Fulham 0 - 0 Everton

Everton return to Premier League action on Tuesday evening as they travel to London to face a tricky assignment against Fulham at Craven Cottage.

Ashley Young returns to the side but Abdoulaye Doucouré is still out injured and Amadou Onana is another big miss after sustaining a problem in the FA Cup defeat to Luton. Coleman and Gomes also absent.

Idrissa Gueye is on his way back from the African Cup of Nations after Senegal were eliminated. Patterson is dropped to the bench with Godfrey stepping up in a possible back 5, and Arnaut Danjuma starts.

For Fulham, former Academy graduate Antonee Robinson starts under former Blues manager, Marco Silva.  

Everton in salmon pink strip looked to press Fulham high from their kick-off but they advanced and shot off target. Clavert-Lewin fed Harrison for a brilliant chance, that Harrison tried but failed to put the right side of Leno's far post. What a miss!

Another decent Pinks attack saw Calvert-Lewn's attempted strike blocked at his feet and Everton's first corner was played short and wasted, Fulham getting a corner from a poor Everton backpass, Pereira sliced his shot well wide. 

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A good Fulham cross was cleared by Godfrey but Robinson's deflected shot was parried by Pickford for a Fulham corner that was eventually cleared, Pereira going down at the slightest touch from Tarkowski: nothing in it. Godfrey did very well to stall Robinson.  

Fulham had the better start despite two potential chances for Everton, and they needed to play up. But when they did, Calvert-Lewin striding forward was very well tackled by Palhinha, then McNeil played the ball straight to a defender. Garner tried but failed to find Calvert-Lewin. Danjuma then had a lame shot to Leno.

After struggling to break Everton down, Fulham won a handy free-kick for a Danjuma handball, Palhinha heading over a decent ball in from Pereria. Danjuma tried to play a one-two with Mykolenko before Young drew a foul for a very threatening free-kick. 

Young's ball was pushed back into play by Leno, and a Tarkowski shot was deflected up onto the bar and down onto Robinson's arm (Handball???) before he cleared the ball two-thirds across the goal line... no goal, no handball, no penalty.

But Everton came back at them after the restart, Harrison fouled by Palhinha, and another set-piece chance. Harrison drove it into the wall and Godfrey then committed a foul. But Godfrey was then booked for the slightest pull-back on Robinson. 

Everton tried to press Fulham high again but they forced their way forward. Everton blocked that move and quickly countered, the ball coming to Danjuma who cut inside but his shot was simply awful.  

Fulham put together a strong attack that saw Willian turn inside and try his trademark curler but Branthwaite blocked away brilliantly. Fulham surged forward again but Pickford was out quickly to smother the danger. 

But Fulham powered forward again and won a corner, short and worked around to Pereria whose shot zoomed 2 feet over Pickford's bar. A Pickford hoof was held up by Calvert-Lewin but driven straight at Leno by Harrison. 

Fulham came closest, Robinson's cross, Smashed goalward and blocked, but falling to Jimenez who screwed this shot inches wide. Branthwaite caught Jimenez on his ankle and was shown a yellow card for it. 

Godfrey was covering Robinson well and getting forward so Young could cross, but well behind Calvert-Lewin; Danjuma on the overlap saw his shot deflected behind, the resulting corner finally cleared as the half came to a close; probably even on points at this stage, with missed chances to rue.

Everton were soon looking for a penalty after the restart but the contact on Harrison was deemed insufficient. Fulham countered, winning a corner that was headed clear by Tarkowski but the pressure was maintained. 

A tremendous cross in was headed behind very well by Godfrey away from Tosin. Fulham had a few more bites of the cherry before Pickford grabbed the ball. Pereira lashed a shot well wide. Muniz won a high press but Pickford got to it before the offside flag went up. 

Branthwaite was caught by Muniz and Pickford hoofed it up for Tarkowski to head back to Godfrey whose shot deflected behind. Calvert-Lewin headed onto the bar at the back post. Everton kept up the press and Calvert-Lewin again headed just over the bar from distance. 

Robinson broke free down the left and his cross could not be turned in by Pereira at the far post. Branthwaite made a huge error to release Cordova-Reid, who crossed rather than shooting, Godfry getting it away from Palhinha.

Calvert-Lewin got free and looked to cut it back but to no-one and a shot was eventually blocked away before the linesman finally flagged Calvert-Lewin offside. At the other end, another corner for Fulham but it was cleared and Danjuma could not get past Robinson. 

Back toward the Everton goal and another corner for Fulham, headed over by Muniz. It was all very high tempo now, with Fulham piling up the attacks. Pereira drove in along the line and forced another Fulham corner, the header easily caught by Pickford. 

Everton tried to counter but it broke down and they needed another critical block on Muniz's shot behind for a corner. That came in and was flicked on by Castagne, off the top of the bar! 

A sweeping attack by Everton saw Young crossing ahead of Calvert-Lewin and another strike coming in before the very late offside flag went up again. At the other end, yet another corner for Fulham, headed clear by Calvert-Lewin defending the near post.

Another strong Fulham attack Cordiva-Reid lashed a shot into the side netting, for another corner, and then off Calvert-Lewin for yet another corner, played sort and an excellent cross dug out by Willian and headed firmly at goal by Tosin forcing a tremendous acrobatic save from Pickford.

Late late subs as ever from Dyche: Beto and Patterson on for Calvert-Lewin and Young with less than 10 minutes left. More deep defending needed by Everton as they clung resolutely on to the point they started with. De Cordova-Reid scuffed a shot that bobbled just wide of Pickford's goalpost.

More Fulham corners with Everton now penned back, De Cordova-Reid powering a shot well wide. Everton finally got up the field and won a free-kick that Garner swung in well, Tosin heading behind for a rare Everton corner that Leno flapped at but Tarkowski was penalised. 

Danjuma needed 3 minutes treatment after an innocuous contact, perhaps twisting his knee, Dobbin coming on for him with 6 minutes added on. Willian  popped up another brilliant cross for De Cordova-Reid to head powerfully straight at Pickford with space either side of him.

Everton won a turnover off Tosin and Beto's shot got them a corner. Tarkowski headed it back to Beto who incredibly headed over from 2 yards!  The ball worked around and Garner's shot deflected wide.  The corner came in and an almighty scramble at the far post, Beto and Godfrey both unable to convert before Leno finally pounced on it. 

And that was it. Probably another 2 winnable points not won but there is credit for another vital point that was secured through some exceptional defensive work. 

Fulham:  Leno; Castagne, Tosin, Diop (75' Ream), Robinson; Palhinha [Y:29'], Cairney; De Cordova-Reid, Pereira, Willian, Jimenez (46' Muniz). 

Subs not Used: Rodak, Tete, Reed, Lukic, Vinicius, Francois, Sekularac.

Everton: Pickford, Godfrey [Y:29'], Tarkowski, Branthwaite [Y:42'], Mykolenko, Young (81' Patterson), Garner, McNeil, Harrison, Danjuma (90' Dobbin), Calvert-Lewin (81' Beto).

Subs not Used: Virginia, Lonergan, Keane, Chermiti, Hunt, Metcalfe.

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Ian Edwards
1 Posted 30/01/2024 at 18:34:35
Having just seen the team, I'm not even going to watch it. Young and Godfrey. I'll see Forest v Arsenal on TV instead.
Andy Crooks
2 Posted 30/01/2024 at 18:38:28
Top support, Ian. Think of the Blues travelling to support our team and hang your head in shame.
Ian Edwards
3 Posted 30/01/2024 at 18:39:47
I'm not at the ground, Andy, so the team will not notice if I'm watching on a stream or not.
Dale Self
4 Posted 30/01/2024 at 18:43:31
Why come here to claim you’re not going to watch or that you are actually an ex-supporter?

Is this amateur psy-ops hour?

Stephen Davies
5 Posted 30/01/2024 at 18:44:57
As I mentioned yesterday:

Godfrey, Young and Danjuma all play

Ian Edwards
6 Posted 30/01/2024 at 18:47:29
Just voicing exasperation with the team selection, Dale. Don't make it about me.
Dennis Stevens
7 Posted 30/01/2024 at 18:48:08
Can't help but feel that Garner's going to have a torrid evening…
James Marshall
8 Posted 30/01/2024 at 18:48:18
That looks suspiciously like 5 at the back to me.

Strap yourselves in, it's gonna be a long night.

Mike Gaynes
9 Posted 30/01/2024 at 18:49:07
Well… that's an interesting list of players. Can't wait to see who lines up where. Godfrey at DM??

Ian, enjoy the Arsenal game. We will enjoy your absence from ours.

Neil Lawson
10 Posted 30/01/2024 at 18:50:19
Really down to the bare bones. Is there no youngster worthy of a chance?
Jonathan Tasker
11 Posted 30/01/2024 at 18:50:22
Dale 85.

I'm still interested. I just genuinely don't care how we do
Think of it as like a former lover.

Bill Gienapp
12 Posted 30/01/2024 at 18:50:36
So is it a back five, or is Young playing midfield and Godfrey's replacing Patterson for literally no good reason?
Liam Mogan
13 Posted 30/01/2024 at 18:52:09
5 at back:

Harrison Garner McNeil middle 3.

Danjuma behind Calvert-Lewin.

Or Calvert-Lewin up top with Harrison in centre-midfield.

My best guess.

Si Cooper
14 Posted 30/01/2024 at 18:53:17
Seven out of 10 fixtures televised over 3 days with ours being one of the ignored three. They should stick to either televising a minority or making sure all get the same exposure.

Have to rely on what will no doubt be the absolute minimum in terms of highlights on MotD tomorrow. Hope those who get to see it get a decent performance.

James Marshall
15 Posted 30/01/2024 at 18:53:25
5 at the back is my bet. Sitting in and hoping to hit them on the break or when we go long. Dychian times.
Jay Harris
16 Posted 30/01/2024 at 18:58:31
I don't know what some people want.

We have an injury crisis and a lack of players due to finances. FFS get behind the team and the manager unless you know better.

Dale Self
17 Posted 30/01/2024 at 18:58:42
Alright Ian and Jonathan, no personal attack intended, I guess I'm just frustrated with some selfishness. Don't think the rest of us are immune to or unaware of the situation. We trying to keep it together just long enough to give the team enough so they may beat the odds

You are free to express yourselves as you wish. If it gets a bit much I will express myself. And please don't use “we” like some jerks on here. If you're down on Everton, I get it. Just don't take some of us down who are trying to keep afloat.

And Ian, sorry if that came across as one of our old scraps. It wasn't intended solely toward you and Jonathan. Times are tough man.

David Bromwell
18 Posted 30/01/2024 at 18:59:31
Seems like Young at full back and Godfrey in midfield to me, not encouraging, but options clearly limited.
James Marshall
20 Posted 30/01/2024 at 19:02:51
Fair point, Jay, best we can do right now.
Ben King
21 Posted 30/01/2024 at 19:03:59
How can anyone have a go at Dyche??? He's hardly responsible for the injury crises or lack of squad numbers. He's managing with both hands tied behind his back and points wise has us in mid-table.

Obviously we all wish that some of the performances and results were better… but mid-table with a squad like ours is incredible.

Those critics genuinely have no idea. The man deserves a statue for keeping us up last season without a recognised striker. But people are keen to overlook that.

Maybe it's a sign of the times: sheer entitlement.

Brent Stephens
22 Posted 30/01/2024 at 19:07:18
If that's 5 at the back, then it's a strange midfield. Harrison and McNeil are normally wide, as is Danjuma. So in the mid of midfield is just Garner??? I can't see that, so intrigued as to who actually will play where.
Anthony Flack
23 Posted 30/01/2024 at 19:07:51
Christy Ring
24 Posted 30/01/2024 at 19:09:11
I reckon Godfrey defensive midfielder and Young right back, if we play five at the back again, we'll be destroyed in midfield.

Ian and Jonathan, with lack of bodies in midfield, team selection was never easy, but do not support us says everything about you

Kieran Kinsella
25 Posted 30/01/2024 at 19:13:48
Midfield has a really steely look to it. Love the quality options on the bench too. Three points already in the bag. EAS-Y EAS-Y EAS-Y.
John Dingle
26 Posted 30/01/2024 at 19:14:36
Gonna miss the Douc and Onana. What else is Dyche supposed to do? Rejuvenate Reid and Bracewell.
Simon Harrison
27 Posted 30/01/2024 at 19:17:18
Interesting to see Godfrey preferred to Patto at RB?

Is Onana injured, OR is he being saved for a possible transfer?

Stephen [5]

Please could I have the winning Euro Millions numbers for tonight or Friday now please..?

James [8]

I doubt we'll play a back 5, as Dyche always learns form his previous faux pas', see playing two up top re Luton, and he knows a back 5 works well for us...

Hopefully, it'll be a 4-4-1-1 as per.

Ben [21]

Hardly an injury crisis; Doucs, Seamus and the not oft played Gomes...

However, yes it can be laid at his feet for playing players constantly, rather than subbing earlier and with more players.

Hammering the same favoured 11-12 players, with some without a full-preseason, some over 30 and some having only recently recovered from injuries is just trying to go to the well a little too often. In my oft wrong opinion that is.

Ashley Roberts
28 Posted 30/01/2024 at 19:32:23
What happened to Tyler Onyango? Did he go out on loan? No midfield cover. You have to feel for Dyche. What else can he conjure up? COYB.
Trevor Bailey
29 Posted 30/01/2024 at 19:37:29
Ben@21 less of the common sense you'll be run out of town
Jim Wilson
30 Posted 30/01/2024 at 19:39:38
Hope Young is wide right in front of Godfrey in a 451 but agree it looks to be the dreaded 532. Last time used 0.3 v Wolves.

A big effort from the players is needed tonight.


Kevin Molloy
31 Posted 30/01/2024 at 19:42:16
oh no, no Onana?
pete hughes
32 Posted 30/01/2024 at 19:53:46
Luton already 2-0 up ffs!!
Stephen Davies
33 Posted 30/01/2024 at 19:54:31
If I had the same inside info from the lottery staff I wouldn't be sharing any numbers
Jerome Shields
34 Posted 30/01/2024 at 20:00:01

I am of the same opinion, but I think that it will be five at the back.

Simon Harrison
35 Posted 30/01/2024 at 20:08:47
Stephen, that is just mean! 😉

Sharing is caring apparently... 😀

Simon Harrison
36 Posted 30/01/2024 at 20:15:14
Michael K [OP]

Any news on what is apparently wrong with Ama Onana?

I hadn't heard he was injured to be honest. Mind you, El Bobble and Alan Myers got it right about McNeil and Myko not playing... Not!

Maybe false news to upset Silva's plans!?

Dave Abrahams
37 Posted 30/01/2024 at 20:42:05
Young Metcalfe on the bench, he was mentioned last night as likely to be on the bench tonight, doubt if he will come on but nice for him to travel with the first team.Haven’t seen any of tonight’s game reading it on live forum, another nail biting forty five minutes to look forward to!!
Jerome Shields
38 Posted 30/01/2024 at 20:50:32
Just glad Everton got through that half.They were too open at times.
Barry Williams
39 Posted 30/01/2024 at 20:54:50
Stephen Davies - 5

You called it - not for the first time.

George Cumiskey
40 Posted 30/01/2024 at 21:44:49
Harrison and McNeil were absolutely shocking but you can bet your mortgage they'll be first on team sheet on Saturday 🤬
Kevin Molloy
41 Posted 30/01/2024 at 21:46:01
terrific away point to a good side. I'd have snatched your hand off for that. Dyche is doing a remarkable job with a weak patched up side. Ekeing out points when not playing well. Job done.
Michael Kenrick
42 Posted 30/01/2024 at 21:46:55
Well, as a contest, that was a thousand times better than Luton at the weekend.

But the lack of goals from golden chances could be the death of us if we don't shape up in front of goal.

Michael Lynch
43 Posted 30/01/2024 at 21:48:26
We need to get a few points knocked off our deduction then even if we lose a few more points in the next tribunal, so should Forest.

For me, it's going to be between us and Forest for the last relegation place.

Fulham battered us tonight, so a good point - even if we could have done a smash an grab in the end.

I thought Beto, despite the miss, caused Fulham loads more problems than DCL did.

Brian Williams
44 Posted 30/01/2024 at 21:48:58
Comment number 1.
Brent Stephens
45 Posted 30/01/2024 at 21:53:15
Brian - comment number 1?
Stuart Sharp
46 Posted 30/01/2024 at 21:55:35
Do not dignify comment no. 1 with a response.
Stuart Sharp
47 Posted 30/01/2024 at 21:57:28
George 40 - yes, they were cack, but tonight he played Danjuma too. Who else would you play? There's only Dobbin left, no?
Dave Abrahams
48 Posted 30/01/2024 at 21:57:55
A point is a point, could be a God send at the end of the season, especially getting it with a very weakened team.

Let’s see who we manage to bring in Tomorrow or Thursday we desperately need them!

Christine Foster
49 Posted 30/01/2024 at 21:59:36
I have to say that was a great improvement but goodness Beto.. we were lucky and really unlucky, why no penalty? First half excellent and we could or should have been ahead, Should have won it at the death too..
Never do it the easy way do we?
Craig Walker
50 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:01:08
Decent away point considering we’re down to the bare bones. Lack of goals is a worry but at least we’re not conceding many. Wish we could get a proven forward in before the window shuts but I know that won’t happen unless we sell one of our assets. Luton’s improvement is a worry. We’ve got to start making Goodison a fortress again.
Paul Shipsides
51 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:02:04
We didn't lose and played with energy and determination. How either team didn't score is miraculous really. Take the point and move on. Plenty more points to play for and I believe that we will get results 💪 💙
Kieran Kinsella
52 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:02:10
I can only assume the 50 year old League 2 at best Dustman's son Lonnie Donegan is in goal for shooting practice and that we use some kind of giant bounce house sized goal for shooting practice.

It's not THAT hard to kick the ball towards the goal. if you practice five days a week you'd after a while figure out how to do it. And you'd think if you're practicing against England's best goalie that you'd become pretty good at it. Maybe we should equip DCL and Beto with giant comedy clown shoes to improve the odds?

Christy Ring
53 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:03:34
Desperately need a couple of players in tomorrow with yet more injuries and Godfrey was excellent tonight, would have scored at the death but hit Beto, in his way. Beto miss was awful from nearly under the crossbar.
Neil Tyrrell
54 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:03:45
Frustrating not to bury any of our chances but, on the bright side, at least we created some. And we didn't lose. Cracking save from Pickford in the second half. Thought the much-maligned Godfrey did well, especially being on a (dubious) yellow for much of the match.
Brian Wilkinson
55 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:03:59
For all the pre match moans before a ball was even kicked, I actually thought that both Godfrey and Young had decent games, not trying to cause a debate but for me they both linked up well defended well and got forward and got some good crosses in.
Sean O’Hanlon
56 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:04:29
What did you expect??? Having that muppet DCL playing!
How can you keep playing him if he cannot score??? He is losing us points every game. Absolute crap.
Sean Dyche are you fucking stupid???
Ray Jacques
57 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:07:56
Our forwards are a fuckin disgrace. They are the reason we struggle.
I reckon we will get 5 points back, but they will deduct 5 for the next offence. That leaves us where we are and the Premier league now look fair in their minds. Hopefully Forest get done and we climb a place.
If we don't score goals we won't get away from the bottom.
Decent point and move on but worrying times again.
Christy Ring
58 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:08:29
Sean it was Beto who missed a sitter???
Stuart Sharp
59 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:11:33
I agree Brian 55 - Young did well and helped us keep that flank solid. He even put a couple of good crosses in... more than we see most weeks. Says a lot though that he represents improvement!
Rob Dolby
61 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:12:15
That game could have ended 4-4. Both sides spurned loads of good chances. DCL and Beto should do a lot better with those headers.

I don't think anyone would argue if a pen was given against Robinson the ball hit him square on the forearm but deemed not a pen whilst we all know the big dogs get that decision all day.

I thought the starting 11 put a great shift in. DCL should have been subbed on the hour, he won't ever make a defender fear that a challenge is coming in.

Godfrey defended very well, Dyche must be running out of patience with Patterson.

I hope Danjuma's injury isn't too bad, probably his best game for us tonight with some great work off the ball.

I can't fault the lack of effort but the lack of quality is killing us.

Godfrey my motm.

Ted Donnelly
62 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:14:28
DCL won't score again this season and Beto is another Rondon imo..the midfield is powderpuff...so can anyone tell me where the goals are gonna come from?
Pat Kelly
63 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:15:32
Ted#62, the opposition
Brian Wilkinson
64 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:18:26
Rob, I would have Godfrey up there for m.o.t.m as well, thought he put in a good solid display tonight.
Colin Glassar
65 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:19:14
The only “positive” is a clean sheet and an away point. Other than that, a weak MF and toothless attack.

I still think we’ll be ok but I can’t see where the goals are coming from. Thank Christ we’ve got a decent defence and great goalie.

Godfrey my motm as well.

Oliver Molloy
66 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:22:52
Our two strikers are simply shot of confidence in front of goal - inexcusable for Beto not to score that sitter at the end - fucking unbelievable !

Jerome Shields
67 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:23:05
Glad of a point.At least the team got something, which they may be able to build on.

But gosh we need to be getting some flukey goals or a moment of brilliance if Everton are to score.

Barry Williams
68 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:23:15
For all the bitching and moaning - and some of it justified in my humble opinion, all things being fair (and we know they are not) - Everton should be comfortably mid-table. Then, a draw away at Fulham would not look so bad - especially with 1 fit midfielder available!

I thought Godfrey was excellent and man of the match for me.

Also, we will have players coming back again soon - pivotal first choice players.

Bill Gienapp
69 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:23:35
Lack of goals is a definite concern. On the other hand, we seem to have gotten our defensive mojo back after a bumpy festive period - four clean sheets out of five in all competitions (even if we were riding our luck a bit today).
Bill Gall
70 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:26:48
They say the Fulham's players hand was by his side when it hit his hand, but slow motion shows it wasn't plus it directed the ball back towards the goal that was given as not fully over the line ' So if the ball went back towards the goal what did he hit it with. ? No vulgar comments please,
John Keating
71 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:30:38
Thought Godfrey was MOM if not just fir his clearance at the back post in the first half.
I thought he was also MOM against Burnley in December
With the present numbers in the squad he has to stay
Hopefully the rot has stopped with a point. Need 3 at the weekend
At present on paper we have better players but as a team Luton are better.
We need those points back on appeal
Paul Birmingham
72 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:31:19
A hard earned point, which may be a vital point in the bigger view of the rest of this season.

How Robinson, is not judged to have handled the Ball, is what sums up the match officials and var, and is ruining the game.

But gutsy defending, and hopefully Everton, will regroupnfot Spurs.

Danjuma injury, hopefully is not major.

Hopefully soon, Everton, will start scoring and get Doucouré back, ASAP, as when he plays, Everton, tend to play better and more free flowing football.

Jordan Pickford outstanding when called upon, and Godfrey was solid as was Tarks.

All focus on the next game.

Barry Rathbone
73 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:33:04
It's a point away from home - yippee!

We can't play with this rag-tag bag of bang average players so sneaky little points like this will be are our salvation.

Massively dreadful but hopefully 4th or 5th from the bottom dreadful.

Colin Malone
74 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:34:25
That game reminded me, when I was a 6 year old playing in the playground. I'm talking about Jack Harrison. Dwight McNeil wasn't far behind, getting in difficult situations because his right foot is just for standing on.
Kevin Edward
75 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:49:43
Was important not to lose tonight, so a points ok and from all accounts it seems like we turned up for this one.
Just desperately need to get a bounce from somewhere, it could have been from Beto tonight but maybe next time.
It’s miserable being in the drop zone again, we can only help ourselves (as Luton are doing) so have to hope that something miraculous happens at Goodison and we stop dropping points at home in the winnable games.
Alec Gaston
76 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:50:07
What more can Dyche do - he sets an average bunch of players up to keep clean sheets and create goalscoring chances - can’t blame him for players not having the composure to score - a decent striker would have 10plus goals in this team
Kunal Desai
77 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:53:37
The question that needs to be asked to the Premier League and the PGMOL is: what have Everton done to piss you off? simple question because they want us relegated and the remit of the PGMOL is abundantly clear, give Everton no penalties. Both are in it together and havr the same agenda.

Why do they want to see this club relegated?

Ed Prytherch
78 Posted 30/01/2024 at 22:54:08
Beto and DCL play head tennis over the crossbar in practice.

Derek Thomas
79 Posted 30/01/2024 at 23:08:08
Bill @ 12; Are Godfrey...and Danjuma... 'in the shop window' for potential buyers?
He did himself no harm today - unlike Danjuma who more or less injured himself with a 'forwards tackle'.

Like the title says - both sides spurn chances.

All thing's being equal and away from home, I'll reluctantly take the one point.

Paul Shipsides
80 Posted 30/01/2024 at 23:16:19
Kunal I have literally just said the same thing to my brother over a phone conversation.
They clearly show a biased attitude towards us but why 🤔
Steve Hogan
81 Posted 30/01/2024 at 23:17:35
Steve Hogan
82 Posted 30/01/2024 at 23:24:21
DCL continues to receive dogs abuse in some quarters, for what, playing in a poor team which barely creates 2/3 chances a game. Talk about playing to his strengths, he's not and never has been a CF who runs 30 yards with the ball at his feet, and curls it Salah 'like' into the net, and the manager should know that.

People have short memories, cast your mind back to Ancelotti, who knew exactly how to get the best out of him. In a better team, he'd score goals. He runs all day long for Dyche, despite the manager's insistence on hoofball.

Ben King
83 Posted 30/01/2024 at 23:25:29
I’ve said before:

There must be statistical data available to work out average number of say penalty box entries per penalty awarded (eg 100)

From there we should be able to look at how often over a season Everton enter the penalty box and then work out average expected penalties awarded (within 2 standard deviations for the mathematicians out there)

If Everton don’t fit within the statistical range then this goes beyond a statistical improbability - it’s a statistical ANOMALY which should trigger a review/investigation.

Alas, the PGMOL don’t care and Everton hierarchy aren’t switched on to complain in the correct methods (eg good PR, statistical evidence, collation of montage review etc etc). Hence nothing will change sadly

100% we are being selected against either consciously or subconsciously

Terry Farrell
84 Posted 30/01/2024 at 23:42:54
Well said Steve H re dcl. I was right behind Harrisons effort on his left foot early on and he curled it wide then danjuma cuts inside and smacks it well over the bar from 12yds and beto heads over from inside the 6 yd box give me strength! Positives Ashley Young did very well and I've hated him being right back. Jarad was sensational again and we got lucky when they could have scored on a few occasions. Great away support.
Si Cooper
85 Posted 30/01/2024 at 00:07:38
Wanting a penalty for handball for the incident where Antonee Robinson nearly scored an own goal is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.
The ball came down off the crossbar and bounced up with a load of spin so that it skidded off his torso and then onto his arm.
Do people really think his arm was in an unnatural position or he was actively trying to guide it with his arm? Without his mate doing an incredible job of getting a toe poke on the ball inches before it fully crossed the line it would have been across the line with Robinson helpless to do anything about it.
Penalties being given for that sort of thing is one of the things ruining the game.
Beto’s header over the bar was a harder chance than it first looked. He didn’t have a lot of time to react and had to jump backwards to get the direction right which meant he didn’t get the height to keep it down.
Harrison’s miss seemed the worst spurning of a very decent chance; he just didn’t manage to wrap his foot around it and pretty much side-footed it wide.
Don Alexander
86 Posted 30/01/2024 at 00:16:43
Kunal (#77), the Premier League and the PGMOL are staffed by self-serving, well-paid hypocrites who recognise they are under scrutiny, and don't like it.

As such they need to have found an EPL club to vilify, the club having no credibility at all within the "football industry", in order to bolster their own so-called "credibility".

Step forward Kenwright and latterly Moshiri, two mega-shysters who the Premier League and the PGMOL had long realised, along with any creature with more intelligence than an amoeba, are sitting ducks in terms of the need the Premier League and the PGMOL perceive as their mission to establish their own accountability.

Jeez, to help them achieve their fanciful status as accountable, after lengthy public claims of Everton's innocence, Moshiri pleaded guilty to their charges - for blindingly obvious reasons.

I hope you and others really appreciate the huge damage done to our club for decades under Kenwright and those he aligned with.

The damage will last for years to come I regret to say.

Meanwhile Moshiri will be tanning his arse on a yacht of his own and the Kenwright supporters club, together with his fabulously enriched at our expense family and friends, will be forever contending him as our greatest ever fan.

As if!

Lester Yip
87 Posted 31/01/2024 at 00:21:31
If it's not Pickford saves, we would have lost. I'll take 1 point. Without Doucoure we're not the same, hope he can get back sooner.
Billy Bradshaw
88 Posted 31/01/2024 at 00:34:57
Phil Lewis
89 Posted 31/01/2024 at 01:16:39
35 years old, yet Willian was the best player on the pitch by a country mile. His positional sense and control was undiminished by his advancing years. Each time he received the ball he created something out of nothing, finding team mates with unnerving accuracy.

How DCL must yearn to play alongside someone of his quality. If only we had such gifted players, however old they might be, able to control games with sheer class. Instead we have to make do with headless chickens and clockwork mice, who will run aimlessly for ever, without posing any real threat for all their intent and effort.

John Raftery
90 Posted 31/01/2024 at 01:22:23
A hard earned point. The away fans applauded the players after the final whistle. They don’t do that after a goalless draw unless the players have shown total commitment.

I was pleased for Ben Godfrey whose performance, especially in the second half, was crucial to us keeping a clean sheet. That was his best game since his first season with us in 2020/21. I had written him off after his last two seasons but last night and at Burnley he has shown he can still operate effectively at this level.

Enormous credit also goes to James Garner, our only available central midfielder, who held the midfield together, was composed on the ball, covered colleagues, was constantly alert to danger and delivered a couple of decent set pieces in the last few minutes.

The finishing was poor with Danjuma’s failure to hit the target the worst example. That said, Fulham will feel likewise with the chances they failed to convert.

In the bigger picture I agree with Michael @43 that at the moment it looks like it will be between us and Forest for the third relegation place especially if six points remains the sanction for any breach of PSR.

John Raftery
92 Posted 31/01/2024 at 01:32:38
Phil (89) You are spot on about Willian. Watching him last night we saw a master of his craft, intelligent in his decisions and oozing class in everything he did. Above all he has composure on the ball

We had a small handful of players who showed composure; Branthwaite, Garner and Young. Two of those are still learning the game. The third is past his best but still helps the team play better as a unit.

Alan J Thompson
93 Posted 31/01/2024 at 01:55:53
I've just finished watching the replay for the first time and haven't read any comments but it has already been a trying morning. An hour after the game has finished and I have to wait almost another hour before the replay is available. first world country my arse.

The line up surprised me and I wondered if we had that many injuries or if we were worried about the pace of our former not good enough Academy graduate which it probably proved to be, but my first thought was why we worry more about what they will do rather than giving them something to worry about. Silva must have scratched his head trying to work out what the dastardly tactical idea was that had two keepers on the our bench.

Then we come out in that faux red colour which somebody in an earlier game asked what difference does it make what colour we play in but if it doesn't make any difference then play in BLUE!

We are Everton.

It turned out to be a game of missed half chances that came about more by accident than intent. We looked purposeful moving forward but when we got near their penalty area it looked disjointed with few seeming to know what to do next, which applied to both teams. We have to thank Pickford for that marvellous save in 75th minute and that may have just edged him passed Godfrey as our MotM.

From Linesmen to Ref's Assistants but perhaps we should now refer to them as "Throw-in Indicators" as they don't seem to be doing much else amid another display of poor officiating.

Almost sorry I delayed breakfast with the highlight now moving to our appeal to get some points back as heaven knows we need them.

Don Alexander
94 Posted 31/01/2024 at 02:15:00
Ben Godfrey would be a shoe-in for a good team.

Thank you Marcel Brands for signing him.

Tonight he was MotM after weeks of non-selection.

He's very quick, plays the ball well, has huge heart and, in a good team, would be a regular as a central defender or even a defensive midfielder. Hell, he's even a good fullback, either side.

But since he signed for us he's struggled in the desperado abysmal football mantra that's shattered us for decades.

Like he alone can do anything about that!

Mick O'Malley
95 Posted 31/01/2024 at 05:32:44
And yet the excuses for Calvert Lewin continue, I don’t care how many he scored under Ancelloti, that is ancient history, he had one of Europes top assist makers putting it on a plate for him, he is absolutely woeful, never strikes the ball cleanly, 16 games without a goal Ffs, I honestly can’t believe we still have fans supporting him,, it’s embarrassing this goal drought of his, and by the looks of it we’ve bought another useless forward in Beto, how he missed that header is beyond belief, 4 goals in 9 games is abysmal, our lack of goals us costing us big time
Jerome Shields
96 Posted 31/01/2024 at 05:54:59
I'm glad Gana is going to be available and hopefully Doucouré can regain fitness. In our better run before Xmas, Everton were lucky with fitness. The extra toll of cup games, imo badly managed by Dyche, with an already threadbare squad, fell to the inevitable injuries. Dyche was forced to play out-of-favour players like Danjuma, Godfrey and Dobbin, thinking that Everton could never afford in their present predicament.

Everton's final third play hasn't been great for years, being dependent on outstanding individual moments .Pass completion in the final third has always been one of the worst in the Premier League and finishing has always been poor..

A well-worked goal, a defender coming up to score at a set peice, and channel runs are a rarity now. Forwards do not get into space, get in front of their marker, attack the near post, or lay the ball off effectively as they should. Accurate crossing is hit-and-miss as is midfield passing. These two areas are sloppy.

Defensive errors are not as predominant and Silvas's predominate wing play seems to have been a surprise and something that Dyche was nervous about. Everton as a team are putting in the effort, but composure and confidence appear to be a problem.

Dyche needs to get back to his stats-based enhanced performance and improve individual performance, especially in the final third. The point gained hopefully has settled things down, though the immediate fixtures give little respite, and the Premier League can be concentrated on.

Paul Hewitt
98 Posted 31/01/2024 at 06:17:15
In the bottom 3, so is it time to panic?. I don't think so.

Let's be honest: if it wasn't for the corrupt Premier League, we'd be on 28 points in 12th, that's only 4 points off 7th placed Brighton. We're missing our entire midfield which hopefully will be back soon, plus there's still 16 games to play, that's 48 points.

I'm still convinced we will get more than Luton. I'm also convinced we will get some if not all our points back.

Phil Sammon
99 Posted 31/01/2024 at 06:26:16
The more I watch that Robinson handball, the more it's annoying me. It's not like someone has drilled the ball at him. It's looped onto the bar and then the ground and then hit his hand.

As cruel as it is to him… he has misjudged it and it should be a penalty.

Peter Moore
100 Posted 31/01/2024 at 06:33:55
An away point to a decent side is not to be sniffed at.

Obviously we would appreciate it more if we were getting wins at home. That is the conundrum that needs solving asap.

It is as simple as getting Doucouré fit again, I suspect. Get well soon!

Paul Ferry
101 Posted 31/01/2024 at 06:53:24
I'm sorry, get over it, I'd kill to have the lad from Wavertree in our team. He has bossed midfield in his last three games and his pass for the third was sublime and a sign of someone, once lost, who is finding his paths once again. Warmest best wishes to Ross.

Beto is a bigger problem than Calvert-Lewin. The dog's abuse he gets on here is pathetic. Like everyone, I'm disappointed by the goal drought, but watch him in that match – right position, tracking back, lay offs, holding the ball, multiple decent attempts on goal.

He works hard. We need him. He is not the complete Number 9, never has been, and I'm not his biggest fan, but Calvert-Lewin will make us proud again. The supply needs to be better and so does he; his periodic lapses are magnified by his importance to us.

Ross putting balls through to Calvert-Lewin, in our dreams… He would 100% have scored that Beto howler. Calvert-Lewin is class; Beto is a trier. Calvert-Lewin cost £1.5M; Beto cost ...

Calvert-Lewinis a confidence player, nothing wrong with that. Fucking support him, the way the away lads and lasses do apart from that silly but not fully informed minority did at that game ... Dyche does ... his teammates do.

And then there's Sean O'Hanlon @56 and his ilk.

Simon Dalzell
102 Posted 31/01/2024 at 07:01:55
Paul 101.

The truth is Calvert-Lewin's goal return has been lamentable, and his all-round game pretty, pretty moderate at best.

Not writing him off yet but his improvement needs to be rapid. He's certainly hiding his 'class' at the moment.

Ian Jones
104 Posted 31/01/2024 at 07:18:15
The funny thing is that, without the 10-point deduction, we would be ahead of Fulham and no doubt rueing the fact we only got a point against a team below us!

I've read that the clean sheet was Pickford's 8th this season, the best of any keepers so far this season. So we are doing something right defensively. If only we could do more going forward.

Am I right in thinking Jack Harrison did his best stuff for Leeds playing more on the left than the right? Might be an idea to see what he could do from there and perhaps give McNeil a rest which would allow McNeil to learn that he also has a right foot.

I can't believe players can get to this level without being reasonably proficient with both legs. Don't start me on Messi!

Paul Hewitt
105 Posted 31/01/2024 at 07:20:21
Agree for once Ferry. Not getting Ross back on a free was criminal.
Paul Ferry
106 Posted 31/01/2024 at 07:24:11
We often agree PH.

Simon, I agree, I probably would substitute 'good' or 'very good' for 'class', now I think about it.

Christy Ring
107 Posted 31/01/2024 at 07:45:58
Calvert-Lewin had 3 good efforts on goal, that weren’t easy chances. He’s feeding off scraps, two wingers who don’t cross the ball, working all over the pitch with no support in the final third.
Paul Ferry
108 Posted 31/01/2024 at 07:50:07
Spot on Christy. Thank you.
Paul Ferry
109 Posted 31/01/2024 at 07:56:39
That was a nice bit of editing Eds.

Thank you.

Robert Tressell
110 Posted 31/01/2024 at 08:17:52
Ian # 104 Harrison did his best attacking work at Leeds in a kamikaze defensive structure. In our more organised defensive set up he's exposed as being not very good.

I'm surprised he's not singled out more for criticism.

Otherwise the Sky propaganda continues with no mention of the handball decision in the footage.

Ian Jones
111 Posted 31/01/2024 at 08:26:55
Robert, great point about Harrison and the kamikaze defensive structure!

Never would have considered that.

Ajay Gopal
112 Posted 31/01/2024 at 08:48:55
I opened my phone with trembling hands this morning - it was a feeling of relief to see that we had got a point, which gave way to mild disappointment after reading the post-match comments here. Draws to Aston Villa and Fulham are not bad, but in both those games, although 2nd best for large parts of the games, we had chances to win it. If only we had taken all 3 points from at least 1 of them, the pressure on Dyche and the players would have been considerably lifted. But what is encouraging is that our defence is rock solid and in Pickford, Branthwaite, Tarkowski, Myko and 1 of Patterson/Coleman/Godfrey, we have one of the most formidable back 5s in the league. I am confident that Dyche will work on the attacking part of the game, and especially with Doucoure, Onana, Gueye, Gomes to come back, we will start seeing some wins soon.

I also have a feeling that Thelwell is furiously working behind the scenes to come up with a loan deal or two before the deadline.

Paul Hewitt
113 Posted 31/01/2024 at 09:16:28
Iff Michael keane was playing and making mistakes he would be crusified on here. But DCL ( Who I like) has now gone 16 games without a goal, and he's missed some sitters. But he's totally immune to criticise.
Peter Mills
114 Posted 31/01/2024 at 09:25:45
Robert#110, I would like to see a lot more from Harrison’s attacking play, but two things I would say In his favour are a) he contributes a lot to our “more organised defensive set up” (possibly not part of his duties at kamikaze Leeds) and b) his control of the ball from long passes is excellent, something which is pretty handy given our style of play (and which is missing in several of his team mates).
Mike Doyle
115 Posted 31/01/2024 at 09:28:03
Christy 107] you make a good point. Also our build up play is so slow most opponents are given time to organise their defence which doesn’t help the striker either.
Dave Williams
116 Posted 31/01/2024 at 09:34:45
Well said Paul Ferry. DCL will start scoring again. All strikers have a barren patch and he needs Doucouré back alongside him. This is a fight against adversity with a depleted squad and we need everyone behind the players. Anyone who has ever played will appreciate the struggle when there is no creative spark but it will come once the injured return.
Dave Cashen
117 Posted 31/01/2024 at 09:37:00
Steve Hogan and Paul Ferry and others. Bang on the money about DCL

I sometimes wonder if I am watching the same games as those who hammer him relentlessly. He is not a Salah. That would cost 100m today. He is a 1-5m signing who despite being appallingly mismanaged, has proven he is a tremendous asset to this team. He was our best player last night..and on Saturday. Two games in which he was starved of service.

Some simply cant see past stats. They see Symptoms, but they cannot identify the cause. They see excuses, because they don't see the reasons. The guy has proven that if you play him as an out and out striker, he will score goals. Likewise, if you use him as a work horse. he will work his arse off.

The RS paid nearly 90m for a striker who has missed chance after chance after chance. Did the kopites abuse him ? No they continued to chant his name every time he played.

The Rs are now seeing the rewards for the support of their player. while we have a section who simply want to batter away at the confidence of ours.

Beats the life out of me

Andrew Davies
118 Posted 31/01/2024 at 09:37:16
Entirely agree with Paul Ferry's comments about both Ross Barkley and Dominic Calvert-Lewin. He is asked to play a twin role of both holding up the ball wherever necessary in the attacking half, defend and get into the opposition penalty area to meet the (usually) non-existent crosses and all with little or no support particularly when Doucouré is missing. During the short Ancelotti era he had some quality service and was told to stay in and around the penalty box. I have never seen him as a top 4 striker but he is certainly up among the best of the rest. To state the obvious, he needs a goal to kick start his confidence.
Beto I will give a small benefit of the doubt until after pre-season. The reality though is that you don't get a top striker nowadays paying zilch down payment and around £20 million later. Allowing for inflation that's the Niasse fee.
As I understand it, Ross is on a one year contract with Luton and is likely to be free come the summer. Not on an enormous (PL) salary at Luton. We could do a lot worse, if we are in a position to sign anyone.
Anthony Dove
119 Posted 31/01/2024 at 09:44:45
Ian@104. Harrison’s only defence is that being totally one footed he might look a bit better if he played on the left.

However as I’ve posted before all the pre season acquisitions have basically been a waste of money.

James Marshall
120 Posted 31/01/2024 at 09:57:08
Considering we're missing Onana, Gana, Doucoure, Gomes and Coleman (and Dele!) a point last night was decent against a Fulham side playing despite some of their results of late.

Dyche is having to shoe-horn players into the side and he's getting a tune out of them best he can in my view.

We're missing 4 nailed on starters plus Gomes who's been good for us when he's played plus the players are likely being affected by the 10 points, and all the noise of further sanctions and yet people are still saying how shit they all are?

Remember, we should be 12th as things stand so you can't blame Dyche or the players for the position we're in, in the league. It's a false position and not their fault at all.

Ray Jacques
121 Posted 31/01/2024 at 10:03:08
I didnt want to say anything after Saturday for fear of getting pelters but others have spoken about Barkley so I will say it.

He schooled the much vaunted Onana on Saturday.

Brian Harrison
122 Posted 31/01/2024 at 10:11:24
The game could have gone either way last night, but a lack of quality in front of goal meant both teams shared the points.

The side gave 100% but you need a little bit more than effort to win games. Everyone knows we aren't the same side without Doucoure and with Onana being injured and Gueye unavailable Dyche had to make some changes.

I thought Godfrey did well at full-back and that for me is his best position, and he can cover both flanks, I think when Coleman isn't fit he is a better option than Patterson or Young.

Despite Sean Dyche being here 12 months, while he has made us more solid at the back, but is that at the expense of a more attacking approach?

Considering how much money the club have spent since Moshiri took over, it's a sad indictment that we still haven't found a striker to replace Lukaku.

Our lack of goals is there for all to see and seeing as we won't be able to change that in this window I do worry as to where the goals will come from to help escape the trap door.

Maybe the most important person working for the club at present is the KC we have defending our 10-point deduction, as I feel unless he can get that reduced, we may struggle to survive for another year in the Premier League.

On the game, Pickford made a great save but I really don't want my keeper to be 25 yards out of his goal taking a square pass from our centre-back. I didn't see Virginia doing any of this nonsense and I don't see the point of it.

Calvert-Lewin can't buy a goal but we don't have many better alternatives and while not scoring he is still important to the team.

Seems Harrison can do no wrong as Dyche has started him in every game other than when injured. He offers nothing as an attacking option and his passing is woeful, don't know if anyone noticed against Luton we cleared the ball to Harrison about 15 yards from our box he lost the ball which ended up as a corner to Luton from which they scored their 1st goal.

But Branthwaite ran over and had a right go at him for losing the ball in such a dangerous area. Onana is another who offers very little going forward, him and Garner very rarely want to run at the opposition and very rarely venture into the opponents' box.

Yet you watch many teams in the Premier League and see how their midfield players carry the ball or make runs into the box without the ball, something you don't see from our 2 centre midfield players.

I think we have a very good back 4 especially when Coleman is playing but the 6 we play in front of them are the problem.

James Marshall
123 Posted 31/01/2024 at 10:19:24
I'm not sure it's just about the players, it's the system as well. We have the meanest defence outside the top 4 (and Villa have only conceded one goal less than us) but for us, it's come at the expense of scoring goals.

In our position, Dyche has done the right thing in making us hard to beat, which is not pretty but it's the right thing to do. From there you also try to win a few games, but the most important thing is not losing tons of games.

He's done that with one hand tied behind in back for so many reasons we all know – the players are definitely trying hard, they're just playing a lot of the time with the handbrake on. We had 21 shots last night, Fulham had 25 – it wasn't for the lack of trying, but there was a lot of decent defending going on as well.

Oh, and the VAR with Robinson's clear handball.

Robert Tressell
125 Posted 31/01/2024 at 10:22:13
Peter # 114, agree. Harrison has qualities – indeed, his workrate helped to defeat Newcastle.

But he's a bottom end of the Premier League player and isn't going to improve. A player like that is a decent quality sub – but that's it.

James Marshall
126 Posted 31/01/2024 at 10:26:01
Harrison will play every week when fit because he fits the mould for Dyche. He likes players who run about a lot with high work rate and Harrison does have that.

He's one of the players who makes us hard to beat, even if his end product is sketchy.

Laurie Hartley
127 Posted 31/01/2024 at 10:33:23
When all is said and done someone has to start taking the chances that we do create.

I would have taken a punt on Alfredo Morelos purely because he scores goals.

Jerome Shields
128 Posted 31/01/2024 at 10:34:27
Paul #101

Sorry Paul but I agree with Simon @102, but I would add that Calvert-Lewin's career at Everton has been more managed with expedience in mind, rather than his well-being and development. Dyche has worked on the first to his credit, but the second needs catch-up work.

Calvert Lewin also needs himself to get back the necessary focus and thinking that Ancelotti told him about. He also needs to be taken out to the wing and asked how he expects the ball to be got to him if he is running between two defenders, not trying to get first to the ball in front of his marker, and not attacking the near post.

By the time Beto comes on as a very late substitution, the ghost has been given up by the wingers, though their attempted crosses could get over the first defender more often.

Rob Dolby
129 Posted 31/01/2024 at 10:45:56
I am not surprised Calvert-Lewin is taking stick. He has lost an edge to his game. He has never been overly aggressive but defenders are having an easy day against him.

A few times last night, especially in the 2nd half, he was off the pace. The header on the back post should have hit the target and with more aggression he clatters into defenders when those cross-field balls come in, making them aware of his presence rather than acting like a ghost. Saying that, he is still the best striker we have. Dyche needs to get him on the raw meat before games.

Beto caused more trouble in 10 minutes than Calvert-Lewin did in the 2nd half purely on aggression. I can only see a bench role for him until Calvert-Lewin tires in games.

Harrison and McNeil are key to how we play. They play every minute due to the lack of quality behind them. Harrison played in the Doucoure role last night whilst McNeil played centre mid. We are threadbare across the squad but can't buy or attract loan moves. The effort out all of the lads last night was admirable. We are still fighting.

Barkley not signing in the summer was probably more to do with his wages than ability. He will always drift out of games and is clueless off the ball. Not one for the trenches imo. Oh to have the lad from Wavertree back, the one that shafted us out of £15M whilst he rode off into the sunset. No thanks.

Steve Brown
130 Posted 31/01/2024 at 10:57:19
That was an important draw and we may come to see its value later. It could have even been more. Every time I close my eyes, I keep getting flashbacks to Beto's miss.

On a few areas commented on here:

1) Harrison plays because his pressing stats in the top third of the field are the second best in the Premier League... behind Doucouré. But, his creative contribution to the team is not impressive at all.

2) The quality and quantity of crosses that our wide men and full-backs deliver into the box is the main reason why Calvert-Lewin hasn't scored for weeks. Given any sort of service, he will score, but I am concerned about him getting over-worked in the role Dyche has given him.

3) We need additional midfield cover on loan as starting with one specialist midfielder is a massive worry. Given the absence of Onana, Doucouré, Gueye and Gomes, the players filling in did great. And to think some are advocating accepting a bid for Onana in this window!

4) Godfrey has not featured regularly in the team as his form for 2 years has been very poor. Dyche rightly has concerns over Patterson's defensive positioning and concentration, therefore he would have considered Godfrey as a replacement for Coleman had his form in training given him any reason to. if he is finally turning the corner, then great. My suspicion is that the upsurge in form and motivation is linked to his desire for a move – he is in the shopping window and knows it.

5) It would be madness to consider replacing Dyche. He has inherited a Bottom 5 squad in terms of quality, a dysfunctional working culture in the club, but navigated us to 12th spot if the 10-point deduction is excluded. That is good work and, frankly, I don't give a toss about the quality of the football this season given we are in an existential fight for survival.

As for Barkley, the Luton manager's reluctance to confirm the length of his contract seems to indicate he is on a 12-month deal.

Christine Foster
131 Posted 31/01/2024 at 11:03:10
Football is a funny game. Calvert-Lewin with the right supply, in the right place, scores goals. But we neither have the suppliers or skill to feed him the right ball in his kill zone.

Instead, he grafts for the team, defence, hold up, close down... what a waste of talent. But let's be honest, the way he is been asked to play has destroyed his confidence and belief in his own ability. He is the wrong player for the way Dyche wants him to play.

My second point is an observation: how one or two players of real quality can lift a whole team and make individuals play far better than their average. They lift average players, average teams.

Average teams without stars go nowhere and strggle. Dyche strikes me as an honest, hard-working bloke who doesn't carry anyone, not for him outstanding quality. There is a reason he was so long at Burnley, why we are being replicated in the same image: hard work, lots of running and bang average if you're lucky. And that's his best points!

Don't get me wrong — it's probably what we needed to survive, it will be a couple of seasons yet, but I doubt he will be leading the team out in the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock.

Paul Hewitt
132 Posted 31/01/2024 at 11:17:19
Let's stop this myth that Calvert-Lewin gets no chances, he does, he's missed some sitters this season.

I know he doesn't get loads of chances but that's because he plays for us. I saw Maidstone beat Ipswich on Saturday by converting the only 2 chances they had.

He's not clinical in the way Dyche plays, never will be.

Rob Dolby
133 Posted 31/01/2024 at 11:22:15
Christine @131,

How do we play a more open expansive attacking based football with the current squad without getting battered every week?

Dyche has impressed me more than the impression I had of him from his Burnley days. I think he is a lot shrewder than people give him credit for.

Under the last 2 managers, the same players have been unable to adapt to their tactics, whereas Dyche has us playing to the players' strengths. Hard to beat, not messing around too much at the back, and getting a tune out of Doucoure. He has us playing as a team. We are creating lots of chances that are being missed.

His biggest challenge is keeping the fight going within the squad and up to now he is doing it despite all of the surrounding noise.

Phil Lewis
134 Posted 31/01/2024 at 11:28:20
Christine #131,

I couldn't agree more with both your comments concerning Calvert-Lewin and Dyche who you summed up perfectly.

Since his return from a long lay-off with a career-threatening injury, Dom, as you say, has given his all for the team. It has to be said he has missed some golden opportunities, but there can be no denying his ability.

It is a thankless task for any striker who is starved of quality service. Apart from all of the things you mentioned, Christine, his running off the ball, when usually the pass dosen't arrive, is exhausting and frustrating in itself. Most other centre-forwards in the Premier League would be banging on the manager's door for a transfer.

I watched Arsenal recently, their build up play was exceptionally good. My immediate reaction was that Calvert-Lewin would be the perfect fit for their pattern of play.

I certainly don't want him to leave us but, as I hear the murmuring mob grow louder in their criticism of him, part of me would love to see him show his real talents elsewhere to shut them all up. Sadly we need to make at least three or four new signings for him to make that happen in a blue shirt.

Dyche? I like his honesty and he's doing his best. Which will only ever amount to mediocrity. He's been in the game long enough for that to be very much apparent.

Rick Tarleton
135 Posted 31/01/2024 at 11:32:52
Dyche likes players who put in a shift. Harrison certainly does, he covers and backtracks, he supports the defenders, but and it's a massive but, he is creatively a very limited player.

Calvert-Lewin is being asked to do a job which he does very well, he back-tracks, holds the ball while the rest make their leisurely way into the attacking third, and he defends well at set pieces. However, all that work leaves him with little energy for the task that Christine, myself and many others want: the energy to score goals.

There are two facets to this problem: firstly the wide players give him few crosses to feed him opportunities and the midfielders are (Doucoure excepted) unable to offer him any support around the penalty box.

Secondly, his work all over the pitch leaves him without the energy and composure to convert the few chances he gets. He is not and never will be an exceptional clinical striker like Haaland or my own favourite Everton striker Roy Vernon, but like Andy Cole he could score one in five as I think it was Hoddle who disparingly described him thus. The difference was that, at Man Utd, Cole probably got at least five chances a game.

We need McNeil to start contributing goals again and Doucoure to be fit to offer Calvert-Lewin some support. Otherwise, the converting of our few chances is going to remain a problem.

John Raftery
136 Posted 31/01/2024 at 11:35:40
Every forward misses sitters, including the best like Salah and Haaland. But playing in a top class team, they know the next chance will not be long in coming.
Brian Harrison
137 Posted 31/01/2024 at 11:38:57
Just checked the stats for this season so far in goals scored in the Premier League:

Doucoure 6 in 18 games
DCL 3 in 18 games
McNeil 2 in 19 games
Mykolenko 2 in 17 games
Harrison 2 in 16 games

The rest of the squad have scored 1 or 0 goals so far.

Sam Hoare
138 Posted 31/01/2024 at 11:51:55
What a crazy match! My Godson and I were sat in the Fulham family enclosure trying to keep from cheering every Everton chance too loudly. No idea how it ended 0-0!

I thought we were pretty decent apart from the 25-minute period from about 50 to 75 minutes where we were massively under the cosh and I was keen for Dyche to make some sort of change which was, as usual, slow in coming.

To get a point away at a tough ground with only one fit central midfielder is commendable. It's also a point gained on Forest who I think will be one of the relegation contenders hopefully.

As for Calvert-Lewin and his goalscoring woes, I can tell you that he has certainly been getting some chances. The xG models have him around at around 8 goals whereas he only has 3 in reality. Put basically, that means that even with an average level of finishing (and opposition goalkeeping) he should have 5 goals more (and how many more points for us?).

This –5 deficit is actually one of the worst in Europe. Sadly it is a trait throughout the team and the only players currently scoring more than their xG are Dobbin and Gomes, who have barely featured (so a very small sample size) and Mykolenko.

Christopher Timmins
139 Posted 31/01/2024 at 11:58:10
A good point and a vastly improved performance from the Cup tie.

We lack quality with the ball, nothing new there, but we have kept a lot of clean sheets this season, not to be forgotten.

28 points from 22 games is a vast improvement on last season.

I assume Gana will be back for the weekend and, once the others return, we will get back on track.

Raymond Fox
140 Posted 31/01/2024 at 12:00:43
I would have taken a draw before the kick off, so a decent result for me.

Any criticism of Dyche is unfair, we should be mid-table and not under a lot of pressure. What should he do? Try to play like Man City? That won't work for obvious reasons.

The players are producing chances but can't put the ball in net often enough – that's the problem. On the plus side, we are very often nilling teams.

My biggest concern is the form that Luton are showing.

Dave Abrahams
141 Posted 31/01/2024 at 12:01:57
I think the big difference in the team was illustrated last night and on Saturday, the energy Gueye and Doucoure bring to the team, they help to take the pressure off the overworked defence and aid the attack, more especially Doucoure with his goals.

I hope Danjuma's injury doesn't stop any transfer deals today or tomorrow, we need another industrious player in desperately, preferably one who can play in two or three positions!!

Tony Abrahams
142 Posted 31/01/2024 at 12:54:49
Anyone would think that Dyche has got both loads of money and an array of talent at his disposal, and that losing 10 points, at a time when the players had just begun to play with a confidence that had been lacking because they had been involved in two relegation battles on the run (overseen by three different managers) doesn't really come into the equation.

Everton are currently being stretched to the limit and this hasn't been helped by the masters of the Premier League who decided it would be much better to weaken us before they punished us.

Bill Gall
143 Posted 31/01/2024 at 13:25:08
Why people criticize Dyche for last night amazes me, we got a draw with a clean sheet and that meant the defense was doing their job with the keeper making a couple of exceptional saves that showed why he is England's #1.

Numerous chances were created that showed the midfield was working in both attack and defending. The major problem is we have no one to finish the game off. I believe we could sign Mbappe and Everton would be the first club he hasn't scored for.

Fulham is not an easy ground to get a result from so a point was well earned, and that we have no one who can score is a poor recruitment policy that is now putting the club in a real serious position.

The manager can only use what he has available and the players he is using are letting him and the supporters down. It does not matter what formation he is using if the players don't perform to their expectations.

Christy Ring
144 Posted 31/01/2024 at 13:46:52
As Christine says, if Calvert-Lewin was allowed stay in and around the penalty box, which he did under Ancelotti, where he had Richarlison and Rodriguez supplying him, he'd be scoring. But he's a lone striker running the channels with little supply from McNeil and Harrison.

It's easy to pick out the chances he's missed in a game, because you can count them on one hand. Look at all the chances Man City's top striker Haaland gets; he scores plenty, but he misses a fair few as well, but because they're so offensive, you don't notice.

Danny O’Neill
145 Posted 31/01/2024 at 13:57:41
The boys did as well as they could last night and almost snatched it at the end.

We don't have many options and, as Dave says, we are missing Doucoure and Idrissa.

As with previous recent games, if we have them, we win that.

But a good night out with my son and the fellow Blues we met up with.

Dale Self
146 Posted 31/01/2024 at 15:38:59
I realize blaming dead dudes really doesn't have the payoff of going after Dyche. However, at various crisis points this season his hand was forced and he tried suggested options. We then discovered why he resisted those options.

Now in the most obvious period of strain, we see Doucoure getting credit for his tireless work to make the previous setup at least functional if not productive. This gives you a window to how fucking difficult it was to design (that's fucking right ‘design') the system that produced our point tally.

Now think of yourself as a defence coach and how easy it would be to stymie that system with targeted tactics. You wouldn't need to commit the whole defence just control that area of the pitch. Dyche gets less than zero credit for dealing with that kind of aggression and keeping us competitive. I thank the football gods that Dyche doesn't give a fuck what football fuckwits think.

Alright, sorry, that last bit is a bit much but that just lets you know where I'm at on this matter. Nothing personal.

Dave Abrahams
147 Posted 31/01/2024 at 15:39:20
I think we drew 0-0 with Fulham last season at Fulham and they absolutely pulverised us with well over 20 shots on goal, I'm not sure how many shots we gave back, if any.

Last night, with a makeshift team and only one genuine centre-midfielder, we created four or five decent chances. Dyche's squad are creating chances, especially away from home.

There is a big difference under Dyche, a definite improvement, and we should have more points on board —we all know why we haven't. If we could solve that problem, we would be much better off and not worrying about the 10-point penalty, as unfair as it was.

Mark Murphy
148 Posted 31/01/2024 at 15:42:00
I was very disappointed after the game and said so vehemently. But, in the cold light of day, I feel better about it now.

Unlike Saturday's game there were positives, all of them in defence. We have two teams on the pitch. A very good defensive team and a shockingly bad attacking team.

Once we (or Dyche to be clear) find a way to get Dom scoring again, we'll climb the table.

Dale Self
150 Posted 31/01/2024 at 16:03:08
And Kieran too
Mark Ryan
151 Posted 31/01/2024 at 16:06:07
I thought we did okay. We have lots of players being asked to play out of position, plenty injured and so they will return. It's not good to be so threadbare but it's how it is.

We have to accept it is where we are. We have no cash to spend, we have a very average squad, and we now have a team running the club who are trying to turn us around akin to a cargo ship at sea.

Over many years, we have been run into the ground by an appallingly bad Chairman (RIP, Bill Kenwright) and by a clown of an owner. We sat and watched monies being spunked on dross for years and did not foresee the mess we were actually in.

I think, under those circumstances, Dyche is doing okay and we have to hope the points are overturned. Then we need to knuckle down, as we did last night and we'll be okay but we cannot go back to booing Calvert-Lewin or blaming him. It's not his fault or the fault of the players. They are trying (very trying, lol!!)

Seriously, we just need to keep supporting them. UTFT's

Andy Crooks
152 Posted 31/01/2024 at 16:27:06
Sam @138,

I think the xG model is not necessarily appropriate with Calvert-Lewin and I think that John Rafferty explains why. It is about confidence and, on my view, a player who knows there will be more chances on the way will be better placed to take what he gets.

There is much more pressure on Calvert-Lewin than Haaland or Salah. One miss from Calvert-Lewin will likely cost us the game. Salah can miss a bagful and Liverpool will still win. Calvert-Lewin would score more, in my opinion, for most other teams in the league. He gives 100%, never hides and we are a better team with him in it.

The sense of entitlement of some on here is jaw-dropping. We have a poor threadbare squad who have been robbed of 10 hard-earned points. Dyche has worked a miracle and Calvert-Lewin has helped him.

Mark Murphy
153 Posted 31/01/2024 at 16:32:39
Bill @ 143, whilst I agree with the gist of your post, I personally don't agree that the players are letting Dyche or us supporters down.

I haven't felt, since the days of Lampard and Benitez (still can't believe that was real), that any of our players are not putting in the effort – it's simply that they aren't good enough.
I'm not Onana's biggest fan and I feel he's playing for his own stats rather than the team, but I still think he's putting in the effort.

I despair at the poor quality of our passing but I can't fault the hearts of the players we've got available.

John O'Brien
154 Posted 31/01/2024 at 17:18:11
If you look at the stats for teams who have missed the most big chances, not half chances, we are joint top with Newcastle, the only other bottom-half team who are anywhere near us is Brentford.


So it's obvious where the problem is, we all know it: we don't score enough, but it's clearly not that we are not creating — we are just not putting them away.

In terms of defence stats, only the top 3 are better than us but, for scoring, we are worse than everyone save Sheffield Utd and Burnley.

I know stats aren't everything but it's clear to me that there's not an awful lot wrong fundamentally with this side that wouldn't be cured by an ice cold assassin up top but it's also clear that we haven't the money to go out and buy such a player unless we get really lucky with a loan or free transfer.

Robert Tressell
155 Posted 31/01/2024 at 17:59:43
If we had prime Lukaku in this side, I expect he would have about 8 goals – but Doucoure would have only 1 or 2 and we'd have fewer points.

Lukaku made goals for himself but his workrate and chance conversion were patchy. He also had supply from Barkley, Mirallas, Deulofeu and excellent attacking full-backs.

The lack of goals isn't resolved by swapping Calvert-Lewin for A N Other.

Ben King
156 Posted 31/01/2024 at 18:29:52
Robert #155,

Sorry, mate, but you're wrong,

Lukaku definitely improves this team.

Kieran Kinsella
157 Posted 31/01/2024 at 18:42:13

I think you have a fair point that is supported by Maupay. He was an 8- to 12-goal-a-season guy at Brighton and scored what, one goal for us?

The difference being at Brighton he missed five or six chances a game whereas at Everton he had maybe two shots per game.

Dale Self
158 Posted 31/01/2024 at 19:00:57
Hey Brendan, that was you mot Brian wasn’t it? Sorry twice to you man.
Paul Ferry
159 Posted 31/01/2024 at 19:16:56
John O'Brien @154.

If you look at the stats for teams who have missed the most big chances, not half chances, we are joint top with Newcastle, the only other bottom-half team who are anywhere near us is Brentford.

So, the skunks might actually win something then?

Robert Tressell
160 Posted 31/01/2024 at 19:26:57
He might do, Ben – but he had a lot of critics on here. I think the main issue is the steady deterioration in quality since Martinez managed to assemble a very talented side.

Who now would get in Martinez's best XI of:


Maybe Pickford and Branthwaite? And by the way, I think Calvert-Lewin might be doing okay himself in that side.

Ben King
161 Posted 31/01/2024 at 20:53:26
Robert #160

Yes it's true that many fans on here don't like/appreciate Lukaku but that's because he used to shout his mouth off every international break.

But it's not a popularity contest. The guy could guarantee 15+ goals a season – he had an eye for it and strikes the ball properly. He also has a self-belief that translates to goals. The guy just loves scoring goals.

Many a time, we don't appreciate what we have. If we'd have got Barkley back on a free, he'd have been brilliant (look what he's doing at Luton) but I suspect he'd have got pelters.

Bill Watson
162 Posted 31/01/2024 at 21:12:54
The passion that was missing on Saturday was back last night in a game we could have equally won or lost.

I'm not a Godfrey fan but I thought he had a great game last night, especially considering he hasn't played for a while.

What a difference a half decent striker would make!

John Raftery
163 Posted 31/01/2024 at 21:27:48
I remember being told by someone on this site it would be easy to replace Lukaku. He was the best striker we have had in the last 35 years and counting. We are unlikely to see a player of his quality at our club in the foreseeable future.

Howard Kendall once said he preferred to talk about what a player can do rather than what he can't do. As fans, we often do the opposite.

Dave Abrahams
164 Posted 31/01/2024 at 21:51:04
Ben (161),

Luton took a chance on Barkley last summer, gave him a 1-year contract, was there anyone else offering him a chance? Do you think he played consistently for Everton, Chelsea, Aston Villa or anywhere else he played as consistently as he is playing for Luton?

It looked like the penny has dropped for Ross, the talent was always there, he just didn't apply himself. He could be brilliant, poor and casual in the same game. Now he has, maybe, grown up and realised how good he can be. I hope he keeps it up.

He will be offered a good signing-on fee and wages plus a 2- or 3-year contract next summer by a few clubs if he continues like this. Last summer, he was in a very different position and begging for a chance; Luton gave him that chance and it's turning out nice for them.

Steve Oshaugh
165 Posted 31/01/2024 at 21:51:11
I was not at all phased by this result. A point away at Fulham, given where we are at with the squad at the moment, is decent.

I don't see any lack of effort at the moment. The fans have had a rollercoaster season again but the squad have had it much tougher in my view and deserve some leeway at the moment.

The players have had a decent mid-table start and were no doubt starting to look up the table a bit. Through no fault of theirs, they were thrust back into a relegation battle.

They responded brilliantly and are now going through a tough spell of injuries in key areas. That will come to an end with any luck.

Our season will only partially be decided on the field... very little point in getting stuck into anyone unless the energy drops off.

The squad have earned the right on the field to be comfortably mid-table and only 4 points off 7th place and probably 2-3 wins away from Premier League safety.

That they're in a relegation battle with all the pressure that brings is not down to how the team have played or are playing at all.

We have what we have in terms of players and they have done the job on the field. There is no positive outcome to having a go at the players as far as I can see.

All we can do is hope like all fuck that we get some good news out of the next few months behind the scenes... this time is going to be hard enough without getting stuck into each other.

Billy Shears
166 Posted 31/01/2024 at 22:03:54
As Brooks joins the Saints on loan!?

Couldn't we have hi-jacked that deal?

Our recruitment is fucking pathetic!!

Pissed off and with real tough games looming which are on the TV too... (which every Blue knows doesn't end well for us).

Danny O’Neill
167 Posted 01/02/2024 at 11:06:43
Some great comment on this thread.

John Raftery on Lukaku.

Dave Abrahams on Ross.

I hope Ross finds himself again. Just a shame it wasn't in the blue shirt he grew up with.

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