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On the way home we tried making light of the situation. I mean, from the outside looking in you would have to laugh at the ridiculousness of relegation candidates Wigan turning up at apparent Champions League hopefuls Everton and having the audacity to batter them 3-0. Looking at the bigger picture however and it’s sad that Moyes will in all probability leave Everton with nothing to show for his 11 years of service.

Paul Traill 10/03/2013 34comments  |  Jump to last
Gary was shocked I was driving the game today such was his, and it’s fair to say the vast majority of attendees to yesterday’s disaster. He felt, as seemed perfectly reasonable, that I’d be keen to join him in celebratory mode once Everton had booked their place for another trip to Wembley. As it turned out the only thing I could be happy about following yesterday’s farce was that I had driven the game and was able to drive far, far away from Goodison Park as quickly as possible once the game was over.

It all started nicely…the day at least. The pub not too busy and everyone in good spirits. Whilst confident we’d concede goals with Mucha and Heitinga amongst our back line, I was also optimistic we’d be able to score more than them, particularly following Wigan’s 0-4 pounding to our beloved neighbours last weekend.

The queues outside Goodison Park were vast as we made our way into the ground just as the teams came out. Phil Neville the only surprise inclusion in place of Gibson. My assumption was that Gibson was left out due to his thigh injury though as he came on later in the game it seems this was just a poor decision from Moyes. Robles took goal for Wigan with Everton-curse Paul Scharner playing in defence. Kone led the line in attack. We attacked towards the Gwladys Street in the first half.

I thought we started with reasonable zest and tried to take the game to Wigan though they stood firm and soon got a foothold on the game. How different things might have been had Jelavic snap-shot just drifted past Robles or Distin’s header had found the corner as intended, though that was about as good as it got for Everton.

Wigan easily could have scored before the y ran riot. The impressive Maloney very unlucky not to score after his curling effort clipped back off the inside of the post and away. Everton failed to take heed of the warning and were alerted again to Wigan’s threat to goal when Kone headed over with a reasonable chance; and were then given their final warning when James McCarthy’s free kick was well saved by Mucha. Disaster was about to strike but we can’t say we weren’t warned…

Figueroa headed in from the resultant corner. Tuts and groans throughout the ground (the delighted Wigan end aside) though you felt we’d get going again before long. Sadly Everton located the self-destruct button and pressed it firmly…Phil Neville the culprit, inconceivably playing a shocker of a pass straight into the path of McManaman. The Evertonian still had a lot to do but he did brilliantly and finished past the onrushing Mucha. Perhaps Mucha shouldn’t have come out so hastily, I don’t know, I haven’t seen it again since but the Slovakian was beaten and unless Everton could buck their ideas up and quickly so too were Everton.

Just in case there were any lingering hopes of grabbing a replay out of this one they were extinguished when Gomez finished coolly to put Wigan three goals to the good. Everton deflated. Some of the crowd now at breaking point. Myself – stunned. Just completely stunned. You knew Everton’s bottle had gone when from the restart the ball was played to Coleman who looked up for options though with no movement ahead of him anywhere he played it back to Mucha who could only smash the ball into the crowd. That was too much for many of the Goodison faithful already. Some perhaps left then. I imagine Everton made a bit more cash than normal on Chang sales at the break.

This is where Moyes is very fallible in my opinion. Why on earth Gibson wasn’t in the starting XI anyway was a stunner, but having picked Neville who’d made an awful error for one of the goals, had been booked and was an obvious choice for a more positive replacement, he still waited until half time to replace him. Gibson should have took to the field there and then as we clearly needed to make more of an assault on Wigan before half time. The game didn’t have to be dead. One goal could have changed everything but it just wasn’t going to come at all. I thought back to around this time nine years ago when Everton were 0-3 down and getting battered by Manchester United. His response then – bring on Naysmith, Rooney and Radzinski and go for broke. We then saw a determined Everton full of character come out for the second half and get the score back to 3-3. OK, we succumbed to a 3-4 defeat in the end but the application was there. You left the game at least proud of Everton’s efforts. We didn’t see even a glimmer of that drive yesterday and the solitary half time introduction of Victor Anichebe for Phil Neville didn’t inspire confidence that anything similar was to happen this time. Where was our fiery and determined manager of those years ago yesterday when we needed him? Gibson should have been on sooner with Barkley and Anichebe on at the break also. We had nothing to lose and everything to gain in going for it here. Osman and Jelavic should also have made way at the break. Fellaini was playing awful also but would probably have been worth keeping on just in case he came to life.

The crowd still tried to encourage the team as much as possible in the second half but as passes repeatedly went astray and basic errors were continually made all over the pitch it got tougher and tougher for the crowd and the players didn’t show nearly enough required character and endeavor to get back into the game. Breaking point for many came when Fellaini tried to do something about it and carried the ball forward but then hopelessly misplaced his pass and looked to the air in frustration rather than attempt to retrieve the ball. The crowd told him as much but he still did nothing about it. Moyes quickly subbed the Belgian who just strode off for the most part and went straight down the tunnel apparently amidst a chorus of boos. We’ll do well to even recoup our Ł15m this summer on the basis of that display.

The clock ticked on, the dream faded and pockets of empty seats mushroomed throughout. Substitute Barkley (who replaced Mirallas just as the Belgian seemed to be coming to life) hit the side netting late on when perhaps he should have scored, though if not for generally alert defending by Distin (by a mile our best player on the day) throughout the second half and good sweeping up by Mucha a fourth for Wigan probably looked more likely than a goal for Everton. Gary departed long before the full time whistle. Ste and I left in injury time when Wigan made a substitution. Phone off and straight to the car.

On the way home we tried making light of the situation. I mean, from the outside looking in you would have to laugh at the ridiculousness of relegation candidates Wigan turning up at apparent Champions League hopefuls Everton and having the audacity to batter them 3-0. Looking at the bigger picture however and it’s sad that Moyes will in all probability leave Everton with nothing to show for his 11 years of service.

Who replaces him, what happens to the squad and how we progress without him are three of a number of questions which will need answering in the summer as I’m sure he’ll be departing.

10 games to go. 30 points to play for. Hopefully our squad can somehow react and finish the season well. I wish I cold be more positive but I just don’t think our tired squad has enough about them to finish the race and can only see a struggle from now until the seasons end.

Perfect opportunity then for the team to show their metal next weekend against the Champions.

Player Ratings:
Mucha: Possibly at fault with the second goal but made some good saves otherwise and swept up to good effect in the second half. Hard to blame Jan really. 6
Baines: At least kept going though couldn’t produce enough at the top end of the pitch. 6
Distin: Easily our best player. Man of the match. 8
Heitinga: Was made to look quite the fool quite frankly. Glaring back at the crowd when they tell you so won’t win you any favors either Jonny. 4
Coleman: Improved slightly towards the end but didn’t get going or up the pitch enough. 5
Neville: Awful. Don’t know why he started the game. Dreadful error for the second goal. Only contribution was a shot from the edge of the box which was a few yards wide. Is probably at the end of his Everton days this summer. 3
Osman: Kept on going at least as he skippered in the second half. Is trusted by Moyes as he does at least show some character and doesn’t hide like some of his colleagues but should have been replaced by Barkley at the break given he wasn’t playing well and had already collected a booking. 5
Pienaar: One of few to emerge with any credit as the effort was at least there. 6
Mirallas: Was poor for the most part but was just showing some signs of coming to life when he was replaced by Barkley. One of many poor decisions by Moyes. 5
Fellaini: Looked as though he’d just got out of bed throughout. Didn’t get involved and didn’t look interested in doing so. Was booed off more for his reaction to losing the ball, and then the way in which he departed the field. Perfect opportunity for him to get the fans back onside next Saturday of couse. 3
Jelavic: Started well and was busy but as the team faded so did he and he had no confidence or endeavor to get into realistic goalscoring positions in the second half. The drought continues and he should be dropped for Anichebe. 3

Anichebe (for Neville): Got involved but failed to impact on the game as we hoped he might have done. 5
Gibson (for Fellaini): Would have helped his cause to come into the game earlier than he did. He just couldn’t impose himself on the game in the 25 minutes he had. 5
Barkley: Showed some positivity and was a little unlucky not to score. Should surely be more involved for the remainder of the season now. I don’t see what we have to lose by giving him a run in the team. 7
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Reader Comments (34)

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Chris Perry
1 Posted 10/03/2013 at 18:43:42
Totally agree re Neville and Barkley. It won't happen until Moyes goes and he certainly needs to go. Dire, uninspiring, dour tactically crap — any of the could describe the one that is regrettably our manager. Tony Marsh, come on down... the stage is yours. You have been right about Moyes for years.
Nick Oakley
2 Posted 10/03/2013 at 18:58:15
I feel so sorry for Osman who Moyes continues to play in the wrong position. He hasn't the engine or speed to act as a defensive midfielder. He can play behind the front man and bring others into the game but frankly he looks plain tired. Absolutely no point flogging a dead horse. Regrettably the same also applies tp Piennar who needs a dynamic athletic midfielder inside him. We just don't have that player, or we might in Barklay but that is going to be a huge risk.

The alternate is to play Hitz or Oviedo and just hope they have enough confidence in their games to add energy and not freeze.

Whatever - no alternative than to shake things up - must not give heitinga and Neville any more chances

Michael Winstanley
3 Posted 10/03/2013 at 19:27:02
Brilliant summary Paul. Got to agree with everything you say.
Ralph Basnett
4 Posted 10/03/2013 at 19:42:58
Sorry Paul it gets worse - Moyes signs!!!!
Russ Quinlan
5 Posted 10/03/2013 at 19:48:02
What really pisses me off is that this really has been coming for a long time and WE seem to be content with mediocrity.
I know the season started well but as usual, no investment in January robbed us of any chance of CL or FA Cup glory and I think we all suspected that when we didn't strengthen, hoping that HE and THEM knew what they were doing well sorry, they didn't.
Just like the time we did qualify, just sit back and hope its going to be okay.
Although I hate the RS with a passion, when their board were screwing things up, the supporters made themselves heard and things happened.
Also their board are not afraid to make big decisions when the sacked Dogleash, can anyone on here actually see our load of comedians taking a similar lead and sort things out, either now or at the end of the season.
Now they are starting to see the benefits of a strong board, I know a lot of the RS don't like Rodgers but at least he's giving the youth a chance and eventually, after some initial problems, its paying off.
Can you ever see DM making the same strong decisions, no fucking way !

I've supported the Blues for over 50 years and this is the most frustrated I can remember being.

And the problem is, I can't see it changing coz too many of our supporters are happy with jogging along.

For DM to say it was 'one of those days' yesterday is a disgrace and shows he has no balls for a fight.

Edward Robinson
6 Posted 10/03/2013 at 20:11:57
A very SAD end (and it is THE END) to the season with the most promise we've had since Moyes came. Yes, he kept us in the Premier League and we've had some good games at Goodison and away but we have to face facts:- We aren't good enough! and have gradually faded away as the season progessed.
I am NOT looking forward to the "City" game and God help us at Anfield!
Colin Glassar
7 Posted 10/03/2013 at 20:30:58
It could get a lot worse IMO I.e. Moyes, Neville and Naismith all sign new 5 year contract extensions.
Jeff Beaumont
8 Posted 10/03/2013 at 20:15:10
Give Martinez some credit for his comments earlier in the week- 'we're not interested in the Cup,PL survival is our priority so I'll be resting several players'
As with a lot of posters on here before the game,the team were of the same mindset that all they had to do was turn up to win.
Obviously not the only reason we got turned over but once you go into a game with that attitude you find it impossible to react if things go wrong.
With regards to Fellaini,get rid asap - the only problem being that the way he is playing lately we will be lucky to get rid of him on a free.
Frida Ericsson
9 Posted 10/03/2013 at 20:51:19
Investment was not the cause of this mess yesterday. it was Moyes. His ineptitude, calamatous management style, it wouldn't have mattered if we bought 10 new players, they'd all be sitting on the bench. The man is clueless, and his favourite shit players let him down.

Instead of trying to rescue the situation..the gormless one stood there dithering on what to do, so he makes a tactical error in his substitutions when it was far far too late..the starting XI was a mistake, particularly given wigan's passing ability. Neville should never ever have started. Osman just didn't play..so we where down to 9 men, then we had Heitinga who did nothing..8 men, and jelavic who's only contribution was 1 shot on target into the arms of the keeper in the opening couple of minutes.. it was like playing with 7 men..or should I say little boys who where completely out of their depth.
What happened to Oviedo or Barkely starting, along with Gibson? The mind continues to boggle with the insane decisions he took yesterday. And then the post match interview..it was just one of them days.

Well Mr Moyes I hear Preston want you back...so do one and now.

Frida Ericsson
10 Posted 10/03/2013 at 21:00:24
Jeff Beaumont - are you joking with your comment? He is a professional manager, he has 11 years management under his belt. The fact the prick fell for it, hook line and sinker proves to me and a lot of other people, he is not for his job at everton fc..if any manager falls so easily for such absolute fucking tripe..bare in mind they had just got done 4-0 by the neighbours the week before..then you don't deserve to be a manager full stop. It's called mind games..wigan are unlikely to go down..considering they are a lot better than the rubbish beneath them. Bookies make them unlikely candidates to go down.

if he is that naive, then we should be even more worried about him continuing on. the writing was on the wall..we are not interested in the cup...pull the other one. This is your chance to get into europe..and who wouldn't want to do that, considering their league position?
Just completely unacceptable.

Mick Wrende
11 Posted 10/03/2013 at 22:24:57
Moyes is now the least successful manager in the club's entire history. He should be sacked now so as to give the new guy a few games this season. I can't see us lifting ourselves for Saturday's game so we may well be subjected to the same crap again. Never has the chant "You'll be sacked in the morning" seemed more appropriate.
Michael Kenrick
12 Posted 10/03/2013 at 22:35:19
MIck (#777): "Moyes is now the least successful manager in the club's entire history."

Are you really goona stand behind that as anything like a true statement? Just curious...

James Stewart
13 Posted 10/03/2013 at 22:35:21
We are in Freefall. I thought Mirallas & Barkley were the only players who came out of that game with any credit. Mirallas at least was putting effort in even when it wasn't coming off. Neville was an absolute disgrace. I never want to see the prick in an Everton shirt again. The worst player to captain us.
Roman Sidey
14 Posted 10/03/2013 at 22:43:54
Was Heitinga that bad? I'm a self-confessed Heitinga-lover, and acknowledge he's had a bad year, but from what I saw he certainly wasn't anywhere near the worst few players we had.
Andrew James
16 Posted 10/03/2013 at 23:28:20
Moyes the least successful manager in the club's history?


Yesterday was awful but has everyone forgotten Walter Smith or Mike Walker? The former presided over some dreadful displays and the latter took a rubbish team, got some investment and, made them an even worse team.

That's not to mention Gordon Lee or HK Mk II or III.

But onto another thing, bit tired of hearing that Moyes sides played dire football until this season. I think we are ignoring 2006-2009 where we handed out some thrashings to plenty of sides. Yes, there were some bad times but we played some good stuff during that period before the money dried up and we had to buy the likes of Gueye.

Nick Armitage
17 Posted 10/03/2013 at 23:50:29
Can someody tell me what Heitinga did wrong yesterday?
Andrew James
18 Posted 11/03/2013 at 00:11:05
Nick - I don't think he did anything obviously wrong.

But with Jags in the team I'm sure we would not have let three goals in with such quick succession. I feel sure that Jags would have had the pace to have cut out their second and would have organized the troops enough to stop the malaise that led to the third.

Ifs and buts...the main culprits were the ref for giving them 2 dodgy free kicks in the lead up to the first and then nobody penalising them for the fouls on Mucha. The other person to blame? Phil Neville. And Moyes for naming him in the first place and then not ripping him off after his error.

Does anybody recall 2005 against Bucharest?

Phil Bellis
19 Posted 11/03/2013 at 00:09:45
Andrew (809) ...Gordon Lee
I know he was a dour Black Country sod who, self- admittedly, didn't appreciate "flair" but compared to the forthright, defensive, 11 bachk at corners, Honest Abe we have now, he was an attack-minded, innovative, gung-ho genius of a manager - just look at the players and style we had under him

Mind you, I thought the 70s were the worst period of Evertonia I'd seen - kids eh, we knew nothinnngg, even then, still don't

Ciaran Duff
20 Posted 11/03/2013 at 00:14:37
Nick (#814) – I didn't think that Heitinga was that bad yesterday and Distin played his heart out but we seemed to be chasing our own tails most of the time. I actually felt sorry for Mucha who wasn't really at fault for the goals, pulled off a few saves in the first half and cleaned up as sweeper a couple of times in the second half.

The problems were our overall lethargy & complacency and being poorly set up against a clever Wigan team. Let us give Wigan some credit here too. They played very well on Saturday with plenty of good individual performances and an overall cohesion that we could only dream of.

Of course, we played into their hands and although it seemed to be one of those days when nothing would go our way, really the manager has to take his share of the blame. Obviously we took the game for granted, were no mentally prepared, we had no real plan to cope with Kone, Gibson should have started and Osman should have been replaced at some stage as he had stopped running.

Eugene Ruane
21 Posted 11/03/2013 at 00:23:42
Phil, Gordon Lee was Vegas and the Rio festival combined, compared to the Presbyterian - Butlins in Filey.....in February.
Roman Sidey
22 Posted 11/03/2013 at 00:41:53
Andrew, fair enough, Jags is a bit quicker than Johnny, but it was Distin that ran with McManaman for the second goal, in the same position he would have been in had Jags started along side him.
Dick Fearon
23 Posted 11/03/2013 at 01:05:53
Paul, when you say 'that was as bad as it gets' I have to disagree.
Barring injury, wearing the Everton shirt in the City game will be the same mob of useless twats that was comprehensively battered by Wigan. Osman will be the first name on the team list.
I am confident that will be the case because it is in Moyes DNA and he cannot help it.
What could make it ten times worse is for him to sign that damn contract.
Paul Ferry
24 Posted 11/03/2013 at 04:14:23
Phil 816 don't take the 70s from me mate, even in the Count's darkest days the atmosphere seemed great to teenage me and there was Erics and punk.

Have to say Paul, in a weekend of top-notch match reports, yours might well be the best. Spot on sentiment and reasoning and wording. Thanks.

Tony Christian
25 Posted 11/03/2013 at 08:32:53
Gordon Lee - beautiful, free flowing football of Latchford, Thomas et all. Regular European football, Top 4 finish, FA Cup glory stolen by Clive Thomas. Had one bad season and sacked.
Don't compare to Dithering, tactically inept Moyes.
Gary Reeves
26 Posted 11/03/2013 at 10:31:47
Tony Christian — Yeah, I'm totally with you on the much maligned Lee! People forget some of the good stuff his teams used to play, and at least we were entertained. Moyes,on the other hand has always provided very little "bang for our buck".

I think the evidence has always been there, that he would would come up short in the big games. We could make a long list here, but I mean Rangers knocked out Fiorentina, for fuck's sake.

Phil Sammon
27 Posted 11/03/2013 at 12:23:13
Distin is possibly the quickest player at the club and I cannot accept anyone blaming him for their second goal.

The reason we lost that game was that central midfield. Neville, Osman and Fellaini. Of those three the best defensive midfielder is Fellaini by some distance, so Dave stick him up front. Osman has never had the pace to get up and down the pitch and Neville requires I further comment.

There are so many better options that he could have taken. Obviously starting Gibson would have been sensible. Failing that, what about Hitzlsperger? I'd even have taken Naismith in his natural position behind Jelavić (for the first time ever) and Fellaini dropped deeper.

It's baffling that people try to turn this all on the board. They are useless and deserve condemnation...but we quite clearly have the resources to spank Wigan. The only thing stopping us was that ginger nugget on the touch line.

So, will there be any Moyes Out chanting on Saturday? I'm up for it.

Mark Scarratt
28 Posted 11/03/2013 at 12:44:11
This season good league start, now fading out
Knocked out of League cup at Leeds
Messed up FA Cup losing home to Wigan, and look at the draw they get. We should be in the final

Last season messed up the semi final because of no belief and lost 3 times to the worst Liverpool side in living memory

2010-11 knocked out of League Cup at Brentford. FA

Paul English
29 Posted 11/03/2013 at 12:47:45
We have dodgy keepers, a weak defence, a sloppy midfield and clumsy strikers and it's took him 10 years to build this. How strange is that? GET OUT, FERGIE WANNABE.
Mark Scarratt
30 Posted 11/03/2013 at 12:47:31
Cup great win at Chelsea followed by home loss to Reading

messed up in Europe at Sporting Lisbon and knocked out of FA Cup at home to Birmingham

2008-09 Reached cup final with good run, but played 2nd string Man Utd side in Semi Final and played shit against Chelsea in Final and also knocked out of Europe by Standard Liege

knocked out of FA Cup at home toOldham, good League cup run to Semi Final, beaten by Chelsea, and knocked out of Europe due to apalling away day at Fiorentina

2006-07 no europe, knocked out of both cups at home by Arsenal and walloped by Blackburn

2005-06 unlucky to get Villareal but then messed up in UEFA in Bucharest. League cup lost at home to Middlesborough, FA Cup soundly beaten at Chelsea in 4th round replay

2004-05 League cup lost at Arsenal, FA cup knocked out home to Man Utd

I won't go back any further, but the pattern here is obvious. Quite good but not good enough and always seem to choke on big stage

Mark Scarratt
31 Posted 11/03/2013 at 12:55:13
Oh and I forgot 2 other league cup exits at Tottenham in 2009-10 (unlucky coz played league game 2 days earlier) and at Blackburn in 2008-09
Andrew Yates
32 Posted 11/03/2013 at 13:32:44
I always loved that song "The End" by The Doors and this is written all over for us.

That game, for me, was the real us, everyone knows we have overachieved consistently, but that performance, along with a number of others is always lingering in the shadows waiting to pounce. We are unable to finish games because we know this kind of performance is the true us.

I find myself in an already depressive mood, but that game did it for me, and it's sad.

I feel so sorry for Baines, who although not great on the day did not embarrass himself, he must look at this situation and yern for more.

Fellaini, Osman, Neville, Pienaar, Heitinga, its got to be over, its just got to be.

Moyes its over, thank you for for at least giving us an era football when relegation is not on the agenda every year, but please go for your/our sanity, i'd personally wish to look back on his time with a smile and an air of stabilisation not with him sticking it out and destroying us all with his very basic, uninspired football management.

Just a question for everyone.......Does anyone think that Moyes experience with the Rooney 'affair' has destroyed Moyes ability to trust, use effieciently or experiment with our youngsters over the years?? It was just soemthing I was thinking about the other day.

and who do we try and get in to replace him?? Graham Taylor?

Mark Scarratt
33 Posted 11/03/2013 at 14:34:05
Since Moyes took over in March 2002 we assume the big 4 teams to be as follows
Man Utd, Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool
The below is our home league record against these 4 teams during Moyes tenure
P44 W12 D7 L25 F 47 A71 PTS 43 GD -24

Our away record to the same teams in the same time period is as follows
P43 W0 D15 L28 F30 A83 PTS15 GD-53

Therefore our combined total reads as follows
P87 W12 D22 L53 F77 A154 PTS58 GD -77

That is 58 points out of a total of 261

Add this awful League record to all the cup losses I mentioned above , and add in Shrewsbury away in 2003, then it does look very bad.

Really when you think about it and with the players we have had over that period then we should have done a lot better.

I only include the so called top 4 as these are the games that matter and that must be won if you are to strive for success.
I have not included Man City or Tottenham as they have not been consistent enough over this 11 year time period.

I was one that actually thought he had done a pretty good job, but when you analyse the results in the important games that really matter, then I'm sorry but he has fallen way short and has been far too "safety first"

Nelly Verdonghan
34 Posted 12/03/2013 at 08:56:39
Q....If Sir John Moores (god rest his soul) was still in charge of this once great club does any one think that Moyes would still be manager at Everton ?


Sir John must be spinning in his grave at the clueless buffoons that now control his beloved club....Chairman, Board of Directors & Manager...all fucking clueless...time to go....."TAXI...." for the fucking lot of em

Kevin McCartney
35 Posted 12/03/2013 at 20:27:18
Personally, the only silver lining out of Saturday’s dark grey cloud that I can muster up must be that we now have nothing really to lose for the remainder of the current season, (league position (top 10), is it really that important considering the alternative?), perhaps the club should take the opportunity to mould and embed next years’ team around the young energetic youth players that are overdue a crack at first team, i.e. Duffy, Barkly, McAleny etc, I mean our under 21 team are top so they must have some talent. Pip thanks for your service but you’re too old too slow, Heitinga the same and you’re both a major liability atm, Osman, spend the next six months bulking up so you don’t get pushed off too easily, learn to use your lower centre a gravity better, same for you Pienaar, Fellaini, hope you stay (but if you go, fine thanks and the money your sale raises, I hope the ‘new’ manager gets to find 1 or 2 replacements), but if you stay … for god sake man up and be a leader instead of sulking like a big baby, when the team needed you most on Saturday you let yourself and your team down, you looked like you’d already left, personally if I were to see that again I’d but you in reserves until the end of the season and sell you on! Naismith, I will drive you back Scotland, enough said.

Anichebe, go on a diet for 6 months and lose some weight you’re too heavy and too slow, plus learn from Jelavic and track back even to our by-line when defending, yes you’re a forward but don’t think you’re just to run at goal with tunnel vision, be a team player i.e. either play it square or draw it back to the middle.

Howard, get well soon but also lose some weight, it will help you to jump higher or at least get your feet off the ground when you try.

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