An open letter to Chris Beesley, Liverpool Echo

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An open letter to Chris Beesley, Liverpool Echo.

Dear Chris,

I write this in response to your article titled Everton claims Sean Dyche has lost the dressing room are missing the point and your follow-up tweet/X post to signpost people to this drivel which was worded as follows:  

“We all know “Nil Satis Nisi Optimum” this is not but anyone calling for the manager’s head needs to give their own head a wobble. If that’s your answer to this mess then unfortunately you’re part of the problem.

As someone who is the Google and display advertising guy for a farming newspaper, I am very aware that views of a page keep the lights on. With 9 ad slots on your website, I estimate that Reach PLC make around £0.15 and above per page view. I am also aware that Reach PLC made the decision in 2022 to switch to a minimum page view target for its reporters. So for your career, you do what you have to do to become the best in your profession, and ultimately keep yourself in a job. But in this instance, you have got it massively wrong.

Whilst you could look at a wider issue of the last 4-5 years of being an Everton fan. The last 12 months have been new levels of mayhem. As fans, we are at breaking point. Off-the-field stuff aside, we have won 1 game since mid-December and the football is as bad as anything we have seen.

You go the games for free, in fact, you get paid to go the game and talk about Everton. For some fans, you probably have their dream job. Where do you think you get off telling paying fans that they are not now allowed to question the manager? 

Further to this, how – after all the fans have done for the last 3 years – are the fans “part of the problem”? The only thing the club has left now is the fans. 

We have had hit piece after hit piece since October from The Times, the Premier League, Martyn Ziegler and Sam Wallace in The Telegraph, The Guardian, and, of course, how could we forget the Daily Mail's Matt Hughes?

There's not many people in the media who have come out to fight for us... Henry Winter, Martin Samuel to name a few. But why don’t you and the Echo go back to journalistic basics and use your platform to ask some pertinent questions and be on our side? 

You are meant to represent the club in a world where we pretty much have no support. You have royally pissed off a lot of fans with this. If we get to the point where, as fans, we don’t want to read your Everton content, then who are you aiming for? Liverpool fans? 

Do better. It’s the least we as fans deserve from our local newspaper. 

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Reader Comments (30)

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Jack Convery
1 Posted 17/04/2024 at 23:50:18
Well said, that man. Most of the media hate us for some reason.

I see Henry Winter has been sacked by The Times. A lone voice in the wilderness has been silenced.

John Hall
2 Posted 18/04/2024 at 04:22:08
Liverpool Echo is nothing but a rag mag for Liverpool FC.

Amateur reporters with no backbone copying and pasting most stuff from other papers.

Count the EFC articles against the LFC articles in the content pages to see who always has the most.

Gutter style newspaper with a crap football writer pretending to be Evertonian.

Kieran Kinsella
3 Posted 18/04/2024 at 06:02:43
About 25 years ago, The Echo was decent until we got into the David Prentice mindset of “if we upset Bill, he won't talk to us”.

Since when, as you say, it's turned into this clickbait shit with controversial titles like “The truth about Moyes” where you read about 500 words about Moyes's career history separated by ads for Viagra until you get to the crux of the matter which says something like “Moyes was the Everton manager for several years.” No shit. Absolute garbage.

Even worse than the rightly maligned “Goodison News” but at least those chancers don't pass themselves off as “journalists”.

Danny O’Neill
4 Posted 18/04/2024 at 06:22:42
Well put, Chris.

I very rarely read the Echo these days. Usually only when someone sends me a link to an article.

Partly because I got fed up of their biased towards the other side. Their colour is red and they have their crest on their front page.

The bird is blue.

Also, as I do all of my reading online, their website is a nightmare for continuous irritating popups.

I can keep up with all things in the city through family and friends on social media.

Ricky Oak
5 Posted 18/04/2024 at 06:24:31
Kudos to Dan for this, praying that this causes a butterfly effect, turning the tide of what feels like victimization.

Media, officials, unbiased pundits, so-called experts that toe the 'party' line, Carragher has knocked millions off the one player, Onana, we looked like getting profits from, at a time we're desperate for dollars, timing is paramount.

I can feel the attack on Evertonians from 200 miles away. Everton seem to get treated as if they got all clubs banned from Europe. It's disgusting.

John Keating
6 Posted 18/04/2024 at 06:52:43
The Echo has never been a supporter of the fans. Successive journos at the Echo have been far more interested on keeping their freebies at the club: "treble G&Ts all round".

The World's Greatest Evertonian had the lot of them wrapped around his fingers, they were just acolytes for Bill and his rip-off of the Club.

I will never forget the days of KEIOC and the Blue Union. Not only were we slagged by our own supporters but hardly anything was written in the Echo about the demos, meetings at the Casa et al.

If anything was written, it was only negative and in support of the "establishment".

Possibly if we had had more support from the Echo – and supporters – we may not have been in the position we presently find ourselves in.

Derek Thomas
7 Posted 18/04/2024 at 08:05:55
The liverpool echo; written in Manchester and London, printed in Oldham - what else do you need from your local paper.

Lowest common denominator rs click bait rag

It's website is a heap of crap too, been a long time since it was a decent paper.

Danny O’Neill
8 Posted 18/04/2024 at 08:19:48
Apologies, I was multi-tasking.

I correct myself.

Well put Dan!!

Mike Hayes
9 Posted 18/04/2024 at 08:39:13
Well said Dan - all papers print shite on every subject they know nothing about - utter buffoons - the red rag had been blowing smoke up the reds arse for decades including fake blue bill - biggest red on the planet
Mike Doyle
10 Posted 18/04/2024 at 08:54:15

I suspect the same criticism could be applied to most local news media around the country who don't want to risk falling out with the local club(s), hence a cosy relationship is maintained.

Most of the local radio coverage is just as bad - at present Alan Stubbs is the only voice I hear criticising the management of the club (so expect him to be quietly dropped in the near future). You can see it in action at the pre-match media conferences. The most difficult question Dyche will be asked by the local reporters will be about Dele's progress.

Going back a few years, I don't recall much Echo criticism of Hicks & Gillett despite our neighbours finding themselves in a position where they were reportedly a few hours or days away from administration (hope I've recalled that one correctly).

Dan Hollingworth
11 Posted 18/04/2024 at 09:45:17
Thanks for the nice comments, I felt it needed saying.

I don't think they have the leverage they once had, and I suppose they are too scared of losing what little influence they have. Even with the headlock story they were one of the first to run it. Rather than asking the question, would an Everton fan actually do this?

Every week they say "we are off to the managers press conference does anyone have anything they want to ask" - nothing gets asked. In fact they ain't even allowed to ask questions in the actual presser.

But we are at a point where some serious shouting about our predicament needs to happen.

Danny O’Neill
12 Posted 18/04/2024 at 09:58:40
I was a critic of jobs for the boys, but I would love Stubbs and Southall to be involved in someway.

I think it would make the owners and board a bit uncomfortable though.

Possibly quite a few players too!!

Dave Abrahams
13 Posted 18/04/2024 at 10:21:44
Dan (11) No Dan thanks to you for airing this letter, being honest I only read Beesley on line and I don’t think he is a sports reporter going by the marks he gives the players after the game, they have no relation to how they played during the game.

In fact all the sports reporters in the Echo seem to have a limited knowledge of what’s going on at the club or maybe it is just a disinterest in Everton FC. Going back in time following telephone conversations with various Everton sports reporters there I never thought any of them were were interested in criticising the club but always stayed on the safe side.

The one time a reporter had a go, Dominic King, now with Mail I think and a Red fan, lambasted the team after a 4-0 hammering at WBA, the next at Bellefield he was battered with a rolled up Echo by Duncan Ferguson.

He told me this himself when I rang up to congratulate him on his article, he also told me his mates, Bluenoses, had urged him to tell the truth about that WBA game, Dave Prentice, who I liked, and Ken Rogers senior reporters never stepped over the line to “ Tell it like it was”. So thanks again Dan and we really are now Desperate Dan!!

Les Callan
14 Posted 18/04/2024 at 10:23:21
I wonder how the Echo is going to mark the 40th anniversary of Heysel next year. Don’t hold your breath folks.
Tony Abrahams
15 Posted 18/04/2024 at 10:36:36
I’m glad you got that off your chest Dan, although you are probably just highlighting why a lot of people don’t even bother to get the echo anymore.

Very good point Kieran, because Prentice, definitely sided with Bill Kenwright, and when you have got friends in the media, then it definitely helps stop a person from becoming exposed.

I’d personally like Dyche to go public on the enormous pressure they are under, and feel if it was done in the correct manner it might even galvanize us, and god knows we need galvanizing.

Brian Harrison
16 Posted 18/04/2024 at 10:36:40
Dave 13

I to find Beesleys player ratings after games bares no resemblance to the game I have just watched. I think he might need to go and have a chat with Michael Ball who has a column in the Echo every week, and in this weeks article Ball was very critical of Dyche, maybe the only person who needs to give their head a wobble is Chris Beesley. A big thanks to Dan for the post and with his job might have more influence than most. I would remind Beesley that these fans you criticize are filling out away ends year in year out and unlike Beesley have to pay for the privilege of watching some of the worst football we have played in a very long time.
I stopped buying the Echo years ago their only interest is the lot from across the park. As for the journalists on the nationals Winter and Samuels and to a lesser extent Holt have all said that we have been treated to harshly. But if this had been one of the darling big 6 they would have door stepped Moshiri and asked what the hell was going on with the takeover and the funds to finish the stadium. But we have long since become a club who were viewed as anything but a club that now just makes up the numbers.

Mark Murphy
17 Posted 18/04/2024 at 10:39:37
Danny, I disagree.

We need to break this “if you know our history” romantic notion of how a modern successful football club should be run. We need young, ambitious, hard nosed business people and qualified sports people with no heartstrings being pulled by our past. We need a winning mentality, not a nostalgic one.

Rip it up and start again… again!

Brian Harrison
18 Posted 18/04/2024 at 10:52:14
Tony 15

Very rarely do I disagree with you, but Dyche needs to galvanize his players not the fans. As you will know from your playing time all players mostly are interested in is themselves, granted there are a few exceptions like Coleman. As for pressure, what pressure they have all got contracts which guarantees their income irrespective of were the club finish. I would imagine and you will know better than me that some of our players given how few games are left will have already instructed their agents to look what's out there for them. So bearing that in mind some of these players will already be talking to other clubs so how much of their attention is on the coming games.

I do think that maybe Michael Ball is right when he wonders what happened on the Portugal trip and was there more in the Patterson slap than was reported, as since that trip the moral seems even lower than when they went.

Tony Abrahams
19 Posted 18/04/2024 at 11:10:52
I knew Oliver Holt, was a personal friend of Bill Kenwright’s, Brian, but he should have kept it personal when paying tribute to Bill, after his death, instead of trying to shoulder all the blame, with regards Everton, elsewhere.

Everton’s squad look totally bereft of everything needed right now, and it’s obvious the pressure has got to them all. The “mental” confidence looks like it has been slowly sucked out of us, after the “physical” exertions of reclaiming the points back in December, left us looking drained in January.

I watched Leicester last week, and they were absolutely flying until the club got told it hard been charged with PSR, and will probably be receiving a points deduction, and suddenly they have lost a lot of games.

Michael Kenrick
20 Posted 18/04/2024 at 12:00:47
Today's deliberately misleading Echo clickbait headline:

Everton make managerial contract decision after challenging season

Excellent, Dyche gets it in the neck! Sorted.

Oh… wait a minute.

Mick O'Malley
21 Posted 18/04/2024 at 12:53:55
Spot on, Dan.

I was fuming when this headline popped up on my phone, cheeky bastard he is. The fans of this club are an absolute credit to Everton, they have dragged this club over the line on umpteen occasions and deserve a medal for their loyalty.

I know we all have opinions on the manager but we've got every right to call out the piss-poor form and eye-gouging shite that Dyche is serving up.

Agree about the Echo website, I don't think I've ever got through an article without the page freezing or umpteen pop-ups and adverts distracting me.

Ian Hollingworth
22 Posted 18/04/2024 at 14:14:24
Well said Dan
It will be interesting to see if he replies to you
Jerome Shields
23 Posted 18/04/2024 at 19:08:55

You were right to send that letter. You have my full support.

Danny O’Neill
24 Posted 18/04/2024 at 19:33:48
Mark, I want "if you know your history" to be dropped. I only mention Stubbs and Southall as they would challenge. They are not yes-men.

I'll drop you a message to see when your next one is and we can meet up.

Tony, the team were done early doors. Confidence and organisation was gone.

I don't want to dwell on it too much. More important is facing Forest at the weekend.

David West
25 Posted 18/04/2024 at 19:34:28

Excellent. I've been saying for a while now that the Echo is just a clickbait site now. They used to be differing opinions with different writers, now they are all singing from the same script.

As your article points to, they probably are aiming for RS readers to click to gloat at us!

The guy's entirely entitled to his opinion, as much as you or I; however, his opinion not only alienates dedicated, loyal, home and away fans who pay and travel all over the country to watch what has become recently, what can only be described as atrocious.

These fans deserve to voice their opinions. Even though some may disagree.

I think myself now that Dyche is no longer the man for us; however, I understand it will be difficult to release him, appoint another manager and staff now before the end of the season.

The manager should definitely feel the dismay and anger from fans when your team loses in the manner we did at Stamford Bridge.

Danny O’Neill
26 Posted 18/04/2024 at 19:46:14
Totally, David,

We all agree and disagree.

Often better when we meet face to face. You should see me and Mark.

And I would add Brian Murray to that. He shouts at me online but then we have man hugs when we meet at Goodison!!!

Jack Convery
27 Posted 18/04/2024 at 19:53:02
We need a programme like BBC Panorama to look into Everton's financial story. Maybe they'd discover the actual owner and prove it.

Why 777 Partners are so loved by Moshiri. Maybe they might discover what the actual "there's something rotten at the core of Everton" is and show how we the fans are actually the only good thing about the club.

There's possibly a very good Len Deighton style story to be written about this club. Maybe he could get his spy Harry Palmer to do the business once more – after all, his grandson tore us to pieces easily enough.

Niall McIlhone
28 Posted 18/04/2024 at 20:16:10
It's a very pointed letter, Dan, and I hope Beesley gives himself a reality check? I am sure we would all be interested if he has the grace to respond. I expect not.

I cannot help but think that the Liverpool Echo is simply now a generic regional paper with a falling circulation, increasingly reliant on online advertising revenue.

As such, the online version is basically unreadable as others have said. It is like being stuck in a garish, noisy funfair ride that you cannot make sense of. Oh for something that looks like serious and incisive sports journalism.

Paul Birmingham
29 Posted 18/04/2024 at 20:33:24
I stopped buying the paper years ago and weaned myself of the pink Footy Echo as that became an RS rag.

It's nauseating the phoney story lines they knock out about Everton and the lack of connexion to the club.

We don't need the Echo, it's the worst digital online paper in the UK media... it doesn't work. The Press Association should ban it, for overloading its content with crap adverts.

Defiant and together in strength, Evertonians will transcend this period and the negativity caused by the mismanagement of the club, the legacy of the Greatest Evertonian and Moshiri.

Hell and back and beyond, but we must believe there will be better days ahead. Madness, punch drunk...

No, but very concerned like all TWrs, at the almost daily tides of woe that have occurred this season.

30 years previously more or less of similar but the Premier League have dragged the club into the Abyss.

David Peate
30 Posted 19/04/2024 at 18:29:30
Wouldn't it be great if we could go back to the 1940s when the Echo (and Express and Post) just reported on football matches and did not indulge in criticism or praise other than on what occurred on the pitch?

Where is the star reporter, Ranger, of yesteryear who just reported on the games and nowt else. Sadly missed.

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