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Talk of big bids for some key Everton players next month

| 21/12/2023 64comments  |  Jump to last

With Everton's giant midfielder making all the headlines last night for not the greatest of reasons, a number of clickbait sites have decided to reenergize the ongoing talk that Amadou Onana will be one of a number of high-value Everton players to be the subject of intense transfer speculation leading into next month's transfer window.

The latest twist is a claim that Barcelona have already been talking to his entourage despite their own financial challenges.

And the talk of course is only fueled by parallel rumours regurgitating Everton's parlous financial state as they appeal the pernicious 10-point deduction levied by the Premier League's independent commisiion while struggling to meet the day-to-day running expenses of the club under an increasing debt burden that is needed to meet the huge added demand of ongoing finance for the construction of the new Everton Stadium at Bramley-Moore Dock. 

Some claim that player sales next month are inevitable in order to balance the books. But maintaining, if not increasing the strength and depth of the existing squad that Sean Dyche is finally getting a decent tune from has to be the priority for ensuring that Everton will see out their final season at Goodison Park as continuing members of the Premier League.

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Meanwhile, there is speculation that Everton have put a £100M price tag around the neck of star centre-half Jarrad Branthwaite who has emerged as the hottest young player in his position this season.

Reader Comments (64)

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Barry Hesketh
1 Posted 20/12/2023 at 16:37:32
It will be interesting to see how our first-team squad looks in just over a month's time. Apparently, Villarreal are seriously considering taking Danjuma back next month. Onana is supposedly a target for many, many clubs… and who knows how many other players will be on their way during the next window?

Obviously, a great deal will depend on the outcome of the protracted takeover by 777 Partners, or A N Other group.

Sam's point is both true and very unsatisfactory. It has been so long since Everton Football Club was considered 'a top top club' – and wasn't the reason that the club purchased Onana in the first place was to enable Everton to sell him on at a profit? – admittedly perhaps, not so early in his Everton career.

On to the next fixture, and hopefully we won't see the squad limp into 2024 like they limped out of the League Cup last night.

Kieran Kinsella
2 Posted 20/12/2023 at 17:06:31

Onana won't be going to Barcelona in January. Xavi has been told there is no money to spend.

They still owe €200 million from transfers in 2022 and risk a transfer ban in addition to the fact they have no money to spend.

Dave Abrahams
3 Posted 20/12/2023 at 22:14:57

I've been out all day just in, no I wouldn't sell Onana because he missed a penalty,but I'd sell him because I don't think he is as good as you and others think,I'm not interested in what sort of a player he might become but what he offers now,

As for the ins and outs of transfer deals I have no idea how Everton will be able to operate because of the financial difficulties we are in but if we get £70M or so for him and were able to spend it on two other players I would have no problem with that.

I know we are in a relegation fight and I'd do those deals in January because I think by doing them we would be in a possible better position, I say possible because no one can guarantee how these deals work out.

Simon Harrison
4 Posted 20/12/2023 at 22:26:54
Dave, I'm not going to get involved in the Onana in/out debate.

Whilst he's here, he's one of us.

As for January, apparently we're in with an offer (loan again) for Iliman Ndiaye from Marseille (The Sheff Utd striker were we looking at in the summer)

Also, according to 'sources close to the club' we are looking at another defender to come in. Either on a loan to buy, or 'Play now, pay later' deal. Much like the deal with Udinese for Beto.

I've no idea who? Though Jake O'Brien at Lyon was mentioned earlier in December, yet there's been nothing else recently about that one?

Have EFC actually learnt not to 'brag' about who they're going to buy and who from. Much like our former Transfer Guru always used to do, and invariably we'd always lose out (memorably to me, usually to Spuds for some odd reason?) Or are we just 5h1t out of ca$h for now?

Whatever happens, personally, I think we need a couple of fresh bodies for the last 5-6 months of the season, if at all possible.

To me, a CB 1st, then a RW/F 2nd, and an LB (If possible 3rd)

Anyway, I'm sure the most important man at the club, Thelwell, knows what he needs (via Sean) and as importantly has some inkling of what we can afford. (If anyone can currently?)

Simon Harrison
5 Posted 20/12/2023 at 22:35:41
Dave A,

And just what is wrong with a fallacious, overly-simplistic 'Strawman' argument every now and again? Especially when you know you are wrong, and have been 'intelligently' called out for it?

C'mon Dave, be the bigger man, accept you are wrong, even if you're absolutely right in your observations! Hehe

I mean, OK he played below his expected level, and he missed a pen; BUT "he IS a great guy" because he did a lap of (dis)honour round GP! Just what-a-guy he is!

Surely even you can see that now!? Hahaha

PS I am on your side here...

Robert Tressell
6 Posted 20/12/2023 at 22:36:13
Dave on Onana, if we ever get £70m that would be tremendous business. But we'd need to buy more than just two players with that - it would need to fund 4 to 5 players realistically. Maybe more.

I know what you mean by saying you're most interested in what he does on the pitch now too, rather than potential (or words to that effect) but the potential is important. We need players at the club with the raw materials to be Champions League standard otherwise we get nowhere. Onana for all his failings is in that category.

Simon what we "need" is a bit subjective. The owners (whoever they are) probably think we "need" no new faces because Dyche will keep us up regardless. It would be great to get that right sided wing forward though.

Brian Wilkinson
7 Posted 20/12/2023 at 22:42:53
If a huge amount does come in for Onana and we could guarantee to use the money on Conor Gallagher, I would swap those two players every day of the week.

The type of player we need in midfield is Gallagher.

Dave Abrahams
8 Posted 20/12/2023 at 22:43:57
Robert, yes the potential is important but in the plight we are in now we need players who can help us now.

I honestly don’t think Onana is doing enough now, and if we get four players in with the money that would be great because we are far from being safe from the drop, even if we get some points back after the appeal.

Les Callan
9 Posted 20/12/2023 at 22:45:27
Look fellahs, we ain't gunna get anywhere near £70M for Onana.
Simon Harrison
10 Posted 20/12/2023 at 22:56:23

It might have been (obviously personally) 'subjective', but I was trying to be 'objective' in what EFC and Dyche's squad may need.

Hang on. Subjectively EFC need about £550M to stay in existence as it currently stands, but like my mini-wish list, we'll have to wait and see.

Though yes, I agree, a RW/F would be excellent, IF Dyche wanted one (subjectively?), and IF he got one, he actually played them. (Maybe even in their preferred position?)

Also, I thought I made it fairly clear that I was being 'subjective' by typing this;

"Whatever happens, personally, I think we need a couple of fresh bodies for the last 5-6 months of the season, if at all possible.

To me, a CB 1st, then a RW/F 2nd, and an LB (If possible 3rd)"

However, I also quantified that as being 'objective' by immediately following that with this;

"Anyway, I'm sure the most important man at the club, Thelwell, knows what he needs (via Sean) and as importantly has some inkling of what we can afford. (If anyone can currently?)"

Sam Hoare
11 Posted 20/12/2023 at 23:07:04
I’d be very surprised if we didn’t get at least £60m for Onana. Seems clear to me he’s destined for the top and has performed very well for a 22 year old in only his second season in the toughest league in the world.

We will double our money on him and he’s exactly the sort of player we need to be bringing in more regularly. Yes, we need cheaper more experienced players too but one of the main reasons we’re in this mess is because we haven’t developed enough players for profit over the last 6 years. That’s what the likes of Brighton have done so well.

Some won’t see it of course but you don’t draw interest from the likes of Barcelona and co if you’re not doing something right.

Derek Thomas
12 Posted 20/12/2023 at 23:40:44
If somebody were to give us megadosh (or even what we paid) for Onana I'd still snatch their arm off...and the worst penalty I've seen in many a year has done nothing to change that.

Barcelona or some other set of fools might be willing and able to carry him, thus letting him do what ever it is I can't see he does for them.

Average players have the odd 'good' game.
Good players have the odd average game.

He might be a nice lad and I wish him well, but he's firmly in the first category... he's just a giant Tom Davies.

Kieran Kinsella
13 Posted 20/12/2023 at 23:43:56

The thing about drawing interest from Barce is probably fake as it contradicts everything the club and it sources have said about their financial situation and aims.

But let’s not forget down the years Darren claimed City wanted Holgate for 50 million. More credible sources linked Davies with Chelsea and Cadamarteri with Inter.

If you look at someone like Ndombele for example you’ll see a guy with the right basics (size, pace, strength) who didn’t evolve into the top player people thought he would. To me it would be a huge gamble at this point for anyone to spend 70 million on him. That’s close to what Madrid paid for Bellingham and he’s better in every respect by a country mile. I am not saying he’s terrible as some suggest or that he won’t improve. I just don’t see anyone paying the kind of fee being quoted to gamble on him. Utd today said they’re constrained by FFP. Chelsea can’t amortize any more deals over 8 years. He wouldn’t get a look in at City. The RS got McAllister for 30 million and he’s more accomplished. Then Arsenal just spent 100 million on a central mid who’s far more proven. Can they afford to pay almost as much on someone who might be the next Ndidi or even the next Fellaini? I just don’t see it. I’d say at best he might muster 50 million in this market and even that would be viewed as a gamble.

Ps. I think Dave and Mike have become a bit entrenched with their diverging views and have decided to stubbornly stick with them. I’m not criticizing I’ve been there myself when it came to defending Carlo. Good entertainment though from two pretty shrewd posters.

Mike Gaynes
14 Posted 20/12/2023 at 23:45:30
Simon & Robert, just wild guessing here, but I'd be surprised if we sell Onana next month for two reasons:

1) The money we get for him, no matter how large, won't make an immediate difference to our dismal financial situation, and

2) Under our current circumstances, it seems much more likely to me that any reinforcements will be loans rather than purchases funded by a sale of Onana (or Branthwaite).

I'm sure Thelwell will have plans in place for midfield reinforcements whether we sell Onana in January or June, but I'm betting (no money involved) it'll be the latter.

Simon Harrison
15 Posted 21/12/2023 at 01:08:45
Hi Mike, I never said we'd sell Onana in January; but, I like your arguments you presented. No worries :-)

To Robert, Apologies about my earlier 'snarky' post. Some posters on here (not you) and there are many, seem to be the definition of 'flip-flop' supporters, and all is okay till it isn't..?

That is what was riling me; especially after I had re-read the whole thread, Lyndon's thread, and Michael's 'Carabao Cup 4th round' piece. I've told you all I'm bored!

This is the malaise that Kenwright fostered, and ultimately foisted onto the (People's) club (Sic!!) I presume this is why, otherwise sensible and clear thinking posters type their 'prophecies of doom!', and all things meek and mild, let's not rock the boat posts...

Anyway, bygones, and it is only churlish of me not to apologise.

Back to this post, and 'transfers'.

I've just been typing searches on t'webby thing, and found this little link;

Why the January transfer window will be very different under Sean Dyche

PS Is Everton news Kosher, or is it a Kopite setup like Goodison news?

In it, towards the end of the article, it lists four players, who we might be able to business for.

However, I'd caveat that with, until the ownership issues have been resolved, and until we find financing for the approximate £20.4M per month operating costs; then irrespective of who we may bring in, it may well be case of who goes out?

For example, it has been rumoured that Utd and Spuds are both contemplating spending £100M (our minimum asking price(..?)) for Jarrad Branthwaite. (Possibly in January?)

Please also bear in mind, IF the 777 deal goes 'South', and Moshiri isn't willing to put his hand in his pocket (Extremely unlikely looking at the current evidence), and there are no 'shadow suitors' waiting to pick up a 'distressed' bargain; then, maybe Jarrad being sold for £100M would go a long way towards staying solvent until such a time we get a takeover across the line. Without dooming us to relegation (hopefully!)

Note I would like the club (if at all possible) to keep Jarrad and try to maintain a spine for the rebuilding of the team (Squad).

I personally do not have any expectations that any take-over will happen in or around January '24. (just to be clear '24!) Also, if a new bidder does come in, it would start the due diligence time-frame process again, before receiving FCA approval.

How long that time-frame would be would I guess depend on their 'transparency' and willingness to cooperate speedily.

However, this could be delayed by any (reasonable) requests for more time (on behalf of the bidder) to gather the FCA required information; and also any time lapses caused by the prospective new owners to request information from their third party supporters/lines of finance (E.g. credit sources, investors and the like) in order to provide relevant and needed information to the FCA.

Which again, just to my mind, would mean IF 777 fails in their bid, then it could be at the earliest(?) March (Unless required documentation is more-or-less 'immediately' forth coming) and even then it would be conditional on being accepted by the FCA.

All this never mind the EPL and FA's processes.

Though the FA seem such nice gents, like they have already given their tacit approval for the 777 takeover? (haven't they?)

As you alluded to earlier Robert, 'everything' (regarding available finances) currently is mere speculation and conjecture.

Let us hope that everything works out for the betterment of EFC!

Jerome Shields
16 Posted 21/12/2023 at 01:13:11
As for speculation on finances, I know that available figures are not the whole story and objectives can be totally different than what they seem to portray.

I believe Everton will eventually emerge from the current financial morass. They are not the only club in financial difficulties – and won't be the last.

Alan J Thompson
17 Posted 21/12/2023 at 06:24:45
Sorry, but did I miss some sort of large change in our financial situation?

It won't matter which of our four players who could be worthy of a fee in excess of £50M we might sell, there would at best be only 10% of that money available for transfer fees as the rest must go to reducing the loss margin in the accounts.

When is our appeal against the points deduction penalty to be heard and when do the next set of accounts need to be lodged?

I'm not sure we can even afford players on the never-never, a little bit down and the rest when we can, so at best it will be out of contract players on freebies providing they can be fitted into the wage bill. Or do we still need the League's permission for even that?

Eddie Dunn
18 Posted 21/12/2023 at 06:51:22
Onana is only 22 and inconsistency blights many a young player. Even Osman was still being loaned-out at that age.

I would imagine that our thin numbers in midfield and the uncertainty as to whether we would be allowed to reinvest any revenue would determine Onana's fate.

Jerome Shields
19 Posted 21/12/2023 at 06:56:04
I don't think that Everton will be selling anyone in January or buying anyone. They may lone out players… hopefully Gomes will be flt enough and one of them. On the takeover front, hopefully something is properly settled.

Everton are out of one Cup. At least they made the effort to try and stay in it, something that has been lacking for years. Looking forward to the Premier League campaign and a good run in the FA Cup, with a wiser manager and players. I do feel that a lesson has been learnt, again something I have not thought for years.

On to Spurs and hopefully Dyche had a plan and didn't bet the farm on that Carabao Cup game.

Sam Hoare
20 Posted 21/12/2023 at 07:38:46
Kieran, I think Onana has already adapted to the Premier League far better than Ndombele did. He's also already established in the Belgian national team.

Whilst I grant the interest from Barcelona may not be genuine you will see lots of fans from top clubs talking about him as a player they'd want. I don't remember that ever being the case with Davies or Holgate who are not in the same league potential-wise.

As for sale figures, it's true that some clubs no longer have the resources or the need. Real Madrid for example are well stocked in that position for a decade. Bellingham was obviously underpriced (due to a release clause?) but if Rice is worth £100M then I don't think £60M for Onana is too much if he keeps improving as he has this season.

Of course it's always possible he goes off the boil but what I've heard and seen of him makes me bet against that. In fact I'd happily wager with anyone that we'll get £60M+ for him over next few years.

Tony Everan
21 Posted 21/12/2023 at 08:09:14
Can't see us selling Onana or anyone important in January, our position is still precarious, squad depth will be needed. Also, we have a stable team, with a functioning system. Far better to continue with that, clocking up the wins, getting points on the board and make any changes in the summer. From the rumours I've picked up, we will try to strengthen the squad in January with a loan or two or a near end of contract signing.

With regards Onana, the penalty was an embarrassing effort, you will see better penalties in any Sunday League game. He will be hurting. However, this should in no way detract from the fact that he's progressed this season. He's been better on the ball, getting into the box and generally imposing himself more.

I really liked the big Dunc style header against Burnley – a few more of them won't go amiss. He will need full support now to give him some confidence back.

James Newcombe
22 Posted 21/12/2023 at 15:12:46
If Onana and/or Branthwaite are off, then the majority of these funds will be going towards our running costs; and we'll be picking up cheaper, backup versions of them to maintain even the depth of our current squad.

We're not going to be able to keep borrowing money; and being on either side of 777 Partners achieving approval feels like choosing which knife you want to be stabbed with.

And... don't forget that we still have to pay for Beto and Harrison! I can't see us splashing out big money for a while.

Billy Bradshaw
24 Posted 21/12/2023 at 16:03:34
Tony @21,

I don't think we need to worry about keeping Onana's confidence up. If it is at all possible, he may have too much confidence in himself. He needs to realise he's not as good as he thinks he is at the moment, only my opinion.

Peter Quinn
25 Posted 21/12/2023 at 16:22:56
A Christmas Carol!

Everton filed their appeal on 1st December 2024 that much we do know

The Premier League response was due to be filed by 15th December. No news at all.

The Clubs claiming compensation were due to file their claims by 15th December ie 28 days after the commission decision was published. No news at all.

I would imagine the new appeal panel has been set up and will be giving directions to each party soon, if that has not already been done.

I would hope the appeal will be asap but it is in the hands of the panel and the lawyers

Everton are due to file their accounts for 2022/23 by 31.12.23.

The crucial bit is the Profit and Sustainability calculation is due to be filed with the Premier League by Everton at the same time.

Will Everton be over by their own calculation the £115 million figure. We hope we are under and it is a figure we can defend robustly this time.

Will the Premier League accept the calculation this time or come up with their own calculation and will that be in excess of £115 million. If it is then it is another commision hearing part two to look forward to.

In the meantime when are the Premier League going to decide about 777.

As Paul the Esk indicated last week these are very worrying times.

We can only hope our team continue their excellent form against Spurs, City and Wolves to bring this very difficult year to a position very few of us could have expected when the decision of the commission was published.

Charles Dickens could not have dreamt up this script.

Pat Kelly
26 Posted 21/12/2023 at 16:52:13
If Onana decides he wants to go there’s little we can do to stop him. Contracts mean little or nothing in terms of retaining players. Likewise with Branthwaite. Our underlying financial chaos suggests either or both could be off. And I think both would be happy to go to a more stable Club especially on bigger salaries.
Andrew Clare
27 Posted 21/12/2023 at 17:11:41
I hope you all realise that if we sell Onana and Branthwaite we won't be going anywhere as a club.
If 777 partners allow it to happen then we can kiss goodbye to ever returning to the big time.
It is vital that we build a team around these exciting young players and start challenging for the European places.
With the new stadium on the horizon big things can happen if we have a team worthy of it.
For God's sake let's not be shortsighted. Look at the long term.
We've been in the doldrums for far too long don't let it continue.
Alan McGuffog
28 Posted 21/12/2023 at 17:17:33
Agreed Andrew but if they want to go, they'll go. What we should be doing is getting these lads signed up to decent contracts and then demand top dollar. Braithwaite? £80 million ? Let's start the auction. Surely the days of our trading the cow for a handful of beans are over.
Danny O’Neill
29 Posted 21/12/2023 at 17:24:59
I am not being an Ostrich, but we are not selling anyone before we play Tottenham, Manchester City, Wolves and most likely Crystal Palace in the cup.

I don't know what will happen, but we have big fixtures coming up and that is all I am thinking about.

Brent Stephens
30 Posted 21/12/2023 at 17:30:10
I wouldn't want us to sell in the January window for the main reason that consistency on he pitch is now key until we're mathematically safe from relegation. Chopping and changing what is now a settled side would be madness.
Mike Hayes
31 Posted 21/12/2023 at 17:37:03
It’s about time they closed the transfer window in January unless there is an urgent need to bring players in through injuries
Derek Knox
32 Posted 21/12/2023 at 18:24:33
I agree with Dave A @, if it were possible to free up some funds in January via an Onana sale we should consider it. Not because he missed the penalty either because although we have a fairly thin squad, we have won games when he has been out, so not a vital cog. Plus we could recruit someone with some of the money.

Then there's that almost forgotten barnacle, the Gravy Train Stowaway that is Andre Gomes, who never seems to be available yet is weekly draining the club wage bill. How many times does he want the Club to make him a millionaire for sitting on his hairy arse?

Of course we are all assuming that we have no funds, I don't know or understand the way Football Finances work, Clubs who are mega millions in debt, yet still manage to secure a player or two. We were £19.5M over and get penalised severely ?

Stephen Vincent
33 Posted 21/12/2023 at 18:43:13
The following contracts or loans expire at the end of the season:

Some may see many of these as a welcome reduction of the wage bill but we seriously need to reassess the squad in its entirety. Can Mills and Warrington step up, can Dobbin step into Danjuma's underused boots?

Surely the club now know the results for the financial year ended 30/6/23 and therefore will be aware of what our P&S situation is. Are we committed to any loan repayments, if 777 are unwilling or unable to continue to fund our reputed operating shortfall. All of which will determine our ability to buy, sell to buy, or just sell to survive.

Andy Crooks
34 Posted 21/12/2023 at 18:43:54
Andrew@ 27, I really do think most of us realise that. I think that" returning to the big time", is err... not happening for a while. We are trying to survive. Dyche and the squad are doing their bit. I think we will need to look at selling to survive. Avoiding relegation and administration will be like winning the treble.
Barry Hesketh
35 Posted 21/12/2023 at 19:13:04
Danny @29,

I know that you prefer to concentrate on what happens out on the pitch and bang the drum for everybody to be positive and save our energy for every game that Everton play, however, must you mention our upcoming fixture list in each and every post on each and every subject?

You have your way of helping to support our club, others have similar ways and some have completely different ways.

Happy holidays to you and yours, but perhaps your Turkey will go down a lot better if you resist the urge to inform the family that 'Yeah Christmas is sort of important, from a family point of view, but not nearly as important as Man City at Goodison or Wolves at their place.'

Kieran Kinsella
36 Posted 21/12/2023 at 19:33:51

Or he could just comment on threads he is interested in as opposed to saying he's not?

Arild Andersen
37 Posted 21/12/2023 at 19:39:45
On a related note: here in Norway it is reported, through sources in Belgium, that 777-owned Standard Liege has got a transfer ban from the Belgian federation because of missing payments for earlier transfers (a Norwegian player among them, that's probably why it's reported over here).

The report also claim that another 777-owned club, Vasco da Gama, also has had a transfer ban recently. Doesn't fill me with optimism.

Derek Knox
38 Posted 21/12/2023 at 20:34:05
Arild, there is rarely smoke without fire being involved.

I can't say I am happy that 777 Partners are the only ones in the frame for the take-over. They have too many recent skeletons in too many cupboards!

Surely there is someone out there who can see a good investment opportunity, and with some financial clout, not a "rob Peter to pay Paul" mentality.

Simon Harrison
39 Posted 21/12/2023 at 22:17:21
Jerome [16] would you care to expand on that post with your reasoning please?
Simon Harrison
40 Posted 21/12/2023 at 22:59:06
Peter [25] You typed this in your post;

"Everton are due to file their accounts for 2022/23 by 31.12.23.

The crucial bit is the Profit and Sustainability calculation. (due to be filed with) [or even calculated by] the Premier League [edit] at the same time.

Will Everton be over by their own calculation the £105m (Edited by myself from £115m) figure. We hope we are under and it is a figure we can defend robustly this time.

Will the Premier League accept the calculation this time or come up with their own calculation and will that be in excess of £105m (Edited by myself from £115m). If it is then it is another commission hearing part two to look forward to."

Peter, I can say that both 'The Esk' and Dr, Kieran Maguire (I always thought he was a Professor!?) seem to think that the 31.12.23 financial submissions would/will NOT breach the EPL's PSRs, and also both believe that there might be a little 'wriggle' room, or leeway, to be able to add to the squad.

However, how sensible or prudent that would be depends on quite a few factors, not least of which is the status of the proposed take over.

I would also say, that being aware the 'The Esk' and Dr. Maguire both seem to be up-to speed re Everton's finances. As such I will defer to them to reassure me.

PS. Here is a segment of the Wiki entry for Dr. Maguire; "Maguire is Senior Teacher in Accounting and Finance at the University of Liverpool Management School, where he teaches the Football Industries MBA. He specialises in financial reporting, financial modelling and football finance."

Although Wiki is not established as an Academic reference, nor accepted as one. Those facts are pretty common knowledge!

Simon Harrison
41 Posted 21/12/2023 at 23:14:36
Andrew, I hope you are well? At [27] I agree with you whole-heartedly about starting to build a spine around our younger, more gifted players, and the 'quality' older players we have.

E.g. Pickford, Tarky, Jarrad, Myko, Patto, Onana, Jimmy G, Dwight, Beto& Chermiti. (DCL?)

However, sadly being a pragmatist and a (sometimes) realist, IF any of those players wishes to leave (or indeed any others at the club), there is very little financially that we could do to satisfy any contractual ambition. Nor indeed any professional ambition as a club either. (until such a time that the club achieves a sustained period of tangible success) E.g. Winning a cup, or gaining access to European Competition.

Realistically, the club cannot 'live' within it's means currently, and is 'surviving' off borrowings, and the largesse of it's current owner I.e. not calling in his loans.

Until first and foremost that position changes, (Financial), the Club's only other income is via player trading, which currently is not something that we are in a position of strength!

If player assets are needed to be 'traded' in order to meet the financial requirements of the Club, then pragmatically, that is what will happen. Unfortunately!

Good wishes.

Danny O at [29]

Well said Danny, we have games to play before much of the financial and possibly transfer activity take place, or concludes.

Dyche has to focus on the games and the potential points gain, before whatever happens in January actually happens!

We've some tough games, Spurs are rested for Saturday, City will have a point or two to prove come Wednesday, and Wolves aren't as bad a team as their table position indicates, and I think (unfortunately) that they match up well against us. All three will be tough games.

Funnily enough, Palace is the game I'm least worried about, as long as we have a fit side we can field.

Simon Harrison
42 Posted 21/12/2023 at 23:27:24
Steve at [33] and indeed everyone else; here is a quick and see-at-a-glance list of the current 2024 outgoing players, courtesy of Transfrmrkt.

End of Contract 2024 EFC

Jerome Shields
43 Posted 22/12/2023 at 10:03:18

In my experience the Accounts are playing catch up with the proprietors objectives.Yes Everton have been badly managed on both the football side and the commercial side, but they still have the trapping of a big Club and the potential of a new Stadium.Moshiri is selling his interest and it is still in play, and will be monitored.He may lose out, but he has to leave his cards and his money on the table. The playing side has been stablised for the first time years and is experienced in relegation proofing.When the controlling interest is sorted out the outlook for the Club will be different.In the meantime the Premier League is under more scrutiny and will change.Others Clubs in the Premiership are losing more more money, others owe more money when a new Stadium is taken out of the equation, other Clubs have broken more rules and are not cooperating(Everton did).

Of course many will say where are the facts , but I am working of the same incomplete facts as everyone else, including Paul the Esk .But I do have experience of running businesses , though fortunately not as complex as in Everton's case, and have come out the other side still standing and fortunately better off..Once you really look at the Accounts of most businesses ,you will have questions on viability.

Simon Harrison
44 Posted 22/12/2023 at 18:34:09
Jerome [43] Thanks for posting that up, I for one appreciate it.

NB I wasn't be snarky at [39] Tho, I could have phrased it better. When I reread that post, I winced a little.

It clarifies a lot of what you hinted at at [16].

I'm no accountant, but I understand how accountancy works. Keeping away from our particular situation as much as possible.

The 'clever' it would appear to do accounts, is to push as much of your outgoings as far down the road, and try and enhance your revenue streams to the max.

The one point I'd touch on, is that Everton since the days of success in the mid-80s, has had a particular failing to realise that commercial revenue, match day revenue and general corporate sponsorship were, and are, key to the financial stability and success of the Club (indeed any club) Yet for years, due to the fact that borrowing has been our 'modus operandi', due to the fact that a) we've never been clued up enough to maximise our financial opportunities, and b) our most recent custodians had loaded themselves with debt, in order to 'control' the club.

In hindsight, the Moshiri era could have, indeed should have, been the catalyst to spark change within the club.

However, I don't think football was the priority for the new owner(s), regretfully.

Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth, and end up getting kicked in the breeches to-boot!

I tell you what Jerome, I don't have any particular preference for any new potential owner. Other than, they actual understand, that if they wish to use the club as an investment vehicle, that they have to invest in the club itself as a priority.

As the old maxim goes, "You have to speculate to accumulate!"

PS. OK, I really, Really, REALLY hope our new owners are NOT 777 Partners LLC... As I fear that could end up being the 'death-knell' for Everton FC.

Jason Hewly
45 Posted 23/12/2023 at 19:58:45
No doubt the clubs who have spent billions over the last 10 years will rob other clubs of their star players while plucky underdogs get overly scrutinized if they spend too much per month on coffee pods.

Football has never been this rigged. It's becoming like boxing. For me, it's on the tipping point. I want to watch "sport" not whatever this is.

Annika Herbert
46 Posted 25/12/2023 at 18:07:31
Derek @ 12, what an absolute load of rubbish.

Onana is clearly a top player and, if you can't see his potential, then you are no football fan.

Mark Murphy
47 Posted 25/12/2023 at 18:28:48
Annika, he's a potentially top player who is not an Everton team player and never will be. I'd swap him to Spurs for Richarlison in a heartbeat.

But Merry Christmas! UTFT

Billy Shears
48 Posted 26/12/2023 at 07:22:48
Losing both Gana and Onana would be a fucking bonus!

I'd swap out Calvert-Lewin for the Wimbledon lad too. With our recent form now lost, I can only see a comfy Man City win 0-2 tomorrow as well.

Danny O’Neill
49 Posted 26/12/2023 at 07:39:00
Can you add some logic or context to that opinion, Billy?

I have no problem with different views. We all have them.

Onana is a young developing player. He needs to mature and be more consistent in his performances. No denying that. What young player doesn't?

Gana gives us experience. He might be in his mid 30s, but his work rate belies his years if you watch him.

I'm actually pleased with our backline. Very young, marshalled by Colonel Tarkowski.

The team is mostly young and developing. They are not the finished product by no means, but they are good. And despite preconceptions about Dyche (myself included), we are good to watch at times.

Get this season over the line and I'm optimistic. I always am.

Robert Tressell
50 Posted 26/12/2023 at 08:13:10
Stephen # 33, you make a good point. Summer 2024 will see a big turnover in players due to ending contracts. Much of this will be positive because the contribution from the likes of Gueye, Gomes and Alli is not worth what we are paying them (although Gueye has started to improve of late and Gomes had a good cameo at Spurs).

However, it does mean we will need to buy almost an entire new 2nd XI and a couple of first-teamers (because it seems unlikely we'd turn the loan deals for Harrison and Danjuma into purchases).

Fortunately Okoronkwo and Welch are tied down to 2026. And Mills now has 7 assists which shows some promise (albeit third tier). Unfortunately Warrington has only managed 2 appearances for Plymouth and been outshone by Luke Cundle on loan from Wolves (same age, same position).

Of everyone in the academy I expect Metcalfe is the most likely to get first-team minutes.

Steve Brown
51 Posted 26/12/2023 at 08:47:21
Selling Onana in January while Doucoure is injured and Gueye off to Afcon? Regardless of whether we sign 2. 3 or 5 players with the fee, we would have to attract them to the club, integrate them into the squad and get performances from them while we are still in the bottom 5.

Fortunately, I think Dyche and Thelwell are far too sensible to do something so daft.

Dan Nulty
52 Posted 27/12/2023 at 12:32:31
Only way we sell is with an immediate loan back clause, certainly for key players. Reading Thelwell's programme notes today he makes the point January will be very quiet unless a future target presents itself. It is refreshing to hear we are planning 2-3 windows ahead now. Hopefully this also means that we are not going to be facing a further deduction for breaking sustainability rules.

If we do sell one of the prized assets I guess it will mean we are sailing too close to the wind again.

Feels like Moshiri finally has the right people in place, clearly more luck than judgement. Hopefully it might mean him walking away from 777 and dipping in to his own pockets again.

Ian Bennett
53 Posted 27/12/2023 at 13:07:23
Branthwaite is clearly the player most likely to go for a big fee, and probably someone we can least afford to lose. I'd be gutted to see him go, but it's a well worn Everton path and is the moniker of our decline in a way.

Holgate and Maupay don't look like they're getting a look in, so it's hard to see money being realised for the coffers.

Gomes and Alli would be available on loans or frees, along with presumably the right bid for either Keane or Godfrey. Godfrey is perhaps someone we can most afford to lose and why his name is in the press. He's not convinced, and we probably could use the money more effectively to add to the squad.

I'd like to see a genuine right footed right winger added. I'd also like to see someone challenge Doucoure and add goals from midfield, but that seems unlikely whilst Gomes and Alli are on the wage bill. And no I don't see them as the answer unfortunately.

I'd be looking in the Mls league for a good loan. Someone with something to prove.

Dan Nulty
54 Posted 27/12/2023 at 15:16:53
Ian, I knoe consistency has been his issue since joining us permanently but if Gomes plays like he did the other day then he plays a massive part for the rest of the season. If Dele also gets fit and has his head right than that would be the play to push Doucoure for a starting spot. We have the players we need on the roster already and if Dyche is the man manager he looks like he is then he is the man to get the best out of those two.
Robert Tressell
55 Posted 28/12/2023 at 12:44:50
Fairly random comment this, but saw two articles this morning which I thought were interesting.

Genoa's new owners (777) are teaming up with influencers to generate profile / brand awareness. Rita Ora has been modelling their new kit and there will be more of this. Not a bad way to reach a younger / international audience.

Thelwell has said January won't see much / any activity but they are planning 2 to 3 seasons ahead (also in line with the youth recruitment and development at Genoa). It's a logical way to improve squad quality if a little dull compared with the big money being spent by others.

David Cooper
56 Posted 28/12/2023 at 21:49:35
I think Gomes only looked good against Spurs because of their very open way of playing football as example by the 4-2 defeat to Brighton. Against teams who are going to press the ball carrier, Gomes always reverts to playing it sideways or backwards.

He plays at the moment because of the lack of any midfield players to cover the injuries to Doucouré and Gana. Dyche seems to have learned his lesson that nearly all of our players can only play effectively when they play in their preferred position which doesn't give him any options.

I fear our recent run of 12 points from 15 was due to the fact that we were able to put our best players on the pitch. Branthwaite and Gana were suspended and we could paper over the cracks for one game. With them missing plus Young on Saturday we will do well to hold a rampant Wolves.

Jerome Shields
57 Posted 29/12/2023 at 06:26:56
Thewell has made nonsense of this rumour.
Steve Shave
58 Posted 29/12/2023 at 19:09:04
I think, if a big money offer for Onana comes in (anything north of £50M, given what we still owe on his initial fee) then we should take it and use the money to pay off debt and replace him with a young centre-midfielder like Wharton or Pattina.
Jay Harris
59 Posted 29/12/2023 at 20:01:03
Sean Dyche says he does not believe the nonsense in the media and he doubts whether anyone is leaving in January.

That's good enough for me.


Derek Thomas
60 Posted 29/12/2023 at 20:51:35
I know we're in a league awash with money, but just right now I don't believe, for a number of reasons, that all the usual suspects are in a mad rush to spend up large in the January Sales.
Rob Halligan
61 Posted 29/12/2023 at 21:37:56
I haven't seen much of Gnonto this season but, judging by tonight, we definitely dodged a bullet by not getting him last summer.

He's been absolute gash for Leeds, and has now been withdrawn. Hope he's not still on the radar come next summer.

Bill Gall
62 Posted 01/01/2024 at 14:55:51
Like a lot of other players, Rob, have 1 good season and they are supposed to be world beaters yet, as soon as they either request a transfer or get one, they revert to their previous form.

I suppose this is the problem that clubs have in signing players in, is this just a change in their previous performances, or will he be able to continue at the level he has this season.

Anthony Hawkins
63 Posted 01/01/2024 at 17:28:21
I don't think we can afford to let Branthwaite go. He's too good, especially in a back four. Keane continues to be a liability and is our very own Maguire, minus the goals. We have a strong core to the team and need to add to the group in the summer especially based on the number of players becoming out of contract.

Pickford, Patterson, Tarkowski, Branthwaite, Mykolenko and Garner have to be the building blocks to push the team forward. I also want Harrison signed permanently, although that might be difficult.

Onana could improve season on season and McNeil is good but pretty sure we can do better. Doucoure is solid for us but we need a younger version of him.

What worries me most is the quality of our strikers and the ability to finish. Maybe it'll come with consistency and confidence but it's needed sooner rather than later.

Frank Sheppard
64 Posted 02/01/2024 at 17:59:15
Squad is not perfect, but is good enough to keep us up this season. So hopefully no big changes, and no need for new recruits. I think this squad gets it, and does not need disrupting in this window.
Rob Jones
65 Posted 06/01/2024 at 18:20:40
Just read a tweet of Barcelona meeting with Onana's agent. I thought that was tapping up.

Does that rule not exist anymore, or do rules simply not apply if they're being broken at our expense?

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