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Blues in talks with PSG for Gueye

| 30/07/2022 256comments  |  Jump to last

Updated The return of Idrissa Gueye could be on the cards with Everton now in negotiations with Paris Saint-Germain over a move for the Senegal international.

A report by the Daily Mail claimed that Gueye had been offered to the Blues and, with 12 months left of the contract he signed with PSG when he joined them from the Blues three years ago, the French club were willing to let the 32-year-old go this summer.

It has since emerged from the likes of Fabrizio Romano, Paul Joyce and Greg O'Keeffe at The Athletic, meanwhile, that Everton have stepped up their attempts to re-sign Gueye with all parties, including the player, keen to make it happen.

The indications are that the player's representatives are pushing for a two- to three-year permanent deal while the Blues would prefer an initial loan but, in that case, PSG would want almost all of his £95k/week salary covered for the season.

Reader Comments (256)

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John Crook
1 Posted 27/07/2022 at
If this is true, snap their fucking hands off. Okay, he wouldn't be a long-term buy but would surely help steady the ship in the last 2 seasons at Goodison. If true, just get him!!!!
David Frederickson
3 Posted 27/07/2022 at
As much as I liked him he's past his best. I know beggars can't be choosers but I firmly believe in not going back...

I'm waiting for McNeil and Broja to sign... and maybe another one or two others, then I would feel safe going into next season. COYB... deliver us from misery.

Si Pulford
4 Posted 27/07/2022 at
They say never go back but I would for Gana. He's 32. Look at Milner, look at Barry.

His reading of the game and anticipation means if he's lost a yard of pace he'll win it back with his positioning. Never been replaced.

Even as a squad player, if we can do it we should. A million miles better than all of our midfielders.

Andy Meighan
10 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Well better than anything in that midfield, but we desperately need goals in there. That said, we could do a whole lot worse than him. Miles better than Allan, Davies and Gomes.
Andrew Ellams
11 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Has he still got the legs for the Premier League? If not, he's no use to us.
Mike Gaynes
12 Posted 27/07/2022 at
With you, Si and John. I saw him a couple of times for PSG last season and he looked as good as ever -- better, in fact, because he was getting forward into attack more. And it's not like he has ever been dependent on pace anyway.

His success is based on reading the game and never missing a tackle. Between Gana, Allan and Gbamin (if he is still with us), they could hold down the position. Get him. Yes.

Robert Tressell
13 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Free or nominal fee, then great. Get him and sell the inferior Allan. Otherwise no. He is a presser when we really need a holding midfielder.
Mark Ryan
15 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Yes, simple as that, get him
Steve Brown
18 Posted 27/07/2022 at
He played 33 games for PSG last season, including 7 in the Champions League.

His legs are fine.

Dave Lynch
19 Posted 27/07/2022 at
He's a million times better than Davies or Gomes.

If we get him back, I'll be a happy man.

Peter Neilson
20 Posted 27/07/2022 at
He still looked as fit as a fiddle last season and head and shoulders above what we currently have in midfield. I'd be happy to have him back. As long as Schneiderlin doesn't come with him.
Jay Harris
21 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Dont hesitate. Although he is 32 he is as fit as a fiddle and if we get a couple of years out of him he will be well worth it.

His reading of the game and ability to break up play is miles better than anyone else weve been associated with and he knows the club inside out so would settle back very quickly.

James Hughes
22 Posted 27/07/2022 at
I would have him back – can't say he would say the same thing though.

I am trying to recall who kept calling him crap and he spent most of the game on his arse.

David White
23 Posted 27/07/2022 at
If it's for free, yes. He will want big wages though, so 2-year deal at most.

He could be perfect for the next 2 years while we get to grips with finances. Freeing up Doucouré to get forward more.

Even if slower than when we had him, he would still leave Allan for dead who runs like he's in treacle.

A passer we need though, a ballplayer. Someone to slide the balls through, see the runs, arrive late in the box, get goals – our midfield goals are non-existent.

Dale Self
25 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Well, fuck yes, of course… but didn't he state he was alright with staying in Paris when he was recently offered elsewhere?

The point is we could build around that until we find a younger No 6. At 32 his fitness should not be a problem.

Jack Convery
26 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Missed 4 games in past 2 seasons, so no problems with his fitness. He's 33 in September, so on loan will be fine and see if he's still got it before offering him an extension.

Given our situation, it looks like we may need some experience to get us through next season and Idrissa definitely has that.

We must also not forget that 5 subs are available next season, so we need a decent number of subs who can do a job. The Premier League next season should be called the Premier League Handicap because, to have any chance, you'll need 22 first-team players to compete. Only a certain 6 sides can really do that, The rest are feeding on crumbs and fighting to stay away from the Bottom 3.

Barry Rathbone
27 Posted 27/07/2022 at
This fella is another raised to god-like status for reasons of doing limited things at a limited level. He couldn't pass, had nothing going forward, and wasn't that clever as a defensive midfielder.

I still cringe at the memory of him losing the ball at Leicester and standing there with his thumb up his arse as they charged past to score.

When will the penny drop? We need more than these limited players to break the shackles of mediocrity that he was integral to. I know we love buying players reaching the "glue factory" age but for fuck's sake!!

Absolutely no.

Danny O’Neill
28 Posted 27/07/2022 at
It depends how he's looked after himself.

I played my last competitive game aged 40 at my own level, which wasn't a standard to be sniffed at.

Unfortunately we lost him in his prime when many where critical. But like with Lukaku, Stones and others, that's all down to opinion.

Equally unfortunately, I think a 32-year-old Gueye would improve our midfield.

I'm up for it.

Tony Mace
29 Posted 27/07/2022 at
On loan for a season with PSG paying a portion of his wages

After half a season, if he's as good as he was, offer him a further 1 or 2 year contract

Yes - get him in. As said above 5 subs allowed next season so we need strength in depth.

Jerome Shields
30 Posted 27/07/2022 at
If there is any transfer fee involved, he won't be coming, and he won't take less than what he is on. Though a good player, his profile now is different than the speed required in midfield.
Larry O'Hara
31 Posted 27/07/2022 at
If fit, worth a punt. I always liked him.
Billy Roberts
32 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Will he be okay with the pink kit?
David White
33 Posted 27/07/2022 at
"Raised to god-like status..."

Barry, this lad was class for us. Even when we have had a class player, he still gets ripped. This is what the comments on ToffeeWeb are like.

What we would give to get him at 28 again for £7M now! Bargain and best bit of business Walsh did, imo. He had the best stats in the Premier Leauge for tackles and interceptions.

PSG can buy who they want, why would they buy him? Because he's one of the best at what he does. But wasn't good enough, you say?

I hope it's not just more lazy journalists and there is some truth in it.

Derek Knox
34 Posted 27/07/2022 at
I have to agree with most posters, it very rarely works out when a player returns to a club, but I also believe that Gana was something special, and see no negatives in getting him back if at all possible. Gerard Deulofeu is another one I would have back in a heartbeat if it was down to me.

His energy (Gana's) has been sorely missed. The old adage: "You never miss the water till the well runs dry" applies here.

I remember going to see his debut appearance, after we got him from Villa for £7.1M, in a pre-season game against Espanyol. I had my wife with me who knew virtually nothing about football (a bit like me :-)) and she said, "Who is that little guy who seems to be everywhere and covers every blade of grass?"

Needless to say, it was Gana Gueye!

So it is a big yes from me!

Will Mabon
35 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Billy - I thought along the same lines! Would be trouble if, God forbid, the club ever started playing the Rainbow game.
Tony Everan
36 Posted 27/07/2022 at
A short-term deal for Gana is a no-brainer, the squad is too light and our only ball winner, Allan, definitely won't play all the games. He will strengthen the squad and help us stay out of the danger zone whilst we purge this financial turmoil out of the system.
John Pickles
37 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Why would he want to?

He was getting games last season for PSG not Burnley. He could do ten times better than this shambles of a club.

'Hey Gana, It's Titanic FC, fancy coming back on board?'

Eddie Smith
38 Posted 27/07/2022 at
It's a big Yes from me.
Danny Baily
39 Posted 27/07/2022 at
If this is true then it's a big yes from me. We really do need to move someone on if he comes in though. Perhaps get Gbamin out on loan.

I wonder where Dele fits in to all of this, especially if we're planning on 5 at the back.

Si Cooper
41 Posted 27/07/2022 at
I do think there is an element of absence making the heart grow fonder. Gana was never the complete midfielder.

We have, however, missed his ability to be a thorn in the opposition's side. If he's cheap enough he might be a useful addition but it cannot just be because he is fondly remembered. My concern would be his signing would mean we pass on someone up and coming.

Midfield is a priority area but this needs to be part of an overarching strategy and not a compromise.

Gary Jones
42 Posted 27/07/2022 at
He left as our James McCarthy, he'd come back as our Gareth Barry……yes, fucking please.
Justin Doone
43 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Yes, yes, yes!

If we can find someone who's better, younger and cheaper who's willing to come to Everton then you're still in dreamland expecting a Top 4 finish.

He's not a passer but he's certainly no passenger. Still fit, athletic and better than what we have.

Dammit, I've wrote and thought like he would wan't to come back. Nurse..!

Christy Ring
44 Posted 27/07/2022 at
It's a No for me. He's 3 years older now, and the Premier League is a lot tougher than the French league. He also left us after signing a new contract the previous season.

Also, didn't he refuse to play for PSG in a game near the end of this season, and the previous season, because they had a rainbow emblem on the back of the jersey as a sign of support by all clubs in France? Not a very good role model.

Steve Shave
45 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Oh my word, yes please!! I really hope this happens on a 1- or 2-year loan only. Exactly what we need. If we got McNeil, Broja and Gueye in as well as the other two, I would be well pleased with this window.
Joe McMahon
46 Posted 27/07/2022 at
I'm with Christy. 3 years older and Premier League is brutal compared to PSG life.
Christine Foster
47 Posted 27/07/2022 at
I confess to be a little torn with this. He is 32, he is a midfield destroyer, not creator, we need creativity in the centre of the park and a tireless engine room.

I used to note that he would be in the thick of a game until he got booked, then his contribution fell away. I note also he refused to wear a shirt with rainbow numbers on it which may be due to religious beliefs or not, but it didn't paint him or the club in a great light which is probably why they are shipping him out.

As an aside, it was reported here that seven Manly rugby league players refused to wear a one-off jersey with rainbow colors on it in support of Sydney pride as a show of inclusivity. Players refused due to cultural or religious beliefs.

The club apologized to the players for its lack of communication, but still dropped all of them for refusing to wear the shirt, which has in the biggest possible letters a betting company shirt sponsor plastered all over it. Makes a rather telling point that supporting betting companies are okay, but not acknowledgement of the Pride movement.

Gana has a right to refuse to promote due to religious grounds, but culturally how does it fit with the club's inclusivity perspective? That was an issue at PSG... are we any different?

Having said all that, I would pass and say no... never go back – it never works in life.

Mark Ryan
48 Posted 27/07/2022 at
I don't think we can just stick with what we had last season? We have little to no funds and so we are beggars, not choosers.

We have Hobson's Choice this window. We have to try and get some reliable bodies in. Surely he fits that bill, doesn't he?

Brian Hennessy
49 Posted 27/07/2022 at
For me, he would be perfect for what we need over the next couple of years considering our financial situation. From what I have seen, he has improved as a player since he went to PSG.

Soren Moyer
50 Posted 27/07/2022 at
He will be 33 in September! No thanks.
Fran Mitchell
51 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Quite simply: absolutely.

Head and shoulders above everyone. He's still fit, he's still a presence. He could do a job for years to come, he can be the experienced leader in the middle.

Absolutely. Sign him up. Gueye and Allan with a ball player (Gilmour??) between them would be a midfield that wouldn't get so easily rolled over.

Barry Rathbone
53 Posted 27/07/2022 at
David White @28,

"Because he's one of the best at what he does."

Which is sweet Fanny Adams.

A defensive midfielder who can't pass, barely tackle or get forward even occasionally is the very definition of picking up money for old rope. Eulogising about a position your grandma could play hopping around on one leg is one of the weirdest affectations of the modern game.

Hardly surprising PSG are a basket case and can't get near the Champions League trophy despite humungous wealth with recruitment like Gana. I pissed myself laughing hearing what they paid but, now they want shut, up we march as the best paid retirement village in football.

We just don't learn.

Bernie Quinn
54 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Sorry, Christine, I usually agree with you but, in this instance, it would be a big Yes from me.
Tom Bowers
56 Posted 27/07/2022 at
No to Gueye. He left and he isn't the same player – not that he was terrific in the first place.

Rumours abound right now and still nothing about getting a real go-to striker. We had all better get ready for another slog of a season as winning will be very hard once again.

Without any potency up front, the rest of the team will have their backs against the wall, literally.

Martin Reppion
57 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Frankly, all the usual negativity on here amazes me.

Gueye is better than anyone we have in that position. If he comes in for little outlay, he is probably the best we can afford and is, for 1 or 2 years, a far better option than Gomes or Allan, who we can then try to offload. Having said that, we may need one of them to cover.

Just remember before slagging off potential signings that we are not in the position to sign top-class 25-year-old world beaters. We need to make sure we improve on the dross we served up last season and then develop when we have sorted the finances.

A signing like this, if it happens, is a stop-gap. But its a good stop-gap.

Jim Wilson
58 Posted 27/07/2022 at
Just get the deal done!

The essential signing. A cracking player.

Gives us time to then look for a younger ball winner.

Dupont Koo
59 Posted 28/07/2022 at
For someone whose athleticism is such a big part of his game, I am not warm to bringing him back: if he hasn't shown any decline in his game, why wouldn't PSG choose to keep him as a deep depth player to challenge on 4 trophies?

PSG doesn't need to get the cash out of his expiring contract and can afford financially to release him next summer on a free transfer.

Kevin Prytherch
60 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Gana is not the defensive midfielder we need, but he’s one hell of a lot better than what we’ve got.
Lester Yip
61 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Absolutely! I'll roll out the red carpet for him.

In terms of defending, he's a head above the rest. Look at how he presses without over-commiting but enough that the opponent makes mistakes and he wins the ball. Compare that with Gomes who frequently needs to use his hands to tug or make a foul to stop the player, ending up with a free-kick in a dangerous position.

If Lampard wants to 4 at the back, please get him.

Bill Watson
62 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Maybe not the best passer of the ball but Gueye was the best ball winner we'd had for years and he's never been replaced. This season is going to be about stabilising the club, damage limitation and survival.

It's a yes for me.

Pete Clarke
63 Posted 28/07/2022 at
It's obviously bargain basement time for us so I'd have him if it's on low wages. Problem is, he is another player who somehow came through all of his footballing years not knowing how to pass a ball 5 yards – and we have plenty of them already.

Frank Lampard has had a bit more time with the squad now so hopefully he will improve the likes of Doucouré, Gordon, Gray and a few of the young lads whilst bringing in one or two more players to help in our desperate battle to do anything meaningful as a football club.

It will be a miracle if Lampard can get this gang of misfits playing good footy or even just getting results, and that's what we're all hoping for, but, if it goes pear-shaped as my deepest fears really are, then it will be Frank and his team who are shown the door by the clowns who actually run the club.

Vijay Nair
64 Posted 28/07/2022 at
If the price is right, most definitely. He can sit in front of our shambolic central defense unlocking Allan and Doucoure to be pushed further up the field.

Now can we please get another central defender in? I'm sure most of don't have any confidence in the likes of Keane (too slow), Holgate (too error prone) or Mina (made of glass).

Another striker would be useful as cover for Calvert-Lewin. Rondon is not the answer..

Alan J Thompson
65 Posted 28/07/2022 at
I usually doubt the wisdom of taking players back but, if he's fit and passes a medical, a season's loan at the end of which time he will be a free agent has to be considered.

Christine (#41); The Manly (Australian Rugby League for those wondering) situation was badly handled by Manly as they didn't consult players beforehand and should have known the possible religious background to those players with Pacific Island origins, this not being the first such case.

Chris James
66 Posted 28/07/2022 at
For the right price — 100% yes.

He's not going to be a young player with possible sell-on value, obviously, but it's a position we need strength in and we know what he can do. It's also a position people can play longer in their careers. I see 2-3 decent years out of him still here.

Do it!

Colin Glassar
67 Posted 28/07/2022 at
This is a Yes from me. We don't have a pot to piss in so Gana would be a good, short-term solution.
Iakovos Iasonidis
68 Posted 28/07/2022 at
He seems fit, Allan never replaced him, we could have another Barry or better. If the right low price, it's a big Yes from me.
Peter Hodgson
69 Posted 28/07/2022 at
As others have said, if the deal is right, he would be welcomed back but the deal has to be right and take account of his age. We desperately need someone to add solidarity to the midfield as we have suffered from opponents just walking through our midfield at will. So, if it is all true, welcome back, Gana.
Sean Roe
70 Posted 28/07/2022 at
On loan for a year and then assess whether he is worth taking on a free depending on performances (which I suspect will be excellent).

Just the man to fill that holding midfield role.

Marc Hints
71 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Depends on his fitness, he is 33 in September.
Jim Lloyd
72 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Yes please!
Mal van Schaick
73 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Was a good player for us a few years ago. One year contract, see if his legs are up to it at coming up to 33.
Justin Harris
74 Posted 28/07/2022 at
I would have him back in a flash! He instantly improves our side in a position we are desperate to sort out.

Knows the club, the fans and, from what I can gather, it would either be a loan or a low transfer fee.

Considering the financial restraints we are under and the ridiculous prices being quoted for some players, it's a no-brainer.

Is it ideal for the long term? Well, no… but, for the position we are in at the moment and for the next 18-24 months until hopefully our finances are in better order, then I think it makes complete sense!

Paul Swan
75 Posted 28/07/2022 at
He would improve this midfield immensely. Our target for the next couple of years is obviously safety with minimal spend and this fits the bill.

The main concern I have was that, even at his prime, he was prone to giving stupid free-kicks away in dangerous areas and picking up yellows by being a bit zealous in the tackle. As players lose a bit of pace with age, this usually only gets worse…

Trevor Powell
76 Posted 28/07/2022 at
What message about inclusiveness are we sending out if we re-sign this player? Just recently, a young footballer took a huge stand whilst in the recent past rugby union players came out and that was after retirement!

Homosexuality in association football (From Wikipedia)

In the 37th matchday of the 2021–22 Ligue 1 season, Gueye traveled with the PSG squad for the away match against Montpellier. However, he was not included in the team sheet for what manager Mauricio Pochettino revealed to be "personal reasons", and not an injury. This brought the media spotlight on Gueye; RMC Sport reported that he had refused to play in the match due to PSG's shirts featuring the rainbow flag in support of the LGBT movement, an initiative taken by Ligue 1 for the occasion of the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia. He had also notably missed the same fixture in the previous season, with the reasoning behind his non-participation then being that he was suffering from gastroenteritis.

For his controversial absence against Montpellier, Gueye received backlash and calls for sanctions from Rouge Direct, an organization against homophobia, and Île-de-France regional president Valérie Pécresse, among others. The French Football Federation (FFF) asked him to confirm the reason for his absence, in order to dispel rumours.

Senegalese president Macky Sall expressed his support for Gueye, justifying the position by stating that Gueye's "religious beliefs must be respected". Gueye's Senegal teammates Cheikhou Kouyaté, Ismaïla Sarr, and Nampalys Mendy, who all play in England, also praised him for his actions.[59][60] The hashtag #WeAreAllIdrissa, in support of Gueye, started trending over social media.

A very close relative of mine, has at the age of 75 admitted what we already knew, that he is a gay man. He has spent a life full of self-imposed shame. He is a good man not a biblical outcast. Funny how these so called christians can only quote, "man shall not lie with man", from the Old Testament but seem to forget that Jesus, the son of God, never mentioned homosexuality! PS I am an atheist who was pushed into C of E confirmation in 1966!

Brian Murray
77 Posted 28/07/2022 at
A whole team came out in support of a racist wearing tee shirts and nothing was said or done about it. lfc
Christine Foster
78 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Trevor, sadly I agree with you, man's inhumanity to man because of religious beliefs, no matter who or when, continue. The situation in Senegal regarding homosexuality is frightening see link.. if Gana associates with the views expressed here you would have to question any clubs association. No matter how good he is.

Whilst we would all like sport to be free from political influences, we all know it's not. Senegal are not alone, Hungary, Russia and Arabic countries all have little tolerance.
At what point does a footballers personal beliefs impact employment in another, more tolerant country? Gana and others choose to ply their trade in other countries and in doing so should be respectful of the cultural differences before they elect to play for particular clubs.

You rightly question the message the club would be sending if we employed a person with the views outlined in the article. Just as Gana makes a decision based on cultural or religious beliefs, so should the club.

Ian Hollingworth
79 Posted 28/07/2022 at
What happened to free speech and people having their own views.
Surely Gueye or anyone else can have their own views on any topic, we don't all agree but what the hell has it got to do with his employer?
James Fletcher
80 Posted 28/07/2022 at
If the club wants to present itself as an inclusive and tolerant club then signing someone with the opposite views would go against their supposed values.

Free speech is fine, but you're not free of the consequences of your viewpoints.

Ed Fitzgerald
81 Posted 28/07/2022 at
I would take him back in a heartbeat, the most effective Everton midfielder in the past decade imo. I state the following as an atheist, surely part of any inclusivity agenda should respect a persons religious and cultural beliefs. If he doesn’t feel comfortable wearing a rainbow shirt or whatever as it conflicts with his religious beliefs then surely he should be allowed to do that. I seem to remember James McLean being vilified for not wearing poppy on his shirt because of his beliefs.

If you want a society that recognises plurality and diversity then I suppose it’s incumbent you tolerate views diametrically different to your own.

Peter Neilson
82 Posted 28/07/2022 at
I’m not aware that Gueye has said actually said anything. Maybe the indignation would be better aimed at the owner of PSG, the Emir of Qatar. Paradoxical that in his own country it’s still illegal to be gay. Their owner has the power to make real change but chooses virtue signalling instead. This sports washing lark seems to be working nicely for him.
Christine Foster
83 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Ed, that would put the onus on the club to accept anyone and everyone's view with acceptance. If that were the case there would be no war, no genocide, no repression, no discrimination. Utopia?
Alas we live in a world that is racist, bigoted and discriminates for religious, political or personal power or gain. Look at the hypocrisy that the EU has with exactly that problem in Poland or Hungary
Sport and football in particular does not live in a bubble, we are not all equally treated but if I go to live and work in another country I have to obey the laws and cultural norns of that society, I have a choice to do so or not live there. The people who live in that country have no such choice, they are imprisoned or killed for who they are, not cultural beliefs. So yes, Everton FC do have a choice and we should be thankful we live in a society that does.
Sean Roe
84 Posted 28/07/2022 at
He's probably the best suitable candidate for the job that we can realistically expect.

If he's racist,sexist,homophobic etc etc towards anybody while employed by the club then deal with him as an individual.

Ed Prytherch
85 Posted 28/07/2022 at
As others have said, he is a huge improvement on Gomes, Davies, Gbamin. I would love to see him back in an Everton shirt.
David White
86 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Barry. If you think he can't tackle then who can we get who can ?
As I remember him being one of the best in prem for tackling and interceptions.
Hes not in the team to score goals. Or even make them.
Its like saying how many goals has pickford scored ? Sell him because he don't get on the end of enough crosses..

Hes better than Allan, Davies, gabamin & gomes most of which are just ticking down their days at Everton.

Ed Prytherch
87 Posted 28/07/2022 at
On Friday we are hosting Dinamo Kiev in a fundraiser for the unfortunate displaced Ukranians but don't forget that Dinamo is a club that has been forced to play fixtures behind closed doors due to the racist behavior of their fans. If Gana was our player you have to wonder how he would feel about this game.
When Elvis Presley was asked by a reporter what he thought about the Vietnam war his answer was "I'm just an entertainer ma'm." I believe that was the best answer.
Mark Ryan
88 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Ed Fitz @ 68 spot on. Ed for President !! Idrissa as a child was nurtured to see and view things in life based on his familys religious beliefs. His people saw things differently to us. He is not evil in his heart. We, in the 70's had the Balck and White Minstrels on TV, Love thy Neighbour, Til do us do part and most people laughed. I suspect that Idrissas' people would not have laughed so much as us. Times have changed beyond all recognition and we are all now much more aware in THIS country. Some countries have different belief systems and if we are supposed to be a diverse nation and be fully inclusive we need to accept that other cultures, other religions and other people are different to us.
This decision cannot be based on what PSG think and it cannot be about religion. The decision needs to be based on him as being a decent human being and as an excellent footballer, surely
Frank Crewe
89 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Would Gueye play in a bright pink shirt?
Would Everton FC tolerate a white player making racist remarks about black people? Of course not. He would be out the club before his feet could touch the ground. Well it's the same for homophbic players as well. If Gueye has these attitudes they would eventually come to the fore. He may be more trouble than he's worth.
Gary Jones
90 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Frank, I find religion to be ridiculous and outdated, but I will defend anyones right to have it as much as my own to criticise it.

That is called tolerance. It’s a shame its been confused with “follow the woke line or you’ll be spanked”. I have a gay daughter before you come back on this. I really don't care who she likes, and I wouldnt if my son did too. Again, according to wokism i’m apparently a homophobe for defending religious views too. Gang of welps.

Frank Crewe
91 Posted 28/07/2022 at
@Gary 77
Since when have people had to tolerate other peoples intolerance? If you don't like the rules don't join the club.
Ed Fitzgerald
92 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Frank, The homophobe or devout follow of Islam, Gueye has raised over 2 millions pounds for people in his native Senegal suffering from HIV/AIDS.
Frank Crewe
93 Posted 28/07/2022 at
You don't have to be gay to contract HIV/AIDS.
Brian Williams
94 Posted 28/07/2022 at
And you've summed up Gary why this world has become such a fucked up place.
It doesn't matter what you think or what your views are you're going to offend somebody because these days people queue up to be offended.
I no doubt have views which some people will vehemently disagree with and they would have some that I would vehemently disagree with too.
C'est la vie.
Ed Fitzgerald
95 Posted 28/07/2022 at

And just because some is religious doesn’t make them a homophobe either

Gary Jones
96 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Frank, you’re absolutely right. I find the demanding woke muppets most intolerable of all. Who the fuck are you to decide someones religious views are less important than your views? Tolerance is to tolerate all…ignorance is to believe otherwise.
Gary Jones
97 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Brian @ 81 - spot on mate. We seem to have moved into “camps of hate” that not only have strong views on something, but are expected to “hate” the other sides view in order to show just how good a camper you are.

Idiotic wokism (and now exclusion suggestions) by the likes of Frank are - in my mind - the exact opposite of tolerance. It’s just hatred dressed up in pink shirts and peace bands.

Eddie Dunn
98 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Christine I don't know the religious, political, cultural or sexual views of any of our squad - and I don't want to know. We are a club wearing a betting slogan on our shirts, and had Russian Oligarchs sponsoring our training ground. The whole Sky/Murdock empire, the Saudi ownership of Newcastle etc,etc.
Gana's views are hardly of any importance in the cesspool in which football swims.
Matthew Williams
99 Posted 28/07/2022 at
I never understood the love for this bloke from my fellow Blues?

Yeah,so he made some tackles and chased players down,yet for 90% of the time he himself played some shockingly loose passes and gave the ball away to begin with!

Avoid... would still have Ampadu over this bloke back into the fold.

Christy Ring
100 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Regarding his religious beliefs, is it not hypocritical then to wear a jersey advertising a gambling company?
Danny O’Neill
101 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Well this one generated some interesting debate.

I'm of the opinion that, within reason, tolerance of opinion is exactly that, regardless of whether you agree with it or not. It's a freedom that many have fought to defend and preserve.

Ironically, I find liberalism the least tolerant when on paper and what they preach, they are allegedly the most tolerant.

But only if you agree with them. If you don't they turn nasty. Hypocrites. Like at the last election. Regardless of your view or stance, they pledged to overturn a democratic vote because they didn't like it. Democracy? Freedom of view? More like sulking and taking the ball back to your nans leaving all the other kids on the park with nothing to play with.

I don't like the result of most Merseyside derbies but can't change them. I share views with many and disagree with equally as many. That's freedom of thought and choice. Long may it continue as long as it doesn't stray into bigotry or become abusive.

Anyway. Gueye. I'd take a punt and think it would be worth having him in the squad.

David White
102 Posted 28/07/2022 at
It's ganas right not to support something,as much as it is anyone's to support it.
Isn't that the very meaning of free speech ?
You can't have it both ways ! We are all free to do and say what the fuck we like.
No matter how much I might not like it or anyone else. He's as free to be himself as much as any gay person is free to be themselves. He's not asking anyone to change their beliefs.
People are different, and what a boring fucking world if we all thought the same.
ToffeeWeb would be finished!!
I want him even more for standing his ground!
Christy Ring
103 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Don't forget he went to PSG after signing a new contract 10 months earlier. Silva should never have let him go, the club should have come first, not sentiment. It probably cost him his job in the end, because he never replaced him.

The Premier League is faster now, and he's 3 years older. Not the same player now. No thanks.

Jamie Crowley
104 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Well, rainbow numbers and virtue signaling!

Ya just knew that was gonna happen!

Have at it people! Best of luck in your debates.


Dale Self
105 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Much to the relief of several readers, I will take a pass on commenting about liberalism or virtue signalling.

As for Gueye, yes, he is entitled to his opinion and as long as he isn't expressing intolerance to a degree that brings the club into disrepute, fine. A damn fine footballer and sometimes the personal shit has to be put aside to get a job done. Get it done, Blues!

And a nice play on words there, Frank, very above the belt of you.

Martin Mason
106 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Gana was a superb defensive midfielder and would be a great addition to the squad. Not sure how he's playing now though.

His thoughts on LGBT? I just don't care; we're all unfortunately victims of cultural and religious propagandising as children and as adults although less so then as most develop the ability to think for themselves.

If he doesn't want to wear Rainbow colours then I congratulate him, not blame him, it is his business unless it is in his contract. Because others think so? Never.

David Graves
107 Posted 28/07/2022 at
A 2-year contract for a 33-year-old on a weekly salary of probably close to £100k? Doesn't make sense to me.

I agree with others above who have suggested that there is an overestimation of how good he actually was. He covered a lot of ground but often left significant space behind.

Dale Self
108 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Gana rarely gambled without forcing the possessing player to retreat or displacing the run of play enough for others to cover. If £100k is accurate I can't imagine a better test for the supposed wisdom of Moshiri.

You want to stay up and get the stadium built? This one will give you some sleep at night.

Jack Convery
109 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Another 32-year-old Senegal International is available on a free, having been released by Crystal Palace. He's Cheikhou Kouyaté.

He played 31 times for Palace last season. 23 of them as a defensive midfielder. He also plays as a centre-back. Like Gueye, he's 33 later this year.

However, if the Argentinian guy doesn't want to come, then getting these two in as a temporary fix could be the way to go. Especially as they both play for Senegal and will need to be playing to get picked for the World Cup in November and December.

Also, our FFP may be in a better place come January, so we can get the long-term player we all want for that position.

I see Moyes is after Holgate, after one of his defensive signings has been injured and will be out until 2023. Tell him it's £25M, with £15M upfront. We can then go and get Cornet or Broja. Happy Days. If he says the fee is too high, offer him Keane for £20M instead.

Mike Gaynes
110 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Gary #83/#84, you have clearly decided that intolerance is exclusively the province of the "woke", but as a member of a minority religion, I can assure you that in my country your "Who the fuck are you to decide someones religious views are less important than your views?" is a sentiment best directed at those who are forcibly driving this nation's laws to impose their beliefs on the rest of us... with the active evangelical assistance of the Supreme Court.
Paul Smith
111 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Fucking hell!! I thought I was on ToffeeWeb then but to my relief it's the Mail Online.
Colin Glassar
112 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Bleeding hell, the philosophy club is making PMQT look like a Boy Scout meeting.

I'm not religious but I respect everyone's right to believe in whatever tickles their fancy. If Gana has strong religious beliefs then they should be respected as long as they don't infringe on anyone else's. This is what living in a liberal democracy entails.

I still think he could do a job for us – unlike some of our current midfield zombies.

Jamie Crowley
113 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Colin -

I am religious. Doesn't really matter in the end. To each their own.

You're a good man.

If Gana has strong religious beliefs then they should be respected as long as they don’t infringe on anyone else’s. This is what living in a liberal democracy entails.

Well said.

Mike Gwyer
115 Posted 28/07/2022 at
David Graves #94.

"I agree with others above who have suggested that there is an overestimation of how good he actually was."

Take a look at our current midfield players who benefited from playing alongside him then take look at how they play now.

Andre Gomes – his game has gone totally pear-shaped; when he played with Gueye we never had to worry about Gomes defensively, Gueye would win the ball, pass to Gomes, and he was free to play. Now Gomes has to win the ball, forget it, he gives away so many free-kicks, he has become a serious liability.

Gueye does his job superbly, so much so that it can go unnoticed as to how many tackles and interceptions he makes. At times, he seems almost invisible, that is until you sell him, then you notice it.

David White
116 Posted 28/07/2022 at

It is not so much congratulation for wearing the rainbow colours, more for standing up for what he believes, even if you or I don't agree. Gana is not actively promoting any hate to LGBT. That is the difference.

To promote hate is different to having a difference of opinion – no matter what the subject matter is.

Players are not politicians. Do we have to interview every player about their social and political views before signing?? Where do we draw the line?

I don't like tatoos, I think they look shit, think they encourage kids to get things they later regret. I can't stop people getting them. Should I be excluded from sport??

Gana can't stop people being gay anymore than I can stop people getting shit tattoos, so let's leave him to live his life as he sees fit.

Dale Self
117 Posted 28/07/2022 at
Verily verily Reverend Colin!
Colin Glassar
118 Posted 28/07/2022 at
I was brought up in a tough part of Liverpool surrounded by bigots and racists (which was the norm at the time). Luckily, my parents were open-minded people who taught me to respect others' rights and beliefs whatever their colour or creed.

I've never understood the hatred or fear of others and I've brought my own kids to be the same. I'm not being holier than thou, far from it. Life's just too short

Peter Hodgson
119 Posted 28/07/2022 at
This sort of thing has raised it's ugly head in cricket previously I think. Can't remember much of the detail I'm afraid but from memory I think it was the South African cricket team who had Castle Lager sponsorship at the time with the Castle logo on their shirts. I know it isn't a direct comparison but they overcame the problem with the one or two team members who objected to wearing those shirts on religious grounds as they were Muslims.

It was sorted by them wearing shirts without the teams sponsors logo. Once this had happened it all went quiet very quickly and everyone was happy from memory.

I would have thought that this affair could have been sorted in a similar fashion without anyone getting too upset about it. Just a little bit of dialogue and compromise works wonders, I also hear today that the Aussie rugby players from Manley who kicked up the fuss in the fist place have come to some sort of agreement to prevent this sort of thing again. Sensible yes or no?

Peter Hodgson
120 Posted 28/07/2022 at
My original post @56 earlier today which favours Gana returning to the fold given the circumstances are right if anyone is interested.
Dale Self
121 Posted 28/07/2022 at
I didn't mean to refer to you as the righteous type, Colin. Just making a crappy joke to pile on. Your voice is revered though.
Craig James
122 Posted 28/07/2022 at
I believe for a minimal fee this is a no brainer espically for the shirt term.

Whatever people's opinions are the fact is that he is tried and tested in the Premier league, has left a void in our midfield we have not filled since he left and would be a low risk move allowing us possible to save/use more money elsewhere be it now, in Jan or next summer.

For what it's worth I'd also take barkley back as he walks in 2 our midfield and would put a cheeky bid in for bellotti along with a speedy no nonsense centre half.

Frank Sheppard
123 Posted 29/07/2022 at
He has certainly been a big miss, and left a big hole in our midfield since he left. If he comes, we don’t need Allan and Docoure, so presumably one out?
Danny O’Neill
124 Posted 29/07/2022 at
I'd slightly disagree with that Frank.

This is the born from the misconception that Allan and / or Doucoure are holding midfielders.

It's probably come too late, but a player like Gueye sat in front of the defence and behind those 2 would see a far more effective midfield.

Eddie Dunn
125 Posted 29/07/2022 at
Frank & Danny. as much as I have lambasted Doucoure of late, he was better when allowed to get up the field. With a lad like Gana the likes of Gomes, Allan and Doucoure have less chasing to do and have a chance to be creative. Of course, if Lampard continues with his penchant for two in midfield, they will still be run off their feet.
Len Hawkins
126 Posted 29/07/2022 at
On the origin of this thread after Gueye left we have never replaced him, suddenly when due to gross mismanagement we have not got a pot to pass water in some think he is the anti christ I think it would be a boost to the team even if it is only a couple of seasons.
33 yes 32 going on 33 he is hardly a geriatric I wish I was 33 again, so I suppose taking Ronaldo off United is a non starter too then.
Ian Hollingworth
127 Posted 29/07/2022 at
"if I go to live and work in another country I have to obey the laws and cultural norns of that society, I have a choice to do so or not live there."

Sadly doesn't apply to a lot of the people coming to live in this country but probably does in places like Qatar and Saudi who both heavily invest in sport that the players benefit from financially.
Funny how most sporting organisations and people forget their views / principles due to the cash

Sam Hoare
128 Posted 29/07/2022 at
I was a huge fan of Gueye in his time here. And he is still a very good player, who did well for PSG last year.

But he's not really a 6. He's not going to sit and protect our back 4/5 and then pass efficiently through the ranks.

He's always been a player who hunts the ball and as such is more similar to Allan than perhaps the traditional number 6 we need.

Do we need 2 ageing players trying to hunt the ball and leaving gaps?!

I like him and I think he'd improve our midfield but he's a very different player to Winks/Gilmour or Onana.

Curious to see the system (s) Lampard is planning.

Rob Halligan
129 Posted 29/07/2022 at
Looks almost like a done deal for Gana Gueye. He's training alone at PSG .

Idrissa Gana Gueye is training alone at PSG waiting for the go ahead, a deal to bring him back to Everton is close to completion. (Source

Barry Jones
130 Posted 29/07/2022 at
Its a good short term solution, until we bring in Declan Rice and Kalvin Phillips next year.
Brian Murray
131 Posted 29/07/2022 at
History tells us you should never go back but bollox to that. He’s more mobile than anything we have and i’m sure his fitness level is not a problem. Look at that man city fernandinho. It might even free up lampards favourite formation whatever that is.
Mike Gaynes
132 Posted 29/07/2022 at
Sam #115, have you seen him at PSG? He's played pretty much as you described, particularly with his passing. He's also gotten forward and involved in attack much more than he did for us. Obviously that's partly because PSG is so good, but still

I loved watching Gana play here and I'm thoroughly happy at the prospect of getting another chance to do so. He's a winner and we need all of that we can get.

Will Mabon
133 Posted 29/07/2022 at
Sam, I agree on the similarity to Allan - who knows the intent? Perhaps Gueye is viewed simply as cover/swap option. Allan likely to struggle with full-season availability.

Hard to visualize a team containing them both for 90 minutes.

Kevin Molloy
134 Posted 29/07/2022 at
I think Allan will be back to Italy if we get Gana
Will Mabon
135 Posted 29/07/2022 at
That could happen also, Kevin. Having both wouldn't harm us but...
Sam Hoare
136 Posted 29/07/2022 at
Mike@119, yes if seen him play a few times and I’m pretty sure he was playing more of an 8. A central midfielder with license to move forwards more. I didn’t see him screening the back 4.

But he was good. And I think he’ll help. Just similar to Allan in my view. But maybe we’ll sell the Brazilian.

Sam Hoare
137 Posted 29/07/2022 at
Mike@119, yes if seen him play a few times and I’m pretty sure he was playing more of an 8. A central midfielder with license to move forwards more. I didn’t see him screening the back 4.

But he was good. And I think he’ll help. Just similar to Allan in my view. But maybe we’ll sell the Brazilian.

Mark Ryan
138 Posted 29/07/2022 at
Sam @ 115 you say you're worried he's not a number 6. You did watch the team last season, I know you did !!! We need anyone with a pulse and pair of footie boots. If he's coming back, I'm made up
Jim Lloyd
139 Posted 29/07/2022 at
I'tll be handy to have one subbing the other during the match. May even find that they play well together and will give our Manager more flexibility in his team tactics
Mike Gaynes
140 Posted 29/07/2022 at
Sam, agreed. Or it could be that Gana and Allan would be cover for each other, especially if Lampard has decided Gbamin isn't in the picture (as Robert Tressell speculated). Gana's the better player and would start, but I think it would take two 32-year-olds together to get through the season.

We certainly don't want Doucoure in that spot. Or worse, Davies.

Robert Tressell
141 Posted 29/07/2022 at
Our midfield is really awful - as bad as its been for perhaps 15 years or more. Gueye is better than Allan as the hunter / presser / tackler. Allan probably a bit more creative with his passing. Neither actually protect the defense though since they chase the ball rather than hold a position.

Davies and Doucoure are more box to box (and pretty limited). Gomes has managed to transform into our worst player, filling me with a sense of utter despair when I see him start.

The player we desperately need is a specialist holding player like Busquets or Fabinho or Rodri etc.

So fine if Gueye replaces Allan for a season or two on the cheap but it doesn't sort out the glaring problems with our midfield.

Robert Tressell
142 Posted 29/07/2022 at
Gbamin needed a trip to Lourdes, Mike, not a loan to Moscow.
David White
143 Posted 29/07/2022 at
I'd say all this talk of number 6's, 8's is bollocks. I get the game involves, but what ever happened to having a solid midfield pair that can do both ?
I know we don't have the quality to play 2 in the Middle right now but I do prefer it. 442 or 4231/4411 might be playable with gana.
A quality midfielder should be able to, pass, tackle, press, assist and score a few.
I think if gana comes he walks In to our midfield is say dacoure is next best. But I think Allan could still be useful. If he's not playing as many games he could be fresher and more energetic.
Danny O’Neill
144 Posted 29/07/2022 at
If you read Peter Reid's recent praise of Paul Bracewell, David, it counters your view. They each had their own qualities but were different players that complemented each other and forged a partnership.

Reid was the Number 6. Bracewell the Number 8.

I still think Anthony Gordon can become a Number 10.

This modern numbering confuses me as much as the next person!!

Allan Board
145 Posted 29/07/2022 at
David @130,

I couldn't agree more. Any midfield player, I expect to be able to do it all. When did our central midfield players last score a goal, for goodness sake!

The biggest problem Everton have is the shape of the team on the pitch. It's awful. No balance, no positional intelligence in or out of possession, and they haven't been quick enough to pick opposition players up for years. Gomes, Davies, Holgate and Keane are pathetic at seeing danger and tragic in their attempts to stop it after the event.

Plenty on here slagged off Rodriguez, but that lad was class and scored and created more in 6 months than Gomes and Davies have, combined, in 4 times the amount of games and 4 years. When Holgate and Keane play together, it's like watching still drunk old blokes in the Sunday morning pub leagues. That 4 are has-beens and shouldn't be near Everton's first team.

Buy young, work them hard, have balance, and play simple pass-and-move and be horrible, contentious bastards when you have to win it back.

David White
146 Posted 29/07/2022 at
Danny 131.

I get your reasoning but that is exactly what I mean, if you get a pair that compliment each other they dovetail and become a unit, where one knows when to sit while the other is searching for the ball or getting in the box.

Imo, you don't have to be either or. Rice is what they call a classic No 6. But he is still quality when in a 2-man midfield, it's about quality – if you have it, you should be able to do both as a midfielder.

I too think Gordon can end up playing centrally. I'm not comparing him to Gerrard but he started out wide to help him develop. He needs to bulk up a bit as defences are aware of him now and will target him this season and he needs that bit of composure now. Everything he does it at 100 miles an hour – if he composed himself a little, I think he will end up with a better end product, more assits and goals.

I agree too, Allan @132. James was a next level player that I don't think we had since Rooney first time. True world class. No coincidence Calvert-Lewin scored so many with him in there. Since he and Sigurdsson have gone, the creativity from the middle as all but disappeared.

Danny O’Neill
147 Posted 29/07/2022 at
Good assessment that, David. I loved watching Rodriguez – for the brief period we had him. As you say, since Rooney and Kanchelskis before him, the only true top drawer player we've had.

I was originally a Number 6 who ended up playing centre-back in a three so wore Number 2 and could play full-back or wing-back, so sometimes wore Number 3 or 4. Numbers?!!!

I'd be interested to see Gordon play on his natural side, but he seems to like the cut inside move. Like you, I can see him becoming more central over time.

Colin Wordsworth
149 Posted 29/07/2022 at
Idrissa Gueye, one of the most overrated midfielders of recent years. Played in some of our historical worst performances – Millwall in the FA Cup to name but one – and now 3 years older, and playing in an inferior league.

Not being funny but this cannot be even considered. He was at times great in the tackle but gave the ball away far too frequently. He's too lightweight for the Premier League now, leave well alone.

Barry Rathbone
150 Posted 29/07/2022 at
David White @73,

"He's not in the team to score goals. Or even make them. It's like saying how many goals has Pickford scored?"

Till my dying day, I will never understand this ludicrous pigeon-holing of players – every player should at least threaten or have the potential to score. The idea someone dollies around a few square metres of turf occasionally getting in the way is tantamount to playing with 10 men.

As for who we should get, I have no idea. I can barely watch footy these days because it is so unremittingly poor. But isn't this what the new DoF is supposed to be doing?

Danny O’Neill
151 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Interesting perspective, Barry.

At my own level, which was decent, I won 6 league titles and 5 cups in a row. I never scored once.

Peter Reid was never renowned for his goalscoring and, aside from that daisy cutter at Anfield, I don't recall Ratcliffe being a goalscorer. Van den Hauwe sent us home from Norwich as Champions (long day, long night but worth it), but I don't remember too many other goals from him.

Players make a team. They don't all have to score goals.

Danny O’Neill
152 Posted 30/07/2022 at
When Hibbert scores, we riot!
Tony Everan
153 Posted 30/07/2022 at
An alleged update - Talks are ongoing between Everton and PSG as the two clubs aim to find a solution.

PSG apparently want pretty much all of his wages paid by Everton, suggesting the move will be a season-long loan.

The reporter adds that all parties are keen on the move, and this includes Gueye. Due to this, it shouldn't be too hard for Everton to get him to sign.

Starting to look like this could happen, would be an excellent short-term signing for us, especially when we are being limited due to P&S and looking for players without a fee attached. Cornet starting to sounds promising too, agreed a 5-year deal on £67k pw, we are trying to work out a payment plan that Burnley can accept.

Andrew Keatley
154 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Tony (139) - I don't see the sense in agreeing a loan for Gana, particularly if the concern for PSG is about Everton paying all of his wages. As Gana is in the last year of his PSG contact - and unlikely to be offered or sign a new one - then PSG are probably resigned to seeing Gana leave for free next summer; presumably they are only looking for a small loan fee and for us to cover his wages until his contract ends.

I think it makes more sense for all parties if we could agree a nominal transfer fee (ideally a free transfer obviously, or whatever the loan fee would have been) and sign Gana on a two-year deal (with an option of a third); PSG have an unwanted player off the books, Gana has a longer contract, and Everton have a useful player back for at least two seasons - giving us more time to find a younger defensive midfielder, when we might be further away from FFP and Profit and Sustainability constraints. It would also mean we retained a useful loan slot for another player.

I hope he comes.

Si Cooper
155 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Are the comparisons with Barry just based on potential longevity without noticeable decline?

If he comes I doubt it would be Allan or Doucoure who would be first choices for the exit. I'd expect Davies, Gomes and Gbamin (assuming the miracle remains elusive) to be more dispensable, though perhaps not more disposable.

Bernie Quinn
156 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Danny @137,

In my long forgotten spell as a player, I never scored a goal! Mind you I was a left full-back. No I tell a lie – I once played in a Divisional Game in the Police, during a severe thunderstorm and we lost 13-0! I had the misfortune to score 3 own goals! I was not a happy chappie and soon decided I should concentrate on playing Chess

Tony Everan
157 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Andrew, I think Gana will be looking for something like that, a deal giving gives him two years security. Also thinking that Gana would help Billy Gilmour if he were to come on loan as rumoured, they could compliment each other.

I know Gilmour had a rough ride a Norwich but I'd like to see if Frank could rehabilitate him at Everton with the right midfield partnership. A loan with an option to buy would be needed, it will be interesting to see if Frank pushes for that one.

Robert Tressell
158 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Barry, I think football has become a game of specialists rather than generalists.

For Dele Alli to hit his 18 (ish) League goals for Spurs a few years ago, he needed the selfless contribution of low scoring Dembele and Wanyama.

We saw the same thing with Sigurdsson for us. He flourished with a pre-injury Gomes and Gueye behind him.

Midfield is no longer a combination of two box-to-box players taking it in turns (Roy Keane and Paul Ince being the last example of that kind I can think of at a successful club).

Alli has the ability to replace Richarlison's goals but he can only do it if relieved of the dirty work.

At the moment, our best pairing is Allan and Doucouré. Gueye might be a bit better but I think he's the wrong sort of player. We need a specialist holding player, like Rodriguez (linked from Betis) – albeit he's an expensive option who will rapidly deteriorate in value.

That said, I'd love Gilmour for the long term, alongside a big(ger) holding player.

Peter Carpenter
159 Posted 30/07/2022 at
No. Find the next Gueye, not the last.
Brian Murray
160 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Peter. Quite right but unfortunately Thelwell has no tentacles past what he reads or sees on a Fifa game. That may be harsh but that's all we have seen so far. So Gana will do as he's a level above what we have now.

Interesting about Gilmour... I suppose low risk and once again probably a step up from Allan, Davies and Gomes. Potentially at least.

Ashley Roberts
161 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Interest in Gana has to be short-term and can only be on loan because we have no money and we still have to be careful of the Financial Fair Play rules. I believe he is better than Allan and so we need to ship him out along with Gbamin and Gomes.

While being a better defensive midfielder than Allan, let's not get delusional because he provides no other attributes and brings nothing extra to the team in terms of passing or attacking quality.

So, while I am in the camp of sign him up for a year, this has to be on loan and at a fraction of his current salary. Otherwise, it is a no for me.

Hopefully by next year, and if we can get rid of some more deadwood, we will be in a better position to buy some younger talent to fill this role.

Tom Bowers
162 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Gueye wasn't a bad player but didn't do enough for me and I really don't see him improving Everton.

When was the last time a returning player had any real impact for Everton???

Tom Bowers
163 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Gueye wasn't a bad player but didn't do enough for me and I really don't see him improving Everton.

When was the last time a returning player had any real impact for Everton.

Paul Smith
164 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Absofuckinglutely! Get Gana back. Walks in to our midfield.
Soren Moyer
165 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Big big mistake re-signing the 33 year old version of an average former player! Please don't do this Everton. Just save his wages money. As saying goes: Every little helps!!!
Andy Kay
167 Posted 30/07/2022 at
I can't believe – nearly 5 years on from them leaving – we're looking at replacing Gana and Barkley with… Gana and Barkley? Everton that!
Andrew Keatley
168 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Soren (151) – But who else would you spend those wages on?

You call Gueye average; last year most of our players were well below average. Right now – especially considering our playing squad and spending power – I‘d happily take an “average” footballer with a good attitude, athleticism and application.

Gueye knows the Premier League, knows the club, and probably walks straight into our first-choice team. Last season, we had Delph, on lumpy wages, who still had something to offer but was rarely fit. On balance, Gueye is surely a significant upgrade on what Delph was capable of offering.

We need to find small improvements to our squad, as a major overhaul is just not possible right now. Tarkowski improves us, McNeil improves us, Vinagre gives us better options tactically, and Gueye would improve us.

Si Pulford
169 Posted 30/07/2022 at
Brian, what are you judging Thelwell on so far?

He's bought in Tarkowski (a solid centre-back who is never injured) to a horrific, leaderless injury-prone defence. For no fee.

He's bought in Vinagre, an experienced but still young player who provides an option at left-back and left-wingback. For no fee.

He's bought in McNeil, who was valued at £40M last season for (if some reports are to be believed) a fee of apparently up to £12M unless we win the Champions League, World Cup and the Mosconi Cup.

Seems to me fantasy football is out of the window and we're having to cut our cloth accordingly. Very little outlay for three players that absolutely improve the squad, especially with five subs next season.

The idea that Gana (two league titles in three seasons) – who played seven Champions League games last season alone – wouldn't be a good signing for a team that currently doesn't even have a specialist defensive midfielder, is ridiculous.

Let's think about that – you're criticising adding a Champions League defensive midfielder to a squad that doesn't have a defensive midfielder?!!!!!!!

A squad that has a defence that concedes so often it's unbelievable because of the lack of cover from a decent Number 6. It's baffling and sums up some of the comments on ToffeeWeb.

It's all well and good being negative but give some solutions. Who should we be signing then? Who's better than Gana on your FIFA game, that will sign for a relegation-threatened team who play in a toxic environment, week-in & week-out?

This football lark seems so hard for people who work In football and have dedicated their lives to it but dead easy to people who somehow never managed to crack professional football in any way shape or form but have a keyboard, a mouse, and an opinion.

Brian Williams
170 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Andy #153.

Only "Everton that" — if you believe everything you read. 😉

Paul Birmingham
171 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Andy, ditto, it's madness, but all considered it may be good dealing.

Ross mugged Everton off and Gana felt he was better than Everton.

Of the two, I know whom you could rely on for effort.

Typical Everton, but it's been a very good week, all considered..

Hope is on the Horizon for Everton FC.

Brian Murray
172 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Si @155.

Whether Gueye etc turn out to be good bad or indifferent, the point I made is that's the path we are making. Not the European £10 million unknowns that there are plenty of if we bother looking or have the proper scouting.

Time will tell which strategy is right. Hope obviously I'm well off the mark and we tear it up big time with the obvious links, buys and loans.

Sam Hoare
173 Posted 31/07/2022 at
My concern is that Gana is a player who relies quite heavily on athleticism and energy. Buying a 33-year-old who relies on those qualities is not ideal.

Gueye is not like Fernandinho, who is a supreme reader of the game and always in the right position to break up play and start a counter. Gueye hunts the ball, if he misses out or gets dribbled past (quite frequent), then it leaves big gaps.

He's almost definitely better than what we have and presumably any deal will make sense financially but it's a short-term move whose effectiveness may depend on how long his legs can last out. I'm not sure I see him as a ‘specialist defensive midfielder', certainly he prefers to roam which is what he did at PSG but let's see.

Personally I'd prefer Grillitsch (who is still a free agent I believe) and would be younger, cheaper and is more of a sitting DMC. But perhaps he's not keen. Gueye is a good player, and those are usually useful. Plus he was one of my faves when here last (though I'm wary of returns!!).

Danny O’Neill
174 Posted 31/07/2022 at
If you put a positive spin on that, Bernie, that is technically a hat-trick!

How did the chess career pan out?

Tony Everan
175 Posted 31/07/2022 at
I think that recruitment of Gana Gueye has to be seen in the context of him giving our midfield more strength in depth for the short term. He maybe 32 but I think he still has the fitness and sharpness to be a big positive for us, in respect of keeping the club out of the danger zone. With our debilitating finances, we need to be shrewd and pragmatic with current signings in order to stabilise the club; Gana comes into this category.

Also there were rumours that Lazio and his old manager Sarri wanted to sign Allan. So it's possible that Allan may go and Gana is his replacement. Probably a better bet for that role than Allan? I would think then financially we are even-stevens. That will allow us some financial breathing space to bring another much-needed defensive midfielder in. Who's that going to be?

Billy Gilmour rumours have been simmering for ages, and would be an exciting signing to see if Frank can make him influential for us. It's a big ask, and it's one of those ones that sound good in theory but may get exposed in reality. The lad needs games and time – can we afford to go down that route in our position?

Then towards the other end of the spectrum is Guido Rodriguez – older, experienced, proven and tougher. Still in his prime but more money and no resale value. But a signing that would have me far more confident of a top-half finish and a cup challenge. Also a £30M fee pales into insignificance when compared to the huge losses incurred by a relegation. Which may run into many years before a promotion.

I'd bet there are other options we are considering too.

Decisions, decisions, and don't forget we can only sign players who actually want to come here. Leveraging players with the prospect of increased wages, who are not keen, doesn't end well.

Bernie Quinn
176 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Hi Danny - Chess went well for a number of years - Played for the Christchurch Police Team and also forced a draw with a Grand Master who was the NZ Chess Champion at the time. But then I was asked to become a Football Coach, so returned to my real sport.

Then I became a Referee for a few years until I was kicked on my knee by a protester in the Springbok Tour, which ended my active sporting life. But I have my memories (not all own goal hat-tricks), such as shaking hands in 1966 with my all-time favourite footballer, Eusebio, during the World Cup.

Andrew Keatley
177 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Sam (159) - Yes, but every player has their own specific downsides, and surely we all recognise by now that we're currently just not in a position - financially or status-wise - to compete for the most desirable options.

There is less than a week before our first game of the season. With the World Cup interrupting the season in a fashion completely new to English football, I think we really need to limit short-term risk as well as long-term risk. If that means signing a 33-year-old known to the club, who looks like he will improve us for a season or two, then that looks like good short-term planning to me – and gives us a better run-up into getting a better long-term solution in central midfield.

Brian Harrison
178 Posted 31/07/2022 at
I always say – whether it be a player or a manager – never go back, as it hardly ever works.

I liked Gueye when he was here and – although like many of this squad, he doesn't contribute any goals –I do think (with the introduction of 5 subs this season) it might be a good move.

He is a naturally fit player and would certainly enhance the mobility of our midfield, and maybe him playing in a midfield with Allan might allow Lampard to include Alli to make up the 3.

Mark Ryan
179 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Hurry up and get this done...
Danny O’Neill
181 Posted 31/07/2022 at
I see a win win here. He will add experience, options and depth to a squad that has lacked all of those things for too long.

I've probably mentioned before Bernie, that I've been to Christchurch. Well actually the Army base to the south at Burnham.

Sam Hoare
182 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Andrew@162; yes it looks like decent short term planning and as such I’m definitely not totally against it.

But I’d always prefer a longer term fix where possible and it feels like having a really decent 6 who can pass and tackle has been a crucial missing element possibly since Gareth Barry left us? I believe it may be worth prioritising and though we don’t have the pull or finances we did there are options. Roca, Adams, Grillitsch, Palinha, Lavia and Kamara have all been available this summer for relatively affordable fees.

But perhaps Lampard/Thelwell have seen something in Warrington or Onyango that makes them think a short term option would be preferable? It’s difficult to judge a transfer till we see how he works in the managers system at any rate but I’m wary of Gueye playing in a 2 alongside another adventuring midfielder.

I just think a talented anchor in the midfield makes such a huge difference to a team. But I guess this is the problem when there are lots of wholes to fill.

Danny O’Neill
183 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Short term versus long term.

There should be a combination of both.

In the background, lay the foundations for future growth and building.

In the short term, just give me a trophy and European qualification.

The 2 can go in tandem.

League Cup and Europe. That's all I ask for next year.

Robert Tressell
184 Posted 31/07/2022 at
The other issue we have is that Allan, Doucoure and Davies are all out of contract June 23. This could leave us with a central midfield of a 34 year old Gueye and a terrible Gomes with no reinforcements for the 23/24 season (although I suspect we'll extend Doucoure's contract).

So this is why it makes sense to get a younger model than Gueye if finances permit. Gilmour and / or Ampadu with an option to buy perhaps or someone from a cheaper League - even if he is largely an understudy this season in order to acclimatise.

Andrew Keatley
185 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Robert (168) - And what if we loan one of those younger players like Gilmour or Ampadu, and they flatter to deceive and we decide not to take up the purchase option? We can all do ifs and buts.

The real issue is does a player improve us. I’m not sure about Ampadu - to my eyes he’s petulant and loses concentration easily (both in and out of possession). Gilmour has lovely feet and passes well, but can be over-run when his passing options are limited. I think they are both big risks to take, and might end up spending a lot of time on the bench if things don’t go well straight away. Gana improves us today.

Robert Tressell
186 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Andrew # 169.

I'm not sure Gueye does materially improve us today. He's got a better engine than Allan but an inferior range of passing. And he's not really what we need as a partner for Doucoure either – because he chases the ball rather than holds a position.

As Sam says that's the player we've lacked since Barry left – and plenty of low-cost options for that position are out there, with Ampadu being just one example. If you don't like him, there's a long list of alternatives...

Jon Harding
187 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Blimey, Bernie @161...

What a life story so far! You should write a book. Or at least a long OP on ToffeeWeb.

And it's a Yes from me for Idrissa.

Steve Shave
188 Posted 31/07/2022 at
What's the deal with Ampadu Robert? Looks a good prospect but not mentioned much in transfer rumours and doesn't seem to be considered ready for Chelsea, do you think they might sell? They certainly need to raise some cash to buy a striker.
Robert Tressell
189 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Steve, he's just a perennial loanee at Chelsea who doesn't look likely to get a chance there because they have so many midfield options (unless they expect him to be a centre-back long term).

I don't think we've been linked with him, I just mention him as an example of someone who might be available at a decent price (or loan with option to buy) – and who might find a good place to grow and develop with us.

I don't see any chance whatsoever of us achieving anything in the next 2 years – but if we build well now we could be very good after that.

Andrew Keatley
190 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Robert (173) - Are you really saying you don't think Gana improves us?

We've lost Delph and Sigurdsson. We now only have Davies and Gomes to deputise for Doucouré and Allan. Oh, and we can also cross our fingers and hope that Gbamin finds form and fitness, or Warrington makes huge leaps and is ready to contribute.

But you think we shouldn't entertain bringing Gana in as he doesn't improve on what we have. Whereas I'd say – as of right now – he'd probably be our best central midfield option.

Robert Tressell
191 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Andrew, the talk seems to be of Gueye coming in and Allan returning to Italy. I'm not saying we shouldn't entertain it, I'm saying that it leaves us in a broadly neutral position when you weigh up their pros and cons.

If we get Gueye and keep Allan, then it's more depth, granted, but the same argument would apply to whoever we might bring in. We could re-sign Schneiderlin and we'd have more depth.

It's also an expensive (wages) way of going about greater depth and very short termist too – especially for a player who largely duplicates what Allan does (tackle, chase, leave gaps, not score) rather than complements it.

Maybe it's intended that he revives his partnership with Gomes – with Allan and Doucoure stepping down. Personally, I think it would take prime Patrick Vieira and Ngolo Kante all rolled into one to make Gomes look decent these days – awful player.

Tommy Carter
192 Posted 31/07/2022 at
@ Robert

I disagree Robert. I think Gueye is a vastly better player than Allan and a like for like replacement that instantly improves our starting XI.

It would be one big wage off the books and another coming in but the hope obviously is that we can get around £10M for Allan.

As for squad depth, you'd hope we could identify a suitable understudy for Gueye should he join and Allan leave. Be that Warrington, Gbamin or another talent that they identify.

Personally, I would try and bring someone in with potential, as I don't think Gbamin is capable of playing top-level football any more. Physically, Premier League football is way beyond him and that is before you consider any ability he may have ever had to perform at Premier League level and he's never shown any hope of that in an Everton jersey. Albeit, fleeting moments before horrendously injury problems.

Personally, with William Carvalho reportedly available and linked with Forest – I would look to sell Allan. Forget Gueye. Buy Carvalho, who is better than them both and for me is arguably in the top 5 specialist defensive midfield players in football just now.

Steavey Buckley
193 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Signing Gueye, even on a free transfer, would be a step backwards for a player who has reached his 32nd birthday. Everton need a younger defensive midfield player with experience who can link the defence with more forward players.

Harry Winks should also not be considered. A player Spurs have decided is surplus to requirements, who they are trying to offload for silly money. But are Everton still in habit of giving money away for silly reasons?

Pete Cross
194 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Bernie 161, have you considered joining Good fun.

You can join the Everton group and play teams all over the world. Good for players of any level.

Mike Gaynes
195 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Tommy #176, I was right there with you until you brought up Carvalho. Steve Ferns used to promote him here regularly. He was slow then. He is presumably even slower now.

Carvalho is an elegant distributor and possessor of the ball. He also has the defensive mobility of a lamppost. If you want someone to cover in front of our back three or four, he ain't it.

Tommy Carter
196 Posted 31/07/2022 at


Steve has an eye for a player. And Carvalho is one.

If you can point me to any specific evidence whereby you believe Carvalho and his lack of pace has been exposed then I’d be interested to review it.

As I’ve very rarely seen him exposed or bested, especially at international level which is where I’ve seen most of him.

Bernie Quinn
197 Posted 31/07/2022 at
Pete at 178 - Thanks for that info, but I haven't played chess since the 1990's and my mind is not what it was!

Jon @ 171 - I can't really complain about my life (apart from health issues). Sometimes when I read posts on TW, I feel quite envious, but then I think back, and recall the Queen chatting to me for about 10 minutes when she found out I had been in 'Her' Irish Guards! – and Prince Philip shouting me an Irish Whiskey.

Plus having Pope John Paul 2 giving me a personal blessing, and travelling around New Zealand with the Duke & Duchess of Kent (my favourite Royals) and many others.

So yes, I have been very lucky and, to top it all, I have been married for over 60 years to my wonderful girlfriend.

Robert Tressell
198 Posted 31/07/2022 at
I honestly can't stand any of our 4 central midfield players.

Tommy, if we could get £10m for Allan I'll be delighted. He only has 1 year on his contract and I expect most potential buyers might be thinking more like £5m (or just wait till he's free).

Gueye, Carvalho might be good for a season or two, who knows, but we have a long term project building that midfield up. I hope we get more than a stop gap this summer.

Colin Metcalfe
200 Posted 31/07/2022 at
I hear what people are saying regards age but I still think Gueye is an upgrade to Allen, Gomes and Davies and if we have to shop at Poundland we could do a lot worse because there is no better harrier, tackler and overall pain in the arse for the opposition.

As a short term solution I would welcome him back, my only criticism is his distribution can be poor but lets hope 3 years at PSG playing with better players has improved his passing and offensive play

Colin Wordsworth
201 Posted 31/07/2022 at
I cannot believe he is being considered as an improvement he's 33 this year, small of stature and been playing in a poor league overall. Arguably since he's left the premiership has got even faster and more physical, the love in is unbelievable, he was pants before he left. He is not a Gareth Barry who was a fabulous midfielder or even controversially a Barkley who has still got legs and in my opinion we never replaced. If he signs it shows a total lack of scouting. Link
Stephen Williams
204 Posted 01/08/2022 at
I'm with Mike Gaynes (and many others), Gana is the consummate defensive midfielder in a squad that doesn't possess one and is constantly left wide open by not having one.

I really don't understand this nonsense of him not being able to pass. It was originally peddled by Steve Ferns, it was ridiculous then and and it is still now. Why would he play in the PL for 5 years and then be signed by PSG to play in the Champions League for 2 years if he can't pass? Complete bullshit.

We have no money to spend. There is no-one out there who will do the job for 2-3 years who will cost no fee and cost less than £100k per week. If these naysayers think otherwise then time to speak up.

Hard as teak, knows his job and the Premier League, and would love to play for EFC – it's a massive yes.

Mike Gaynes
205 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Tommy #180, watching Carvalho for Portugal is how I came to my opinion, starting with the World Cup in 2014 against the USA and most recently last year against Germany, where he was pulled off early in the second half after looking like a traffic cone. He has no real defensive responsibility or capability playing for his country. Yes, he's a "player". Bags of skill and intelligent distribution. Defensively he's a zero.

Robert #182, yes, a permanent resolution to the problem at #6 would be preferable to a stopgap. But a stopgap is certainly preferable to no measures at all, and it may be all we can accomplish in this window. I think Gana would be a very good stopgap.

Colin W #187, Gana's "weak leagues" have recently included WC qualifiers, the Champions League and the AFCON. And he will be a starter at the World Cup -- which nobody else at Everton can say except Pickford -- thanks largely to a brilliant 114-minute performance against Salah. "Pants"??? Really?

Pete Clarke
206 Posted 01/08/2022 at
I handed a bag of old clothes in at Vinnies last year because I wanted some new clothes.

Almost 1 year later I find myself in a worse financial position than last year so I'm off back to Vinnies and I hope my old well worn Calvin Klein jeans are still there because they are better than the ones I had bought in the meantime that simply didn't have any quality.

Needs must I'm afraid (may need to lose a couple of kilos to get into them though).

Lester Yip
207 Posted 01/08/2022 at
It seems a lot of comment here assuming Gana is slow and don't have legs pretty much based on his age. It might be due to the re-signing or Rooney, who clearly lost the pace, left the impression that older players equals to slow.

I watched Gana's 21/22 video. I don't see that he's slow. But seems added longs shots to his arsenal.

Some of the players who look after themselves well can keep his fitness/pace well. e.g. Vardy, C Ronaldo that comes to mind.

To me, by signing Gana would be a huge relief that there's a reliable/consistent defensive player in front of the back line. So the likes of Duke and Deli can do their job.

Alan J Thompson
208 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Just working through what we will have if Gana comes back then what sort of midfield will start.

Grouping Allan, Gbamin, Gana and Vinagre as one, the defensive, midfielder.
Dele, Doucouré and Iwobi as two others and/or possibly to get forward and support Calvert-Lewin.
Finally, Gordon, Gray and McNeil to make wide player(s) and again support the striker.

I'm not sure where that leaves Barkley if he does come or any of the youngsters who have shown promise or how it fits with a back three and/or two overlapping(?) full-backs.

It does though help with the five from nine subs allowed this year even if it means the third keeper having most weekends off although I suppose there will be enough I haven't mentioned for a five-a-side team or maybe sounding the charge on their bugle.

Danny O’Neill
209 Posted 01/08/2022 at
I don't get as overly concerned by age as some.

But then you're hearing that from someone who, if I took to the pitch tomorrow at 50 years old, I'd try to play like I was still 25.

That's key. As they age, learn to adapt your game. I thought Gareth Barry done that well.

Wayne Rooney was an example of not accepting he couldn't rampage around every blade of grass anymore and it frustrated him. Once Michael Owen's hamstrings and burst of acceleration went, he didn't have a lot else in his locker. As much as I have been an advocate of Allan, he still wants to hunt and chase but doesn't have the legs anymore.

So I wouldn't dismiss Gueye. If he's looked after himself and adapted his game, he could be want we need for that blatant gap.

I don't know if I'm looking at this through blue mist, but all of a sudden our midfield options could consist of Gueye, Allan, Doucoure, Gordon, a consistently firing Alli (if he finds his mojo), a more consistent and pacy Gray, Davies still providing useful backup, with young Warrington and Mills knocking on the door.

No, they aren't all going to play every game every week. But we have options and competition that might just fire a rocket up the proverbial of some. And it's a decent blend of experienced, established and potential.

Sam Hoare
210 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Stephen@188, I agree entirely with you that Gueye is a better passer than many believe. And obviously he can tackle. But I’m not sure that makes him the ‘consummate defensive midfielder’, mainly because for me ideal player in that position is someone who holds their position and always knows where to be. That is not Gueye and has never been so, he likes to hunt in the same way Allan does. That may become a problem for us. It may not.

As for no-one else out there who can do the job, I find that hard to believe. There’s lots of decent players. I named some @166 but will do so again: Roca, Adams, Grillitsch, Palinha, Lavia and Kamara. All players who have been available this summer at reasonable fees. Perhaps Gueye will prove better than any of them but there are options.

Danny O’Neill
211 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Totally forgot about Iwobi, Gbamin and Vinagre.
Jerome Shields
212 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Gueye is really effective recovering the ball, but had a problem of finding support to pass to. The result was he had to resort to attempting long passes, which by their nature would be more Inaccurate. There was a major problem with receiving players going missing and not moving into position. Evertons final third pass completions was the worst in the Premiership during Gueye last tenure which hampered his effectiveness alot.
Michael Nisbet
213 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Really hope this one doesn't happen for a few reasons. I don't think he was ever that good. He could tackle, but that was about all he did. He's older now and will inevitably start to slow down. There must be younger up and coming players we could look at. And mainly I'm not keen due to his outdated conservative views, which don't align to this people's club's values.
Tony Everan
214 Posted 01/08/2022 at
I think Gana is an uprgrade to Allan, and may yet be a replacement for him too. Gana is a little quicker in the press and more agile. Also I think we will get more games in a season from Gana than we would from Allan who seems to be picking up regular niggles and injuries. But that part of things is often in the lap of the gods. It wouldn’t surprise me too much if Allan left for Italy before the window closes.

If that is the thinking then the quality holding DCM will still come in. Gana is a very welcome and much needed addition but is not the midfielder we needed as the overall no1 recruitment priority at the start of summer. We need someone who can turn headless chickens into a midfield with an organised game plan, stability and strength.

It comes back to the finances again, but with Allan, Gomes possibly moving there will be some wage space available for one of the players like Grillitsch that Sam has mentioned.

On to Cornet, if Frank wants to sign him and the player wants to come and agreed terms on an affordable wage, it’s surprising we can get this deal over the line. 17.5 is a bargain price for an athletic 25yr old on the up and who is proven can score goals in the PL. We are rumoured to be a paltry 4.5m away from sealing the deal but can’t yet get it over the line.

It makes me think we have another alternative way of spending that money, possibly using that 18m to buy Guido Rodriguez or other class DCM as a down payment now the rest next summer. Or in a similar deal, another player Frank really wants like Broja, even though that seems unlikely now.

Because money is so tight there must be plenty of debate about strategies for spending it in the most effective way.

Steve Shave
215 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Tony I don't get the continued links to Cornet unless we plan to play him up front, he can play there as I understand it but is more of a left winger or left wing back, surely with the signing of McNeil and Vinagre its just media bollocks?

I am staggered by the lack of interest in us getting Gana Gueye back! As a stop gap it would present excellent business, though I hope its for a loan only.

Christine Foster
216 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Bernie 181# Wow.. you namedropper you! You can be rightly proud, especially 60 years married! These days it's sometimes lucky if they get past 60 days!

"Fall in Quinn! Shoulders back you bleedin disgrace for a human being!" Said the GSM.
Come on the 'Micks'! Was the shout!

Lol, the win would have cheered you up anyway!
Good luck Thursday Bernie! Will be crossing my fingers, toes and anything else I can manage!

Danny O’Neill
217 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Sorry Michael @194. No offence meant at you and this is just a personal view.

I love Everton's traditions, heritage and the work they do in the local community.

But I cringe at the People's Club label forced on us by the Moyes and Kenwright era. To me it reinforces the plucky Everton mentality.

It may sound harsh given all of the good work that the club does, but we have a motto, we have Sir John Moores's words. We don't need labelling as a local charity.

Brian Murray
218 Posted 01/08/2022 at

I'd go a step further and take off that Latin nonsense on the badge as we don't adhere to it or we're not interested in what it really means. The day they get some serious people in, they can by all means put it back on. For now and for a long time, it just fills a space on the badge.

Not being negative for the sake of it and on the pitch we seem to be really trying to make strides with proper coaches and even a plan now in recruiting one road that may coincide in us being a force when we are on the banks of the Royal Blue Mersey. Let that last sentence resonate and burn Kopites!

Jim Lloyd
219 Posted 01/08/2022 at
As long as a player does his job,his beliefs are his own. I think Gueye is possibly the best available player for a job we need doing on the pitch. If we had our chequebook days again, then maybe we could buy anyone willing to come here.

We're a football club, formed by Church members. They would certainly not have views that some hold in our club now. So let's get the best we can get; and not interrogate them about their personal beliefs.

Brian's right: "Only the best is good enough." Great motto but the way this club has been run for years and the financial state of this club at the moment is more like "Make do and Mend".

Andrew Keatley
220 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Sam (191) - Of course there are options, and I imagine the club are keeping tabs on hundreds of players that you have never heard of, but it's all about risk-reward right now.

You keep mentioning Lavia, but what do you actually know about him? He's 18 and hasn't played a single game of senior football. Maybe he'll turn out to be a brilliant signing for Southampton but if we had dropped £10+ million on him this season then that would have been ridiculously reckless considering our current financial constraints. We need players who can improve us now.

I don't know an awful lot about any of the players in your list, but getting Grillitsch or Kamara on free transfers would probably have been useful. None of the others, scream to me that they would be worth the outlay.

Leeds seem to be spending the Phillips and Raphinha money in the same way Villa spent the Grealish money, and none of those Villa signings (Buendia, Bailey, Ings) made consistently positive contributions last season.

I do not look at Roca or Adams and think we really missed out, but knowing who will hit the ground running is always a tough one to predict. But I will make one prediction; Palinha will pick up more cards per minute played than any other player this season.

Richard Lyons
221 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Slight change of subject: yesterday, the Observer had a fan-review for each team in the Premier League. Paul the Esk did our review.

One of the questions was "Which manager will be the first to be sacked this season?" The overwhelming majority said Frank Lampard...

I have a feeling we'll prove them wrong!

Jim Lloyd
222 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Good post, Richard. I think the same. I think we'll surprise quite a few this season and hopefully, Frank will be our manager when we play our first game by the Banks of the Royal Blue Mersey.
Danny O’Neill
223 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Richard, do you have a link to that? I trued searching for it but no joy.
Bob Parrington
224 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Crap that Frank will be sacked during this season. Throw away line from a negative thinker!

Moshiri will have learned his lesson and will give Frank time to prove himself. Personally, I think Frank will be more successful with us than any of the recent previous managers.

Steve Brown
226 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Danny @204.



Pete Clarke
227 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Shocking situation really with Everton having to look at a 32-year-old defensive midfielder on a short-term basis but it is what it is I suppose given the financial restraints.

Lampard will be asking for some creativity and goals in the middle though so he's not going to be happy if he doesn't get someone in this department. Maybe by pure luck he stumbles on a player in the squad who can do a job there and free up Dele and the strikers to score some goals. Not many others have got goals in them!

A bit difficult to work out what system he's going to use but I'm positive Lampard's experience and sheer will as a winner can drag this club back to a level of respectability. He deserves that at the least.

Barry Hesketh
228 Posted 01/08/2022 at
It is Monday and I'm not the brightest spark most of the time, but can somebody explain what the rule change reported in the Echo means ? Does it mean that things continues as they always have done? Can't be that else it wouldn't deserve a mention, or does it mean that the officials have the power to determine which end of the ground, a team kicks into? or probably just a tighter definition of the rule?

I must admit I'm not looking forward to having nine players on the bench and upto five substitutes to be chosen from that bench, the game is stop start enough already, why didn't they make substitutions a more simplified process, instead of the prolonged event that it has turned into.

Coin toss

The coin toss that takes place before contests get underway determines which team will earn the right to get the game started, as well as deciding which end of the pitch to attack first. This is something players could take part in if desired, though the IFAB have issued an update to Law 8, 'The Start and Restart of Play', which rules the referee must be the man to take responsibility of this pre-match exchange.

Law 8 (1) now makes clear: "The toss of a coin to determine the ‘ends’ and kick-off is the responsibility of the referee and the wording should be consistent with Law 10 (Determining the Outcome of a Match)."

Brent Stephens
229 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Barry, maybe it's clarifying that it's the ref, not the captains, who tosses the coin?
Barry Hesketh
230 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Brent @209,

Thanks – that sounds right.

Brent Stephens
231 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Barry. it's confirming the ref is the only tosser on the pitch.
Mike Gaynes
232 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Sam #191 and Andrew #201, I'll add one more bit of information to your respective rundowns -- from media reports, Grillitsch is driving away suitors with his salary demands and injury record. Fiorentina and Galatasaray both backed away. He's now talking to Brighton.
Danny O’Neill
233 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Thank you Steve. I guess not many are giving our manager much hope. Let's hope he proves them wrong.

For all her obstructed views and outdated facilities, nice to see the Grand Old Lady getting a few mentions.

Don't be ageist Pete. We've a fair few young midfielders and the last time we introduced a 33-year-old with experience, we finished 5th, qualified for Europe and any other year with that points tally, would have probably made the Champions League.

I was always curious how Gareth Barry maintained a head of hair devoid of any grey or silver. Must be his genes.

Brian Murray
234 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Apparently Dobbin is being allowed to go to Derby on loan. I hope for Frank's sake he has a striker lined up because surely not Rondon as back-up all season. Players like that get managers the sack. Happened with Benitez, so be careful, Frank!
Ed Prytherch
235 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Brent 211 You gave me my first laugh of the day.
Ed Prytherch
236 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Brian @214,

Maybe Dele's spell as a False 9 on Friday is an indication of Frank's back-up plan.

Joe McMahon
237 Posted 01/08/2022 at
I fully agree, Brian, I hope Frank hasn't got this horribly wrong. I assume there is also advice from Finch Farm also. But good enough players surely are known at 19 or 20?

Something is not right about who is kept and who isn't. Tom Davies springs to mind.

Pete Clarke
238 Posted 01/08/2022 at
I'm not ageist Danny. My jeans are as old as Gueye but needs must and I'll get another year out of them.

Just never thought he was good enough first time around and the only obvious reason we're looking at him is because we've gotten worse. If only Allan had his engine!

Is the reason we haven't brought anybody else in down to the likes of Keane, Gomes and Mina not wanting to move on and happy to sit their contracts out? I thought all 3 of them would be gone by now.

Jack Convery
239 Posted 01/08/2022 at
I would just like to comment, that Everton's attempts at bringing in players makes Brian the Snail look like Speedy Gonzalez.
Steve Brown
240 Posted 01/08/2022 at
€10M for Gueye.

If correct, that is not a big risk.

Christy Ring
241 Posted 01/08/2022 at
We definitely need a defensive midfielder before Saturday. How long does it take for a deal to get done? We're supposed to be negotiating with Gueye for over a week, still nothing concrete, have we a plan B?

Personally I think 3 years down the line and 33 next month, the Premier League is tougher, and his best days are behind him. It's the one position we are totally lacking.

Why not use the rest of the Richarlisoni money and outbid Moyes for Onana at Lille? He had a superb season and is only 21 years old. If it fails, Lampard should bring in Gilmour for £10M-£12M.

Rob Halligan
242 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Don't know how reliable EL Bobble is, but he's tweeting Gana Gueye is due to take a medical with the signing imminent.
Joe Digney
243 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Rob, he's very reliable.

Fabrizio has also just tweeted saying he's in Merseyside for a medical. Looks like this one's done, ladies and gentlemen.

Christy Ring
244 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Steve #220,

He has only one year left on his contract, at €100k pw works out at roughly €5M, PSG want to get rid of him, paying £10M is way too much.

Ian Edwards
245 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Gueye. Soon to be 33. Rubbish last time and god knows why we are getting him back. He failed to protect the Defence and just ran after the ball all over the pitch like a hyper Robbie Savage.

Mike Gaynes
246 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Yep, Rob and Joe, seeing multiple reports on that too. Welcome home, Gana!

Christy #224, you're assuming we would pay him under his current contract. That would surprise me greatly. I would expect we will have negotiated a new deal for 2-3 years at a lower salary.

And Christy #221, from what I have read, outbidding Moyes for Onana would require £35m and convincing Onana to forgo European football, since Hammers will play there this season and we won't. Neither seems practical.

Ian #225, thank you. Another post for the Edwards Hall of Fame.

Pete Neilson
247 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Very harsh, Ian (225), but come on, even a "hyper" Robbie Savage would be an upgrade on our midfield sloths.
Steve Brown
248 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Agree Mike, we can't afford Onana and he wouldn't come anyway.

Gueye played 111 games for PSG in 3 seasons in a more box-to-box role, so I am not worried about his legs. He would instantly be our best central midfelder from the moment he signs.

Ian, did Robbie Savage play for PSG? I must have missed him lining up with Messi and Neymar.

Steve Shave
249 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Ian 225 – wow! You win the moaner award for most senseless comment.

Gana was fantastic for us, especially in his last season despite knowing he was on his way. He protected our defence very well thank you, it was our failure to replace him and Zouma's pace which cost Marco Silva his job.

I still wish we had done so along with some better luck around injuries (ala Gomes) as I think Silva will still prove to be a good manager.

I'm with Mike on this, welcome home lad, we've missed you!

Brent Stephens
251 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Ian #225 "Gueye. Soon to be 33. Rubbish last time".

Rubbish last time? joint Player's Player of the Year for the 2018–19 season along with Lucas Digne.

Signed by PSG - rubbish team?

Ed Prytherch
252 Posted 01/08/2022 at
We bought him for £7M, sold him for £30M and now we are buying him again for £7M. A rare example of good business by Everton.
Jack Convery
253 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Over here and treadmilling his way back to Goodison. So that's a left midfielder, McNeil, and a midfielder who harries the opposition as per Allan. Vinagre can also play left midfield, though he is nominally competing with Mykolenko for left-back or wingback. There is still no specialist defensive midfielder. What happened to Guido Rodríguez??

Our midfielders, still on the books from last season, Davies, Gbamin, Allan, Doucoure and Gomes need upgrading. Apparently, Gbamin can now go and Gomes has been available all window with no takers.

Allan looks to be on his last legs. Davies has had enough time to 'make' it and hasn't. Doucoure, I suppose can still do a job but is not the answer either. Dele Alli is more attacker than midfielder, so I don't count him.

Iwobi? Your guess is as good as mine as to what role he will play next season but he is not a defensive / central midfielder in my opinion.

As for a centre-forward to back-up or play alongside Calvert-Lewin – don't get me started.

Tony Everan
254 Posted 01/08/2022 at
PSG’s Robert Sauvage was not fit to lace Gana’s boots.
Mike Gaynes
255 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Ed #232, great point.

Brent and Steve, yes, and let's ask Salah if Gana just runs after the ball. Salah will be watching the World Cup from his comfy sofa in November while Gana will be starting in it partly because with the final CAF berth on the line, Gana marked him off the fucking planet for 114 minutes. Salah barely got a touch and never got a shot off. (Of course, Robbie Savage could have done the same job, right?)

Mike Gaynes
256 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Ed #232, great point.

Brent and Steve, yes, and let's ask Salah if Gana just runs after the ball. Salah will be watching the World Cup from his comfy sofa in November while Gana will be starting in it partly because with the final CAF berth on the line, Gana marked him off the fucking planet for 114 minutes. Salah barely got a touch and never got a shot off. (Of course, Robbie Savage could have done the same job, right?)

Jay Harris
257 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Be patient, Jack. You sound like me a week ago.

At least things are starting to happen now. We just need a creative goalscoring midfield player with loads of pace and energy.

Ian Edwards
258 Posted 01/08/2022 at
I note the posts responding to mine. I disagree. He failed to protect the Defence and when we conceded he was always chasing back desparately and forlornly from where he had ran. He was like a kid in a playground just running after the ball.

Awful player. Bad signing especially as he's almost 33.

Brent Stephens
259 Posted 01/08/2022 at
I wonder, if later this season, we might just be reflecting on how, given the significant financial straitjacket, Everton had had a very astute "window" of signings during the summer of 2022.
Gavin Johnson
260 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Ian, you also thought Carlo Ancelotti was an awful manager. Now Gana is an awful player?! Truly bizarre haha
Brent Stephens
261 Posted 01/08/2022 at
So PSG made a bad mistake in signing Gana? And it took them how long to realise thir mistake? Yeh, right.
Barry Rathbone
262 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Ian Edwards 225

I'm with you I've never understood the eulogising about this limited footballer in arguably the easiest position on the pitch.

"Shaun Goater" syndrome is what is. City supporters thought he was the best thing since sliced bread with "feed the goat and he will score" ditties until they found out what real footballers were when Mansoor brought his zillions.

And why here?

Where is the queue of clubs clamouring for his signature?

He will start off in decent fettle for 5 games with people creaming themselves over 2 interceptions then the comfy slippers willl come out to drift anonymously through the remainder of the season - the new Everton way.

Money for old rope for any experienced pro this place. Why bust a gut like a young 'un when your place is secure and you're getting top dollar?

It sure is puzzling why nothing changes here, gran'pa.

Ian Edwards
263 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Gavin @240.

Ancelotti was an awful Everton Manager. I've made my position on that many times. Most will disagree but the terrible football and run of home defeats prove I'm right.

Jim Jennings
265 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Mike (235),

Who cares what Gueye did against Salah in an international match? It's easier to mark one man when he's the main (only?) threat in a team. These pages were awash with comments on how Besic “marked Messi out of the game” in 2014 yet the lad turned out to be utter shite.

Gueye is going on 33. He's gonna pocket a big wage when here. He will have no resale value. He can't pass wind. Yes, he has some qualities... and yes, he was effective when he was here, in certain games.

The real questions are can his legs stand up to a full Premier League season and is he going to improve us? We all hope the answers are yes but if not, then he and Allan could end up being a very expensive job share.

It's fair to question this deal especially if this is a 2- or 3-year contract. It is transfers like this one which have gotten us into the mess we are in.

Martin Mason
266 Posted 01/08/2022 at
That Ancelotti was an awful manager is patently incorrect, that he was an awful manager for Everton was unproven as he was thrown into the position that had only one ending which was a relegation battle.

We also have no idea what Ancelotti was promised in terms of resources that he never saw so he did exactly what any smart manager would have done and left in accordance with his contract.

I would say only that Everton were totally incompetent is certain. The club is being restructured now and seem to be going the right way. Ancelotti is an irrelevance now.

Gavin Johnson
267 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Ian, Gana had defensive stats that were only matched by Kante when he was with us...but he's awful player?! That really sounds ridiculous, Ian, when the aforementioned stats and the evidence we saw on the pitch and league finishes after he left say otherwise.

Gavin Johnson
268 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Ian, Gana had defensive stats that were only matched by Kante when he was with us... but he's awful player?! That really sounds ridiculous, Ian, when the aforementioned stats and the evidence we saw on the pitch and league finishes after he left say otherwise.

Danny Baily
269 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Barry 242, where to begin? Gueye is a top drawer defensive midfielder and performed well for us. He's played at the highest level so the comparison with Goater is odd.

Ian 243, Ancelotti had the best win ratio of any Everton manager since Kendal the first time around. He was a top draw manager and, given enough time and support, would have made us successful in relative terms.

Danny O’Neill
270 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Pete @218. I think its more that no-one would take those 3. For different reasons. I'd keep Mina if our new coaching staff can somehow keep on the pitch for longer.

Looks likes it's done anyway. In honesty, one of the best bits of business the club has done in recent years. Bought for £6M, sold for £30M. Very un-Everton.

Not everyone is a fan of every player and we all have different perspectives, but this snippet, shamelessly nabbed from Wikipedia:

He made the highest number of successful tackles and interceptions per match across Europe's top five leagues over the 2016 calendar year.

3 French titles, a number of French Cups and has played in a Champions League Final as well as playing alongside some of the best players in Europe and the world.

33 or not, he can still do a job for us.

Ian Edwards
271 Posted 01/08/2022 at
I'm not going to debate the dreadful Sam Allardyce. Done that.

Gueye is a holding midfielder. His sole job is to stay goal side of the ball and protect the Defence. He didn't. He abandoned his position. He's now 33, for fuck's sake. I'd sooner we had kept Onyango and given him a go.

Barry Rathbone
272 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Danny 249

If you think being ran past continually in the 4x4m patch of grass a player sits in is top drawer you would have done cartwheels over Shaun Goater.

All about opinion of course but he really was (and still is) bog ordinary. If he wasn't then why are PSG looking to offload him and where is the queue for his signature?

Gavin Johnson
273 Posted 01/08/2022 at
Ian, like I say, Gana's defensive stats were only matched by Kante, and the league positions we've achieved since he left say you are talking absolute nonsense.

The only thing that you say that does hold up is his age. As a soon to be 33-year-old, there has to be questions on whether he can still make an impact but in your mind he never had it in the first place, which just doesn't hold up when all the evidence says otherwise.

Christine Foster
274 Posted 02/08/2022 at
Martin @244, I totally agree. I would view Ancelotti as a missed opportunity through the incompetence of the club, not the manager at all.
Danny O’Neill
275 Posted 02/08/2022 at
It is, Barry.

Top drawer? Not sure about that.

Will improve a team that stood on the cliff edge last season and finished 16th? I think so.

Will he fill a glaring gap we've had for several seasons? Again, I think so.

Gareth Barry was 33. He didn't do a bad job for us.

Brent Stephens
276 Posted 04/08/2022 at
#249 "I'd sooner we had kept Onyango and given him a go."

On what basis?

Gary Jones
277 Posted 10/08/2022 at 21:37:17
Noises the deals off and we've switched attention to Mohamed Camara of RB.

I'd be gutted if he doesn't come back. Even at his age, he's pretty much risk-free. Like the look of the alternative, but not if it means spending striker doe.

Will Mabon
278 Posted 10/08/2022 at 21:42:18
4 x 4m, Barry? That's five-a-side.
Barry Rathbone
279 Posted 10/08/2022 at 21:53:53
Will 278


This alleged wonder of the footballing world conserves himself by playing as though in a 5-a-side

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