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In contrast to a year ago, expectations that Everton would do any incoming business on Deadline Day were next to zero – even though the squad is in desperate need of new faces – and that is the way the day panned out.

Financially, the club is completely hamstrung by mounting debt and while that crunch could be alleviated by another big-money sale like that of Anthony Gordon in January 2023, Sean Dyche cannot afford to lose a single first-team body.

As it is, he is down in numbers because of injuries to Abdoulate Doucouré, Amadou Onana, Seamus Coleman and now Arnaut Danjuma but, even if all were fit, Dyche could really do with some creativity and extra goal threat in the ranks.

If there was to be an incoming player at all, it would almost certainly have had to have been on loan and the reported interest in the likes of Hannibal Mejbri and Timothy Weah suggests that Kevin Thelwell had at least been looking for a player to come in on a temporary basis.

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There was a report from Poland that the Toffees had an approach to take midfielder Jakub Moder on loan rejected by both Brighton and the player himself who would prefer to stay on the south coast and fight for his place.

Other than that, the day was almost completely devoid of speculation involving the Toffees.

In terms of outgoings, only loan opportunities for players in ranks of the Under-21s were likely and that was the case for Elijah Campbell who joined Fleetwood until the end of the season, with Sean McAllister also heading out on loan to the Scottish Championship at Inverness Caledonian Thistle, where Duncan Ferguson is in charge.

Doucouré was a reported target for Al Ettifaq but that speculation had been played down and there were suggestions that Everton have knocked back an enquiry from AC Milan for Ben Godfrey.

Elsewhere, Mason Holgate's loan at Southampton was terminated early by mutual consent and he joined Sheffield United on a temporary basis until the summer.


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Colin Glassar
1 Posted 01/02/2024 at 06:57:14
Tumbleweed. Thank you Moshiri and Kenwright.
Paul Hewitt
2 Posted 01/02/2024 at 07:05:06
Absolutely nothing to see here today.
Robert Leigh
3 Posted 01/02/2024 at 07:20:10
As ever, I still hold some feint hope we'll get someone in, but it feels more unlikely than ever.

Someone who can pass between the lines would be a real luxury.

Jack Convery
4 Posted 01/02/2024 at 07:24:23
So the Sky Transfer Deadline Show is a washout this January. Advertising revenues to take a hit. After all, Sky reporters being hit with inflatable dildos is what people tune in for.

I now expect the Premier League to ease the laws on PSR, so that advertising revenues will rise for Sky's Summer Transfer Bonanza Mega Deals Show alongside increased Inflatable Dildo sales and the points deduction will be a footnote in football's history, along with EFC.

I'm off to treat my piles with salt — it's much more fun!

Paul Hewitt
5 Posted 01/02/2024 at 07:25:20
Someone that can pass? Nah, he won't fit in here.
Brendan McLaughlin
6 Posted 01/02/2024 at 07:26:48
The 24 on the opening graphic could do with a £ sign to indicate that's what we have to spend.
Steve Dowdeswell
7 Posted 01/02/2024 at 07:33:46
Just hoping that we don't get a 'too good to turn down' offer for anyone...

Well maybe a fiver for Dom would be nice.

Jim Bennings
8 Posted 01/02/2024 at 07:36:49
Remember 2013 Deadline Day?

Romelu Lukaku, James McCarthy and Gareth Barry,?

Mikel Arteta on loan in January 2005 Deadline Day?

More belated Christmas presents please Mr Thelwell.

Robert Tressell
9 Posted 01/02/2024 at 07:56:49
Good point, Jack. Only Dragusin to Spurs and a couple of teenage Argentinians to Brighton and Man City.

Sky won't like that. The Premier League won't like that.

It's not just us struggling to spend money.

Duncan McDine
10 Posted 01/02/2024 at 08:02:22
Sky will have to use all of their bullshit to talk this TDD up... but that's what they do best.

Football is shite these days. Watching the many decisions that went in favour of the RS last night does nothing to change my mind.

Danny Baily
11 Posted 01/02/2024 at 08:04:42
Bolasie on a free (half serious about this one...). Niasse on loan.
Jim Bennings
12 Posted 01/02/2024 at 08:08:50
I think they'll do away with the January window before much longer.

The novelty has worn off with it now, totally different from when it was introduced in 2003 to about 2015 when teams went out and just spent spent spent in a bid to try and get Champions League places or just stay up.

Now it's becoming so low profile that they may as well just go back to the old method.

Ajay Gopal
13 Posted 01/02/2024 at 08:14:18
Surely there is some young hotshot on the books of the 'Euro League' clubs who would love to get game time in the Premier League. Carlo owes us one after he swanned away after a season.
Jim Bennings
14 Posted 01/02/2024 at 08:17:32

Every young hotshot we seem to sign has the touch of Fred West.

We never seem to sign a technician – look at the type of player Brighton keep pulling off the conveyor belt.

Rob Dolby
15 Posted 01/02/2024 at 08:18:15
The elephant in the room is PSR.

Clubs are terrified of spending in case they breach the rules. There is lots of money at clubs but they are all shitting themselves.

Bet the TV companies won't like that, maybe the PSR is the beginning of the end for the best league in the world ever.

Tony Graham
16 Posted 01/02/2024 at 08:34:20
We have one foot in the Championship already,
anybody half-decent would go elsewhere.
Paul Hewitt
17 Posted 01/02/2024 at 08:39:21
Well, the charge hasn't stopped Forest. One already in, after two more.
Brian Williams
18 Posted 01/02/2024 at 08:41:53
We were all told quite clearly what to expect from Thelwell.

If you chose to ignore that and believe the likes of NewsNow and Goodison News, more fool you!

Paul Hewitt
19 Posted 01/02/2024 at 08:47:33
Come on, Brian, let me have a little bit of hope.
Andrew Ellams
20 Posted 01/02/2024 at 09:01:01
The Premier League have scared everybody out of spending.

This day was going to come eventually.

Mal van Schaick
21 Posted 01/02/2024 at 09:04:31
We have been punished enough, and now it is a case of double jeopardy.

Now we have a transfer embargo, when an appeal is in progress. For these reasons alone, the rules and financial boundaries have to be changed, to at least allow accused clubs some leeway.

Eddie Dunn
22 Posted 01/02/2024 at 09:04:34
Indeed the PSR has put the willies up even the more affluent clubs.

Duncan @10 mentions the Reds getting the benefit of more refereeing decisions last night. The BBC webpage has focussed on "magnificent" Bradley. Every single day they run a Redshite story. The perfect story is how Klopp wins the title and leaves in a cloud of gold dust.

They want it to happen, the Premier League want it to happen, so unless Man City keep up the good work... it will happen.Expect more dodgy decisions for them and more of the wrong sort for us.

I will put TalkShite on later this morning to see how excited Jim Shite is at another epic Deadline Day.

Danny O’Neill
23 Posted 01/02/2024 at 09:10:41
Don't do TalkShite, Eddie.

I gave it up years ago as it just winds me up. Not just on Everton, but football in general.

Brian Williams
24 Posted 01/02/2024 at 09:17:26
Paul #19.

Okay, mate. Well, I've heard a little whisper that there may be someone new walking through the doors of Finch Farm before the end of the day. ;-)

How's that for hope?

Andrew Ellams
25 Posted 01/02/2024 at 09:27:40
Looks like Palace might be getting Adam Wharton from Blackburn. That's just the market that we should be in
Anthony Dove
26 Posted 01/02/2024 at 09:37:47
PSR is not a factor. We haven’t got got two beans to rub together.
Benjamin Dyke
27 Posted 01/02/2024 at 09:39:53
It's brilliant that the Premier League has seen very little spending this January.

Hopefully the likes of Masters will realise that the nonsense Everton has had to endure recently is not just bad for Everton but for the whole closed-shop league they run – one rule for the wealthy, another rule for the rest.

Take that, Premier League, and shove the whole unjust debacle where the sun doesn't shine!

Kunal Desai
28 Posted 01/02/2024 at 09:40:19
Nothing to see here, as already mentioned.
Brian Harrison
29 Posted 01/02/2024 at 10:05:16
Quite ironic to think that the Premier League's P&S rules have seemingly killed the January transfer window. Clubs now deciding to keep their powder dry till the summer window.

Most clubs have said for a long time January isn't the best time to do transfer deals as the selling clubs could ask more for their players. This was because it was either clubs bringing in players to help avoid relegation or clubs pushing for Europe.

When I look at our transfers since Moshiri took over, apart from James and possibly Richarlison, I can't think of too many successes.

While the present manager and the DoF are working under a very different financial position, I am not too convinced they have done that well either in the transfer market. Dyche has brought in Beto, Chermiti, Harrison, Young and Danjuma, I also think maybe we could have hung on to Cannon.

I don't think Dyche had a choice when selling Iwobi and I don't think he was that big of a loss. I can't remember was Demarai Gray let go under Dyche? I think he carried more of a threat than Harrison and even possibly McNeil.

Duncan Lennard
30 Posted 01/02/2024 at 10:18:52
Fuck it, let’s sign Mbappe. Might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb.
Steve Brown
31 Posted 01/02/2024 at 10:19:51
Nice relaxing day for Thelwell. He should go home early and creosote the fence.
Jerome Shields
32 Posted 01/02/2024 at 10:37:36
Thewell will be seen walking his dog.
Pat Kelly
33 Posted 01/02/2024 at 10:39:11
Even if we had any money, I wouldn't trust Thelwell not to buy another donkey like Beto and Chermiti.
Steve Johnston
34 Posted 01/02/2024 at 10:48:51
Rumours of a striker called R Race from Melchester Rovers coming in. Loan, of course.
Anthony Dove
35 Posted 01/02/2024 at 10:55:19
Steve @34,

He wouldn't be as comic as some of our recent

Geoff Lambert
36 Posted 01/02/2024 at 11:02:25
Might have had a chance to get Richarlison back on loan, but he has now scored seven in seven.
Craig Walker
37 Posted 01/02/2024 at 11:03:49
Even Sky can't hype this Deadline Day. They'll give it their best shot though, no doubt.

I watched Mr Drone's video yesterday of the new stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock and that is the only positive thing that keeps me going. I like Dyche and I think he's doing well with what must be the worst hand any Everton manager has been dealt.

Anger and frustration is slowly turning to apathy with me. I just don't know what the point is any more to football. It's been ruined by the greedy 6, Sky, VAR and we're just one of 14 clubs making up the numbers with next to no prospect of ever joining the elite, again.

Steve Johnston
38 Posted 01/02/2024 at 11:15:12
True Anthony!

To be honest, I don't see us getting anyone in. Might lose the odd one maybe.

Tony Abrahams
40 Posted 01/02/2024 at 11:33:20
With PSR killing the transfer window, then maybe it’s time to realise that although there has never been so much money in football, most of it is just constantly coming out of the game, and this seems to be killing a lot of football clubs, right now.

Danny Baily
41 Posted 01/02/2024 at 11:41:04
Craig 37, if we win the appeal then the outlook will improve massively. We'll be as good as safe already. If it goes against us, we'll effectively be relegated in February, as it will no doubt mean another penalty of similar proportion is incoming.

All we can do is enjoy the weekend! Three points and a positive outcome early next week and we can start looking forward.

Clive Rogers
42 Posted 01/02/2024 at 11:49:03
It wouldn't be so bad if we were introducing good youngsters. That's not happening. I can only assume it's because they are deemed not good enough.

That's unlike the RS who had 3 on the pitch last night, battered Chelsea with one MotM. What is going on at our club?

Jim Bennings
43 Posted 01/02/2024 at 11:56:20
We've just simply got quite a poor academy now, Clive, simple as that.

Over the last 35 years how many genuinely class young players have gone on to really good careers?

Clive Rogers
44 Posted 01/02/2024 at 12:01:53
I'm not impressed with Thelwell either. The Beto and Chermiti signings look quite disastrous to me.

Beto is struggling while Chermiti looks years away from a Premier League player, if at all.

Robert Tressell
45 Posted 01/02/2024 at 12:16:37
For balance, its worth noting Thelwell operates with the smallest budget by far in the Premier League.

The likes of Palace and Bournemouth have out-spent us by very very substantial amounts in recent years (£200M net +).

Luton, Sheffield Utd and Burnley have all outspent us significantly this season net too.

That is why we have Beto and Chermiti.

Really we've been operating as though weve been relegated since January 2020. It's only Dyche, Thelwell and luck that have kept us where we are.

Anthony A Hughes
46 Posted 01/02/2024 at 12:17:30
With clubs scared to spend because of the Financial Unfair Play rules, then surely this has a knock-on effect down the leagues as less money would be filtering down to the Championship and League One and Two clubs through transfer deals.
Craig Walker
47 Posted 01/02/2024 at 12:21:34
Hope we get some good news on the points deduction front, Danny. God knows we are due something positive.

Clive, I agree entirely. Sometimes, maybe unfairly, we get an indication of a player from a first impression. Beto scored in the League Cup game at Doncaster but prior to that, he missed a sitter, screwing it hopelessly wide.

Me and a whole raft of Blues were on social media after his goal saying "Finally, we have our back-up striker" or words to that effect. He's looked really raw apart from the goal against Newcastle. I want him to come good but we've been here so many times with the likes of Rondon, Kean, Niasse, King, Tosun, Walcott, Maupay, Kone etc.

Surely, there were better options in the Championship and lower levels than Beto and Chermiti — and definitely better value options? I've never known such a paucity of striking talent season after season at Everton. Lukaku was the last good striker we've had.

Pat Kelly
48 Posted 01/02/2024 at 12:27:39
Well that’s it. There’s no one coming in. I’ve just spotted the fax machine in a skip outside Finch Farm.
Don Wright
49 Posted 01/02/2024 at 12:30:28
Everton Under-21s have signed Kingsford Boakye?
Pat Kelly
52 Posted 01/02/2024 at 12:37:36
Can’t even sign one of Brighton’s Jakob Hobers
Tim Greeley
53 Posted 01/02/2024 at 12:40:18
Live Forum now, I demand it!!
It’s the only way we can get thru this utterly depressing state of affairs…
Does Super Silk have a stud nephew we can sign?!
Duncan McDine
54 Posted 01/02/2024 at 12:57:12
As futile as it is, I thought I'd check to see if anything was happening during my lunchbreak.

All I saw was a shifty drunk-looking guy skip-diving in the Finch Farm car park. Looked like a bit like Riquelme, but more Irish.

Paul Hewitt
55 Posted 01/02/2024 at 13:00:22
I remember a time when we where bigger than Brighton.
Brian Williams
56 Posted 01/02/2024 at 13:13:11
Listen. I got a batch of dodgy razor blades here, going cheap, can deliver locally.

Some of you should just buy 'em and use 'em.

Simon Jones
57 Posted 01/02/2024 at 13:17:10
Duncan #30,

Never heard that saying before. TW raising standards of language and general knowledge today.

Dennis Stevens
58 Posted 01/02/2024 at 13:20:13
Evertonians self-harming, Brian? I thought that was just for the Board & owner!
Keith Meakin
59 Posted 01/02/2024 at 13:20:19
Latest transfer news: Greggs in, Moshiri out.

Free sausage Rolls to be thrown into the crowd at all home games. Oh yeah 👍

Anthony Dove
60 Posted 01/02/2024 at 13:23:09
Simon @58.

Ewe learn something every day.

Jim Bennings
61 Posted 01/02/2024 at 13:23:11
Paul 56,

Me too mate.

Unfortunately Brighton don't subscribe to our new motto over the last decade of "it takes 3 years".

It doesn't.

It takes the right people walking into a football club from day one and improving every aspect of that said club.

Sean Mitchell
62 Posted 01/02/2024 at 13:31:46
Nothing here from Depressing FC.
Dale Self
63 Posted 01/02/2024 at 13:34:11
Running your own club eh?

This is a good development in the larger picture. We could only afford some players sure to be slagged. That Masters and Co may have frozen the transfer window with their complex communications is a significant event. It shows how much of a relative stance all clubs were taking in how far to push their transfer activity.

Brian Wilkinson
64 Posted 01/02/2024 at 13:34:44
We may not be bringing anyone in, but the PSR has frightened clubs from trying to sign Branthwaite or Onana this January.

By summer, we could be in a much better place, should we get some of the points back, and the takeover goes through, all being well, will have a decent transfer budget as well.

Masters has well and truly not just screwed us over, but Sky TDD as well.

With lack of transfers for the show, I wonder if Sky will run the Andy Burnham interview, to fill some free time? Possibly not.

James Hughes
65 Posted 01/02/2024 at 13:36:35
Brian @56,

But I like my beard, do you have anything else to offer?

Geoff Lambert
66 Posted 01/02/2024 at 13:36:50
Beto and Chermiti both need a run in the first team. if you watch Beto on t'internet, you can see he knows where the goal is.

If we can give Donkey 15 starts without a goal, he must be worth 5 or 6 from the start – not the last 10 minutes every game.

We won't be getting anyone in today; we are skint and under investigation for overspending. Do you think the Premier League will backtrack and give us the points back? Not a chance in hell.

Let's go with what we have got and stick it up their back passage, staying up is the only outcome for us.

John Raftery
67 Posted 01/02/2024 at 13:40:15
Contrary to what many think, I believe a low-key transfer window is exactly what the Premier League wanted as evidence to the government that their PSR regime is working.

Apparently the ‘buy now pay later' transfer deals have left clubs owing £2bn. With the next TV rights deal declining in value, it is becoming evident that even some of the moneyed clubs will have to trim their spending in the years ahead.

Dale Self
68 Posted 01/02/2024 at 13:41:18
We’ve grasped all these straws. We could bind them into some rope maybe.
Andrew Ellams
69 Posted 01/02/2024 at 13:41:31
Anthony @ 46 ultimately they could become the beneficiaries of this.

If the Premier League is heading into a downward trajectory, those divisions could become a more popular market place for the top-flight teams. There is not an infinite supply of those players that Brighton seem to pick up regularly right now.

Ian Jones
70 Posted 01/02/2024 at 13:46:21
As someone said on another thread, one of Liverpool's forwards has been getting great support even though his form has been indifferent.

Meanwhile, our main centre-forward gets called a donkey. Great support.

Duncan Lennard
71 Posted 01/02/2024 at 13:46:24
Simon (57) I'm surprised…

‘Fuck it' has been used quite liberally on this site in recent times.

Tony Abrahams
72 Posted 01/02/2024 at 13:52:38
Robert @45, is the the voice of reason.

The ridiculous way that Everton have gone about things since Moshiri came into the club is the real reason why we are now operating down amongst the dead men.

We are still in the top league because of the incredible fan base showing a never-say-die spirit but even this was wavering when Dyche came into the club so our manager (wether people believe he's good enough or not) also deserves a massive amount of credit as well.

Saturday is a huge game, it's absolutely massive imo, so I just hope we can get a player in on loan today because our squad is really stretched right now meaning the next few games are going to be very difficult whoever we play.

Chris Leyland
73 Posted 01/02/2024 at 14:14:30
Ian, it far easier to support your centre-forward when you are top of the league and have a number of forwards who all score goals rather than down the bottom and scrapping for your life. Salah has scored 14, Jota 8, Nunez has even managed 7.

Dom certainly isn't a donkey but it's crucial in our system that he (and Beto) start finishing some of the chances created for them as it's the difference between winning and losing.

When Nunez misses for the Red Shite, it's not as important as there are a hatful of other chances coming his and the other forwards' way that one of them will put in. It's why they've scored 51 goals in the league and we've scored 24.

Jim Bennings
74 Posted 01/02/2024 at 14:15:08
People, stop worrying: I've got breaking news to give...

I've just spotted at JLA one Juan Roman Riquelme with a bright red suit and two Mr T type minders, at least I think it was Riquelme, might have been Jason Koumas haha.

Dave Lynch
75 Posted 01/02/2024 at 14:17:46
Our strike force is fucking hopeless, we desperately need a poacher who can bury those tap-ins that Calvert-Lewin is so adept at missing.

I fear the chickens have come home to roost this season.

For all those berating Moshiri, it was Kenwright that fucked us over. Moshiri provided the cash, that's all... I think he employed Benitez because he was fed up with the last couple of appointments and had ran out of patience and trust in the teary one.

Simon Jones
76 Posted 01/02/2024 at 14:23:18
Duncan #71,

Tbf to ToffeeWeb, I have picked up *a lot* of swearing & insults on here too.

Ray Roche
77 Posted 01/02/2024 at 14:35:32
The Brighton player, Jakub Moder, won't be joining because The club, Brighton, have injury problems of their own and need him themselves.

He's just recovered from an ACL and came on as sub against Luton.

Jack Convery
78 Posted 01/02/2024 at 14:40:33
Maybe Thelwell is waiting to see who gets released next week and snap a free agent up. I assume his phone will ring nonstop with agents looking to fix players up.

There isn't much available on Transfermarkt as a free agent right now although a 30-year-old midfielder playing for Cape Verde in the Afcon is available on a free – Jamiro Monteiro. Not seen them play – does anyone have any feedback on his performances for them? He's played in all their games so far. Was on San Jose's books prior to being released on 1 January 2024.

Bill Gall
79 Posted 01/02/2024 at 14:42:22
We did not expect really anything that would really help the first team, but getting rid of a couple of high earners that don't get a game would be good business.

As other people have said, this PSR has shown how close the majority of Premier League clubs are to being investigated, well except for certain clubs.

Jack Convery
80 Posted 01/02/2024 at 14:48:47
Latest news. No new players but Finch Farm to be renamed from tomorrow – Grinch Farm.
Jim Bennings
81 Posted 01/02/2024 at 15:02:46
Dave @75,

There's a good poacher going for cheap in Home Bargain… just an egg poacher though, not a goal one unfortunately.

Duncan McDine
82 Posted 01/02/2024 at 15:25:27
A smartly dressed driver is waiting at John Lennon arrivals with a sign reading 'Richard L May'.

Couldn't be, could it?

Pat Kelly
83 Posted 01/02/2024 at 15:26:32
We've now loaned our medical team to Forest…
Andrew Ellams
84 Posted 01/02/2024 at 15:26:46
Ian @ 70, can't help feeling that some of the support Nunez is getting over there is because they were so vocal over how he was going to be better than Haaland when he first signed and now it's more about not backing down.
Ray Jacques
85 Posted 01/02/2024 at 15:33:29
Ian at 70, think you should be aware that Nunez is in a different stratosphere of talent compared to Calvert-Lewin.

So sad but true.

Clive Rogers
86 Posted 01/02/2024 at 15:35:56
Jack @78,

He's 30 and a few levels below the Championship.

Jack Convery
88 Posted 01/02/2024 at 16:05:35
Thanks Clive.

Maybe we should ask Don Carlo for Nico Paz on loan. A real prospect at Real Madrid. 19 and not getting much game time with their first team. AM/CM and RW.

Soren Moyer
89 Posted 01/02/2024 at 16:06:46
Looks like we're getting Tom Davies on loan before 11pm as our marquee signing!

And to solve our goal-scoring issues, we're reportedly after a couple of defenders on loan!

Mal van Schaick
90 Posted 01/02/2024 at 16:10:05
Ndaiye on loan would be good in my books. Attacking midfielder currently at Marseille.
Dave Cashen
91 Posted 01/02/2024 at 16:12:38
Ian, top post.

Nunez cost about £89 million more than Calvert-Lewin and he is inferior to him in every way. When he misses wide open goal, "they" call it a good effort and chant his name. When Calvert-Lewin powers above defenders and forces a great save from the keeper, some of the people on here can't wait to call it a sitter.

The kopite has scored 4 more Premier League goals this season, but he has played seven games more and plays for a team which attacks incessantly.

Brian Williams
92 Posted 01/02/2024 at 16:22:45
Just had a phone call from someone who works for the club.
Staff at Finch Farm are expecting an attacking midfield Korean international.

Kno Whan may start against Spurs.

Ian Jones
93 Posted 01/02/2024 at 16:24:35
After my comment about DCL being called a donkey, I thought I'd google for a donkey football-related joke to lighten the mood. It might be worth waiting for the punchline...

Horse in a sports bar having a few drinks spots a donkey in the corner and nips over to have a natter.
Donkey asks "What did you do for a living?"
Horse: "I ran on the flat in the summer and over the jumps in the winter."
Donkey: "I worked with the kids on Blackpool beach. Did you win anything?"
Horse: "Yeah, on the flat I won the Oaks, St Leger and the Derby and over the jumps I won the Grand National and the Gold Cup.”

They arrange to meet at the donkey's house a week later and the donkey thinks that he needs to impress the horse as he's done everything so he buys a big picture of a zebra and hangs it above the fireplace.

The horse arrives and says "Lovely place you have here and who's that in the picture on the wall?"

Donkey: "That's me when I played for Juventus!"


There's hope for Calvert-Lewin!

Sean Kelly
94 Posted 01/02/2024 at 16:38:32
Hope we save the money for the legal eagle. He needs to get an injunction put on Premier League and that prick Masters. Tell them nothing finalised till all outstanding cases are resolved by season end.

See what they then do to Man City, Chelsea and anyone else. If it doesn't happen by season end, then it's scrapped because of new rules. The brief will be like a new signing.

Steve Johnston
95 Posted 01/02/2024 at 16:41:59
Even with a loan signing (or two), it depends on how much we have to pay them. I reckon we're really counting and saving the pennies at the moment.
Ian Jones
96 Posted 01/02/2024 at 16:56:49
Dave Cashen,

I didn't realise Nunez cost so much.

Stu Darlington
97 Posted 01/02/2024 at 17:04:56
I'd be very surprised if there were any incomings today. We've been potless for years and the players we have brought in have either been bought on the drip or on loan. That's not going to change today.

Also, be honest, is Everton an attractive proposition for any young player with talent and ambition at the moment with all we have got hanging over us?

As for our lack of goals, it can't be Calvert-Lewin's fault… can it?

I mean he doesn't get the right kind of service, we don't play the right kind of football, he doesn't have the quality around him, and anyway the chances he has got on the end of have been brilliantly saved by the keeper.

But never mind — he's a great team player, works hard, and has good movement. The only flaw in his game is that he's played as a striker and can't score goals!! Must be someone else's fault!

Can't wait for all the Calvert-Lewin lovers on here to tell me how unfair my comments are, and how dare I criticise their golden boy, but I have followed Everton for over 60 years and I think I know what a decent striker looks like — and he most definitely isn't it!

John Hall
98 Posted 01/02/2024 at 17:14:12
Not losing anyone is key to survival in this league, but one or 2 loans of forwards would certainly help!
Rob Jones
99 Posted 01/02/2024 at 17:15:45
Stu, nobody's trying to say that Calvert-Lewin is incredible. The issue is that people expect top level striker stats from a player bought for peanuts and playing in a team which doesn't typically produce gilt-edged chances.

Also, honestly: I don't see how people like you can complain all the time about a player's (or players') mediocrity and then complain that the results are then mediocre.

If you're expecting a player to be shit, why do you then need to complain that their end product is shit? I mean, it's not as though it should come as a surprise, right?

Tom Bowers
100 Posted 01/02/2024 at 17:17:50
We are what we are -- a ship without a rudder and sinking hopelessly in the wind.

If we get out of this mess, it won't be from the help of the league or other clubs.

No matter who starts against Spurs, they had better put in a shift.

Steve Hogan
101 Posted 01/02/2024 at 17:17:59
Stu Darlington (97), you don't have to be a Calvert-Lewin 'lover' to realise your comments are simply crass.

You may have watched Everton a long time, as you say, but I'm not sure the penny has dropped with you to realise the current Everton squad is not really up to much, and Messi would struggle to score in that team, which is bereft of any creativity.

Never mind though, it helps your frustration in continually slagging off the player.

Sean Mitchell
102 Posted 01/02/2024 at 17:31:08
I'd send Negan and Lucille into the changing room on Saturday and let him give the team a talking to (just a talking to, that is).

The players need to start being saviors now.

Eddie Dunn
103 Posted 01/02/2024 at 17:32:41
Stu, look how good Anthony Gordon looks now, in a better team, and Richarlison too.

Dominic needs someone to link up with. At the moment, he is expected to win a header on the first ball, lay it off to himself and score a goal with two centre-halves on his back.

He is a decent player but he has little support.

Brent Stephens
104 Posted 01/02/2024 at 17:35:27
Stu #97,

Seasons 2019-20 and 2020-21, Dom scored 13 in 36 games and 16 in 33 games. So clearly he's capable of a decent tally of goals, given decent support.

Injuries, allied to changing managers and tactics (now being asked to roam left and right; and poor service from Harrison on the right when Dom is central) tell me we shouldn't be surprised he's not getting much at the moment.

Dyche's tactics are very cautious, meaning we're typically getting no more than 33% possession overall each game. So chances coming his way are going to be few and far between. And remember, all top players still have their off periods. We have no better alternative at the moment.

David West
105 Posted 01/02/2024 at 17:37:33
See Nottm Forest have brought in a keeper. They still have room to manoeuvre. Whereas we've been in these "special measures" for years.

We've sold Richarlison to balance the books.
We sold Gordon to balance the books.
We sold Iwobi to balance the books.
We sold many young players too who count as pure profit, Simms & Cannon spring to mind.

How can we have nothing? I know all the expenses on sacking management and building a stadium, but it's just a shitshow!

Clubs are selling players to have finance to freshen up their squads and stay within the PSR limits, we sell our best players, bring no one in, and still fall foul of the limits.

As MK points to on another thread, the Premier League dragging their heels over the 777 bid is just exasperating the issues that got us to this point deduction, leaving the club & us fans in limbo.

777 are financing Everton anyway, whether the Premier League like it or not!! So if they pull the plug on it now, who knows what that will lead to???

There will be no Jim White on my telly tonight!!!!!

John Daley
106 Posted 01/02/2024 at 17:48:16
There's a forward over at Brentford who has scored a few as of late and may be available. Think his name is Neal Maup……..oh, hang on a minute…..
Jon Wit
107 Posted 01/02/2024 at 17:50:29
Club is in a difficult position – if we are relegated (eg, with even more points reduction), the less debt the better.

Probably better they spend money on good accountants and lawyers to be honest – such is the modern Premier League.

Rob Jones
108 Posted 01/02/2024 at 17:51:53

I actually think the example of Neal Maupay is quite useful here. The guy couldn't do anything for us, but with the right players around him, he's scored quite a few.

Put Calvert-Lewin in a good team that creates, he'd score quite a few.

Instead, we lambast players, bitching about them instead of backing them.

Lee Courtliff
109 Posted 01/02/2024 at 18:04:00
I always thought Maupay was a decent player who was made to look far worse than he actually is by our tactics. You cannot play him up front alone, you'd think that was obvious.

I even think he'd have been a decent replacement for the Doucoure role, but we'll never know as you'd think Brentford will make his move permanent in the summer with the money they get for Toney.

Andy Meighan
110 Posted 01/02/2024 at 18:07:36
If Thelwell has got anything to do with it, I hope we don't bring anyone in.

As Pat Kelly said, look at Beto and Chermiti, the pair of them are useless.

Thelwell wouldn't know a decent footballer if it jumped up and smacked him in the face.

John Daley
111 Posted 01/02/2024 at 18:08:45
Rob 108. Completely agree. It doesn't matter who we play up top – Calvert-Lewin, Maupay, Beto, Dobbin – if we don't play in the final third.

And we certainly don't have the calibre of player centrally to go past players to create chances – we simply won't score the goals needed to get us out of this mess.

Brian Wilkinson
112 Posted 01/02/2024 at 18:10:40
Over the years, Everton have done some panic buying on Deadline Day, early doors linked with some above average players, but as it gets closer to making a choice, we end up with anyone.

A bit like the Saturday nights gone by, you splash the old Brut 33 on, out on the town thinking you are God's gift to woman. As the time ticks by and anyone decent snapped up, you go into the Grafton and by 2 am, you end up with Sue Boyle's look alike, thinking she looks like Brit Ekland until realisation kicks in, so I've been told.

Let's hope by 11 pm we don't settle for anyone for the sake of it.

Danny O’Neill
113 Posted 01/02/2024 at 18:11:23
Sorry, Stu.

You have slightly more years on me and probably watched some of the greats.

I saw Latchford, Sharp, Heath and Gray not to forget Sheedy's contribution. They played in good teams.

Dominic is busting a gut almost on his own up front in a poor team.

Paul Ferry
114 Posted 01/02/2024 at 18:13:44
Jim Bennings: I've just spotted at JLA one Juan Roman Riquelme with a bright red suit and two Mr T type minders

That's a cracker. Sides splitting. Original like all great jokes. I'm still shaking with laughter five minutes later. Just the funniest thing I've ever read on ToffeeWeb.

Danny Baily
115 Posted 01/02/2024 at 18:15:09
Calvert-Lewin is a decent striker, and the right striker to lead the line for a team that sets up the way we do. 9 or so goals a season is about the best we can expect from him though, as it would be for any striker in our set up.
Dale Self
116 Posted 01/02/2024 at 18:19:08
Godfrey is like a new signing, helping you out maaan.
Ian Riley
117 Posted 01/02/2024 at 18:20:58
No one ain't coming!!

At this point, staying in business is probably more important. Consideration of relegation must be taken into account as well. Difficult few months ahead. Also, buying in desperation for average players is the norm at this club. Needs to stop!

Chris James
118 Posted 01/02/2024 at 18:26:18
To be honest, I'm not really bothered if we don't sign anyone provided we hold onto most of the team... Branthwaite, Doucoure, Pickford, Tarkowski, Garner, etc.

I'd probably swap Danjuma for another loan as he's shown flashes but lacks composure, but I think the squad we have is good enough to keep us up (unless the next points deduction is even more ridiculous).

Burnley and Sheff Utd are as good as down, Luton are on a flourish, but it won't last, Forest, Brentford and Palace also look pretty abject, so I think we'll have enough to stay up. Just need to start scoring again.

Jeff Armstrong
119 Posted 01/02/2024 at 18:28:24
PF #114,

I'm just waiting for the Arteta money jokes, they crease me up every time. Who knew how funny the same comment would be after 200 posts mentioning it for the last 8 years? It's Daily Mail hilarious!!! 😆

Jim Bennings
120 Posted 01/02/2024 at 18:29:35
Paul @114,

Bit like listening to the constant nonsensical twaddle you come out with, so I'm just trying to equal you yourself. (Smiles like a fuckin' big ginger cat!)

Joe McMahon
121 Posted 01/02/2024 at 18:30:30
Just found out we signed Anders Limpar and Joe Parkinson on the same day. Limpar was £1.6 million.
Danny Baily
122 Posted 01/02/2024 at 18:32:49
Are we really letting Holgate go to a relegation rival? And on loan?
Brent Stephens
123 Posted 01/02/2024 at 18:35:52
Is that rhyming slang, Jim?
Chris James
124 Posted 01/02/2024 at 18:38:49
Danny Baily – given some of Holgate's recent performances, that could be a very shrewd move! Can we also let Keane go to a relegation rival? ;-)
Chris James
125 Posted 01/02/2024 at 18:43:13
Looks like Adam Wharton to Palace – from what I hear that'll be a shrewd deal.

Broja at Fulham could be very decent also.

Otherwise, I'm not seeing much to be excited or worried about so far...

Mike Gaynes
126 Posted 01/02/2024 at 18:55:19
Forest reportedly signing Reyna. That is not good news. The kid has some serious attacking talent and makes them better.
Dave Cashen
127 Posted 01/02/2024 at 18:58:11

I don't think anyone could call your posts unfair. You have you facts spot on.

"Calvert-Lewin has forced some brilliant saves from several goalies" – Yep, you're right and anyone who disputes that will find them still on YouTube.

"We don't play the right type of football" – You can say that again, Stu, but no need to really. Everyone in football knows that.

"He doesn't get the right service" – yep again. Most game he doesn`t get any service at all and has to try to force his own chances.

"He's a great team player, works hard and has good movement" – I'm not sure that`s a fact, but every manager we've had seems to agree with you. Three of them played him knowing full well he was injured.

The only thing I disagree with you on, Stu, is when you claimed he is played as a striker. He isn't. This current team plays without a striker. There is a very clear difference to playing as a target man to get you up the pitch and playing as a striker.

In my 60 years of watching Everton, I have never seen a less creative bunch of players than the ones we have had during the past few seasons, nor have I seen a team so wary of going forward in numbers.

Moise Kean, Tosun, Walcott, Beto, Chermiti, Simms, Gordon, Maupay, Gray, Rondon, King, Ramirez, Niasse – they have all tried and failed to score goals or even hold down a place whilst trying to perform the thankless role of lone striker in a team which routinely offers possession to the opposition.

Even the Brazilian centre-forward struggled get above Calvert-Lewin's average and he suffered nowhere near the same injuries.

I don't blame Dyche for this. He inherited this shit. His task is to steer us to calmer waters and he has to do it by whatever means are at his disposal. I would like to see the fans get fully behind the team without always having to seek out a scapegoat.

Colin Glassar
128 Posted 01/02/2024 at 19:14:05
I remember the good old days when we could find a bargain, or two, in Netto. Now we can't even afford a bottle of cheap plonk for the old wino on Goodison Road.
Mike Connolly
129 Posted 01/02/2024 at 19:14:44
If we get another points deduction, that would confirm us to relegation. we could end up controlling who wins the Premier League and who gets relegated with us.

Put the youngsters out against Arsenal, Man City and whoever is in a favourable position, and put the strongest as possible team out against the Red Shite.

We could just take it easy – the Premier League would not like that. What would we have to lose?

Soren Moyer
130 Posted 01/02/2024 at 19:23:51
Crystal Palace signed Enes Unal from La Liga outfit Getafe for £22M.

Those who follow Spanish football know that he scores some spectacular goals.

Mick O'Malley
131 Posted 01/02/2024 at 19:26:32
Stu Darlington, I completely agree with you, regarding Calvert-Lewin. I can't believe people still defend him.

I don't care about Nunez at the RS, he is a ten times better footballer than Calvert-Lewin will ever be, the lad causes havoc, creates goals…

We all have our own opinions on players and I honestly just think Calvert-Lewin is a bang-average striker.

Kieran Kinsella
132 Posted 01/02/2024 at 19:28:09
Once someone has joined us, what does it matter how much they cost? Presumably if they're good enough they'll play. If they're not, they won't.

I don't understand the "Calvert-Lewin is really good" on one hand, then on the other "he only cost £1.5M so we can't hold him to the same standard as player XYZ."

On that basis, would it have been okay for Coleman to have been crap his whole career because Wan Bissaka cost £40 million and he cost peanuts?

The discussion should be around quality not cost.

Dale Self
133 Posted 01/02/2024 at 19:31:54
Dave 127, we are all too exhausted but in better times we could have a symposium on how it went wrong and stayed wrong for so long.

My current belief is that we experience too many disruptions to the lineup to establish a style of play, position by position. We don't have like-for-like substitutes either which causes additional adjustments. Our pivot player is too young to learn his way through on the fly in the toughest league in the world.

Okay, I'll stop.

Christine Foster
134 Posted 01/02/2024 at 19:35:21
Dave, #127, quite right.

For too many years, we have fashioned a team that are supposedly hard to beat rather than expect to win. The name of the game was Don't Lose; from David Moyes we had "Keep it tight at the back and nick one"

We don't set up to win games because the very good attacking or creative players have been sold for the cash, leaving us with a lower league set of players with only one attribute in their locker: they work hard.

The gulf in class is why we are where we are. We no longer have a team with any semblance of creativity, we can't buy a penalty mainly because we never get players running at the opposition in their box!

We are so used to this work rate mantra that, should any creative player come to Everton, within a season they are condemned for not working hard enough.

Calvert-Lewin, indeed any striker, would struggle at the club because we are setting them up to fail, not setting them up to succeed.

Much is made of chances created, but look who they fall to: Gana, worst shooting ever; Onana, same; Harrison, Danjuma, McNeil... when did any of the above create chances for Calvert-Lewin?

Law of averages dictate it will happen, but not consistently for Calvert-Lewin to score on a regular basis.

What silver we had has been pawned long ago, we have been crippled by greed, incompetence and stupidity. We are left with a pragmatic manager without the means to have aspirations. The saga continues, the cycle needs to be broken, we have been circling the plughole too long.

Duncan McDine
135 Posted 01/02/2024 at 19:36:10
Kieran, the cost of a player's transfer fee and wages matter more than ever.

Because of FFP and PSR, if you don't get much bang for your buck from your players, you'll end up in the shit.

Evertonians should surely understand this more than anyone.

Jason Hewly
136 Posted 01/02/2024 at 19:41:36
Because the Financial Fair Play rules are there to protect the sport of football, I expect us to sign Grealish for £120M, Saint Virgil for £65M, and Carlos Kickaball for £67M.
Kieran Kinsella
137 Posted 01/02/2024 at 19:41:42

I understand that on the front end; what I am referring to is the notion of defending a player's performance based on the fact he didn't cost much.

Rooney was homegrown and cost us nothing. Nobody told him he could take his foot off the gas. If a player is good, or bad he is good or bad. He's not both good but "if he is actually bad, that is okay cause he is cheap."

Duncan McDine
138 Posted 01/02/2024 at 19:47:29
I do agree Kieran, and tbh wages can often eclipse the transfer fee anyway – and I'm pretty certain that Dom will be in the higher tax bracket!

I'm hanging on to the hope that, once he gets a goal, we'll see a few more. He still looks like the best of a bad bunch in terms of striking options.

Mike Gwyer
139 Posted 01/02/2024 at 20:02:19
Dave Cashen #127,

Totally agree. Calvert-Lewin is all that this great club has and Evertonians must support him. Yes, he isolated, game after game, but the boy puts in a shift, works the centre-backs and holds up the ball really well. At Fulham, he had two markers most of the game, Luton man-marked him and, at any dead ball kicks, just fouled him. Constantly.

It will change for him, the goals will definitely come, hopefully starting this Saturday. But going forward, this boy is all we have and we must support him.


Danny O’Neill
140 Posted 01/02/2024 at 20:05:20
I appreciate football is opinion-based but, in my opinion, if you watch Dominic, he is doing his best in a poor-performing team and club.

It isn't his fault and he can't sort it out on his own.

Looking at some of the comments, is he becoming Tom Davies Mk 2?

I'm more concerned as to how those Evertonians who don't live in the Merseyside region will get to Goodison and home on Saturday.

Soren Moyer
141 Posted 01/02/2024 at 20:07:39
If we somehow sort Dele's injury, he'd be like a new signing for us. Literally!
Iain Crawford
142 Posted 01/02/2024 at 20:16:49
With regard to Calvert-Lewin, he definitely needs support, from fans and his teammates. I think he has been hampered by our defensive set up. McNeil and Harrison are both good players but are not attacking wingers, more like wide midfielders in our team.

Yes, they have a license to attack but most of the time are involved with midfield duties. I think if we had more pace, even on one wing, to get behind defences and whip more dangerous crosses in low and head height, Calvert-Lewin would benefit greatly. Danjuma, with better decision-making from him, I feel should be starting matches to give us this threat.

Even Demarai Gray, who had his failings, would create more opportunities for Calvert-Lewin than he is currently getting. We're missing this type of winger.

I have been hoping to see more cameos from Dobbin as he looked sharp for the U21s, but Dyche obviously doesn't fully trust his defensive side. It's a shame we couldn't get this type of player in on loan.

Alternatively, Calvert-Lewin seems to play better in combination with Doucoure, and since that combo has been sidelined, our set-up looks more ineffective from an attacking point of view. So good news that Doucoure is back on the grass, maybe a week or two away hopefully.

Andy Meighan
143 Posted 01/02/2024 at 20:19:12
I'm sick of the excuses for Calvert-Lewin – they're coming out with their hats and coats on now.

The truth is he hasn't scored for 16 games and, for any striker at any level, that is an absolute disgrace.

He missed a couple of decent chances on Tuesday and an absolute sitter against Villa plus there's been countless other chances in them games as well.

The truth is, the lad just isn't that good a footballer and I never feel confident when he is presented with a chance.

That said, Doucoure apart, the goal return from our midfield is abysmal, What is it… Gueye 1 league goal; McNeil is it 3? Harrison 2; Garner 1; Onana 1.

Abysmal. I'd love to know what they're doing at Finch Farm but it sure isn't learning to hit the net.

Sean Kelly
144 Posted 01/02/2024 at 20:22:50
Kieran @ 132, spot on, lad.

We bought Calvert-Lewin at that money so we could develop him into a top striker. That hasn't proven to be the case imo.

Seamus was bought for £60k and a pack of fags but turned out to be a shrewd piece of business.

We paid silly money for Beto but that hasn't worked out either. It's a matter of taking a punt. Regardless of what we pay for players, we expect more than just graft.

If graft was the only criterion then both me and you would burst our tripe to play for Everton. I'm well into my 60s but bursting my tripe wouldn't be enough, just like Calvert-Lewin and a few others.

Dale Self
145 Posted 01/02/2024 at 20:23:47
To some extent, it is our limited chances and our desperation that highlights Calvert-Lewin's underperformance.

I'm not making excuses for a few of those misses but overall, if we had other contributors, it would be tolerable.

Kieran Kinsella
146 Posted 01/02/2024 at 20:30:18

"Looking at some of the comments, is he becoming Tom Davies Mk 2?"

He's not that bad!!

George Cumiskey
147 Posted 01/02/2024 at 20:31:04
Christine Foster, spot on again. 👌
Ray Said
148 Posted 01/02/2024 at 20:47:15
Calvert-Lewin does always put a full shift in. It looks like he has been instructed to do the target man role when all the evidence is that his most successful and productive spell was when Ancellotti instructed him to not be the target man but to be more 'fox in the box' and finish things off.

Based on their records, I think Ancelotti knows more than Dyche and it's a great shame that our attack isn't solely focussed around getting the best from Calvert-Lewin.

Buying just one player who can beat a defender and hit a decent cross would change the whole situation. We use wide men who are selected for their ability to track back and cover rather than break forward and cross. Until that changes, we will waste Calvert-Lewin's strengths.

Pat Kelly
149 Posted 01/02/2024 at 20:48:24
Dyche won't bring anyone in till the last minute. He's just playing with us. Isn't he??
Dan Nulty
150 Posted 01/02/2024 at 20:56:31
Most pointless page on ToffeeWeb?
Andrew Bentley
151 Posted 01/02/2024 at 20:57:24
Ray, it's more than just being a fox in the box vs a target man. Under Ancelotti, Calvert-Lewin was feeding off balls from James, Sigurdsson, Digne and Coleman.

Under Dyche, Calvert-Lewin is not getting anywhere near the service that he did under Ancelotti.

Christy Ring
152 Posted 01/02/2024 at 21:02:12
The difference with Dom under Carlo, he stayed in the middle, James and Richarlison provided the crosses.

Under Sean, he plays the channels himself, with no crosses from Harrison and McNeil who are more like wingbacks.

Andy Crooks
153 Posted 01/02/2024 at 21:02:13
Sean @144, we won the lottery with Seamus. We have been out of luck since and luck plays a huge part.

The club followed the Viv Nicholson model... with the astuteness.

Christine Foster
154 Posted 01/02/2024 at 21:03:33
We are where we are, but the spiral has to be broken; gambles have to taken, we cannot keep relying on corners or on expected conversion of chances. Someone has to do it. The name of the game is the onion bag, nothing else. Who has it in their locker?

Calvert-Lewin – yes, given the right quality and quantity of service, he has shown he can do it with the right service. Confidence must be in a bucket.

Dobbin? Possibly worth the go, can finish, is a threat.

Doucoure is one of those players who just ends up in the right place at the right time.

Chermiti? Haven't seen enough to make a call but at some point we need to.

Beto? Actually a physical target man suited to the way we are currently set up but bang average in front of goal.

We need creativity, a Sigurdsson, a Dele, a Barkley – because Onana isn't it. Break the cycle!

Pat Kelly
155 Posted 01/02/2024 at 21:04:12
We’ve signed a striker from Nebraska Huskers.

I didn’t catch her name.

Billy Shears
156 Posted 01/02/2024 at 21:06:39
If we do get a loan signing in... he will probably be fucking injured already!
Stu Darlington
157 Posted 01/02/2024 at 21:08:37
Mick @131,

Thanks for the support, Mick. I thought I was going to die of loneliness! Not surprised though!

I'm just glad all these people telling us the important thing is to get behind the team, which I agree with and always do –I've never booed an Everton team in my life) never get on Michael Keane's back, nor Pickford's when he makes a mistake, nor on Youngs when he has a poor game.

Some on here slated McNeil when he first came: he was too slow, one-footed etc, etc. Good to see the Everton crowd are not fickle. To me, no player is above positive criticism, but some players are more above than others, it would seem.

Pat Kelly
158 Posted 01/02/2024 at 21:14:39
Another one out. Rabinowitz on loan to Forest.
Kieran Kinsella
159 Posted 01/02/2024 at 21:21:42
I'm glad if we sign no one. We're overloaded with deadwood as it is. Anyone else coming in would just add to that fire hazard.
Bobby Mallon
160 Posted 01/02/2024 at 21:25:05
Christine 134, I'm sorry but that's just not true.

Why did Ancelloti get a massive tune out of the team he had? When we beat Liverpool who had Mane Salah and Firmino up front, we had a back 5 of Godfrey, Keane, Holgate, Digne and Coleman. Midfield of Davies, Doucouré and Gomes, Richarlison and James up front.

We would never win at their swith our team now because our manager is not good enough. It's not the players all the time.

Ian Edwards
161 Posted 01/02/2024 at 21:27:12
Bobby 160. If Ancelotti got a massive tune then it was tone deaf.
Ben King
162 Posted 01/02/2024 at 21:27:27
Very difficult to understand the current state of play

If we’re as skint as everyone believes then what will happen in the summer when so many players are either out of contract or in the final year of their contract?

Also, IF we get our points back and replaced with a transfer ban then we’re potentially even more screwed: our squad is skinny as it is and Harrison & Danjuma return to parent clubs. A bunch of players are in the final year of their contract eg Gomes, Dele (admittedly neither have done much this season) and loads of players are in the final year.

I worry for the short term, the medium term and indeed for the long term. What the heck has Moshiri done to our club (aided and abetted by you know who)

Sad times

Bobby Mallon
163 Posted 01/02/2024 at 21:36:06
Ian he did. You just gave a beef with him as you do most of our managers one minute your for them the next your not
Joe McMahon
164 Posted 01/02/2024 at 21:37:03
Bobby@160, Burnley won at Anfield that very same season in January and Dyche was manager. So he was good enough with a worse squad.

Brendan McLaughlin
165 Posted 01/02/2024 at 21:38:05
Ben #162

Moshiri didn't need any help to bring us to this point but to address your specific concerns...we need to start finding decent players at affordable prices and reasonable wages.

Not easy but not impossible either.

Robert Tressell
166 Posted 01/02/2024 at 21:43:09
I don't think people understand what has happened to the club financially since June 2020.

At that point we ceased to compete as a Premier League club.

It is extraordinary that we stayed up the past 2 seasons.it is extraordinary that a club that stopped spending 3.5 years ago and has a 10 point deduction is not already doomed.

I just wish Dyche had a few quid to spend to compete with the ikes of Bournemouth and Palace for players. We'd see improved football and more goals.

Ben King
167 Posted 01/02/2024 at 21:51:12
Brendan #165

Agree. But a transfer ban would scupper ALL incomings

Neil Copeland
168 Posted 01/02/2024 at 21:58:13
Maybe Everton already know what the outcome of our appeal will be and are confident of survival with the current squad. Better to spend in the summer if so.
Raymond Fox
169 Posted 01/02/2024 at 21:59:52
Other teams at the bottom with us have managed to sign players, but theres no signs yet for us.

On a bright note there are only the top 3 teams who have conceeded less goals than us.
Yeah I know, but we cant score.

We cant seem to get a break anywhere, it seems like if we get bad decision given against us or they ignore blatent fours on us by the opposition, they just say its only Everton who cares.

I wont be at all suprised if after this appeal they turn around and say we think 10pt is the correct deduction.

Everything else has gone pear shaped for years now, mostly caused by incompetence by management and experts paid plenty to find the right players.

Dave Cashen
170 Posted 01/02/2024 at 22:10:28

The price tag doesnt matter ? I cant agree

750m on players. Some of whom couldn't even get a game and most of whom escaped the wrath of the angry mob. They gave us nothing. We'll survive without them

We spent less than 5m on Harrison, Danjuma, Young, Gueye, Tarkowski, Calvert-Lewin and Seamus. Some of these players have taken dogs abuse, Yet they give us everything and they are the reason we will survive.

I dont think you can say the price tag doesn't matter without giving expensive under- performing mercenary's the freedom to take the piss.

Sam Hoare
171 Posted 01/02/2024 at 22:15:02
A very quiet window! But we had been warned.

It’s all down to Dyche now and our appeal team. One way or another I’m optimistic that if we can stay up and secure new owners that next season will be brighter. Decent chance we sell one or both of Onana or Branthwaite but I think Thelwell and his team have proved to be decent evaluators of talents and value; especially when you look at some of the players that we have chased but been unable to secure.

This summer we will be almost rid of the costly mistakes made mostly under Brands and with a significantly reduced wage bill and healthier looking PSR standpoint plus a new stadium almost built.

It’s grim now but the future will be brighter! I think.

Mal van Schaick
172 Posted 01/02/2024 at 22:16:46
Good point Neil#168. Even if we get a few points back on appeal, and squeeze a few results out during the remainder of the season to survive, then we can perhaps spend in the summer window.
Ed Prytherch
173 Posted 01/02/2024 at 22:28:54
The biggest obstacle to us signing payers is the interest payments on massive debt. That debt has to be significantly reduced before we can start trading players.
Colin Glassar
174 Posted 01/02/2024 at 22:28:59
Has anything happened since I was last on (around 7pm)?
Sam Hoare
175 Posted 01/02/2024 at 22:32:05
Ed@173, the first thing any sensible owner would do is to restructure our debt more sensibly. Easier to do if it’s 777 as a decent portion of our debt is now to them!
Tom Bowers
176 Posted 01/02/2024 at 22:49:49
Hard to believe the only move is Holgate back out on loan. I didn't realize he was still with us.

Glad we didn't try to bring Phillips in on loan. Very over-rated as City found out and should never have been in the England squad.

So I guess there was nothing out there that would have improved our squad unless all of the inquiries fell on deaf ears due to our predicament.

Robert Tressell
177 Posted 01/02/2024 at 22:57:18
Good post Sam # 171. We were never going to get new players. But with hard work and good organisation we don't need them.And once weve worked our way out of this mess we can start to be a very good team again.
Chris James
179 Posted 01/02/2024 at 23:03:27
I know people are frustrated by other clubs making some signings, but who's moved (or possibly available) that would've added something really?

Out of those who've moved, I'd only really have been up for Wharton or Broja.

Lester Yip
180 Posted 01/02/2024 at 23:08:01
So it's time to trust in our youngsters if injuries happen.
Mike Doyle
181 Posted 01/02/2024 at 23:24:32
Let’s be honest- hardly anything has happened today. All clubs in the EPL have been playing it down (except Forest who will probably sign a few more before midnight). Sky must be fuming 😡
Neil Tyrrell
182 Posted 01/02/2024 at 23:26:49
Not selling anyone was the best we could realistically hope for today
Si Cooper
183 Posted 01/02/2024 at 23:36:08
Chris, not interested in Brereton Díaz? Scored a really nice goal the other day.
Mark Taylor
184 Posted 02/02/2024 at 00:33:29
What Neil 182 said.

That's the size of it. We are skint, if not worse than that. Moving along Dele and Gomes at the end of the season at least gives us decent scope for free's and loans.

If we're still in business.

Si Cooper
185 Posted 02/02/2024 at 01:02:57
John (185),

I'm not sure Forest's current ‘splurge' will be under scrutiny until after their first (and our second) transgression has been through the process. The spending has to actually be part of an overall deficit that triggers a sanction before it will attract more than a passing glance.

The message from our case seems clear; there is no point trying to do better unless you actually succeed in getting back under the limit.

Forest may still be able to balance their books for 23-24 if they act quick enough at the end of the season and they may even try extending their current argument that a club needs to be given the whole of a transfer window to recoup losses if they are not to be disadvantaged by having to sell too early in the window.

Don Alexander
186 Posted 02/02/2024 at 02:02:50
Haven't read the entire thread but the near total absence of significant deals in comparison to every previous January window tells me loud and clear that the inordinately excessive penalty inflicted on us for the bumbling mis-management of Kenwright and Moshiri has resonated big time with every other club — every other club having skeletons in their accountancy closet as far as I'm concerned.

That said, they all seem to have had an accountant working for them who's way better than our Kenwright-worshipped £billionaire puppet maestro accountant who's so horribly screwed us for seasons to come.

For years we've been "organised from within" by people seemingly dedicated to reducing us to emulating the likes of Sunderland, Bolton Wanderers, Derby County and Coventry City, all having had new state-of-the-art stadiums that did absolutely nothing to halt their serious unabated decline.

I regret to say I believe this season, had he lived longer, would also have been described as another "good-time" in comparison to what's going to happen to us all in the immediate future on account of his endless self-serving selfishness.

You know who I mean.

Ernie Baywood
187 Posted 02/02/2024 at 04:47:45
First transfer window I've completely disregarded.

It's pretty clear that scapegoating is has worked and scared everyone off.

Benjamin Dyke
188 Posted 02/02/2024 at 06:42:15
The PL should be ashamed of what they've done and hitting them in the pockets is the only language they understand - money.

I don't believe justice will be done in our case at all but at least this lowest spending window for over 10 years should knock Masters et al down a peg or two... Premier League — best in the world at what? Injustice and corruption?

Danny O’Neill
189 Posted 02/02/2024 at 06:47:20
Agree with that Ernie,

I kept a curious eye on it and couldn't help note that most activity seemed to be loans of frees. But like you, I didn't pay much attention as I didn't expect Everton to do anything.

We go with what we've got.

Paul Ferry
190 Posted 02/02/2024 at 07:21:51
Jim Bennings 120 - bit of advice lad, stick to what you're good at, a constant cycle of doom and gloom with not a word of cheeriness - someone who never celebrates goals on the LF but will jump in at any misguided opportunity with misguided information to lambast and lampoon our club. Nonsensical.

Dear God, do you have a mirror in your bedsit.

Everton do not need "supporters" like you who never go the match and spout misery at every opportunity.

Chris James
191 Posted 02/02/2024 at 07:53:54
Si - RE: Brereton, that's a fair point, yeah he would also have been an asset. We were looking at him earlier apparently, but obviously couldn't get the deal to work with the outlay needed, same with Wharton.
Broja for £4M transfer fee would've been worth a pop also.
Tony Abrahams
192 Posted 02/02/2024 at 08:08:41
I think if Kenwright would have got his way and moved Everton Football Club to Kirkby, Don, then we would have died a very slow painful death.

But the vote was transparent? And a lot of Evertonians, voted for a stadium faraway from the city, which makes me question how many Evertonians, truly understand our club? (If the vote wasn't rigged)

Times are hard but one of the loyalist fan bases in the country have continued to stand the test of time so hopefully there is a big trampoline at the bottom of the well, and with the geography of Bramley-Moore, dictating we are soon going to be turning into the city team once again, we have got to keep singing - and believing- That We shall not be moved!

Mal van Schaick
193 Posted 02/02/2024 at 09:00:07
It's done with. We have to crack on and get points in the bag staring with beating Spurs on Saturday.

We have enough in this squad, as proven with the points that we all ready accrued, to stay in this league.

Martin Farrington
194 Posted 02/02/2024 at 09:33:10
Thelwell said no one was coming in.

Unless the saviour on a pilgrimage to Kenwright's mausoleum declared a lame left leg, and then we'd snap him up.

Bang on, Christine @154.

I'm looking forward to seeing our subs bench with only goalkeepers.

Dave Abrahams
195 Posted 02/02/2024 at 09:51:41
I honestly thought we would bring at least one player in, did Danjuma's injury spoil that?

Nevertheless, I never waited up last night to see the outcome of the transfer window, disappointed but not really surprised.

I think Dyche has got to seriously think about including Michael Keane in the squad as a striker. We've seen the others and only Dobbin looks good enough to play with Calvert-Lewin.

With such a small squad, every outlook must be looked at. Keane is good enough to help out, even as a sub, he most definitely couldn't possibly do any worse than those who have tried but failed miserably, imo.

Ernie Baywood
196 Posted 02/02/2024 at 09:55:03
Just looking at the inactivity across the league.

The Premier League generated money, then started signing global stars, then generated more money selling rights overseas, then signed more global stars, and so on.

Clubs borrowed and borrowed against ever increasing club values. The bubble expanded to the point where any lack of growth in revenue would take down pretty much any club in the league.

So what now? This is a sudden shock to the system. The Premier League might have taken themselves down.

Obviously it's just a shame that we had to be the one to be the example.

David West
197 Posted 02/02/2024 at 09:58:48
Sam 171. Things should start looking up if the Premier League give 777 Partners the green light, and we stay up, which I believe this squad can, barring an injury crisis.

The summer window is going to be key. This squad is going to need a lot.

Tarkowski, Gana, Doucouré, Coleman, Young are all aging.
Harrison and Danjuma will likely go.

Long-term players left in the squad are: Pickford, Branthwaite, Garner, Onana, McNeil, Calvert-Lewin & Beto (jury still out).

We can't expect to survive again without investment.
As you say, Sam, I believe Thelwell could do a good job considering how he's managing with zero to spend.

He's going to have decisions to make. I can see Branthwaite and Onana being sold to finance a rebuild, which I am okay with, as long as we get the top prices and it's not swallowed up for debts.

Surely there's at least £100M for Branthwaite and Onana?

Mark Murphy
198 Posted 02/02/2024 at 10:54:53
Tony, I realise I'm bearing my woolly throat here but the only Robles I had with destination Kirby were the Tesco connection and the plazzy Ricoh copykit stadium that we were being “promised”. I had no idea that Kirby wasn't part of Liverpool until recently and thought the ease of access and egress via the east Lancs and M62 made sense.

True, I much preferred the Kings Dock vision and I'm delighted with Bramley Moore, but it wasn't the location of the Tescodrome that bothered me one iota. I fully understand that my opinion is diluted by my WA9 postcode but I'm sure the blues of Kirby, Knowsley and Huyton, whether they be scouse or not (again, news to me) we're happy with the location - just not the package.

Kevin Molloy
199 Posted 02/02/2024 at 11:13:11
Well, we must be in a slightly stronger position than we feared.

I really did think we'd be forced to sell one of the good players yesterday; that we have held onto them bodes well.

Sam Hoare
200 Posted 02/02/2024 at 11:14:11
David @198,

Yes, I think this summer (as ever) will be a big one, with a real squad rebuild needed. If we are still in the Premier League and have secured new owners, then I'm optimistic it could be a good one.

Branthwaite and Onana are both young with time left on their contracts so I would be surprised to see either of them leave for less than £60M, possibly more if they end the season well. I also think we'll sell one of them but hopefully not both of them.

Crucially our wage bill is much reduced and our low net spend over the last few years means we have lots more wiggle room within PSR.

I'd expect Tarkowski, Doucouré and Gueye to still feature heavily and it will be interesting to see if we pursue Harrison. I'm not his biggest fan but Dyche loves him; it will depend on price you'd think (he's 27 now and we've shown the danger in spending significantly on players with little resale value).

The whole right side could use strengthening as Patterson does not seem to be improving much so right-back and right-midfield will probably be the priorities as well as centre-midfield where we have been exposed recently.

I think Beto will improve and hope Calvert-Lewin will rediscover his shooting boots at some point.

We actually have a pretty decent starting XI (bar right-back) but it's the squad that needs bulking out. Spending £300k per week on Alli, Gomes and Keane has been a criminal waste.

I have much more faith in our scouts and DoF thsa I had a few years back.

Danny O’Neill
201 Posted 02/02/2024 at 11:38:32
An interesting debate that I have been outspoken about for decades, not just over Everton.

Tell Leighton Baines & Phil Thompson (Kirkby), they're not scousers. Carragher from Bootle, not in the city of Liverpool.

Reid, Hibbert and Stevie Ge from Huyton. Not in the city of Liverpool.

Steve McMahon from Halewood, where our training ground is. Not in the city of Liverpool

I've always maintained that we need to embrace the Greater Liverpool concept, joining the Liverpool city with Knowsley, and the southern part of Sefton.

I am pleased with the stadium. It took about 30 years since me and my mates were talking about regenerating Goodison. I wasn't particularly keen on Kirkby, but wrote to the club about the possibility of the site of the old airport at Speke.

Plenty of land, inside the city boundaries, motorway connections, South Parkway and Hunts Cross train stations as well as an airport.

But I'm happy with Bramley-Moore Dock. Despite being a "south sider", I know our roots are in the north of the city!! I get told enough!

Stephen Davies
202 Posted 02/02/2024 at 11:47:15
Indeed Danny.

I'm sure Rex Harrison (born Huyton with Roby) would be devastated that he wasn't a 'proper' Scouser.

(Maybe he was an improper one!)

David West
203 Posted 02/02/2024 at 11:47:15
Sam. I fear both will be sold. I'd hope of the 2, that Branthwaite would stay, we'd get even more for him after another season of progression.

I think Onana will be off once a solid bid from a decent club comes in, yet Jarrad may just see a starting berth, and being a regular starter as a better option at this time. The lad's got so much potential, does he walk into an Arsenal, Man City, Spurs or Chelsea side right now? Or would it stunt his progress?

I don't mind Harrison, I did expect a bit more from him, but the Leeds team played a different game and was probably more suited to his style.

Doucouré, Gana & Tarkowski will still offer something but you only have to see the matches Doucouré and Coleman has missed through injuries to see time catching up.

I hope they have a plan, We need a striker, centre-midfielder, right-back x2, left-back, right-winger, left-winger, centre-back.

The fact we have got so many points with this bare sqaud (without the points deduction) is a testament to the job Dyche has done.

Geoff Lambert
204 Posted 02/02/2024 at 11:59:17
Stu #97,

I will have to retract my comment about the donkey, the old donkey preservation society have made a complaint that it's unfair on their donkeys. He said if one of them just stood in the opposition box, at least one attempt would go in off their arse in 16 games.

Bobby Mallon
205 Posted 02/02/2024 at 16:44:14
Danny 202: spot on.
Jay Harris
206 Posted 02/02/2024 at 16:55:28
If and when we get any new recruits, they need to score goals— whatever position they play.

Our recruitment of non-scoring players has been abysmal over the last 10 years.

James Hughes
207 Posted 02/02/2024 at 17:13:07
Jay. That is a very sad statement but very, very true.

In the 32 years the Premier League has been in existence, we have only four players who have surpassed 50 goals during their time with Everton. One being the much-maligned Calvert-Lewin.

We even ruined Yakubu, who at the time of signing had a better goal-per-minute ratio than Tierry Henry.

Jay Harris
208 Posted 02/02/2024 at 17:25:52
It's not just forwards, James. We used to get goals from midfield and full-backs and centre-backs but we couldn't score in a brothel these days.
John Chambers
209 Posted 02/02/2024 at 17:40:37
James, to be fair, I think Yakubu rupturing his Achilles had a lot to do with his decline.

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