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With the summer transfer window now out the way, Everton have confirmed the squad numbers first-team players will wear for the 2023-24 Premier League season.

As expected following the sale of Demarai Gray to Al Ettifaq, Jack Harrison has been handed his preferred Number 11.

The 26-man list includes some Under-21 players who do not fall under the Premier League's 25-man limit:

1 Jordan Pickford *
2 Nathan Patterson *
4 Mason Holgate * [Out on loan]
5 Michael Keane *
6 James Tarkowski *
7 Dwight McNeil *
8 Amadou Onana
9 Dominic Calvert-Lewin *
10 Arnaut Danjuma
11 Jack Harrison 
12 Joao Virginia
13 Neal Maupay [Out on loan]
14 Beto
16 Abdoulaye Doucouré
18 Ashley Young *
19 Vitalli Mykolenko
20 Dele Alli *
21 André Gomes
22 Ben Godfrey *
23 Seamus Coleman
27 Idrissa Gana Gueye
28 Youssef Chermiti
31 Andy Lonergan *
32 Jarrad Branthwaite *
37 James Garner *
43 Billy Crellin *
61 Lewis Dobbin *
62 Tyler Onyango *

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* Homegrown players


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Lee Courtliff
1 Posted 11/09/2023 at 12:22:29
I know it doesn't mean anything but I've always wondered why Seamus was never given our No 2 shirt?

And, surely Branthwaite could have had No 4, Dobbin No 17! Who wants the likes of No 32 or 61!!

Robert Leigh
2 Posted 11/09/2023 at 12:34:28
Agree with you about the youngsters Lee, but I guess Seamus has a 'thing' for 23 now he has used it for so long.

Julian Wait
3 Posted 11/09/2023 at 13:25:57
Seamus can play both 2 and 3 positions 😬
Barry Hesketh
4 Posted 11/09/2023 at 13:39:36
It sort of brings home the lack of strength in depth this current Everton squad has. I wouldn't expect Gomes or Alli to make that many appearances, and how many keepers is it, three?

Nineteen players would appear to be the ones we will rely on heavily at least until January. Then we'll have the Africa Cup of Nations to contend with. It's going to be a long hard season – but we already knew that, didn't we.

Jack Convery
5 Posted 11/09/2023 at 13:45:16
Giving 3 to Mykolenko, would have given him a boost and I don't mean the chocolate bar. Surely Gueye could have been given No 4. Anyway it's what's in the shirt that counts not the number on it.

Fingers crossed and we don't get any injuries this week and then 3 points off The Arsenal at the weekend. COYBs.

Michael Kenrick
6 Posted 11/09/2023 at 14:01:49
That would be four keepers, Barry.

This lad Billy Crellin (great scouse-sounding name!) joined from Fleetwood back in January of last year. But we've seen very little of him in that time.

And we added Fraser Barnsley last week but he's Under-21.

ps: I've added what I believe to be the homegrown players as we need to have at least 8 of them in the named 25-man squad of over-21 players and we seem well in from that regard. Very little is mentioned of this requirement these days, but I believe it is still in place. Although I don't think any Premier League club has been banged to rights on this particular rule… have they?

Brian Wilkinson
7 Posted 11/09/2023 at 14:15:11
Looking forward to seeing our new Number 11 in action.
Paul Hewitt
8 Posted 11/09/2023 at 14:16:16
Whatever happened to the simple 1 to 11?
Dennis Stevens
9 Posted 11/09/2023 at 14:20:42
Numbers should be replaced by letters. A-Z would be easier to read on the back of the shirts.
Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
10 Posted 11/09/2023 at 14:45:31
The reason they do not change numbers very often is

1. Players have their favourite number
2. Dads can't afford the expense of a new shirt because, all of a sudden, the old one with Tarkowski 2 is no longer acceptable as he is Tarkowski 6

I do have a table of squad numbers going back to when it started.

If ToffeeWeb would want to start a thread - which could get heated - the best player to wear that number shirt since we went to squad numbers. How about it guys? There could be some very interesting debates. Might have to do it "out of order" as Seamus also wore the 31 shirt.

Barry Hesketh
11 Posted 11/09/2023 at 14:47:47
Dennis @9
Some of our players require an A-Z to find each other on the pitch.
Michael Kenrick
12 Posted 11/09/2023 at 15:06:02
I can't believe they are all wearing their favourite or chosen numbers, but having a number assigned to you should help with one's identity in these strange modern times.

One thing that has puzzled me is why they don't extend the squad numbers down to the Under-21s so they wear named and numbered shirts in their Premier League 2 games? Wouldn't that go some way to reinforcing this mythical pathway to the first team?

I believe the numbers are already assigned to all professionals registered with the club, and indeed if they play in the EFL Trophy, they do wear such shirts. But for regular PL2 games, it's 1 to 11 (yes, Paul) with 12, and 14 to 17 on the bench (no Number 13 for some silly reason…).

Paul Burns
13 Posted 11/09/2023 at 15:30:04
Just more rubbish to take weak minds off the parlous state of a club being run into oblivion.
English football became professional in 1885. Everton decided to return to the anateur ranks around 20 years ago.
Jeff Armstrong
14 Posted 11/09/2023 at 15:36:47
Michael 12, you reckon number 13 not being used in PL2 is “silly “ …. I give you our Premier league number 13,

Neal Maupay.

Kieran Kinsella
15 Posted 11/09/2023 at 16:34:23

This must be a sign, I was deliberating whether I should change my planned flight as it falls on Friday 13th. Then I log onto ToffeeWeb and find this discussion about the unlucky number and it is compounded by the fact post 13 has gone awol between Mike's and yours…

Alan J Thompson
16 Posted 11/09/2023 at 16:34:55
Michael (#12),

Unless you are Italian as they regard 13 as a lucky number and I think for the same reason, the Last Supper.

David West
17 Posted 11/09/2023 at 16:35:49
I personally like the newer squad number system. It gives players the chance to make a number their own if successful.

So many greats have worn the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10… hard to make it your own
Rooney 18 stands out!
Coleman 23 his number now!
Cahill 17 another!

I see Beto at 14 could be one to remember if he has a big impact.

I'd have 69 myself… 😁

Mike Gaynes
18 Posted 11/09/2023 at 16:47:40
Well, look who's the Wild Wild West!
Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
19 Posted 11/09/2023 at 17:12:30
Everton #13s down the years:

Jason Kearton
Paul Gerrard
Steve Simonsen
Iain Turner
Eliaquim Mangala
Yerry Mina
Neil Maupay

Now pick a best one from that lot!

Told you I had the list…

Brian Wilkinson
21 Posted 11/09/2023 at 18:24:26
How about 7 is his number, need I say anymore.

Pretty sure that pissed off Sgt was a kopite, get off the pitch.

Up there with the tic tac advert for halting our celebrations.

Tony Everan
22 Posted 11/09/2023 at 18:27:16
Phil, we need to go a bit further back: Pat Nevin 91-92 season.
Ray Smith
23 Posted 11/09/2023 at 19:29:19
Guys, does it really matter what number is on their backs?

No 9, yes; No 2, yes; No 5 yes… however, what the hell, just get out there and produce the goods!

Danny O’Neill
24 Posted 11/09/2023 at 19:34:17
I must admit, I don't take much notice of shirt numbers.

It's always been a bit fluid, but generally related to a player's position on the pitch, although that also differed.

Some went for 2(RB), 3(LB), 4 & 5 (CB), 7(RW), 11(Sheedy), then a mix between 6, 8 or 10 for midfield and 9 or 8 or 10 for forwards.

But then some teams had a number 4 as a midfielder, probably a throwback to the sweeper days.

I suppose there's always been a degree of preference. I remember Andy Gray's superstition and swapping numbers with Sharp.

I don't really care what numbers they wear, especially in the modern game.

Sean Kelly
25 Posted 11/09/2023 at 19:43:39
It's ok as long as no one has a 69-er.
Lee Courtliff
26 Posted 11/09/2023 at 20:05:04
Phil, No.17 would be one Hell of a pick!!


Andrei, for me. Always. My all-time favourite evvtEvv–

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
28 Posted 11/09/2023 at 20:18:03
Not forgetting, Lee…

Gareth Farrelly
Francis Jeffers
Scott Gemmill
Muhamed Besic
Idrissa Gana Gueye
and Alex Iwobi

How can you even pick 1 from these 10??? Gareth has to be in with a shout.

Some numbers are easy – Tom Davies the best player to ever wear the #41 shirt, or Ellis Simms the #50 – but the debate on others would be brilliant.

Brian Wilkinson
29 Posted 11/09/2023 at 23:50:45
Speaking of shirt numbers, Niasse takes some beating, in his 5 seasons, he had 5 different shirt numbers and two different lockers.

Season 1 number 14
Season 2 number 24
Season 3 number 34
Season 4 number 19
Season 5 number 29

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
30 Posted 12/09/2023 at 08:25:38
Do we remember John Hurst always wore No 10. Never changed.

Do we also remember those charging runs from the back - which always ended up with him shooting from 25 years and missing each time. Blue Mist descended. But what a man, what a player.

And Oumar never wore the 24 or 34 shirt - only ever assigned to him (unless he played in some mickey mouse cup with that shirt).

Barry Hesketh
31 Posted 12/09/2023 at 08:55:36
Phil @30
Somebody put a clip up of Arsenal v Everton from the opening day of 1969/ 70 season, John Hurst scored the winner near the end of the match. The thing that stuck out was the number of household names on display for both teams, a short-haired Charlie George, Bobby Gould - whose name was being chanted by the Arsenal faithful, George Graham, Frank McLintock, Bob Wilson et al, and of course so many Everton legends in the visitors ranks. One notable absentee being the one and only Alan Ball. In the second match away to Manchester United, Hurst scored again with Alan Ball joining him on the score-sheet, in a two nil victory at Old Trafford. Two away wins on the bounce, something we can only dream about these days.

Brian Denton
32 Posted 12/09/2023 at 09:31:19
Barry (31) don't forget we also beat Man Utd 3-0 at Goodison a week later, with another win on the Saturday in between. Won 6 and drew 1 of our opening 7 games. We were on our way!

As a kid, that team spoiled me. We were brilliant the season before as well, so 69-70 didn't come out of the blue, unlike 84-85.

Phil (Kelsall) Roberts
33 Posted 12/09/2023 at 14:14:53
I was sure the opening home match of the 69/70 season was Crystal Palace as we were on holiday and missed the game and we won 2-1.

Just checked with that most wonderful of sites to ever clear up an argument https://www.evertonresults.com/index.htm. and we are both right. United home and away, both midweek and 10 days into the season it was P4 W4

Only missed one other home match that season - believe we beat West Brom 2-0 and I was in London on a school trip. I had forgotten that Alan Whittle scored in 6 consecutive games in that run-in.

Brian Denton
34 Posted 12/09/2023 at 14:38:46
Phil (33) you must be a bit younger than me, as I went to quite a few games in that great season, and I can remember a lot of them. One of note was my first [non Anfield] away game. It was at Stoke over Easter I think, and for some reason my dad decided to treat me rather than the brewers. It was 1-0, another of Whittle's run-in tally.

I remember being intrigued by the Stoke Programme, which called itself "The Ceramic City Clipper".

Fuck, I'm an old git.

Brian Denton
35 Posted 12/09/2023 at 22:06:06
Oops, misread your comment Phil!
Jim Bennings
36 Posted 13/09/2023 at 06:26:41
Why on God's green earth is Mason Holgate number 4??
Eric Myles
37 Posted 13/09/2023 at 08:43:07
Brian #29, and for one season under Koeman, NO locker!
Michael Kenrick
38 Posted 13/09/2023 at 21:56:05
The Echo is now listing a squad with some differences from the above – and no shirt numbers:

Everton squad for Premier League season 2023-24 (* indicates homegrown player):

Goalkeepers: Billy Crellin*, Andy Lonergan*, Joao Virginia*, Jordan Pickford*

Defenders: Ryan Astley*, Seamus Coleman, Ben Godfrey*, MacKenzie Hunt*, Kyle John*, Michael Keane*, Vitalii Mykolenko, Nathan Patterson, James Tarkowski*, Ashley Young*

Midfielders: Arnaut Danjuma, Dele Alli*, Abdoulaye Doucoure, James Garner*, Andre Gomes, Idrissa Gana Gueye, Jack Harrison*, Dwight McNeil*, Amadou Onana

Forwards: Beto, Dominic Calvert-Lewin*

Under-21 list includes: Jarrad Branthwaite, Youssef Chermiti, Lewis Dobbin, Katia Kouyate, Stanley Mills, Francis Okoronkwo, Tyler Onyango, Lewis Warrington, Reece Welch.

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