From My Seat: Liverpool (H)

Not the greatest from a purist’s viewpoint but a meaty roller coaster derby that aroused emotions that only these encounters can. I think every fan got their money’s worth today.

Ken Buckley 28/10/2012 24comments  |  Jump to last
Long three week wait for a home game and it’s the Derby with all the build up that brings. The walk up to the ground was damp and quiet in Derby terms. Plenty of people, yet little atmosphere. Maybe this had something to do with the majority of thoughts in our pub that although we had a good start and they had a poor one to the season the derby would yet again be a thorn in our side. I got the impression that the Distin back-pass was still lingering in minds.

Almost 40,000 of us assembled and just before kick-off Kevin Sheedy was presented and received a tremendous ovation.

The game started with us attacking the street end and doing well for starters. Mirallas was ever dangerous and sorties down the left had the crowd roaring. He twisted, turned and shot or crossed causing the Red rearguard consternation. For 15 mins we bossed it... yet always looked a tad susceptible to a quick counter – something that has been with us all season – and needs addressing further...

On the 15-min mark, the shaven headed Enrique scampered down the left and his delivery seemed to cross the box far too easily and find Jacques Cousteau – sorry, wrong diver – it was Suarez, he drilled the ball hard and low across the box toward the corner flag but low and behold it hit Baines and flew into the net.

This was met by a deathly hush except for a group of undesirables dressed in red who made a fuss of the goal. The scorer’s celebration consisted of a rush toward the dug out with a finger firmly pointed toward the Everton manager and culminated in a swallow dive with skid. Didn’t go down to well with those assembled in the Blue.

We had the wind taken out of our sails with that goal and had a touch of anxiety about our play after looking the better side until the Baines intervention and whilst in this state some five minutes later we conceded again. The youngster Sterling, who seems to be coached by Suarez in the darker arts shall we say ‘won’ a free kick which was rightly disputed but our ref was unbending and his on field assistant Gerrard curled one in that was glanced home by the man most love to hate, you got it – Suarez.

0-2 down in 20 minutes, many must have had thoughts of Rush and 0-5... but our twelfth man came immediately into play and in fine raucous fashion had the players going that bit faster, that bit harder and putting the reds onto the back foot.

With Moyes resembling a windmill in the technical area Jelavic and Fellaini combined and Fellaini shot and won a corner which was swung in only for the keeper to punch clear to just outside the box where the lurking Osman pounced and flashed a shot into the far corner. Pandemonium broke out and an almighty roar left the players in no doubt that more of the same was required from them.

Mirallas was a constant threat and one turn in the box leaving defenders stranded would have graced the Nou Camp and Liverpool were not slow in realizing the danger he posed and a series of kicks on him was ultimately to see him withdrawn at half time. In the meantime though he gave Wisdom a torrid time as he responded to the promptings of the excellent Osman who was the pick of both mid-fields as he expertly stitched front to back. This allowed Mirallas to create a great chance for Fellaini and one for himself as the crowd had the ‘Old Lady’ rocking.

Then ten minutes to the break Mirallas was at it again when after further treatment for kicks he both did well and got a bit of luck when his hard hit cross hit Fellaini who scampered after it and from the byline hit another cross into the box which saw Naismith racing in anticipation and converting to send Goodison into melt down.

Liverpool were rattled and had to withstand severe pressure until the half-time whistle and from being 2-0 down early we were somewhat unlucky not to be leading as the whistle blew.

The half-time chat was predictable on a derby day as many were convinced a man in Blue would be sent off and a fluke goal would see the neighbours home. Every time we play em it’s the same. We must be league champs at hard luck derby stories.

Second half and at the off the visitors had made two changes such was their disarray. The giant Coates to combat Fellaini and Shelvey just because Suso was all but invisible.

Moyes made just the one as our main attacking threat had succumbed to the kicks from inferior players and had to be replaced by Gueye. This was a big blow as unfortunately Gueye is no Mirallas.

The half got under way and after about ten minutes I had this feeling that a goal for either side would be hard to get as Liverpool had flooded the midfield to bring us on and had the craft of Suarez and the speed of Sterling up front to hurt us on the break therefore for long periods there was stalemate, yet entertaining stalemate as no quarter was asked for or given. The ref was berated by players from both sides and by both sets of fans as almost everyone believed he was against their team. Although not perfect I thought he did ok when the performances of some other refs still linger long, loud and clear.

From one Sterling break he left Jags for dead and was one on one with Howard who stayed big and saw Sterling scuff well wide much to the delight of the street end.

At the other end Fellaini headed wide when well placed, Coleman got to the by-line and hit a hard daisy cutter that must have evaded the toe of Jelavic by the breadth of a gnat’s whisker. The same man placed a header wide from a Baines free kick from just six yards out when from my seat it seemed easier to score.
That odious fellow Suarez should have seen red for stamping on the Achilles area of Distin. Then the sight of him ball juggling while the physio came on instead of at least an apology left a bad taste to the mouth. He did see yellow though.

With time flying past we saw a rarity when Baines took a very poor free-kick which saw Liverpool break quickly and cause some consternation at the back before Jags hooked clear. Then Gerrard had a clear sight of goal from the edge of box but a last gasp block from Jags thwarted him. Five mins to go and Oviedo replaced Naismith. Coleman got booked for what seemed very little and ‘You’re not fit to referee’ rang around the Park.

We roared as Oviedo got a hard cross in but it lacked a little finesse. Suarez hit the deck once again and won a free kick which the assistant ref took and was hopelessly off target. Sort of more Goodison Road than Gwladys Street.

4 mins of injury time and we attacked Oviedo put in a great cross that begged to be attacked but the sight of Jelavic taking no interest in it was extremely baffling.

Then at the death Liverpool had a free kick into our box and the giant Coates headed down for Suarez to lash home. The self-proclaimed assistant ref ran and then slid on both knees to his adoring admirers only to be brought up short by the hoots of derision from the faithful as the liner held his flag aloft. Final whistle brought an end to a most enjoyable game. Not the greatest from a purist’s viewpoint but a meaty roller coaster derby that aroused emotions that only these encounters can. I think every fan got their money’s worth today.

MotM — Osman. Probably would have been Mirallas if he had not been kicked out of it.

Overall a typical derby in as much as it could have gone either way yet this was an exciting one with hardly a dull moment and the time just flew.

A little tale from my mate in the family enclosure. As Carragher was warming up a wag shouted to him to show his tattoo. He replied in good banter ‘It says Blue shite now’ and would you believe a person reported the remark to a steward for inappropriate language!! Make of that what you will.

Time to lick our wounds before the trip to the Cottage and hope today’s injuries can be cleared up in time as we do seem a little short on numbers to sustain our decent start. The table after the Spurs home game may well be revealing.

Still time to reflect on today and enjoy the day out and in a hard fought encounter we won the yellow card count 4-3.

Have a good week see you at the Cottage.
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Reader Comments (24)

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Keith Glazzard
1 Posted 28/10/2012 at 23:25:11
Ken -being in Catalunya I decided to miss the match entirely and await the result. I screwed up my times, and saw the last half hour - which I didn't want to do as I usually bring them luck (don't mention Istanbul!).

So thanks for the over-all view, as usual.

But what I did see was Coates fouling from behind three times in quick succession, no card. Suarez trying to maim Distin, a red to me, and the bloke who should have been sent off fouling Jags in the box for the red carder to poke in. Poetic justice. One of the ten or so we need to make it all 'even itself out'.

Anyway let's talk about us. For whatever reasons, 2-0 down became 2-2, and stayed that way. A little bit like the 4-4 at Old Trafford. Different day, different times, but in the end the lads didn't let us down. A result.

Bet you Brenda won't be their manager next time we play them. COYB

Keith Glazzard
2 Posted 29/10/2012 at 02:14:57
And as I'm the only one sober at the moment., let me add something the brother said. Why the hell did he put Gueye on, and not Oviedo? He did more in five minutes than the other guy did in a half. Oh well, perhaps better things to come, not called Gujeye.
Adam Fenlon
3 Posted 29/10/2012 at 02:34:49
Hopefully the tattoo/language complainer got told to get a life by the stewards!

Nice write-up as usual. "Could've been worse" seems to be the general feeling - which says a lot about their record against us.

Jim Harrison
4 Posted 29/10/2012 at 03:40:15
Great entertainment. Such a shame Mirallas came off injured, I think if he could have continued we would have won even after their changes. Agree with Keith regards Gueye, I can't understand why he came on. Offered nothing. Oviedo looked miles better, right down to his demeanor. He came on looking confident whilst Magaye looked nervous.

Timothy Sebastian
5 Posted 29/10/2012 at 03:51:27
I just don't understand Gueye. This is a lad that's on the fringes of the team. He trains all week – week-in and week-out. He manages to get on the bench for the most important game at Goodison Park all season. Usually, a sub may get just 5 mins to prove himself – like Oveido. But Gueye is lucky enough to come on at half-time and has the whole 45 mins plus added time to show himself to Moyes, the Goodison faithful, and the millions of UK and international viewers on Sky.

So what does he do?

He spends the half strolling around Goodison like it's a close season friendly. I didn't see him once make a run or break into a sweat throughout the half.

I remember at one point during the match Baines galloping at full stride from our half right into the RS half – and past a disinterested Gueye. We could see Baines' frustration and disgust at Gueye after the move fell through. There was Gueye just ambling along and not giving Baines any options at all.

Thereafter, I noticed that Baines never passed the ball to Gueye for the rest of the match. I think that boy Gueye has some serious thinking to do. I'm sure Moyes would have been into him hard in the dressing room after the final whistle went.
Jim Harrison
6 Posted 29/10/2012 at 04:48:34
Timothy, I think you use the term "Galloping at full stride" very aptly. His deflection aside I thought he was immense. Watching him belt down the wing virtually every couple of minutes in the second half was inspiring. Such a shame he lost both Pienaar and Kev to complement his great play. Cant really see how Gueye having much of a future at the club if he cant come on in a game like this and give it some.
Mick Gallagher
7 Posted 29/10/2012 at 04:58:14
I agree with Adam # 987 whoever reported Carragher to a steward wants to have a word with himself. If you do read this website get a grip he was having a fucking joke.
Ajay Gopal
8 Posted 29/10/2012 at 05:23:53
Losing Mirallas in the 2nd half was a huge blow, coming as it did on top of Pienaar's suspension, Gibson's injury and Fellaini looking only 50% fit.

Jelavic became less effective in the 2nd half because of Mirallas' absense. The Naismith/Coleman combination was still finding its feet on the right, and Gueye was as good as not there. Bye, bye, Gueye.

Oviedo and Anichebe would have been better substitutions and maybe put some pressure on the reds.

Michael Brien
9 Posted 29/10/2012 at 07:25:12
I thought that justice was done in the end - if you are not on the pitch then you can't score - and in my opinion Suarez should have been sent off. His challenge( if it can be called that) on Mirallas was worthy of a yellow card and he was very lucky that the foul on Distin wasn't a straight red - he was lucky that SD is built like a "brick outhouse" if it had been on a smaller player e.g. Osman it could well have been a case of calling for a stretcher.

I found it nauseating the way Hansen on MoTD2 seemed to gloss over Suarez's " indiscretions. As he never misses a chance to have a go at Bollotelli. Suerez may be a great striker - I will give him that - but he is also a cheat.

David Briscoe
10 Posted 29/10/2012 at 07:46:25
Michael, you are dead right that Distin's super-human fitness is the only reason why he remained on the field after what can only be described as a shithouse tackle. Five minutes before the incident Distin beat Suarez to a header and Suarez ran around claiming he'd been smacked in the face. When the ref ignored him he went looking for revenge and he got it in spades and got away with it – amazingly his Manager didn't see anything wrong with his challenge!

How Liverpool finished with 11 men on the pitch is amazing to me – how did Sterling escape a red card in the first half too?

We may well have got lucky because there wasn't much wrong with their "winner" but it was never a foul in the first place as Gerrard did exactly what Neville did in the first half – unfortunately for us he's had a lot more practice than Phil though and the ref let him get away with it.

David Chait
11 Posted 29/10/2012 at 10:24:00
I also don't understand the constant chances Gueye get. I was dismayed when I saw him strolling onto the pitch and he didnt disappoint in his usual non contribution.

He's had a fair enough chance now... give someone else a go Moyes.

Ian Barker
12 Posted 29/10/2012 at 10:56:07
To be fair to Gueye he tried to be more positive than usual yesterday-he did turn and get at the Liverpool defence a few times although with no end result.

Sadly you either need to be quick or very technically good to play wide in the premier league and he is neither.

James Martin
13 Posted 29/10/2012 at 12:07:50
Shows how bad Liverpool were that we're annoyed at gueye for not having an end product. The whole second half was basicaly us trying to break them down, the amount of times they lashed it long and our CBs just headed it down to Osman to start it all over again. What a poor side they have become.
Dick Fearon
14 Posted 29/10/2012 at 12:00:28
Ken, that was a very good write up and covered what I watched from my armchair.
If Gueye adds a bit of aggression into his make up he could be an important member of the squad.
I could hardly believe my eyes! Was that little Leon Osman having a great game. Surprises never cease.
Mike Gaynes
15 Posted 29/10/2012 at 14:36:25
Dick, Ossie's had more than a few great games... but it was terrific to see him having such a superb one in a derby. MOTM without question.

But the real thrill yesterday was Mirallas. What a talent this young man is... and he has the confidence to take on anybody, anytime. Very special. And I believe his injury cost us the win, because nobody in red could handle him. Suarez stomping on his ankle was definitely an accident... the little shit was going for his knee and missed.

Mike Gaynes
16 Posted 29/10/2012 at 14:43:37
Good comment, Ian #029. He's a great lad, but he just doesn't have the talent for this level, and he's no longer needed for cover as he was last year.

Oviedo is the clear choice, and I assume he will be Moyes's choice from now on.

Ian Smitham
17 Posted 29/10/2012 at 21:13:52
Mr Brien #003, I also felt that the earlier tackle, if that is the word, on KM was a disgrace, he seems to have gone off due to the slip down by the goal line, but I wonder if his ankle was damaged by the challenge from their player who carried out what I thought was a similar assault on SD.

MOTD went part way there, but avoided controversy by not looking closely enough at the earlier event, and IMHO he should have gone much earlier along with that Sterling who having been booked continued to be a real nuisance and I do not mean in a way that it was because he undoubtedly is a great prospect, more he was just a niggly horrible player

David Constantine
18 Posted 30/10/2012 at 02:20:27
I read an article on the LFC website that Stevie G said that Liverpool were the only team out there playing football. Well, Mr Gerrard, you had a 2-goal start and we really outplayed you the rest of the 1st half and for a considerable part of the 2nd half.

Yes you had a case for that goal at the end but if you pay attention to the build up, you can see that Coates was climbing all over Jag's back.

I remember in the 60s I went to Anfield to watch the derby. Everton went 2 up courtesy of Joe Royle and Alan Whittle only for Liverpool to make it 2-2 and then John Toshack jumped all over Brian Labone's back to get the winner. Paybacks are hell Stevie.

And let's not forget some other things that have gone your way over the years – remember Clive Thomas and Clattenberg for example. I also remember leading Liverpool 2-1 at Goodison and in the last minute Roger Hunt scored an equaliser much against the run of play.

Let's talk about Suarez. A good player but a lousy human being. Such a weiner and cheat. He needs to grow up and be a man. If he was on another team you would berate him to. He is universally despised outside of the confines of Anfield & you know it. He kicked Mirallas and Distan intentionally. He is a disgrace to English Football.
Michael Brien
19 Posted 30/10/2012 at 07:08:20
Ian I totally agree with you, I found it quite appalling the comments of Alan Hansen - he sounded like LS's agent !! He was certainly an apologist for him - he even thought the dive by Suarez after the goal was "pure theatre" - there are some Refs who would have given him a yellow card. I can't understand why Refs will give a card to a player who takes his shirt off when he scores a goal but then LS gets away with such actions. I wonder if Hansen thought Adebayor's antics when he scored for Man City v Arsenal were " pure theatre".There were times on Sunday when I thought I was watching "Anfield TV" and not MoTD2.

LS may well be a very talented player - but his attitude is a disgrace - I know that I would never want Everton to sign him.

Gareth Fieldstead
20 Posted 30/10/2012 at 08:15:02
Great report once again. Overall Osman was MOTM but already stated above Miralles was simply awesome, best wide player I have seen since Steven. How Suarez and Sterling lasted the match I will never know. He should have been booked for the celebration and challenge on Super KeV never mind the straight red for his lunge on Distin. Gerrard was non existent. As for his Stoke jibes and criticism of Phil what a hypocrite, if there was a player involved in a challenge that ended there career then sorry it would be him. The man is simply scum.
Kevin Gillen
21 Posted 30/10/2012 at 11:11:11
Thank you Ken for an excellent report. I like your fly on the wall style. We get an observation of what happened and are allowed to make of your report what we will.

I am chuffed for your agreement that Osman was MOTM. He gets dog's abuse on here at times but I think he is a cracking little player who has shown tremendous loyalty and service to team Everton over the years. I'm glad he is finally getting an extended run in the middle of the field as he is clearly more effective here than out wide.

I remember him scoring two at Craven Cottage to give us our first win there in ages and also playing centre mid against Hull City in the League Cup and they couldn't get anywhere near him. He was too good for them.

I think the reds are quite rattled. I can't see Suarez staying in England as he has made himself the most hated man in football. It is a miracle how he stayed on the pitch on Sunday. Also Stevie G saying we play like Stoke, that proves they are rattled. It also does little service to him as Stoke on occasions do play some good football and the stats clearly show we passed more and hit less long balls than they did (he hits most of their long balls!).

Overall I think it was an opportunity missed for us to beat a young and inexperienced Liverpool team with a dodgy keeper. We had no luck with the first goal and you do us a great service to point out that we really need to do more when teams break against us. Carsley was the best at breaking up opposition attacks.

Also the late offside goal allows Liverpudlians the opportunity to go through what we have been going through for years. Thanks again.
Ben Jones
22 Posted 30/10/2012 at 13:16:35
This is a just a bit of a credit where its due article for both of these guys. They have both been heavily criticised (some of it rightly so) but I tried to point out that with Gibson being injured, Hitz not being ready, and whilst playing Fellaini further forward, these two in the centre of midfield is our best option.

They proved it in the derby. I thought they were both terrific. They dominated the midfield for most of the game, and this isn't against slouches, Sahin, Allen and Gerrard are pretty decent players. Osman was for me our man of the match for the whole game (who knows, it would have been Mirallas if he stayed on for the second half), but he looked classy, distribution was excellent, and he of course got his goal.

Neville, bar the dive, was as solid as I have ever seen him. He was involved in a lot of one touch passing moves, he even did a Cruyff turn! He was very good and very solid.

Not by any means, are they our best option, I want Gibson back as much as anyone, him and Osman will be a good force in midfield, but Neville as cover is a very decent squad player.

I'm just saying kudos to them for dominating the midfield, because a lot of people on here said they could never dominate a midfield, just watch the derby and they did.

Rob Pryor
23 Posted 30/10/2012 at 19:26:09
David Constantine (240) — Thank goodness. I thought I was going mad for a while. To me, Liverpool's 'goal' was nothing of the sort. Coates was using Jagielka as some kind of pommel horse. That's a foul anyway you slice it. The ref doesn't spot it but that how does that make it any less of an infringement? I just don't understand the RS bleating (though I make allowances for their idiocy) but especially the general fuss in the media over it.
Steve Cotton
24 Posted 02/11/2012 at 11:37:13
Apart from the two really bad challenges from Ratboy, I felt that the challenge on Baines right by the byeline was a definite nailed on penalty. MotD2 hardly covered it along with the assault on KM — if you remember, Colin Murray actually said that Alan Hansen had a say in the highlights reel as he had omitted some bad challenges or something along those lines.

How can Hansen decide what we watch as he surely has a vested interest through his connections with LFC. Big-nose Thompson isn't allowed to cover LFC matches on Sky so why should Hansen decide what we watch? Surely he could give it an LFC slant every time...

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