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Dominic Calvert-Lewin will continue to be eased to full fitness and won't start against Fulham next weekend according to Sean Dyche.

The striker, who has endured two frustrating years of successive injuries and abortive comeback attempts, was in the starting line-up for the final pre-season friendly of the summer against Sporting CP yesterday but was withdrawn as planned at half-time after scoring the game's only goal from the penalty spot.

Calvert-Lewin remains one of Everton's most important players when fit but he managed to start just 15 Premier League games last season as he battled first a knee injury and then niggling soft-tissue injuries and a shoulder problem at various times later in the campaign.

He returned late in the season to play an important role in away games at Leicester and Brighton but broke down again at Wolves in the penultimate match of the campaign and missed the fixture against Bournemouth on the final day when the Toffees secured their top-flight status thanks to Abdoulaye Doucouré's sole strike.

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Calvert-Lewin has spent the period since then in a further individualised rehabilitation programme that included a visit to a top facility in Germany that specialises in helping players overcome hamstring problems and is now on a managed schedule designed to build him up so that he can be completely ready to play a prolonged part in Everton's 2023-24 season.

Previous attempts by Rafael Benitez and Frank Lampard to get him back into action sooner than was shown in hindsight to be prudent saw the 26-year-old suffer recurrent injuries that severely curtailed his game time over the past couple of seasons.

"I doubt it," Dyche said when asked after the Sporting game whether Calvert-Lewin would be in the line-up to face Fulham on Saturday, "because the games programme hasn’t been achieved yet.

"He has played two 45-minute games, so we have to keep building him up because we cannot go down the cycle of events from the last two years. We have to break it.”

Meanwhile, Dele Alli remains some way away from being ready to make his comeback following an unsuccessful loan spell in Turkey, surgery to correct a hip problem in the spring, and a potentially pivotal visit to a mental health facility in America.

The former Tottenham star was considered by many to be another player surplus to requirements at Goodison Park as he entered the final year of his contract but he now has a pathway back to reviving his career once he regains full fitness.

That won't be any time soon judging by Dyche's comments yesterday where he acknowledged the progress the player has made in terms of his psychology but cautioned that, physically, he has more road to go.

"We need patience. He is still not over his injury yet," the manager said. "He is well in himself but he is not over his injury yet. We are miles away from [considering him for the team].

"He is just getting himself right again. He is feeling good and now we will be working with him, on top of that, to make sure the injury is right, but it is still going to be a bit of time yet."


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Paul Kossoff
1 Posted 06/08/2023 at 17:57:07
So it's Maupay is it? That's great.

I wonder if the new lad Chermiti will be thrown in at the deep end… why not? Hat-trick awaits.

Barry Hesketh
2 Posted 06/08/2023 at 18:03:19
I admit, I thought that Dominic would be available next weekend, even for a 20-minute run-out, but it looks as if we're going right up until the close of the window before we have a recognised strike-force.

I'm sure that Dyche is right, in making sure that Dominic is available for more games next season than he was last, but putting all our eggs in the Calvert-Lewin basket nearly cost us last season and it might cost us even more in this new one.

Paul Kossoff
3 Posted 06/08/2023 at 18:09:36
Calvert-Lewin said after Saturday's game that he felt fit and sharp, and he can't wait for the Fulham game.

Now Dyche says he won't start. Has Dom picked up another injury?

John Connor
4 Posted 06/08/2023 at 19:04:13
Very disappointed at this news. I had thought the behind-closed-doors 45 minutes he completed as well as yesterday's run out would have seen him fit enough for the bench and maybe a cameo appearance late on.

Only a week to go and we are still struggling to get a recognised, quality striker to join us. What is it about Everton that puts players off (if ever we make an offer) joining us? There must be something. I wonder what rumours go round football circles to tell players to stay away. There must be something.

We as fans have been calling out for a true striker since Richarlison was sold and nothing happens except more promises that Calvert-Lewin will be the answer when he is fit.

The point remains he is hardly every fit and we need a Plan B for when he isn't. So frustrating to see the lack of quality in the current team and what there is someone continually being touted as the next one to be sold (Onana, Branthwaite etc?).

I don't think we will get relegated next season but it won't be pretty to watch is my prediction.

Dave Williams
5 Posted 06/08/2023 at 19:04:56
Sean is hardly going to show his hand at this stage!
Kieran Kinsella
6 Posted 06/08/2023 at 19:11:06
Dele is “miles away” – his contract expires in 10 months.

I can't see us playing him enough to pay £10 million to Spurs when he can leave on a free a few months later.

Michael Lynch
7 Posted 06/08/2023 at 19:12:46
So far, no Dwight McNeil, no Danjuma, no Calvert-Lewin, no Demarai Gray for our opener.

Maupay up front with Iwobi the only creative player behind him; Garner, Gana, Onana, Doucoure, Patterson, Tarkowski (if fit; otherwise Keane), Godfrey or Branthwaite, Young, Pickford.


Rob Halligan
8 Posted 06/08/2023 at 19:13:43
Dyche has said Calvert-Lewin won't start, he hasn't said he won't be on the bench.

I'm sure, if required, that he could manage a 15- or 20-minute cameo late on in the game.

Mal van Schaick
9 Posted 06/08/2023 at 19:15:44
Another close season fiasco. Is it any wonder that the fans want the owner out and board members removed???
Barry Rathbone
10 Posted 06/08/2023 at 19:26:20
We've needed to replace him for a couple of seasons for 2 glaringly obvious reasons – he's not all that good when fit… and he hardly ever is fit.

His importance in the light of zero alternatives is the living embodiment of hapless Everton when we stop "needing" him we will begin to breathe again.

His frailties may not be his fault but I'm heartily fed up with his name being the only answer.

Alex Gray
11 Posted 06/08/2023 at 19:41:32
The fact that this would have been known when he was injured last season and we've not brought in a replacement (Chermiti clearly won't be a starter) is ludicrous.

It might be a “tough window” but we're still utterly incompetent.

Alex Gray
12 Posted 06/08/2023 at 19:43:09
Spot on, Barry.

To throw my two cents in, the reason Dom is slagged off so much is the club's fault. A replacement should've been bought in 2 years ago to relieve the pressure and let him recover properly.

Steve Cotton
13 Posted 06/08/2023 at 19:46:11
Did anyone expect anything different? Be honest with yourself. 6 days to go and we have a freebie and a loan...

Still no new striker to step right in to play. Still no statement from whatever is left of the board.

Ask your self 'What would Everton do?' Answer: exactly what we expected... fuck about until the window closes.

They should close the window the day before the new season to save the embarrassment of living on false hope that we have turned a corner.

Mark Tanton
14 Posted 06/08/2023 at 19:49:08
There isn't much point in him really.

I hope has a better season but I think he'll end up an irrelevance who never got anywhere near his potential.

Jamie Crowley
15 Posted 06/08/2023 at 19:51:49
This is honestly terrible news.

Coming off a season of injuries and the goal-scoring potency of a castrated monk, we're back in the same predicament.

I do think Dyche is doing the right thing. Get Dom fit – 100% fit – then let him go as long as he can last. But with Dom, Danjuma, Gray, and McNeil out (as Michael Lynch points out @ 7) we're starting the season off right back where we were in May – injured and impotent.

In a season where we simply must stay healthy, this is not good news.

But hope springs eternal. We play solid football under Dyche. Keep it tight and maybe Dobbin or this new kid from Sporting can jump in and snag a winner.

UTFT. Ride out the storm and, in the words of Jesse Jackson, "Keep Hope Alive!"

Ben King
16 Posted 06/08/2023 at 19:57:12
Brilliant. Just brilliant.

Alex #12, spot on.

This club is an embarrassment and an exercise in experimentation of how to be as poorly run as possible.

Joke outfit that isn't very funny.

Alex Gray
17 Posted 06/08/2023 at 19:57:15
The issue is, Jamie, that Dyche was patient last season getting Dom fit and here we are again. Dyche needs some form of backing.
Tony Abrahams
18 Posted 06/08/2023 at 20:03:02
By taking his time with our only really recognized centre-forward, Dyche is being pragmatic and professional. It's not his or Calvert-Lewin's fault that Everton are in the position of not having many forward players in the squad, once again.

It's never been any different, so one of the most important things to consider in August is that it is a very long season. I still expect quite a few changes to the overall squad, with this close season reminding me of those soul-destroying years when the narrative began to change and suddenly we became plucky little Everton.

What did Roy Keane once say? Fail to prepare then prepare to fail? No wonder we haven't won a trophy for nearly 29 fucking years.

Hurry up, Bill, fuck off… although you're probably in your element getting ready to use all your experience with your fantastic negotiating skills. 🤮

Kieran Kinsella
19 Posted 06/08/2023 at 20:20:09

“As long as he can go” has proven to be about 90 minutes. It seems Sean is hoping that, by building up slowly, Dom might last 15-20 games at least once he's right.

If that time never comes, then it's on the club – not Dyche or Calvert-Lewin.

Brian Wilkinson
20 Posted 06/08/2023 at 20:38:11
Good on Dyche not rushing him back and making those above aware that we need to bring a bloody striker in.

We were conned in the last January window when Calvert-Lewin was wheeled out for extended games in January; then, just after the window shut, he was ruled out through an injury until a couple of games towards the end of the season, before missing the last few games again.

It's now 6 days before we start the new season and still no striker, with all our hopes of a 19-year-old coming in, with no pre-season games for his new team under his belt, or knowing the players and set-up.

This has all the makings of another Moise Kean, a young kid with all the weight on his shoulders.

Absolute disgrace that, 2 years on, we have not done anything about it.

Jack Convery
21 Posted 06/08/2023 at 20:46:08
Déjà Vu – Starting a season without a centre-forward, giving opponents a chance to steal a march on us and the threat of a points deduction or transfer ban to come. Important players injured, McNeil and Coleman. Oh, and of course Calvert-Lewin still not up to Premier League games.

Thelwell and Dyche on the phone, offering a bag of stale beans to other clubs for their players. Meanwhile, we are up to our eyes in debt and, worst of all, Blue Bill is still the Chairman and apparently in charge of transfers, due to his expertise in such matters!!!

Calvert-Lewin has played 18 games in each of the past two seasons. This is a dereliction of duty. How can any club justify not getting in a centre-forward??? Don't mention Rondon.

There have been 5 transfer windows to get this sorted out. Now I know we are skint but surely a centre-forward could have been brought in on loan. I don't count Danjuma as he's only played centre-forward 34 times in his whole career.

And the Good News is…???

Ray Jacques
22 Posted 06/08/2023 at 21:05:03
Déjà vu from last summer.

The club is a disgrace and sucks the life out of you.

Christine Foster
23 Posted 06/08/2023 at 21:19:10
First order of the day in current circumstances... don't lose. A defence so tight, they squeak.

Mightily disappointing news but an immense failure of the club not to be ready with a stand-in replacement. This will be the third season and the key failure in the past two has been the inability to score; this alone (the number one reason) accounts for two successive battles for survival.

That we have and still are, hoping, nay praying, for his fitness is at the club's door, not the player's. In many aspects, if Calvert-Lewin breaks down again this season, his career in the top flight, or even his whole career, may well be over.

Everton's plight is clear: the goals will have to come from somewhere in addition to Calvert-Lewin as a minimum. Where is Mick Lyons when you need him? We cannot play wingers without a target man... you can only play raiders.

Hamstrings... The tortoise and the hare. Recovery and repair takes time we can ill afford, recurring hamstring injuries never fully recover, scar tissue leaves a weakness in the muscle that's always prone to go with the likelihood of between 22-34% recurring rate – especially if performance preparation is poor or complacency sets in.

The sad fact is that reinjury means a player can be up to six times more likely to suffer reoccurrence. Michael Owen attributed the end of his career to continual hamstring issues as the injury requires significant rest, recovery and strengthening of supporting muscles to take the stress off the muscle.

All of this is well known, which highlights the failure to have a stand-in replacement that the team is set up for, even worse. Dyche is doing exactly the right thing in strengthening and resting; that's really encouraging… but we are running out of time.

John Atkins
24 Posted 06/08/2023 at 22:11:21
Sorry but I'm sick of this with Calvert-Lewin… absolute joke, He's had all bloody summer to get fit.

His body must be made of glass and, with the new rules this season with games being 110 minutes long, he's zero chance of lasting.

We need replacements and pronto.

Kieran Kinsella
25 Posted 06/08/2023 at 22:15:46
Jack & Brian,

Is it a bit weird. I mean when you're 5 years old on the playground, the first thing you do is figure out who's going to be the striker.

Here, we have a multi-million pound enterprise where, for 2 years, no-one seems concerned about the same issue.

Paul Hewitt
26 Posted 06/08/2023 at 22:20:55
I agree with John, Calvert-Lewin is over as a top Premier League player. His body clearly has problems.

We need to move on from him completely and sign a new first-choice striker.

Tony Abrahams
27 Posted 06/08/2023 at 22:21:28
Let there be anger – just as long as it's directed at the people responsible!
Dan Parker
28 Posted 06/08/2023 at 22:24:08
With Dele Alli, I think Sean Dyche is the perfect manager. He'll be open, honest and only throw him into a game if he thinks he's ready.

Same for Calvert-Lewin, he'll wait until the time is right.

Phillip Warrington
29 Posted 06/08/2023 at 22:36:21
This has to be the biggest joke in world football. This player is done. How many games has he started in the last 2 years, and yet we all cling onto the idea that he will be Everton's saviour.

In the meantime, we're hanging onto Pemier League survival, the club gives us bullshit excuses that targets are getting missed. Then, every now and again, they will buy a striker like Rondon or Maupay, hoping that will appease the fans…

Well, it doesn't!!!

Kevin Molloy
30 Posted 06/08/2023 at 22:43:36
It's clear what we need. A forward who's been in either the Premier League or the Championship, is over 30 and in his last year or a free agent.

We pick him up for sub-£5M and give him a 2-year deal. Why is this so difficult? We have one of our most winnable games of the season on Saturday, and after 2 years... still no forward.

Si Pulford
31 Posted 06/08/2023 at 22:51:55
Brian, why is this a new Moise Keane?

Their profile as a player couldn't be more different. If it's about age, then let's never sign a young player again, eh?

This is the type of signing we have to make. Because anyone scoring over 10 goals in the Premier League wouldn't look at us… so we have to roll the dice and cross our fingers.

And there are green shoots of recovery. Branthwaite, Onana and Garner look like they could be money makers for us. This kid could be the same.

That's our lot. We're not getting proven quality. That's that. Financial fair play at its fairest.

Derek Thomas
32 Posted 06/08/2023 at 23:10:02
Considering the other options were rushing him back and breaking him forever or writing him off, Dyche (and the medicos) have handled him well enough using the 'softly softly catchee monkey' method (and - allegedly - a German ju-ju man).

Let's hope it's short-term pain for long-term gain.

Jim Bennings
33 Posted 06/08/2023 at 23:11:56
Calvert-Lewin will never be able to be relied upon, sadly, even if he does ever play a handful of games back to back then it will always be in our minds he's one injury away from another 3 months out.

The fact he hasn't been a fit regular since Carlo Ancelotti was here says it all.

More negligence from the club once again, a whole summer wasted yet they'll expect more miracles from Dyche again.

Christine Foster
34 Posted 06/08/2023 at 23:48:33
Kevin #30, I totally agree.

Whilst we all want success, we all must ensure we survive.

Facts of life: until we are resold or the impending threat of retribution for alleged financial irregularities are removed, we need to build and that will take years before we are a force to be reckoned with once more.

Building blocks, teams evolve over time; we are not suddenly going to be world beaters in a couple of years... we had the chance and blew it.

Brian Wilkinson
35 Posted 06/08/2023 at 00:06:36
Si, the reason for the Moise Kean comparison is a young player, moving to a new country, and all the weight on his shoulders, knowing full well we need someone who can come straight into the team right now.

Cannon has a year of experience on this guy, but Cannon is being sent out on loan again with the view of gaining experience. We need a goalscorer now, not in a year or so.

I'm not saying we should not sign the new kid, but to expect a 19-year-old to come in and hit the ground running is a huge ask.

The striker problem should have been the Number 1 priority, during the previous two transfer windows, yet 6 days before our first game, we still do not have an experienced incoming striker.

Geoff Lambert
36 Posted 07/08/2023 at 00:36:27
Calvert-Lewin will never be ready, His body will never recover and he won't be playing more than a handful of games again this season.

We need a replacement, not an understudy, and we need him now. 5 days left before we start a run of winnable games — but no games are getting won without goals.

Nick Page
38 Posted 07/08/2023 at 01:17:59
Yet Kenwright is still Chairman, Geoff
Warren Brennan
39 Posted 07/08/2023 at 01:37:00
Could we ask Marco if he's interested in a Mitrovic for Calvert-Lewin, Maupay, Keane, Iwobi... and Holgate deal?
Kieran Kinsella
40 Posted 07/08/2023 at 04:44:32

I think Brian Wilkinson makes a fair point. A young guy who’s been sparingly used in a European league. Hopefully he bucks the Everton trend but it’s a legitimate point

Eric Myles
41 Posted 07/08/2023 at 05:05:34
To echo some other posters, it's déjà vu all over again.
Kieran Kinsella
42 Posted 07/08/2023 at 05:15:46
I’m heading into the Northern Michigan wilderness for the next five days. A hot bed for Bigfoot and UFO sightings. I’ll be back for the prem opener. I’ll be passed off if I uncover the aforementioned and Everton haven’t found an attacking threat in the interim. That said, if I find either yetis or Martian’s, can anyone give me guidance on post Brexit work permits for non terrestrials?
Frank Sheppard
43 Posted 07/08/2023 at 06:17:41
Groundhog Day.
Danny O’Neill
44 Posted 07/08/2023 at 06:18:11
I guess we have to trust the manager's judgement.

I've just been talking and have my views on Dominic.

Did we overuse him as a youngster?

He looks ripped, probably from spending too much time in the gym? His body is possibly finely tuned to the degree he is going to be susceptible to hamstring and quad injuries (quad is horrible by the way).

I fear that we won't see much beyond 30 out of Dominic, which is only 4 years away.

All gut instinct. No science in my thought process.

Jonathan Oppenheimer
45 Posted 07/08/2023 at 06:58:32
Kieran, I too am headed off to the wilderness this week, though the Canadian Rockies are not nearly as mysterious as northern Michigan. I think the best we can probably hope for is that we’re abducted by aliens, they scramble our brains and erase all recent memory of being an Everton supporter, and we return to live in alternate world in which Neil Maupay has grown 6 inches and bags a brace for us against Fulham.
Barry Hesketh
47 Posted 07/08/2023 at 07:25:38
Seeing how we are seemingly struggling to bring in players now, what's it going to be like next summer and the one following?

Using the list that I nicked off another site, it looks as if the contract dates are correct at first glance. Apologies if they're not.

Eighteen players, if they don't get offered and sign new contracts will be gone, eleven of them next season. Of course some will be sold this summer such as Gray, and some of them will be too old even for Everton come next summer, also some are not worthy of being at Goodison at all. Let's hope and pray that some of our youngsters can quickly step up to the plate.

Build a stadium and demolish the team seems to be Moshiri's mantra.

2024 (11)
Danjuma (loan)

2025 (8)

Ian Bennett
48 Posted 07/08/2023 at 07:43:11
Barry, I totally agree with you and made the same point also.

It's incredibly difficult to stop being a crises club, when you have to sign 6 to 10 players a season. The huge list of 30 somethings with little or no resale value highlights the huge problem we have.

Next summer suggests a bigger crises than the shit show we have now. I just hope we keep Kenwrights experience to get us through it all. I mean other clubs will look at and go, what will Everton do when we've 6 keepers on the bench, a back 4 with a combined age of 300, and still no strikers 7 years on from Lukuku.

With Ross Barkley as captain, a come back of Jeffers, Straqulurci and Stuey Barlow will save us. I just hope Mike Milligan and Claus Thomsen are still up to it in midfield.

Tony Everan
49 Posted 07/08/2023 at 07:50:14
So unless it’s a bit of psychological gaming Calvert-Lewin won’t start against Fulham. It’s a major blow as we look a totally different side with a proper striker. The whole team looks like it has a purpose. Without him we struggle to build any offensive possession or constructive attacking play.

The team is screaming out for a replacement with the ability to challenge DCL for the top spot. Chermiti is coming in to be that man but it is a massive ask to expect him immediately to fulfill that role.

It will be almost like the second coming if Youssef hits the ground running and delivers the goods. However, we need to believe in such miracles, because surely if he is fit enough he has to start ahead of Maupay, who cannot successfully be used in that lone striker role.

I feel like a season is starting and yet again we are rolling the dice with our striker situation. Are we due a double six?

Andrew Ellams
50 Posted 07/08/2023 at 07:52:17
Calvert-Lewin we just don't know but I fear his body is just not up to it.

Dele, I'll be shocked if we ever see him in an Everton shirt again.

Sam Hoare
51 Posted 07/08/2023 at 07:52:34
A lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth on here as per usual!

Whilst I agree with the anger directed at the board for not concluding deals and transfers (especially of forward players) a little quicker it is worth remembering a few things:

1. A fair few other clubs have struggled to make additions in the market. Luton, Sheffield United and Forest have all made little progress and even cash rich West Ham have struggled.

2. Calvert-Lewin is finally being managed properly. Dyche showed he is capable of grinding out results without him last season and by not over playing him we have our best chance of seeing him back to 20/21 form when he got 16 goals for us. He may not be starting but I'm sure he'll play some part next weekend.

3. We have bought Danjuma who can play CF if needed and are close to getting Chermiti who, whilst very raw, will at least make the ball stick up front a bit more than Maupay.

4. This may be our last summer of working under such handcuffs. Next summer we will finally be rid of some very inflated wage packets (Alli, Gomes, Gbamin, Iwobi etc) which will make huge savings for us. Also crucially we will have (hopefully) secured investment on the stadium and be relatively close to finishing that.

5. The season has not started yet! Most of us would be happy with 12th-14th and I think by the time the window is shut Dyche will hopefully have the players to achieve that. Frustrating that (as usual) we have not secured our first picks but the business we have done looks smart and it would seem that Thelwell is being given a bit more say over the players coming in than previous DOFs. This is a good thing!

Danny O’Neill
52 Posted 07/08/2023 at 07:58:50
We do have a few young players in the mix. Garner, McNeil and the full backs are hardly past it at 21 and 24. As well as some of the young prospects people keep talking about.

I digress. I'm assuming that Gray will play up front on Saturday.

But what do I know? The manager will decide.

Sam Bowen
53 Posted 07/08/2023 at 08:10:36
Well said, Sam Hoare. Couldn't agree more. There are enough decent players in this squad to reach mid table and some much needed stability. We absolutely need a bit of good luck with injuries but there are so many average teams in this league that with a competent manager like we have, we will grind out enough wins like you say. I also remain positive that the additions will arrive by the end of the month.

And yes, DCL will play a part next weekend.

Michael Greene
54 Posted 07/08/2023 at 08:11:13
Dominic Calvert-Lewin unavailable for the season's opening game? In other news it has been discovered that water is wet and German is widely spoken in Germany.

Through absolutely no fault of Dominic's this isn't the first nor the last time we'll have to plan without his services.

Unbelievable that we're happy to sleepwalk towards the season's opening game without a Plan B in place. So much for forewarned being forearmed.

Stu Darlington
55 Posted 07/08/2023 at 10:32:23
You can’t win games if you don’t score goals.Can anyone see where our goals are coming from?
Dominic Calvert-Lewin,never a prolific scorer has had injury problems for the last 2 seasons,so why we putting so much store on whether he is fit or not?The harsh fact is we should have recruited cover for him years ago and failed to do so.
This had to be a priority but has not been achieved despite players being out there.
No money? Doesn’t wash with me.£34M for Onana?. How many goals has he contributed or assisted in?
Don’t know whether Danjuma or this new Portuguese kid will make any significant difference but I’m not holding my breathe.
I know we still have a few weeks of the window left and can only hope we can get someone in who will at least give us more options up front.
I don’t really care that other clubs have also not been very active in the transfer market. I think it’s a pretty sad indictment of Everton Football Club that we have to look at who might be 3 worse clubs than us to avoid yet another relegation battle.
Steve Cotton
56 Posted 07/08/2023 at 10:39:55
Just wondered if Gray, Seamus, Alli, Gbamin or Holgate were in the ground watching on Saturday? I bet Seamus was...
Andrew Ellams
57 Posted 07/08/2023 at 10:52:01
Steve, Seamus and Dele were definitely there. I've seen pictures of them sat together in the stand.
Tom Bowers
58 Posted 07/08/2023 at 10:59:53
It's all up in the air with so many things but where DCL is concerned better to keep him back until he is 110%. Everton can't buy a quality target man so they will have to persevere with what they have.

That means of course grinding out results based on strong defense until he or someone else breaks through and gives them fresh options for scoring goals.

I fully expect the Fulham game to be a tight affair.

Steve Cotton
59 Posted 07/08/2023 at 12:43:12
Cheers Andrew. We'll that's a good sign..
Tom Bowers
60 Posted 07/08/2023 at 13:01:11
It's all up in the air with so many things but where DCL is concerned better to keep him back until he is 110%. Everton can't buy a quality target man so they will have to persevere with what they have.

That means of course grinding out results based on strong defense until he or someone else breaks through and gives them fresh options for scoring goals.

I fully expect the Fulham game to be a tight affair.

John Charles
61 Posted 07/08/2023 at 13:21:29
Not a great surprise but disappointing. Maybe not DCLs fault but our reliance on Dom (who really isn’t that great anyway) speaks volumes. Given that momentum is a lot in football we need to get something out of Fulham / Wolves / Sheffield United or we are already in a relegation battle by September!!
That said I think we will finish 10 so alls good!
Raymond Fox
62 Posted 07/08/2023 at 13:23:52
Unless Gray wants to leave why the hell does it look like we are going to sell him. Ok some say he's not consistant but he's one of the few in our squad that carries a threat.

As far as criticism of our recruitment goes, we just don't know how many strikers they have tried to sign. They are not going to buy just anybody for the sake of it.

Dyche will know better than anybody that we need a back up for C-L, its potentially his neck on the block if we don't find one.

Karen Mason
63 Posted 07/08/2023 at 13:25:51
I agree with Sam, that your anger should be directed at those responsible. NOT at DCL.

Some of you are implying or saying that he wanted to sabotage his whole career by being a 'sick note.'

With quotes like, I'm fed up of this with DCL. He's had all season to get fit.' Really ???

It's pretty clear that some of you have never played sport or had a sporting injury, yet quote some of this verbal nonsense.

I had no idea we had so many qualified physios on ToffeeWeb!

As for the post 'there's no point to him.'

WTF ? Have you not seen the difference in the way that the team play with him on the pitch versus Maupay up front? DCL is a real asset to us. He brings so much more than just scoring goals. Given of course that he relies on the service to provide those goals.

I guess you are allowed your opinion like everyone else, but if you can't see what he bring to the team, in my opinion, you have a very narrow view of the game of football.

Barry Hesketh
64 Posted 07/08/2023 at 16:01:56
According to Conor O'Neil in the Echo, Dominic Calvert-Lewin said:

Everyone knows how frustrating it was all round and for me personally, and it was just important that I made the right steps to ensure I am fit to start the season against Fulham, which I am."

The article is dated today at around 3pm, and it implies or infers, never sure which is correct, that this was said since the Sporting Lisbon game. Maybe Dyche is/was playing mind-games?

Steve Shave
65 Posted 07/08/2023 at 16:04:46
Karen @63 well said. I have not seen you post on here before but I hope you do so more often!
John Williams
66 Posted 07/08/2023 at 16:20:58
Think back to the days of Harry Catterick, if you had injuries up front, throw in a defender to make life a misery for the opposing side.
If my memory is correct, both Jimmy Gabriel and Sandy Brown filled that role in emergencies and I think they scored. I know its a different game now, but beggars can t be chooses.
Keane, Branthwaite if they remain with us, put the ball
into the box.
Not pretty, but we may did out points.
Joe McMahon
67 Posted 07/08/2023 at 16:29:17
John Williams, I agree, do you remember Paul Warhurst?
John Raftery
69 Posted 07/08/2023 at 16:39:03
Karen (63) Fully agree. Some of the comments are nonsense.
Barry Rathbone
70 Posted 07/08/2023 at 17:35:11
Karen 63

You miss the point.

People are heartily sick of a situation that has the club's fortunes dependent on a player who hardly ever plays and again appears not fit enough to contribute.

The player might get caught in the cross hairs occasionally but this has been going on for 2 years it's got to the point of trying the patience of a saint.

Pete Hughes
71 Posted 07/08/2023 at 17:41:19
Well said, Barry,

These points are conveniently overlooked IMO!

Steve Brown
72 Posted 07/08/2023 at 17:47:40
Whenever Calvert-Lewin is fit, he makes a massive difference to the team.
Pete Hughes
73 Posted 07/08/2023 at 17:52:43
"Whenever he is fit"
Ah, those magic words!
Steve Brown
74 Posted 07/08/2023 at 17:57:27
He's fit now, Peter, so let's start with that.
Danny Baily
75 Posted 07/08/2023 at 17:57:52
If a player requires this level of careful and delicate management to get back into action for what will no doubt be a short period with minimal return in front of goal, then what is the point?
Danny O’Neill
76 Posted 07/08/2023 at 17:58:15
We play Fulham at home on Saturday in what might be our last full season at Goodison Park.

We will beat Fulham and then go to Villa the week after.

I am past caring about what players take to the pitch. I just want them to care like we do. All we want is the same commitment from them.

I do care about what goes on off the pitch, but I care about what goes on on the pitch too.

Tony McNulty
77 Posted 07/08/2023 at 17:58:59
Barry (64)

By way of an example:

Carragher implied he knew what was going on in the Liverpool changing room.

When he spat at that young boy, we inferred he had a personality lower than whale shit.

Barry Rathbone
78 Posted 07/08/2023 at 18:00:18
Steve @72,

And when he doesn't play we are utterly bereft and left fighting relegation.

Surely after 2 years the penny has dropped that this ain't good and with a 3rd season looming and Calvert-Lewin still not at the races it's time to take him out of the equation. Then if he ever does get fit, we're ahead of the game but we shouldn't be relying on him.

All focus must be on getting a robust centre-forward; he doesn't have to be Haaland – just a big lump to act as a focal point.

Stan Grace
79 Posted 07/08/2023 at 18:13:52
Barry #10,

"His frailties may not be his fault".

Change the "may not be" to an "are not" and you'd be spot on.

Alex #12,

"The reason Dom is slagged off so much is the club's fault."

I would suggest it's the fault of those who slag him off without knowing enough about his difficulties.

Barry Rathbone
80 Posted 07/08/2023 at 18:18:42
Stan @79,

I would change it if I knew for sure but, just like you, I have no idea. Being dogmatic without the full facts is mindless.

Andy Crooks
81 Posted 07/08/2023 at 18:39:54
Super confident post from you, Danny, @ 75. "No doubt" Calvert-Lewin's return will be short-lived, and there will be " minimal" return.

Are you posting with the same confidence with which you utterly and relentlessly predicted our relegation last season? From about November, if I recall. I'd be too embarrassed to post again if I'd done that.

Danny Baily
82 Posted 07/08/2023 at 18:46:26
Andy @81, we were being relegated under Lampard. I stand by that!

I hope Calvert-Lewin comes back and stays fit, but I've pretty much lost faith at this point.

Andy Crooks
83 Posted 07/08/2023 at 18:54:25
No doubt, Danny. I agree we'd have been relegated under Lampard. You thought we'd be relegated under Dyche too. You said it many, many times.

Anyway, let's hope we're not in a relegation battle.

Stan Grace
84 Posted 07/08/2023 at 19:35:39
Barry #80,

The suggestion that Calvert-Lewin may in some way, no matter how slight, be responsible for his "frailties" is disrespectful to the player.

As for my believing he's not to blame at all is hardly being dogmatic.

Sam Hoare
85 Posted 07/08/2023 at 19:52:32
Calvert-Lewin has come and said he is fit for this weekend. I wonder if Dyche is just trying to mess with Marco Silva's plans? Mind games?!

Either way, I'd be very surprised if Calvert-Lewin plays no part at all. Plus we are signing another striker this week. Plus I think there will be attacking additions before the window shuts. I'm actually feeling more positive than I have in a couple of years!!

Danny O’Neill
86 Posted 07/08/2023 at 20:01:20
We were not going down last season, Andy. We are not going down this season.

Get yourself over and meet you at one of the watering holes.

Danny Broderick
87 Posted 07/08/2023 at 20:21:09
I'd be amazed if he doesn't start on Saturday.

To my mind, if he has played 45 minutes twice, barring any setbacks, he should be okay for 60 minutes on Saturday. And even if they only wanna give him 45, let's at least play him in the first 45 and try to win the game!!

Barry Rathbone
88 Posted 07/08/2023 at 20:27:01
Stan @84,

Sorry, but you're quite simply wrong.

For example, do you know for a fact his training regime, diet and lifestyle are not contributory factors to his injuries?

No, how could you?

I don't claim these things definitely apply but the possibility exists; therefore, it's fair to raise the possibility – disrespectful or not.

Paul Birmingham
89 Posted 07/08/2023 at 20:37:04
A new season dawns and let's be positive, with our lot.

All in all, Sean Dyche, has done a great job keeping Everton up last season, great fighting spirit.

The same spirit will be needed this time.

Regardless who plays, let's get behind, the Team.

A good start is needed, and beat Fulham.


Stan Grace
90 Posted 08/08/2023 at 00:52:03
Barry #88,

While you think "it's fair to raise the possibility" that Calvert-Lewin may be at fault for his difficulties, I don't.

He's already discussed his mental health issues so I certainly won't be suggesting he may be partly to blame when he isn't able to play.

Eric Myles
91 Posted 08/08/2023 at 05:50:15
Barry #88,

Dyche has looked at those factors you mention, and others, so hopefully Calvert-Lewinis on the road to a fully fit season.

Stan Grace
92 Posted 08/08/2023 at 15:11:09
Careful Eric #91, or Barry will ask "Do you know for a fact Dyche has looked at DCL's training regime, diet and lifestyle in order to eradicate the player's injuries?"

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