everton to buy 2 players of their standard now.

Stale Haverstadlokken
62 Posted 16/07/2022 at
Remember we ended up 16th last season. Who would go to a team that just survived in the Premier League? Not Kane and not Jesus.

We are fighting with clubs like Watford, Bournemouth and Brentford for players. We must be realistic and have trust in Frank's ability to get the right players that fit into his style of play.

And if he finds the right one, will he move? Will his demand for wages fit our future structure?

Cheers lads, Frank has put a smile on my face again. 😀

Gary Jones
63 Posted 17/07/2022 at
Appears that we're so brassed, we've been trying to blag Burnley into a loan with an obligation to buy for Cornet… seems like a common denominator on why our deals are failing to come off.

“Sure Bill, take our player and leave us with no cash to replace him.”

For fuck's sake…

Tony Everan
64 Posted 17/07/2022 at
Gary, Moshiri offered some reassurance in his latest communication. Sounds bold and confident about recruitment “Don't judge us yet, wait until the end of the window”.

This messing about over Cornet seems to contradict his comments. But maybe we are trying to legally activate the release clause whilst not paying the fee until the next FFP period starts, 1 July 2023.

Burnley would be spitting feathers again but it could be fully contractually allowable and they can't oppose it? It sounds ruthless but a contract is a contract and we are not a charity, we have to look after No 1.

The idea being we have the necessary money available this window for two quality midfielders that Frank wants.

Either way, it points to limited and restricted resources at the moment.

Jack Convery
65 Posted 17/07/2022 at
My fear is that we will cash in on Gordon as a necessity to get deals over the line as Wolves and Burnley seem intent on selling for cash now, not on the drip. What a state our finances must be in.

Please, Mr Kompany, let us have him, we'll give you a life-time supply of Everton mints, and a tenner a month.

Also, it illustrates that no-one is interested in the deadwood, either on loan or to buy. Hence it will either be Gordon or Calvert-Lewin. In that scenario, Gordon is the likely fall guy.

Sam Hoare
66 Posted 17/07/2022 at
Gary@62, what I've heard (from no one especially reliable!!) is that we are trying to get a fair few players in on good deals. There is money to spend but the club don't want to overpay like we have in the past.

For example, we were apparently close to getting Dennis but did not want to pay £20M up-front.

Sounds like we're looking for a winger/striker (Cornet?), a creative forward (Gibbs-White?) and a Number 6 (Onana?).

The only way we can probably imagine us having £30-50M to spend this summer in terms of up-front fees which will mean some clever operating. For too long we have overpaid for players and missed out on bargains so I'll be pleased if we can stop this trend at least.

Sounds like we are trying to loan Cornet with an obligation to buy.

Christy Ring
67 Posted 17/07/2022 at
Journalist Alan Nixon saying we can't afford to buy Cornet, who has a £17.5M release clause.

Didn't Moshiri say during the week, Lampard had money for transfers? What about the Richarlison money?

Ian Bennett
68 Posted 17/07/2022 at
Selling Moise Kean this summer would be a god send. Hopefully Juventus can find a buyer from them.

We lose a loan fee, but God do we need the cash.

Ray Said
69 Posted 17/07/2022 at
Because we really need to sign yet another player with experience of relegation — how many does that make?
Clive Rogers
70 Posted 17/07/2022 at
If we can't afford to buy Cornet for £17.5M, our finances must be in a shocking state. Can't see Burnley accepting that.
Ian Bennett
71 Posted 17/07/2022 at
Looks like its happening:–

It's now reported by former BBC journalist Fletcher that terms have been agreed with the player ahead of a deal.

Writing on his personal Twitter account, he said, “Everton offer for Cornet likely to be made up of upfront then add ons upto the release clause. Terms agreed with player, clubs negotiating package. If agreed then medicals and finalisation."

Jeff Armstrong
72 Posted 17/07/2022 at
Nottingham Forest about to sign Lewis O'Brien from Huddersfield, now he is going to be a great signing.

I was hoping we'd go in for him, exactly the type of young, hungry and dynamic midfielders we should be looking at.

Joe McMahon
73 Posted 17/07/2022 at
When I look back at the many expensive flops that have been signed, not to mention the Champions League wages paid, and now we can't muster the fee for Cornet. Just as well we've had many years of the good times, eh?
Tony Everan
74 Posted 17/07/2022 at
Ian, Yes it looks like that journalist has a scoop, Cornet is all but in. We are just seeing now if we can do a "buy now, pay later" deal. A compromise will be reached, something like £9M now and £9M next summer.

9 goals and 1 assist from 21 matches he started plus 5 sub appearances.

Richarlison had 10 goals and 5 assists from 30 games.

There's more to it than the stats with regards to sacrifice for the team and work rate. With regards that, Richarlison is going to be a hard act to follow. However. If he brings 10-15 goals and some assists too, he will have been a very astute buy.

Colin Metcalfe
75 Posted 17/07/2022 at
We really are desperate bargain basement shoppers if we are in for this fella. I don't rate him in the slightest. Why do we always buy relegated players?
Danny Baily
76 Posted 17/07/2022 at
Good signing of we can pull it off. Could also provide some cover up front and left back if we're in need. And the fee is reasonable if reports are accurate.
Soren Moyer
77 Posted 17/07/2022 at
Tony, from what I've seen from him, he is as hard-working as Richarlsion.
Geoff Lambert
78 Posted 17/07/2022 at
Colin #74, so if we had been relegated, how would you have rated the likes of Richarlison and Pickford, Gordon etc?
Lester Yip
79 Posted 18/07/2022 at
What's happened to Dwight McNeil? We've been looking at him last 2 seasons. He seems at a right age and can cross well.

Newcastle still sniffing around Gordon even though we've said he's not for sale. Might be our FFP issue still hasn't fully resolved which is why we're still looking to offload first before any purchase?

Mike Gaynes
80 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Lester #78, Dwight McNeil?? We are looking for goals and assists. McNeil delivers none.

He played every game last season. Started 35 of 38. He scored zero goals. Zero. Had one assist.

To spend 3000 minutes on the pitch -- all in attacking positions -- and be involved in exactly one meaningless goal requires a truly remarkable talent. You have to be really good at running very fast to places where the ball isn't.

McNeil makes Cornet look like Thierry Henry.

Kieran Kinsella
81 Posted 18/07/2022 at

That's a terrible record. I think some on here got snowed by his goal against us a few years ago. Clearly that was an aberration.

Ed Fitzgerald
82 Posted 18/07/2022 at
I'd give Cornet the swerve, we desperately need a creative midfielder with a bit guile and who can carry the ball. and unlock defences.

Huddersfield have a cracking central midfielder called O’Brien, he was brilliant for them last season. We can get for him for £10 million, we'd better get a shift on as Forest want him!

Alan McGuffog
83 Posted 18/07/2022 at
It's hard for a club like ours to compete with the likes of Forest though, Ed.
Robert Tressell
84 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Just for perspective, the 9 goals Cornet scored last season is his best ever goal haul. He probably averages about 5 and that was playing for a very attacking side in France.

Cornet is not going to start scoring 10 to 15 goals. That would be absolutely exceptional for a wing forward and he's not exceptional.

He's more likely to keep scoring about 5 per season.

Sam Hoare
85 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Ed @81,

I like O'Brien a lot. Mentioned him in my transfer piece. High-energy player who does a bit of everything. Could be a similar option to Gibbs-White but at less than half the price (he's probably not quite as good). Will be interesting to see how he does in the Premier League.

Robert @83,

I agree with your assessment in the main but I think for Cornet's last season at Lyon, he played the majority as a wing-back. Before that I think he's scoring a goal roughly every 300 minutes which is not too shabby without penalties.

I think it's plausible that he might score 10 goals a season if given 38 matches, which would be very good from open play. His all round offensive game is limited and he won't get a lot of assists but I would expect him to bag a few goals.

Not who I'd want us to go for personally but he's a hard worker apparently. I find our obsession with Premier League players somewhat perplexing, often paying a premium for players who are ‘tested' but then turn out to be very mediocre (Bolasie, Keane, Sigurdsson, Schneiderlin, Williams, Walcott etc...)

Tony Everan
86 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Ed, Sam

Lewis O'brien caught my eye too in the Championship playoffs, a live wire, sharp, always in the thick of the action. Steve Cooper of Nottingham Forest is no mug and has seen him close up, he is after him. They've had a £10M offer accepted. I'm surprised there was no rumoured interest at all from us, maybe we have done the diligence and decided he is not good enough?

There will be many teams next season with fast energetic midfields, fit for the current incarnation of the Premier League. The game has moved on.

A fantastic player like Dele Alli needs to be complemented by two fast aggressive central midfielders behind him. Otherwise, we will be overrun again. Allan is 32 soon but could be one of them at peak fitness, but that's not now guaranteed at all. No guarantees come with Gbamin, full stop.

Without signing definitely one, preferably two, midfielders we can't use Dele Alli to best effect. A lot of rumours about Cornet, Broja, Gibbs-White but still the No 1 priority for this window is the DCM position. I'd prefer us to blow the budget on two fast aggressive quality midfielders and loan or loan-to-buy the forward.

Sam Hoare
87 Posted 18/07/2022 at

I'm not yet convinced about how useful Dele Alli will be for us next season. By all accounts, he has reported back in excellent shape which is a good sign but I just don't know if we have the players or style to bring the best out of him. And how much will he fight to involve himself in the game if things aren't going his way? We shall see…

Broja is far more likely to go to West Ham from what I've heard, Gibbs-White is more likely but maybe a bit overpriced?

I agree, we need a new No 6. Someone combative but who can receive the ball on the half-turn and play through the lines. Lampard spoke after the friendly about having a player there with 'defensive positioning' or something like that. Tough to find.

Shame we couldn't get Tyler Adams or especially Boubacar Kamara. Even Palinha who went to Fulham could have been useful. Onana has been linked and I still like Mo Camara and Kephret Thuram who are yet to move though both are probably somewhere between a No 6 and a No 8 positionally.

Still a chance we try to loan Winks, and Gilmour may well be an option as Lampard liked him at Chelsea though he was poor for Norwich last season.

I think we are trying to juggle priorities and the need to bring in 4 more players with a pot of only £30-40M to spend upfront; hence the apparent attempt to loan Cornet.

Tony Everan
88 Posted 18/07/2022 at

Your £6M DCM scouting selection from a couple of seasons ago, Sangare, is now in talks with Man Utd, for £32M. You must be bewildered sometimes by the opportunities we miss. Still, we have a new DoF and manager who can attract and improve young talent.

We still have time to make some transformational signings. Won't be easy with our budget but not impossible.

I'm going bald tearing my hair out over our midfield weakness, it's about time it was put right. If we do, we can make some good progress. If not, we will get overrun, backs to the wall, long ball, Bottom 6 fodder.

Nothing to do but wait and hope. Kevin Thelwell has got our season in his hands.

Robert Tressell
89 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Sam, fair enough about switch of positions etc which is all true. My general point is that he's not and never has been a 10 to 15 goal season player. 5 is more realistic and anything beyond that is a bonus.

As for buying from Premier League clubs, I did a check some time ago for the M&S article I wrote and recall, I think, that our squad contains more players bought from Premier League clubs than any other. A very expensive way to buy average players. Akin, as the article suggests, to buying your milk, eggs and butter from M&S when the same basics are available much cheaper at Tesco etc.

Sam Hoare
90 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Tony@87, yes there's been a few transfers that have just seemed like no-brainers to me but of course it's never that simple. Sangare for £8m, Salisu for £11m, Dumfries for £10m these all seemed like great value options at the time. Gray was great value though so we do get in on the action some times!
James Marshall
91 Posted 18/07/2022 at
So Fulham are now looking to buy Cornet, Broja is flying back to London from the US for talks with West Ham, and Gibbs-White is quoted as saying he wants to prove himself at Wolves.

We're simply not an attractive proposition to many footballers and with good reason. As it stands, next season does not look good at all.

Mike Gaynes
92 Posted 18/07/2022 at
James, we're in the third week of a nine-week window.
Sam Hoare
93 Posted 18/07/2022 at
I'm a bit sad about Broja. I think there's a world in which he becomes the next Haaland. Though £30M is a fair whack for someone who was a bit mixed last season.

We will bring players in. They are just not going to be our first or second choices. That's the price of poor running of the club.

Terry Downes
94 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Enough of all this bollocks "We're in for him, him and him" — we're a fuckin embarrassment. We can't even afford £17.5M for Cornet? Fulham moving in now... that'll be another one missed out on.

But never mind... Gilmour on a loan will do. Laughing stock or what? Falling further and further behind.

Brian Murray
95 Posted 18/07/2022 at
No one wants to go near Moise Kean so forget that windfall.

Meanwhile Moshiri is still blowing blue smoke up Bill's arse... Wake up, mate! — They destroying your club!

Tony Everan
96 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Mike, Summer window 10th June - September 1st, so open 38 days so far - 5½ weeks. There's plenty of time, still 44 days left of it so we're only half-way through. Would be good to get at least two in soon so we can start the season strong and on the front foot.
James Marshall
97 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Mike - our first game of the season is in 19 days time. The window may be open later but players & clubs need this stuff sorted out well in advance.

Buying players now means they miss pre-season, and clubs are less inclined to want to sell, the closer the season gets.

Also, the Championship season starts in 10 days so buying players like Cornet is a problem for a club like Burnley.

Ed Prytherch
98 Posted 18/07/2022 at
I expect that we will be looking for last minute "bargains", probably loan deals.
Steve Brown
99 Posted 18/07/2022 at
No one walked away last season and thought “if only we had Broja, Gibbs-White and Cornet at the club, we wouldn't be in this mess.” So, a bit of perspective.

The one virtue Cornet has is a reasonable buy-out clause, but £55 million for the other pair? They would be under-whelming options at half that price.

Brian Harrison
100 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Moshiri said in his statement that judge him at the end of the transfer window not in the middle of one. Which seems only fair but I am sure what is worrying many fans is that in the offers we have made for players, it seems that we are struggling to meet the terms the selling club wants ie a bigger down payment. Also if rumours are correct we are trying to get players in on loan with an agreement to buy, but selling clubs want the money today not in 6 months or 12 months time. The Bobble who seems to have access to the right people is saying that Cornet wasn't Evertons first choice, but are having to move from their original choices which doesn't sound great.

Obviously FFP is having a huge impact on our ability to bring in the type of players the manager wants. Also with selling Richarlison will leave a massive hole in our attacking options. At present we have 5 CBs Mina, Keane, Godfrey, Holgate and Tarks, it would have been 6 but Branthwaite has gone out on loan.
This team has lacked goals for quite a few seasons and to have sold possibly our best attacker and unlikely to replace him with anyone near as good is a worry.

Brian Murray
101 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Billy gilmoure left out of chelsea’s tour. So out of broja gallagher gibbs double barrel we get the least talented. No doubt frank will be all over this.
Mike Gaynes
102 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Tony #95 and James #96, yeah, in an ideal world where we had money to spend, that would be the better scenario.

Guess what.

You guys need to adjust your expectations to the situation we're in, rather than the one you wish for.

Any players we buy next month will not have "missed preseason" -- they'll just have had it with another club. Nobody's going to be showing up at the last minute with dead legs and a big gut like Rondon did last summer. And it's not like our "system" takes a whole lot of time to learn -- we play pretty basic football.

Also I would remind you that we already have five players ready to go in 19 days whom we didn't have last season -- Tarkowski, Calvert-Lewin, Gbamin, Mina and Patterson.

Don Alexander
103 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Paul (#58), if you have a footballing genius in charge of transfers you can get real talent from a just-relegated club.

Remember Robles, Alcaraz and Kone for instance?

What could possibly go wrong this season?

Joe McMahon
104 Posted 18/07/2022 at
I could scream at the wages and transfer fees wasted in the Mosh era. Unless somehow lack of goals are addressed things won't get better. Last season Allan was a year younger as Seamus Coleman was and of course Richie was here.

Crap like Davies aren't suddenly going to be a midfield revelation either.

Yes doom and gloom I know, but it's how I feel. After decades of "Bill's Good Times" never being in the CL, I can only see a relegation scrap that starts in August. Goals win games and we don't score em.

Tony Everan
105 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Mike, Moshiri’s has quite boldly alluded to there being some signings coming in so there must be some wriggle room financially. We need to start the season as strong as possible and these signings will help that happen.

Even with some players back from injury we still need a midfielder and Richarlison replaced asap to give us a better chance of say 8-10 points on the board from the five games in August. Leaving it late will increase the risk of a slow start, making it tougher to recruit and us having to play catch up, momentum is going to be very important.

Thelwell has a very tough job on his hands, but part of his job has to be having us a strong as possible to start a season. Still as you point out all this is firmly with hope rather than expectation due to our precarious financial situation. I mean what have we got as a net spend …minus 60m?, minus 30m ?, zero ?, 20m ? 50m ? Is it even up to us how much we can spend?

Pat Kelly
106 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Well we're never getting Zinchenko now. We'll probably end up with Cornet and the promising young Ross Barkley.
Andy Crooks
107 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Thanks, Don, @102. I had managed to wipe those gems from my memory.
Christy Ring
108 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Gilmour looked impressive when he first came on the scene under Frank, I remember Souness said he was the best player on the pitch when Scotland drew with England in '21. It didn't work out for him at Norwich, but there's a player in there, and Lampard certainly knows him, and in my opinion would offer us a quick and aggressive midfielder we are totally lacking.
Anthony Flack
109 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Ross sadly unlikely to be the same player who left us - if only he was !!
Mike Gaynes
110 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Tony, agreed, but we can only do what we can do. It's like Friday night at the singles bar. We're not the handsomest or wealthiest guys on the dance floor, so we're not going to be leaving with a swimsuit model at 8pm. We're gonna have to keep dancing until closing time.
Dean Williams
111 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Another headless chicken. Bolasie springs to mind.
Brian Murray
112 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Mike. If we all leave with a Doris Karloff at midnight, it would be better than Widow Twanky we have now.
Dale Self
113 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Came here expecting a Grafton joke, now leaving rather disappointed.
Christy Ring
114 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Mike@101 made a very good point, naming four players we didn't see much off last season, and Tarkowski. You could add Deli Alli to that list also. A full preseason and these players could make a huge difference, an injury free Mina, and Gbamin showing us why we bought him, would be a huge plus, but we still need to freshen the squad and replace Richi.
Pat Kelly
115 Posted 18/07/2022 at
We're getting desperate now if we expect Mina to remain injury free for more than a couple of games and Gbamin to suddenly contribute. And Dele to find himself. It's a sad state of affairs.
Duncan Lennard
116 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Mike @109, I’m not sure swimsuit models go to singles bars.
Brendan McLaughlin
117 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Course not Duncan #115

Cos they are all at the Grafton!

(That one's for Dale #112)

Dale Self
118 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Thanks, Brendan, been waiting all afternoon for that!
Matthew Williams
119 Posted 18/07/2022 at
Leave him where he is... anyroad, we've got wingers already, we badly need a real creative central midfielder and a decent striker ASAP.
Laurie Hartley
120 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Matthew #118 – you are correct in my opinion. In Gray and Gordon, we have the wings covered. I am very disappointed that it looks like Broja is going to the Hammers. Where we get a creative midfielder from, I don't have a clue… but those two are our priority positions.

I still think there will be a couple of incomings. Whoever they are will give us a clue as to what formation the manager will want as his preferred option.

I never had the pleasure of seeing much of the great eighties side as I had emigrated to Australia. I saw a few memorable games – notably Spurs away and Rapid Vienna.

Have a look at this line up from those days – Howard Kendall played 2 up top and a slow but tough old warrior bossing the middle of the park.

Class of 85

Gave me food for thought, that.

Neil Copeland
121 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Brendan ##116, it must every other Friday at the Grafton then …
Mike Gaynes
122 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Pat #114, what do you mean, getting desperate?

I would just point out that any player can get injured, without regard to whether he's been hurt before.

Calvert-Lewinhad missed only 10 games in the previous three seasons before he broke that toe and everything fell apart.

Townsend had missed just 16 in a 9-year career before he went down with nobody even touching him, and now he could be out almost a full calendar year.

No point in predicting that. It happens.

Tony Everan
123 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Mike 109, Good analogy, In the distant past I have been an experienced (inebriated) and failed user of that tactic. Thank god.
You’ve left me now with the image of of Armando Broja in a bikini.
Tony Everan
124 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Christy 107,

I was going to post the same sentiment about Billy Gilmour. A difficult time at a dire Norwich, but he got some experience under his belt.

He would be a risk but I too think there is a player there and Frank could get him back on track. It's a risk that would have a big upside if he came good.

Possibly another player who would benefit from a tough DCM enforcer beside him. Ethan Ampadu is in a similar position but Tuchel seems to favour him more, but he is someone we should monitor too.

Clive Rogers
125 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Gilmour has not impressed on the pre-season tour apparently and it has been decided Chelsea can't use him this season.
Sam Hoare
126 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Christy@107, sounding like you may get your wish! Know you have been a long term fan of Gilmour.

Norwich fans really didn't rate him last year but maybe Lampard could get more out of him? He seems similar to Winks to me; decent touch and decent passer but not the most athletic and obviously unlikely to dominate physically. However if he can get into good positions, receive the ball and move it forwards effectively he could be useful. And I think maybe he could be better defensively than Winks.

Hopefully we'd only loan him with an option to buy. Would hope after his poor season at Norwich it wouldn't be for much more than £12m. Remember when Todd Cantwell was the next big thing? Hardly got a look in for Bournemouth last year.

Danny O’Neill
127 Posted 19/07/2022 at

That's the second dose of 80s nostalgia I've had today. You lot are going have me in tears.

A good read and very pertinent regarding us never getting the exposure we deserved in that period.

It also indirectly emphasises the importance of building a team rather than a collection of named individuals. Now I wasn't educated back then (Brent - no, stop), so didn't understand much about anyone who didn't play for Everton and, although I hate to say it, Liverpool, but you couldn't ignore them.

Howard didn't get it right to start with. When he did, he brought in players that many had never heard of and some questionable ones considered as being injury prone crocks. The formula worked once it clicked.

We have to let a manager try to get his formula. It might take time, but give him that time regardless of what we think of the players he is bringing in. Certain players can look very different in different teams.

Stu Darlington
128 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Looks like Chelsea are touting Barkley back to Everton to get his wages off the books.

I know he's better than anything we've got at the moment, but I personally wouldn't touch him. I think he treated us like shit last time.

Barry Hesketh
129 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Danny @ 126
I assume the other piece of nostalgia you mention is related to one of your favourites, Paul Bracewell who celebrates his 60th birthday today.

Reid though is in no doubt over his fellow Merseysider's class and told the Echo:

“When Howard Kendall first bought Paul after we won the FA Cup, I thought I might have been going out because Kevin Richardson was a really good player and we had Alan Harper but as soon as we played together, and this might sound ridiculous, it was like a telepathic understanding. I knew when he went and he knew when I was going to get a second ball and when I was on the ball, he was always available.

“I think he'd say the same if you asked him the same thing. We got on well off the pitch too even though he's a miserable sod and he smiles about once a year, I used to get into him and he used to laugh and I think that helped us as well.

“We ended up being two crocks because I failed my medical but I think we were intelligent midfield players and before he did his ankle, he was sensational, a very skilful player. Don't forget there were some great midfield players back then like Bryan Robson, Glenn Hoddle and Ray Wilkins and Brace was up there with them all, without a doubt.

“That Everton team we had then had great balance. Trevor Steven added an extra element in the wide area of midfield and there was Kevin Sheedy on the other side."

Peter Reid: Transfer Warning and the talents of Paul Bracewell

Allan Board
130 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Was going to post an opinion on all of this.

But sadly, what's the point? It's not as if you can't see what's coming.

Lovely weather though!

Danny O’Neill
131 Posted 19/07/2022 at
That's the one Barry. I won't repeat my War and Peace from the other thread!!!

Stu, I would have said I was in two minds about Barkley, a player I had high hopes for and tried to defend. Moments of brilliance, but little consistency. He's always struck me as that 12-year-old trying to beat everyone and win the game on his own.

I watched him a few times for Villa last season and, although he had a bright start, he quickly fell down the pecking order. He's struggled to make an impact at Chelsea, which I appreciate is a challenge. But again, the odd moment overshadowed by mediocrity.

I don't think it would be the end of the world but, if we have other options, I'd rather the manager and DoF pursues them.

For Ross, I'm not sure where his career goes from here.

Tony Everan
132 Posted 19/07/2022 at
No to Ross Barkley, he is Chelsea’s Gomes, they want his wages off the books but will struggle.
Sam Hoare
133 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Danny, it was the season before last that Barkley was at Villa. Last season he stayed at Chelsea and got about 400 minutes of football in mainly sub appearances and the League Cup. What a waste that man has made of his talents.

No chance I'd want him back. He probably would be as good as anyone we have but I'd rather give the likes of Warrington, Price and Mills some time (though I don't think they are ready necessarily). I'm not sure Barkley deserves a second chance.

Jay Harris
134 Posted 19/07/2022 at
A great shame for Ross because if he had a brain, he could have been a star. Very gifted technically but not a team player.

And he still owes us 6 months wages that he stole along with the cost of his medical treatment and £20M in lost transfer fee.

A definite No for me, even if he didn't leave on a sour note. His return would affect the development of some of the kids coming through.

Frank Crewe
135 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Barkley is another one of those who thought he was too sexy for an Everton shirt. Right up there with Rodwell. His ability didn't match his ambitions.

I doubt he would be any better than what we already have so Chelsea can keep him on their books and we'll keep him off ours. We have had enough players stealing a living off us already.

Mike Gaynes
136 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Argh... too bad Donny van de Beek got hurt and didn't have a chance to play for us down that final emotional stretch of the season. I liked the quality we saw from him in his brief appearances, and it would have been great to have him stay on.

Turns out Man Utd doesn't want him. They're reportedly shipping him off to Milan in a swap deal.

John Graham
137 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Barkley is a joke. Never improved from what was a very promising 18-year-old; always looks the part but never delivers and now too big for his own boots. He would be more of a hindrance than a help.

Doesn't look like much is going to happen on the transfer front anyway. As always, lots of names being mentioned to keep our hopes up but don't expect anything will happen.

Even if no-one comes in, it wouldn't be too bad because all of the players being mentioned are similar to what we already have.

Looking at pre-season there are a couple of the younger lads (Mills and Warrington) who could step up, plus Gbamin and Rondon are both looking like they're up for it.

The main thing that scares me is the 5-3-2 formation Lampard is looking to play. It can be attacking if played right, but you need the players to suit that, whereas, from the look of it, ours will be a defensive setup with long balls forward and then hope that Calvert-Lewin or Gordon can hold the ball up.

God help us.

Peter Warren
138 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Agree, Mike. I was only saying to a Man Utd friend of mine how he was quality but unfortunately was injured for us most of the time.
James Newcombe
139 Posted 19/07/2022 at
No thanks to Ross Barkley - he has made his bed, and I’d hope we are dropping the Sentimental FC stuff. Would rather play one of the kids.
Gary Jones
140 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Beggars and choosers…..

£30M for Gibbs-White, or £5M on wages to see if the boy can earn our love again, like Wayne did?

Yeah, spend that £30M!

Christy Ring
141 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Barry #128,

Bracewell was pure class, a favourite of mine, along with Sheedy, when we had so many stars in that team. I will never forget that suicide tackle from Whitehurst, it cost Paul his place in Mexico, and he never got to show his true potential.

Paul Kossoff
142 Posted 19/07/2022 at
Will he get the number 99 shirt?
Mike Gaynes
143 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Looks like we're back in the picture for Lingard, who has decided not to come over and play in MLS. From Rob Dawson at ESPN.com:

Jesse Lingard will make a decision about his future by the weekend as West Ham United, Everton, Tottenham Hotspur and Nottingham Forest all battle for his signature, sources have told ESPN.

Everton manager Frank Lampard is looking to rebuild his squad at Goodison Park after flirting with relegation last season and is keen to bring in Lingard.

Lingard is reportedly asking wages of £180k/week, which is 50% above the top of our current wage scale.

James Flynn
144 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Roberto should have done 2-up-top with Barkley and Lukaku. Luka further back on the pitch when we transitioned from defense to attack or finding himself on the flank when attacking, always had a good idea; shooting or passing.

If a good idea ever tripped and fell into Barkley's head, he'd start vibrating in place.

But pushed up and left in the box with little time to think? Barks was strong, quick, and could bang it accurately with either foot.

(Which as an off-season, nostalgic treat again reminds me, "Fuck Roberto")

So if Chelsea will pay off most of his contract and Moshiri goes in for him? Up front with DCL.

Before he left, it was obvious Ross was no mid-field general. Still true.

Yet, while he might have rooms-to-let from the neck up, he's healthy, still plenty young enough, and for sure can control and smash a football with either foot.

Will Mabon
145 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Mike, the utter front of Lingard, if that's true.

He must really rate himself. £180k per week for someone who's barely played half the games available through his career... and often not done much when he has been on the pitch. There are more problems too, he's a bad investment. I hope to hell we don't end up with him.

Brian Murray
146 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Alan Myers saying we unlikely to do any business until after the tour. Closed sign on the corner shop again. When's this lethargy going to end.
Kieran Kinsella
147 Posted 20/07/2022 at

The wage is outrageous. That apart I wouldn’t mind if we didn’t have Dele, Iwobi and maybe Gordon as 10 looking to fill that kind of role. We need a defensive mid and a striker

Kieran Kinsella
148 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Off topic but I hope all at home are managing in the heatwave. A nasty fire destroyed homes near where I grew up today. People over here don’t understand we never needed AC in the UK until recently so few have it. Stay safe
Don Alexander
149 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Barkley has never had football intelligence despite having sublime skill at controlling a football and, on a very rare good day, using it to the advantage of his team.

We, his loanee teams, England, and now Chelski, have long since realised this dismal fact.

And beyond football intelligence there's the question of his personal intelligence, and that's even more elusive.

Ian Bennett
150 Posted 20/07/2022 at
I am going to predict our new signings. On the basis it looks like we have little to no funds, I just expect loans or free transfers.

Live for today, and kick the can down the road with some eye watering wages.

Defensive midfielder - Gilmour loan. Not going to play at Chelsea, we will be the most attractive option for him. Poor at Norwich, where you thought his passing ability would be appreciated.

Attacking player - Barkley, Linguard, Januzag. Everton love signing ex blues or manc rejects, so this looks odds on. Likely to have dome good days, but I think will be expensive mistakes buying players on the down.

Another striker? Not many linked, and knowing Everton we will just go with injury hit DCL and a Rondon who is pretty bad.

Another midfielder - I can see us buying Winks or some one like that. A decent enough squad player for a top 6 side, but someone who I don't think can physically cut it in the EPL. And why Bissouma & Hojberg was bought, because a number of Spurs managers and coaching staff felt the same.

Sam Hoare
151 Posted 20/07/2022 at
Ian; I suspect you will be half right. I wouldn’t be surprised if we spend decent money in one or two positions and then loan the rest.

For example, we might spend £30m on Broja but then get in Gilmour on a loan to play DMC. Or we might spend £30m on Onana and then bring in someone like Batshuayi as our cheap forward cover.

The delay I suspect is in Thelwell trying to get the best deals and work out with Frank where to spend the limited money. But I expect at least one signing that costs £20m+.

Sounds like Broja, Onana and Lingard are all off to West Ham. The teams around us are doing interesting business, hope we don’t fall further behind again.

Robert Tressell
152 Posted 20/07/2022 at
I think the is a two way street, Sam. Thelwell is looking for low cost / value. But the targets will have a few options and we're unlikely to be first pick for many of them.

It sounds therefore like it could be very late in the day before we see any arrivals.

Also curious about our budget. I think we generally shouldn't be spending more than £20m on any player unless someone truly exceptional becomes available to us - like Lukaku all those years ago.

If we do spend £30m on a single player, it had better be a truly exceptional one.

Soren Moyer
153 Posted 20/07/2022 at
It looks like there is no interest in the crap we have piled up through the years at the club and the likes of Rondon, Gomes, Holgate, Davies, Gbamin and Keane are gonna be with us until their contracts are up!

Also, no money is coming in for Kean, it seems!

Bernie Quinn
154 Posted 22/07/2022 at
How about this for a wheeze?
Moshiri invests 19m pounds into a friendly lower league Club such as Tranmere. Tranmere then activate the get-out clause with Burnley.

Cornet becomes a player on Tranmere's books; who immediately loan him out to Everton on a 12 month deal with an obligation to buy.
After 12 months the Toffees pay the 17+ million to Tranmere who in turn return that money to Moshiri; just keeping the left-overs as payment for negotiation.
OK - who is the Spoil-Sport who says it can't be done?

Neil Copeland
155 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Bernie, sounds good to me. Get it done blues, or should that be Rovers?
Kieran Kinsella
156 Posted 22/07/2022 at

I like your thought train but didn’t we try this with Johnson/Simonsen? We need to mix it up a bit out of England. Invest in Partick Thistle or Merthyr Tydfill and follow through with your plan

Neil Copeland
157 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Kieran, not sure I would trust the jocks though….
Bernie Quinn
158 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Kieran - Thanks for not quite shooting me down - like I said it was just a wheeze. But if we are leaving England, my choice has to be Cowdenbeath - as I have followed them as my second team since I was a boy and saw their name in an Everton match programme - (price 3d)!
Kieran Kinsella
159 Posted 22/07/2022 at

Cowdenbeath? Fair enough that works. My Mum (Scottish) is a Celtic fan but I’ve nothing against Cowdenbeath. Some years ago I watched a third tier Scots league game between Meadowvank and Airdrie. 0-0 but the best moment was went a gust of wind blew over the wooden dugouts. Anyway, Cowdenbeath works for me mate

Danny O’Neill
160 Posted 22/07/2022 at
I never really followed Scottish football. I have a leaning towards Celtic, but that's probably just from the 80s when we all used to wear those half and half bobble hats.

Bernie, not necessarily specific to the potential Cornet deal, but I've suggested many times, the notion of the Premier League and bigger Championship clubs effectively adopting a regional lower league club. I think it would help them and we could use it to play our youngsters with potential. Some would argue it's still a loan system, but it's one in which they are all playing together in the same team under one coach, who could be a developing Everton coach on loan himself.

It's a step short of the Spanish B Team construct, which would be my preference, but I think it's a sound idea.

Bernie Quinn
161 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Danny @ 159,

Probably because I am 'left-footed' and half Irish, and my first local team I played for wore green shirts, I have always supported Celtic.

Although Cowdenbeath was and is my first love in Scotland. (my Wife (God Bless her!) event wrote to the club from New Zealand to let them know I existed and they replied with a blue & white scarf and several trinkets (probably made the club skint!).

I'd like to wear the scarf with my Everton shirt but it wouldn't look right with 'Cowdenbeath' written in bold letters!

I liked what you said about joining up with other clubs but I don't think the FA would appreciate the idea, especially if Everton was involved!

Danny O’Neill
162 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Half 2nd generation Liverpool Irish, quarter Northern Irish and quarter Scottish Bernie. And left footed.

I'm a proper British Isles mongrel!!!

Christine Foster
163 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Hells bells, Bernie, great grandparents half Irish, grandparents half Irish, Mum went to school in Enniskerry, so Liverpool Irish at the core...

I remember taking my daughter to Dublin for the first time when she was 16... she was like a clone of every other girl there. "I've found my tribe!" She said...

Bernie Quinn
164 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Christine and Danny - Many thanks for that Info. Not sure why but I'm dead chuffed we are all Liverpool Irish. I can feel my health improving already. Now if we could just get rid of Kenwright, the Club's health would rapidly improve too!
Christine Foster
165 Posted 22/07/2022 at
I was given one of those "23 and me", genetic things as a birthday present last year to find out where your roots have come from. Mine came back 100% British / Irish – no mongrel in this kid, lol!

I had all the Irish diseases as a kid: chicken pox, measles, scarlet fever, whooping cough... those were the days when, if one kid was sick, you were all put together to get it!

Interesting to note though that Everton had a huge affiliation with the working class Irish, mostly in the Kirdale area where my family is from and still are!

Everything was segregated into two camps then, the days when a mixed marriage was between Catholic and Protestant, not race or gender. When you went for a job, a common question was: What team do you support? – but guess right and you got the job!

I think we are just wanting to survive until we get into the stadium, then we will be in a healthier place with FFP and Moshiri will do a runner. We need some grit, no-nonsense players, and, I hate to say this but, Allardyce and Moyes are the sort of manager we need to do it. That is, can Frank do what he has to do to survive?

Mark Murphy
166 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Welsh on our mam's, Irish on me dad's, left-footed but right-handed (thanks to the nuns of St Anne's RC who were handy with the strap).

Promised myself to stay away from Everton for the summer but stupidly ducked back in. I wish I hadn't now.

Good luck to Frank Lampard in your next job. Sad but I don't think he'll be leading any revolution with these clowns in charge!

Christine Foster
167 Posted 22/07/2022 at
St Anne's, Highfield Road, Mark? Shudder... Sister Regina, Sister Francis, Sister Christina. Our Lady of Lourdes... before it became St Anne's.
Mark Murphy
168 Posted 22/07/2022 at
No Christine - I’m a wool!
St Anne’s RC Sutton, St Helens.
Sister Mary Jude aka skeletor
Will Mabon
169 Posted 22/07/2022 at

we can put the Lingard concern to bed, as he has now got newly promoted Forest to pay him an unconfirmed circa 200k per week... lunacy.

Bernie Quinn
170 Posted 22/07/2022 at
All my Liverpool/Irish family lived in Walton, in Keith Ave, about 5 streets from Goodison Park. I also went to St Anne's School - but mine was in Ormskirk. You worry me Christine with your remarks about Allardyce and Moyse. I'm having nightmares even thinking of that possibility. I'm hoping that Frank has the strength and will-power to stand up to those idiots on the top floor. Surely they wouldn't dare sack him and incur the wrath of the Supporters?
I well remember those days Christine of sharing the 'Irish Diseases' Couldn't understand NZ panicking over the measles outbreak we had a couple of years ago.
Bernie Quinn
171 Posted 22/07/2022 at
Spent 12 years tracing back the family tree. Can go back to the Battle of The Boyne (naturally the Quinns were on the losing team!) Full Irish Family until Dad, who married an English girl. I was born in Walton makes me half Irish from Liverpool
Back to football - I am getting fed up with the
Everton News' at the top of this page. There isn't any news - just gossip. All 'perhaps'- 'possible' - 'maybe' - etc;. I want to read 'have signed' but with the season now so close - small hopes of that!
Tony Mace
172 Posted 02/08/2022 at
The front line will be wafer thin if we don't get that Cornet.

Don't put this move on ice. He's the cream of the current crop.

Will Mabon
173 Posted 02/08/2022 at
You want Cornet, To?
Anthony Flack
174 Posted 02/08/2022 at
My worry is he won't be mint, and will definitely want hundreds and thousands.
Tony Mace
175 Posted 02/08/2022 at

I would like Cornet

I may start a ripple of discontent if we don't sign him

On a serious note he's young, energetic, versatile, good stats for a relegated team and IMO good value.

Either supplying Calvert-Lewin or getting balls knocked on by Calvert-Lewin, I think they would be a good partnership.

Tony Mace
176 Posted 02/08/2022 at
If we had a Neapolitan in our ranks, they could make the perfect partnership.

If it wasn't so warm, I would definitely get my coat.

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