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Chat Rooms

Chat Rooms are where you can interact with other Everton fans
The problem is actually finding anyone in there when you logon



ToffeeWeb Live Forum
Offside Forum
#Everton IRC Channel on the Sorcery network
Live Match Commentary at the #Comms Channel
BlueKipper Everton Fans Chat Room
WSAG Everton Chat
Everton Roundhouse
See also ToffeeWeb's review of Everton Mailing Lists, Webboards, and Newsgroups



Open on match days, this text-chat forum is where you can follow along with the match or other key events live with other members of ToffeeWeb. You have to be a member of ToffeeWeb to contribute but anyone can click through to read what is being posted.




Using the same live-text format of the Live Forum, this was created as an area where general, non-Everton chat could take place. Since its inception it has mostly been frequented by a small group of regulars and the content is variable in topic. The Offside Forum is not recommended for those under the age of 16 or anyone offended by salty language!



This is the best area of the Internet for *Live* interactive chat about Everton.  

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat.  It is a rather nice use of the Internet that allows you to "chat" to other Internet users anywhere in the world. At the basic level, IRC relays lines of typed script from your screen to theirs, through an IRC Network of servers (dedicated computers) in almost real-time.  We used to be on  DALnet but its delays, inevitable splits, and increasing difficulty logging on has forced us to move.

You will need a separate software package to access IRC or you can use the new Java interface to use IRC at its most basic through a web page.  Most people use mIRC.  When you have that sorted, log on to a server on the Sorcery network (eg, and join the #Everton Channel.  Also, during a live matches, we usually have someone doing commentary off the radio in a companion #Comms channel.  Other good times are between 8 pm and 1 am (GMT/BST), when there are usually a few people in there chatting about Everton.




On, we have set up a companion chat channel dedicated to match commentary.

After logging on to IRC via a Sorcery server, and joining the #Everton Channel, you should join the #Comms channel as well and get line-by-line descriptions of Everton matches as they happen.  In IRC, type:

/join #Comms

Commentary is usually provided by someone in the UK with access to a radio commentary, who relays the match details to the rest of us as best he can.  Most people also listen simultaneously to the much-appreciated Real Audio commentary provided by the Official Everton Website and featuring the excellent Darren Griffiths.



The waacky BlueKipper website has online chat in their BlueKipper Everton Fans Chat Room, using a java applet.  Not as versatile as IRC, but easier to access from your browser...


The very lively When Skies Are Grey website has its own clientele of regular fans, some of whom meet in their online WSAG Everton Chat room, using java empowered web browser technology.  Not as versatile as IRC, but easier to access from your browser...


Robbie Newton's attempt at a full-scale Everton website collapsed long ago, but his Everton Roundhouse Chat Room still seems to work.  However, finding anyone there to chat with is a whole other ballgame.

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