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Moshiri set to cede majority power at Everton to new investors

| 01/06/2023 191comments  |  Jump to last

Farhad Moshiri has agreed a deal with MSP Sports Capital that will see the New York-based firm take majority control of Everton via a new share issue that will drop the Monaco-based billionaire's stake in the club below 50%.

That's the claim made on Twitter of corporate finance expert and regular ToffeeWeb contributor, Paul the Esk.

If true, it marks a significant change in both the ownership and, potentially, the strategic direction of the club and should secure funding for the remainder of the construction of the Everton Stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock.

It was previously thought that Moshiri would resist either selling up completely or giving up majority control of the Blues before the new ground was finished and MSP were initially looking at investing £105m in the form of a loan that could be converted to shares at a later date.

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Now it appears as though the Americans, headed up by Jahm Najafi and Jeff Moorad, want to take a larger share and greater interest in the running of the club.

The Esk reports that the investors "will control budgets" and change the composition of the Board allowing for change in the positions of Chairman and CEO.

Reader Comments (191)

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Stephen Davies
1 Posted 01/06/2023 at 18:24:43
Looks like a board room clear out is taking place.

Thank God and not before time!

Good riddance!

Tony Everan
2 Posted 01/06/2023 at 18:26:41

Looks like a new dawn for the club is happening.

Kieran Kinsella
3 Posted 01/06/2023 at 18:28:02
Is this reliable from the Esk?
Tony Everan
4 Posted 01/06/2023 at 18:29:47
He’s got good contacts I think Kieran, so here’s hoping.
Jay Harris
6 Posted 01/06/2023 at 18:35:58

As Brian Harrison posted on another thread.

Doing the round on Twitter is that George Downing and Andy Bell, two local and eminent businessmen and longstanding Evertonians, will be appointed CEO and Chairman this week.

They have been involved with the funding of the Bramley-Moore Dock development among other associated activities.

Barry Hesketh
7 Posted 01/06/2023 at 18:39:45
Let's hope this rumour about the majority shareholding changing hands is true.

I can't believe it's two years to the day since Ancellotti, left us to re-join Real Madrid.

Nigel Munford
8 Posted 01/06/2023 at 18:41:07
Is this a big yeeeessss!!!

If the current board gets binned, then Wahoo!!! ☺️

Stephen Davies
9 Posted 01/06/2023 at 18:41:33
Thanks, Jay.

I'm also aware of that.

I'm just glad that there appears to be something happening.

Ray Said
10 Posted 01/06/2023 at 18:41:44
If it's a share issue, then my experience is that existing shareholders have to be offered the chance to increase their stake first?
Brian Hennessy
11 Posted 01/06/2023 at 18:43:17
Big party in the Mike Gaynes's house tonight, everyone invited.
Brent Stephens
12 Posted 01/06/2023 at 18:43:27
I think Mike Gaynes reports positively on these guys?
Ed Prytherch
13 Posted 01/06/2023 at 18:44:13
Great news.
Rob Rothwell
14 Posted 01/06/2023 at 18:47:34
Brent @ #12,

Well in that case, sign them up.

Jack Convery
15 Posted 01/06/2023 at 18:47:49
Is it the same Mr Bell who arranged the MSP input a few weeks ago?

Let's all hope this is the beginning of the end to mediocrity within the walls of Goodison. Here's to a bright new future going forward. COYBs.

Kieran Kinsella
16 Posted 01/06/2023 at 18:52:16

Imagine having an actual real Evertonian as chairman and non-shady businessmen as owners?

Mike Hayes
17 Posted 01/06/2023 at 18:57:03
Let's hope this isn't the false Dawn of 7 years ago – hopefully the broken mirrors curse has rubbed off. 🤷💙
Stephen Davies
18 Posted 01/06/2023 at 18:59:33
From The Esk:

Moshiri is set to cede majority control of Everton with a new share issue in favour of new investor (MSP) diluting Moshiri to below 50%. New investor will control budgets plus board composition allowing for change in key Chair & CEO positions

Brendan McLaughlin
19 Posted 01/06/2023 at 19:01:36
Keeping everything crossed that this proves to be true!
Nick White
20 Posted 01/06/2023 at 19:06:26
If this comes off (as always with us, I won't believe it until it's on the official site), would I be right in saying we would still be hampered by Profit and Sustainability Rules (ie, not able to spend money)?
Barry Rathbone
21 Posted 01/06/2023 at 19:13:36
"Be careful what you wish for"
"Better the devil you know"
"Frying pan to fire"
- take your pick.

Let's see the transfer kitty first.

Raymond Fox
22 Posted 01/06/2023 at 19:17:44
Things had to change, with regards to the owner the board and the fans, they have lost all credibility and they know their time is up.

If this is fake news I've no doubt change will happen before long.

Barry Hesketh
23 Posted 01/06/2023 at 19:21:37
It won't change much on the playing side if it happens, that's almost certainly true, at least in the short- to mid-term, but surely ridding ourselves of the proven failures at board level has to be a plus?

As Evertonians, it doesn't matter what we wish for, as it always seems to end up with a worse scenario than we'd originally envisaged. It would make a very pleasant change to see something radical and demanding of success leading the way rather than a mere acceptance of failure. Only time will tell!

Joe McMahon
24 Posted 01/06/2023 at 19:21:57
Barry#21, please don't go there.

Since this site has existed, how many times have we heard "Be careful what you wish for"?

And certainly since 1999, the Kenwright years, Everton have achieved Zilch, Diddly Squat and Sweet Fuck-All, leading to the edge of bankruptcy, relegation battles and seasons of negative goal difference with a possible transfer embargo and/or points deduction round the corner.

I wish for everything to change!

Peter Hodgson
25 Posted 01/06/2023 at 19:25:40
If true, then it is a start that we should all welcome. How it all goes will be an open question for a period but welcome all the same. Bring it on asap.

It may even affect how the Premier League view us. One can hope anyway… Optimism is what I call it!

Watch this space and hope.

Kieran Kinsella
26 Posted 01/06/2023 at 19:27:58
Barry 21,

I think we've reached the point where there's not much room for things to get worse unless the club folded altogether and, with Moshiri & Kenwright, I would say there's a decent chance that's on the horizon fairly soon if they remain in control.

Mark Taylor
27 Posted 01/06/2023 at 19:28:37
I don't know the incoming at all and hopefully they do not end up being like Villa's or Liverpool's (Mk 1) Americans, but since one thing is certain, we need change to have any hope, this would be welcome.

So if we won't know if we will succeed, at least then we won't be knowing we will fail...

Jim Lloyd
28 Posted 01/06/2023 at 19:30:51
Barry, We might be banned from buying, we might be fined, we might end up with both punishments, so the transfer kitty, in my humble opinion, comes miles behind in second place,

To this wonderful (if true) news!!! Hard to keep sanguine about this; but it could be the first step (should it come about) to us becoming a great club again!

I think it was Andy Meighan (sorry if it wasn't you Andy) who posted that Kenwright was bragging, saying" "I'm going nowhere!" Please let this be true, and he keeps his destructive, manipulating, smarmy presence in London Theatreland!

I haven't drunk whisky for a decade or more but, if this news is true, I'll be downing a few Glen Laophroag in celebration! :)

This would mean (I hope) that the shareholders meetings will return... as they should!

Peter Hodgson
29 Posted 01/06/2023 at 19:38:22
Correct, Mark.

Be optimistic and hope for the bloody best.

We deserve it after the bad run we have had (thanks to Kenwright and Moshiri).

Barry McNally
30 Posted 01/06/2023 at 19:54:49
The Leeds Board would be an improvement — and that's saying something!
Barry Rathbone
31 Posted 01/06/2023 at 20:13:51
To various,

I'm afraid the evidence is irrefutable — things can always get worse as exampled by the arrival of the ex-Arsenal directors to similar acclaim. They have nearly killed us.

"Once bitten, twice shy" – yet another homily to conjure with re investment looking like a bandage on the self inflicted wound that is the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock.

A solution to the real problem – creation of a proper football team – would be a different matter… but not a peep regarding that little issue.

Gary Brown
32 Posted 01/06/2023 at 20:24:50
Barry, the route to ‘a proper football team' is a properly run business. It's not chicken and egg.

The common denominator is Kenwright. When he's gone there is hope.

Kieran Kinsella
33 Posted 01/06/2023 at 20:26:28
Barry McNally,

Talking of which, did you see they're mortgaging Elland Road to fund the purchase of Sampdoria?!!

Peter Gorman
34 Posted 01/06/2023 at 20:28:00
To Barry R,

"It's not much of a tail, but I'm sort of attached to it" said Eeyore.

Stu Darlington
35 Posted 01/06/2023 at 20:28:30
Not like Paul to put something out there without being pretty sure of his facts. I hope that this story falls under that heading.

It could explain the deafening silence from this Board since before the end of the season if they had caught a whiff that their gravy train was grinding to a halt.

Just hope we don't descend to that nauseating American leaving speech: “Thank you for your service.”

Kieran Kinsella
36 Posted 01/06/2023 at 20:29:00
Barry 31.

"The evidence is irrefutable things can always get worse."

Barry, you sound like my old parish priest years ago telling me something similar when I said there was no way things could get worse than when Colin Harvey was manager.

We had a similar conversation about 3 years later, a year after that again. Then he died. But no doubt the conversation would have continued at increasingly regular intervals had he not. But this time is different.

Dave Abrahams
37 Posted 01/06/2023 at 20:30:33
Barry (31),

I think what is absolutely certain is, whatever changes, you'll find something wrong with it!!

Mal van Schaick
38 Posted 01/06/2023 at 20:32:55
The other rumour is that Moshiri is not happy about the style of football being played by Everton. For fuck's sake, what does he expect when we were struggling to survive in the Premier League?

We need a clean slate. A new owner and a totally different board. Somewhere along the lines of the Newcastle model will do us.

Alastair Donaldson
39 Posted 01/06/2023 at 20:34:45
I haven't posted in a long while –bI've been trying to ignore this season and last for health reasons!!

But reading this has triggered the eternal (irrational) optimism… NSNO, just hoping a new framework for success is coming out of this unholy mess.

Enjoyed reading the MEGA thread and that got me thinking:-

1. When were we ever great?
2. MAGA - obsessed unintended parallel.. same question!!

My answer to 1: probably mid-80s or late 60s?

My answer to 2: irrelevant!!

It's bumpy times ahead for sure, but with Premier League survival, new leadership, and proper playing staff revamp, “things can only get better”… COYB

Jim Lloyd
40 Posted 01/06/2023 at 20:37:25
Of course things can get worse. They can also get better. If the presnt crew remain in place, things will undeniably get worse.

A proper football squad takes a number of things to be put in place. A good manager...we've got one, an executive committee and Board. We definitely haven't got one. A proper football club ethos, we've got one, buggered up by the current bunch in charge.

It may well be that IF true, we might well find that we are getting an executive committee and Board, that know what they need to do, and will carry it out. Wait and see. The self inflicted wounds have been carried out by the current crew led by the chief destroyer over two decades.. The Bramley Moore Stadium is purely Moshiri's doing, though it looks like he will seek the finance he needs to finish it.

It isn't a solution to the real problem that has been posted. It is solutions to all the probl;ems we face. there's a possibility/probability That what Paul the Esk has written, is true. If so, In my humble opinion, the bods from Arsenal and Mr Usmanov, have perhaps saved us from sinking into the mire the minute Moyes left.

Again, if there is truth in the tweet, moshiri will still be a partner, whic, again, in my humble opinion is great news as is the news of an evertonian who knows what he's doing, may be our new Chairman.

So, a Proper football team isn't the real probl;em the real problems are getting all aspects of our Club, working professionally and in the same direction. If we do, then a proper football team will be the outcome.

Joe Corgan
41 Posted 01/06/2023 at 20:42:15
Well we could be jumping into the fire but since we're already in the frying pan, it's a risk worth taking - not that we get any say anyway.

Following competition of this deal and the assumed replacement of board members, we need to push for the reinstatement of AGMs and, ideally, a share issue allowing fans to purchase club shares at a reasonable price. It would be nice to have a sizeable minority of fan-shareholders again.

I wonder if Paul the Esk could comment on the likelihood and feasibility of a share split.

Kieran Kinsella
42 Posted 01/06/2023 at 20:43:13

But why be optimistic when there could be a smallpox outbreak in the Gwladys Street end? Erosion could cause Bramley Moore to fall into the sea. A solar flair could knock out power permanently so we could never play "under the lights" again. Barry is right. We should be quaking with fear.

Jim Lloyd
43 Posted 01/06/2023 at 20:49:26
We'rrrre Doomed Kieran! Doomed I tell yee!
Stan Grace
44 Posted 01/06/2023 at 21:23:54
you forgot the possibility of Goodison not getting it's safety certificate for next season.
Gary Fitzsimmons
45 Posted 01/06/2023 at 21:34:50
Does anyone know how Paul the Esk gets his information from? He seems to know his stuff!
Mike Gaynes
46 Posted 01/06/2023 at 21:42:27

Brian #11, that beep-beep-beep you hear is the truck backing up in my driveway delivering 100 cases of champagne.

IF THIS IS TRUE -- and nothing against the Esk but his batting average isn't perfect -- but IF this is true it is glorious news.

As I've said multiple times before, the two MSP guys are experienced, smart, principled professionals with massive sports business backgrounds.

The one cautionary note is that this would be the first time they have taken majority control of a football club -- they have previously taken only minority stakes -- but Moorad was previously chairman of a major league baseball team, so he has sat in the top seat, and Najafi is vice chairman of an NBA team and serves on the NBA Board of Governors, overseeing a $100 billion worldwide enterprise. So these guys KNOW what they're doing.

Interesting to see that (IF TRUE) it'll be Andy Bell, the (reportedly) lifelong Blue who arranged the most recent stadium loan, becoming chairman. But you can bet MSP would be naming a couple of the new board members, and you can bet Moorad or one of his associates will get a nice plush chair. With a license to KICK SOME ASS.

Do I seem pleased?

Please be right, Esk. Please.

Barry Hesketh
47 Posted 01/06/2023 at 21:42:59
gary @ 45
I imagine due to his knowledge of finance and accounts in general he will have the ear of professional friends he has met over the years, if not he may have a direct source within the club who gives him the nod, however, he is not the oracle, as prior to Moshiri purchasing Everton, he believed that the Americans - I can't recall the names of the duo - were front and centre to buy the club at the time. Apart from on Everton fan sites and Twitter there's not a word about any imminent announcement being made.
Brent Stephens
48 Posted 01/06/2023 at 21:47:16
Mike #46, good to hear your enthusiasm. Your views are respected on here. So hold on tight now for some big changes?

"Moorad or one of his associates will get a nice plush chair. With a license to kick some ass." I guess you're thinking the first asses to kick will be those going out the door?

Jamie Crowley
49 Posted 01/06/2023 at 21:55:13
Stu @ 35,


I would love it if we read on the official site in the next few days:

"We'd like to thank Bill Kenwright for his decades of service to this great football club."

I'd be over the moon reading that. I could care less if it's some American "thang", dude! It would mean the end of an awful reign and time to party like it's 1999! [God, that was an 'old guy' reference.]

Would that line be any more nauseating than the last 20 or so (whatever the tally is) years of the Kenwright regime???!!!

Mike Gaynes
50 Posted 01/06/2023 at 21:58:19
Brent #48,

I can't speculate on that. The current Everton board has only four members -- most clubs have 6-12 -- and there would seem to be at least four more coming in if this happens.

I've read elsewhere that Ingles and Barrett-Baxendale have professional respect in the Premier League and have been at the helm of the stadium project. Maybe they'd be kept on, at least through a transition period until the stadium move is completed.

I continue to believe that Bill is already history, but that's just me reading my coffee grounds.

Jamie Crowley
51 Posted 01/06/2023 at 22:03:41
Mike, I agree. Bill is gone. I think he's already out the door honestly.

I'm very excited that you're so excited. I've read up on these fellas, but you know much more. Your enthusiasm for MSP encourages me to no end.

And God knows we need a change!

Imagine this – a sports group akin to Fenway Group in intellect and business savvy taking the reins on the verge of a new stadium build. Hope amidst the shit-show!

Brent Stephens
52 Posted 01/06/2023 at 22:03:55
Mike #50,

Or is Colin Chong more important for the completion of the new stadium? I don't know. In fact, is the stadium so far progressed that the construction almost has a momentum of its own? I know even less on that score.

Sam Hoare
53 Posted 01/06/2023 at 22:07:18
Thanks for the info, Mike.

This sounds like a great move for Everton. Just to have genuine professionals running the club would be huge step forwards.

Alexander Murphy
54 Posted 01/06/2023 at 22:08:28
Nope! Sorry, Jamie @49, No!

I would love it if we read on the official site in the next few days:

"We'd like to thank Bill Kenwright for his decades of service to this great football club."

What I would prefer to read is:

"Relax, Evertonians, and prepare return to times of truth, honesty and dignity because slithering Bill and his dungheap of deception, delusion and smuggery is over!"

Andy Crooks
55 Posted 01/06/2023 at 22:09:55
Mike Gaynes,

Derek Knox and I will be round shortly with a few beers. Catch you soon. This seems great, Mike!

Barry Rathbone
56 Posted 01/06/2023 at 22:29:18
Dave @37,

If the deal is about saving the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock whilst continuing to neglect the team, I think the apparent glee might be short-lived.

A wait-and-see policy seems eminently sensible to me and a number of wicker basket makers I know.

Jamie Crowley
57 Posted 01/06/2023 at 22:37:11

Fair enough! Your way is fine, and if it actually happened, I'd laugh my ass off.

Barry McNally
58 Posted 01/06/2023 at 23:03:19
Kieran 33,

I saw that alright but I believe he didn't go ahead with that – he would have been a dead man waking if he went through with it!!

Peter Moore
59 Posted 01/06/2023 at 23:31:30
Let this rumour be true!!!
Ed Prytherch
60 Posted 01/06/2023 at 23:40:26
I don't know how well this will go down with the comrades on TW but Andy Bell, the projected new CEO lives in Blythe Hall, Lathom, the former home of local Barons and Earls.

When I was a kid in Ormskirk, we had a shortcut along a path to our cousins in Burscough that went by Blythe Hall. It is a magnificent building from around 1600. Joe Royle lives about a mile away on Dark Lane.

Gavin Johnson
61 Posted 01/06/2023 at 23:43:33
Lets hope this is true.

I'm also behind the theory that Andy Bell (lifelong Evertonian and businessman) will become chairman. If he can broker a £300M loan, he sounds like he's got some business acumen.

I'd also love to see Tim Cahill on the board in the place of Sharpie.

Brent Stephens
62 Posted 01/06/2023 at 23:47:02
Blythe Hall also owned at one point by Dave Whelan, ex Blackburn Rovers, chairman of Wigan etc.
Colin Glassar
63 Posted 01/06/2023 at 23:55:25
I hope this is true but, as with everything else linked to Everton (good news), this has to be taken with a big pinch of salt.

Until I see photos of Kenwright's empty office ransacked by the cleaning ladies, I won't believe a word of this.

Barry Hesketh
64 Posted 01/06/2023 at 00:11:57
Ed @60,

As a 'comrade' by inclination, I don't envy or begrudge, people making lots of money and buying whatever living quarters that they can afford. I do despise people who make lots of cash and see themselves as automatically above the law or feel that they aren't a part of mainstream society.

Those that think that there is no such thing as society remain on my 'revolutionary' hit list and I'm a mild-mannered socialist, who understands that the current economic system with more of an emphasis on fairness rather than exploitation could give everybody a decent standard of living and make for an overall happier society.

John Moores wasn't a bad owner, and he was hardly a pauper, was he?

Paul Kossoff
65 Posted 02/06/2023 at 00:24:20
This must be the great news Rob Halligan posted on Sunday:

Have received some news in the last hour, that if it doesn't motivate the players to win tomorrow, other than staying in the premier league obviously, then nothing will. I cannot put the news on here, but every single squad member, manager and backroom staff will know it for definite. This news will make them fight, blood, sweat and tears to get the victory required. This news might well be announced, maybe after we win tomorrow.

Hopefully the dawn of a new and successful time for all us true Blues.

Mike Gaynes
66 Posted 02/06/2023 at 00:25:31
Gavin #61,

I've spent the past year and a half promoting Terrible Tim for a Board seat. People here are heartily sick of me posting about it.

Mike Gaynes
67 Posted 02/06/2023 at 00:42:24
Off-topic, our old friend Pip Neville has been sacked at Inter Miami by his old friend Becks.

If you can't make it in MLS....

Colin Glassar
68 Posted 02/06/2023 at 00:52:22
Rubbish player, even worse manager. Don’t get me started on his punditry skills.
Graham Hammond
69 Posted 02/06/2023 at 01:03:12
In total agreement with Colin (#68) about Phil Neville on all three counts.

But I am still gonna disagree with him on Iwobi though! I expect other Premier League clubs will happily take Alex if he chooses not to sign again with us. Time will tell.

Pete Clarke
70 Posted 02/06/2023 at 01:43:55
Hope this is true as it should spell the end of Kenwright and lessen Moshiri's input too. Two huge burdens of decision-making removed.

Having said that, I think Bill will be working away on some dirty way of retaining some foothold at the club. Getting rid of him will be like winning our first trophy since '95.
Gavin Johnson
71 Posted 02/06/2023 at 02:28:59
Mike #66,

Yeah, we all know that he had a bit about him with his character on the pitch, but hasn't he also got into the business side of football since his retirement?

Something involving FIFA if I remember right, where he's rubbed shoulders with people like sheikhs and other money men in the game.

Mike Gaynes
72 Posted 02/06/2023 at 02:50:06
Yep, Gavin, but way beyond that. Multiple successful business ventures including a massive youth sports academy in Qatar, homes all over the world.

I read somewhere that he's the richest retired Aussie athlete, which if true would be quite the accomplishment when you realize how many golf shirts Greg Norman has sold over the years.

He's also on the board of a first-division Belgian club, KAS Eupen, so he has executive experience as well.

Don Alexander
73 Posted 02/06/2023 at 02:59:31
Cahill, who I really liked as a player, late on showed me a side of his character I questioned when he celebrated a goal he scored at Goodison by publicly displaying his support for his recently jailed brother, who'd rightly been convicted of a very serious life-changing assault on his victim.

He tried to extricate himself from opprobrium very quickly of course, but still ......... hmm?

Kieran Kinsella
74 Posted 02/06/2023 at 03:22:16
Mike Gaynes & Don,

I never saw Tim Cahill in person for Everton as I'd moved to America by then but I saw him a few times playing against Sporting KC. I knew one of their (Sporting KC) players, a US international, pretty well.

I won't name names being the internet but you can probably figure it out as I proceed, and he was perturbed I never went to games until Cahill was playing them.

Anyway, in the aftermath of one such game, said player introduced me to one of his teammates as an Everton fan and said teammate said "Oh you guys had Roberto Martinez as manager."

I said "Yeah, oh you've heard of him."

I gave a run down of his Everton time and then said "but prior to that, he managed this crap team called Wigan and he got them all the way to the FA Cup Final which is like a big deal in England. And they beat Man City who are the best team in England."

His teammate sat there politely nodding, the player I knew pretty well seemed amused. Anyway, after I got home, I Googled the name of said teammate whose name didn't ring any bells – who I had given a history lesson about Wigan FC.

To my endless embarrassment, I discovered he was actually part of the Wigan team under Martinez that won the FA Cup.

James Hughes
75 Posted 02/06/2023 at 04:39:50
Dear me. Tim showed his support to his brother when it was needed most.what a terrible person.

I also seem to recall he kept doing the corner flag boxing celebrations for a while.

Rob Rothwell
76 Posted 02/06/2023 at 04:40:15
Mike #66,

Some people here are heartily sick of your posts in general.

Mike Gaynes
77 Posted 02/06/2023 at 04:49:22
Kieran, I'm betting you're talking about Roger Espinoza. Honduras international. I remember him because Wigan had some kind of weird pipeline to Honduras then... when the Catrachos went to the World Cup I think three or four of them listed their club as Wigan. And he's still at KC, right? Gotta be late 30s by now?

Who was your USA International friend? Come on, spill.

Rob Rothwell
78 Posted 02/06/2023 at 04:57:57
Google is amazing.
Mike Gaynes
79 Posted 02/06/2023 at 05:06:45
Rob, I watched the guy play here in Seattle three weeks ago. Couldn't believe he was still out there.

So no, not Google, just a rusty old brain pan full of useless footy information that pops up once in a while.

But by all means keep snarking if it makes ya happy.

Rob Rothwell
80 Posted 02/06/2023 at 05:10:11
I was at the same game. Live in Olympia, Washington.

You should come watch the Blues with the Seattle Evertonians, we had quite the crowd Sunday up in Ballard.

Kieran Kinsella
81 Posted 02/06/2023 at 05:12:43

I can neither confirm or deny… but yes.

As for the other,I can't say but I'm going to sleep now… so Zzzzzzzz.

Mike Gaynes
82 Posted 02/06/2023 at 05:53:04
I'm in Bremerton. Joined the Seattle Evertonians Facebook page last year after I moved here but haven't been to any of their gatherings yet.

Where's Ballard? Still learning the area.

Christine Foster
83 Posted 02/06/2023 at 07:06:39
Rumours, I know, but it will be interesting to see if it pans out this way. I said the same about a year ago, that my take would be he would keep a minority shareholding and bring in new owners, as the value of the club post-stadium should rocket. (Assuming, as one does, we are still in the Premier League!) In effect, he gets two bites at the cherry.

I wouldn't hold your breath for any notification or communications from the board; I suspect they have already cleared their desks. If they are not, they should be. Who knows – they could be working from home, in the garden...

Dan Nulty
84 Posted 02/06/2023 at 11:14:00
Hopefully the start of what is going to be a long process to get us up at the right end of the table.

Need to also clear out the scouting network and rethink the academy. Need to fast track some of these talented 14 and 15 year olds into first team training as I'm sick of reading a few of them being poached.

Tony Abrahams
85 Posted 02/06/2023 at 11:34:38
If we can find a genuine pathway for young players to get a chance to play in our first team, then it won't be long before we ourselves can probably start doing the poaching, maybe, Dan?
David Israel
86 Posted 02/06/2023 at 11:36:42
I sincerely hope this is true.. and puts the Grauniad piece to rest.

And yes, do bring back AGMs.

Raymond Fox
87 Posted 02/06/2023 at 12:21:39
The fly in the ointment for securing any sort of a deal with Moshiri is, what about the inquiry into our spending and the alleged ownership question.

If I were thinking of investing in Everton I would want to know what the outcome of those was before commiting to anything.

Dave Abrahams
88 Posted 02/06/2023 at 12:50:26
Graham (69), Do you think those clubs who may want Iwobi will offer him the reputedly very high wages Everton pay him?
Andrew Ellams
89 Posted 02/06/2023 at 13:10:36
Kieran @ 36

"evidence is irrefutable things CAN always get worse"

Where we are right now is absolute proof of this statement

Kieran Kinsella
90 Posted 02/06/2023 at 13:41:40
I was expecting to read headlines today about this but not a whisper aside from Esks Tweet. So I guess Kenwright’s demise was greatly exaggerated
Dale Self
91 Posted 02/06/2023 at 13:55:45
Waiting for Godot. Or just waiting for him to go.
Allen Rodgers
92 Posted 02/06/2023 at 13:57:54
Kieran I was about to say the same. No media outlet has picked up on this ''rumour of a rumour ''which is all it really is.
Bill Watson
93 Posted 02/06/2023 at 14:11:40
Allen #92

Same here but I was told the same info' The Esk has posted, last Tuesday, so maybe there's something in it. As you say, though, not a thing in the sports media not even Talk Sport (which I'm reluctantly listening to)!

Joe Corgan
94 Posted 02/06/2023 at 14:13:36
I’m not surprised but I am disappointed that the board have been silent since last Sunday. If ever there was a time to come out and outline an action plan it’s now.

I don’t know whether this means that they really are as vacant and incompetent as many of us believe or whether there are major imminent changes going on. I hope it’s the latter but, in any case, the silence has been deafening.

Kieran Kinsella
95 Posted 02/06/2023 at 14:18:45

I am surprised there is nothing because The Echo usually fill their Everton live update page with all sorts of nonsense rumors and anything with a bit of truth in it they also print but say "the Echo understands this demonstrably true fact that is already widely reported is wide of the mark as we haven't been told specifically by Kenwright that it happened yet." But nothing.

Tony Abrahams
96 Posted 02/06/2023 at 14:40:44
Given the absolute silence then I’m certain something must surely be happening?

I was told many times that nothing was going to happen until May, and I continuously got told the same thing whenever I impatiently asked my mate who was giving me this information.

Maybe Kenwright needs to sign things but can’t be contacted? hopefully soon I will be able to send Bill some Blue Ribbon chocolate biscuits, as a sign of how close he got to holding the scissors on Bramley-Moore🤞

Bill Watson
97 Posted 02/06/2023 at 14:40:50
Kieran #95

I try to avoid the Echo as they no longer have real journalists and mostly follow social media or just make stuff up.

They have a team who have onerous click targets so I thought this rumour would be a really easy hit but not a thing. Very strange!

George McKane
98 Posted 02/06/2023 at 14:40:52
Tony/Dave and others - most impressed with Dyche since Sunday - as for the so called Charlatans on The Board - wouldn’t let them run The School Tuck Shop - here’ my CV - I ran Cardinal Godfrey Tuck Shop for a few years and made profits for Pop Moran.
Dale Self
99 Posted 02/06/2023 at 14:45:40
Hey hey George!! Fantastic to see you again! Buon giorno!

And Tony, I am with you on that They go early with the damaging stories but really need to check the good news to maintain journalistic integrity.

Danny O’Neill
100 Posted 02/06/2023 at 14:47:45
It feels like it's happening.

George, get that Vino Rosso on hold and pour a drop ready.

Allen Rodgers
101 Posted 02/06/2023 at 14:57:05
Maybe the delay is BK clinging onto his chair. Yes he can be booted out but nobody can make him sell his shares and his 1.3% holding is quite irrelevant in the overall scheme of things.
I would have thought MSP being the only serious bidder will be able to drive a hard bargain and get rid of him and the other hangers on.
Steve Brown
102 Posted 02/06/2023 at 15:03:25
Like everyone on here, I want this rumour to be true.

But, it doesnt make commercial sense for Moshiri to sell a majority holding before the stadium is completed. Unless he is desperate - is he desperate?

John McFarlane Snr
103 Posted 02/06/2023 at 15:12:46
Hi George [98] it's good to hear from you again, it must have been a worrying time for you, and all those who were unable to attend the Bournemouth game. Although those of us who were present were biting our nails, we had the benefit of being part of the occasion and were able to urge the team over the line. I don't know if I could go through that situation again, let's hope it never happens, take care George and continue to drop a line or two.
Mike Gaynes
104 Posted 02/06/2023 at 15:20:16
Steve #102, he may not have a choice if the report from early this week is true, that the OFSI has found too much financial traffic with Usmanov and is requiring Moshiri to surrender ownership.

That, rather than financial urgency, may be what's driving this reported transaction.

Jay Harris
105 Posted 02/06/2023 at 15:28:13
The good news continues with George back in the land of the living.

The Cosmic grooves are working. Good to have you back George.

As regards the takeover I think we all have to be patient. Lawyers are notoriously slow and pedantic and I'm sure there are a lot of legal issues to be taken into account.

Personally I hope we get some sort of announcement next week especially confirmation that Black Bill is gone but I hate to say we don't know what was in the agreement with Moshiri regarding BK staying on.

Kieran Kinsella
106 Posted 02/06/2023 at 15:44:35
Mike 104/Steve

I heard the investigation into Moshiri was because a mysterious 10 million turned up at Finch Farm of origin unknown. It was in a brown paper bag and it had poor handwriting on it but began with an A followed by squiggels and then it said "money." So the investigators assumed it was Alisher Usmanov money but in actual fact it was the Arteta money.

Ed Prytherch
107 Posted 02/06/2023 at 16:23:55
Mike 104 - that makes sense. It would be nice if it is also the penalty for any P&S violations.
Mike Gaynes
108 Posted 02/06/2023 at 16:35:15
Kieran #106, was it surrounded by a rusty old ring-fence?
Jim Lloyd
109 Posted 02/06/2023 at 16:46:48
Mike, that Simon Goodley report is interesting as he seems to imply that OFSI are reviewing financial transfers of funds between Moshiri and Usmanov, but he seems to have no basis for reaching that conclusion, except as a maybe.

It looks to me that the club binned BDO, as did a number of other organisations and got another firm of auditors in, to put in the final fiancial statement on the last day of March. So, if anything, the Treasury team are reviewing, but as yet, no malpractice has been mentioned by them. So, on the premise, innocent until proven guilty, the treasury team may be going to investigate but even that is a Guardian "tip off from a source"

I hope the tweet about him selling a part of his shares and MSP becoming the major shareholders, is true...for so many reasons, but I've not seen another word about this anywhere. Looking on the internet at 5 this morning, hoping to see nice big headlines but there was nowt! So we'll have to wait. The way I look at it, Mr Moshiri has not said anything yet, and nor have MSP. Where Paul got his information from, we'll have to wait for that information as well.

I'd have thought though, that although Moshiri has close links with Usmanov and whatever has taken place, Before that sanction on Usmanov, is allowable unless there's some form of money laundering gone on. I just can't see Moshiri being that daft, with so much future investment in the north of the City takes place.

Still, who knows, but we'll soon find out...hopefully!

Jeff Armstrong
110 Posted 02/06/2023 at 18:41:48
“I just can't see Moshiri being that daft”. Jim, come on, the guy is an imbecile, he’s allowed himself to be Usmanov’s lackey for the last 10 years, how can an “ accountant “ let happen what’s happened to EFC?

he is nothing more than a money laundering puppet.

Steve Brown
111 Posted 02/06/2023 at 18:43:56
Kieran, perhaps they found the 10 million had been “resting” in Bill’s account.

Jerome Shields
112 Posted 02/06/2023 at 18:50:06
Great News if true.Brian Williams rumour is looking a lot stronger.Moshiri had too many balls in the air and depending on those around him was looking increasingly wobbly.The next two years were looking like a increasing nightmare with his ownership.

His mates have told him to wise up, probably protecting their own interests.

Peter Hodgson
113 Posted 02/06/2023 at 19:13:36
Jim @ 109 and subsequent posts. There is something happening and I for one can't figure it out but it doesn't look look like the land of milk and honey is imminent.

The earlier post reporting what Paul the Esk said was going to happen, was somewhat strange I thought and the fact there has been no further 'news' even stranger. I just hope it wasn't that the news we were all hoping for turns out to be a false dawn.

Maybe there is some webs to untangle before anything else is heard?

Dave Abrahams
114 Posted 02/06/2023 at 19:35:57
George (98), lovely bit of good news George, along with many on ToffeeWeb we were all hoping you would get through your illness, I hope you were able to watch the Blues get through the nail biter with Bournemouth and keep us in the premier league.

Very best wishes George for your future health.

Bill Watson
115 Posted 02/06/2023 at 21:23:55
Nice to see you on here, again, George.

I don't know how you coped watching it on Tv. One of the reasons I go to all the away games is I find it less stressful than listening on the radio or watching on the telly!

I heard Paul Esk's rumour from a different source, on Tuesday, so hopefully there's something in it.

Best Wishes for a speedy recovery.

Christine Foster
116 Posted 02/06/2023 at 22:38:28
Steve, the money wasn't "resting" in the account, it was cooling down!
Christine Foster
117 Posted 02/06/2023 at 22:45:05
George, glad your back, missed the little ditties and such. The last season would put a damper on anyone's life, certainly did with mine.

I was walking around grumbling about my heart for months, when really all I needed was Premier League survival, the board to be replaced, and Moshiri to sell up. I don't ask for much, do I?

Welcome back, George! Now, go and enjoy the pasta, the wine and the sunshine…

Little Darling, I feel the ice is slowly melting
Little Darling, it feels like years since it's been here
Here Comes the Sun
It's all right


Jim Lloyd
118 Posted 02/06/2023 at 23:07:29
Jeff, he's an accountant, probably hired by Usmanov originally to deal with all the finances in his multi-billion-pound empire among all his companies. Usmanov entrusted him to be on the boards of his companies. Now, you might be right Jeff, and he is an imbecile. But this imbecile has gone the majority of the way to getting the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock built.

He also put around £500 million into the club, which gave us an opportunity to see the club progress, which our Board, led by the world's greatest Evertonian duly fucked up. I think he's had to retrench but he's still got around £1.5 billion according to the rich list. So, my view is that whatever he is, imbecile wouldn't be the word I'd use; and he's still putting money into the stadium. So it's a wait-and-see until the Tweet is followed by some solid facts by someone or other.

Peter, like you, I'm hoping there's some solid news coming out soon, as we're all hoping that, at last, the rain has stopped pissing on us. I think though, we've just got to wait and see. Don't forget, next season the P&S judgement will come out and the decision could mean anything, from a fine to recruitment ban or even relegation.

And, like you, I think, even if it comes off we'll be starting from a low position, unless they're lenient on us. I've just read Bill's post, and that looks hopeful. Let's hope the facts come out quite soon, or we'll all be going the quacks for calming down pills or the alehouse... or both!

And, as Kieran may well have discovered the long lost Arteta Money, we could be in a better position than we fear!

Si Pulford
119 Posted 02/06/2023 at 23:34:19
Wouldn’t mind being a billionaire imbecile to be fair.

Jim Lloyd
120 Posted 02/06/2023 at 23:37:43
Si, I'm going to Nightschool to learn the trade.
Jerome Shields
121 Posted 02/06/2023 at 23:55:30
George, glad you are back.

On Moshiri the billionaire, he is good at something to become one and I still believe he will still be quids in regarding his Everton investment, as will his associates.

Jay Evans
122 Posted 03/06/2023 at 07:38:03
Fantastic news if this brings about real change at a strategic level. The importance of reopening the lines of communication with our fans should not be underestimated.

Speaking of fantastic news – welcome back, George. I hope you're on the mend.

Winston Williamson
123 Posted 03/06/2023 at 08:20:16
If this rumour has truth to it, it says two things to me about Moshiri:

1. He now understands he has no time to run a football club and does not trust the Board to run it for him anymore.

2. He now understands he needs professionals on the Board, which means diluting his holding, whilst recouping some of his investment.

I'd say he has been a footballing imbecile. He's trusted the wrong people. He's tried to meddle in the DoF position. He's not used his accountancy skills in the best manner (probably due to the above number 1).

Jerome Shields
124 Posted 03/06/2023 at 08:47:52
Winston #123

There was always method in Moshiri's arms length approach..It goes Ownership of Everton, because of agreeing to Kenwright's terms.Maybe in the wash we might get to know exactly what they were.He has always been a Offshore operators with Company's and set up Directors..Everton maybe the same.He has provided enormous funds and has tried to curtail expenditure when money has went South. Latterly the Premier League Rules have caused such curtailment.He is fully supportive of the existing regime at Everton throughout the losses and has publically said so. Everton is worth more than he paid for it and he is still reported as being a Billionaire, so he must be doing other work well that is not to do with Everton..I don't think your concerns are his concerns.

Jerome Shields
125 Posted 03/06/2023 at 08:47:52
Winston #123

There was always method in Moshiri's arms length approach..It goes Ownership of Everton, because of agreeing to Kenwright's terms.Maybe in the wash we might get to know exactly what they were.He has always been a Offshore operators with Company's and set up Directors..Everton maybe the same.He has provided enormous funds and has tried to curtail expenditure when money has went South. Latterly the Premier League Rules have caused such curtailment.He is fully supportive of the existing regime at Everton throughout the losses and has publically said so. Everton is worth more than he paid for it and he is still reported as being a Billionaire, so he must be doing other work well that is not to do with Everton..I don't think your concerns are his concerns.

Jerome Shields
126 Posted 03/06/2023 at 08:47:52
Winston #123

There was always method in Moshiri's arms length approach..It goes Ownership of Everton, because of agreeing to Kenwright's terms.Maybe in the wash we might get to know exactly what they were.He has always been a Offshore operators with Company's and set up Directors..Everton maybe the same.He has provided enormous funds and has tried to curtail expenditure when money has went South. Latterly the Premier League Rules have caused such curtailment.He is fully supportive of the existing regime at Everton throughout the losses and has publically said so. Everton is worth more than he paid for it and he is still reported as being a Billionaire, so he must be doing other work well that is not to do with Everton..I don't think your concerns are his concerns.

Jerome Shields
127 Posted 03/06/2023 at 08:47:52
Winston #123

There was always method in Moshiri's arms length approach..It goes Ownership of Everton, because of agreeing to Kenwright's terms.Maybe in the wash we might get to know exactly what they were.He has always been a Offshore operators with Company's and set up Directors..Everton maybe the same.He has provided enormous funds and has tried to curtail expenditure when money has went South. Latterly the Premier League Rules have caused such curtailment.He is fully supportive of the existing regime at Everton throughout the losses and has publically said so. Everton is worth more than he paid for it and he is still reported as being a Billionaire, so he must be doing other work well that is not to do with Everton..I don't think your concerns are his concerns.

Jerome Shields
128 Posted 03/06/2023 at 08:47:52
Winston #123

There was always method in Moshiri's arms length approach..It goes Ownership of Everton, because of agreeing to Kenwright's terms.Maybe in the wash we might get to know exactly what they were.He has always been a Offshore operators with Company's and set up Directors..Everton maybe the same.He has provided enormous funds and has tried to curtail expenditure when money has went South. Latterly the Premier League Rules have caused such curtailment.He is fully supportive of the existing regime at Everton throughout the losses and has publically said so. Everton is worth more than he paid for it and he is still reported as being a Billionaire, so he must be doing other work well that is not to do with Everton..I don't think your concerns are his concerns.

Jerome Shields
129 Posted 03/06/2023 at 08:47:52
Winston #123

There was always method in Moshiri's arms length approach..It goes Ownership of Everton, because of agreeing to Kenwright's terms.Maybe in the wash we might get to know exactly what they were.He has always been a Offshore operators with Company's and set up Directors..Everton maybe the same.He has provided enormous funds and has tried to curtail expenditure when money has went South. Latterly the Premier League Rules have caused such curtailment.He is fully supportive of the existing regime at Everton throughout the losses and has publically said so. Everton is worth more than he paid for it and he is still reported as being a Billionaire, so he must be doing other work well that is not to do with Everton..I don't think your concerns are his concerns.

Jerome Shields
130 Posted 03/06/2023 at 08:47:53
Winston #123

There was always method in Moshiri's arms length approach..It goes Ownership of Everton, because of agreeing to Kenwright's terms.Maybe in the wash we might get to know exactly what they were.He has always been a Offshore operators with Company's and set up Directors..Everton maybe the same.He has provided enormous funds and has tried to curtail expenditure when money has went South. Latterly the Premier League Rules have caused such curtailment.He is fully supportive of the existing regime at Everton throughout the losses and has publically said so. Everton is worth more than he paid for it and he is still reported as being a Billionaire, so he must be doing other work well that is not to do with Everton..I don't think your concerns are his concerns.

Tony Abrahams
131 Posted 03/06/2023 at 09:01:34
Made up to hear from you George, mate, and have to agree with John Mc, about it being a lot easier being lucky enough to be at Goodison last Sunday afternoon.

Mike G, said he thought about me and my dad amongst others, but I can assure him, that although I never feel sorry for anyone, I definitely felt for all the Evertonians who couldn’t attend Goodison last week. I’d have probably had a heart attack if I couldn’t have been there, and it’s only when you come back down to earth that you realize how much days like last Sunday actually take out of you.

I go the gym most days, but I’ve felt that tired this week, that my first day back was only yesterday, and I must have been that tense watching last Sunday, that my body felt like I’d done an almighty workout, for most of last week.

This is what Everton do to us, and they are also probably why a lot of us are all addicted to this magnificent website.

Paul Hewitt
132 Posted 03/06/2023 at 09:51:00
Looks like MSP are getting cold feet about investing.
Jim Lloyd
133 Posted 03/06/2023 at 10:02:08
What makes you say that Paul?
Paul Hewitt
134 Posted 03/06/2023 at 10:04:26
Seen a report on the BBC. Not that that makes it true.
Paul Hewitt
135 Posted 03/06/2023 at 10:20:38
Ignore my first post Jim. On second look the report is crap.
Paul Smith
136 Posted 03/06/2023 at 10:29:17
Paul H cue frantically searching the internet for BBC report. Nearly ruined my Saturday, guess some habits die hard.
Allen Rodgers
137 Posted 03/06/2023 at 10:35:54
Paul @134 if it's a BBC report it will be days old. Word has just reached then that Moshiri is under investigation.
Jim Lloyd
138 Posted 03/06/2023 at 11:01:01
I think we're all having attacks of "The Vapours" Paul, while we're waiting for some news! What we'll have to do,I think mate, is stay wandering around in the dark, until some kind soul sheds a little light on what's going on!
Dearly hope I'm wrong; but my 5 penny worth is that it would take some while for all the legal stuff to be ironed out between Moshiri's and the Americans legal teams to finalise what would be an extremely complex sort of negotiations, including those to rearrange the composition the board. And getting rid of Kenwright would be my hope that we've taken the first step on the road to recovery! They might mean a shareholders meeting. Buggered if I know what all that lot would entail.
What I feel Paul,is we're still alive and kicking, we've got a decent manager who's got a bit of time to carry out some repairs to the squad. So, until we get to know what's going on, best to enjoy thr sunshine. That's if we can tear ourselves away from ToffeeWeb! Let's live in hope!
Tony Abrahams
139 Posted 03/06/2023 at 12:57:15
Brian Murray has just texted me to say that he's been on the protest outside the Liver Building's this morning, and he's now going out on the ale to celebrate all the good news he's been hearing. If Brian's information is good, then Sharp has gone after signing a non-disclosure, and William won't be far behind him.

He said the news about Moshiri relinquishing more than 50% of his shares is being reported as true, so hopefully Brian can bump into Jaz, and buy him a nice cold pint as a peace offering, because we are all Evertonians who just want the best for our club.

If this news is true, then fuck Manchester City versus Manchester United today, because I'm already preparing for next year's cup final! Up the fuckin Toffees!!!

Denis Richardson
140 Posted 03/06/2023 at 13:28:08
Tony 139 - I'm not sure to be happy or not, with so many let downs over the years. However, given current momentum it does seem that something seismic is about to happen.

Looking forward to confirmation and thank god Dyche kept us up. Fingers crossed this will be a good summer for all blues.

Couldn't care less about the Cup Final tbh – enjoying the sun with the kids today not having to worry about who we're playing.

Robert Tressell
141 Posted 03/06/2023 at 14:35:51
Whatever the truth of these individual rumours about investment, ownership, club management etc, it looks pretty clear that we're on the brink of some meaningful change.

It may take more time than we'd all like to resolve it but it looks like someone new will be running the show before too long. Hopefully it concludes in time to fund some reinforcements before the transfer window shuts.

Dale Self
142 Posted 03/06/2023 at 14:45:35
Robert, I will take that as “We ain’t gonna work on Maggie’s farm no more!”.

The electric version with the Band is my preference.

Andy Meighan
143 Posted 03/06/2023 at 14:51:14
Jim 28. Yes, it was me who posted that.

I actually got that from a very good source, and knowing that bloated clown and his arrogance it wouldn't shock me at all.

If this news is true and there is change afoot, it's absolutely great news.

Have a great summer, Jim. UTFT

Robert Tressell
144 Posted 03/06/2023 at 15:03:09
I've just had to Google the Maggie's farm reference, Dale. But judging by the lyrics / sentiment of the song, then yes, we're on the same page.
Nick Page
146 Posted 03/06/2023 at 16:19:21
“Be careful what you wish for"
"Better the devil you know"
"Frying pan to fire" - take your pick.
Let's see the transfer kitty first.

Bill's mate at it again.

Hopefully with the imminent board clear out, some of the shite so-called fans will fuck off permanently too.

Mike Gaynes
147 Posted 03/06/2023 at 16:41:50
Irony is alive and well on TW.
Brent Stephens
148 Posted 03/06/2023 at 16:45:01
Nick, there are no “shite so-called fans” on this site. I don’t know who you’re mixing with.
Nick Page
149 Posted 03/06/2023 at 16:51:43
Are you taking the piss, Brent? There’s plenty of Kenwright happy clappers on here.
Brent Stephens
150 Posted 03/06/2023 at 16:55:41
That’s their right. But we don’t get to call them “shite so-called fans”.
Nick Page
151 Posted 03/06/2023 at 17:00:50
I do and I just did.
Ed Prytherch
152 Posted 03/06/2023 at 17:09:29
Billy Buggerlugs is holding out for a statue of himself with his arms spread wide on top of the hydraulic tower at Bramley-Moore Dock.
Martin Mason
153 Posted 03/06/2023 at 17:23:05

Happy Clappers exist only in your distorted imagination. An instance taken totally out of context and seized open by bitters like you to vent their bile.

Kieran Kinsella
154 Posted 03/06/2023 at 17:26:21

I've been an anti-Kenwright zealot for a long time like yourself mate. I have been annoyed plenty of times with Kenwright advocates but, in my opinion, they're merely naive.

They mistakenly think or thought he was the best man for the job but, if they were “shite” fans, they wouldn't be concerned to begin with.

Martin Mason
155 Posted 03/06/2023 at 17:29:03
Brent, we don't get to call people like you that neither.
Martin Mason
156 Posted 03/06/2023 at 17:33:25
Kieran, not agreeing with you doesn't mean that they are naïve. They have exactly the same right to their opinion as you as long as they can support what they say. They can also be partially right which is a concept that some can't understand.
Danny O’Neill
157 Posted 03/06/2023 at 17:36:34
Out of order, Nick.

We all have different views.

We all want the same thing.

And we will do.

I'm happily clapping.

Martin Mason
158 Posted 03/06/2023 at 17:43:55
Danny, the difference between you and Nick et al is that you are an Evertonian of the very best kind. Whilst these people exist, I'm a happy clapper too – whatever that is.
Jim Lloyd
159 Posted 03/06/2023 at 17:46:08
Well, Every Evertonian is a good supporter. They must effin well be to stick with the club through all the dire stuff we've gone through.

There's many of us who put most, if not all, the blame on Kenwright for the mess we're in. Personally, I can't stand the scheming scumbag for what I think he's done to our club; and can't wait for him to get binned.

But there'll be many who don't see things the way I do. so if it seems that Sharp has gone, and Kenwright might be going, I'll be chuffed to bits.

Tony, what good news has Brian heard. Is it some more information from the original Twitter info?

Steve Brown
160 Posted 03/06/2023 at 17:53:36
By the way, where is Darren Hind these days?

We often disagreed on football opinions, but he added a lot of value to TW. Anyone know?

Barry Hesketh
161 Posted 03/06/2023 at 18:08:54
There has never been and never will be a hierarchy of Everton fans, nor will there be a single opinion that is universally accepted by all Evertonians.

It is totally acceptable to vehemently argue and disagree with each other, but it is bang out of order to call anyone names and particularly a name which many reserve for the club over the park.

Kieran Kinsella
163 Posted 03/06/2023 at 18:10:26

I said “in my opinion, they are naive” – I didn't say they are factually categorically naive. I didn't say they didn't have no right to share their view.

And lastly, you add that their entitlement to a view is contingent on them being able to support it. Untrue. They have the right to a view regardless of whether they can support it.

My point was that, in my opinion, it's not reasonable to call them “shite”. I didn't suggest any censorship of anyone's views.

Dale Self
164 Posted 03/06/2023 at 19:03:37
Let's not get carried away here. I haven't settled up with the Lard people yet. Flappy clappers maybe?

We should recognize that using happy clapper and its variations is testament to Darren's influence on TW discourse.

Stephen Davies
165 Posted 03/06/2023 at 19:16:18
Take with a pinch of salt...

From Twitter:

Just had confirmation 100% Denise Barrett-Baxendale has left Everton. Kenwright will be going but not confirmed yet.

Brian Williams
166 Posted 03/06/2023 at 19:16:49
Brent #148.

Nick, there are no “shite so-called fans” on this site.

You're right Brent. But there is the odd attention-seeking tosser. 😉

Raymond Fox
167 Posted 03/06/2023 at 19:21:37
I will believe this when I see it, I sure hope so but, as a said earlier, I wouldn't be buying into Everton till this rumoured business with Usmanov and our spending have got the green light.

That is unless the rumoured ones know something we don't or they have been made an offer they can't refuse.

Robert Williams
168 Posted 03/06/2023 at 19:23:53
Tony @139,

Sounds like excellent news… but why the need for non-disclosure? I bet the four are busy shredding documents and stuffing them down the shit house.

Gary Brown
169 Posted 03/06/2023 at 19:27:29
Ray, do you think the authorities will be going after Boehly for Roman's years?

Best for all concerned for Moshiri to lose control. If punished it'll be him, not the club.

Martin Mason
170 Posted 03/06/2023 at 19:49:40
Kieran @163,

Fair comment and apologies, although I'll disagree about opinions needing support.

Pat Kelly
171 Posted 03/06/2023 at 21:08:49
Are MSP getting cold feet over the Inland Revenue investigation into Moshiri?
Raymond Fox
172 Posted 03/06/2023 at 22:22:27
Gary, if our government decide that Moshiri's money is really Usmanov's, I think they could freeze his assets. It's all supposition anyway – we don't know for sure if there is an inquiry.

Abramovitch sold up and scarpered to Turkey before those assets were frozen.

I'm not sure how that would work in our case but it could get messy, it clouds the issue enough for me to be wary.

Danny O’Neill
173 Posted 04/06/2023 at 06:20:46
We are all scarred. We are all cautious. But I am cautiously optimistic that change is about to happen.

The Esk and likewise, Alan Myers, are usually reliable sources. If you're hearing it from them, then something is happening.

As mentioned on this thread, change on the pitch won't happen immediately. We know from experience that unwisely throwing money at the problem doesn't solve it.

But hopefully, however this shapes out, we will have ownership and a board that sets a strategy and direction to get the club back to a position where it once again is competing at the right end of the Premier League table.

Tony Abrahams
174 Posted 04/06/2023 at 12:40:42
Sorry Jim L, only what I've posted, mate.

As I told Brian, until this becomes factual and true, then I'm not celebrating anything. I believe they have left the club in such a terrible state that there isn't very much to celebrate anyway.

Hopefully soon we will get some real genuine professional people and things will slowly become much better.

Joe McMahon
175 Posted 04/06/2023 at 16:51:02
First time checking this weekend, I see Kenwright and Co are still here.

Another note I personally felt player of the season should have been Dwight McNeil.

Alex Gray
176 Posted 04/06/2023 at 16:57:15
From what I heard MSP have to go through the fit and proper owners test thing before they can buy into us. That's the hold up so Bill and co won't be gone until MSP are 100% in. What i've heard anyway.
Steve Brown
177 Posted 05/06/2023 at 12:51:24
As I expected, MSP will aim for a minority stake in Everton.

The Athetlc reporting:

“The proposed deal would see a limited partnership led by New York-based MSP give Moshiri £100-150million ($124-187m) in loans that can be converted to equity in the Merseyside club.

MSP's proposal would see it provide £100m in loans with warrants — a type of security that enables lenders to buy shares at a low, fixed price — that would give the firm a 25 per cent stake in Everton. However, MSP could end up with an even bigger stake as Everton need more like £150m to cover the funding gap at Bramley-Moore Dock and the club's day-to-day needs.

And MSP would not just get shares: it would also be entitled to two seats on the club's board.“

Moshiri will only sell once the stadium is built. That's how he gets his ROI.

Steve Brown
178 Posted 05/06/2023 at 12:55:35
“The firm's co-founders, former sports agent Jeff Moorad and Iranian-American businessman Jahm Najafi are the proposed general partners of the group investing in Everton and one, if not both, would normally be expected to take a seat on the board.

But there are also at least two highly qualified Everton supporters among the group and either or both of them could join the board. They are Andy Bell, the founder of online stockbroker AJ Bell, and property developer George Downing.

Bell, in particular, would appear to be ideal as he stood down from running AJ Bell last year and has spent his time since looking like a man on the hunt for a challenge. Everton are certainly that, but he might not be able to take a seat on the board as he has already invested in the club, which could be interpreted as a conflict of interest.”

Steve Brown
179 Posted 05/06/2023 at 12:57:51
“His investment is effectively interim funding for the stadium while Moshiri and MSP hammer out the finer points of the larger deal, and it has been secured via two charges registered at Companies House late last month, against the stadium company. The money, believed to be in the region of £40m, has come from Blythe Capital, a firm owned by Bell and his wife.

If Moshiri and MSP can complete their deal — and sources on both sides of the negotiations, who do not wish to be named as they have signed non-disclosure agreements, say they are “on track” — in the next four to five weeks, Moshiri is confident he can borrow the rest of the money needed to complete the stadium. If all goes to plan, it would come in the form of a five-year construction loan arranged by JPMorgan and MUFG, as their clients should be more comfortable with the amount of risk attached.

Once the stadium is built and hopefully adds £40-60m to Everton's turnover, the club's owners would then try to refinance all of Everton's borrowings with a large, long-term corporate bond. Assuming global interest rates go the way most economists are predicting, this could happen within three years. Any early repayment penalty on the construction loan would be cancelled out by the lower cost of borrowing.”

Christine Foster
180 Posted 05/06/2023 at 13:14:59
Steve Brown @160,

I have it on good authority that he has taken up the post as PR director for Mr Ancelotti…

Steve Brown
181 Posted 05/06/2023 at 13:23:44
Haha Christine, quality.

Think Ian Edwards has also signed on to carry Carlo’s man bag.

Michael Kenrick
182 Posted 05/06/2023 at 13:57:34
Steve, just reading that in The Athletic.

Seems odd that Andy Bell could be prevented from sitting on the board "as he has already invested in the club, which could be interpreted as a conflict of interest."

I would have thought it's more an alignment of interests rather than a conflict. If he has loaned money to the club, isn't that an extra incentive for him to do his best in the interests of the club as a way of ensuring he gets his money back?

Barry Hesketh
183 Posted 05/06/2023 at 14:14:00
I think many journalists and experts are in the dark regarding what is going to happen with Everton. I bet even Moshiri hasn't made his mind up as yet.

There will be legal people and 'football insiders' who will be privy to a certain amount of privileged information, but mostly it will be educated guess-work, which the likes of Paul the Esk and others seem to run with all too prematurely.

It may be a long drawn out summer of speculation and counter speculation until everything is cleared and an official announcement is made.

On the Bell information, surely the loan he has made, will be an interim one that could be repaid in full once the deal, if there is a deal to be made, is complete and possibly freeing him up to become Chairman, should he want the gig?

I hope that Mike Gaynes is correct in his assessment of MSP, but I was rather hoping a huge financial backer such as those interested in Manchester United would look in our direction. This need that the club seems to have, to keep the club a local one for local people, has held us back in the last few years, and it will hold us back in the future too.

Mike Gaynes
184 Posted 05/06/2023 at 14:37:12
Steve and Michael, that strikes me as odd too... I wouldn't have thought that Bell providing a loan would qualify as investing in the club unless he took actual shares as part of the transaction.


Man Utd is an entirely different kind of investment on an entirely different scale. Massive outlay required, massive expectation of profitable return.

The club is a proven cash machine based on its international marketing operations -- the Glazers have pocketed tens of millions of dollars -- while Everton generates no such returns.

Barry Hesketh
185 Posted 05/06/2023 at 14:42:26
Mike @

I agree entirely, however, that didn't prevent Newcastle United attracting such investors and at the time, they were in a similar situation to us, perhaps not as badly financially handicapped as we are, but not too different to us?

Barry Hesketh
186 Posted 05/06/2023 at 14:56:08
The link below gives an insight into Andy Bell, it's a few years old, but perhaps helpful to people like myself, who had no inkling about him, until very recently.

How a working class maths whiz became a £165m investment pioneer

Thanks to the guy at Grand Old Team who linked this article originally.

Mike Gaynes
187 Posted 05/06/2023 at 15:19:02
Barry #185,

Newcastle didn't attract big private investors looking for profits. They attracted an oil kingdom looking for "sportwashing" PR that couldn't care less about positive cash flow.

Why they picked Newcastle instead of us or Villa or Fulham or somebody else, who knows, but I read that it wouldn't have happened without the Saudi government pressuring Boris.

Steve Brown
188 Posted 05/06/2023 at 15:32:03
Mike and Mike, I also don’t understand why making a loan to the club would prevent Andy Bell from taking board seat.
Paul Hewitt
189 Posted 05/06/2023 at 16:04:30
Steve @188.

It's Andy's company that gave the loan so the stadium can carry on being built. So if Andy took a seat on the board and in the future the club failed to pay the loan back, then Andy's company could take the stadium off the club. Same as a bank if you fail to pay your mortgage.

Kieran Kinsella
190 Posted 05/06/2023 at 16:25:34

"…educated guess-work, which the likes of Paul the Esk and others seem to run with all too prematurely."

Exactly. We've had a long history under Bill of "watch this space", "check is in the mail", and more recently Moshiri "new investment is coming", and "if we need a striker, we get a striker".

Basically, vague statements and leaks timed to quell anxiety and intrigue. The "takeover" last summer by Kenyon's group seemed to be much further along and was widely reported in the press as being much more developed than the current MSP involvement which has been on the slow burner for months but is always just beyond the horizon.

Jay Evans
191 Posted 05/06/2023 at 16:54:31
Barry 186 - thanks for the link.

Reading up on Mr Bell, it is very difficult not to be very impressed by him.

Barry Hesketh
192 Posted 05/06/2023 at 17:24:07
Bill Wrong-Un@WatchedToffee
22minutes ago.

So long Chairman Bill, sorry, Bill, and Little Miss Dynamite.

Good riddance.

Wishful thinking on behalf of the myopic – when it comes to the Chairman – Watched Toffee? Or has he heard something concrete?

Stephen Davies
193 Posted 05/06/2023 at 18:09:02
From elsewhere.

The MSP convertible debt is a drop in the ocean of the total funding gap.

The idea it will enable a more ‘normal” construction loan to a club under the threat of Premier League sanctions and an owner who is banned from entering USA and is a person of interest in an ongoing UK criminal investigation seems rather fanciful to me.

It looks a lot like is simply playing for time and hoping something turns up…

IMO the most likely outcome from here is that, if the MSP loan goes through, they will have this tranche of debt converted to new shares relatively quickly as a condition for them then offering the additional loan(s) needed (likely on worse terms). This would ultimately lead to them taking effective control without Moshiri receiving a penny, but with him retaining a minority stake (subject to any legal proceedings).

In this scenario, the club would be cash-strapped in the extreme, in pure sell-to-buy mode and we will be left hoping new directors appointed by MSP and perhaps also Moshiri can get us on a more even financial footing and attract new commercial partners. Thelwell & Dyche will do very well to keep us up, let alone improve us in this situation. Any points deduction could well prove fatal.

Moshiri remains an absolute farce. Zero credibility left.

I fear it is going to stay very bumpy and the worst may not be over.

Steve Brown
194 Posted 06/06/2023 at 11:35:26
Thanks Paul.

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