I just wanted to address the issue of comments moderation and accusations that posts only stay on the site if they tally with the opinion of the moderator(s) or were submitted by one of the "cool kids" after the lead-off comment on the Jack Harrison interview article (together with subsequent comments referring to it) was removed.

We have always encouraged members to post something worthwhile; something that actually either adds to the discussion or, in the case of the lead comment, provides a jumping-off point for the thread.

I freely acknowledge, as I often do, that the comment moderation policies are not evenly or consistently applied on ToffeeWeb, particularly on longer threads but as a PSA, I will say that there is a high bar for the first few comments on any thread. 

Simply posting a negative one-word comment to start the discussion doesn't add anything and will likely be removed. It has nothing to do with your standing on the site — for the purposes of clarity, there are no favourites here even if there have been complaints that it can be a bit cliquey — or whether or not the mods agree with your opinion!

The original intent when comments were first introduced was that each be like a little article but it's the nature of these forums that many just end up being one-liners. But my advice: post a comment that is on-topic and worth reading!