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Everton have now reached agreements with both Sporting and Youssef Chermiti with the young striker's switch from Lisbon to Merseyside set to go through pending a successful medical.

The two clubs had agreed to a deal in principal last week but further talks have ironed out the final details that are believed to have centred chiefly around the size of the sell-on clause that the Portuguese club wanted as part of a sale which will reportedly be worth €15m, rising to as much as €20m depending on appearances.

Separately, meanwhile, reports in Portugal had suggested that Chermiti wanted to negotiate better personal terms before committing his future to the Blues and there, as well, it appears as though an accord has been reached.

According to sources like Fabrizio Romano, Alan Myers and The Bobble, Everton are now scheduling a medical for Chermiti, who did not travel with his Sporting CP team-mates for yesterday's friendly between the two teams at Goodison Park.

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Though only a year into his professional career, Chermiti is regarded as hot prospect by many observers in his native country. He broke into Sporting's senior squad last season and played 22 times, scoring three goals.

While Everton's Director of Football, Kevin Thelwell, is believed to be pursuing additional attacking targets, he had made Chermiti a priority after a move for El Bilal Toure fell through last month, the forward opting to sign instead for Atalanta in Italy from Spanish side Almeria. 


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Ralph Basnett
1 Posted 06/08/2023 at 17:37:43
We take that long with transfers, it's almost like we want someone to jump in and sign before we get it over the line.
Anthony Flack
2 Posted 06/08/2023 at 17:41:42
I think things take as long as they take; I doubt we take longer. We are generally shit at communications, it looked like this leaked a while ago, perhaps quite early in the process?

I hope he's first-team and not stuffed in the reserves!

Maybe some good news alongside Calvert-Lewin and Danjuma...

Tony Everan
3 Posted 06/08/2023 at 17:42:13
Good news: the Sporting team yesterday looked pretty sharp, so hopefully he can hit the ground running. We may see him off the bench on Saturday, I can't see Dominic being given more than 60 minutes.
Jack Convery
4 Posted 06/08/2023 at 17:45:25
Bill's favourite song:


Michael Boardman
5 Posted 06/08/2023 at 17:45:33
Yay, another Brighton-esque signing.

Or is that more Watford-esque

Steve Brown
6 Posted 06/08/2023 at 17:53:27
Think it is a Brighton-esque signing, Michael, and a welcome change of approach.

However, the youngster won't be heavily involved next season in the first team. If Calvert-Lewin gets injured, it will be Maupay who replaces him as things currently stand.

Christy Ring
7 Posted 06/08/2023 at 17:58:05
Steve #6 ,

With our finances the way they are, and paying €15M+ for him, he's going to be in the first-team squad and playing this season.

Rob Halligan
8 Posted 06/08/2023 at 18:01:51
So agreement has finally been reached on both cost, sell-on fee etc, and personal terms. It's been one or the other the last few days, with it constantly changing.

I also agree with Christy, I think we will see Chermiti getting a lot more minutes than some think.

Winston Williamson
9 Posted 06/08/2023 at 18:03:52
No way are we spending £15-20mil on a player for the reserves. He'll play. If he shows enough commitment and ability, hard work and running, he'll be in ahead of Moupauy, simply due to his height.

I welcome signings like this over deals like Maupay. If we tried to sell Maupay now, we'd recoup less than half what we paid. He's older and unlikely to improve.

If we can get one of Gnonto or Sulemana, that would be great work on the attack front.

Alan J Thompson
10 Posted 06/08/2023 at 18:07:16
Does anyone know how many suitcases he brought with him as, by the time the medical results are in, he'll barely have time before the first game to even get to know anybody's name.
Kieran Kinsella
11 Posted 06/08/2023 at 18:17:44

Can you imagine the reaction if Paul Tait does the unveiling then we hear that he's being loaned to Sunderland for a year to get experience? Heads would explode, but it seems like that is what some are expecting.

As to Dyche not liking young players. He said Dobbin has been excellent pre-season and he's been playing him. Dobbin was not the obvious young player many expected to make his way into the mix this summer.

So the fact he has suggests Sean operates a meritocracy. A novel approach for an Everton manager. Not picking players based on salaries or hope but based on effort and performance.

Gary Brown
12 Posted 06/08/2023 at 18:32:09

He dropped Dobbin yesterday. Gave him sub only, in favour of Iwobi on left wing. Same mistake Koeman et al never learned from…..

So, yeah, get your evidence that he's clearly all for the kids.

Michael Lynch
13 Posted 06/08/2023 at 19:18:06
One for the future but might be on the bench in a couple of weeks time to give him a feel for Goodison.

I'd be astonished if Dyche sees him as a starter ahead of Maupay or even Dobbin.

Stephen Williams
14 Posted 06/08/2023 at 20:24:26

You just might need to be prepared to be astonished. I feel that Fulham might come too soon for him, not because he isn't viewed as a starter, but instead that he won't have had enough time training with the ‘group'.

But we won't be spending the majority of our transfer budget for someone to sit on the bench for long.

David West
15 Posted 06/08/2023 at 20:27:32
I've watched the clip of his highlights on YouTube. This lad is decent. I've seen more in them few clips of this lad's first season in the first team to know he's a better option than Maupay. Strong, hard to shrug off the ball, fast feet & technically good for a big lad.

As for his age, if you're good enough, you are old enough!!
I can't see him going in the reserves; he may take time to adjust, new league, new teammates, new country. Let's give him a chance…

David West
16 Posted 06/08/2023 at 20:34:43
Ste 14.

Oh, I don't think it's the majority of our budget. The fee is high because of the small amount up front: £3-4M and the rest in instalments and add ons. Low risk with money left In the pot.

With our finances we are able to get players if the selling clubs are willing to take the fee in instalments, small instalments probably like the Onana deal: £10M per year over 3 years.

As the window comes to an end, clubs get desperate to sell as much as we are desperate to buy, so it's a game of chicken.

Steve Shave
17 Posted 06/08/2023 at 20:36:51
Strange one this, surely he will have to play this season for the 1st team; otherwise, what's the point?? He's very raw and will need patience from the crowd, something we aren't blessed with when it comes to younger talent.

I can see Chè Adams or perhaps Weghorst coming in as well. A few nonsense rumours circulating about us getting Richarlison back on loan this season. As much as I would love that, it's extremely unlikely. Especially with it looking like Kane might leave Spurs.

Alan McGuffog
18 Posted 06/08/2023 at 20:41:06
He'll be a great signing once he's recovered from his long-standing knee-ligament problem.
Stephen Williams
19 Posted 06/08/2023 at 20:55:12

I bow to your knowledge of the specifics of the deal. I certainly don't have that knowledge.

You sound like someone who once said ‘You don't need £5M to buy a £5Mplayer.' I won't comment further – I'll leave that to others.

In any event, I hope you're right that we have plenty left in the tank to buy a number of oven-ready players. Personally… I doubt it.

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
20 Posted 06/08/2023 at 20:55:34
I can't believe the lack of compromise or alternatives in football negotiations.

It had to be 10% or 20%

Where is the £XM plus 10% so if he goes for a fortune or a pittance? What about X% of valuation on TransferMarkt?
What about 20% for this band of price, 17,5% for this, etc.

But football chairmen obviously have to be macho rather than finding a good deal.

Kieran Kinsella
21 Posted 06/08/2023 at 21:03:23

I didn't say he's all for kids. I said Dobbin, who seemingly was behind Simms, Cannon and a few others, seems to have played his way into consideration.

If Dyche was anti-kid, why would he have even bothered with him? Obviously he saw something others haven't and gave him a shot, regardless of his age or inexperience.

Burnley isn't exactly known for its academy. Have you considered he didn't promote many kids save McNeil because they weren't that good? Ditto our other youngsters who haven't exactly lit up the Under-21 league or clubs while out on loan?

Robert Tressell
22 Posted 06/08/2023 at 21:07:29
Not sure why Dyche is accused of not liking young players. He developed Mee, Keane, Trippier and McNeil as youngsters from Man Utd's and Man City's academies, respectively. He also seems to regularly play Patterson, Onana and Garner – and Branthwaite looks like he is set for a lot of games this season if he stays.

The academy players he's overlooked aren't ready. Simms for example was called out by the radio commentators today for Coventry as being a player that really needs to develop his all round game – and that's in the division below.

The only one you could make a case for really is Cannon – and it seems they're trying to get him to a point where he is ready, by getting games in the Championship rather than just a few minutes here or there in the Premier League.

Robert Tressell
23 Posted 06/08/2023 at 21:08:18
... and also what Kieran has just said.
Paul Hewitt
24 Posted 06/08/2023 at 21:27:55
Don't we still need a first-choice striker?

And we're spending all this time on signing this kid.

Gary Brown
25 Posted 06/08/2023 at 22:19:17
Robert, out of 69 managers who've played more than 100 games in the top flight, Sean Dyche sits bottom in the table for how many minutes given to U23 players.

Bottom. Out of 69 managers. Arteta is top.

Naming a few exceptions, and the zero choice he's given here does not prove the rule. He is dour and anti-youth. Still right for what we need now we're back at Bills Tesco extra-value level… but a Messiah of youth??? Give your head a wobble kid.

Is Sean Dyche the Premier League's most effective manager in history?

Dan Parker
26 Posted 06/08/2023 at 22:19:49
Much needed back-up; let's hope we manage his career well.

And let's hope he's not one of a long list of failed forwards.

David West
27 Posted 06/08/2023 at 22:27:36
Ste @19,

We don't need to pay up-front for players!! It's common practice to pay in instalments. So no, you don't need "£5M upfront to buy a £5M player". Like we didn't need £30M up front to buy Onana last year.

I'd say this is our stumbling block for getting deals done right now with P&S biting. If we can spread transfer fees over 2, 3, 4 years, it will ease our situation. We will pay over the odds a little, like with Chermiti, but the alternative is getting one £25-30M player.

I've said before, we have Young, Danjuma and Chermiti while paying out less than we have received for Simms and Nkounkou.

Thelwell is doing some Del Boy style wheeling 'n' dealing.

Trust me, Ste, we will be millionaires this time next year!!!

Gary Brown
28 Posted 06/08/2023 at 22:31:36
Kieran, there isn't a player in the first 3 age groups that didn't get a go for Dyche this summer. It's bizarre you continue with the “he's showing love to Dobbin” after he dropped him for an out-of-position, fish-out-of-water Iwobi yesterday. He will next week too.

As for Burnley not producing kids, I'd argue that, when your pathway to first team is blocked by 38-year-old right-footed left-backs, centre-backs at full-back, and central-midfielders playing as wingers… I'd move on somewhere too as soon as I hit 16.

He's the right manager for our pauper club…. but he's just going to slow the rot, certainly not fix it.

Christy Ring
29 Posted 06/08/2023 at 22:48:14
Gary, for some reason, you're not a Dyche fan?
Bill Watson
30 Posted 06/08/2023 at 23:20:13
David #27,

You're quite correct in that clubs rarely, if ever, pay the whole transfer fee up front but you seem to forget that also apples to the fees we'll receive for Simms and Nkounkou.

Barry Hesketh
31 Posted 06/08/2023 at 23:37:27
Bill @30,

Isn't it the case that the selling club, once a player has been sold, can put the total transfer fee into the credit column in the books, but the buying club will only put the amount spread over the full term of the contract.

It's what I believe would happen should Everton for example sell Branthwaite for £25M and A N Other was purchased for the same fee, the books would see an immediate credit of £25M and a deficit of £5M if the player bought was on a five-year contract.

Bill Watson
32 Posted 07/08/2023 at 00:25:15
Barry #31,

Yes, I think that's how it works.

Chelsea and Arsenal, to name but two, are now signing players on 6- or 7-year-plus contracts to get around FFP rules. The danger, of course, is that if the signing doesn't work out, they're stuck with a player they can't shift because they're on lucrative, long-term contracts.

To a lesser extent, that problem has been sucking the life blood out of us in recent years.

Alan J Thompson
33 Posted 07/08/2023 at 03:47:31
Bill(#32); Does that apply if you sign them on, say, a 3 year contract with the option of a further year upto, say, 4 years more. Contracts, lawyers and agents, eh, but if you've gone to such lengths to avoid finance rules wouldn't you have foreseen such problems that, for Chelsea, stretch as far back as Bogarts.

Unless, of course, you have a vastly transfer experienced Chairman who is constantly being asked by other clubs what he would do, as soon as he's finished dinner and used his negotiating expertise to settle the bill to somebody else's account.

Eric Myles
34 Posted 07/08/2023 at 05:09:52
Barry & Bill, I think that only the cash paid up front will be credited as income into the accounts, the balance will be in "recieveables"

Alan J, options don't count, only the initial contract term.

Jerome Shields
35 Posted 07/08/2023 at 05:15:02
Alan #18,

Youssef Chermiti has a similar profile to Bilal Toure. He has been sidelined by injuries in his case for 8 months prior to making his debut with the first team in January.

Hopefully he will get through the medical okay. But he will be more back-up this season than a replacement, since playing him too much may not be the right thing to do. It looks like a gradual introduction is on the cards.

Jerome Shields
36 Posted 07/08/2023 at 05:26:16
I don't think getting Richarlison back on loan would be a good idea. He would not suit the type of attack that Dyche is trying to build and should build. He has been found out at Spurs, because of his poor passing and link play which was always his weakness.

Everton did well getting the fee that they got for him. He did score the much-needed out-of-the-blue goal, but Everton need more structured progress to get out of the relegation cycle they are in.

Bobby Mallon
37 Posted 07/08/2023 at 05:32:00
Paul 24. Who is the ready made striker you want. I can’t think of a single one for that amount of money who can score 10 goals a season. This lad would not be coming here from sporting to just be loaned out to a championship side.
Rob Halligan
38 Posted 07/08/2023 at 07:57:22
Bill # 32……….FIFA have quickly stamped on clubs signing players on long term contracts, which ultimately led to them paying the transfer fee over the course of the contract, eg, Chelsea signed Mudryk and Enzo Fernandes on, I think eight year contracts, which meant they pay eight annual instalments to the selling club. FIFA have now said all transfer fees have to be repaid over a maximum five years, but you can give a player a contract for as many years as you like. So it looks like the likes of Chelsea giving eight year contracts was short and sweet!
Sam Hoare
39 Posted 07/08/2023 at 08:06:51
As other have said this is not a budget busting move. A few mill up front and then a couple every season for 5 years. £12m in total with another £3m if he does well.

Difficult to know how well he does but crucially he looks a good fit because he has very similar qualities to DCL. He's mobile (though not rapid), can play well with his back to goal and is able to link play with rest of the team.

Expectations should be limited for him this season. It's a massive step up. He's 6 ft 4 but is not yet strong enough to use his frame effectively. He has decent technique but can look a little clumsy a times thanks to his long frame. His decision making definitely needs work and like DCL when he started his ball striking is not the cleanest.

My prediction is that he'll look pretty bad this season but maybe manage a couple of goals or assists if he gets game time. Next season he'll be better though lots of people will already have written him off as a waste of money or 'another Kean'. The season after that he will really shine and suddenly we will look like we've got a £40m striker on our hands.

Many will say we can't afford to get players who take time to settle but I would say we can't afford not to. Buying young talent with potential is the only way we can get £40m+ players onto our books. It's how we will make money to keep buying players. We cannot go on spending huge sums on players who leave this club for nothing (Allan, Bolasie, Sigurdsson, Doucoure, Mina, Keane etc) who are all on huge wages.

Let's hope this lad's been well scouted and adapts fast but make no mistake these are the sort of moves we need to make. Even if he flops we'll probably be able to sell him for £6-8m in a few years time. He'll probably be on less than £50k p/w and not too hard to shift as a result.

Danny O’Neill
40 Posted 07/08/2023 at 08:10:23
Gary and others who have watched Dobbin more than me.

Is he ready? On the few occasions I've seen him (count that on less fingers on my left hand and not a full match), he's not quite there yet.

As always, oponions.

Like most teams, we have a blend of young players and experience. That's normal. Ashley Young will bring a presence and attitude into the dressing room. A winner. Will he play every match? No. But what player does in the modern game?

Neither will Seamus Coleman, but he will perform when asked and likewise, provide that presence and guidance to the younger players.

Ray Roche
41 Posted 07/08/2023 at 08:16:06
Sam, a good level-headed post, I hope it's accurate and works out that way.

Let's hope that the world-class coaches that inhabit the Live Forum can give him time before consigning him to the whipping-boy box.

Gary Brown
42 Posted 07/08/2023 at 08:18:17
Christy - I’ve repeatedly said that he is right man for our lowest spending club in the league. I’m simply pointing out that he has a very long history of neglecting the younger players. Personally, I think youth progression is the ONLY way we can progress as a club now.
Tony Everan
43 Posted 07/08/2023 at 08:20:34
Sam, it's a big ask, and I think your prediction of coming good in a year or two is a fair one. I think the biggest adaptation for him is getting used to the physical battering he is going to take in the role.

He will be a 19-year-old coming up against some very tough centre-backs. You would expect him to need time to acclimatise to that and learn to deal with it. I am excited to see what he can do, his stature and game could well be made for the Premier League.

Conor McCourt
44 Posted 07/08/2023 at 08:24:01
A bit strange that posters are seemingly ganging up on Gary and accusing him of an anti-Dyche agenda when all he is doing is pointing out cold hard facts about our manager not having a great record in promoting youth.

Of course managing a club like Burnley who need to constantly over achieve to maintain their top flight status may reflect why he is bottom of Gary's stat (not always having the luxury of building for the future) but by nature anyone arguing that Dyche brings youngsters through is pissing against the wind.

Robert speaks about Trippier and Mee but they had nearly two seasons under Eddie Howe at Burnley before Dyche got anywhere near them. Keane was one of the most coveted centre backs around when Burnley swooped for him and had a fair level of experience at championship level and was looking like a squad player for United under Van Gaal when he surprisingly opted to sell him at that time. He made the bench for United in the three games before he was sold, coming on in one so wasn't exactly someone pinched from their academy.

Also Pointing out that Dyche has played Garner, Onana and Patterson as evidence is also a little ridiculous Robert. When given the choice between Coleman and Patterson Dyche always opted for Coleman last season. Onana was a no brainer and his only real choice to replace was Garner. Never were Gueye or Doucoure sacrificed for both.

Even in his time here when faced with the choice he has always opted for experience over youth. Not that I'm arguing he was wrong to do so but but it is acold hard truth

Gary Brown
45 Posted 07/08/2023 at 08:26:29
Danny, I think the only way he's ever going to be ready (or whether we'll ever know if he's actually ready) is by being given a half decent run of games. Doubt there are many players in the world who can turn it on for 15 minutes every other game.

What I would also say is at youth level he was capable of goals, and that is something this team needs desperately. His goal against Monsa last week was a blinder…….for me, just not right to say “well done kid, great goal, but we're going with Iwobi this week and you're on the bench”.

But, that's Dyche. Bottom of the league for managers giving U21s minutes, despite always managing teams with thin squads. Some won't care (there's no doubt he gets great returns from low budgets) but I think long-term prosperity comes from bringing through players. Top of the “minutes” league is Arteta. Just look at that turn around.

Gary Brown
46 Posted 07/08/2023 at 08:39:09
Thank you, Conor, that's exactly all I am saying.

It's especially valid in relation to our (hopefully) new 19-year-old striker and whether he will get a go here this season, when Cannon hasn't. Dyche’s comment after game of “nothing imminent” for me is either a) dishonesty (doubt it) or b) he sees this signing as Thelwell’s and has zero intent to think about him as a ready addition.

Time will tell, but I suspect the latter.

Ray Roche
47 Posted 07/08/2023 at 08:40:56
If clubs were made to pay the full transfer amount up front, it would surely stop much of the confusion around football accounts etc, as well as reducing transfer fees by a huge amount. Especially if some sort of fair (and workable!) P+S rule was introduced.

Wages certainly need to be addressed, Carlos Kickaballo from Shite FC in the Galician 2nd tier shouldn't be demanding £200k a week and expecting Champions League football because his agent has been blowing smoke up his arse but that's what seems to be happening. Too much money sloshing around football to the detriment of the game.

Martin Reppion
48 Posted 07/08/2023 at 08:46:50
For those asking about who else we could bring in to give us an instant improvement up front, I would suggest that Antonio from West Ham should be a no-brainer. On a short-term contract (1 year with a possible extension clause). This assumes he doesn't expect daft money.

Then, if we can land either Gnonto from Leeds or Suleman from Southampton, we would have had a very promising summer of moves. Remember, the transfer window still has nearly 4 weeks to go.

Pete Neilson
49 Posted 07/08/2023 at 08:52:31
On the topic of transfers paid over time it's not just us doing it. For example Arsenal are paying West Ham the £100M for Rice in three payments over 24 months.

In January 2023, Man Utd owed other clubs £307M in deferred transfer fees. Makes sense to have a good accountant.

Kim Vivian
50 Posted 07/08/2023 at 08:57:17
Well Danny clearly knows his onions...
Brian Harrison
51 Posted 07/08/2023 at 09:26:13
Well good news that we have got it over the line and only time will tell how good the lad is, but I don't think we should expect to much to soon. I see Sean Dyche was saying over the weekend that when he arrived the fans asked him to be honest and he said he has been and now we just have to get on with things. He said he knew the position of the club before he signed I presume he meant financial position, so I guess he isn't surprised to know there is very little money to spend on players. So we have signed the young striker from Sporting and signed Young on a free and Danjuma on loan, and doesnt look like much else is coming through the door.
I think its a pity our owner or chairman couldn't have been honest with the fans rather than leaving it to the manager to spell out the problems. So according to Sean Dyche despite him getting another 45 minutes in against Sporting, DCL want be fit to start against Fulham, and Dyche also said that McNeil will be out for a couple of games. So last seasons top scorer is out the 2nd top scorer is on his way to Fulham, that leaves us with the likelihood of Maupay leading the attack against Fulham. I think if you had told Evertonians that would be the scenario for the opening game for this season nobody would have believed that this could happen. I do wonder what is the point of a DOF who has presided over a few transfer windows and hasnt brought in a half decent striker, unbelievable.
Michael Lynch
52 Posted 07/08/2023 at 09:33:56
Brian, you're right as far as I'm concerned. If, when Dyche made his "massive change necessary" speech at the end of the season, you'd have told me we'd kick off the new season with Maupay up front on his own, and Ashley Young as the only new signing with a chance of playing, I'd have told you to stop being so ridiculous.

Sure, we've been unlucky (yet again) with injuries, but that's why you sign more than one new creative player, especially if you've already sold Gordon and know you plan to sell Gray.

I know it's a tough market, but the squad we start with is nowhere near good enough in all areas - including in goal where we've lost our second choice keeper and not replaced him.

Tony Abrahams
53 Posted 07/08/2023 at 09:34:57
I haven’t seen much of Lewis Dobbin, but from the little I have seen then I think he’s worth putting on for the last twenty minutes of most games, simply because of the way he can beat players whilst running with the ball.

Defenders hate pace especially if it can be combined with a bit of trickery and especially in the last twenty minutes when they are starting to get a little bit tired and the game might also be beginning to get a little bit stretched.

If you are good enough, you’re old enough, but the modern game is mostly about having the “physical strength to compete” especially for the team’s that don’t have the players to play an expansive game.

I agree with Gary, and believe Everton have got to start concentrating on building up the academy which will help us bring more good young players through, but football is changing, England have just won an under 21 tournament and it looked like quite a few of that squad were already 21 years of age?

Sam Hoare
54 Posted 07/08/2023 at 09:42:36
On the subject of Dobbin, he seems to have been the one youngster who really caught the eye in pre-season but it's a small and somewhat unrepresentative sample.

A few people i know who watched him a lot at Derby have described his time there as decent but somewhat unremarkable. He managed 5 goals in 54 games which suggests he probably is not the answer to our goalscoring issues.

Of course one loan move does not define a player and many players have mediocre loans before doing well but am not sure we should pin too much hope for him.

He's only 20 and (presuming we bring in at least two more forwards before the window shuts) I suspect that a loan to a decent championship club may be better for him than picking up splinters on our bench.

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
55 Posted 07/08/2023 at 09:48:57
Just because there is nowhere else to say it but well done Hanna Bennison of Everton Ladies and the Swedish National team.

Coming on in extra time in the QF against the USA, Hanna took Sweden's 5th penalty in the shoot-out. Currently 3-2 down, a miss meant they were out. And under all that pressure she scored to take it to sudden death.

And a second Evertonian, Natalie Björn played the whole match.

Well done our ladies. Now go and win it all.

Tony Abrahams
56 Posted 07/08/2023 at 09:55:29
Gary@46, if Dyche said nothing is imminent, it might be because has he said the other day, everything is so complex nowadays, meaning he only really believes he has got a new player once he knows the player has signed his contract?
Dave Abrahams
57 Posted 07/08/2023 at 10:01:24
Sam (54), I think the 54 games Dobbin played at Derby consisted of many sub.appearances, if you read a lot of Derby fans on their website they were very happy with him and wanted him to come back again.

He came on at Chelsea in the 1-1 draw there under Benitez and played very well upsetting the Chelsea defence in the twenty odd minutes he played.

On Saturday he didn’t do a lot but there was a notable buzz from the crowd when he was on the ball, I think he should stay here rather than go on loan, he can cause problems coming on as a sub. against tiring defenders as he did at Chelsea nearly two years ago.

Sam Hoare
58 Posted 07/08/2023 at 10:20:21
Dave, yeah, lots were sub appearances. The Derby fans i've seen were happy with him but not thrilled. I think a few expected a little bit more in league one from such a highly rated player, though it's never easy to hit the ground running on your first loan.

As we know Dyche is not a huge fan of subs. And that's one reason I think he'd be better served on loan again. It will depend on who else we bring in (I'm expecting 2-3 more forwards including Chermitti) but I think his development will benefit more from 2000 minutes in the championship than 200 in the PL. Proper game time is so crucial between 19-21 for players to push on. But lots depends of course on who else we bring in and how Dyche rates him.

Rob Halligan
59 Posted 07/08/2023 at 10:23:53
Phil # 55……..I’ve just come in and put the England women’s game on, just in time to see Lauren James sent off for a deliberate stamp on the back of a Nigerian player. She wont see anymore of this World Cup should England progress, as surely it will be a three match ban.
Rob Halligan
60 Posted 07/08/2023 at 10:29:31
Everyone’s favourite twitter’er (is that a word?), Fabrizio Romano, now saying all documents being prepared and Chermiti is on his way to Everton for his medical. Should all be completed within 24 hours, hopefully! 🤞🤞
Jeff Armstrong
61 Posted 07/08/2023 at 10:29:55
Sam 58, it would be interesting to calculate those 54 appearances into 90 minute games and then compare his goals per game ratio, I’d guess it’s probably more like 5 goals in 20 odd games which is not too shabby for a wide forward, albeit in league 1, I also think we should keep him as an option off the bench, some games last season we didn’t have 1 forward option on the bench to change things up.
Steve Cotton
62 Posted 07/08/2023 at 10:35:29
It would have been great to see the new lad in 45 minute cameos in the friendlies.

Now we have to throw him in after probably 2 days training..
Up professional and unfair to say the least...

Bill Fairfield
63 Posted 07/08/2023 at 10:56:27
Would be surprised if he took part this weekend. Surely can’t be match fit.
Jack Convery
64 Posted 07/08/2023 at 11:40:21
Has he signed yet ??
P Ron Wells
65 Posted 07/08/2023 at 12:05:08
On another subject, studying the year's fixtures, we only have three games in November (no doubt those boring international breaks), but an accumulation of 7, yes seven matches in December, all difficult games too.
This is not only madness for professional athletes, it also favors teams with large squads, which we will not be.
If we go into December with a couple of vital injuries, this will be make and break, and could well decide our season.
Underlines the need to hit the road running in the early games.
Dan Nulty
66 Posted 07/08/2023 at 12:08:22
We've been linked with Nico Gonzalez from Fiorentina, another left footed left winger but who can play up front or on the right. That actually looks decent business if we can get him. They've knocked back 22m plus 3m euros in the last few days apparently.
Frank Crewe
67 Posted 07/08/2023 at 12:17:34
Probably setting up some kind of support network for him once he's here. Family, friends etc he can see and talk to when he's not training/playing. This lads signing has to pay off. We can't afford another Moise Kean fiasco. So the club has to do all it can to make sure he's happy here and doesn't start pining for home.
Iain Johnston
68 Posted 07/08/2023 at 12:18:34
I have to agree with Gary Brown. For all Dyche can bring to the club now in order to maintain our survival he does not do youth players, certainly not those under or even 20 years old.

Youth to Dyche is 24. He historically prefers to keep extending the contracts of players well into their 30's. If he hadn't been sacked Burnley would now be packed with a squad of players with ages ranging from 29 - 35.

Back in 2020 the Burnley squad was the 3rd oldest behind Palace & Watford with an average age over 28.

Stephen Vincent
69 Posted 07/08/2023 at 12:31:27
Frank, I bet our illustrious leader is arranging Nandos gift vouchers right now.
David West
70 Posted 07/08/2023 at 12:34:45
Iain 68.
Dyche played onana for nearly every match. he was 20. Looks like Patterson will play a lot, mcneils not old, Garner will be getting games.

I think it's more about the quality of the young players, he did bring a few young players through at Burnley. The bigger club's generally pluck the young talent from club's like Burnley who would need the money.
We have better young players, a good few, so I'd suggest the stats on dyche and young players are a symptom of Burnley rather than a set mindset from dyche.

Time will tell, but he should be able to improve those stats with the young lads we have.

Steve Cotton
71 Posted 07/08/2023 at 12:40:56
Jack #64, apparently his bags are packed..
Jack Convery
72 Posted 07/08/2023 at 12:43:56
Given the ACON is in 2024 we need to get a few more in, even if it means 12 month contracts, with the option to extend by a year, based on performances. The fact we have no dosh points to a few free transfers must come in.

in my opinion we still need an experienced back up for Pickford.

In defence a player who can play as a right / left back and a Central Defender is needed. None of our CDs can play full back. Godfrey has done it but after last season, surely he can't be played there again. We need Garner in Midfield. We only have 2 players who can play LB at present.

In midfield we will be short once the ACON begins. A player who can cover at least 2 of AM/CM/DM is needed.

Upfront we need an experienced CF urgently, who can play at least 30 games minimum. My guess is it will be Weighorst from Burnley. Surely we cannot go into the season with Maupay up front - can we ?

As usual we are going to the wire so we can save money on wages and hoping to get players in, who are becoming desperate they won't get picked up before the window closes.

We all know Everton, being Everton, will suffer injuries and usually to our important players. We need cover and players who can play in the League Cup games, so we can rest the better players for the EPL games.

and before I forget - Kenwright OUT.

Dan Nulty
73 Posted 07/08/2023 at 12:46:52
Pretty sure Dyche brought through McNeil at Burnley didnt he? I don't think he plays anyone for the sake of it but if he thinks they improve the team they get a chance. If we were winning games comfortably every week I imagine he'd be prepared to blood a few more.

It says a lot how much Dobbin has impressed him that he hasn't been sent out on loan yet. He clearly trusts Garner more now and Branthwaite got his chance ahead of Keane on Saturday. I think he has an unfair reputation honestly.

I think some of the triangles played between Young, Onana and Iwobi were better than any of the football we played under Lampard.

Obviously we haven't got a great squad but at least we have a manager who knows what he is doing and actually talks with some honesty and is genuinely grateful to be here. At least the players will be working their bollocks off too.

I also think this could be the last season we have Onana, he was a class apart on Saturday. Got to enjoy him while we have him.

Ben King
74 Posted 07/08/2023 at 13:37:28
Jack #72

You’re so right to be concerned with squad depth

We have 7 games in December and then the Afcon in January

Those 2 months could define our season if we don’t reinforce. Ideally we’d have 2 quality options for every position +3 extra versatile players. But we don’t

The administration at Everton is atrocious

Iain Johnston
75 Posted 07/08/2023 at 13:53:48
Dan#73... he then promptly shifted McNeil in favour of Maxwell Cornet as soon as he had money to spend, 3 years his senior who then scored 9 goals in 26 games, due to McNeil's lack of finishing.

In the 4 seasons McNeil played for Burnley from the age of 19/20 he scored 7 goals in 133 games.

Dyche played McNeil from such a young age as he didn't have choice... especially in the Premier League.

Tarkowski was 24 when he signed for Burnley, Keane 22, the club was in the Championship & It was Eddie Howe who signed Ben Mee & Trippier when in the Championship too.

For us this season Keane & Tarkowski will 1st choice at the back, Coleman will be 1st choice RB when fit an we'll probably see more of Ashley Young than Mykolenko. The soon to be 34 year old Gana Gueye will remain 1st choice too.

Both Dobbin & Cannon will be farmed out again & expect Maupay to be 2nd choice behind DCL.

Ray Robinson
76 Posted 07/08/2023 at 14:00:00
If we finally get Chermiti over the line, I’ll be mighty glad but it does little to relieve my anxiety over the lack of a striker for this season. One for the future maybe - just like DCL was when we signed him, but I doubt he’s going to have a huge impact this season when it’s needed.

Where is the striker and playmaker required to address current issues? We can’t consider letting Cannon or Gray go in the current circumstances.

Gary Brown
77 Posted 07/08/2023 at 14:02:46
Iain - absolutely spot on.

Don’t know why there are some that need to defend (against ALL the evidence) Dyche’s record on youth. It’s not an ‘opinion’ it’s simply factual - 69th out of 69 managers who’ve managed 100 games+ on giving minutes to u23.

The odd exception doesn’t disprove this rule, and there isn’t a manager at any end of the premier league who isn’t “taking a gamble” when they do introduce youngsters. Indeed, I’d expect the smaller squads to HAVE to do it, but then that’s where the “Ashley Youngs” and “Seamus contract extensions” come in. He did it at Burnley and Will here.

None of this is slagging him off. None of it is saying it makes him shit. Many are entitled to the opinion that “safety and treading water comes first right now”. I don’t agree with it. I want a real blueprint for sustainability and growth….which I believe youth can do. That bits an opinion, the FACT Dyche is anti-youth is not. Sad reflection on what internet does that some just can’t accept it.

Dave Abrahams
78 Posted 07/08/2023 at 14:35:43
Gary (77) which young players would you have selected to play in Everton’s first team from the end of January this year that Dyche didn’t pick?
Kevin Molloy
79 Posted 07/08/2023 at 14:40:39
whether or not to play the youth are 'nice problems'. Problems that teams who aren't worrying about relegation necessarily turn to, in order to consolidate. It's good that we are starting to worry about more mid table issues than, 'I can't see where the next win is coming from'.
Dan Nulty
80 Posted 07/08/2023 at 14:57:44
It is okay to have different opinions! We don't have to agree. I see your points on McNeil, given those returns is it any wonder Dyche chose Cornet over him anyway?

It very much to me looks like Dyche tries to pick the best 11 for every game irrespective of age.

Gary, I know you disagree with safety first and treading water, I'd much rather safety first than giving games to u21s who clearly aren't good enough for most championship sides hence why only Preston are 'beating down our door' for Cannon and Derby fans weren't overly full of praise of Dobbin either.

I couldnt take the embarrassment personally of falling into the Championship with our new stadium in the horizon. There are already enough snide remarks about it going to be the best stadium in the championship. Treading water is preferable for me while it is built and hopefully providing a much better reason for an interested party to buy the club and shift Kenwright on, I'd much rather than that than gamble on some young lads who may turn out like Davies, Anichebe, Vaughan etc etc and not good enough for the Premier league.

As I say, it is okay for us to view things differently, I'm just explaining my thoughts.

Tony Everan
81 Posted 07/08/2023 at 14:59:02
If you buy a can of beans don’t expect to get spaghetti hoops inside it.

I don’t think it begins and ends with youth and Dyche’s selections. I think he approaches his strategy by selecting attacking players who make the side defensively stronger as the first criteria, then their attacking prowess second. Demarai Gray was a case in point with Dyche’s reluctance to use him.

Many, not all, youngsters will be indisciplined at moments over the 90 minutes also less physically developed. As a defender, Dyche’s mindset is always, and will always be, keep it at tight as possible and grab a goal or two, take the points home.

School of science purists will have to wait, Dyche’s football has got beans on the label, and beans in the tin.

Mick Davies
82 Posted 07/08/2023 at 15:01:32
Can't wait for the double celebration: Chermiti signs, and BMD opens
Robert Tressell
83 Posted 07/08/2023 at 15:35:23
Gary, I think many fans, myself included, are very keen to adopt a model of player development.

I think Dyche is a pretty decent fit for that because he has improved a number of players mentioned in this thread.

He didn't really nurture any Burnley academy graduates because, presumably, they have a crap academy. That's on the club not him.

Since he's been with us (and to Dave's point) I'm not sure what youth he's overlooked in favour of experience.

The club had already sent the best academy graduates on loan by the time he arrived.

The only one you could make a case for is Simms. I assumed he would get more minutes ahead of Maupay and Gray as centre forward.

That he did not is, I think, because he lacks quality rather than his age.

So it remains an issue of opinion rather than fact. The stats suggesting he uses older players than younger would be damning if he held back the Class of 92. But he didn't. He just played the best players he had at his disposal and got a tune out of them.

Michael Lynch
84 Posted 07/08/2023 at 16:01:39
If the stats Gary quotes are correct, then I don't know what anyone is arguing about.

Like he says, Dyche is the right man for the job, but it seems unlikely that he'll be fast-tracking this new lad into the first team, it's not his style.

Andrew Keatley
86 Posted 07/08/2023 at 16:24:11
Iain (75) - You're wrong on McNeil and Dyche. Just massively wrong.

Gary (77) - Iain is not "spot on". He's just completely invented a false history of Burnley's 2021/22 season. So here's what actually happened:

Dwight McNeil started 35 out of 38 Premier League games for Burnley in 2021/22 (when they were relegated) - and he came on as a sub in the other 3 games. The notion that Dyche preferred Cornet to him is just completely wrong, and Dyche largely tried to use Cornet and McNeil together.

Sean Dyche may not have brought through many youth team players at Burnley, but I don't see a total aversion to playing or signing young players. He signed the 20-year-old centre-back Nathan Collins for Burnley for pretty big money, and he promoted Dwight McNeil into the Burnley first team a month after he turned 19 - and McNeil then started 86 of 94 games for Burnley in the Premier League subsequent to making his debut (the last 8 games with Dyche no longer as manager). The culture and playing style at Burnley wasn't really one that best supported taking risks on young players, but I don't think Dyche was stonewalling talented youngsters that were ready to play. What really matters is for managers to be prepared to back young players when they are ready to make that sort of impact. I don't think Burnley have a lost generation of academy players that went on to prove Sean Dyche wrong at other clubs, but if you can provide me with evidence to the contrary then please do.

It's the same at Everton really; with the possible exception of Antonee Robinson (who I personally think is not a natural defender), no academy graduate that we've limply let go over the last seven or so years has pulled up many trees on departure from the club. We desperately want the talent to be there, but more often that not it's talent that will end up in the EFL at best.

Michael Lynch
87 Posted 07/08/2023 at 16:51:50
Andrew, actually I think the answer may be that both of you are right. Dwight did play in the relegation season for Burnley, but mostly in a deep lying role, as more of a wing-back, which is probably why he didn't score or create any assists. Cornet was indeed preferred in the advanced role.
Robert Tressell
88 Posted 07/08/2023 at 17:09:47
Whatever the case, I don't expect Dyche to play Chermiti a great deal this season - for the same reason Sporting (a club with a fine tradition of blooding excellent youth) have spent big money on Gyokeres (a very Dyche type striker you might think) and sold Chermiti for a very low (up front) fee.

Basically he's a very, very raw talent - and unlikely to be ready to lead the line for a Premier League club after just a handful of starts in Portugal.

I'm not sure what Premier League club / manager would give him a lot of games. It might be as few as 5 starts this season - but minutes from the subs bench as he acclimatises.
He may not score more than 3 goals this season, League and Cup.

But if handled correctly he could be looking like a really top player from age 22 ish.

Ben King
89 Posted 07/08/2023 at 17:16:41
Robert #88

You might be right but if so, when we NEED a striker and we have very limited funds, why would we blow it on a player for the future rather than someone we can use now??

Doesn’t make sense does it……unless he IS seen as a first team prospect

Robert Tressell
90 Posted 07/08/2023 at 17:22:22
Ben # 89, I agree. But at the moment we have Danjuma and DCL who will occupy that position between them. I guess Maupay too.

That might be considered enough. And it might be too, given we're probably aiming to finish about 12th to 14th.

I expect we're also trying to get someone like Che Adams if the price / payment terms are right - but we were never in a million years going to buy someone with real quality who is ready for lots of games now.

Andrew Ellams
91 Posted 07/08/2023 at 17:27:34
Ben, you can probably ask the same question in why spent the largest part of our budget last summer on Onana when a striker was the number 1 priority
Ted Donnelly
92 Posted 07/08/2023 at 17:29:32
Just hope he's not another moise Keane!
Clive Rogers
93 Posted 07/08/2023 at 17:52:31
Robert @90,

Danjuma has made 23 Premier League appearances for Bournemouth then Spurs and has scored 1 goal.

Dermot O'Brien
94 Posted 07/08/2023 at 17:56:28
I just hope he doesn't always run around with his tongue sticking out sideways like in the pic.
Jay Harris
95 Posted 07/08/2023 at 17:59:03
Why are we questioning Dyche before the season has started.

For me he is the only member of management at the club that I do actually trust. Yes, he is no Pep Guardiola but he is no Sam Allardyce either.

There is no question in my eyes that he has improved players and the team are more like a team now rather than a collection of individuals.

As for age vs experience, it is up to the young players to prove they deserve a starting place while the experienced players have earned the right to play by consistency and knowledge.

I would challenge anyone to point out any young player that Dyche is refusing to play that has earned a regular starting place.

Instead of questioning the guy, we should be getting right behind him for what will be another testing season based on our lack of recruitment combined with clearing squad players out.

Annika Herbert
96 Posted 07/08/2023 at 18:21:15
Andrew @ 86 and Jay @ 95. Fully agree with both your comments.

Get behind the manager and the team and give them a chance. Dyche hasn't gotten too much wrong so far in my opinion.

Iain Johnston
97 Posted 07/08/2023 at 18:43:31
Dan @80,

I suppose the thing for me is that if Cannon can score 8 in 26 games for Preston and Dobbin is creating a buzz in the stands, why do we need to spend £15M on another teenager when we're crying poverty? It's not what we need.

Surely we should be expanding on our own players' experience giving them much needed minutes on the pitch at a higher level rather than dilute the pot with another teenager from a league which for the most part is no better the our Championship... if that. Not to mention continuing with a player whom is arguably one of the poorest any of our previous squads have seen, Maupay.

Mike Gaynes
98 Posted 07/08/2023 at 18:47:49
Dyche has managed half a season for us, and I have yet to see him mismanage a sub decision or fail to use a young player that I felt deserved to be on the pitch. Even when I've disagreed with his lineup or subs, I usually had to subsequently concede that he'd been right. I trust him too.

Andrew #86, great post, except I disagree a bit on Robinson. He may not have the natural positional instincts of Mykolenko, but those can be learned -- I never saw a young fullback with worse instincts than Coleman, but a few months at the University of Moyes sorted him out nicely. Robinson has learned his craft pretty well and overall is now a superior player to anyone we have.

Ben King
99 Posted 07/08/2023 at 18:53:56
Are there 2 different strands of comments on this thread?

1) Querying whether the new young striker will be first team ready; and

2) Whether Dyche is up to the task or not?

If so, for what it's worth then:

I do believe Dyche is worthy and fully trust him.

I also believe that the young incoming striker has to be first-team ready given our outlay and sparse funds and options.

Dan Nulty
100 Posted 07/08/2023 at 18:56:18
Iain, agree on Maupay at least.

I looked at various Derby forums to see what their fans thought about Dobbin. Some felt he would be better this season for last season's efforts in the Championship and would take him a chance on him again. Some just thought 'Meh' and that they could probably loan someone better. Either way, they didn't look at him as someone who would be playing in the Premier League.

I'd also point to the fact that no other Premier League side (in particular a promoted side) appear to have approached us about either player they will have seen more of than us last season.

Hopefully they will mature in to top players and, if given their chance, they take it. I think the question for Dyche is: Will Dobbin improve more coming off the bench and a game in the League Cup against 30 games in the Championship? I'm leaning towards the latter given the above.

Christy Ring
101 Posted 07/08/2023 at 19:04:09
All I can say is be careful what you wish for.

Dyche took over a team with his hands tied behind his back, no signings in January? He's done very little wrong in my opinion, and a lot of clubs would be happy to have him as manager, it's the only good decision the board has made.

Ben King
102 Posted 07/08/2023 at 19:40:24
Christy #101,

Who is wishing for someone other than Dyche to lead us out on Saturday?

Bill Watson
103 Posted 07/08/2023 at 20:13:08
Ben #102,

Who would you suggest, Ben? Currently, we're not exactly an outstanding prospect.

Robert Tressell
105 Posted 07/08/2023 at 21:09:41
Clive # 93, indeed, but as you probably also know he scored regularly in the Championship, La Liga and Champions League. So the club probably thinks we do have decent cover. Better than last season certainly.

Iain # 97. I expect the reason we're spending a very modest initial outlay is that, unlike Dobbin and Cannon, Chermiti has real star potential. He plays like a Champions League footballer. He absolutely might fall short, but, by signing him, we have given our future selves the chance of a high quality striker.

That might be a better plan than spending say £15M on someone like Che Adams who is not very good now and will continue to be not very good until we probably offload him for free in 3 years.

Indeed, in 2 years time we could have a side built around Pickford, Branthwaite, Patterson, Onana, Garner and Chermiti which is pretty exciting.

Andrew Keatley
106 Posted 07/08/2023 at 22:00:28
Ben (89),

I know others on here are saying that Chermiti has been bought to flourish in two seasons' time, but I am assuming that Chermiti will be in and around the first team picture from minute one.

He might not get many minutes initially but, if Calvert-Lewin breaks down again, and Maupay continues to misfire, then I'm sure Dyche will be ready to use him. If he is ready for opportunities at Sporting Lisbon, then he'll be ready for opportunities here.

I think it's about physical profile; he is certainly a better option as a lone striker than Dobbin, and probably Tom Cannon too, irrespective of other abilities. I suspect that Dyche and Thelwell assessed our young striking options, including Kouyate, Sherif and Okoronkwo, and decided that cashing in on Simms and bringing in Chermiti was a better fit for the club. I see Chermiti as a direct replacement for Simms, and hopefully he is a significant upgrade – not just in two seasons' time, but today.

I really hope he is considered to be ready. When Wolves sold Diego Jota and bought Fabio Silva a couple of seasons back, Silva was thrown into the starting XI almost immediately when Raul Jimenez fractured his skull and the club had no senior strikers available. Silva largely looked completely out of his depth – physically, technically and tactically. Even now he looks nothing like a player who cost €40 million.

Oliver Molloy
107 Posted 07/08/2023 at 22:30:55
I was told today that the hold-up was due to his father insisting on a "relegation release clause" and a performance-related bonus if Everton stay up.

Same fella reckons we are odds on for a points reduction and fine because the club simply can not defend the indefensible and we are not Man City!

Christy Ring
108 Posted 07/08/2023 at 22:32:52
Ben #102,

Are you not reading all the Dyche negativity?

Chris Hockenhull
109 Posted 07/08/2023 at 22:41:04
Oliver (107).

Love this “ inside information” and indeed grateful for your exclusive “information”… as indeed the whole Everton fan base who no doubt are very grateful for this most positive inside information as we approach the start of a new season.

Well, you're a cheery chappie and whilst I do not question or in any way doubt your impeccable sources that cheer us up, can I ask two questions:

1: This week's lottery numbers… and

2: Dylan's next album will blow “Blonde In Blonde” out of the stratosphere?????

Brendan Fox
110 Posted 07/08/2023 at 22:44:40
The right profile of young talent the club needs to invest in.

A lot of the "glass half-empty" amongst the fanbase writing the lad off as one for the future need to relax and see how it pans out, he may surprise us all.

Another forward option in is better than where we were; whether it's the last, who knows.

The way I look at it is this deal with Chermiti may well put the club in a better negotiating position with selling clubs for players the club may be looking at getting in before the end of the transfer window. The selling clubs will not be in such an advantageous position to charge the desperation surcharge and can be told to jog on if they're taking the piss.

Paul Kossoff
111 Posted 07/08/2023 at 22:51:13
So his father wants release clauses and bonuses if we stay up.

If this is true, tell him to take his son home and we can go after a proven striker who just might score enough goals to keep us up, and not a 19-year-old unproven Championship-level player.

Please don't let this lead to a "Well, this is Everton" situation.

Oliver Molloy
112 Posted 07/08/2023 at 23:00:35
Ah, Chris,

Inside information – did I say that?

Can't help with the lotto - Rough and Rowdy Ways was a good album in my opinion.

Paul Kossoff
113 Posted 07/08/2023 at 23:35:56
Youssef Chermiti Imminent at Everton - A Scouting Report

Excellent readabout hopefully, our new striker.

Ben King
114 Posted 07/08/2023 at 23:40:47
Christy #108,

I hadn't seen that to be honest. Thanks for sharing.

I agree with you; we probably need Dyche right now more than he needs us.

Brian Wilkinson
115 Posted 07/08/2023 at 23:44:55
I cannot see Everton getting a points deduction; it will be a slap on the wrist, and will open a can of worms for those teams relegated last season, I think once Everton get the slap on the wrist, they will use that as a yardstick to justify only fining Man City.

Had City not been faced with charges, then I reckon Everton might have got both barrels as an example to others. On this occasion though I can see us getting a fine and possibly at worst, a transfer exclusion for the next transfer window.

Pure guess work on my side, Oliver.

That is assuming we breached P&S Rules; we could be innocent.

Eric Myles
116 Posted 08/08/2023 at 05:40:25
I don't know anything about this Dobbin some people are mentioning so I hope he's not a donkey.
Robert Tressell
117 Posted 07/08/2023 at 07:47:05
I hope that's the case Andrew # 106. It'd be great if Chermiti can make a splash this season and share the load with Calvert-Lewin.
Steve Shave
118 Posted 08/08/2023 at 07:53:54
If you haven't read the link shared by Paul Kossoff, then I would recommend you do. Detailed analysis of our hopefully unpolished gem.
Dan Nulty
119 Posted 08/08/2023 at 07:59:11
Agree Brian, there are at least 5 other teams over the P&S rules and, given what Chelsea spent, they will be worse than us when their next set of accounts come out. They weren't too far off our numbers before their half-a-billion spending spree.

There is no way they give us a points deduction, I can't see it. I actually think our case will be the end of the P&S rules.

Rob Halligan
120 Posted 08/08/2023 at 08:16:18
Alan Myers saying we are being linked with the Leicester striker, Patson Daka, while there are also rumours of us being linked with Laporte of Man City, who will listen to offers for the 29-year-old defender. Think I'd rather have him than Harry Maguire.
Steve Shave
121 Posted 08/08/2023 at 08:22:45
Rob there is more chance of us qualifying for the Champions league this season than us signing Laporte.

Daka is an interesting one, not a Dyche style striker but fast mobile and a few years ago was expected to become a top drawer striker, not sure he's especially suited to the Premier League but he has played second fiddle to the excellent Vardy.

Still lots of names and potential targets, I suspect we'll still be shopping right up until the window slams shut! I personally would still like a big unit to come in (take the pressure off the lad Chermitti) I would not sniff at Weghorst as this option. Tetè still available on a free but we will have to pay high wages I suspect.

Gary Brown
122 Posted 08/08/2023 at 08:28:46

a) Dyche is bottom of a league table of 69 managers (who've managed 100+ games) in giving minutes to U23 players.

b) He played a young McNeil for most of the season (albeit his primary position was sacrificed for the older Cornet).

The problem with the Internet generation is weight of evidence means little. Some just dig in, stamp feet, and delude themselves and others. It's sad stuff.

Gary Brown
123 Posted 08/08/2023 at 08:41:47
Patson Daka would be clever sighing for right money (~£15M ish). He's got the one thing (okay, ignoring finishing prowess for now) our other forwards don't… pace.

With Calvert-Lewin and new lad offering hold-up and physicality (I hope), Maupay offering… erm… wrestling ability and blonde hair… and a pacey striker too, we should be able to switch and change play when one style just isn't working.

A speedy right winger and a “McNeil” type right-midfielder too would be nice, move Jimmy Garner in next to Onana with Iwobi and Gana as backup and competition. Only thing to worry about then is depth.

Sam Hoare
124 Posted 08/08/2023 at 09:00:51
I am not sure Daka would fit the system Dyche seems to prefer. He's not ideal as a lone striker isolated from the midfield and lacks the strength and technique to hold it up well.

He's much better as part of an attacking 2 and would be great at making runs behind off Calvert-Lewin's flick-ons. But I'm not sure we have a good enough midfield to go 4-4-2.

Gary @123 is right that he does have serious pace and so could make a useful alternative but I'd think, if we were spending £15M, it would be for a player who fits into Dyche's Plan A.

Dan Nulty
125 Posted 08/08/2023 at 09:29:06

I don't think anyone is denying your fact, mate. The issue is you have to look at the context surrounding the fact. You are talking about Burnley's academy that is not renowned for churning out young talent, so why would Dyche have been playing young players produced by their academy?

According to Lancashire Live, the best Burnley Academy graduates in the last 15 years have been Kyle Lafferty, Jay Rodriguez and Dwight McNeil.

If Dyche had been overlooking youngsters who went on to do well I could agree with you but there is zero evidence to that.

I guess this is what happens nowadays, people zero in on one fact and stubbornly dig their heels in, instead of being open-minded enough to consider other 'evidence' and context.

I'm glad to see you've rowed back on the Cornet played ahead of McNeil once you made aware of the fact McNeil played most games though. Perhaps there is hope.

Dan Nulty
126 Posted 08/08/2023 at 09:32:18
I'm pretty sure Dyche prefers 4-4-2 though, Sam? I agree: I'm not sure our midfield is quite good enough for that currently but I was mightily impressed with Onana on Saturday.

I can see Dyche playing Garner on the right but tucking him in to support the midfield and allowing Patterson to create the width, that may allow him to play Daka up front with Calvert-Lewin.

I'm with Gary on this one, if we can add that pace playing next to and in behind Calvert-Lewin, we should be far more of an attacking threat.

Sam Hoare
127 Posted 08/08/2023 at 09:38:07

I'd say last season we played mostly 4-5-1 or 4-3-3. It can look like 4-4-2 but the second striker was usually Doucouré just pushing up. Certainly the striker was left isolated at times last season. The Everton way.

Dan Nulty
128 Posted 08/08/2023 at 09:48:27
I agree, Sam, though Dyche had to go with what he had last season. He used 4-4-2 at Burnley, I think, so I would imagine he will try for that if he can get the right bodies?
Sam Hoare
129 Posted 08/08/2023 at 09:59:50
Difficult to know, Dan. If so, then certainly Maupay could come back into play, he's much better as a second striker than as a lone one. The same is true of Iheancho, Daka and Cannon.

I suspect Dyche would rather pack the midfield though and not many teams play a proper 4-4-2 anymore. 5-3-2 might be more likely given Young and Patterson are probably more suited to being wingbacks, though perhaps we lack the centre-back talent to make that work.

Kevin Molloy
130 Posted 08/08/2023 at 10:09:19
I really am surprised we are using up so much of our budget on a player we probably won't use properly for 18 months at least. He was 18 last week, he is in no way ready to lead the line in the Premier League. So why lash out all this money on him? Very strange.

If you're West Ham, fair enough. You've got the money and can stick him in the ressies for a couple of years.

We, on the other hand, are frantically down the back of the couch looking for 50p pieces, and the few precious funds we have are all being spent on 2 years time. Weird.

Dan Nulty
131 Posted 08/08/2023 at 10:30:07
I think we lack cover defensively for 3 at the back, Sam, especially with Tarkowski being potentially injured.

Dyche knows for more about football than me though and makes me confident there will be a plan, style of play and the team will be fit. I might not like the plan or style of play but at least the buggers will be running and trying their best!

Hopefully Gueye will be more used to the pace of the Premier League again and last season was not him past his best.

Dan Nulty
132 Posted 08/08/2023 at 10:31:48
Kevin, I am surprised too. We have to hope whoever has scouted him has seen enough to think he will develop quickly and that they are right.

I think we will see him used quite a bit, especially if Calvert-Lewin breaks down again. Would be nice if we could be comfortable in games a few times this season to see what he can do but I doubt that will happen often, lol.

Tony Everan
133 Posted 08/08/2023 at 10:51:20
Kev, He was 19 in May. I think the fee is structured so we pay £2-3m a year, so not too great a hit on the budget.

I don't think he will be thrown in at the deep end this season, it will be gradual. 20-30 minute cameos, on for Calvert-Lewin any time after 60 minutes. The same will apply when we buy the experienced back-up to Calvert-Lewin too.

A lot will depend on how he acclimatises, and how good he is! Anything is possible, I'm suggesting the most likely scenario.

Michael Lynch
134 Posted 08/08/2023 at 11:03:26
The Saudi Barcodes have just spent £40M on Livramento from Southampton. 20 years old, just been out for a year with an ACL injury, plays right-back - Trippier's position. The game's gone mad etc.

But that's what you call taking a massive punt on potential. Chermiti looks a bargain compared to that.

Ben King
135 Posted 08/08/2023 at 11:04:18
Tony #133,

Notwithstanding the payment structure, how do you know whether it's a big hit on the budget or not??

If we only have say £5M available to make such structured deals then it's around half the budget.

If we have £10M to make similar structured deals then it's around a third of the budget.

Point being that signing a player that may not be ready seems crazy given we have limited funds.


(i) either we do think he's ready (despite all the conjecture here); or

(ii) we have dropped an almighty clanger singing someone for tomorrow when we need someone for today.

Kevin Molloy
136 Posted 08/08/2023 at 11:05:54

Yes, everyone's different in how they adapt. I look at how long it took Calvert-Lewin (similar player) to come up to speed: 2 years?

Cos we've got no money, there is the temptation to think 'this kid must be good, we're spending our whole budget on him', but £12M is just nothing is it these days.

I think the likelihood everyone feels a big sense of let-down upon first seeing this kid is high. I suppose I'm just trying to wear my sensible head, from previous experience; I think this season, the less we see of this kid, the better.

Ray Smith
137 Posted 08/08/2023 at 11:07:17
More delay, he hasn't flown to UK yet! I hope he's worth all this faffing around! If I was 19 with the chance he's been given, I'd have been here at least 2 weeks ago.

As many have said on this and other threads, when I see him at Finch Farm or wherever wearing the shirt and contract signed, I'll believe it.

Hopefully somebody in the dressing room will put him right, and read him his fortune instead of playing silly buggers.
However, that's Everton for you!!!

Tony Abrahams
138 Posted 08/08/2023 at 11:58:06
The less we see of the kid this year makes it sound like this is very hard to believe Kevin, but I tend to agree with your sensible head, mate.

How do these players adapt? Training is good, but training is still only training at the end of the day, and will never be able to replicate a proper game, especially one in a foreign land, and one that is as physical as the EPL.

Andrew@106, talks about a player I had forgotten about, and although I disagreed with him about Fabio Silva looking out of his depth technically, and maybe even tactically (I always got the impression that this clever little player knew what he was “trying to do” - just my opinion!) but I agree that he was miles away physically, and this is a problem that I also think affects a lot of young British players?

I remember a player coming to Forest called Nigel Jemson, he had been playing in Preston’s first team, but was still young enough to play for our youth team. One day in training, I heard Archie Gemill, saying to Jemson, that the game was too fast for him, and remember thinking “you have just took the words out of my head”.

I didn’t rate the lad, we mostly played two touch, he needed two touches just to get the ball under control, but his argument was “why the fuck” do I want to be training with the reserve team, when I’ve been playing in Preston’s first team?

How and where do these young players learn their trade? Jemson proved me wrong and ended up being a decent player, he even scored the winner in a league cup final, a couple of years after struggling to get a touch in our very quick two-touch games, but at least he had central league football, to learn how to acclimatize to playing in a totally different way.

This is why I worry for talented young footballers coming from abroad, because they probably won’t want to go out on loan, but training and under 21 football, are both a million miles away from learning to play in the ultra physical EPL, imo. we will see🤞

Dan Nulty
139 Posted 08/08/2023 at 12:05:25
I'd be asking Big Dunc to come back and work with him Tony. He improved Calvert-Lewin significantly.
Kevin Molloy
140 Posted 08/08/2023 at 12:32:09
yes, everyone would be up in arms but the best thing we could do at this point would be to send him straight out on loan.
Tony Abrahams
141 Posted 08/08/2023 at 12:39:03
Would the player even agree to sign for Everton, if this is what the club had planned, Kevin?
Danny O’Neill
142 Posted 08/08/2023 at 12:50:22
Your last paragraph says it all, Tony.

I know we all want to see young players come through, but we have to treat them with kid gloves and manage them carefully.

Otherwise, in the majority of cases, we ruin them and as quickly as we big them up, we write them off.

See you on Saturday.

Kevin Molloy
143 Posted 08/08/2023 at 12:59:40
Tony, it's a difficult one. The experience of Moise Kean looms over us still, but he was another youngster who we just couldn't fit into our system.

No doubt we'll be giving him the full Dixie Dean schpiel but, once he's signed, no doubt we'll just bounce him round like all the others.

Paul Tran
144 Posted 08/08/2023 at 13:16:50
I always thought Moise Kean was the start of the end game between Brands and the managers, who simply wouldn't play him.

Many a good European player has taken a season to get used to the Premier League. Kean never had a chance.

For all that, we made a profit on him, so we could reinvest, or pay back debt.

I don't know this kid from Adam, but at the price, he could at the very least be someone we could sell to a European club at a profit. Or a bargain.

Alex Gray
145 Posted 08/08/2023 at 13:38:33
Reality is Brighton have a stable team which allows all their youngsters to be loaned out or blooded in properly.

Chermiti is clearly a project and another striker will be brought in so the lad can be developed.

Moise Kean was handled well and used sparingly. Ferguson screwed it up sadly when he subbed him minutes after bringing him on. It put a huge spotlight on the lad and it went downhill from there pretty quickly. He didn’t impress before that but neither did Dom for two years.

If we don’t bring in another striker and Chermiti is thrown in the deep end the lad is destined to fail. Bring someone in to take the pressure off him and Dom and it could very well be a great signing in two years time.

Bringing in youth is a long term investment. We’re in that unfortunate position where we have to plan for the future and also make sure we’re not relegated.

In addition to the striker needed on top of Chermiti we also need wingers who can create with Gray going and similarly a short term cb to allow Branthwaite to blood in. If we achieve this I give kudos to Thelwell because he’s got a lot of work to do.

The good news is that the tv money comes in this month which hopefully allows us to grab some targets quickly and the sales of Gray, Gomes, Holgate, Gbamin and Maupay (hopefully) allows us to bring a few names in.

Mal van Schaick
146 Posted 08/08/2023 at 13:48:24
BBC reporting possible 4 players arriving, Chermiti, Adams, Daka and Sulemana on loan.

Exactly what we need for the squad. It’s down to the new players to deliver after that.

Bill Watson
147 Posted 08/08/2023 at 14:19:58
Ray #137

No panic. Sources tell me the delay is simply because it took two days to get through to the club doctor and then the club was told they'd have to wait a further 10 days for a face to face appointment!

Tony Abrahams
148 Posted 08/08/2023 at 14:24:16
Kevin @143, I’d like to think that Stone, Woan, and especially Dyche, will have a completely different way of doing things and I would be very disappointed if this doesn’t end up being the case.

Don’t get me wrong, all three of them have had to fight for everything they’ve achieved, meaning there should be nothing soft about them, but they have all had a good education in the game, and I’m certain they will go the extra mile for any player, just as long as that player is prepared to leave his ego at home, get his head down and work very hard!

Just don’t ask the doctor for anti-depressants kid, because I’ve heard it’s the only way chairman Bill, can get through the week, since his lies got him banned from Goodison Pk, on match day!

Andrew Keatley
149 Posted 08/08/2023 at 14:49:42
Gary (122) - I think Dan Nulty at #125 covers it pretty well, but let's take Burnley out of the equation.

Last season at Everton, Dyche had a small group of first team players under the age of 23; Nathan Patterson, Amadou Onana, Dwight McNeil, James Garner and Ellis Simms. With the exception of Ellis Simms, who has now been considered surplus to requirements, he generally played the other 4 when they were fit. I expect that will continue this season, with the very real possibility that Jarrad Branthwaite and perhaps even Tom Cannon or Youssef Chermiti will be added into the picture as first team regulars.

Let's see how it pans out this season. I suspect that if a player is considered to be the best option for the system, intensity and discipline that Dyche is looking for then that player could equally be 18 as 38.

Dave Abrahams
151 Posted 08/08/2023 at 14:54:10
Bill (147), Bill you’ve got to pile it on to get a face to face meeting with the doctor,don’t take no for an answer, let them know you are at deaths door until they relent and give you an appointment.

It works for Kenwright, he’s at deaths door every couple of years, gets to see his doctor and pulls through, while Everton remain at Deaths Door and he doesn’t even come to see them.

Jim Bennings
152 Posted 08/08/2023 at 15:08:55
I don't think you could really compare Moise Kean to Yousef Chermiti.

Kean had ability but his attitude stunk the place out and I don't believe he was any different before joining Everton nor has he been since leaving.

Chermiti may not have the same natural talent but he may also have a more willing attitude, a willingness to learn and be patient and out in hard yards.

We don't need a devastating player, we need a steady centre forward that can come in, be relied upon and score a few goals to help the side.

When we signed Moise Kean also, there was too much expectancy that he was the next Lukaku, and we all know Rom was devastatingly lethal in his Everton years.

If Chermiti comes in then we need to sign another striker of more experience and see how he can learn from them, he won't be a regular starter we know that.

Rob Halligan
153 Posted 08/08/2023 at 15:26:09
That Goodison News don’t know their arse from their elbow. This morning they reported that Chermiti had not flown to Merseyside yesterday, and now, this afternoon, they are reporting Chermiti has completed the first part of his medical on Monday and will complete his medical this afternoon. What a useless bunch of shits they / he / she is / are!!
Eddie Dunn
154 Posted 08/08/2023 at 15:36:52
That's right Rob, Goodison News is just make-believe click bait shite.
Michael Lynch
155 Posted 08/08/2023 at 16:03:54
Reading the scouting report Paul Kossoff gave a link to @113, I'm even more convinced that he either needs to go out on loan or play in the U21s this season.

What's the point of him sitting on the bench at his age? The lad needs to be playing, and there's nothing to suggest in that report that he's anywhere near ready for the Premier League, so he shouldn't be starting any first team games unless we want to destroy his confidence, which isn't our manager's style.

Tony Abrahams
156 Posted 08/08/2023 at 16:08:51
Dyche doesn’t play kids, so why are we signing a player for the future, when we have been in two consecutive relegation battles and have only one genuine centre forward on our books?

Get a grip Thelwell, go and get us what we need instead of trying to look dead clever signing kids!

Dave Lynch
157 Posted 08/08/2023 at 16:12:21
Don't think I've ever been so bored, disheartened and disinterested in Everton through my whole life.
Bill Gall
158 Posted 08/08/2023 at 17:01:53
The problem at Everton is until they get their house in order / Owner and Chairman and being a previous badly run club, plus their struggles with relegation, players don't want to come here.
With limited funds Thelwell and Dyche are not panicking and signing any players available to help this season they are going for experience and youth.In this case a player that will be used from the bench is more for the future.
We have Braithwaite back Young for backup, mostly will start, and another player on loan. The way Dyche is handling DCL proves what I have said previously, he was brought back to soon to help the precarious position we were in.
We are not expecting miracles this season, we are expecting a mid table position with stability in the Club. With the window still open we need some players sent out and see what we can bring in. With the squad we will have this should give us a mid table position. As far as stability goes we need the owner to get some backbone and bring in a respected knowledgeable chairman.
Robert Tressell
159 Posted 08/08/2023 at 17:31:44
Spurs have just spent £15M on a 19-year-old Argentine striker called Veliz. Looks an excellent prospect – with more goals and games under his belt than Chermiti.

It'll be interesting to see how they both get on for their respective new clubs.

Paul Hewitt
160 Posted 08/08/2023 at 17:38:02
Seen a few videos with Sporting fans amazed that we're signing this lad. They think he's nowhere near ready for the Premier League yet.
Sean Roe
161 Posted 08/08/2023 at 17:40:55
Let's hope if it happens that the lad can handle the pressure of leading the line in one of the toughest, most unforgiving leagues in the world when Calvert-Lewin picks up his obligatory season-long injury three games in.

Get your earplugs at the ready, lad, hopefully you won't hear your own fans booing and screaming abuse at your every move when you don't score a brace every game.

Joe McMahon
162 Posted 08/08/2023 at 17:41:03
Paul, please don't write him off until we see him play.

As someone else stated on another thread it took Calvert-Lewin 2 years to settle in.

Kevin Prytherch
163 Posted 08/08/2023 at 17:48:54
Anyone know when the medical is? Don't we have to register him by Thursday for him to play in the opener?

Surely we're not going to drag this transfer out for weeks then miss the cut-off date to register him are we…???

Paul Hewitt
164 Posted 08/08/2023 at 17:53:55
Kevin, he's had it.
Paul Hewitt
165 Posted 08/08/2023 at 17:55:39
Joe, I don't think we're in the position to give players 2 years to settle in. We need players ready now.
Bill Watson
166 Posted 08/08/2023 at 17:56:33
Alex #145.

Kean was on the downhill slope long before Duncan Ferguson subbed him at Old Trafford. I saw every minute he played for us and wasn't impressed. Ferguson later said he subbed him because he totally ignored what he was told to do. Out on loan, and since his permanent transfer, he hasn't exactly pulled up any trees.

Chermiti can't be compared to Calvert-Lewin as Dom wasn't signed as a striker so had to learn a new position.

Some young signings work and some don't. Kean obviously didn't but, hopefully, Chermiti and Onana will. I certainly wouldn't expect Chermiti to start every game and there's every indication we'll also sign an experienced striker who'll be capable of holding up the ball and maybe contributing around 10+ goals, too.

Rob Halligan
167 Posted 08/08/2023 at 18:00:54
Whilst we seemingly have not got a pot to piss in, it's now being reported that Chelsea are under investigation for FFP from the Abramovich reign. Wonder how many charges they will face?
Barry Hesketh
168 Posted 08/08/2023 at 18:41:50
Rob @167,

Strange how all of the teams so far threatened with P&S breaches play in Blue, It seems that red is the perfect camouflage on and off the pitch, when it comes to avoiding the wrath of the football authorities.

Paul Kossoff
169 Posted 08/08/2023 at 18:58:58
Everton are reigniting their interest in Kamaldeen Sulemana with Southampton open to selling him on loan this summer with a potential buy option, according to Sports World Ghana.

According to the report (8 August), a buy option is being negotiated as Southampton would like their investment in him made back and more with the potential option expected to be set at around £25M.

The Blues were chasing a deal to land the 21-year-old from Ligue 1 side Rennes in January, but he ended up signing for the Saints for £22M instead.

Bill Watson
170 Posted 08/08/2023 at 19:34:47
Barry #168,

I seem to remember Liverpool being investigated a few years ago. They wriggled out of it with creative accounting.

Ray Smith
171 Posted 08/08/2023 at 19:50:17
Bill Watson 147


Tony Everan
172 Posted 08/08/2023 at 19:59:40
Rob, I remembered this nugget from a few months back:

“Chelsea spent more than any other team in the January transfer window, making up 37% of the record $1 billion spent by Premier League clubs and more than all clubs in the Bundesliga, La Liga, Serie A, and Ligue 1 combined, according to an analysis from Deloitte's Sports Business Group.”

Sean Kelly
173 Posted 08/08/2023 at 20:06:00
Has Chermiti scarpered or did he fail a medical?
Oliver Molloy
174 Posted 08/08/2023 at 20:08:38
Isn't our transfer budget for this window £45 million plus bits and pieces from any player sales?

That Gbamin fella should be ordered back to the club or face a club fine.

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
175 Posted 08/08/2023 at 20:28:16
Bill #170

I seem to recall that going into administration resulted in an automatic points deduction. Somehow, a team playing in red managed to convince everyone they had now been bought out by the bank to which Hicks and Gillet were in hock and then the bank sold them to FSF so they could claim they were never in administration.

Soren Moyer
176 Posted 08/08/2023 at 20:49:38
Lol. How could he miss the plane?
Rob Halligan
177 Posted 08/08/2023 at 20:54:50
Soren, he never missed his flight. He came over yesterday and had the first part of his medical, with the second part being this afternoon.
Soren Moyer
178 Posted 08/08/2023 at 21:12:15
Rob, that sounds logical but nothing surprises me when Everton dealing with transfers. It's a well known fact.
Julian Wait
179 Posted 08/08/2023 at 21:22:12
Shamoon Hafez, BBC Sport:

Everton will complete the signing of striker Youssef Chermiti from Sporting Lisbon this week for a fee which could rise to £15M.

The 19-year-old Portugal youth international striker underwent the first part of his medical on Monday and is undergoing the second part today.

The structure of the transfer fee and wages with the player have been agreed so an official announcement should come before Friday.

Paul Birmingham
180 Posted 08/08/2023 at 21:46:56
As much as we hope for more incoming transfers, I hope the rumour of Branthwaite going to Man Utd has no foundation. He's the future nucleus of the Everton defence.

The rumours will abound until the window closes in September, but in good times and hard times, every player has a price.


Ashley Roberts
181 Posted 08/08/2023 at 22:56:53
Chermiti has obviously come well recommended because he certainly has not come cheap for a rookie. Having said that, I would sooner somebody who is young and hungry than some has been like Rondon.

I just wonder what he has in his locker that Cannon doesn't have? Maybe it's his aerial attributes as we know Dyche likes to get crosses into the box.

I also read we are interested in Daka. He looked pretty useful when he played against us but we would need to get shot of Maupay to finance that deal.

I also like the look of Sulemana. Again not the finished article but he sure is quick and would frighten most defences on his speed alone. If he comes on loan, then this deal is probably preferable to that for Gnonto.

If Fulham also buy Gray, this would then this would hopefully free up some funds for an attacking midfielder as Iwobi doesn't cut it in this position. If we can get some of these deals over the line and hang onto Branthwaite and Onana (a big no for Maguire), I think we could have a reasonable season (COYB).

Minik Hansen
182 Posted 09/08/2023 at 01:27:18
I send all good energy to my beloved club to turn things around for the much better times ahead. I believe in you, my fellow fans, both local and foreign like me.

Looking forward to be in the grand old lady Goodison Park for one last time, COYB. UTF(antastic)T. NSNO. Onwards and upwards.

There, I let it out. :)

Jimmy Salt
183 Posted 09/08/2023 at 08:33:42
Is it still edging? just asking for a friend.
Anthony Hawkins
184 Posted 09/08/2023 at 09:40:03
Just wondering how close is close and are we measuring progress in millimetres?
Paul Hewitt
185 Posted 09/08/2023 at 10:09:39
Nearly there.
Ray Roche
186 Posted 09/08/2023 at 10:26:46
I think that he must be having his medical on the NHS. He’s sat on a trolley in a corridor somewhere….☹️
Steve Cotton
187 Posted 09/08/2023 at 10:27:49
Bags packed, I believe.
Steve Cotton
188 Posted 09/08/2023 at 10:30:36
Is the work permit agreed? Anyone know?
Jack Convery
189 Posted 09/08/2023 at 10:39:45
I have it on good authority that once this Chermiti deal is finally done EFC will offer terms to The Great Gonzini, Animalov and Fozzy Bearindini.

Wolves will have sacked a manager and appointed another manager before this goes through.

Jamie Crowley
190 Posted 09/08/2023 at 13:31:15
Between signing this guy and any news of the deal with MSP, these sure things are anything but!

What The Fuck?

Hey, fellas, season starts Saturday! Hurry along now!

Mark Boullé
191 Posted 09/08/2023 at 13:38:41
I understand other clubs are finding it hard going – Wolves have nobody, none of Luton, Sheff Utd, Burnley, Forest (though they signed the entire world last year) – that is, our rivals for this season – have made much progress.

But my God, do we seemingly take our time to conclude deals. Plus, do you ever get the impression that Everton is only capable of working on one transfer at a time? West Ham are about to sign Maguire and Ward-Prowse, from different clubs, on the same day!

If we want Chermiti and A N Other (Sulemana, Daka, whoever) can't we get both done this week...?

Minik Hansen
192 Posted 09/08/2023 at 13:43:44
#191 Daka seems like a really exciting player, I hope we get him, and any striker that can score and is fit and ready to play.
Paul Tran
193 Posted 09/08/2023 at 13:54:52

West Ham have received £100M for Rice. They haven't bought anyone yet. They've sold the expensive Italian who didn't score many goals.

They've been playing chicken with the selling clubs and have blinked first. I wouldn't pay £30M for Maguire. And if there's any truth in the story, I wouldn't pay £30M for Ward-Prowse either.

Frank Crewe
194 Posted 09/08/2023 at 14:13:30
Paul @193,

Quite right. I would also point out the Wolves manager has just resigned after a mere 9 months in the job because of the club's lack of spending.

As Dyche has said, we fans have to get used to the straightened circumstances the club is currently in. The money tap has turned from full on into a trickle and will be staying that way for the foreseeable future.

So best to stop moaning and fantasizing about players we can't afford. Time to dig in and make the most of what we have.

Bill Fairfield
196 Posted 09/08/2023 at 15:28:40
Doesn’t seem that keen to come this lad. Lots and lots of delays.
Wouldn’t be surprised if it falls through.
Michael Boardman
197 Posted 09/08/2023 at 15:31:55
Taking too long. We'll eventually get Riqeulme, Fernandes, Muller and the oriental starlet Kings Dock on deadline day
Joe McMahon
201 Posted 09/08/2023 at 16:01:16
On the subject of news we want, does anyone know what the latest on MSP is, as I cannot stand Kenwright still being here and his fat mug on pictures.
Paul Birmingham
202 Posted 09/08/2023 at 18:18:06
This is a game of patience, but whys the medical taking all week..?

But let's grin and grind this one out.


Jay Harris
203 Posted 09/08/2023 at 18:56:18
This has Kenwright's MO all over it. Delay until the last second, saving on wages but sod the consequences for the player and the team.

The lad agreed terms last Friday so why does it take a week to get finalized and why on deadline day do things happen within hours proving it can be done.

Kim Vivian
204 Posted 09/08/2023 at 19:13:36
Is this drawn out theatre supposed to be distracting us from the fact that nothing else appears to be happening? I'm sure it must be but what a carry on.
Anthony Jones
205 Posted 09/08/2023 at 19:15:38
It's a good job the lad didn't come to the Sporting match. The only fans singing were the away fans.

I know it was just a friendly but there was zero atmosphere at Goodison. The weakest atmosphere I have ever witnessed.

Tony Everan
206 Posted 09/08/2023 at 19:26:29
One possibility is that there was an issue in the medical that they want to check out, maybe scanned. Then wait for the results and expert opinions on that. If that's the case at least they are doing proper diligence.

More likely just wanting to choreograph the signing and try to achieve some positivity before the opening match, or even more likely than that, just faffing about!

Or another angle… the Italian press were saying today are back in for Gnonto (not in the Leeds squad tonight). We've possibly now agreed a fee with Leeds and there will be a double signing extravaganza on Friday.

I'm going for the last one.

Oliver Molloy
207 Posted 09/08/2023 at 19:27:10
Jay @ 204,

Don't think his Dad did agree terms – in fact, I think that is fairly obvious!

I think any potential signing for Everton will certainly be doing their homework – this young player will be asking "Does anyone know this Sean Dyche and what has he done in the game?"

Dyche is not going to attract players like Lampard did, if you get me. It's where we are!

Sean Kelly
208 Posted 09/08/2023 at 19:31:32
Chermiti and Kenwright fighting in the back of a taxi over who pays the fare. That Kenwright prick loves a drama.
Paul Kossoff
209 Posted 09/08/2023 at 19:46:11
Burnley have signed midfielder Sander Berge from Sheffield United for a fee in the region of £12M.

Weren't we after him at one time?

Colin Glassar
211 Posted 10/08/2023 at 07:26:42
Where's Chermiti? Anyone seen him? Has he joined the school of Riquelme, Fernandes, Shaquiri, Muller ghost signings? Apparently, he's still not had his medical…
Steve Shave
212 Posted 10/08/2023 at 07:56:30
God, I hate the transfer window. We are such an embarrassment. I'm with others in finding it strange to be in for this lad and Ekitekè.

I strongly suspect we will do the usual and piss Chermiti around enough that he doesn't want to come whilst we are pretending we are still a big club trying to sign Ekitekè who will no doubt snub us for London once he does his research.

In the end, we will be looking at the likes of Piroe and Akpom who will have gone elsewhere and realised all along they were probably our best bets and most realistic targets for where we are right now. If we manage to get Ekitekè over the line, I'd be quite frankly amazed.

Steve Griffiths
213 Posted 10/08/2023 at 08:16:08
See Julian's post at 179 & chill. There is no rush with this signing, the kid is not gonna be considered for Saturday. It might be a few weeks before he's even in the matchday squad.

I think Calvert-Lewin will start on Saturday, with Maupay and possibly even Cannon (if fit) on the bench. Who knows… we might have two new signings presented on the pitch on Saturday (Gnonto also) — better late than never.

Ben King
214 Posted 10/08/2023 at 08:17:24
Superb question, Colin #211.

What the heck is the hold up??? We struggle desperately to sign a 19-year-old reserve striker whilst everyone else buys players and makes it look easy!

We've agreed terms, wages etc: have we only now discovered he only has one leg??

What a joke!

Alan McGuffog
215 Posted 10/08/2023 at 08:23:57
Many on here will recall waking up looking at the Daily Post and seeing that we had swooped for Ball, Kendall, even Sandy Brown for God's sake.

Halcyon days indeed.

Dave Williams
216 Posted 10/08/2023 at 08:26:37
Really can’t see this happening. He didn’t sound over enthusiastic in the first place. Better to move on to someone with a bit more pedigree?
Sean Roe
217 Posted 10/08/2023 at 08:37:58
Who is doing this bloody medical, the NHS?
Oliver Molloy
218 Posted 10/08/2023 at 09:18:55
What medical? I've just read that he has never left Portugal, so is the medical is happening over there? I just wish for once the club would tell us what the fuck is going on.

Obviously there are issues other than a medical. Nothing is ever straight-forward with Everton.

Tony Abrahams
219 Posted 10/08/2023 at 09:44:58
I think Steve G @213 is probably close to the truth. Remember when everyone was dead excited when it was getting reported on Sky that Everton had won the transfer window?

I think we had a couple of Harry Enfield characters doing our bidding that summer, although looking back, the time that Steve Walsh flew into Italy with his briefcase, looking like Tom Hagan, actually wants some beating and should have given us some clues about what kind of clowns were now in charge of recruitment.

Mr Moshiri is a man who insists on hearing bad news immediately! Being serious though, he is just another in a very long list who have been taken in and hoodwinked by Chairman Bill.

It's very frustrating, although with hindsight it can't be any worse than the times I spoke about in my opening paragraph, because we are still paying for those times now.

Andrew Clare
220 Posted 10/08/2023 at 09:48:21
We are either cursed or incompetent.
So many transfers seem to fall through. Maybe it's all paper talk?
Who knows?
John Keating
221 Posted 10/08/2023 at 09:53:01
Seems strange?

Over the years we've seen last day window signings whereby players agree terms 8-9 o'clock at night, medical by 11, paperwork submitted by midnight and eligible to play next day.

Bill Gall
222 Posted 10/08/2023 at 14:03:20
Has there even been any sign of him at Manchester airport. I mean a person his size should be fairly easy to spot as it would be hard to mingle in the arriving passengers and not be seen. He seems more illusive than the invisible man.
Les Callan
223 Posted 10/08/2023 at 14:07:30
Alan @215. I remember the day that Elvis died, we signed George Wood and Dave Thomas. Both stories reported in the Daily Post.
Rob Halligan
224 Posted 10/08/2023 at 14:29:47
Everyone's favourite twosome, El Bobble and Fabrizio Romano now saying it's a done deal for Chermiti. Medical completed and all documents signed, and now just waiting for the official announcement.
Jamie Crowley
225 Posted 10/08/2023 at 14:33:18
Rob I hope you're spot on.
Dale Self
226 Posted 10/08/2023 at 14:34:26
Yay, Speculative but I think this was conractually complicated. Young player, could possibly be a candidate for a loan before first team opportunity.

That basis with Everton wanting a long term contract when in all honesty the player probably sees us as a stepping stone meant it was going to be difficult to find the sweet spot.

Thelwell was likely protecting future interest cost by playing this tight and taking the criticism.

Ray Roche
227 Posted 10/08/2023 at 14:39:07
Bill l@222,

Private jets tend to arrive at a more well, private terminal.

I know mine does.

Barry Rathbone
228 Posted 10/08/2023 at 14:41:11
Doesn't look good does it?

Stinks of mind elsewhere with the possibility of hanging out for other offers and more than a touch of the Koeman disinterest. Couldn't see him taking this long if the neighbours were in for him.

Will commitment figure with this fella? Very much doubt it…

Dale Self
229 Posted 10/08/2023 at 14:43:14
The player will be interested in increasing his expected future offers. So will we, good business admit it.
James Potter
230 Posted 10/08/2023 at 14:52:46
Bill waiting until Monday so he can save half a week’s wages.
Bill Gall
231 Posted 10/08/2023 at 15:04:28
Ray @ 227

So does mine but I still have to leave through the main terminal

Alex Gray
232 Posted 10/08/2023 at 15:05:39
Christ almighty there's people saying he's not committed before he even signs! Give your head a wobble!

It's been well documented for days there were work permit issues and every reputable source has said he's wanted to come. There has been zero indication the lad hasn't wanted to come so just give it a rest.

The lad will sign relax.

Phil Greenough
233 Posted 10/08/2023 at 15:10:55
Dyche said in his presser, earlier, that he should be able to confirm the signing of Chermiti very soon.
Ray Roche
234 Posted 10/08/2023 at 15:37:29
Bill, Oh! How common! Mingling with the great unwashed. It must be awful for you.
Bill Gall
235 Posted 10/08/2023 at 16:07:21
Not too bad, Ray. As my mother always said, never forget where you came from.

87 Scarisbrick Road. Littlewoods one end, Broadway the other end.

Ray Roche
236 Posted 10/08/2023 at 16:32:29
Roby is my birthplace. Poor but proud.

I mean, the Learjet was second hand. 😳

John Raftery
237 Posted 10/08/2023 at 17:06:39
Reading some of the contributions within this thread, you would think we are the only club which finds transfer dealings very difficult to complete.

Millions of pounds are at stake for all parties. Very rarely is any deal straightforward especially for a club in straitened circumstances as we are.

Mike Hayes
238 Posted 10/08/2023 at 17:31:40
John Raftery,

It all stems from the dithering days of Davey Moyes and penny pinching Kenwright.

It seems like other clubs do a deal in days rather than months – they obviously don't follow the “What would Everton do” mantra of the slithering slimeball that's still clinging on like an unflushable turd.

But looking good so far with the deals that look like they are in the pipeline or near over the line. 💙

Dale Self
239 Posted 10/08/2023 at 17:33:40
Good stuff, Ray. I guess that was a queen size Lear. I've already got my coat and going to the store now.
Oliver Molloy
240 Posted 10/08/2023 at 22:35:01
Alex @ 232
I have never really understood this "give your head a wobble" saying.

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