For the Dutch sports documentary ’Toms Sport UK’ we are looking for an Evertonian from the Walton area.

Since it is the last season at Goodison Park, we want to portrait a fan from the Walton neighborhood itself.

What does it mean, that the football club is moving from Walton to the docks of the Mersey? What effect does this have on the identity of the Walton neighborhood?

We are looking for a mediagenic, characteristic supporter, who lives in the neighborhood. 

We would like to film this around Saturday the 28th of September, when Everton is playing against Crystal Palace in Goodison Park.

The documentary series is broadcasted at the Dutch public channel NPO2. 


It would be amazing if you could send your (Everton) story, picture and contact details to

Marloes Beens - Researcher Toms Sport UK - Blazhoffski Productions