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Sean Dyche has hailed a great performance from his team and the vociferous Goodison Park support for this evening's stunning Merseyside derby win that sent shockwaves through the title race and took Everton to the brink of top-flight survival.

A season that has been wracked by unending uncertainty around the future ownership of the Club, two points deductions, and a Club-record winless run in the Premier League era has featured few highlights but on a pulsating evening under the lights, the Blues defied the odds and delivered a result for the ages

Goals in either half from Jarrad Branthwaite and Dominic Calvert-Lewin, the latter described by Dyche as "outstanding" but both imperious on the night like a number of Everton players, condemned Liverpool to a 2-0 defeat that pushed the Toffees eight points clear of the bottom three with four games to play and might well have ended Jürgen Klopp's dream of signing off as the reds' manager with the Championship.

Given the wildly differing resources, quality and fortunes of the two teams, it was a wholly unexpected result that completed the complete turnaround by Dyche's men from that horrendous 6-0 defeat to Chelsea nine days ago. In between, a competent 2-0 win over their rivals to avoid relegation, Nottingham Forest, represented a huge step towards safety but this massive derby victory virtually completed the job.

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“To give the people that, it’s pleasing for all of us," Dyche said afterwards. "A few weeks ago, people were saying: ‘Do they care?’ They care. We care. There are no two ways about that, and I think we made that clear as a collective.

“Another clean sheet, as well, so I’m pleased with that. A couple of really big saves from Jordan. We get a little bit lucky with the one that hits the inside of the post, but we’ve created enough chances ourselves.

“The energy of the side, the commitment to the cause, and the shape were all in place, and they have to when you play some of these sides. I thought the general performance was very good, and the reward is a big result against our local rivals.

“I said it was a game for the people,” the manager continued. “I don’t understand the depth of these derbies because I’m not from here, but I’m learning quickly about what it’s like, and that one is for the people, and certainly one for the Evertonians, without a shadow of a doubt.

“The Toffees, I asked them to rise, and they are doing that. Their voice was incredible. The noise was incredible, and the reaction to the performance was incredible, so we’re very pleased with that.

“[The fans] have been brilliant. Obviously, we got heavily questioned after the result at Chelsea, and rightly so. We all hold our hands up, but all I asked was to keep their noses pointing in the right direction – all of us, and they have done.

“They stood by us on Sunday, and we rewarded that with a good performance and a win. They stood by us again tonight and made it such an awkward place for Liverpool to come.”


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Lee Courtliff
1 Posted 25/04/2024 at 07:58:10
Real Dogs of War stuff last night, it reminded me of Joe Royle's first game all those many years ago.

How this team could go 4 months without winning a League then win 3/4 with a 6-0 defeat thrown in for good measure, just shows you how amazing football really is.

Dyche deserves criticism for that awful run (and the continued selection of Young) but he certainly deserves praise too, especially for last night.

I'm no fan but credit where it's due, and a big well done to everyone involved last night.

Steve Brown
5 Posted 25/04/2024 at 08:54:36
I said we should build Dyche a statue if he keeps us up in this season. I stick to that.

The Owner has left the building, board departed, players sold, no investment in a weak squad, our debt position exposed, 2 PSR charges and 1 appeals commissions completed (1 pending), 8 points deducted, takeover in limbo, administration looming if relegated. But he has led us to relative safety with 4 games left.

Has a manager ever taken a job under such circumstances and done better? Love or hate him in terms of management style or footballing tactics, he was the right manager at the right club at the right time.

Like many, I liked Dyche 1 up to mid-December and Dyche 2 from that point to 2 weeks ago has frustrated me. But he deserves credit where it is due.

Jerome Shields
6 Posted 25/04/2024 at 09:15:47
It is not just the people. It is the club. The club is the people – that is something those that run the club have lost track of for years, hence the Horlicks the club is now in.

Evertonians have done more to try to keep the club on track than those who run it.

Dean Williams
7 Posted 25/04/2024 at 10:43:50
Where has that been for most of the season???

These questions need asking and answering.

Mark Ryan
8 Posted 25/04/2024 at 11:17:18
It's a great shame that we cannot do that, week-in & week-out.

I have found Dyche very frustrating but credit to him for what he has achieved. Frustrating but it's worked. Well done, that man!

Peter Hodgson
9 Posted 25/04/2024 at 11:29:07
That performance, together with beating Forest, has implications for you, Sean!

Your wardrobe has to change permanently to reflect the new you. No more suits and ties. Oh no. Only tracksuits from now on, so get yourself down to JD Sports and get kitted out, there's a good chap. You know it makes sense.

Oh by the way. Well done. That should bugger the RS for the title and almost ensure our safety.

nb: There are other sportswear retailers other than JD Sports to choose from.

Anthony Hawkins
11 Posted 25/04/2024 at 12:12:23
That was a great performance. I was surprised with both the performance and the result. Yes, it was a derby game but a totally different team turned up. Like others, I want to know where this team has been hiding for half the season. Has the points deductions affected the players that much?

Our Premier League status is now all but assured. Mathematically, Luton could finish on 37 points and Burnley on 35 points but I can't see that happening.

If we beat Luton on 3 May, that's our status guaranteed. Equally, the team still has a job to do.

Kevin Molloy
12 Posted 25/04/2024 at 12:29:28
He is one tough bastard, I'll give him that.
Mike Hayes
13 Posted 25/04/2024 at 12:38:33
Dyche has deserved the stick for the games we've played shite but gets the credit for seeing that performance pull the wheels off their title race bus and give Klipperty a good blue kick up the arse to leave with.

Let's have performances like that until the end of the season and we could win all four games – what a finish that would be! 🥳💙

Graham Mockford
14 Posted 25/04/2024 at 12:41:35
Whilst we haven't got a pot to piss in, he's definitely the right guy.

41 points from 34 games with this squad is a decent return. He will always keep his sides honest.

However, this relegation fight will turn into Groundhog Day and, sooner or later, we'll go down unless there is a fundamental change in the operating model of the club.

And I'm not sure Dyche is the man to be part of that change.

Tom Bowers
15 Posted 25/04/2024 at 12:46:05
Let's not get too carried away. The 3 points was worth 10 as it was a derby match and we all have suffered many unfortunate defeats in these games.

The midfield was behind the eight-ball most of the time but stuck to their guns admirably. It proves that without goals possession means diddly.

We need 4 points from four games and the Brentford game will be tough but they are playing better. Having said that, they are safe and have little to play for.

I think now many naysayers will now admit Pickford is just a tremendous keeper.

Anthony Hawkins
17 Posted 25/04/2024 at 12:50:29
@Tom #15.

We only need Luton to lose a game and us draw to remain safe - unless we take some absolute hammerings.

Yes, that's 4 points variation but it's not all incumbent on our results.

Mike Hayes
18 Posted 25/04/2024 at 13:30:49
Graham Mockford,

I'm no expert but I'm not sure if Dyche is the right man. He's shown his stubbornness with persisting with Young and Calvert-Lewin when off form, he won't make substitutions at the right time either.

With quite a few players out of contract, I hope Thelwell is looking at the lower leagues for some workhorses who would be chomping at the bit to play in the Premier League.

Moyes had a room full of players he was after – has Thelwell got the same sort of thing? Can he get good quality lower league or European etc players in to fit?

All remains to be seen given we haven't a pot to piss in as yet.

James Hughes
19 Posted 25/04/2024 at 13:55:06
Mike Hayes, you are correct, you are no expert.

I am not a big fan fan of Dyche but what he has achieved is nothing short of amazing.

We will still have nothing to spend this summer either so we will endure more dire football next season as well.

[TW is doing its usual now where, 10 seconds after you type, the words appear… ]

Brent Stephens
20 Posted 25/04/2024 at 13:58:10
My sense is that, to balance the books and keep within PSR (still eying us suspiciously next season), we'll have to sell a couple of players including Branthwaite, and we'll also start next season with several contracts running out and not being renewed – so a slimmed-down squad.

And the possibility (probability) of a further points reduction re the new stadium interest issue. If we get rid of Dyche, that will cost us again. I can't see us attracting any big name in the circumstances. All-in-all, it looks like being Dyche to the end of his contract.

Robert Tressell
21 Posted 25/04/2024 at 14:15:44
Mike # 18.

Wow – still no credit to Dyche in the circumstances. Dyche, like all managers, is not perfect by any stretch – but you can't surely ignore that he inherited perennial relegation strugglers, the financial mess, the points deductions etc.

This would have absolutely broken most clubs and it's astonishing that we are now almost certainly safe with 4 games to go, despite being hit with an 8-point deduction.

I think you are missing the point if you think our situation is down to, say, the timing of subbing Calvert-Lewin for Beto in a few games – or picking Godfrey ahead of Coleman at right-back.

Anthony Hawkins
22 Posted 25/04/2024 at 14:25:30
With the additional 8 points, we would be having a different discussion about the state of the club and about Dyche.
Mike Hayes
23 Posted 25/04/2024 at 15:02:59
Even with the 8-point deduction, the conversation regarding Dyche and the state of the club wouldn't be much different, we'd be in a better position in the Premier League.

I think the last two wins – especially that great one against the RS – were more down to the players' embarrassing defeat to Chelsea –there was no need to play like that and get hammered.

Dyche wants the praise when we win but blames everyone else when we lose – can't have that!!

Michael Bennet
24 Posted 25/04/2024 at 15:30:48
Mike Hayes... who should we try and get — Klopp or Pep?

Go and give ya head a wobble, fella.

Mike Gaynes
25 Posted 25/04/2024 at 15:46:16
Mike #23, that is just ridiculous.

I have never heard Dyche blame anybody for a loss or take the credit for a victory.

Hate on Dyche if you want to, but don't make stuff up to justify it.

Brian Williams
26 Posted 25/04/2024 at 15:53:34
Mike #23,

Rubbish that, mate, sorry.

Christopher Timmins
27 Posted 25/04/2024 at 16:29:02
There isn't a manger in the Premier League who is down the tunnel as quickly as our one is after a win. No milking it, it's straight on to the next game.

Some managers may bask in the limelight but not our one!

Rob Jones
28 Posted 25/04/2024 at 16:45:36
I am fucking baffled. We've just won our first home derby in 14 years, we're all but safe with games to spare, and we're having this fucking conversation again? Can't we enjoy the win for one day, without this crap starting again?

Who else is getting this level of performance from this squad? How are improving the squad, short-term, with no money, little-to-no leeway on PSR?

How are we improving the squad if we're forced to spend what precious little money and leeway we have on jettisoning a manager (and his staff) who's done more with this squad than his two immediate predecessors, with a worse squad?


Will Mabon
29 Posted 25/04/2024 at 17:07:01

I think all else being equal, all other difficult peripheral factors the same, one tends to question where any of this level of performance has been or was during the long, turgid record-breaking run of no wins; much of it against lesser opposition and at home.

When we have little to no options as you say, then training, tactics and team spirit are all we have. We saw it last night and we saw the sequence of four wins.

I think it's fair for some to ask whether it's been a little rarer than it perhaps should've been. Takes nothing away from last night.

Ian Riley
32 Posted 25/04/2024 at 17:14:21
Sorry, I'm missing something here? We have collected 6 points and beat a team playing for the Premier League title.

I said last August, staying a Premier League club come 1 June is success. If this happens, job done. Expectations and reality can be a problem.

Entering the new stadium with a Premier League flag flying is a must! Dyche's job will get tougher next season. We must stick together and get behind our manager.

Paul Birmingham
33 Posted 25/04/2024 at 17:19:14
One of the finest nights for years. Everton showed what it means to be a Blue. Mr Ed put in his place, the World has seen and judged him.

"Hit the road, Klopp, you ain't coming back, no more, no more, no more, no more, you lost the title, again at Everton,"


Rob Jones
34 Posted 25/04/2024 at 17:21:50
Lesser opposition?

I will, go back and look at the fixture list during that run. Where were the gimmies?

Mark Murphy
35 Posted 25/04/2024 at 17:24:56
“And beat a team playing for the Premier League title.”

Are we going to put them in the trophy room then? There must be room!

On another matter – Green Day – they any good?

Martin Farrington
36 Posted 25/04/2024 at 17:31:30
What a great win. Superb. Just stunning. Which no previous Everton manager in the last 14 years has managed. (I exclude one season, Ancelotti, as that was an away performance during Covid). Even when (on paper) we had a better team or "they were there for the taking".

The fans were awesome. Above beyond and another level. Truly spectacular. Everton almost have no right to a packed stadium of love. But they do. We are in a truly bleak place brought about by a nasty self-centred deadman.

Hopefully last night has gone someway to exorcising a tiny slither of his curse, but there is still a huge mountain of suffering to tunnel through before any light can penetrate and we can maybe stand up again.

Will Mabon
37 Posted 25/04/2024 at 17:32:58
Lesser than the RS, Rob.

Green Day, you know it, Mark :-)

Barry Rathbone
38 Posted 25/04/2024 at 17:42:56
Didn't Roy Keane say players who turn in occasional winning performances against better teams are cheats?

I get his point but to me it's more symptomatic of just not being good enough it's akin to asking a right footed player to be as effective just using his left foot - it doesn't always work.

Ditto Dyche, he plays a certain way because that's the strong suit of what he has. It won't always work but the stars were in alignment last night with the RS in the doldrums and us having a free hit.

None of that detracts from the result; it just means perspective shows this as a once-in-a-blue-moon event given the background circus of the club.

Kieran Kinsella
39 Posted 25/04/2024 at 18:38:25
Mike & Brian

I think Mike is referring to this from Dyche:

“After Monday I said to them: ‘Is it that time of year again when you just want an easy life where you get a new manager in, you get a new manager bounce and everyone says hurrah?' I said: ‘Lads, I'm not that guy. I'm staying. I'm fighting.' If you want that to happen, you help yourselves."

How would you interpret this statement? It sounds to me like he is saying to the players that they've thrown the towel in and are waiting for him to get sacked based on results, then they'll put in an effort for the new boss.

Doesn't that constitute "blaming" them for the 6-0 loss?

Mike Hayes
40 Posted 25/04/2024 at 19:12:09
Kieran - that's exactly what I was referring to.

So far, Dyche has done his level best with the players he's got. Those players have shown in the last two matches what they are capable of. Had they put in the same effort in previous matches, the 8-point docking (although angering many) wouldn't have made much difference?

We went on a winning streak after the initial docking then fell away. Hopefully after two great wins, we can win the remaining four matches.

What frustrated a lot of fans with Dyche was picking Young even when playing shite – Calvert-Lewin who was misfiring (Beto was almost the answer, as was Dobbin).

Chermiti hasn't been given much of a chance, while Dyche has almost refused to sub players not performing. If he stays on, are we expecting much of the same?

With a total of 21 players overall who will be retained – who deserves it given their huge wages and ages?

Like I said, are there any lower league or overseas players looking for a move to play for us and hungry for success that won't take us over PSR again?

Rob Jones
41 Posted 25/04/2024 at 19:49:51

Beto has missed sitter after sitter this season, and even in recent games (the chance from 3yards against Chelsea springs to mind).

Chermiti is still learning the game, and doesn't bring anything like what Calvert-Lewin brings in terms of a focal point and aerial presence.

As for the repeated use of Young, I have no answer here, other than that Dyche doesn't seem to rate Patterson, and the only other alternative was a then completely out-of-sorts Godfrey playing out of position.

What you describe as stubbornness is very much a response to a very limited, small squad. I don't think anybody envisioned Young playing the games he has this season. But Patterson has not always impressed when given chances, Coleman has been injured a lot this season, and Dyche (rightly or wrongly) values experience.

Dyche has done a lot more right than wrong this season, and I find it incredible that we're yet again having this conversation the day after we've won the derby. To the point where I wonder if some (not you) would have been happier for us to lose, if only because it would have reinforced their beliefs and allowed them to say "I told you so", which probably isn't that far around the corner.

Nick Page
42 Posted 25/04/2024 at 19:55:13
The rancid stench of Kenwright still lingers over Everton but, in reality, the whole league is made up of teams with players who drift in and out of games and form.

Look at Villa – they were below us when the nettle licker was there. The trick – and Klopp has done it best given the absolutely overrated garbage they have turning out for them – is getting them to do simple things well, week-in & week-out.

Having a debate on Dyche now isn't the right time. The man's worked fecking miracles this season with all the shite flying around. I've said it before, he deserves a medal. Fucking good on you, Sean Dyche.

Mike Hayes
43 Posted 25/04/2024 at 20:33:47
I never want us to lose and there have been “fans” who've wanted that if it meant stopping the red shite winning the league title.

Dyche will be hit and miss, as were the last few managers. Let's not forget he's taken us to the worst run since Mike Walker – not good on your CV.

Let's hope if he is retained that he doesn't turn us into Burnley Mk 2. Fingers crossed we can have a decent end to this season, everything is sorted for next and we are off to a flier! 💙

Gavin McGarvey
44 Posted 25/04/2024 at 20:55:27
On the subject of better performances against better teams, I felt that last night's performance was partly based on a nothing-to-lose mentality. Everyone expected us to get beat, so that gave the team the freedom to go out and play.

I didn't catch the first 20 minutes but, when I started watching, the main difference I noticed was that the team moved the ball much quicker than they had done recently.

In addition, they did so with less fear as they could see how hard everyone was working and how they were backing each other up if they lost the ball.

On the subject of Dyche, he's okay. Not as good as Ancelloti, but better than Benitez or Allardyce. Is he the right man to take us forward? We'll see.

I think he works hard and has a pretty good understanding of football. Replacing him isn't really the priority for me. Improving the squad is the key.

Tony Abrahams
45 Posted 25/04/2024 at 21:20:20
If Dyche has been that honest and open with his players, then he's the man for me. His choice of words last week in calling himself the Messiah wasn't very good, and definitely not something a lot of Evertonians would associate with.

But, if he's been that frank and honest, then whilst some people will say that he's blaming his players, doesn't their response prove that he was 100% correct?

And this will hopefully go a long way in helping bring one of life's biggest commodities into the changing rooms. It's always about trust, because trust is everything. I'm proud of that statement from Dyche. 👏👏

John Raftery
46 Posted 25/04/2024 at 21:34:10
Mike (43),

All managers make hit-or-miss decisions, even the ones at the elite clubs. Those with the big squads comprised of top talents are largely protected by the quality of their players. They lose fewer matches by virtue of the comparative strength of their squads. The forensic scrutiny of their decisions usually only comes when they lose to the few clubs at the same level.

Dyche has had no such luxury. More often than not, we are facing teams with bigger and better squads stuffed with top class talents. Even teams in lower mid-table have more options on the bench than we do. Unsurprisingly our players are rarely able to coast to a comfortable win. Every point gained requires a 100% intensity for 90+10 minutes.

For a team like ours, grinding out results is the name of the game. Being able to manage a way out of the inevitable runs of poor form, injury crises and poor results is the key requirement for a manager at our level. In his 15 months in charge, Sean Dyche has amply demonstrated his ability in that regard.

Kieran Kinsella
47 Posted 25/04/2024 at 21:43:22
Tony @45,

Two things can be true. He can blame his players and it can be an effective motivator for them.

Jamie Crowley
48 Posted 25/04/2024 at 21:57:11
Will @ 29 and I suppose Mike Hays @ multiple -

I think it is completely fair to ask where this level of performance has been. When you go through barren stretches, with the spectre of relegation looming in the dark abyss, you simply have to ask those questions at the time. There's really no getting around it.

Patience is however a virtue. And if one exhibits patience and then looks at the entirety of the picture, I don't see any other outlook other than being very happy with Sean Dyche.

After two straight seasons of near death, Dyche saved us from relegation last season arguably, and now has us on 41 points after 34 games. In any other season, he's taken a relegation-threatened team two seasons running to comfortable safety with 4 games to spare. With the financial state of the club, that's stupendous. I just don't see any other way of viewing it.

But anyone asking, "Where's that performance been?" Ya, if you're human, it's fair to ask the question!

Paul Birmingham
49 Posted 25/04/2024 at 22:05:36
John @46 spot on, and all circumstances considered a renarkable acheivement.
Graham Mockford
50 Posted 25/04/2024 at 22:36:34
Mike Hayes,

If you are seriously suggesting Dyche should be selecting either Beto or Dobbin ahead of Calvert-Lewin, I have a bridge for sale.

George Stuart
51 Posted 26/04/2024 at 00:38:59
Dyche has earned a shot with a normal team I'm a normal season. I'm still.not convinced but there it is.

Earlier in the season before the awful slump we were creating seven gilt-edged chances per game. Dyche said he didn't know why they weren't going in and didn't know what more they could do. We all agreed. How could we have not scored from all those chances.

It's a mystery of the game. For what it's worth, I hope we lose to Arsenal if it prevents Liverpool or Man City winning the Premier League.

Tony Abrahams
52 Posted 26/04/2024 at 08:02:07
Kieran@47, I'm sure you know how life works mate. It's very rare for footballers to accept responsibility, when somebody else can take the blame, so if the players have responded to a bit of criticism – then “It sounds like they have also accepted a few home truths."!

I didn't know Dyche had made such a statement but it has given me a lot of strength if I'm being honest, especially when you see the response of his players, who have just shown everyone that actions speak much louder than words.

I can't wait to shake his hand when I see Dyche now, and tell him the kid I once knew has definitely turned into a man.

Danny O’Neill
53 Posted 26/04/2024 at 08:25:09
Dyche is doing the job he was brought into to do.

If he didn't understand what the derby means, he does now.

But despite everything going on around him, he is keeping those players focussed on what they can impact.

Onto Brentford.

He doesn't like the plaudits and gives us a polite clap from the dugout before heading off, probably to focus on the next match.

Steve Brown
54 Posted 26/04/2024 at 08:32:14
Mike/Kieran, this squad of players (and previous versions) have seen off seven managers,

It is right for Dyche to challenge them on whether they are once again downing tools on a manager so he gets sacked. That has been their modus operandi since 2016.

Cowardly senior professionals with no standards phoning in their performances when the going gets tough, all the while enriching themselves at the club's expense. They have been fortunate as the target of fan's frustrations has been targeted - lord knows why - on the young players trying to build a professional career in this annual shitshow.

Let's just enjoy a wonderful result and night for the fans. Post-mortems can start at the end of the season when fundamental change at all levels of the club will need to start.

Andy Duff
55 Posted 26/04/2024 at 09:22:27
Confidence in football plays a massive part.

Without the points deduction we would have been safe ages ago, the Forest game was ultimately season defining. We win we are practically safe.

We went into the derby confident, it was a free hit, you could tell how the players played with more freedom, they tried things etc.

If we'd have not been dragged into this relegation fight with 10 points off then 6 then 8 we'd have been playing with more confidence. Dyche alluded to the style of play a while back in one of his interviews, it was safety first players were nervous, fans were nervous.

At the derby it felt different, the fans were up for it from the start so where the players.

I'm just glad the Internet wasn't around in the 80s. I wonder if Kendall would have been hounded out before 1984, some people wanted him gone, in those days they only had painted sheets and paint on garage doors, the pressure from the Internet might have seen our greatest spell wiped from existence.

Nigel Munford
56 Posted 26/04/2024 at 10:40:13
I reckon Sean Dyche should get Manager of the Season.

What other manager would have achieved what he has with the shitshow going on around him?

Paul Tran
57 Posted 26/04/2024 at 11:09:24
Where did that performance come from? From midtable randomness, that's where. 50 plus years watching Everton has shown me that midtable teams are generally okay, nothing special, capable of great/awful performances. The players don't do it consistently because they're not that good, but on their day, they can be.

Remember that apparent golden era under Ancelotti? James, Richarlison, a fit Calvert-Lewin. We finished 10th and the manager said he wasn't a magician.

If Dyche said what he apparently said to the players, he was spot on. Many of us have said the same in the last few years. Many of us share those suspicions. Many of us have wanted a manager to come in and call them out, test them, challenge them.

No goalscorers, no pace, no apparent directors or club leadership, no money, Premier League dumping on us, a takeover taking forever. I'd give him manager of the year. And I'm not reacting to the other night, I'm judging what I've seen since he's been here.

"Won't take us to 'the next level' '' I'd argue he already has.

You'll get your wish when we get taken over. They'll bring in a mutterer with an impressive PowerPoint slide deck and an absence of man-management.

Christine Foster
58 Posted 26/04/2024 at 11:16:18
Brands exclusive in the Echo just now, confirms Moshiri backed Benitez to sell Digne and Richarlison, which by default gave control of who came and went to him.

Yet another piece of the mismanagement jigsaw coming together. Seems he got on well with Kenwright, although to be honest I would not be surprised it dear old Uncle Bill led him up the garden path.

Interesting though...

Tony Abrahams
59 Posted 26/04/2024 at 12:43:38
I found the whole Marcel Brands interview very nauseating, Christine, and thought how I probably would have taken him as gospel, when I was about eleven years of age.

An absolute phoney, in a very long line of people who have got rich at Everton, even though they appear to have been very mediocre at their jobs.

Christine Foster
60 Posted 26/04/2024 at 12:52:13
Tony, I agree, a real example of self interest and no responsibility. If Moshiri bypassed Brands, why didn't he go then? Money. Pigs in trough.

Need some astute businessmen experienced in sports management and long term planning, not short term profits.

Clean sweep needed.. new owner, new vision, new management and stable vision.

Dave Abrahams
61 Posted 26/04/2024 at 13:34:04
Re Brands interview, I thought the Brazilian was sold out of necessity 6 months after Benitez. Left the club although I remember when Richarlison sat on the bench, after being substituted at Crystal Palace for the last minutes like a 7-year-old kid with a titty lip then apologised to Benitez later in the week for taking him off and not making the injury he had any worse.

Digne going I understood; he had been a good player for us but hadn't played well for over the last 12 months he was here and we made a profit selling him which was what Benitez was brought in for.

Two full -acks were brought in with some of the fee from Digne's transfer but up to now nobody has put their hands up to say they bought him, although the Rangers chairman said it was a lovely experience implementing the deal with Everton's Chairman who negotiated the transfer.

That's not having a go at Patterson who I think can still be a success at Everton.

Christopher Timmins
62 Posted 26/04/2024 at 14:05:30
Charlie and Digne were exceptions, we actually got a fee for them!

Tony Abrahams
63 Posted 26/04/2024 at 14:28:35
Take the money and tell us anything, Christine. I remember when Benitez was appointed and then pictures of Brands appeared of him being on the clubs pre-season trip.

Didn't make sense that, unless he was just checking that everything was going to be okay and Benitez wasn't going to start interfering with the embedded nepotism.

Kieran Kinsella
64 Posted 26/04/2024 at 17:00:04
Tony and Steve,

Just for clarity, I wasn't criticizing Dyche for what he said, I was just giving evidence that Mike Hayes hadn't made it up.

Personally, I was quite pleased with what he said even before the RS game as it was true just as it was when Lampard said they had no bollocks.

The slightly frustrating thing though is that we can't even now say "they've seen off seven managers", Steve, because some of them who did, eg, Holgate, Davies, and basically Keane with him being on the bench are out of the equation.

But we've added new people with similarly weak mindsets and attitudes such as Harrison, McNeil, Onana, etc who simply aren't every week players who give their all.

Tony Abrahams
65 Posted 26/04/2024 at 20:37:43
I think there is a big difference between a manager saying the players have no bollocks to members of the press, to a manager telling the players that he was going nowhere, Kieran.

Even if you don't particularly like your manager, he his going to gain a lot of respect by telling the players, to their faces, that he doesn't think they are doing enough and questioning them for getting rid of however many managers, before telling them he doesn't want to be their next victim.

If the players didn't like him then they wouldn't have turned in the last two displays, imo, with my own feelings being that the pressure of the points deduction, had simply taken too much out of a very, very, limited in numbers, extremely small squad.

Christine Foster
66 Posted 26/04/2024 at 22:25:03
Here's the rub with commitment, Tony.

Some people's idea of commitment is doing what they have to do without the need to extend themselves because they are going through the motions.

Players with commitment want to excel, they care enough to put the hard yards in every time they step on a pitch.

But I ask this. Every player in a team knows exactly who is committed or not. They see those who pull out of a tackle by slowing down enough to make it less obvious, by not picking up a man going past them, by not making it happen, by just looking as though they are trying.

These are the deadliest people in any team, but the man who never calls them out is to blame for letting it happen.

Let me tell you that this golden rule is one I have drilled into management for years, the same principles apply. If you can't motivate them, then get rid of them because, if you don't, you will fail.

To your last point, I believe fully committed players can improve a team significantly but, to compete at the highest levels, you need skill. 5 committed players will get you into Europe, but only skill and commitment will get you a trophy.

Christine Foster
67 Posted 26/04/2024 at 22:39:10
Got to add to the above, Tony, it's a team, each player brings different skills that a manager shapes to make the team successful.

There is a minimal benchmark of effort required of skill and desire, each player is different to his mate, the team makes up for each other's shortfalls in a way that allows an individual's attributes to shine whilst covering for their deficiencies. That's the way a team works.

Don Revie had it wrong, Shankly, Kendall had it right. A blend of brilliance and bread and butter. But all, no matter who had to have commitment.

Lastly, I believe players pick up on the values of the leaders and those around them. If players are treated badly (Niasse?) It sends messages to the players, tit for tat... commitment.

Rob Jones
68 Posted 26/04/2024 at 23:29:14
Kieran, counter argument to the "weak-minded" spiel. Have you considered the fact that the club are shopping in the bargain bin, have been forced to ever since Moshiri came to his senses and ended the crazy spending, and that we have been forced to buy limited players as a result?

Harrison and McNeil, whom you name, are absolutely not slackers, absolutely give it their all, and are Sean Dyche players for those reasons. The unfortunate reality is, they have limitations. They're industrious, and are capable of moments. But they're not brilliant. It's why they're not playing for a better team.

Onana, whom you also name, will be a much better player next season, playing in a better team. He's shown for Belgium, repeatedly, that he's a decent player. But he does not fit the tactical set-up.

A team full of weak-minded players would have been relegated this season given the external pressures and the penalties we've faced as a club. These players aren't mentally weak. They're just not very good.

Pete Clarke
69 Posted 26/04/2024 at 23:34:55
The win over Liverpool was not just payback to the fans for the Chelsea debacle but payback for a shit season where it has shown us that apart from one or two individuals we have a bang average squad, managed by a very limited guy but one who has been dealt a right shitty hand by failings of the club and the EPL corruption.

This win has, in my eyes already guaranteed safety. Luton have won 6 from 34 and now need 3 wins from 4 ! Not going to happen.

Sean Dyche and his team have been caught up in the middle of a club in total chaos and have somehow survived it. For that, I agree with a few others that he should get Manager of the Season but, for a long-term solution to our on-field problems, I just could not stomach the football we have had to watch this season.

Now that safety is guaranteed, I just hope there are some decent people looking at our club and we can transition to the new stadium in better hands.
Steve Brown
70 Posted 27/04/2024 at 11:04:36
Kieran @ 64,

Davies and Holgate did not develop as we all hoped for, but the contant churn of managers definitely hindered their development.

It is no coincidence that Bradley, Quansah, Elliott, Jones, Arnold, Clark etc have all slotted seamlessly into the Liverpool first team. Stable footballing structure, every team plays the same style and high standards are set by the manager and the senior players. It is much easier to prosper in this set-up than what the young players at Everton have experienced over the last 7 years.

To be fair to McNeil, his mentality has improved since he joined us. Harrison is just not a very good player, while Onana is passing through.

I think 4-5 players with decent technical skills, speed and athleticism would make a big difference next season Tony, as the squad ran out of gas in December and then narrow defeats killed their confidence.

Factoring in the 8-point deduction, we would be 14th. We also left points on the pitch at Bournemouth (A), Brighton (A), Brighton (H), Fulham (H) and Wolves (H), which is frustrating. I honestly think we are a mid-table squad that could make Top 10 with additions. Not enjoyable to watch, but effective on our day.

We need a right back, left back, right winger, central midfielder, and forward, plus replacements for squad departures. A busy summer with little money for Thelwell.

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